Missouri Statewide Wireless Interoperable Network (MOSWIN)

System Name: Missouri Statewide Wireless Interoperable Network (MOSWIN)
Location: Statewide, IL MO
County: 4 Counties
System Type: Project 25 Phase I
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 1CE WACN: BEE00
Last Updated: October 2, 2023, 8:08 am CDT   [Imported talkgroups (2 Added, 0 Updated) for Metro Transit ]
System Notes

Talkgroups seen using the 65xxx talkgroup range, on both SLATER and MOSWIN, are patch talkgroups

Missouri Statewide Wireless Interoperable Network (MOSWIN)

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name County Freqs
3 (3) 018 (12) Alton Oregon, MO 155.025c155.355155.775161.875161.99375171.6875c 
2 (2) 003 (3) America's Center / Dome St. Louis, MO 852.3375852.4875855.4625855.7125856.5625c857.2375c857.9375
1 (1) 001 (1) Americus Montgomery, MO 152.600154.935c155.0325170.3875c171.675  
1 (1) 100 (64) Andrew Co 700 Andrew, MO 769.15625c769.40625c769.65625769.90625770.15625770.40625 
1 (1) 003 (3) Arcola Dade, MO 154.695154.9125161.875c161.99375169.650c  
1 (1) 013 (D) Ashland Boone, MO 152.510152.660154.665c155.445171.6875c  
3 (3) 038 (26) Atlas / Rockport IL Pike, IL 154.1975154.4225154.995155.130155.6325171.650c 
1 (1) 014 (E) Aullville Lafayette, MO 154.6725154.920170.3875c170.600c171.675  
1 (1) 028 (1C) Avalon Livingston, MO 154.665c154.9275155.385169.775c170.5125  
1 (1) 061 (3D) Bagnell 700 Miller, MO 769.19375c769.44375c769.69375769.94375770.19375770.44375 
3 (3) 001 (1) Bakerville Pemiscot, MO 155.595169.650c170.3875c170.9375171.4375171.6875 
3 (3) 019 (13) Bendavis Texas, MO 154.920155.490155.715c161.825161.9125c  
1 (1) 059 (3B) Bennett Springs 700 Dallas, MO 769.16875c769.41875c769.66875769.91875770.16875770.41875 
3 (3) 003 (3) Benton Scott, MO 155.445169.775170.5125c170.725170.9125c171.2625171.625
3 (3) 007 (7) Bloomfield Stoddard, MO 151.2425c151.340152.780c159.285159.465173.775 
1 (1) 066 (42) Bolivar 700 Polk, MO 773.04375c773.29375c773.54375773.79375774.04375774.29375 
1 (1) 015 (F) Boonville Cooper, MO 154.695c154.8225154.9425155.460155.6025c  
1 (1) 004 (4) Branson Taney, MO 151.115155.445c161.875c161.99375169.650c170.4625172.725
3 (3) 010 (A) Brinktown Maries, MO 151.250152.180155.355169.775c170.5125c  
1 (1) 060 (3C) Brookfield 700 Linn, MO 769.16875c769.41875c769.66875769.91875770.16875770.41875 
1 (1) 085 (55) Buffalo 700 Dallas, MO 769.15625c769.40625c769.65625769.90625770.15625770.40625 
1 (1) 017 (11) Camdenton Camden, MO 151.235c154.9275170.3875171.675c172.6125  
1 (1) 044 (2C) Canton 700 Lewis, MO 769.18125769.44375c769.90625770.15625770.43125773.03125773.53125
3 (3) 033 (21) Cape Girardeau 700 Cape Girardeau, MO 769.16875c769.41875c769.66875769.91875770.16875770.41875 
3 (3) 055 (37) Cape Girardeau City Simulcast 700 Cape Girardeau, MO 769.75625770.28125c770.58125c771.01875c771.31875c  
1 (1) 098 (62) Carthage - trailer Jasper, MO 773.05625c773.30625c773.55625773.80625774.05625774.30625 
3 (3) 049 (31) Caruthersville 700 Pemiscot, MO 769.16875c769.41875c769.66875769.91875770.16875770.41875 
1 (1) 006 (6) Cassville Barry, MO 154.815c154.935155.310161.825c161.9125169.775 
1 (1) 050 (32) Cassville RRSP Barry, MO 161.8875c171.650172.6125c173.775   
3 (3) 024 (18) Caulfield / West Plains Howell, MO 155.250155.415c161.800161.8875c170.9375  
1 (1) 090 (5A) Cedar Springs 700 Cedar, MO 769.19375c769.44375c769.69375769.94375770.19375770.44375 
3 (3) 032 (20) Charleston Mississippi, MO 155.715159.015159.210c169.6625170.600171.3875c 
3 (3) 009 (9) Cherokee Pass/Fredericktown Madison, MO 152.030c152.165152.600152.720155.505c159.330 
3 (3) 011 (B) Cherryville Dent, MO 151.115152.510154.695c154.935155.445169.8875c 
1 (1) 067 (43) Coffey 700 Daviess, MO 773.04375c773.29375c773.54375773.79375774.04375774.29375 
1 (1) 026 (1A) Cole Camp Benton, MO 155.5725159.3825169.6625c171.2625c171.650  
1 (1) 047 (2F) Columbia 700 Boone, MO 769.15625c769.40625c769.90625c770.43125770.68125773.05625773.53125
1 (1) 096 (60) Conway Webster, MO 773.08125c773.33125c773.58125773.83125774.08125774.33125 
1 (1) 018 (12) Dayton / Aaron Bates, MO 154.755154.905c155.445c156.2175169.675170.9125 
1 (1) 021 (15) De Witt Carroll, MO 151.430c154.6875155.6175c156.225171.3875  
1 (1) 029 (1D) Dearborn Buchanan, MO 154.6725155.4525c169.675170.9125c171.675  
1 (1) 019 (13) Deepwater Henry, MO 154.6875c159.210169.775c169.8875171.3875  
3 (3) 040 (28) Dexter 700 Stoddard, MO 773.06875c773.31875c773.55625773.80625774.06875774.31875 
3 (3) 051 (33) Dogwood 700 Douglas, MO 773.06875c773.31875c773.56875773.81875774.06875774.31875 
3 (3) 017 (11) Doniphan Ripley, MO 154.9425155.445155.610c155.700161.850161.9375c 
1 (1) 002 (2) Drake Gasconade, MO 151.025c154.920155.610170.600170.725  
1 (1) 020 (14) Eagle Ridge Cole, MO 151.175152.810155.0925155.790c169.8875c171.3875 
1 (1) 030 (1E) Eagleville Harrison, MO 154.6875154.935c155.565161.8625161.950c  
3 (3) 025 (19) Eminence Shannon, MO 151.055151.205c151.490c161.8375161.925c  
1 (1) 010 (A) Fair Grove Greene, MO 154.6725155.8725c161.800161.8875c171.4375172.4625 
3 (3) 004 (4) Farrar Perry, MO 152.5025c152.660c152.8025169.650170.9375  
1 (1) 005 (5) Freistatt Lawrence, MO 155.775161.8625c161.950170.3875c171.675  
1 (1) 091 (5B) Fulton 700 Callaway, MO 769.20625769.45625769.70625769.95625770.20625  
3 (3) 047 (2F) Gainsville 700 Ozark, MO 769.19375c769.44375c769.69375769.94375770.19375770.44375 
1 (1) 077 (4D) Golden City 700 Barton, MO 769.20625c769.45625769.70625769.95625770.20625770.45625 
3 (3) 020 (14) Goodhope Douglas, MO 154.9275161.850c161.9375169.6625171.2625c  
1 (1) 007 (7) Granby City Newton, MO 155.355161.850161.9375c169.675170.9125c  
1 (1) 079 (4F) Grant City 700 Worth, MO 769.19375c769.44375c769.69375769.94375770.19375770.44375 
4 (4) 001 (1) Greene County Simulcast 800 Greene, MO 854.9875855.4625855.7375c856.2125c856.4375856.9625857.2125c
1 (1) 031 (1F) Greentop Adair, MO 154.725161.825c161.9125c169.775170.9375  
3 (3) 026 (1A) Hannibal Marion, MO 151.385c154.860169.675170.3875171.675c  
1 (1) 022 (16) High Point Moniteau, MO 154.7025154.9125c155.4225169.675c172.4625172.725 
1 (1) 052 (34) Holden 700 Johnson, MO 769.43125769.93125770.18125770.93125c773.55625774.05625c 
1 (1) 071 (47) Hollister 700 Taney, MO 769.16875c769.41875c769.66875769.91875770.16875770.41875 
3 (3) 048 (30) Houston 700 Texas, MO 769.19375c769.44375c769.69375769.94375770.19375770.44375 
1 (1) 055 (37) Hume Bates, MO 154.0475154.1525154.3325170.3875170.9125c  
1 (1) 011 (B) Hurley Stone, MO 152.570154.905161.8125c161.900169.8875c171.3875 
3 (3) 027 (1B) Imperial Jefferson, MO 152.180152.600c152.780169.650170.5125c  
1 (1) 024 (18) Independence Jackson, MO 154.935c169.650170.5125c171.3875172.725  
3 (3) 043 (2B) Ironton Iron, MO 151.0175151.1075158.7975c159.1875c   
1 (1) 016 (10) Jefferson City 700 Cole, MO 773.03125c773.28125c773.53125773.78125774.03125  
1 (1) 049 (31) Joplin 700 Jasper, MO 773.06875c773.31875c773.56875773.81875774.06875774.31875 
1 (1) 072 (48) Keyetsville 700 Chariton, MO 773.06875c773.31875c773.56875773.81875774.06875774.31875 
1 (1) 048 (30) Kingdom City 700 Callaway, MO 773.08125c773.33125c773.58125773.83125774.08125774.33125 
1 (1) 083 (53) Kingston 700 Caldwell, MO 773.08125c773.33125c773.58125773.83125774.08125774.33125 
1 (1) 032 (20) Knox City Knox, MO 151.085155.325155.4375170.9125c171.6875c  
1 (1) 082 (52) La Plata 700 Macon, MO 773.04375c      
2 (2) 002 (2) Lambert Airport Simulcast St. Louis, MO 851.7875852.200c855.2875c856.9875c857.9875c858.9875859.9875
1 (1) 078 (4E) Lampe Stone, MO 769.18125c769.43125c769.68125769.93125770.18125770.43125 
3 (3) 012 (C) Lawrenceton Ste. Genevieve, MO 152.630152.750169.6625c169.775c   
1 (1) 023 (17) Lawson Clay, MO 155.355169.6625c171.2625c171.650172.4625  
3 (3) 034 (22) Leasburg 700 Crawford, MO 769.15625c769.40625c769.65625769.90625770.15625  
3 (3) 028 (1C) Lebanon Laclede, MO 154.6875c155.415155.5875155.7825170.4625170.600c 
1 (1) 086 (56) Lee's Summit 700 Jackson, MO 769.16875c769.41875c769.66875769.91875770.16875770.41875 
3 (3) 005 (5) Lesterville - Taum Sauk Reynolds, MO 154.6875c154.815154.9125c155.565159.255170.5625 
1 (1) 064 (40) Liberal 700 Barton, MO 769.16875c769.41875c769.66875769.91875770.16875770.41875 
1 (1) 040 (28) Macon Macon, MO 154.3475154.785155.1975c156.1875c169.8875170.4625 
3 (3) 021 (15) Mansfield Wright, MO 155.535161.8625161.950c170.3875171.675c  
3 (3) 046 (2E) Marble Hill 700 Bollinger, MO 769.15625769.1875c769.95625770.46875c773.28125774.03125774.53125c
1 (1) 062 (3E) Maryville 700 Nodaway, MO 769.16875c769.41875c769.66875769.91875770.16875770.41875 
1 (1) 033 (21) Medill / Kahoka Clark, MO 155.385155.490155.640c155.895171.4375c172.6125172.725
1 (1) 898 (382) Memphis Site 98 Scotland, MO 769.16875c      
2 (2) 007 (7) Metro Transit - North Simulcast St. Louis, MO 851.275c852.2375c852.8375c853.0375c853.4875c853.8875 
2 (2) 008 (8) Metro Transit - South Simulcast St. Louis, MO 851.150c851.3625c851.5875c851.8875c852.8625853.3875 
2 (2) 006 (6) MetroLink Simulcast St. Clair, IL 851.200c851.3875c851.6375852.8125853.600856.9625 
1 (1) 025 (19) Mexico Audrain, MO 151.295c152.180159.3825169.650c170.5125170.9375 
1 (1) 034 (22) Milan Sullivan, MO 155.115c161.850161.9375c170.3875171.675  
1 (1) 089 (59) Montgomery 700 Audrain, MO 773.04375c773.29375c773.54375773.79375774.04375774.29375 
1 (1) 095 (5F) Mound City 700 Holt, MO 773.06875c773.31875c773.56875773.81875774.06875774.31875 
3 (3) 037 (25) Mountain View 700 Howell, MO 769.43125769.93125770.18125770.93125c773.55625774.05625c 
1 (1) 063 (3F) Neosho 700 Newton, MO 769.19375c769.44375c769.69375769.94375770.19375770.44375 
1 (1) 009 (9) Nevada Vernon, MO 151.205155.325155.460c161.825161.9125c  
3 (3) 029 (1D) New Hope Lincoln, MO 151.3025152.540152.750169.6625c169.8875171.3875c 
3 (3) 056 (38) New Madrid 700 New Madrid, MO 773.04375c773.29375c773.54375773.79375774.04375774.29375 
1 (1) 087 (57) Odessa 700 Lafayette, MO 769.18125c769.43125c769.68125769.93125770.18125770.43125 
1 (1) 035 (23) Oregon Holt, MO 154.695154.9425169.775c170.3875c170.5125171.3875 
1 (1) 057 (39) Osceola 700 St. Clair, MO 773.06875c773.31875c773.56875773.81875774.06875774.31875 
1 (1) 070 (46) Otterville 700 Cooper, MO 773.04375c773.29375c773.54375773.79375774.04375774.29375 
1 (1) 043 (2B) Palmyra 700 Marion, MO 769.44375769.68125770.20625770.65625770.90625773.06875c773.30625
1 (1) 099 (63) Pepro Trailer Itinerant, MO 769.15625769.95625770.46875c773.28125774.03125774.30625c774.53125c
1 (1) 012 (C) Pineville McDonald, MO 154.695161.8375c161.925169.6625171.4375c172.4625 
1 (1) 027 (1B) Pipertown Saline, MO 154.7325c154.8825155.505169.650c172.6125  
3 (3) 008 (8) Poplar Bluff Butler, MO 154.980155.325155.430c169.8875170.4625172.4625c 
3 (3) 036 (24) Portageville 700 New Madrid, MO 773.03125c773.28125c773.53125773.78125774.03125774.28125 
1 (1) 036 (24) Princeton Mercer, MO 154.995155.685161.8375161.925c169.650c  
1 (1) 037 (25) Renick / Clark Randolph, MO 154.920155.1375155.355c169.6625171.2625c  
1 (1) 074 (4A) Rich Fountain 700 Osage, MO 773.06875c773.31875c773.56875773.81875774.06875  
1 (1) 068 (44) Richmond 700 Ray, MO 769.16875769.19375c769.41875769.44375c769.66875769.91875770.16875
1 (1) 045 (2D) Rock Port 700 Atchison, MO 773.04375c773.29375c773.79375774.29375   
3 (3) 014 (E) Rolla Phelps, MO 155.040155.250169.650c170.9375c171.650173.775 
3 (3) 054 (36) Rolla 700 Phelps, MO 773.05625c773.30625c773.55625773.80625774.05625774.30625 
3 (3) 030 (1E) Salem Dent, MO 151.085152.660155.385156.120171.3875c  
1 (1) 051 (33) Sedalia 700 Pettis, MO 769.15625c769.65625769.90625770.15625   
1 (1) 081 (51) Seneca 700 Newton, MO 773.08125c773.33125c773.58125773.83125774.08125774.33125 
1 (1) 076 (4C) Shell Knob 700 Barry, MO 769.15625c769.40625c769.65625769.90625770.15625770.40625 
3 (3) 013 (D) Shirley Washington, MO 152.810154.995155.3175170.3875171.2625c171.675c 
3 (3) 006 (6) Sikeston 700 Scott, MO 773.08125c773.33125c773.58125773.83125774.08125774.33125 
3 (3) 039 (27) Silva Wayne, MO 152.570c154.1675154.3175154.665c154.9275155.0325 
3 (3) 099 (63) Site-On-Wheels (SOW 3-099) Statewide, MO 774.53125c      
1 (1) 053 (35) Springfield 700 Greene, MO 773.03125c773.28125c773.53125773.78125774.03125774.28125 
3 (3) 035 (23) St Clair 700 Franklin, MO 769.19375c769.44375c769.69375769.94375770.19375770.44375 
1 (1) 054 (36) St Joseph 700 Buchanan, MO 769.43125769.93125770.18125770.93125773.03125c773.28125c773.55625
2 (2) 001 (1) St Louis City Simulcast St. Louis, MO 852.3375852.4875854.0375854.2375854.4125855.6375c855.8875
2 (2) 005 (5) St Louis City/MSHP St. Louis, MO 769.21875769.66875770.40625c770.71875c773.28125c773.78125c774.08125c
3 (3) 031 (1F) St. Robert Pulaski, MO 154.665c169.6625171.4375c171.6875   
1 (1) 038 (26) Stanberry Gentry, MO 155.3175c155.715155.895156.240170.600c  
3 (3) 042 (2A) Steeleville 700 Crawford, MO 769.16875c769.41875c769.66875769.91875770.16875  
1 (1) 069 (45) Stewartsville 700 DeKalb, MO 773.06875c773.31875c773.56875773.81875774.06875774.31875 
1 (1) 042 (2A) Stoutsville 700 Monroe, MO 769.43125769.93125770.18125770.93125c773.55625774.05625c 
1 (1) 039 (27) Tarkio Atchison, MO 154.905c155.3925155.625170.5125c170.9125  
3 (3) 044 (2C) Thayer 700 Oregon, MO 773.04375c773.29375c773.54375773.79375774.04375774.29375 
3 (3) 022 (16) Theodosia Ozark, MO 154.7025155.445c155.520161.8375c161.875161.925 
1 (1) 998 (3E6) Trailer 1 Site 98 Itinerant, MO 769.18125c770.15625773.03125773.09375c773.78125c774.08125774.30625c
3 (3) 098 (62) Trailer 2 Itinerant, MO 769.16875c769.40625c770.95625770.96875774.30625c  
1 (1) 046 (2E) Trenton 700 Grundy, MO 769.45625769.70625770.45625770.70625773.03125c773.08125773.83125
1 (1) 058 (3A) Tuscumbia 700 Miller, MO 769.18125c769.43125c769.68125769.93125770.18125770.43125 
1 (1) 084 (54) unidentified 1-084 UNKNOWN, MO 773.50625c      
1 (1) 093 (5D) unidentified 1-093 UNKNOWN, MO 769.19375c      
1 (1) 080 (50) Unionville 700 Putnam, MO 769.19375c769.44375     
3 (3) 002 (2) Van Buren Carter, MO 155.070155.130155.295155.640c161.800161.8875c 
1 (1) 065 (41) Vandalia 700 Audrain, MO 769.16875c769.41875c769.66875769.91875770.16875770.41875 
3 (3) 015 (F) Warrenton Warren, MO 152.150152.570154.7625c169.775c172.275  
1 (1) 056 (38) Warsaw 700 Benton, MO 773.03125c773.28125c773.53125773.78125774.03125774.28125 
3 (3) 045 (2D) Washington 700 Franklin, MO 773.03125c773.28125c773.53125773.78125774.03125774.28125 
3 (3) 016 (10) Weldon Spring St. Charles, MO 152.030152.165152.510152.660c154.695c  
3 (3) 041 (29) West Plains 700 Howell, MO 769.16875c769.66875769.91875770.16875   
1 (1) 008 (8) Wheatland Hickory, MO 154.9425155.1975161.8375161.925c170.5125c  
3 (3) 023 (17) Willow Springs Howell, MO 154.905155.8425c161.8125161.900c172.6125  
1 (1) 075 (4B) Windsor 700 Henry, MO 773.08125c773.33125c773.58125773.83125774.08125774.33125 
1 (1) 041 (29) Winston Daviess, MO 151.085c154.3625154.905155.1375155.505169.8875c 


Missouri Highway Patrol - Troop A (Lee's Summit)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
200014e21DTrp A AdminAdminLaw Tac
200024e22DTrp A CVECommercial Vehicle EnforcementLaw Tac
200034e23DTrp A AviationAviationLaw Tac
200044e24DTrp A DDCCDivision of Drug and Crime Control (DDCC)Law Tac
200054e25DTrp A Dispatch 1Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
200064e26DTrp A Car 1Car-to-Car 1Law Tac
200074e27DTrp A Dispatch 2Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
200084e28DTrp A Car 2Car-to-Car 2Law Tac
200094e29DTrp A Dispatch 3Dispatch 3Law Dispatch
200104e2aDTrp A Car 3Car-to-Car 3Law Tac
200114e2bDTrp A Dispatch 4Dispatch 4Law Dispatch
200124e2cDTrp A Car 4Car-to-Car 4Law Tac
200134e2dDTrp A Dispatch 5Dispatch 5Law Dispatch
200144e2eDTrp A Car 5Car-to-Car 5Law Tac
200154e2fDTrp A MarineWater Patrol Law Dispatch
200164e30DTrp A Tac 1Tac 1Law Tac
200174e31DTrp A Tac 2Tac 2Law Tac
200184e32DTrp A Tac 3Tac 3Law Tac
200194e33DTrp A SWATSWATLaw Tac
200204e34DTrp A CrashCrash InvestigationLaw Tac
200214e35DTrp A TravelTravelLaw Tac
Missouri Highway Patrol - Troop B (Macon)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
200514e53DTrp B AdminAdminLaw Tac
200524e54DTrp B CVECommercial Vehicle EnforcementLaw Tac
200534e55DTrp B AviationAviationLaw Tac
200544e56DTrp B DDCCDivision of Drug and Crime Control (DDCC)Law Tac
200554e57DTrp B Dispatch 1Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
200564e58DTrp B Car 1Car-to-Car 1Law Tac
200574e59DTrp B Dispatch 2Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
200584e5aDTrp B Car 2Car-to-Car 2 Law Tac
200594e5bDTrp B Dispatch 3Dispatch 3Law Dispatch
200604e5cDTrp B Car 3Car-to-Car 3 / Air RADARLaw Tac
200614e5dDTrp B MarineMarineLaw Tac
200624e5eDTrp B Tac 1Tac 1Law Tac
200634e5fDTrp B Tac 2Tac 2Law Tac
200644e60DTrp B Tac 3Tac 3Law Tac
200654e61DTrp B SWATSWATLaw Tac
Missouri Highway Patrol - Troop C (Weldon Spring)

Some of these talkgroups are also on the SLATER (St Louis County P25) system.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1001DTrp C AdminAdminLaw Tac
2002DTrp C CVECommercial Vehicle EnforcementLaw Tac
3003DTrp C AviationAviationLaw Tac
4004DTrp C DDCCDivision of Drug and Crime Control (DDCC)Law Tac
5005DeTrp C Dispatch 1Dispatch 1 - Metro*Law Dispatch
6006DTrp C Car 1Car-to-Car 1Law Tac
7007DTrp C Dispatch 2Dispatch 2 - Rural*Law Dispatch
8008DTrp C Car 2Car-to-Car 2 Law Tac
9009DTrp C Dispatch 3Dispatch 3 Law Dispatch
1000aDTrp C Car 3Car-to-Car 3Law Tac
1100bDTrp C Dispatch 4Dispatch 4Law Dispatch
1200cDTrp C Car 4Car-to-Car 4Law Tac
1300dDTrp C Dispatch 5Dispatch 5Law Dispatch
1400eDTrp C Car 5Car-to-Car 5Law Tac
1500fDTrp C Dispatch 6Dispatch 6Law Dispatch
16010DTrp C Car 6Car-to-Car 6Law Tac
17011DTrp C Dispatch 7Dispatch 7Law Tac
18012DTrp C CarOneCar-to-Car 7 (Speed Traps)Law Tac
19013DTrp C MarineMarineLaw Tac
20014DTrp C Tac 1Tac 1Law Tac
21015DTrp C Tac 2Tac 2Law Tac
22016DTrp C Tac 3Tac 3Law Tac
23017DTrp C SWATSWATLaw Tac
25019DTrp C TravelTravelLaw Tac
33021DTrp C Ops 33OperationsLaw Tac
Missouri Highway Patrol - Troop D (Springfield)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
201014e85DTrp D AdminAdminLaw Tac
201024e86DTrp D CVECommercial Vehicle EnforcementLaw Tac
201034e87DTrp D AviationAviationLaw Tac
201044e88DTrp D DDCCDivision of Drug and Crime Control (DDCC)Law Tac
201054e89DTrp D Dispatch1EDispatch 1 - EastLaw Dispatch
201064e8aDTrp D Car 1ECar-to-Car 1 - EastLaw Tac
201074e8bDTrp D Dispatch2WDispatch 2 - WestLaw Dispatch
201084e8cDTrp D Car 2WCar-to-Car 2 - WestLaw Tac
201094e8dDTrp D Dispatch3SDispatch 3 - SouthLaw Dispatch
201104e8eDTrp D Car 3SCar-to-Car 3 - SouthLaw Tac
201114e8fDTrp D Dispatch 4Dispatch 4 / Water Patrol (9/13)Law Dispatch
201124e90DTrp D Car 4Car-to-Car 4Law Tac
201134e91DTrp D Dispatch 5Dispatch 5Law Dispatch
201144e92DTrp D Car 5Car-to-Car 5Law Tac
201154e93DTrp D MarineWater PatrolLaw Dispatch
201164e94DTrp D Tac 1Tac 1Law Tac
201174e95DTrp D Tac 2Tac 2Law Tac
201184e96DTrp D Tac 3Tac 3Law Tac
201194e97DTrp D SWATSWATLaw Tac
201204e98DTrp D Crash InvCrash InvestigationLaw Tac
Missouri Highway Patrol - Troop E (Poplar Bluff)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51033DTrp E AdminAdminLaw Tac
52034DTrp E CVECommercial Vehicle EnforcementLaw Tac
53035DTrp E AviationAviationLaw Tac
54036DTrp E DDCCDivision of Drug and Crime Control (DDCC)Law Tac
55037DTrp E Dispatch 1Dispatch 1 - North ? Law Dispatch
56038DTrp E Car 1Car-to-Car 1 Law Tac
57039DTrp E Dispatch 2Dispatch 2 - South ? Law Dispatch
5803aDTrp E Car 2Car-to-Car 2 Law Tac
5903bDTrp E Dispatch 3Dispatch 3Law Dispatch
6003cDTrp E Car 3Car-to-Car 3Law Tac
6103dDTrp E Dispatch 4Dispatch 4Law Dispatch
6203eDTrp E Car 4Car-to-Car 4Law Tac
6303fDTrp E MarineWater PatrolLaw Tac
64040DTrp E Tac 1 Tac 1Law Tac
65041DTrp E Tac 2Tac 2Law Tac
66042DTrp E Tac 3Tac 3Law Tac
67043DTrp E SWATSWATLaw Tac
68044DTrp E CrashCrash InvestigationLaw Tac
69045DTrp E TravelTravelLaw Tac
84054DTroop E 84OperationsLaw Tac
86056DTroop E 86OperationsLaw Tac
88058DTroop E 88OperationsLaw Tac
9005aDTroop E 90OperationsLaw Tac
Missouri Highway Patrol - Troop F (Jefferson City)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
201514eb7DTrp F AdminAdminLaw Tac
201524eb8DTrp F CVECommercial Vehicle EnforcementLaw Tac
201534eb9DTrp F AviationAviationLaw Tac
201544ebaDTrp F DDCC Division of Drug and Crime Control (DDCC)Law Tac
201554ebbDTrp F Dispatch 1Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
201564ebcDTrp F Car 1Car-to-Car 1Law Tac
201574ebdDTrp F Dispatch 2Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
201584ebeDTrp F Car 2Car-to-Car 2Law Tac
201594ebfDTrp F Dispatch 3Dispatch 3Law Dispatch
201604ec0DTrp F Car 3Car-to-Car 3Law Tac
201614ec1DTrp F Dispatch 4Dispatch 4Law Dispatch
201624ec2DTrp F Car 4Car-to-Car 4Law Tac
201634ec3DTrp F Dispatch 5Dispatch 5Law Dispatch
201644ec4DTrp F Car 5Car-to-Car 5Law Tac
201654ec5DTrp F Dispatch 6Dispatch 6Law Dispatch
201664ec6DTrp F Car 6Car-to-Car 6Law Tac
201674ec7DTrp F Dispatch 7Dispatch 7Law Dispatch
201684ec8DTrp F Car 7Car-to-Car 7Law Tac
201694ec9DTrp F MarineMarineLaw Tac
201704ecaDTrp F Tac 1Tac 1Law Tac
201714ecbDTrp F Tac 2Tac 2Law Tac
201724eccDTrp F Tac 3Tac 3Law Tac
201734ecdDTrp F SWATSWATLaw Tac
201744eceDTrp F TravelTravelLaw Dispatch
Missouri Highway Patrol - Troop G (Willow Springs)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
101065DTrp G AdminAdminLaw Tac
102066DTrp G CVECommercial Vehicle EnforcementLaw Tac
103067DTrp G AviationAviationLaw Tac
104068DTrp G DDCCDDCCLaw Tac
105069DTrp G Dispatch 1Dispatch 1 [G-1]Law Dispatch
10606aDTrp G Car 1Car-to-Car 1 Law Tac
10706bDTrp G Dispatch 2Dispatch 2 [G-2]Law Dispatch
10806cDTrp G Car 2Car-to-Car 2Law Tac
10906dDTrp G Dispatch 3Dispatch 3 [G-3]Law Dispatch
11006eDTrp G Car 3Car-to-Car 3Law Tac
11106fDTrp G MarineMarineLaw Tac
112070DTrp G Tac 1Tac 1Law Tac
113071DTrp G Tac 2Tac 2Law Tac
114072DTrp G Tac 3Tac 3Law Tac
115073DTrp G SWATSWATLaw Tac
Missouri Highway Patrol - Troop H (St. Joseph)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
202014ee9DTrp H AdminAdminLaw Tac
202024eeaDTrp H CVECommercial Vehicle EnforcementLaw Tac
202034eebDTrp H AviationAviationLaw Tac
202044eecDTrp H DDCCDivision of Drug and Crime Control (DDCC)Law Tac
202054eedDTrp H Dispatch1Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
202064eeeDTrp H Car 1Car-to-Car 1Law Tac
202074eefDTrp H Dispatch 2Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
202084ef0DTrp H Car 2Car-to-Car 2Law Tac
202094ef1DTrp H Dispatch 3Dispatch 3Law Dispatch
202104ef2DTrp H Car 3Car-to-Car 3Law Tac
202114ef3DTrp H Dispatch 4Dispatch 4Law Dispatch
202124ef4DTrp H Car 4Car-to-Car 4Law Tac
202134ef5DTrp H MarineMarineLaw Tac
202144ef6DTrp H Tac 1Tac 1Law Tac
202154ef7DTrp H Tac 2Tac 2Law Tac
202164ef8DTrp H Tac 3Tac 3Law Tac
202174ef9DTrp H SWATSWATLaw Tac
202184efaDTrp H TravelTravelLaw Dispatch
Missouri Highway Patrol - Troop I (Rolla)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
151097DTrp I AdminAdminLaw Tac
152098DTrp I CVECommercial Vehicle EnforcementLaw Tac
153099DTrp I AviatnAviationLaw Tac
15409aDTrp I DDCCDivision of Drug and Crime Control (DDCC)Law Tac
15509bDTrp I Dispatch 1Dispatch 1 [I-1]Law Dispatch
15609cDTrp I Car 1Car-to-Car 1Law Tac
15709dDTrp I Dispatch 2Dispatch 2 [I-2]Law Dispatch
15809eDTrp I Car 2Car-to-Car 2Law Tac
15909fDTrp I Dispatch 3Dispatch 3 Law Dispatch
1600a0DTrp I Car 3Car-to-Car 3Law Tac
1610a1DTrp I MarineMarineLaw Tac
1620a2DTrp I Tac 1Tac 1Law Tac
1630a3DTrp I Tac 2Tac 2Law Tac
1640a4DTrp I Tac 3Tac 3Law Tac
1650a5DTrp I SWATSWATLaw Tac
1660a6DTrp I TravelTravelLaw Tac
Missouri Highway Patrol - Troop Q (GHQ-General Headquarters)

 *Need loc/lat/long

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
202514f1bDTrp Q AdminAdminLaw Tac
202524f1cDTrp Q CVECommercial Vehicle EnforcementLaw Tac
202534f1dDTrp Q AviationAviationLaw Tac
202544f1eDTrp Q DDCCDivision of Drug and Crime Control (DDCC)Law Tac
202614f25DTrp Q Dive TeamDive TeamLaw Tac
202624f26DTrp Q Gov DetailGovernor's DetailLaw Tac
202634f27DTrp Q GovnrMnsnGovernor's MansionLaw Tac
202644f28DTrp Q GamingGamingLaw Tac
202654f29DTrp Q EODEODLaw Tac
202664f2aDTrp Q Info TechInformation TechnologyLaw Tac
Missouri State Capitol (Jefferson City-Cole)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
205015015DCapitol Police 1Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
205025016DCapitol Police 2Dispatch 2Law Talk
205035017DCapitol PD C2C Car-to-CarLaw Talk
205055019DCapitol PD SupvSupervisorsLaw Talk
20506501aDCapitol PD AdminAdminLaw Talk
20507501bDCapitol PD Evt 1Event 1Law Tac
20508501cDCapitol PD Evt 2Event 2Law Tac
20509501dDCapitol PD AlertAlertLaw Tac
Interoperability - Statewide
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
224015781DMDHS CommonMissouri Department of Health and Seniors - Common (see notes)Interop
236995c93DMO Event 5Event 5 [MO EVENT 5]Interop
236955c8fDMO Event 1Event 1 [MO EVENT 1]Interop
236965c90DMO Event 2Event 2 [MO EVENT 2]Interop
236975c91DMO Event 3Event 3 [MO EVENT 3]Interop
236985c92DMO Event 4Event 4 [MO EVENT 4]Interop
103082844DMO Interop 1Statewide Interop 1 [MO IO 1]Interop
103092845DMO Interop 2Statewide Interop 2 [MO IO 2]Interop
103102846DMO Interop 3Statewide Interop 3 [MO IO 3]Interop
103112847DMO Interop 4Statewide Interop 4 [MO IO 4]Interop
103132849DMO IO CallStatewide Interop Calling [MO IO CALL]Interop
3955f73DMoHospAssn1Mo Hospital Association "Incident Command"Interop
3956f74DMoHospAssn2Missouri Hospital Association 2Interop
276056bd5DMOLEFATMO Law Enforcement Funeral Assistance TeamInterop
Region A - Interoperability
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
235015bcdDReg-A IO 1Interop 1 [REGA IO 1]Interop
235025bceDReg-A IO 2Interop 2 [REGA IO 2]Interop
235035bcfDReg-A IO 3Interop 3 [REGA IO 3]Interop
235045bd0DReg-A IO 4Interop 4 [REGA IO 4]Interop
235055bd1DReg-A IO CallInterop Calling [REGA IO CALL]Interop
235515bffDReg-A Event 1Event 1 [A EVENT 1]Interop
235525c00DReg-A Event 2Event 2 [A EVENT 2]Interop
235535c01DReg-A Event 3Event 3 [A EVENT 3]Interop
235545c02DReg-A Event 4Event 4 [A EVENT 4]Interop
235555c03DReg-A Event 5Event 5 [A EVENT 5]Interop
235965c2cDReg-A Fire 1Fire 1 [A FIRE 1]Fire-Talk
235975c2dDReg-A Fire 2Fire 2 [A FIRE 2]Fire-Talk
235985c2eDReg-A Fire 3Fire 3 [A FIRE 3]Fire-Talk
235995c2fDReg-A Law 1Law 1 [A LAW 1]Law Talk
236005c30DReg-A Law 2Law 2 [A LAW 2]Law Talk
236015c31DReg-A Law 3Law 3 [A LAW 3]Law Talk
236025c32DReg-A EMS 1EMS 1EMS-Talk
236035c33DReg-A EMS 2EMS 2 EMS-Talk
236045c34DReg-A EMD 1EMD 1Emergency Ops
236055c35DReg-A SWAT 1SWAT 1 Law Talk
236065c36DReg-A SWAT 2SWAT 2 Law Talk
Region B - Interoperability
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
235065bd2DReg- IO 1Interop 1Interop
235075bd3DReg-B IO 2Interop 2Interop
235085bd4DReg-B IO 3Interop 3Interop
235095bd5DReg-B IO 4Interop 4Interop
235105bd6DReg-B IO CallInterop CallingInterop
235565c04DReg-B Event 1Event 1Interop
235575c05DReg-B Event 2Event 2Interop
235585c06DReg-B Event 3Event 3Interop
235595c07DReg-B Event 4Event 4Interop
235605c08DReg-B Event 5Event 5Interop
236075c37DReg-B Fire 1Fire 1Fire-Talk
236085c38DReg-B Fire 2Fire 2Fire-Talk
236095c39DReg-B Fire 3Fire 3Fire-Talk
236105c3aDReg-B Law 1Law 1Law Tac
236115c3bDReg-B Law 2Law 2Law Tac
236125c3cDReg-B Law 3Law 3Law Tac
236135c3dDReg-B EMS 1EMS 1EMS-Talk
236145c3eDReg-B EMS 2 EMS 2EMS-Talk
236155c3fDReg-B EMD 1EMD 1Emergency Ops
236165c40DReg-B SWAT 1SWAT 1Law Talk
236175c41DReg-B SWAT 2SWAT 2Law Talk
Region C - Interoperability

Troop  C is located at the northeast corner of Highway 40 at Highway 94 in St. Charles County, aka Weldon Springs, and serves Franklin, Jefferson, Lincoln, Perry, Pike, St. Charles, St. Francois, St. Louis, Ste. Genevieve, Warren, and Washington counties.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3511db7DReg-C IO 1Interop 1Interop
3512db8DReg-C IO 2Interop 2Interop
3513db9DReg-C IO 3Interop 3Interop
3514dbaDReg-C IO 4Interop 4Interop
3515dbbDReg-C IO CallInterop CallingInterop
3561de9DReg-C Event 1Event 1Interop
3562deaDReg-C Event2Event 2Interop
3563debDReg-C Event3Event 3Interop
3564decDReg-C Event4Event 4Interop
3565dedDReg-C Event5Event 5Interop
3618e22DReg-C Fire 1Fire 1Fire-Talk
3619e23DReg-C Fire 2Fire 2Fire-Talk
3620e24DReg-C Fire 3Fire 3Fire-Talk
3621e25DReg-C Law 1Law 1Law Tac
3622e26DReg-C Law 2Law 2Law Tac
3623e27DReg-C Law 3Law 3Law Tac
3624e28DReg-C EMS 1EMS 1EMS-Talk
3625e29DReg-C EMS 2EMS 2EMS-Talk
3626e2aDReg-C EMD 1EMD 1Emergency Ops
3627e2bDReg-C SWAT 1SWAT 1Law Talk
3628e2cDReg-C SWAT 2SWAT 2Law Talk
Region D - Interoperability
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
235165bdcDReg-D IO 1Interop 1Interop
235175bddDReg-D IO 2Interop 2Interop
235185bdeDReg-D IO 3Interop 3Interop
235195bdfDReg-D IO 4Interop 4 - SEMA Area Coord, Health Dept and MHP HelosInterop
235205be0DReg-D IO CallInterop CallingInterop
235665c0eDReg-D Event 1Event 1Interop
235675c0fDReg-D Event 2Event 2Interop
235685c10DReg-D Event 3Event 3Interop
235695c11DReg-D Event 4Event 4Interop
235705c12DReg-D Event 5Event 5Interop
236295c4dDReg-D Fire 1Fire 1Fire-Talk
236305c4eDReg-D Fire 2Fire 2Fire-Talk
236315c4fDReg-D Fire 3Fire 3Fire-Talk
236325c50DReg-D Law 1Law 1Law Tac
236335c51DReg-D Law 2Law 2Law Tac
236345c52DReg-D Law 3Law 3Law Talk
236355c53DReg-D EMS 1EMS 1EMS-Talk
236365c54DReg-D EMS 2EMS 2EMS-Talk
236375c55DReg-D EMD 1EMD 1Emergency Ops
236385c56DReg-D SWAT 1SWAT 1Law Talk
236395c57DReg-D SWAT 2SWAT 2Law Talk
Region E - Interoperability
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3521dc1DReg-E IO 1Interop 1Interop
3522dc2DReg-E IO 2Interop 2Interop
3523dc3DReg-E IO 3Interop 3Interop
3524dc4DReg-E IO 4Interop 4Interop
3525dc5DReg-E IO CallInterop CallingInterop
3571df3DReg-E Event 1Event 1Interop
3572df4DReg-E Event 2Event 2Interop
3573df5DReg-E Event 3Event 3Interop
3574df6DReg-E Event 4Event 4Interop
3575df7DReg-E Event 5Event 5Interop
3640e38DReg-E Fire 1Fire 1Fire-Talk
3641e39DReg-E Fire 2Fire 2Fire-Talk
3642e3aDReg-E Fire 3Fire 3Fire-Talk
3643e3bDReg-E Law 1Law 1Law Tac
3644e3cDReg-E Law 2Law 2Law Tac
3645e3dDReg-E Law 3Law 3Law Tac
3646e3eDReg-E EMS 1EMS 1EMS-Talk
3647e3fDReg-E EMS 2EMS 2EMS-Talk
3648e40DReg-E EMD 1EMD 1Emergency Ops
3649e41DReg-E SWAT 1SWAT 1Law Talk
3650e42DReg-E SWAT 2SWAT 2Law Talk
Region F - Interoperability
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
235265be6DReg-F IO 1Interop 1Interop
235275be7DReg-F IO 2Interop 2Interop
235285be8DReg-F IO 3Interop 3Interop
235295be9DReg-F IO 4Interop 4Interop
235305beaDReg-F IO CallInterop CallingInterop
235765c18DReg-F Event 1Event 1Interop
235775c19DReg-F Event 2Event 2Interop
235785c1aDReg-F Event 3Event 3Interop
235795c1bDReg-F Event 4Event 4Interop
235805c1cDReg-F Event 5Event 5Interop
236515c63DReg-F Fire 1Fire 1Fire-Talk
236525c64DReg-F Fire 2Fire 2Fire-Talk
236535c65DReg-F Fire 3Fire 3Fire-Talk
236545c66DReg-F Law 1Law 1Law Tac
236555c67DReg-F Law 2Law 2Law Tac
236565c68DReg-F Law 3Law 3Law Tac
236575c69DReg-F EMS 1EMS 1EMS-Talk
236585c6aDReg-F EMS 2EMS 2EMS-Talk
236595c6bDReg-F EMD 1EMD 1Emergency Ops
236605c6cDReg-F SWAT 1SWAT 1Law Talk
236615c6dDReg-F SWAT 2SWAT 2Law Talk
Region G - Interoperability
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3531dcbDReg-G IO 1Interop 1Interop
3532dccDReg-G IO 2Interop 2Interop
3533dcdDReg-G IO 3Interop 3Interop
3534dceDReg-G IO 4Interop 4Interop
3535dcfDReg-G IO CallInterop CallingInterop
3581dfdDReg-G Event 1Event 1Interop
3582dfeDReg-G Event 2Event 2Interop
3583dffDReg-G Event 3Event 3Interop
3584e00DReg-G Event 4Event 4Interop
3585e01DReg-G Event 5Event 5Interop
3662e4eDReg-G Fire 1Fire 1Fire-Talk
3663e4fDReg-G Fire 2Fire 2Fire-Talk
3664e50DReg-G Fire 3Fire 3Fire-Talk
3665e51DReg-G Law 1Law 1Law Tac
3666e52DReg-G Law 2Law 2Law Tac
3667e53DReg-G Law 3Law 3Law Tac
3668e54DReg-G EMS 1EMS 1EMS-Talk
3669e55DReg-G EMS 2EMS 2EMS-Talk
3670e56DReg-G EMD 1EMD 1EMS-Talk
3671e57DReg-G SWAT 1SWAT 1Law Talk
3672e58DReg-G SWAT 2SWAT 2Law Talk
Region H - Interoperability
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
235365bf0DReg-H IO 1Interop 1Interop
235375bf1DReg-H IO 2Interop 2Interop
235385bf2DReg-H IO 3Interop 3Interop
235395bf3DReg-H IO 4Interop 4Interop
235405bf4DReg-H IO CallInterop CallingInterop
235865c22DReg-F Event 1Event 1Interop
235875c23DReg-H Event 2Event 2Interop
235885c24DReg-H Event 3Event 3Interop
235895c25DReg-H Event 4Event 4Interop
235905c26DReg-H Event 5Event 5Interop
236735c79DReg-H Fire 1Fire 1Fire-Talk
236745c7aDReg-H Fire 2Fire 2Fire-Talk
236755c7bDReg-H Fire 3Fire 3Fire-Talk
236765c7cDReg-H Law 1Law 1Law Tac
236775c7dDReg-H Law 2Law 2Law Tac
236785c7eDReg-H Law 3Law 3Law Tac
236795c7fDReg-H EMS 1EMS 1EMS-Talk
236805c80DReg-H EMS 2EMS 2EMS-Talk
236815c81DReg-H EMD 1EMD 1Emergency Ops
236825c82DReg-H SWAT 1SWAT 1Law Talk
236835c83DReg-H SWAT 2SWAT 2Law Talk
Region I - Interoperability

Troop I is located on the northwest edge of Rolla at the 185 exit on I-44. and serves Crawford, Dent, Laclede, Maries, Phelps, and Pulaski counties.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3541dd5DReg-I IO 1Interop 1Interop
3542dd6DReg-I IO 2Interop 2Interop
3543dd7DReg-I IO 3Interop 3Interop
3544dd8DReg-I IO 4Interop 4Interop
3545dd9DReg-I IO CallInterop CallingInterop
3546ddaDReg-I IO 3546Interop (Troop E)Interop
3591e07DReg-I Event 1Event 1Interop
3592e08DReg-I Event 2Event 2Interop
3593e09DReg-I Event 3Event 3Interop
3594e0aDReg-I Event 4Event 4Interop
3595e0bDReg-I Event 5Event 5Interop
3684e64DReg-I Fire 1Fire 1Fire-Talk
3685e65DReg-I Fire 2Fire 2Fire-Talk
3686e66DReg-I Fire 3Fire 3Fire-Talk
3687e67DReg-I Law 1Law 1Law Tac
3688e68DReg-I Law 2Law 2Law Tac
3689e69DReg-I Law 3Law 3Law Tac
3690e6aDReg-I EMS 1EMS 1EMS-Talk
3691e6bDReg-I EMS 2EMS 2EMS-Talk
3692e6cDReg-I EMD 1EMD 1Emergency Ops
3693e6dDReg-I SWAT 1SWAT 1Law Talk
3694e6eDReg-I SWAT 2SWAT 2Law Talk

See the wiki for more info on talkgroups 3301-3335, possibly Drug Task Force (but unidentified)

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3001bb9DMoDRS CommonCommon (Missouri Disaster Response System)Emergency Ops
3002bbaDMoDRS TravelTravel (Missouri Disaster Response System)Emergency Ops
3003bbbDMoDRS Tactical 1Tactical 1 (Missouri Disaster Response System)Emergency Ops
3486d9eDEBootheel DTFBootheel Drug Task ForceLaw Tac
3487d9fDEDTF 3487unid Drug Task Force (Cape)Law Tac
223045720DOps 22304Operations Law Tac
224075787DMOSWIN 22407Operations / Command PostMulti-Tac
Missouri National Guard
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3064bf8DHRF 1Nat Guard "HRF 1"Military
230605a14DSentinal OpsNat Guard Sentinal OpsMilitary
230645a18D10-4 F A/LOGNat Guard "10-4 F A/LOG"Military
230665a1aD MNG CST CMDMo National Guard CST CMDMilitary
Missouri Department of Revenue
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
203014f4dDDOR CommonMissouri Department of Revenue: Common [DOR Common]Law Tac
State Fire Marshal
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2070150ddDFireSafety Reg AFire Safety-Region AFire-Talk
2070250deDFireSafety Reg BFire Safety-Region BFire-Talk
7012bdDFireSafety Reg CFire Safety-Region CFire-Talk
2070350dfDFireSafety Reg DFire Safety-Region DFire-Talk
7022beDFireSafety Reg EFire Safety-Region EFire-Talk
2070450e0DFireSafety Reg FFire Safety-Region FFire-Talk
7032bfDFireSafety Reg GFire Safety-Region GFire-Talk
2070550e1DFireSafety Reg HFire Safety-Region HFire-Talk
7042c0DFireSafety Reg IFire Safety-Region IFire-Talk
2070650e2DFireSafety AG 1Fire Safety-AG 1Fire-Talk
Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2451993DSEMO Mntl Health2451 Southeast Missouri Mental Health Center {Farmington, MO)Public Works
204014fb1DDHSS SW NetEmergency Response Center: Net (Statewide?)Public Works
Missouri Department of Natural Resources

20992 - possibly a DNR talkgroup, heard talk about Macon, MO and Highway 36

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
801321DDNR EER SWEnvironmental Emergency Response: SouthwestLaw Tac
802322DDNR EER Rt66Environmental Emergency Response: Route 66 State Park?Law Tac
901385DDNR SPR SEPark Rangers: SouthwestLaw Tac
902386DDNR SPR RegPark Rangers: Regional ? [REG]Law Tac
903387DDNR SPR Evt3Park Rangers: Event 3Law Tac
904388DDNR SPR Evt4Park Rangers: Event 4Law Tac
905389DDNR SPR AdmnPark Rangers: AdminLaw Tac
3091c13DDNR Parks 3091Park Rangers: Lakes Region (Southwest)Law Tac
208015141DDNR EER 001Environmental Emergency Response: 001Law Tac
208025142DDNR EER SWEnvironmental Emergency Response: SouthwestLaw Tac
208035143DDNR EER KCEnvironmental Emergency Response: Kansas CityLaw Tac
208045144DDNR EER NWEnvironmental Emergency Response: NorthwestLaw Tac
208055145DDNR EER JCEnvironmental Emergency Response: Jefferson CityLaw Tac
2090151a5DDNR SPR NW1Park Rangers: NorthwestLaw Tac
2090251a6DDNR SPR NW2Park Rangers: NorthwestLaw Tac
2090351a7DDNR SPR SWPark Rangers: SouthwestLaw Tac
2090451a8DDNR SPR CmdPark Rangers: CommandLaw Tac
2090551a9DDNR SPR AllPark Rangers: AllLaw Tac
2090651aaDDNR SPR Event 1Park Rangers: Event 1Law Tac
2090751abDDNR SPR Event 2Park Rangers: Event 2Law Tac
Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT)

Transportation Management Center (TMC)

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
21901558dDMoDOT ERT StLEmergency Response Trucks (St Louis area)Multi-Dispatch
219085594DMoDOT ERT SWEmergency Response Trucks (Southwest area)Multi-Dispatch
219115597DMoDOT ERT StL64Emergency Response Trucks (St Louis I-64 City/County)Multi-Dispatch
Missouri Department of Corrections (MODOC)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
140357bDMODOC 1403Corrections (TCSTL?)Corrections
140457cDMODOC 1404CorrectionsCorrections
214015399DMODOC ACCAlgoa Correctional CenterCorrections
21402539aDMODOC BCCBoonville Correctional CenterCorrections
21403539bDMODOC CCCChillicothe Correctional CenterCorrections
21404539cDMODOC CRCCCrossroads Correctional CenterCorrections
21405539dDMODOC JCCCJefferson City Correctional CenterCorrections
21406539eDMODOC MTCMaryville Treatment CenterCorrections
21407539fDMODOC OCCOzark Correctional CenterCorrections
2140853a0DMODOC TCCTipton Correctional CenterCorrections
2140953a1DMODOC WMCCWestern Missouri Correctional CenterCorrections
2141053a2DMODOC WRDCCWestern Reception, Diagnostic and Correctional Center Corrections
2141153a3DMODOC CMCCCentral Missouri Correctional CenterCorrections
2141253a4DMODOC KCCRCKansas City Community Release CenterCorrections
2141353a5DMODOC CTUCentral Transportation UnitCorrections
2141453a6DMODOC FRDCFulton Reception and Diagnostic CenterCorrections
2141553a7DMODOC MCCMoberly Correctional CenterCorrections
2141653a8DMODOC NECCNortheast Correctional Center Corrections
2141753a9DMODOC WERDCCWomen's Eastern Reception, Diagnostic and Correctional Center Corrections
2141853aaDMODOC CommonCommonCorrections
2141953abDMODOC TacticalTacticalCorrections
2142053acDMODOC AG 1Attorney General 1Corrections
2142153adDMODOC AG 2Attorney General 2Corrections
Mercy EMS (Various Locations)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
239815dadDMercyEMS CommonEMS: Common [MERCY COMN]EMS Dispatch
239825daeDMercyEMS EastOpsEMS: East - Ops [MC/EAST OPS]EMS Dispatch
239835dafDMercyEMS WestOpsEMS: West - Ops [MC/WEST OPS]EMS Dispatch
239845db0DMercyEMS TravelEMS: Travel [MERCY TRAVEL]EMS Dispatch
239855db1DMercyEMS LawrnceEMS: Lawrence County [LAWR EMS OPS]EMS Dispatch
239865db2DMercyEMS Aurora1EMS: Aurora - Alert 1[ALERT/AUR1]EMS Dispatch
239875db3DMercyEMS Aurora2EMS: Aurora - Alert 2 [ALERT/AUR2]EMS Dispatch
239885db4DMercyEMS MtVern1EMS: Mount Vernon - Alert 1 [ALERT/MTVN1]EMS Dispatch
239895db5DMercyEMS MtVern2EMS: Mount Vernon - Alert 2 [ALERTMTVN2]EMS Dispatch
239905db6DMercyEMS StoneOpMercy EMS: Stone - EMS Ops [STN EMS OPS]EMS Dispatch
239915db7DMercyEMS Stone 1Mercy EMS: Stone - Alert 1 [ALERT/STN 1]EMS Dispatch
239925db8DMercyEMS Stone 2Mercy EMS: Stone - Alert 2 [ALERT/STN 2]EMS Dispatch
239935db9DMercyEMS DallOpsEMS: Dallas County - EMS Ops [DALL EMS OPS]EMS Dispatch
239945dbaDMercyEMS CamdenEMS: Camden CountyEMS Dispatch
239955dbbDMercyEMS Dallas2EMS: Dallas County - Alert 2 [ALERT/DALL 2]EMS Dispatch
239965dbcDMercy Life LineLife Line (Helo to base)EMS Dispatch
239975dbdDMercyEMS BarryEMS: Barry County (Cassville)EMS Dispatch
239985dbeDMercyEMS JasperEMS: Jasper County and SarcoxieEMS Dispatch
Cox Health (Southwest Missouri)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
269036917DAirCare DispatchAirCare DispatchEMS Dispatch
Medical Helicopters

See the WIKI for more information

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
65030fe06DLifeFlight 65030LifeFlight Helicopter (NW MO)EMS Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
240025dc2DAdair TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
240035dc3DAdair SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
240055dc5DAdair SheriffC2CSheriff: Car to CarLaw Tac
240065dc6DAdair Spec EventSpecial EventsMulti-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
241015e25DAndrew AllAllMulti-Dispatch
241025e26DAndrew TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
241035e27DAndrew Co LawSheriff/Savannah Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
242015e89DAtchison LawLaw / Sheriff: DispatchMulti-Dispatch
242025e8aDAtch TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
243015eedDAudrain AllAllMulti-Dispatch
243025eeeDAudrain TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
243035eefDAudrain SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
244015f51DBarry AllAll Multi-Dispatch
244025f52DBarry TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
244035f53DBarry SheriffSheriff: Dispatch / Car-to-CarLaw Dispatch
244075f57DBarry Law APolice: Dispatch - Purdy, Seligma, Wheaton (DB: BCCD)Law Dispatch
244155f5fDCassville PoliceCassville Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
245015fb5DBarton AllAllMulti-Dispatch
245025fb6DBarton TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
245035fb7DBarton SheriffSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
245045fb8DBarton Shrf C2CBarton Sheriff: Car-to-CarLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
246016019DBates AllAll Multi-Dispatch
24602601aDBates TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
24604601cDEBates SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
24701607dDBenton AllAllMulti-Dispatch
24702607eDBenton TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4001fa1DBollinger AllAllMulti-Dispatch
4002fa2DBoll TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
4003fa3DBoll SheriffSheriffLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2480160e1DBoone AllAllMulti-Dispatch
2480260e2DBoone TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
2480360e3DCentralia PoliceCentralia Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
249016145DBuchanan AllAll // Sheriff: DispatchMulti-Dispatch
249026146DBuch TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
41011005DButler AllAllMulti-Dispatch
41021006DButler TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
41031007DButler SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
4106100aDButler Shrf Tac1Sheriff: Tac 1Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2500161a9DCaldwell AllBraymer Fire/Caldwell EMS (All)Multi-Dispatch
2500261aaDCaldwell Trave;Travel Multi-Dispatch
2500361abDCaldwell LawCounty LawLaw Dispatch
2500961b1DCaldwell FireCounty FireFire-Tac
2501161b3DCaldwell EMSCounty EMS: DispatchEMS Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
25101620dDCallaway AllAllMulti-Dispatch
25102620eDCallaway TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
25117621dDCall Sheriff D1Sheriff: Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
25118621eDCall Sheriff D2Sheriff: Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
25119621fDCall Sheriff c2cSheriff: Car-to-CarLaw Tac
251206220DCall Sheriff EvtSheriff: EventLaw Tac
25103620fDHoltsSmt PoliceHolts Summit Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
251046210DHSmt Police 104Holts Summit Police: Tac/EventsLaw Tac
251056211DHSmt Police 105Holts Summit Police: Tac/EventsLaw Tac
251066212DHSmt Police 106Holts Summit Police: Tac/EventsLaw Tac
251076213DHSmt Police 107Holts Summit Police: Tac/EventsLaw Tac
251086214DHSmt Police 108Holts Summit Police: Tac/EventsLaw Tac
251096215DHSmt Police 109Holts Summit Police: Tac/EventsLaw Tac
251106216DHSmt Police 110Holts Summit Police: Tac/EventsLaw Tac
251116217DHSmt Police 111Holts Summit Police: Tac/EventsLaw Tac
251126218DHSmt Police 112Holts Summit Police: Tac/EventsLaw Tac
251136219DHSmt Police 113Holts Summit Police: Tac/EventsLaw Tac
25114621aDHS Police Event1Holts Summit Police: Event 1Law Tac
25115621bDHSmt Police 115Holts Summit Police: Tac/EventsLaw Tac
25116621cDHSmt Police 116Holts Summit Police: Tac/EventsLaw Tac
251286228DFulton PoliceFulton Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
251226222DCallaway EMSEMS: DispatchEMS Dispatch
251236223DCallaway EMS TacEMS: TacEMS-Tac
251246224DCallaway EMS EvtEMS: EventEMS-Tac
251256225DCallaway FireCounty Fire: DispatchFire Dispatch
251266226DHSmt Fire TacHolts Summit Fire: TacFire-Tac

Camden EMS is on Mercy TG 23994

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
252016271DCamden AllAllMulti-Dispatch
252166280DCamden SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
252026272DCamden TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
25228628cDCamdenton PDCamdenton Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
252216285DLk Ozrk PoliceLake Ozark Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
2530062d4DLk Ozark InteropLake Ozark: InteropInterop
252096279DLk Ozark CommonCommon/Shared DispatchMulti-Dispatch
252036273DLake Ozark FireLake Ozark Fire: Dispatch Patch from 154.0925Fire Dispatch
252046274DLkOzrk Fire Tac1Lake Ozark Fire: Tactical 1Fire-Tac
252056275DLkOzrk Fire Tac2Lake Ozark Fire: Tactical 2Fire-Tac
252176281DLinnCreek PoliceLinn Creek Police: Dispatch (w/ Sunrise Beach)Law Dispatch
25210627aDOsageBch PoliceOsage Beach Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
252066276DOsage Beach FireOsage Beach Fire: Dispatch Patch 154.415Fire Dispatch
252076277DOsgBch Fire Tac1Osage Beach Fire: Tactical 1Fire-Tac
252086278DOsgBch Fire Tac2Osage Beach Fire: Tactical 2Fire-Tac
25214627eDOsage Beach EMS Osage Beach Ambulance: DispatchEMS Dispatch
25215627fDOsageBch EMS TacOsage Beach Ambulance: TacEMS-Tac
Cape Girardeau County
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
42011069DCapeCo All CallAllMulti-Dispatch
4202106aDCapeCo TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
4203106bDCGCi Police MainCape Girardeau Police: Main (City)Law Dispatch
4205106dDECGCi Police CarCape Girardeau Police: Car to CarLaw Tac
4206106eDCGCi PoliceEventCape Girardeau Police: EventsLaw Talk
42101072DCGCi Fire MainCape Girardeau Fire: Main (City)Fire Dispatch
42111073DCGCi Fire Tac 1Cape Girardeau Fire: Tac 1Fire-Tac
42131075DCGCi Fire Tac 2Cape Girardeau Fire: Tac 2Fire-Tac
42151077DECGCi Fire Tac 3Cape Girardeau Fire: Tac 3 Fire-Tac
4218107aDCGCi Fire 4218Cape Girardeau Fire: Ops (River Rescue)Fire-Tac
42291085DJackson Police(OLD) Jackson Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
4235108bDJackson FireJackson Fire: DispatchFire Dispatch
4237108dDCape Shrf/JksnPDSheriff: Dispatch (w/ Jackson Police)Law Dispatch
42401090DCape 4240 10-28sLaw: 10-28sLaw Dispatch
42411091DCGCo JailCape Girardeau Sheriff Jail: OpsCorrections
42421092DCape Fire RuralCape County Fire: Dispatch - All Rural DistrictsFire Dispatch
42441094DSEMO PoliceSoutheast Missouri State University Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
42481098DCape EMS InterOpCape County EMS: Interop (w/ Cape Private EMS)EMS Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2530162d5DCarroll AllAllMulti-Dispatch
2530262d6DCarrol TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
430110cdDCarter AllAll Multi-Dispatch
430210ceDCarter TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
430310cfDCarter SheriffSheriffLaw Dispatch
430410d0DECarter Shrf TacCarter Sheriff: TacLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
254016339DCass SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
25501639dDCedar AllAllMulti-Dispatch
25502639eDCedar TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
25503639fDCedar SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
2550463a0DCedar CarSheriff Car-to-CarLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
256036403DChariton SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
257016465DChristian AllAllMulti-Dispatch
257026466DChristian TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2580264caDClark Co TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
2580364cbDClark SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
260016591DClinton AllAllMulti-Dispatch
260026592DClinton TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
260036593DClinton SheriffSheriff: DispatchMulti-Dispatch
260066596DClinton FireClinton County FireFire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2610165f5DCole AllAllMulti-Dispatch
2610265f6DCole TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
2610365f7DCole SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
2611165ffDCole EMS 1EMS: Ops 1EMS-Tac
261126600DCole EMS 2EMS: Ops 2EMS-Tac
261146602DCole EMS 26114EMS: OpsEMS-Tac
261336615DCole HazmatHazmat: Testing/Radio ChecksEmergency Ops
26138661aDLU PoliceLincoln University Police (Jeff City)Law Dispatch
261476623DJeffCty FireTac1Jefferson City Fire: Tac 1Fire-Tac
261486624DJeffCty FireTac2Jefferson City Fire: Tac 2Fire-Tac
261496625DJeffCty FireTac3Jefferson City Fire: Tac 3Fire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
262016659DCooper AllAllMulti-Dispatch
26202665aDCooper TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
26203665bDCooper LawCounty LawLaw Dispatch
26204665cDCooper TacSheriff TacticalLaw Tac
26205665dDCpr EMA6/Rur LawEMA 6 / Sheriff / Rural LawMulti-Dispatch
26206665eDCooper EMA 7EMA 7Emergency Ops
26207665fDBoonville PoliceBoonville Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
262086660DBoonville PD TacBoonville Police: TacLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
44011131DCrawford AllAllMulti-Dispatch
44021132DCrawford TravelTravel // Cencom DispatchMulti-Dispatch
44031133DSullivan FireTacSullivan Fire: TacFire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
264016721DDallas AllAllMulti-Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
265016785DDaviess AllAllMulti-Dispatch
265036787DDaviess SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45011195DDent AllAllMulti-Dispatch
45021196DDent TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
45031197DDent SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
460111f9DDouglas AllAllMulti-Dispatch
460211faDDouglas TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4701125dDDunklin AllAllMulti-Dispatch
4702125eDDunklin TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
4703125fDDunklin SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
47061262DEDunklin Shrf TacSheriff: TacticalLaw Tac
47201270DKennett PoliceKennett Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
47221272DEKennett PD TacKennett Police: TacticalLaw Tac
47241274DKennett FireKennett FireFire Dispatch
47281278DKenn Fire/RescueKennett Fire/Rescue: MainFire Dispatch
4732127cDCardwell MainCardwell: MainMulti-Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
480112c1DFranklin AllAllMulti-Dispatch
480212c2DFranklin TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
480312c3DWashingtonPoliceWashington Police: MainLaw Dispatch
480612c6DWash PD/FD CmndWashington Police/Fire: CommandMulti-Dispatch
480712c7DWash Fire MainWashington Fire: MainFire Dispatch
480812c8DWash Fire DispWashington Fire: DispatchFire Dispatch
480912c9DWash Fire Tac 1 Washington Fire: Tac 1Fire-Tac
481012caDWash Fire Tac 2Washington Fire: Tac 2Fire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
26701684dDGasconade AllAllMulti-Dispatch
26702684eDGasc TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
26703684fDGasc SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
267046850DGasc Shrf OpsSheriff: Special OpsLaw Tac
267056851DGasc Shrf c2cSheriff: Car-to-CarLaw Tac
267066852DGasc Law SpEvLaw: Special EventsLaw Tac
267076853DGasc Law MuniLaw: Municipal DepartmentsLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2680268b2DGentry TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
2680368b3DGentry SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch

Note most Talkgroups in the 40000 range can ONLY  be heard on the MOSWIN Zone 4 site  -  "Greene County Simulcast 800 MHz" site, which consists of 7 locations in the greater Springfield area. Most are NOT found on the VHF or 700MHz adjacent sites.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
407019efdDGrn Sheriff EmrgSheriff: EmergencyLaw Dispatch
407039effDGrn Shrf Patrol1Sheriff: Patrol 1 [GC Pat 1]Law Dispatch
407049f00DGrn Shrf Patrol2Sheriff: Patrol 2 [GC Pat 2]Law Dispatch
407059f01DEGrn Shrf Patrol3Sheriff: Patrol 3 [GC Pat 3]Law Dispatch
407069f02DGrn Sherrif Tac1Sheriff: Tac 1 [GCSO Tac 1]Law Tac
407079f03DGrn Sherrif Tac2Sheriff: Tac 2 [GCSO Tac 2]Law Tac
407089f04DEGrn Sherrif Tac3Sheriff: Tac 3 [GCSO Tac 3]Law Tac
407099f05DEGrn Sherrif Tac4Sheriff: Tac 4 [GCSO Tac 4]Law Tac
407109f06DEGrn Shrf CmdSheriff: CommandLaw Tac
407119f07DEGrn Shrf DetectSheriff: DetectivesLaw Tac
407129f08DEGrn Shrf FugitveSheriff: FugitiveLaw Tac
407239f13DGrn Shrf TrainTraining exercisesLaw Tac
407139f09DEGrn Jail CommandJail CommandCorrections
407149f0aDGrn Jail 1 MainJail Operations-Main (Ch 1)Corrections
407159f0bDGrn Jail 2 OvrflJail Operations-Overflow (Ch 2)Corrections
407169f0cDEGrn Jail 3 TacJail Operations-Tactical (Ch 3)Corrections
407179f0dDGrn Court SecrtyGreene Co Courts/Jail Campus SecurityCorrections
407269f16DGrn Juv JusticeJuvenile Justice CenterCorrections
407029efeDGrn Muni-Law C/WMuni-Law: Dispatch County-Wide (Except Spfld)Law Dispatch
408109f6aDAsh Grove PoliceAsh Grove PoliceLaw Dispatch
409009fc4DBattlefield PDBattlefield PoliceLaw Dispatch
408409f88DFairGrove PoliceFair Grove PoliceLaw Dispatch
407729f44DRepublic PoliceRepublic PoliceLaw Dispatch
407739f45DRepublic Police2Republic Police 2Law Dispatch
409209fd8DStrafford PoliceStrafford PoliceLaw Dispatch
409409fecDWalnut Grove PDWalnut Grove PoliceLaw Dispatch
408709fa6DWillard PoliceWillard PoliceLaw Dispatch
Greene County Fire

TG 40751 Countywide Fire Dispatch is patched to TG 40126 Springfield Fire Dispatch 1.

Also, all 12 Fire Ops TGs 40101- 40112 are shared by all fire departments, and TG 40752 - 40754 training talkgroups are shared.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
407519f2fDGrn Co-Wide FireCounty-Wide Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
407529f30DGrn Fire Train 1Fire Training 1 Fire-Tac
407539f31DGrn Fire Train 2Fire Training 2 Fire-Tac
407549f32DGrn Fire Train 3Fire Training 3 Fire-Tac
407559f33DGrn Fire CommonFire Common Fire-Tac
40991a01fDEbenezr FireTac1Ebenezer Fire: Tac 1Fire-Tac
408209f74DAsh Grove FireAsh Grove FireFire-Tac
409109fceDBattlefield FireBattlefield FIreFire-Tac
40960a000DBillings FireBillings FireFire-Tac
40970a00aDBois D'Arc FireBois D'Arc FireFire-Tac
40980a014DBrookline FireBrookline FireFire-Tac
40990a01eDEbenezer FireEbenezer FireFire-Tac
408509f92DFair Grove FireFair Grove FireFire-Tac
41000a028DLogan-RogersvillLogan-Rogersville FireFire-Tac
407919f57DRepublic FireRepublic FireFire-Tac
407939f59DRepublic FG 1Republic Fireground 1Fire-Tac
407949f5aDRepublic FG 2Republic Fireground 2Fire-Tac
407959f5bDRepublic FG 3Republic Fireground 3Fire-Tac
409309fe2DStrafford FireStrafford FireFire-Tac
409509ff6DWalnut Grv FireWalnut Grove FireFire-Tac
407969f5cDWest Repub FireWest Republic FireFire-Tac
408809fb0DWillard FireWillard FireFire-Tac
Greene County Medical/Health
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
41020a03cDCoxHealth EMSCoxHealth EMS EMS Dispatch
41021a03dDMercy EMS GreeneMercy EMS Greene CountyEMS Dispatch
41022a03eDMercy EMS OpsMercy EMS OpsEMS Dispatch
400909c9aDSpfld AnimalCntrAnimal Control: Main Public Works
400919c9bDSpfld A/C Tac 1Animal Control: Tac-1 Public Works
400929c9cDSpfld A/C Tac 2Animal Control: Tac-2 Public Works
403009d6cDSp-Grn HealthSpringfield-Greene Health Public Works
403019d6dDSp-Grn Heath TacSpringfield-Greene Health: Tac Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
269016915DGreene All All Multi-Dispatch
269026916DGreene Travel TravelMulti-Dispatch
400039c43DGreene Call Countywide CallMulti-Tac
400049c44DGreene Tac 1Tac-1Multi-Tac
400059c45DGreene Tac 2Tac-2Multi-Tac
400069c46DGreene Tac 3Tac-3Multi-Tac
400079c47DGreene Tac 4Tac-4Multi-Tac
400089c48DGreene Tac 5Tac-5Multi-Tac
400099c49DGreene Tac 6Tac-6Multi-Tac
400109c4aDGreene Tac 7Tac-7Multi-Tac
400119c4bDGreene Tac 8Tac-8Multi-Tac
Greene County Highway
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
406419ec1DGrn HighwayHighway DepartmentPublic Works
406479ec7DGrn Hwy SvcService CenterPublic Works
406429ec2DGrn Hwy DIst 1District 1Public Works
406439ec3DGrn Hwy Dist2District 2Public Works
406469ec6DGrn Hwy WideCounty WidePublic Works
406449ec4DGrn Hwy BridgeBridgePublic Works
406459ec5DGrn Hwy SpecSpecial ProjectsPublic Works
406489ec8DGrn Hwy Flag 1Flag 1Public Works
Greene County Environmental
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
402509d3aDSCU Sewer 1Sewer Maintenance 1 (City Utilities)Utilities
402519d3bDSCU Sewer 2Sewer Maintenance 2 (City Utilities)Utilities
402529d3cDSCU Sewer 3Sewer Maintenance 3 (City Utilities)Utilities
402539d3dDSCU Sewer 4Sewer Maintenance 4 (City Utilities)Utilities
402549d3eDSCU Sewer 5Sewer Maintenence 5 (City Utilities)Utilities
402559d3fDSCU Sewer 6Sewer Maintenance 6 (City Utilities)Utilities
402569d40DSCU Sewer 7Sewer Maintenance 7 (City Utilities)Utilities
402579d41DSCU Sewer 8Sewer Maintenance 8 (City Utilities)Utilities
402589d42DSCU Sewer 9Sewer Maintenance 9 (City Utilities)Utilities
Greene County - Other
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
400139c4dDGreene OEM OEMEmergency Ops
400149c4eDGreene OEM CmdOEM: CommandEmergency Ops
400129c4cDGreene OEM Ops OEM Ops - storm damage assesmentEmergency Ops
400159c4fDGreene Wx Net Weather NetEmergency Ops
401769cf0DGrn Airport M/AAirport Mutual AidMulti-Tac
408009f60DRepublic Common Republic CommonMulti-Dispatch
408909fbaDWillard Pub WrkWillard Public WorksPublic Works
Springfield Police

Note most Talkgroups in the 40000 range can ONLY  be heard on the MOSWIN Zone 4 site  -  "Greene County Simulcast 800 MHz" site, which consists of 7 locations in the greater Springfield area. Most are NOT found on the VHF or 700MHz adjacent sites.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
400519c73DSpfld PD EmrgncyPolice: EmergencyLaw Dispatch
400529c74DSpfld Police Z1SPolice: Zone 1 (South)Law Dispatch
400539c75DSpfld Police Z2NPolice: Zone 2 (North)Law Dispatch
400549c76DSpfld Police Z3APolice: Zone 3 (Admin) Law Dispatch
400559c77DSpfld Police C2CPolice: Officer-to-Officer (Patrol Officers) [C1] from old systemLaw Tac
400599c7bDSpfld PoliceTac1Police: Tac-1Law Tac
400609c7cDSpfld PoliceTac2Police: Tac-2Law Tac
400619c7dDSpfld PoliceTac3Police: Tac-3Law Tac
400629c7eDSpfld PoliceTac4Police: Tac-4Law Tac
400679c83DESpfld PoliceNarcPolice: NarcoticLaw Tac
400649c80DESpfld PoliceCmdrPolice: CommandersLaw Tac
400669c82DESpfld Police SIUPolice Special Investigations UnitLaw Tac
403259d85DSPS PoliceSpringfield Public Schools PoliceLaw Dispatch
403269d86DSPS Police PrivSpringfield Public Schools Police: PrivateLaw Tac
Missouri State University Public Safety (Spfld)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
403159d7bDMSU PublicSafetyDispatchLaw Dispatch
403169d7cDMSU Police Tac 1Police: Tac 1Law Tac
403179d7dDMSU Police Tac 2Police: Tac 2Law Tac

TG 40751 County WIde Fire Dispatch is patched to TG 40126 Springfield Fire Dispatch 1.

Also, all 12 Fire Ops TGs 40101- 40112 are shared by all fire departments, and TG 40752 - 40754 training talkgroups are shared.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
401269cbeDSpfld Fire Disp1Fire: Dispatch Fire Dispatch
401279cbfDSpfld Fire Disp2Fire: Non-Emergency DispatchFire Dispatch
401259cbdDSpfld Fire CommnFire: CommonFire-Tac
401019ca5DSpfld Fire Ops 1Fire: Ops 1Fire-Tac
401029ca6DSpfld Fire Ops 2Fire: Ops 2Fire-Tac
401039ca7DSpfld Fire Ops 3Fire: Ops 3Fire-Tac
401049ca8DSpfld Fire Ops 4Fire: Ops 4Fire-Tac
401059ca9DSpfld Fire Ops 5Fire: Ops 5Fire-Tac
401069caaDSpfld Fire Ops 6Fire: Ops 6Fire-Tac
401079cabDSpfld Fire Ops 7Fire: Ops 7Fire-Tac
401089cacDSpfld Fire Ops 8Fire: Ops 8Fire-Tac
401099cadDSpfld Fire Ops 9Fire: Ops 9Fire-Tac
401109caeDSpfld FireOps 10Fire: Ops 10Fire-Tac
401119cafDSpfld FireOps 11Fire: Ops 11Fire-Tac
401129cb0DSpfld FireOps 12Fire: Ops 12Fire-Tac
Springfield City Utilities
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
404119ddbDSCU Electric AllAll Electric Utilities
404159ddfDSCU ElectricLineElectric Line Crews Utilities
404199de3DSCU Water TrtmntWater Treatment/Supply Utilities
404209de4DSCU Power PlantPower Plant Ops/RailUtilities
404219de5DSCU Power StnPower StationUtilities
404289decDSCU ElecElectric Department Utilities
404509e02DSCU Gas AllAll Gas Utilities
404549e06DSCU Gas DeptGas Department Utilities
405009e34DSCU Water AllAll Water (CityUtilities
405029e36DSCU Water EngWater EngineeringUtilities
405039e37DSCU Water MeterWater Meter ShopUtilities
405049e38DSCU Water Tac 1Water Tac 1Utilities
405059e39DSCU Water Tac 2Water Tac 2Utilities
405709e7aDSpr Field/MeterField Services/Meter Reading Utilities
406109ea2DSCU Wide NetWide Net (City Utilities)Utilities
406209eacDSCU Radio ShopRadio System TestPublic Works
406219eadDSCU Radio TechsRadio System TechsPublic Works
406309eb6DSCU Damge PvntDamage Prevention Utilities
405289e50DSCU Transit MntVehicle Maintenance (City Utilities)Utilities
Springfield Transit
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
405259e4dDSCU Transit MainTransit Main (City Utilities)Transportation
405269e4eDSCU Transit SupvTransit Supervisor (City Utilities)Transportation
405279e4fDSCU Transit TacTransit Tac (City Utilities)Transportation
Greene/Springfield Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
402019d09DSpfld Streets 1Streets 1Public Works
402029d0aDSpfld Streets 2Streets 2Public Works
402039d0bDSpfld Streets 3Streets 3Public Works
402049d0cDSpfld Streets 4Streets 4Public Works
402059d0dDSpfld Streets 5Streets 5Public Works
402069d0eDSpfld Streets 6Streets 6Public Works
402079d0fDSpfld Streets 7Streets 7Public Works
402089d10DSpfld Streets 8Streets 8Public Works
402099d11DSpfld Streets 9Streets 9Public Works
402109d12DGrn Grounds 1Grounds 1Public Works
402119d13DGrn Grounds 2Grounds 2Public Works
402129d14DGrn Grounds 3Grounds 3Public Works
402139d15DGrn Grounds 4Grounds 4Public Works
402149d16DGrn Grounds 5Grounds 5Public Works
402159d17DGrn Grounds 6Grounds 6Public Works
402169d18DGrn Grounds 7Grounds 7Public Works
402179d19DGrn Grounds 8Grounds 8Public Works
402199d1bDGrn PWC Ops 1PWC Ops 1Public Works
402209d1cDGrn TMC SignalTMC SignalPublic Works
402229d1eDGrn EngineeringEngineeringPublic Works
402239d1fDGrn Flagger 1Flagger 1Public Works
402249d20DGrn Flagger 2Flagger 2Public Works
402259d21DGrn Flagger 3Flagger 3Public Works
402269d22DGreene SnowSnowPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
270016979DGrundy AllAllEmergency Ops
27002697aDGrundy TravelTravelEmergency Ops
27003697bDGrundy SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
27006697eDTrenton PoliceTrenton Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2710169ddDHarrison AllAll // Sheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
2710269deDHarrison TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
272036a43DClinton PoliceClinton Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
274036b0bDHolt SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
275016b6dDHoward AllAllMulti-Dispatch
275026b6eDHoward TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
275036b6fDHoward SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
49011325DHowell AllAllMulti-Dispatch
49021326DHowell TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
49031327DHowell SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
49041328DHowell Shrf c2cSheriff: Car-to-CarLaw Tac
49051329DHow Sheriff InvSheriff: InvestigationsLaw Tac
4906132aDHowell Shrf JailSheriff: JailCorrections
4907132bDHowell OEM OpsEmergency ManagementEmergency Ops
4908132cDLanton Fire OpsLanton Fire: OpsFire-Talk
4909132dDLanton Fire AdmLanton Fire: AdminFire-Tac
4910132eDWilwSprng EMSWillow Springs EMS EMS Dispatch
49141332DW Springs PoliceWillow Springs PoliceLaw Dispatch
49151333DW Plains PoliceWest Plains PoliceLaw Dispatch
49161334DWP Police CarWest Plains Police: Car-to-CarLaw Talk
49191337DWP Police TacWest Plains Police: TacticalLaw Tac
49201338DMtn View PoliceMountain View PoliceLaw Dispatch

Iron County is dispatched by Washington County

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
50011389DIron Co AllAllMulti-Dispatch
5002138aDIron Co TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
5004138cDIron Co SheriffSheriff: Dispatch - MainLaw Dispatch
50081390DIron Co LawLaw Dispatch - Ironton, etc (Countywide)Law Dispatch
50091391DIron Co FireFire: Dispatch (Countywide)Fire Dispatch
50111393DIron Co EMSEMS: Dispatch/OpsEMS Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
277016c35DJasper AllAllMulti-Dispatch
277026c36DJasper TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
277036c37DJasper SheriffSheriff: Dispatch Law Dispatch
277046c38DEJasp Sheriff c2cSheriff: Car-to-CarLaw Tac
277056c39DJasp Muni LawMunicipal LawLaw Tac
277066c3aDJasp Sheriff TacSheriff: TacLaw Tac
277076c3bDEJasper Law DIsp2EncryptedLaw Dispatch
277086c3cDJasp Shrf SWATSheriff: SWATLaw Talk
277096c3dDJasper Co CourtCounty CourtCorrections
277106c3eDJasper Sheriff 2Sheriff: Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
44031abffDCarl Jctn PoliceCarl Junction Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
44062ac1eDCarthage PoliceCarthage Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
44153ac79DWebb City PoliceWebb City Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
44154ac7aDEWebb City PD TacWebb City Police: TacticalLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
510213eeDJefferson TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
278016c99DJohnson AllAllMulti-Dispatch
278026c9aDJohnson TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
278056c9dDWrnbg AnimCntrlWarrensburg Animal ControlLaw Dispatch
278076c9fDWarrenbg PoliceWarrensburg Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
279016cfdDKnox AllAllMulti-Dispatch
279026cfeDKnox TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
279036cffDKnox Sheriff Sheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
279046d00DKnox Sheriff TacSheriff: TacticalLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52011451DLaclede AllLaclede County: AllMulti-Dispatch
52021452DLaclede TravelLaclede County: TravelMulti-Dispatch
52031453DLaclede CW Tac 1Countywide Tac-1Multi-Tac
52041454DLaclede CW Tac 2Countywide County: Tac-2Multi-Tac
52051455DLaclede OEM OpsOffice of Emergency Management: OpsEmergency Ops
52061456DLaclede FireFireFire Dispatch
52071457DLaclede Health 1Health 1Public Works
52081458DLaclede Health 2Health 2Public Works
52091459DLaclede Sheriff1Sheriff 1Law Dispatch
5210145aDLaclede Sheriff2Sheriff 2Law Dispatch
5211145bDLebanon Police 1Lebanon Police 1Law Dispatch
5212145cDLebanon Police 2Lebanon Police 2Law Dispatch
5213145dDConway PubSftyConway Public Safety (Law/Fire)Multi-Dispatch
5214145eDConway PoliceConway PoliceLaw Dispatch
5215145fDLaclede CoronerCoronerPublic Works
52161460DLebanon FireLebanon FireFire Dispatch
52181462DLacl Rural FireRural Fire: Dispatch (Countywide)Fire Dispatch
52191463DLacl Rur FireTacRural Fire: Tac (Countywide)Fire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
280016d61DLafayette AllAllMulti-Dispatch
280026d62DLafayette TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
280036d63DSniVal Fire/EMSSni-Valley Fire/EMS: DispatchFire Dispatch
280046d64DSV Fire/EMS OpsSni-Valley Fire/EMS: OperationsFire-Tac
280056d65DOdessa PoliceOdessa Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
280066d66DOdessa PoliceTacOdessa Police: TacLaw Tac
280076d67DConcordia PoliceConcordia Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
280096d69DLaf Sheriff 1Sheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
280106d6aDLaf Sheriff OpsSheriff: OpsLaw Tac
280156d6fDHigginsville PDHigginsville Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
281016dc5DLawrence ShrfSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
281036dc7DLawrence FireFire: Countywide DispatchFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
282016e29DLewis EMSEMS (All Channel)Multi-Dispatch
282026e2aDLewis TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
282036e2bDLewis Shrf MainSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
282046e2cDLewis SheriffTacSheriff: TacticalLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
530114b5DLincoln AllAllMulti-Dispatch
530214b6DLincoln TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
283016e8dDLinn AllAllMulti-Dispatch
283026e8eDLinn TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
283036e8fDLinn LawLawLaw Dispatch
283046e90DLinn SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
283056e91DLinn Sheriff C2CSheriff: Car to CarLaw Tac
283066e92DLinn Spec EventsSpecial EventsMulti-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
284016ef1DLivingston AllAll (Sheriff - some use)Multi-Dispatch
284026ef2DLivCo TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
284036ef3DLivCo Shrf 403Sheriff: Ops (some use)Law Dispatch
284086ef8DLivCo SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
285026f56DMacon TravelMacon County: TravelMulti-Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
5501157dDMaries AllAllMulti-Dispatch
5502157eDMaries TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
5503157fDMaries SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch

28612 is NEMO Dispatch, Marion / Lewis County Sheriffs, as well as (at least) Palmyra and Canton Police talking with NECOMM (the combined Marion/Lewis/(parts of Ralls) dispatch center).

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
286016fb9DMarion AllAllMulti-Dispatch
286026fbaDMarion TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
286036fbbDMarion SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
286116fc3DMarion Co EMSEMS: DispatchEMS Dispatch
286126fc4DNEMO Law DispMarion/Lewis Co Law Dispatch (by NECOMM)Law Dispatch
286156fc7DHannibal FireFire: Dispatch (patched to 154.13)Fire Dispatch
286186fcaDHannibal PoliceHannibal Police (patched to 155.58)Law Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
28701701dDMcDonald AllAllMulti-Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
288017081DMercer AllAllMulti-Dispatch
288027082DMercer TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
288037083DMercer SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2890170e5DMiller AllAllMulti-Dispatch
2890270e6DMiller TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
2890370e7DMiller SheriffSheriffLaw Dispatch
2890670eaDMiller EventsEventsMulti-Tac
2891270f0DEldon PoliceEldon Police: Dispatch/OpsLaw Dispatch
2890470e8DEldon Fire OpsEldon Fire: OpsFire Dispatch
Mississippi County
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
560115e1DMississippi AllAllMulti-Dispatch
560215e2DMiss Co TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
560315e3DCharlestonPoliceCharleston Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
561515efDMiss Co SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
290017149DMoniteau AllAll Multi-Dispatch
29002714aDMoniteau TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
29003714bDMoniteau SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
293017275DMorgan AllAllMulti-Dispatch
293027276DMorgn TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
293037277DMorgan SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
29306727aDMorgan 29306OperationsLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
57011645DNewMad Co AllAllMulti-Dispatch
57021646DNewMad Co TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
57031647DNewMad SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
5706164aDNew Mad Shrf TacSheriff: TacticalLaw Tac
5708164cDNew Mad Co FireFire: DispatchFire Dispatch
5709164dDNew Mad Co EMS 1EMS: DispatchEMS Dispatch
5710164eDNew Mad Co EMS 2EMS: TacticalEMS-Tac
5711164fDPortageville PDPortageville Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
57121650DPortageville PD2Portageville Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
57151653DNew Mad Co TonesAlert Tones / DTMFMulti-Dispatch

Talkgroup 29406 dispatches some small towns (Diamond, Fairview, and Seneca) from the Central Dispatch Center (CDC) in Neosho, along with the Newton County Sheriff's Office.  Neosho has their own talkgroup and Granby is on DMR.  (Dispatched by CDC)

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2940172d9DNewton AllAllMulti-Dispatch
2940272daDNewton TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
2940372dbDNeosho PoliceNeosho Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
2940672deDNwtn RuralPoliceRural Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
2940872e0DNeosho FireNeosho Fire: Dispatch/Main (154.19 patch)Fire Dispatch
2941272e4DNewton CmdNewton Co CommandMulti-Dispatch
2941472e6DNewton SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
2941672e8DNewton AmbulanceAmbulance District: Dispatch (154.19 Patch)EMS Dispatch
2941772e9DFreemanNeo InbndFreeman Neosho: Inbound Reports (Newton Co units)Hospital
2941872eaDNewton Amb Tac 2Ambulance District: Tac 2EMS-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
29501733dDNodaway AllAll // Sheriff: DispatchMulti-Dispatch
29502733eDNodaway TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
580116a9DOregon AllAllMulti-Dispatch
580216aaDOregon TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
580316abDOregon SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
580816b0DThayer PoliceThayer Police: Dispatch Law Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2960173a1DOsage AllAllMulti-Dispatch
2960273a2DOsage TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
2960473a4DOsage SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
2960573a5DOzark Amb DispOzark Ambulance District: DispatchEMS Dispatch
2960873a8DOzark Amb-BelleOzark Ambulance District: Dispatch-BelleEMS Dispatch
2960373a3DOsage Amb TacOsage Ambulance District TacticalEMS-Tac

May use talkgroup 3525 to talk to Poplar Bluff State Troop E

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
60011771DPemiscot AllAllMulti-Dispatch
60021772DPemiscot TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
60031773DCaruthersvillePDCaruthersville Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
60081778DPemiscot SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
60091779DPem Shrf 6009Sheriff: OperationsLaw Tac
6010177aDPemiscotRuralLawRural Law: Dispatch (Steele,Hayti,Wardell)Law Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
610117d5DPerry AllAll (Contact with Weldon Springs-State)Multi-Dispatch
610217d6DPerry TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
610317d7DPerry SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
610417d8DPerry Shrf c2cSheriff: Car-to-CarLaw Tac
610817dcDPerryvillePolicePerryville Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
297017405DPettis AllAll CallMulti-Dispatch
297027406DPettis TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
297037407DSedalia LawSedalia Law Law Dispatch
297047408DPettis SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
297057409DPCAD Dispatch 1EMS: Dispatch 1EMS Dispatch
29706740aDPCAD Dispatch 2EMS: Dispatch 2 EMS Dispatch
29707740bDPCAD Tac 6EMS: Tac/Ops (On-scene/Training)EMS-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
62011839DPhelps AllAllMulti-Dispatch
6202183aDPhelps TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
62171849DPhelps Sheriff 1Sheriff 1 (Dispatch)Law Dispatch
6218184aDPhelps Sheriff 2Sheriff 2Law Dispatch
6219184bDPhelps Shrf SWATSheriff: SWATLaw Tac
62261852DPhelps Shrf OpsSheriff: OperationsLaw Tac
6222184eDPhelps SWAT AllSWAT: AllLaw Tac
6223184fDPhelps Fire AllFire: AllFire-Tac
62241850DPhelps EMS AllEMS:-AllEMS-Tac
6203183bDRolla Police 1Rolla Police: Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
6204183cDRolla Police 2Rolla Police 2Law Tac
6205183dDRolla Police 3Rolla Police 3Law Tac
6206183eDRolla PD SWAT 1Rolla Police: SWAT 1Law Talk
6207183fDRolla PD SWAT 2Rolla Police: SWAT 2Law Talk
62081840DRolla PD SWAT 3Rolla Police: SWAT 3Law Talk
6220184cDRolla Fire DispRolla Fire: DispatchFire Dispatch
6235185bDRolla FiregroundRolla FiregroundFire-Tac
6236185cDRolla Fire TrainRolla Fire: TrainingFire-Talk
6237185dDRolla FD Hazmat1Rolla Fire: Hazmat 1Fire-Talk
6238185eDRolla FD Hazmat2Rolla Fire: Hazmat 2Fire-Talk
6239185fDRolla FD CommandRolla Fire: CommandFire-Talk
62151847DMO S/T PoliceMissouri University of Science and Technology Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
6221184dDPhelps EMSEMS Dispatch (Not in Use)EMS Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
6301189dDPike AllAllMulti-Dispatch
6302189eDPike TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
630518a1DPike SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
631518abDPike EMSEMS: DispatchEMS Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
29802746aDPlatte TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
64011901DPulaksi AllAllMulti-Dispatch
64021902DPulaski TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
64031903DPulaski SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
301027596DRalls TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
301037597DRalls Co SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
303047660DRichmond PoliceRichmond Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
303057661DRich Police TacRichmond PoliceLaw Tac
303067662DRichmond FireRichmond FireFire Dispatch
303087664DLawson Fire/EMSLawson Fire/EMSFire Dispatch
303107666DRay Rural FireFire: Dispatch - Rural (Orrick, Hardin, Stret, Wood Heights)Fire Dispatch
303117667DRay RurFire TacFire: Tac - Rural (Countywide)Fire-Tac
303127668DRay Fire TankerFire: Tanker Shuttle (Countywide)Fire-Tac
303137669DRay County EMSRay County Ambulance DistrictEMS Dispatch
30315766bDRay SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
30317766dDLawson PoliceLawson PoliceLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
65011965DReynolds AllAllMulti-Dispatch
65021966DReynolds TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
65031967DReynolds SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
660119c9DRipley AllAllMulti-Dispatch
660219caDRipley TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
660319cbDRipley SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
661119d3DRipley EMSEMS: DispatchEMS Dispatch
661519d7DERipley Sheriff15Sheriff: Operations Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3040176c1DSaline AllAllMulti-Dispatch
3040276c2DSaline TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
305037727DSchuyler SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
306017789DScotland AllAllMulti-Dispatch
30602778aDScotland TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
30603778bDSctland Shrf/LawLaw: DispatchLaw Dispatch
Scott County / Sikeston
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
67011a2dDScott County AllAllMulti-Dispatch
67021a2eDScott Co TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
67031a2fDScott Co SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
67041a30DScottCoShrf Tac1Sheriff: Tac 1Law Tac
67051a31DScottCoShrf Tac2Sheriff: Tac 2Law Tac
3412d54DS Scott Co EMSSouth Scott County EMS: Dispatch (Sikeston DPS)EMS Dispatch
3414d56DScott Co EMS OpsScott County EMS: OperationsEMS-Tac
67111a37DN Scott Co EMSNorth Scott County EMS: Dispatch (Scott City PD)EMS Dispatch
67151a3bDEMiner Police TacMiner Police: TacticalLaw Tac
67121a38DMiner PoliceDispMiner Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
67211a41DScottCity PoliceScott City Police: Dispatch (was 3695)Law Dispatch
67191a3fDScott City FireScott City: FireFire Dispatch
3401d49DESikes PoliceOps1Sikeston Police: OperationsLaw Tac
3402d4aDSikes PoliceDispSikeston Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
3403d4bDSikes Police c2cSikeston Police: Car-to-CarLaw Talk
3404d4cDSikeston FireSikeston FireFire Dispatch
3406d4eDESikes DPS Tac 1Sikeston Dept of Public Safety: Tac-1Law Tac
3407d4fDESikes DPS Tac 2Sikeston Dept of Public Safety: Tac-2 Law Tac
3408d50DESikes DPS Tac 3Sikeston Dept of Public Safety: Tac-3 Law Tac
3409d51DESikes DPS Tac 4Sikeston Dept of Public Safety: Tac-4Law Tac
3410d52DESikes DPS Tac 5Sikeston Dept of Public Safety: Tac-5Law Tac
3415d57DSikeston SchoolsSikeston School (Analog Patch)Schools
67241a44DChaffe PoliceChafffe Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
68011a91DShannon AllAllMulti-Dispatch
68021a92DShannon TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3070277eeDShelby TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
St. Charles County - O'Fallon
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1070129cdDOF Police MnPolice: MainLaw Dispatch
1070329cfDOF Police SBPolice: Stand-byLaw Tac
1070529d1DOF Police 5Police: Special OpsLaw Tac
1070729d3DOF Police 7PolicePublic Works
1070929d5DOF PoliceTrafficTraffic OperationsPublic Works
1071129d7DOF Event 711Police Events: Law / Crowd ControlLaw Tac
1071329d9DOF Pub WrksPublic Works / Snow RemovalPublic Works
1071529dbDOF HighwayHighway DepartmentPublic Works
1072129e1DEOF 10721City OperationsMulti-Tac
St. Charles County - St. Charles City
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
241705e6aDStCharles PDPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
St. Charles County - Wentzville
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
242705eceDWentzvillePDPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
308017851DSt Clair AllAll (limited use by Sheriff)Multi-Dispatch
308027852DStCl Shrf TravelSheriff: Travel (Prisoner Transport Vans)Corrections
308037853DStCl SheriffMainSheriff: MainLaw Dispatch
308047854DStCl Sheriff c2cSheriff: Car-to-CarLaw Tac
308057855DStCl Sheriff OpsSheriff: OpsLaw Dispatch
308087858DStCl Muni PolicePolice: Dispatch (Appleton City*, Lowry, Osceola)Law Dispatch
St. Francois County
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
70011b59DStFranc AllAll // LocalMulti-Dispatch
70021b5aDStFranv TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
71011bbdDStL Co AllAllMulti-Tac
71021bbeDStL Co TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
71031bbfDeEureka FPD SAREureaka FPD Search and Rescue TeamEmergency Ops
St Louis City Police - Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
100022712DeSLPD Dist 1District 1Law Dispatch
100082718DESLPD Dist 2District 2Law Dispatch
100032713DESLPD Dist 3District 3 (99% Enc)Law Dispatch
100042714DeSLPD Dist 4District 4 (99% Enc)Law Dispatch
100072717DESLPD Dist 5District 5Law Dispatch
100062716DESLPD Dist 6District 6Law Dispatch
100012711DeSLPD Info AInfo ALaw Tac
10011271bDeSLPD SODDSpecial Operation Deployment Division (99% Enc)Law Dispatch
St Louis City Police - Operations

RADAR - TG for 7900 series units to use for their car-to-car use.  RADAR traps or otherwise.  Like: Muny Opera Details, Hockey games, Football games, baseball games, etc.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
100052715DSLPD Info BInfo B (No dispatcher - unit-to-unit)Law Tac
100092719DESLPD SACSACLaw Tac
10010271aDSLPD Cmmnd PostCommand PostLaw Talk
10012271cDESLPD Tac-A U2UTactical A - Unit-to-UnitLaw Tac
10013271dDSLPD Tac-B S/STactical B - Special SituationsLaw Tac
10014271eDSLPD DisasterDisaster (Tactical C - Unit-to-Unit)Law Tac
10015271fDSLPD IntelligencIntelligence (Tactical D)Law Tac
100162720DSLPD Int AffairsInternal Affairs Division (IAD) (Tactical E)Law Tac
100172721DESLPD NarcoticsNarcotics/Vice (Tactical F)Law Tac
100182722DSLPD Hostage 1Hostage-1 (Tactical G)Law Tac
100192723DSLPD CovertCommon/CovertLaw Tac
100202724DSLPD ComportComport (Radio Technicians)Public Works
100212725DSLPD RegroupRegroupLaw Tac
100222726DSLPD FASTFugitive Apprehension Strike Team (FAST)Law Tac
100242728DSLPD Recon 1Recon 1 (South Patrol?)Law Tac
100252729DeSLPD Recon 2Recon 2Law Tac
10026272aDeSLPD Recon 3Recon 3 (Warrant Service?)Law Tac
10027272bDESLPD Mob Rsrv/K9Mobile Reserve/Canine (99% Enc)Law Tac
10028272cDSLPD Vice SecureVice SecureLaw Dispatch
10029272dDSLPD UC-StreetUndercover-StreetLaw Tac
10030272eDSLPD InterdictnInterdictionLaw Dispatch
10031272fDSLPD TrainingTraining (w/dispatcher)Law Dispatch
100322730DSLPD HomicideHomicideLaw Dispatch
100332731DSPLD MCSAPMotor Carrier Safety Assistance Program (MCSAP)Law Tac
100342732DSLPD BldngsDivBuildings DivisionLaw Tac
100352733DISPERN PatchISPERN Patch (Illinois - 155.475)Law Talk
100362734DPt-Pt PatchPoint-to-Point Patch (155.37)Law Talk
100372735DSLPD 10037OperationsMulti-Tac
St Louis City Sheriff
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10123278bDSLCS Jail CMSIMedium Security Institution (C-M.S.I.)Corrections
10124278cDSLCS JusticeCntrJustice Center (Jail)Corrections
10126278eDSLC Emerg MgmntEmergency Management (CEMA)Emergency Ops
101282790DSLCS Ops 28Operations / Justice Center / Prisoner MovementLaw Dispatch
101292791DSLCS ExParteEx-Parte Orders (Ops, Warrants)Law Dispatch
St Louis Fire Department (STLFD)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1020027d8DSL EMS EmergBTEMS: Emergency Button TriggerEMS Dispatch
1020127d9DSL EMS DispatchEMS: Dispatch [Ch 1] / Abbott EMSEMS Dispatch
1020227daDSL EMS MCIEMS: MCI - Secondary [Ch 2]EMS Dispatch
1020327dbDSL EMS RICEMS: RIC - Events [Ch 3]EMS Dispatch
1020427dcDSL EMS Event 4EMS: Events [Ch 4]EMS Dispatch
1020527ddDSLFD DisptchDispatchFire Dispatch
1020627deDSLFD Dist 1District 1Fire-Tac
1020727dfDSLFD EMSTACETactical EFire-Tac
1020827e0DSLFD OpsTACFTactical FFire-Tac
1020927e1DSLFD Dist 2District 2Fire-Tac
1021027e2DSLFD Dist 3District 3Fire-Tac
1021127e3DSLFD Dist 4District 4Fire-Tac
1021227e4DSLFD Dist 5District 5Fire-Tac
1021327e5DSLFD Dist 6District 6Fire-Tac
1021427e6DSLFD Comm ACommand AFire-Tac
1021527e7DSLFD Comm BCommand BFire-Tac
1021627e8DSLFD Comm CCommand CFire-Tac
1021727e9DSLFD Comm DCommand DFire-Talk
1021827eaDSLFD Comm ECommand EFire-Tac
1021927ebDSLFD FMO Ops 1Fire: FMO Ops 1 (Busch/City Stadiums)Fire-Tac
1022027ecDSLFD AlertFire PagingFire Dispatch
1022427f0DSLFD TrainingFire Suppression TrainingFire-Tac
1022727f3DSLFD FMO Ops 2Fire: FMO Ops 2 (Busch/City Stadiums)Fire-Tac
10314284aDStLCity FireNetFire Dispatch to EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
St Louis City - Government

10138 - multiple operations heard, talk about Art Museum, History Museum (12/14)

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
101012775DSLC Water DistrbWater Division: Distribution [C-WTRDIST]Utilities
101022776DSLC Water CstSrvWater Division: Customer Service [C-WTRCUSTOM]Utilities
101032777DSLC Water MaintWater Division: Maintenance [C-WTR-MT&TP]Utilities
101042778DSLC WaterProdctnWater Division: Production? [C-WTRPRODUCT]Utilities
101052779DSLC PVB EnfrcmntParking Violations Bureau: Enforcement [C-MTR/ENFORC]Public Works
10106277aDSLC PVB MetersParking Violations Bureau: Meters [C-METERS]Public Works
10107277bDSLC PVB AdminParking Violations Bureau: Admin [C-MTR/ADMIN]Public Works
10108277cDSLC Dept DirectrDepartment Directors [C-DIRECTOR]Public Works
10109277dDSLC Traffic/LtsTraffic and Lights Division [C-TRAFFIC]Public Works
10110277eDSLC TowingTowing / Booting [C-TOWING]Public Works
10111277fDSLC StreetsStreet Department / Salt Trucks / Snow Plows [C-STREETS]Public Works
101122780DSLC RefuseRefuse Department [C-REFUSE]Public Works
101132781DSLC Parks DeptParks Department [C-PARKS]Public Works
101142782DSLC Equip SrvcsEqupiment Services Division [C-ESD]Public Works
101152783DSLC ForestryForestry Division (Tree Trimming) [C-FORESTRY]Public Works
101162784DSLC FacilityMgmtFacilities Management Division [C-FAC/MNGT]Public Works
101172785DSLC AirPollutionAir Pollution Control [C-AIR-POLL]Public Works
101182786DSLC C-COM1Communications Division? [C-COM1]Public Works
101192787DSLC Excise DivExcise Division [C-EXCISE]Public Works
101212789DSLC Srvcs-PoliceCity Services to Police Dispatch [C-POLICE]Public Works
10122278aDSLC RegroupRegroup [C-REGROUP]Multi-Tac
10125278dDSLC AnimCntrHealth Department / Animal Control [C-HEALTH]Public Works
101302792DSLC CityMarshOpsCity Marshal Operations [C-MARSHAL*OP]Public Works
101362798DSLC CityMarshAdmCity Marshal Admin [C-MARSHAL*ADM]Public Works
101372799DSLC GatewayGateway Multimodal Transportation Center [C-MTC]Public Works
10138279aDSLC Park RangersPark Rangers [C-PARK RANGER]Public Works
St Louis Region Interoperability / Tactical

The following (10301-10311) may be used by all city departments

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10301283dDeSL Citywide TacCCitywide - Tactical C [TACT C]Interop
10302283eDeSL Citywide TacDCitywide - Tactical D [TACT D]Interop
10303283fDeSL Citywide TacGCitywide - Tactical G [TACT G]Interop
103122848DSL Citywide TacHCitywide - Tactical H [TACT H]Interop
103042840DSL Region Tac 1Interop/Tac 1 [STL-RGN 1]Interop
103052841DSL RegionTac 2Interop/Tac 2 [STL-RGN 2]Interop
103062842DSL Region Tac 3Interop/Tac 3 [STL-RGN 3]Interop
103072843DSL Region Tac 4Interop/Tac 4 [STL-RGN 4]Interop
199964e1cDSLC EMS ATGCity EMS - Announcement [ATG]EMS Dispatch
199984e1eDSLC Services ATGCity Services - Announcement [ATG]Public Works
199994e1fDSLC Fire ATGFire - Announcement [ATG]Fire Dispatch
200004e20DeSLC Police ATGPolice - Announcement [ATG]Law Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1040028a0DMetro 10400Transit OpsTransportation
1040128a1DMetroTransit PDPolice: DispatchLaw Dispatch
1040228a2DMetroLink 10402Train Dispatch / Admin (not red line)Transportation
1040328a3DMetroLink 10403Train MovementTransportation
1040428a4DMetroTransit 404Transit OpsTransportation
1040628a6DMetroLink 10406Train MovementTransportation
1040728a7DMetroLink 10407Train MovementTransportation
1040828a8DMetroAdmin 10408Admin (90x units; RPC/RTC/Trucks)Transportation
1040928a9DMetroLink 10409Transit OpsTransportation
1041028aaDMetroTransit 410Transit OpsTransportation
1041128abDMetroBus 10411Bus OperationsTransportation
1041228acDMetroTransit 412Transit OpsTransportation
1041328adDMetroBus Call4RdBuses - Call-For-RideTransportation
1041628b0DMetroBus ShopBus Repair / Maintenance OpsTransportation
1041728b1DMetroTransit 417Transit OpsTransportation
1041828b2DMetroBus 10418Bus Route OpsTransportation
1041928b3DMetroTransit 419Transit OpsTransportation
1042128b5DMetroTransit 421Transit OpsTransportation
1042328b7DMetroTransit 423Transit OpsTransportation
1042928bdDMetroTransit 429Transit OpsTransportation
1043028beDMetroMaint 430Train/Track MaintenanceTransportation
1043228c0DMetroTransit 432Transit OpsTransportation
1043728c5DMetroTransit 437Transit OpsTransportation
1044028c8DMetro Ops 10440OperationsTransportation
1044928d1DMetroTransit 449Transit OpsTransportation
1045528d7DMetro Shop 455Shop / Mechanics (Buses)Transportation
1045628d8DMetro Ops 10456Operations (Shop)Transportation
1045828daDMetroLnk Shop458Shop Entry/DepartureTransportation
St. Louis Lambert International Airport
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
105012905DLA Ops 10501MaintenancePublic Works
105022906DLA MaintElecLighting//Electricians [Ch 2]Public Works
105032907DLA Ops 10503MaintenancePublic Works
105042908DLA De-IcingRunway Maintenance / De-Icing [Ch 4?]Public Works
105052909DLA Ops 10505Maintenance (Detectives?)Public Works
10507290bDLA Ops 10507Airport OperationsPublic Works
105162914DLA Snow OpsASnow Operations [A]Public Works
105172915DLA Snow OpsBSnow Operations [B]Public Works
105182916DLA Snow OpsCSnow Operations [C]Public Works
105192917DLA Ops 10519Airport OperationsPublic Works
105282920DLA FireFireFire Dispatch
105292921DLA Maint 529Maintenance [Building Channel]Public Works
105302922DLA Maint 530Maintenance (Lights/Elevators)Public Works
105312923DLA HskeepingHousekeeping OpsPublic Works
105502936DeLA PolicePolice: Dispatch (99% Enc)Law Dispatch
105512937DeLAPD SpDet 1Police: Special Detail 1 Law Tac
105522938DLAPD SpDet 2Police: Special Detail 2 Law Tac
105532939DLA PD 10553Police: OperationsLaw Tac
10554293aDLA PD K-9sPolice: K-9 OperationsLaw Tac
10555293bDLA DetectivePolice: DetectivesLaw Tac
105662946DLA IT OpsIT (Computers, Alarms)Public Works
105672947DLA ABM 10567ABM OperationsPublic Works
105682948DLA Ops 10568MaintenancePublic Works
105692949DLA CarouselsMaintenance - CarouselsPublic Works
10570294aDLA Ops 10570Operations (at Terminal Garage)Public Works
10575294fDLA Bag MaintBaggage System MaintenancePublic Works
105822956DLA Fire10582FireFire Dispatch
105852959DLA Ops 10585OperationsPublic Works
America's Center (St Louis)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
106012969DAC Security 1Security: Dispatch/OperationsSecurity
10602296aDAC Security 2Security: Dispatch/OperationsSecurity
10603296bDAC Security 3Security: OperationsSecurity
10604296cDACD Ops 604OperationsBusiness
10605296dDACD Ops 605Operations (during Soccer Game)Business
10606296eDACD LiquorLiquor OperationsBusiness
10607296fDACD Ops 607OperationsBusiness
106082970DACD Ops 608OperationsBusiness
106102972DACD Ops 610Operations (during Soccer Game)Business
106112973DACD RestroomRestroom MaintenanceBusiness
106122974DACD Ops 612OperationsBusiness
106142976DACD DomeCtrlDome ControlBusiness
Ste. Genevieve County
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
72011c21DSte Gen All CallAllMulti-Dispatch
72021c22DSte Gen TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
73011c85DStoddard AllAllMulti-Dispatch
73021c86DStoddard TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
73031c87DSCAD DispatchAmbulance District: DispatchEMS Dispatch
73041c88DSCAD Tac 2Ambulance District: Tac 2 [SCAD 2]EMS-Tac
73091c8dDEStod EMS Trk-TrkEMS: Truck-to-Truck EMS-Talk
73201c98DStoddard SheriffSheriff: Dispatch [STODDARD SO]Law Dispatch
73291ca1DDexter PoliceDexter Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch

30903 Sheriff Dispatch is mostly encrypted

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3090178b5DStone AllAllMulti-Dispatch
3090278b6DStone TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
3090378b7DeStone SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
3090478b8DStone Shrf AdminSheriff: AdminLaw Tac
3090578b9DStone Shrf InvSheriff: InvestigationsLaw Tac
3090678baDStone SheriffTacSheriff: TacLaw Tac
3090778bbDStone Law AllLaw AllLaw Talk
3090878bcDStone Fire AllFire AllFire-Talk
3090978bdDStone EMS AllEMS AllEMS Dispatch
3091078beDStone EMD AllEMD AllEmergency Ops
3091178bfDCrain/Gal PoliceCrane/Galena Police: MainLaw Dispatch
3091278c0DRS/BW/KC PolicePolice: Main (Reeds Spring-Branson West-Kimberling City)Law Dispatch
3091378c1DIndnPoint PoliceIndian Point Police: MainLaw Dispatch
3091478c2DBransonW PoliceBranson West Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
31002791aDSullivan TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
31003791bDSullivan SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
31101797dDTaney All AllMulti-Dispatch
31102797eDTaney TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
31103797fDTaney SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
311047980DTaney Shrf OpsSheriff: Special OpsLaw Tac
311057981DTaney Shrf c2cSheriff: Car-to-CarLaw Tac
311077983DTaney Law AllTaney Law: AllLaw Dispatch
311097985DTaney Shrf EventSheriff: EventLaw Tac
311127988DBranson PoliceBranson PoliceLaw Dispatch
311137989DBransonPD PatrolBranson Police: PatrolLaw Tac
31116798cDEBranson PD InfoBranson: Police: Record ChecksLaw Dispatch
311267996DForsyth PoliceForsyth Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
311107986DHollister PoliceHollister Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
311117987DHollister PD TacHollister Police: TacLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
74011ce9DTexas AllAll // Sheriff: DispatchMulti-Dispatch
74021ceaDTexas TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
74031cebDTexas SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
74041cecDeTexas Shrf SupvsSheriff: SupervisorLaw Tac
74051cedDHouston PoliceHouston PoliceLaw Dispatch
74061ceeDCabool PoliceCabool PoliceLaw Dispatch
74111cf3DLicking PoliceLicking PoliceLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
75011d4dDWarren AllAllMulti-Dispatch
75021d4eDWarren TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
76031db3DWash Co Law 1Law 1 : Potosi Police, Potosi Fire etcLaw Dispatch
76041db4DWash Co Law 2Law 2Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
77011e15DWayne AllAllMulti-Dispatch
77021e16DWayne TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
77031e17DWayne SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
313017a45DWebster AllAllMulti-Dispatch
313027a46DWebster TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
78011e79DWright AllAllMulti-Dispatch
78021e7aDWright TravelTravelMulti-Dispatch
78031e7bDWright SheriffSheriff: DispatchLaw Dispatch
78061e7eDMtn Grove PoliceMountain Grove PoliceLaw Dispatch
78071e7fDMtn Grove PD c2cMountain Grove Police: Car-to-CarLaw Talk
78081e80DMansfield PoliceMansflield PoliceLaw Dispatch
Missouri Civil Air Patrol (MOCAP)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
230815a29DMOCAP Tac 1Tactical 1 (MOCAP TAC 1)Emergency Ops
230825a2aDEMOCAP Tac 2Tactical 2 (MOCAP TAC 2)Emergency Ops
230835a2bDMOCAP Tac 3Tactical 3 (MOCAP TAC 3)Emergency Ops
230845a2cDMOCAP Tac 4Tactical 4 (MOCAP TAC 4)Emergency Ops
230855a2dDMOCAP Tac 5Tactical 5 (MOCAP TAC 5)Emergency Ops
230865a2eDMOCAP Tac 6Tactical 6 (MOCAP TAC 6)Emergency Ops
230875a2fDMOCAP Tac 7Tactical 7 (MOCAP TAC 7)Emergency Ops
230885a30DMOCAP Tac 8Tactical 8 (MOCAP TAC 8)Emergency Ops
230895a31DMOCAP Tac 9Tactical 9 (MOCAP TAC 9)Emergency Ops
230905a32DMOCAP S/W NetStatewide Net (MOCAP NET)Emergency Ops
Federal Government
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
233765b50DDOJ Common 1Department of Justice - Common 1 (DOJ Common 1)Federal
233775b51DDOJ Common 2Department of Justice - Common 2 (DOJ Common 2)Federal
233785b52DDOJ Common 3Department of Justice - Common 3 (DOJ Common 3)Federal
233795b53DDOJ Common 4Department of Justice - Common 4 (DOJ Common 4)Federal
233805b54DFederal CommonFederal Common [FED IO]Law Tac
2300159d9DFEMA Region 7-1Federal Emergency Management Agency - Region 7 Channel 1 (FEMA R7 1)Emergency Ops
2300259daDFEMA Region 7-2Federal Emergency Management Agency - Region 7 Channel 2 (FEMA R7 2)Emergency Ops
233825b56DeFederal 23382Federal Ops (SW MO)Federal
3101c1dDeNPS OSNRNPS Ozark Scenic National Riverway (used in S MO, disp StL: Arrowhead)Federal
231015a3dDNPS OSNR CNPS Ozark Scenic National Riverway Campground Ops; Big Spring etcFederal
65000fde8DFederal 65000Operations (During 2016 Presidential Debate StL)Law Tac
Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3356d1cDEFBI Statewide 3Statewide 4 (FBI STATE 3)Law Tac
3357d1dDEFBI Statewide 4Statewide 2 (FBI STATE 4)Law Tac
3358d1eDEFBI Statewide 5Statewide 3 (FBI STATE 5)Law Tac
233565b3cDEFBI Statewide 1Statewide 1 (FBI STATE 1) Law Tac
233575b3dDEFBI Statewide 2Statewide 2 (FBI STATE 2) Law Tac
Federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3336d08DEDEA CapeGir 1Cape Girardeau 1 (DEA CG 1)Law Tac
3337d09DEDEA CapeGir 2Cape Girardeau 2 (DEA CG 2)Law Tac
3338d0aDEDEA CapeGir 3Cape Girardeau 3 (DEA CG 3)Law Tac
233265b1eDEDEA Travel 1Travel 1 (DEA TRVL 1)Law Tac
233275b1fDEDEA Travel 2Travel 2 (DEA TRVL 2)Law Tac
233385b2aDEDEA JeffCity 1Jefferson City 1 (DEA JC 1)Law Tac
233395b2bDEDEA JeffCity 2Jefferson City 2 (DEA JC 2)Law Tac
233405b2cDEDEA JeffCity 3Jefferson City 3 (DEA JC 3)Law Tac
233415b2dDEDEA Spfld 1Springfield 1 (DEA SPF 1)Law Tac
233425b2eDEDEA Spfld 2Springfield 2 (DEA SPF 2)Law Tac
233435b2fDEDEA Spfld 3Springfield 3 (DEA SPF 3)Law Tac
233445b30DEDEA Spfld 4Springfield 4 (DEA SPF 4)Law Tac
233455b31DEDEA Spfld 5Springfield 5 (DEA SPF 5)Law Tac
41040a050DeDEA Spfld 41040Springfield (unidentified)Law Tac
Federal Government - Kansas City
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
233285b20DEDEA KC 1DEA 1 (DEA KC 1)Law Tac
233295b21DEDEA KC 2DEA 2 (DEA KC 2)Law Tac
233305b22DEDEA KC 3DEA 3 (DEA KC 3)Law Tac
233315b23DEDEA KC 4DEA 4 (DEA KC 4)Law Tac
233325b24DEDEA KC 5DEA 5 (DEA KC 5)Law Tac
233335b25DEDEA KC 6DEA 6 (DEA KC 6)Law Tac
233345b26DEDEA KC 7DEA 7 (DEA KC 7)Law Tac
233355b27DEDEA KC 8DEA 8 (DEA KC 8)Law Tac
233365b28DEDEA KC 9DEA 9 (DEA KC 9)Law Tac
233375b29DEDEA KC 10DEA 10 (DEA KC 10)Law Tac
233515b37DEFBI KansasCity 1FBI 1 (FBI KC 1)Law Tac
233525b38DEFBI KansasCity 2FBI 2 (FBI KC 2)Law Tac
233535b39DEFBI KansasCity 3FBI 3 (FBI KC 3)Law Tac
233545b3aDEFBI KansasCity 4FBI 4 (FBI KC 4)Law Tac
233555b3bDEFBI KansasCity 5FBI 5 (FBI KC 5)Law Tac
Federal Government - St Louis
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3351d17DEFBI St Louis 1FBI STL 1Law Tac
3352d18DEFBI St Louis 2FBI STL 2Law Tac
3353d19DEFBI St Louis 3FBI STL 3Law Tac
3354d1aDEFBI St Louis 4FBI STL 4Law Tac
3355d1bDEFBI St Louis 5FBI STL 5Law Tac
Radio Techs / System Maintenance
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
239175d6dDRadioTechs 23917Radio Techs (Joplin 700)Public Works
239185d6eDRadioTechs 23918Radio Techs (Joplin 700)Public Works
239215d71DRadioTechs 23921Radio Techs / DemoLaw Dispatch