St. Louis Area Trunked Emergency Radio (SLATER)

System Name: St. Louis Area Trunked Emergency Radio (SLATER)
Location: St Louis Metro Area, IL MO
County: 6 Counties
System Type: Project 25 Phase I
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 4F2 WACN: BEE00
Last Updated: April 24, 2024, 00:15 am UTC   [Updated System Description Text]
System Notes
For the St Louis City system (with the rest of Missouri), see MOSWIN
Talkgroups seen using the 65xxx range are a ISSI patch talkgroup for roaming between SLATER and MOSWIN
2/22 - It is possible that the Jefferson County sites are reversed.  Please update us if you can confirm.


Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name County Freqs
1 (1) 001 (1) StL Co - Urban North St. Louis, MO 851.425851.4875851.6125851.9125851.950852.0625852.4125
1 (1) 002 (2) StL Co - Urban South St. Louis, MO 851.0375851.300851.450851.6625851.7375851.825851.975
1 (1) 003 (3) St Charles Co - Simulcast St. Charles, MO 851.0625851.0875851.2125851.2375851.400851.4625851.5375
1 (1) 004 (4) JeffCo-North Simulcast Jefferson, MO 851.100851.3125851.750852.1125852.9625853.1625853.3125
1 (1) 005 (5) JeffCo-South Simulcast Jefferson, MO 851.250851.475851.8125852.050852.7875853.3125c853.5625c
1 (1) 007 (7) Washington University Campus St. Louis, MO 770.05625c770.55625c771.55625c771.98125c772.80625773.23125 
1 (1) 099 (63) StL Co - Site-On-Wheels (SOW) St. Louis, MO 770.46875c      


St Louis County Police / Law

TG 55425 (Encrypted) is munis that used to be dispatched on the 2nd Precinct channel.
This currently includes Bel-Nor, Breckenridge Hills, Hillsdale, Normandy, Overland, St. John, Velda City, and Woodson Terrace.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
113071DSCL Law PursuitLaw PursuitLaw Dispatch
54100d354DESLC Law NetLaw Net [LAW NET]Law Talk
55314d812DESLC SOA NorthScene-of-Action - North [SOA NORTH] Law Tac
55315d813DESLC SOA SouthScene-of-Action - South [SOA SOUTH] Law Tac
55394d862DESLC Police 1stPolice: 1st PrecinctLaw Dispatch
55395d863DESLC Police 2ndPolice: 2nd Precinct Law Dispatch
55396d864DESLC PD Muni WPolice: Dispatch - Muni WestLaw Dispatch
55397d865DESLC PD Muni NPolice: Dispatch - Muni NorthLaw Dispatch
55398d866DESLC Police 3/4Police: 3/4 Precinct [STL CO PD 3/4]Law Dispatch
55399d867DESLC Police 5/7Police: 5/7 PrecinctLaw Dispatch
55425d881DESLC Muni-CentralMuni-Central Dispatch (Law)Law Dispatch
55426d882DESLC Law 1Law 1 [SLC LAW 1]Law Dispatch
St Louis County Government
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53612d16cDSLC CW LG CallLocal Government CallingPublic Works
53613d16dDSLC CW LG 2Local Government 2Public Works
53614d16eDSLC CW LG 3Local Government 3Public Works
53615d16fDSLC CW LG 4Local Government 4Public Works
53616d170DSLC CW LG 5Local Government 5Public Works
53617d171DSLC CW LG 6Local Government 6Public Works
53618d172DSLC CW LG 7Local Government 7Public Works
53619d173DSLC CW LG 8Local Government 8Public Works
53620d174DSLC CW LG 9Local Government 9Public Works
53621d175DSLC CW LG 10Local Government 10Public Works
53622d176DSLC CW LG 11Local Government 11Public Works
53623d177DSLC CW LG 12Local Government 12Public Works
53624d178DSLC CW LG 13Local Government 13Public Works
53625d179DSLC CW LG 14Local Government 14Public Works
53626d17aDSLC CW LG 15Local Government 15Public Works
53627d17bDSLC Highway 1Highway Department - District 1Public Works
53628d17cDSLC Highway 2Highway Department - District 2Public Works
53629d17dDSLC Highway 3Highway Department - District 3Public Works
53630d17eDSLC Highway 4Highway Department - District 4Public Works
53631d17fDSLC Highway 5Highway Department - District 5Public Works
53661d19dDSLC Parks Ops1Parks: Ops 1Public Works
53662d19eDSLC Parks OpsParks: Ops 2Public Works
53665d1a1DSLC Parks DispParks: DispatchPublic Works
53732d1e4DSLC CW LG 16 Local Government 16Public Works
55004d6dcDSLC Spirit MaintSpirit Airport: Maintenance / OpsPublic Works
55390d85eDSLC JC Ops AJustice Center: Ops (Maintenance)Corrections
55391d85fDSLC JC Ops BJustice Center: Jail OpsCorrections
55393d861DSLC JC Ops DJustice Center: OpsCorrections
St Louis County - Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53301d035DSLC Interop CallInterop Calling [SLC-CALL]Interop
53302d036DSLC Interop 2Interop 2 [SLC IO2]Interop
53303d037DSLC Interop 3Interop 3 [SLC IO3]Interop
53304d038DSLC Interop 4Interop 4 [SLC IO4]Interop
53305d039DSLC Interop 5Interop 5 [SLC IO5]Interop
53306d03aDSLC Interop 6Interop 6 [SLC IO6]Interop
53307d03bDSLC Interop 7Interop 7 [SLC IO7]Interop
53308d03cDSLC Interop 8Interop 8 [SLC IO8]Interop
53309d03dDSLC Interop 9Interop 9 [SLC IO9]Interop
53310d03eDSLC Interop 10Interop 10 [SLC IO10]Interop
53311d03fDSLC Interop 11Interop 11 [SLC IO11]Interop
53312d040DSLC Interop 12Interop 12 [SLC IO12]Interop
53313d041DSLC Interop 13Interop 13 [SLC IO13]Interop
53314d042DSLC Interop 14Interop 13 [SLC CW IO 14]Interop
53315d043DSLC Interop 15Interop 14 [SLC CW IO 15]Interop
53316d044DSLC Interop 16Interop 16 [SLC CW IO 16]Interop
53317d045DESLC Interop 17EInterop 17 [SLC CW IO 17]Interop
53318d046DESLC Interop 18EInterop 18 [SLC CW IO 18]Interop
53319d047DESLC Interop 19EInterop 19 [SLC CW IO 19]Interop
53320d048DESLC Interop 20EInterop 20 [SLC CW IO 20]Interop
53321d049DESLC Interop 21EInterop 21 [SLC CW IO 21]Interop
53322d04aDESLC Interop 22EInterop 22 [SLC CW IO 22]Interop
53323d04bDESLC Interop 23EInterop 23 [SLC CW IO 23]Interop
53324d04cDESLC Interop 24EInterop 24 [SLC CW IO 24]Interop
53325d04dDESLC Interop 25EInterop 25 [SLC CW IO 25]Interop
53326d04eDESLC Interop 26EInterop 26 [SLC CW IO 26]Interop
53327d04fDESLC Interop 27EInterop 27 [SLC CW IO 27]Interop
53328d050DESLC Interop 28EInterop 28 [SLC CW IO 28]Interop
53329d051DESLC Interop 29EInterop 29 [SLC CW IO 29]Interop
53330d052DESLC Interop 30EInterop 30 [SLC CW IO 30]Interop
53331d053DESLC Interop 31EInterop 31 [SLC CW IO 31]Interop
53332d054DESLC Interop 32EInterop 32 [SLC CW IO 32]Interop
St Louis County - Training
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53333d055DSLC Training N1North 1 EMulti-Talk
53334d056DSLC Training N2North 2 EMulti-Talk
53335d057DSLC Training N3North 3 EMulti-Talk
53336d058DSLC Training N4North 4 EMulti-Talk
53337d059DSLC Training N5 North 5 EMulti-Talk
53338d05aDSLC Training N6North 6 EMulti-Talk
53339d05bDSLC Training N7North 7 EMulti-Talk
53340d05cDSLC Training N8North 8 EMulti-Talk
53341d05dDSLC Training N9North 9 EMulti-Talk
53342d05eDSLC Training N10North 10 EMulti-Talk
53343d05fDSLC Training N11North 11 EMulti-Talk
53344d060DSLC Training N12North 12 EMulti-Talk
53345d061DSLC Training N13North 13 EMulti-Talk
53346d062DSLC Training N14North 14 EMulti-Talk
53347d063DESLC Training N15North 15 EMulti-Talk
53348d064DSLC Training S16South 16 EMulti-Talk
53349d065DSLC Training S17South 17 EMulti-Talk
53350d066DSLC Training S18South 18 EMulti-Talk
53351d067DSLC Training S19South 19 EMulti-Talk
53352d068DSLC Training S20South 20 EMulti-Talk
53353d069DSLC Training S21South 21 EMulti-Talk
53354d06aDSLC Training S22South 22 EMulti-Talk
53355d06bDSLC Training S23South 23 EMulti-Talk
53356d06cDSLC Training S24South 24 EMulti-Talk
53357d06dDSLC Training S25South 25 EMulti-Talk
53358d06eDSLC Training S26South 26 EMulti-Talk
53359d06fDSLC Training S27South 27 EMulti-Talk
53360d070DSLC Training S28South 28 EMulti-Talk
53361d071DSLC Training S29South 29 EMulti-Talk
53362d072DESLC Training S30South 30 EMulti-Talk
St Louis County Office of Emergency Management
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54102d356DOEM Unif CommandUnified Command [UNIF COMMAND]Emergency Ops
54103d357DOEM PIO-JICPIO JIC [PIO-JIC]Emergency Ops
54104d358DOEM OperationsOperations [OPERATIONS]Emergency Ops
54105d359DOEM LogisticsLogistics [LOGISTICS]Emergency Ops
54106d35aDOEM PlanningPlanning [PLANNING]Emergency Ops
54107d35bDOEM Fire BranchFire Branch [FIRE BRANCH]Fire-Tac
54108d35cDOEM Law BranchLaw Branch [LAW BRANCH]Law Tac
54109d35dDOEM EMS BranchEMS Branch [EMS BRANCH]EMS-Tac
54110d35eDOEM RescueBranchRescue Branch [RESCUE BRANCH]Fire-Tac
54111d35fDOEM HazMatBranchHaz-Mat Branch [HAZ-MAT BRANCH]Emergency Ops
54112d360DOEM Division ADivision A [DIVISION A]Emergency Ops
54113d361DOEM Division BDivision B [DIVISION B]Emergency Ops
54114d362DOEM Division CDivision C [DIVISION C]Emergency Ops
54115d363DOEM Division DDivision D [DIVISION D]Emergency Ops
54116d364DOEM StagingStaging [STAGING]Emergency Ops
54117d365DSLC OEM Tac 9Tac 9 [SLC OEM 9]Emergency Ops
St Louis County - Fire / EMS
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54101d355DESLC FireNetFireNet (Dispatch/PSAPS to Fire/EMS/Police) [FIRENET]Fire Dispatch
54751d5dfDKirkwd Fire MainKirkwood Fire: DispatchFire Dispatch
54749d5ddDKirkwood FireKirkwood Fire: Main [KIRK FD]Fire Dispatch
54757d5e5DSLC Muni Fire 1Muni Fire: Main 1Fire Dispatch
54758d5e6DSLC Muni Fire 2Muni Fire: Main 2Fire Dispatch
54753d5e1DNorth Fire DispNorth Fire: Dispatch [N DISP F]Fire Dispatch
54754d5e2DNorth Fire MainNorth Fire: Main [N MAIN F]Fire Dispatch
54755d5e3DSouth Fire DispSouth Fire: Dispatch S [S DISP F]Fire Dispatch
54756d5e4DSouth Fire MainSouth Fire: Main S [S MAIN F]Fire Dispatch
St Louis County - Fire Tactical
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54703d5afDSLC Fire Tac 10Fire Tac 10 [F TAC 10]Fire-Tac
54704d5b0DSLC Fire Tac 11Fire Tac 11 [F TAC 11]Fire-Tac
54705d5b1DSLC Fire Tac 12Fire Tac 12 [F TAC 12]Fire-Tac
54706d5b2DSLC Fire Tac 13Fire Tac 13 [F TAC 13]Fire-Tac
54707d5b3DSLC Fire Tac 14Fire Tac 14 [F TAC 14]Fire-Tac
54708d5b4DSLC Fire Tac 15Fire Tac 15 [F TAC 15]Fire-Tac
54709d5b5DSLC Fire Tac 16Fire Tac 16 [F TAC 16]Fire-Tac
54710d5b6DSLC Fire Tac 17Fire Tac 17 [F TAC 17]Fire-Tac
54711d5b7DSLC Fire Tac 18Fire Tac 18 [F TAC 18]Fire-Tac
54712d5b8DSLC Fire Tac 19Fire Tac 19 [F TAC 19]Fire-Tac
54713d5b9DSLC Fire Tac 20Fire Tac 20 [F TAC 20] Fire-Tac
54714d5baDSLC Fire Tac 21Fire Tac 21 [F TAC 21]Fire-Tac
54715d5bbDSLC Fire Tac 22Fire Tac 22 [F TAC 22]Fire-Tac
54716d5bcDSLC Fire Tac 23Fire Tac 23 [F TAC 23]Fire-Tac
54717d5bdDSLC Fire Tac 24Fire Tac 24 [F TAC 24]Fire-Tac
54718d5beDSLC Fire Tac 25Fire Tac 25 [F TAC 25]Fire-Tac
54719d5bfDSLC Fire Tac 26Fire Tac 26 [F TAC 26]Fire-Tac
54720d5c0DSLC Fire Tac 27Fire Tac 27 [F TAC 27]Fire-Tac
54721d5c1DSLC Fire Tac 28Fire Tac 28 [F TAC 28]Fire-Tac
54722d5c2DSLC Fire Tac 29Fire Tac 29 [F TAC 29]Fire-Tac
54723d5c3DSLC Fire Tac 30Fire Tac 30 [F TAC 30]Fire-Tac
54724d5c4DSLC Fire Tac 31Fire Tac 31 [F TAC 31]Fire-Tac
54725d5c5DSLC Fire Tac 32Fire Tac 32 [F TAC 32]Fire-Tac
54726d5c6DSLC Fire Tac 33Fire Tac 33 [F TAC 33]Fire-Tac
54727d5c7DSLC Fire Tac 34Fire Tac 34 [F TAC 34]Fire-Tac
54728d5c8DSLC Fire Tac 35Fire Tac 35 [F TAC 35]Fire-Tac
54729d5c9DSLC Fire Tac 36Fire Tac 36 [F TAC 36]Fire-Tac
54730d5caDSLC Fire Tac 37Fire Tac 37 [F TAC 37]Fire-Tac
54731d5cbDSLC Fire Tac 38Fire Tac 38 [F TAC 38]Fire-Tac
54732d5ccDSLC Fire Tac 39Fire Tac 39 [F TAC 39]Fire-Tac
54733d5cdDSLC Fire Tac 40Fire: Tac 40 [F TAC 40]Fire-Tac
54734d5ceDSLC Fire Tac 41Fire: Tac 41 [F TAC 41]Fire-Tac
54735d5cfDSLC Fire Tac 42Fire: Tac 42 [F TAC 42]Fire-Tac
54736d5d0DSLC Fire Tac 43Fire: Tac 43 [F TAC 43]Fire-Tac
54737d5d1DSLC Fire Tac 44Fire: Tac 44 [F TAC 44]Fire-Tac
54700d5acDSLC Fire Tac 45Fire: Tac 45 [F TAC 45]Fire-Tac
54760d5e8DSLC Fire Tac 46Fire: Tac 46 [F TAC 46]Fire-Tac
54761d5e9DSLC Fire Tac 47Fire: Tac 47 [F TAC 47]Fire-Tac
54762d5eaDSLC Fire Tac 48Fire: Tac 48 [F TAC 38]Fire-Tac
54738d5d2DSLC Fire Tac 50Fire: Tac 50 [F TAC 50]Fire-Tac
54739d5d3DSLC Fire Tac 51Fire: Tac 51 [F TAC 51]Fire-Tac
54740d5d4DSLC Fire Tac 52Fire: Tac 52 [F TAC 52]Fire-Tac
54741d5d5DSLC Fire Tac 53Fire: Tac 53 [F TAC 53]Fire-Tac
54742d5d6DSLC Fire Tac 54Fire: Tac 54 [F TAC 54]Fire-Tac
54743d5d7DSLC Fire Tac 55Fire: Tac 55 [F TAC 55]Fire-Tac
54744d5d8DSLC Fire Tac 56Fire: Tac 56 [F TAC 56]Fire-Tac
54745d5d9DSLC Fire Tac 57Fire: Tac 57 [F TAC 57]Fire-Tac
54746d5daDSLC Fire Tac 58Fire: Tac 58 [F TAC 58]Fire-Tac
54747d5dbDSLC Fire Tac 59Fire: Tac 59 [F TAC 59]Fire-Tac
55800d9f8DESLC Fire Tac 81EFire: Tac 81E [F TAC 81 E]Fire-Tac
55801d9f9DESLC Fire Tac 82EFire: Tac 82E [F TAC 82 E]Fire-Tac
55802d9faDESLC Fire Tac 83EFire: Tac 83E [F TAC 83 E]Fire-Tac
55803d9fbDESLC Fire Tac 84EFire: Tac 84E [F TAC 84 E]Fire-Tac
55804d9fcDESLC Fire Tac 90EFire: Tac 90E [F TAC 90 E]Fire-Tac
55805d9fdDESLC Fire Tac 91EFire: Tac 91E [F TAC 91 E]Fire-Tac
55806d9feDESLC Fire Tac 92EFire: Tac 92E [F TAC 92 E]Fire-Tac
55807d9ffDESLC Fire Tac 93EFire: Tac 93E [F TAC 93 E]Fire-Tac
55808da00DESLC Fire Tac 94EFire: Tac 94E [F TAC 94 E]Fire-Tac
55809da01DESLC Fire Tac 95EFire: Tac 95E [F TAC 95 E] Fire-Tac
Regional - EMS / Hospitals

SCC - St Charles County, SLC - St Louis County

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2000c8DAbbott EMSAbbott EMS (limited use)EMS-Tac
2010c9DSt Alexius HospSt Alexius HospitalHospital
2020caDBarnes HospitalBarnes-Jewish Hospital St LouisHospital
2030cbDBarnes West HospBarnes West Hospital [BJC WEST]Hospital
2040ccDChldrns HospChildren's HospitalHospital
2050cdDCHNE EMSChristian Northeast Hospital EMS: Dispatch (also HEAR? [CHNE HEAR])EMS Dispatch
2060ceDSt. Clares HospSt. Clare's HospitalHospital
2070cfDDePaul HospDepaul Hospital [DEPAUL]Hospital
2080d0DDesPeres HospDes Peres HospitalHospital
2090d1DPub Health ESF 8Emergency Support Function #8 - Public Health and Medical Services [ESF 8]EMS-Tac
2100d2DCardGlennon HospCardinal Glennon Children's HospitalHospital
2110d3DMedic One EMS Medic One AmbulanceEMS-Tac
2120d4DMass Casualty 1Mass Casualty Incident 1 [MCI 1]Hospital
2130d5DMass Casualty 2Mass Casualty Incident 2 [MCI 2]Hospital
2140d6DMass Casualty 3Mass Casualty Incident 3 [MCI 3]Hospital
2150d7DMercyHospital CCMercy Hospital (Creve Coeur)Hospital
2160d8DMO Bap HospitalMissouri Baptist Hospital [MO BAP]Hospital
2170d9DMO Hospital NetMissouri Hospital [MO HOSP] (Statewide Net?)Hospital
2180daDMercy Hosp JeffMercy Hospital JeffersonHospital
2190dbDNorthwest HealthNorthwest Health [NWHEALTH]Hospital
2200dcDhospital 220unidentified hospitalHospital
2210ddDProgress W HospProgress West HospitalHospital
2220deDReg Med 3Regional? Medical? 3 [REG MED3]EMS-Tac
2230dfDReg Med 4Regional? Medical? 4 [REG MED4]EMS-Tac
2240e0DReg Med 5Regional? Medical? 5 [REG MED5]EMS-Tac
2250e1DReg Med 6Regional? Medical? 6 [REG MED6]EMS-Tac
2260e2DReg Med 7Regional? Medical? 7 [REG MED7]EMS-Tac
2270e3DReg Med 8Regional? Medical? 8 [REG MED8]EMS-Tac
2280e4DReg Med 9Regional? Medical? 9 [REG MED9]EMS-Tac
2290e5DEReg Med 1E Regional? Medical? 1 [REG MED1E]EMS-Tac
2300e6DEReg Med 2ERegional? Medical? 2 [REG MED2E]EMS-Tac
2310e7DSCC Hosp-to-HospSt. Charles Co.: Hospital-to-HospitalHospital
2320e8DSCC MCISt. Charles Co. - MCI [SCC MCI]Hospital
2330e9DSCC M TacSt. Charles Co. - Medical Tac [SCC MTAC]Hospital
2340eaDSLC N H2HSt Louis Co. - North [SLCN H2H]Interop
2350ebDSLC N MCISt Louis Co. - North - Mass Casualty Incident? [SLCN MCI]Interop
2360ecDSLC N M TacSt Louis Co. - North - MCI Tac? [SLCN MTAC]Interop
2370edDSLC S H2HSt Louis Co. - South [SLCS H2H]Interop
2380eeDSLC S MCISt Louis Co. - South - Mass Casualty Incident? [SLCS MCI]Interop
2390efDSLC S M TacSt. Louis Co. - South Medical Tac [SLCS MTAC]Hospital
2400f0DSLC W H2HSt. Louis Co. - West Hospital-to-Hospital [SLCW H2H]Hospital
2410f1DSLC W MCISt. Louis Co - West MCI [SLCW MCI]Hospital
2420f2DSLC W M TacSt. Louis Co - West Medical Tac [SLCW MTAC]Hospital
2430f3DSLU HospitalSt. Louis University Hospital [SLU HOSP]Hospital
2440f4DSMOC CallSt. Louis Medical Operations Center: Call [SMOCCALL]Hospital
2450f5DSMOC Tac-1St. Louis Medical Operations Center: Tac-1 [SMOCTAC1]Hospital
2460f6DSMOC Tac-2St. Louis Medical Operations Center: Tac-2 [SMOCTAC2]Hospital
2470f7DStJo Hosp StChasSt. Joseph's Hospital: St. Charles [SJHC SC]Hospital
2480f8DStJo Hosp WentzvSt. Joseph's Hospital - Wentzville [SJHWENT]Hospital
2490f9DStJo Hosp LSLSt. Joseph's Hospital - Lake St. Louis [SJW LSL]Hospital
2500faDStAnthony HospSt. Anthony's Hospital [ST ANTHY]Hospital
2510fbDStLukes HospitalSt. Luke's Hospital [ST LUKES]Hospital
2520fcDStMarys HospitalSt. Mary's Hospital [ST MARYS]Hospital
2530fdDSTL Hosp-to-HospHospital-to-Hospital [STL H2H]Hospital
2540feDMassCausalityIncMass Causality Incident [STL MCI]Hospital
2550ffDMedical Tac MTACMedical Tac [STL MTAC]Hospital
256100DBJC StPeter HospBarnes St. Peters Hospital [BJC SP]Hospital
257101DJohn Cochran MC John Cochran Hospital [VA MED]Hospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53680d1b0DBallwin AllBallwin: AllMulti-Tac
53682d1b2DBel-Nor: AllBel-Nor: AllMulti-Tac
53681d1b1DBellFont AllBellefontaine Neighbors: AllMulti-Tac
53683d1b3DBelRidge AllBel-Ridge: AllMulti-Tac
53684d1b4DBerkeley AllBerkeley: AllMulti-Tac
53745d1f1DBerkeley Ch1Berkeley: Ch. 1Multi-Tac
53746d1f2DBerkeley Ch2Berkeley: Ch. 2 / Public Works: Snow PlowsMulti-Tac
53685d1b5DBevHills AllBeverley Hills: AllMulti-Tac
55641d959DEBrdgt PD SupportBridgeton Police: SupportLaw Talk
53603d163DBridgeton PWBridgeton: Public WorksPublic Works
53688d1b8DBridgetonAllBridgeton: AllMulti-Tac
53686d1b6DBrkrHill AllBreckinridge Hills: AllMulti-Tac
55644d95cDEBtnwd PD SupportBrentwood Police: SupportLaw Talk
53689d1b9DCalvPark AllCalverton Park: AllMulti-Tac
53697d1c1DCCHill AllCountry Club Hills: AllMulti-Tac
53692d1bcDChstrfld AllChesterfield: AllMulti-Tac
53606d166DChstrfld PWChesterfield: Public WorksPublic Works
55634d952DECrswd PD SupportCrestwood Police: SupportLaw Talk
53719d1d7DDesPeres AllDes Peres: AllMulti-Tac
53765d205DDP Rec OpsDes Peres: City Rec Center - OpsPublic Works
53824d240DDPH 53824St Louis County Department of Public HealthPublic Works
53698d1c2DEdmndsn AllEdmundson: AllMulti-Tac
53716d1d4DEureka AllEureka: All (was Creve Coeur: All)Multi-Tac
53701d1c5DFlorisnt AllFlorissant: AllMulti-Tac
55652d964DEFlrsn PD SupportFlorissant Police: SupportLaw Talk
53649d191DFrontenac:PWFrontenac: Public WorksPublic Works
53702d1c6DFrontenacAllFrontenac: AllMulti-Tac
53723d1dbDGlendale AllGlendale: AllMulti-Tac
55654d966DEGlndl PD SupportGlendale Police: SupportLaw Talk
53703d1c7DHazelwoodAllHazelwood: AllMulti-Tac
53704d1c8DHillsdal AllHillsdale: AllMulti-Tac
53789d21dDJenn CorrectJennings: CorrectionsCorrections
53705d1c9DKirkwood AllKirkwood: AllMulti-Tac
53724d1dcDLadue AllLadue: AllMulti-Tac
55658d96aDELadue PD SupportLadue Police: SupportLaw Talk
53706d1caDLakshire AllLakeshire: AllMulti-Tac
53656d198DManchesterPWManchester: Public WorksPublic Works
53709d1cdDMaplewd AllMaplewood: AllMulti-Tac
54543d50fDMerAmb AdminMeramec Ambulance: AdminEMS-Tac
53707d1cbDMnchstr AllManchester: AllMulti-Tac
53717d1d5DMolAcres AllMoline Acres: AllMulti-Tac
55662d96eDEMplwd PD SupportMaplewood Police: SupportLaw Talk
53725d1ddDNormandy AllNormandy: AllMulti-Tac
53710d1ceDOlivette AllOlivette: AllMulti-Tac
53658d19aDOlivette PWOlivette: Public WorksPublic Works
53711d1cfDOverland AllOverland: AllMulti-Tac
53712d1d0DPagedale AllPagedale: AllMulti-Tac
53718d1d6DPineLine AllPine Lawn: AllMulti-Tac
53668d1a4DRchmdHts PWRichmond Heights: Public WorksPublic Works
53713d1d1DRichHts AllRichmond Heights: AllMulti-Tac
55671d977DEShrws PD SupportShrewsbury Police: SupportLaw Talk
55674d97aDESnstH PD SupportSunset Hills Police: SupportLaw Talk
53715d1d3DSt John AllSt. John: AllMulti-Tac
53671d1a7DSt John PWSt. John: Public WorksPublic Works
53672d1a8DSunstHill PWSunset Hills: Public WorksPublic Works
53726d1deDTwnCntry AllTown and Country: AllMulti-Tac
53722d1daDVeldaCty AllVelda City: AllMulti-Tac
53728d1e0DViniPark AllVinita Park: AllMulti-Tac
55680d980DEWbGrv PD SupportWebster Groves Police: SupportLaw Talk
53731d1e3DWoodTerr AllWoodson Terrace: AllMulti-Tac

Talkgroups will be sorted by Municipality as the list grows (and needs to be more localized) 

St Ann Police appear to be using Pubilc Works talkgroup (53721) for RADAR speed traps on evenings and weekends 

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
55003d6dbDESLCC SupportSt. Louis Community College - Campus Police Support (SLCC SUPT)Law Tac
55302d806DEBallwin PDBallwin Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
55306d80aDEBridgeton PDBridgeton Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
55309d80dDEBerkeley PDBerkeley Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
55321d819DECrestwood PDCrestwood Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
55333d825DEFlorissnt PDFlorissant: Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
55337d829DEGlendale PDGlendale Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
55339d82bDEHazelwood PDHazelwood Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
55343d82fDEKirkwood PDKirkwood Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
55345d831DELadue PoliceLadue Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
55347d833DESLC Law Enc 1Law Encrypted 1Law Tac
55348d834DESLC Law Enc 2Law Encrypted 2Law Tac
55349d835DESLC Law Enc 3Law Encrypted 3Law Tac
55350d836DESLC Law Enc 4Law Encrypted 4Law Tac
55351d837DESLC Law Enc 5Law Encrypted 5Law Tac
55352d838DESLC Law Enc 6Law Encrypted 6Law Tac
55353d839DESLC Law Enc 7Law Encrypted 7Law Tac
55354d83aDESLC Law Enc 8Law Encrypted 8Law Tac
55356d83cDESLCCC PoliceSt. Louis Community College - Campus Police Dispatch (SLCCPD)Law Dispatch
55380d854DEOverland PDOverland: Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
55400d868DESt Ann PDSt. Ann Police: Dispatch (w/ Edmundson, Pine Lawn, and Vinita Park)Law Dispatch
55403d86bDESunsetHls PDSunset Hills: Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
55427d883DP2P 55427Point-to-Point (155.37 Simulcast/Patch)Law Talk
55633d951DEChlk PD SpptCharlack Police: SupportLaw Tac
55639d957DEBlfN PD SpptBellefontaine Neighbors: SupportLaw Tac
55649d961DEElsv PD SpptEllisville Police: SupportLaw Tac
55653d965DEFrnt PD SpptFrontenac Police: SupportLaw Tac
55655d967DEHzlw PD SpptHazelwood Police: SupportLaw Tac
55657d969DEKkwd PD SpptKirkwood Police: SupportLaw Tac
55663d96fDENmdy PD SpptNormandy Police: SupportLaw Tac
55664d970DENwds PD SpptNorthwoods Police: SupportLaw Tac
55665d971DEOliv PD SpptOlivette Police: SupportLaw Tac
55666d972DEOver PD SpptOverland Police: SupportLaw Tac
55670d976DERHts PD SpptRichmond Heights Police: SupportLaw Tac
55672d978DEStAnnPD SpptSt. Ann Police: SupportLaw Tac
55673d979DEStJhnPD SpptSt. John Police: SupportLaw Tac
55678d97eDEVeldaPD SpptVelda City Police: SupportLaw Tac
55679d97fDEVnPk PD SpptVinita Park Police: SupportLaw Tac
55697d991DESLC Law Enc 9Law Encrypted 9Law Tac
55698d992DESLC Law Enc 10Law Encrypted 10Law Tac
55699d993DESLC Law Enc 11Law Encrypted 11Law Tac
55700d994DESLC Law Enc 12Law Encrypted 12Law Tac
57995e28bDESLC Law Enc 13Law Encrypted 13Law Tac
57996e28cDESLC Law Enc 14Law Encrypted 14Law Tac
57997e28dDESLC Law Enc 15Law Encrypted 15Law Tac
57998e28eDESLC Law Enc 16Law Encrypted 16Law Tac

Talkgroups will be sorted by Municipality as the list grows (and needs to be more localized) 

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54501d4e5DAfftn FD AdmAffton Fire: Admin [FD 11 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54502d4e6DCstwd FD AdmCrestwood Fire: Admin [FD 12 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54503d4e7DFentn FD AdmFenton Fire: Admin [FD 13 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54504d4e8DGlndl FD AdmGlendale Fire: Admin [FD 14 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54505d4e9DKrkwd FD AdmKirkwood Fire: Admin [FD 15 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54506d4eaDLemay FD AdmLemay Fire: Admin [FD 16 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54507d4ebDMehlv FD AdmMehlville Fire: Admin [FD 17 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54508d4ecDShrwb FD AdmShrewsbury Fire: Admin [FD 18 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54509d4edDVPark FD AdmValley Park Fire: Admin [FD 19 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54510d4eeDWbGrv FD AdmWebster Groves Fire: Admin [FD 20 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54511d4efDRchHt FD AdmRichmond Heights Fire: Admin [FD 21 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54512d4f0DMnrch FD AdmMonarch Fire: Admin [FD 22 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54513d4f1DCrCou FD AdmCreve Couer Fire: Admin [FD 23 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54514d4f2DEurek FD AdmEureka Fire: Admin [FD 24 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54515d4f3DBrtwd FD AdmBrentwood Fire: Admin [FD 25 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54517d4f5DOlivt FD AdmOlivette Fire: Admin [FD 27 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54519d4f7DFront FD AdmFrontenac Fire: Admin [FD 29 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54521d4f9DMplwd FD AdmMaplewood Fire: Admin [FD 31 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54523d4fbDMtroW FD AdmMetro West Fire: Admin [FD 33 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54524d4fcDRckHl FD AdmRock Hill Fire: Admin [FD 34 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54526d4feDBrkly FD AdmBerkeley Fire: Admin [FD 36 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54527d4ffDBlkJk FD AdmBlack Jack Fire: Admin [FD 37 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54528d500DCmnty FD AdmCommunity Fire: Admin [FD 38 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54529d501DLadue FD AdmLadue Fire: Admin [FD 39 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54530d502DFloVl FD AdmFlorissant Valley Fire: Admin [FD 40 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54531d503DHzlwd FD AdmHazelwood Fire: Admin [FD 41 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54532d504DJnngs FD AdmJennings Fire: Admin [FD 42 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54534d506DMidCo FD AdmMid-County Fire: Admin [44 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54535d507DMidCo FD AdmMid-County Fire: Admin [FD 45 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54536d508DMetrN FD AdmMetro North Fire: Admin [FD 46 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54537d509DNrthE FD AdmNortheast Fire: Admin [FD 47 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54538d50aDPttnv FD AdmPattonville Fire: Admin [FD 48 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54539d50bDRvrvw FD AdmRiverview Fire: Admin [FD 49 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54540d50cDRbrts FD AdmRobertson Fire: Admin [FD 50 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54541d50dDSpLak FD AdmSpanish Lake Fire: Admin [FD 51 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54542d50eDWOver FD AdmWest Overland Fire: Admin [FD 52 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54544d510DKnlch FD AdmKinloch Fire: Admin [FD43ADMIN]Fire-Talk
Municipal Public Works

Talkgroups will be sorted by Municipality as the list grows (and needs to be more localized) 

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53602d162DBallwin PWBallwin Public Works (Snow Plows)Public Works
53604d164DBrentwood PWBrentwood: Public WorksPublic Works
53605d165DCrvCouer PWCreve Coeur Public Works (Snow Plows)Public Works
53611d16bDCrestwood PWCrestwood area Public Works (Snow Plows)Public Works
53648d190DFlorr PWFlorissant Public Works (Snow Plows)Public Works
53650d192DHzlwd PW 50Hazelwood Public Works: Dispatch to Snow Plows (Future PD?)Public Works
53653d195DJennings PWJennings Public Works (Snow Plows)Public Works
53654d196DKirkwood PWKirkwood Public Works (Snow Plows)Public Works
53655d197DLadue PWLadue Public Works (Snow Plows)Public Works
53659d19bDOverland PWOverland Public Works (Snow Plows)Public Works
53670d1a6DSt Ann PWSt. Ann Public Works (Snow Plows)Public Works
53673d1a9DTwnCntry PWTown and Country Public Works (Snow Plows)Public Works
53679d1afDWebGroves PWWebster Groves Public Works (Snow Plows)Public Works
53687d1b7DBrentwd AllBrentwood: AllPublic Works
53721d1d9DStAnn PubWrkSt Ann Public Works / Police: Tac - RADAR TrapsMulti-Tac
53771d20bDEllisvillePWEllisville Public Works (Snow Plows)Public Works
53774d20eDEuerka PWEureka Public Works (Snow Plows)Public Works
53775d20fDFenton ? PWFenton area Public Works (Snow Plows)Public Works
53793d221DKirkwood ElectrcKirkwood: ElectricPublic Works
53794d222DKirkwood ParksKirkwood ParksPublic Works
53804d22cDMaplewd PWMaplewood Public Works (Snow Plows)Public Works
53822d23eDShrwsbrry PWShrewsbury Public Works (Snow Plows)Public Works
East Central Dispatch Center (Richmond Heights)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54135d377DECD Interop1East Central Dispatch: Interop 1Fire Dispatch
54136d378DECD Interop2East Central Dispatch: Interop 2Fire-Talk
54701d5adDECD FireDispEast Central Fire: DispatchFire Dispatch
54702d5aeDECD FireMainEast Central Fire: MainFire Dispatch
55327d81fDEECD Police NEast Central Dispatch - Police: Dispatch - NorthLaw Dispatch
55328d820DEECD Police SEast Central Dispatch - Police: Dispatch - SouthLaw Dispatch
West County Dispatch Center

Dispatching Town and Country Police, Frontenac Police (including Huntleigh Police), Frontenac Fire, Creve Coeur Police

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54525d4fdDWestC FD AdmFire: Admin [FD 35 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
55414d876DEWCD CrvCr PDCreve Coeur Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
55415d877DEWCD Front PDFrontenac Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
55416d878DEWCD TandC PDTown and Country Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53607d167DClytnPublicWorksPublic Works (Snow Plows)Public Works
53693d1bdDClayton AllAllPublic Works
53759d1ffDClayton City 1City Channel [CH 1]Multi-Tac
53760d200DClytn Parks/RedParks / RecreationPublic Works
54522d4faDClytn Fire AdminFire: Admin [FD 32 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
55647d95fDEClytn PD SupportPolice: SupportLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54518d4f6DDP Fire AdminFire: Admin [FD 28 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
55325d81dDEDesPeres PolicePolice: DispatchLaw Tac
55648d960DEDP Police Tac EPolice: TacticalLaw Tac

Ferguson Police dispatch also dispatches:  Calverton Park Police, Country Club Hills Police, Flordell Hills Police

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53647d18fDFerguson PWPublic Works (Snow Plows)Public Works
53700d1c4DFerguson AllAllMulti-Tac
53779d213DFerg City 1City Channel [CH 1] Multi-Tac
53780d214DFerg City 2City Channel [CH 2] Multi-Tac
54520d4f8DFerg Fire AdminFire: Admin [FD 30 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
55331d823DEFerg PolicePolice: DispatchLaw Dispatch
55651d963DEFerg PD SupportPolice: SupportLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
55357d83dDEMaryHts PolicePolice: DispatchLaw Dispatch
55660d96cDEMHts PD SupportPolice: SupportLaw Tac
54533d505DMHts FD AdminFire: Admin [FD44ADMIN]Fire-Talk
53657d199DMaryHts PWPublic Works (Snow Plows)Public Works
53708d1ccDMaryHts AllAll (Police Car-to-Car/Public Works)Multi-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53675d1abDUC Public WorksPublic Works (Snow Plows)Public Works
53837d24dDUC City Ch 1City Channel 1 [U CITY CH 1]Multi-Tac
53838d24eDUC City Ch 2City Channel 2 [U CITY CH 2]Multi-Tac
54516d4f4DUC Fire AdminFire: Admin [FD 26 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54759d5e7DU City FireFire [U CITY FD]Fire Dispatch
55407d86fDEUCity PolicePolice: Dispatch - PrimaryLaw Dispatch
55676d97cDEUC PD SupprtPolice: SupportLaw Tac
55696d990DEUC PD 55696Police: OperationsLaw Tac
University of Missouri - St. Louis
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
55409d871DEUMSL PolicePolice: DispatchLaw Dispatch
Washington University
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
55419d87bDEWashU PolicePolice: DispatchLaw Dispatch
Central County Fire and Rescue (CCFR)

Serves St Charles County

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2301659e8D86 ADMIN86 Admin [86 ADMIN]Fire-Tac
2303259f8DCCFR ADMAdmin [CCFR ADM]Fire-Talk
2303359f9DCCFR 4Ops 4 [CCFR 4]Fire-Tac
2303459faDCCFR 5Ops 5 [CCFR 5]Fire-Tac
2303559fbDCCFR 6Ops 6 [CCFR 6]Fire-Tac
2303659fcDCCFR 7 TOps 7 [CCFR 7 T]Fire-Tac
2303759fdDCCFR 8 TOps 8 [CCFR 8 T]Fire-Tac
2303859feDCCFR 9 TOps 9 [CCFR 9 T]Fire-Tac
2303959ffDCCFR 10 TOps 10 [CCFR 10 T]Fire-Tac
230405a00DCCFR 11 POps 11 [CCFR 11 P]Fire-Tac
230415a01DCCFR 12 POps 12 [CCFR 12 P]Fire-Tac
230425a02DCCFR 13Ops 13 [CCFR 13]Fire-Tac
230485a08D87 Adm 187 Admin 1 [87 Adm 1]Fire-Talk
230495a09D87 Adm 287 Admin 2 [87 Adm 2]Fire-Talk
230505a0aD87 Adm 387 Admin 3 [87 Adm 3]Fire-Talk
230515a0bD87 Trn 187 Training 1 [87 Trn 1]Fire-Tac
230525a0cD87 Trn 287 Training 2 [87 Trn 2]Fire-Tac
230535a0dD87 Trn 387 Training 3 [87 Trn 3]Fire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
235085bd4DESCCo Police DispCounty Police: Dispatch Law Dispatch
235105bd6DSCCo Police3 c2cCounty Police: Car-to-Car / Channel 3 [SCCO PD CH3 C2C]Law Tac
235115bd7DSCCo Helo? St. Louis Metro Air Support Police (Helicopters)Law Dispatch
235135bd9DSCC Law 23513County?: Law Tac (unit to unit)Law Tac
235145bdaDSCC Law 23514County?: Law DispatchLaw Dispatch
235195bdfDESCCo Police 519County Police: OpsLaw Tac
235205be0DSCC ShrfDrugTaskCounty: Sheriff - Drug Task Force Law Tac
235125bd8DSCC FamilyArenaCounty Police: Family ArenaLaw Dispatch
236135c3dDESCC Jail OpsSt Charles County Jail: Laundry/IntakesCorrections
236145c3eDESCC County JailSt Charles County Jail: OpsCorrections
235015bcdDESCC CrtHse JailCourthouse Jail OpsCorrections
235885c24DSCC Crths MaintCounty Courthouse MaintenancePublic Works
236455c5dDSCC Anim ControlCounty Animal ControlPublic Works
235805c1cDSCC MaintenanceCounty Maintenance Public Works
235815c1dDSCC Burn ControlCounty Burn ControlPublic Works
235825c1eDSCC Park RangersCounty Park RangersPublic Works
236065c36DSCC Hwy Traffic6County Highway: Traffic 6Public Works
236075c37DSCC Hwy Traffic7County Highway: Traffic 7Public Works
236085c38DSCC Hwy Traffic8County Highway: Traffic 8Public Works
236445c5cDSCC Pet AdoptCtrCounty Pet Adoption CenterPublic Works
235585c06DSCC Radio RepairCounty: Radio RepairPublic Works
240405de8DELkStL PoliceLake St Louis Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
240415de9DLkStL Police 2Lake St Louis Police: Dispatch 2Law Tac
240905e1aDOf Police MainO'Fallon Police: MainLaw Dispatch
240915e1bDOF/SP Police 2O'Fallon/St Peters Police: Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
240935e1dDOf Police TraffcO'Fallon Police: Traffic / RADARLaw Tac
240945e1eDOf Police Ops 94O'Fallon Police: OpsLaw Tac
242735ed1DOf Police EventsO'Fallon Police: EventsLaw Tac
240965e20DOF City TrucksO'Fallon Public WorksPublic Works
235835c1fDDanielBoone HomeHistoric Daniel Boone HomePublic Works
235005bccDESCCi Court OffcrSt Charles (City) Court OfficersCorrections
241705e6aDESCCi PoliceSt Charles (City) Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
241715e6bDSCCi Police 2St Charles (City) Police: Channel 2Law Tac
241865e7aDSCCi StreetsSt Charles (City) StreetsPublic Works
241895e7dDSCCi Streets 89St Charles (City) StreetsPublic Works
242205e9cDESt Peters PoliceSt Peters Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
242215e9dDStPet Police c2cSt Peters Police: Car-to-CarLaw Tac
242245ea0DStPet Police DetSt Peters Police: DetectivesLaw Tac
242275ea3DEStPet PoliceTrfcSt Peters Police: Traffic / RADARLaw Tac
242285ea4DStPet PoliceEvntSt Peters Police: Events / Outdoor Warning SirensMulti-Tac
242365eacDStPet PublicWorkSt Peters Public Works (Water/Sewer/Streets)Public Works
242395eafDStPet RefuseSt Peters: Refuse Service (Trash PIckup)Public Works
242455eb5DStPet RecycleCtrSt Peters Recycle/Earth Centre (Sirens?)Multi-Tac
242705eceDEWntzv PoliceWentzville Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
242715ecfDEWntz Police24271Wentzville Police: Secondary ?Law Dispatch
241405e4cDSCCCC PoliceSt Charles County Community College Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
235925c28DFamArena Ops 92Family Arena: OpsPublic Works
235945c2aDFamArena ConcessFamily Arena: ConcessionsPublic Works
235965c2cDFamArena EventsFamily Arena: Event OpsPublic Works
235975c2dDFamArena CustodFamily Arena: CustodialPublic Works
235985c2eDFamArena A/V OpsFamily Arena: Audio/Visual OpsPublic Works
235995c2fDFamArena ParkingFamily Arena: ParkingPublic Works
St Charles County Department of Dispatch and Alarm (SCDDA)

SCCDA 15 -  VFIRE 21     154.280  Standard Fire Mutual Aid (at present, this is what out-of-County units respond in on).
SCCDA 16 -  7FIRE84D   773.856250 Simplex Fire Ground 

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
27034699aDSCC FE DispatchTone Outs/Pages (Non call related traffic w/ dispatch)Fire Dispatch
27035699bDSCC FE OpsFire/EMS: Dispatch (Routine Minor calls)Fire Dispatch
27036699cDSCC FE-Tac 60Secondary Scene 60 (Paired with 61)Fire-Tac
27037699dDSCC FE Tac 61Fire/EMS: Primary 61 (Major Call)Fire-Tac
27038699eDSCC FE Tac 62Secondary Scene 62 (Paired with 61)Fire-Tac
27039699fDSCC FE Tac 63Secondary Scene 63 (Paired with 64)Fire-Tac
2704069a0DSCC FE Tac 64Fire/EMS: Primary 64 (Major Call)Fire-Tac
2704169a1DSCC FE Tac 65Secondary Scene 65 (Paired with 64)Fire-Tac
2704269a2DSCC FE Tac 66Secondary Scene 66 (Paired with 67)Fire-Tac
2704369a3DSCC FE Tac 67Fire/EMS: Primary 67 (Major Call)Fire-Tac
2704469a4DSCC FE Tac 68Secondary Scene 68 (Paired with 67)Fire-Tac
2704569a5DSCC FE Tac 69Fire/EMS: Ops 69Fire-Tac
2704669a6DSCC FE Disp (46)(Not in use) [FE Dispatch]Fire-Tac
2704769a7DSCC FE Ops (47)(Not in use) [FE OPS]Fire-Tac
2704869a8DSCC VFIRE21 PtchStatewide Fire Mutual Aid Patch [SCC-FMAp]Fire-Tac
2707269c0DSCC FE Ops (72)Fire/EMS: Ops 72Fire-Tac
2707369c1DSCC FE Trng 73Fire/EMS Training 73Fire-Tac
2707569c3DSCC FE Trng 75Fire/EMS Training 75Fire-Tac
St Charles County - Law Enforcement
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
270326998DSCC Law 1Law [LAW 1]Law Tac
279846d50DSCC PP 01Law EnforcementLaw Tac
279856d51DSCC PP 02Law EnforcementLaw Tac
279866d52DSCC PP 03Law EnforcementLaw Tac
279876d53DSCC PP 04Law EnforcementLaw Tac
279886d54DSCC PP 05Law EnforcementLaw Tac
279896d55DSCC PP 06Law EnforcementLaw Tac
279906d56DSCC PP 07Law EnforcementLaw Tac
279916d57DSCC PP 08Law EnforcementLaw Tac
279926d58DSCC PP 09Law EnforcementLaw Tac
279936d59DSCC PP 10Law EnforcementLaw Tac
279946d5aDSCC PP 11Law EnforcementLaw Tac
279956d5bDSCC PP 12Law EnforcementLaw Tac
279966d5cDSCC PP 13Law EnforcementLaw Tac
279976d5dDSCC PP14Law EnforcementLaw Tac
279986d5eDSCC PP 15Law EnforcementLaw Tac
279996d5fDSCC PP 16Law EnforcementLaw Tac
St Charles County - Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
8008DSC POP 25-1POP 25-1Interop
9009DSC POP 25-2POP 25-2Interop
1000aDSC POP 25-3POP 25-3Interop
1100bDSC POP 25-4POP 25-4Interop
270006978DSCC-CALLInterop CallingInterop
270016979DSCC-IO2Interop 2 (Command Post)Interop
27002697aDSCC-IO3Interop 3Interop
27003697bDSCC-IO4Interop 4Interop
27004697cDSCC-IO5Interop 5Interop
27005697dDSCC-IO6Interop 6Interop
27006697eDSCC-IO7Interop 7Interop
27007697fDSCC-IO8Interop 8Interop
270086980DSCC-IO9Interop 9Interop
270096981DSCC-IO10Interop 10Interop
270106982DSCC-IO11Interop 11Interop
270116983DSCC-IO12Interop 12Interop
270126984DSCC-IO13Interop 13Interop
270136985DSCC-IO14Interop 14Interop
270146986DSCC-IO15Interop 15Interop
270156987DSCC-IO16Interop 16Interop
St Charles County Division of Emergency Management (SCCDEM)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
270166988DSCC EM1Operations [SCC-EM1]Emergency Ops
270176989DSCC-EM2Operations [SCC-EM2]Emergency Ops
27018698aDSCC-EM3Operations [SCC-EM3]Emergency Ops
27019698bDSCC-EM4Operations [SCC-EM4]Emergency Ops
27020698cDSCC-EM5Operations [SCC-EM5]Emergency Ops
27021698dDSCC-EM6Operations [SCC-EM6]Emergency Ops
27022698eDSCC-EM7Operations [SCC-EM7]Emergency Ops
27023698fDSCC-EM8Operations [SCC-EM8]Emergency Ops
270246990DSCC-EM9Operations [SCC-EM9]Emergency Ops
270256991DSCC-EM10Operations [SCC-EM10]Emergency Ops
270266992DSCC-EM11Operations [SCC-EM11]Emergency Ops
270276993DSCC-EM12Operations [SCC-EM12]Emergency Ops
270286994DSCC-EM13Operations [SCC-EM13]Emergency Ops
270296995DSCC-EM14Operations [SCC-EM14]Emergency Ops
270306996DSCC-EM15Operations [SCC-EM15]Emergency Ops
270316997DSCC-EM16Operations [SCC-EM16]Emergency Ops
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
55428d884DPacific PolicePacific Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
510213eeDJeffCo TravelLaw: Travel Law Tac
115002cecDJeffCo Ops 7Operations 7 [JC OPS 7]Multi-Tac
115012cedDJeffCo Ops 8Operations 8 [JC OPS 8]Multi-Tac
115022ceeDJeffCo Ops 9Operations 9 [JC OPS 9]Multi-Tac
115032cefDJeffCo Ops 10Operations 10 [JC OPS 10]Multi-Tac
115042cf0DJeffCo Ops 11Operations 11 [JC OPS 11]Multi-Tac
115052cf1DJeffCo Ops 12Operations 12 [JC OPS 12]Multi-Tac
115062cf2DJeffCo Ops 13Operations 13 [JC OPS 13]Multi-Tac
115072cf3DJeffCo Ops 14Operations 14 [JC OPS 14]Multi-Tac
115082cf4DJeffCo Ops 15Operations 15 [JC OPS 15]Multi-Tac
115342d0eDJeffCo VFIRE21 PStatewide Fire Mutual Aid [VFIRE21 P]Fire-Tac
115382d12DJeffCo AdminAdmin [JC ADMIN]Multi-Tac
115392d13DEJeffCo Ops 16Operations [JC OPS 16]Multi-Tac
115402d14DEJeffCo Ops 17Operations [JC OPS 17]Multi-Tac
115412d15DEJeffCo Ops 18Operations [JC OPS 18]Multi-Tac
115422d16DEJeffCo Ops 19Operations [JC OPS 19]Multi-Tac
115432d17DEJeffCo Ops 20Operations [JC OPS 20]Multi-Tac
115442d18DEJeffCo Ops 21Operations [JC OPS 21]Multi-Tac
115452d19DEJeffCo Ops 22Operations [JC OPS 22]Multi-Tac
115462d1aDEJeffCo Ops 23Operations [JC OPS 23]Multi-Tac
115472d1bDEJeffCo Ops 24Operations [JC OPS 24]Multi-Tac
115502d1eDMHP Patch(Patch to) Missouri Highway PatrolLaw Dispatch
120042ee4DEArnold PoliceArnold Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
120142eeeDDeSoto Police DeSoto Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
120242ef8DEJeff Jail OpsJefferson County Jail OperationsCorrections
120352f03DStarcom21 Patch(Patch to) IL STARCOM21Multi-Dispatch
120362f04DPevely PolicePevely Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
120382f06DJeff Pt-2-PtPoint-to-Point (Patch)Law Talk
120532f15DEFestus PoliceFestus Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
120622f1eDJeffCo AnimCntrlAnimal ControlPublic Works
1250230d6DJeff F/E R2Fire / EMS Repsonse [JEFFCO 1]Fire Dispatch
1250330d7DJeff F/E R3Fire / EMS Response [JEFFCO 2]Fire Dispatch
1250430d8DJeffCo 3JeffCo 3 [JEFFCO 3]Multi-Tac
1250530d9DEJeffCo Sheriff 1Sheriff: Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
1250630daDEJeffCo Sheriff 2Sheriff: Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
1250730dbDJeffCo Interop13Interop 13 [JC IO 13]Interop
1250830dcDJeffCo Interop14Interop 14 [JC IO 14]Interop
1250930ddDJeffCo Interop15Interop 15 [JC IO 15]Interop
1251030deDJeffCo Interop16Interop 16 [JC IO 16]Interop
1251130dfDJeffCo Interop 5Interop 5 [JC IO 5]Interop
1251230e0DJeffCo Interop 6Interop 6 [JC IO 6]Interop
1251330e1DJeffCo Interop 7Interop 7 [JC IO 7]Interop
1251430e2DJeffCo Interop 8Interop 8 [JC IO 8]Interop
1251530e3DJeffCo Interop 9Interop 9 [JC IO 9]Interop
1251630e4DJeffCo Interop10Interop 10 [JC IO 10]Interop
1251730e5DJeffCo Interop11Interop 11 [JC IO 11]Interop
1251830e6DJeffCo Interop12Interop 12 [JC IO 12]Interop
1251930e7DJeffCo VHF PatchFire: Patch from Old Jeffco 3 [FESTUS P]Fire Dispatch
1252030e8DJeffCo Fire/EMSFire: Dispatch (Patch from 154.310) [JEFFCO DISP]Fire Dispatch
1252130e9DJeffCo Common 1Common 1 [COMMON 1]Multi-Tac
1300332cbDJeffCo OEM 1Office of Emergency Management 1 [JC OEM 1]Emergency Ops
1300432ccDJeffCo OEM 2Office of Emergency Management 2 [JC OEM 2]Emergency Ops
1300532cdDJeffCo OEM 3Office of Emergency Management 3 [JC OEM 3]Emergency Ops
1300632ceDJeffCo OEM 4Office of Emergency Management 4 [JC OEM 4]Emergency Ops
1300732cfDJeffCo OEM 5Office of Emergency Management 5 [JC OEM 5]Emergency Ops
1300832d0DJeffCo OEM 6Office of Emergency Management 6 [JC OEM 6]Emergency Ops
1300932d1DJeffCo OEM 7Office of Emergency Management 7 [JC OEM 7]Emergency Ops
1301032d2DJeffCo OEM 8Office of Emergency Management 8 [JC OEM 8]Emergency Ops
1301132d3DJeffCo OEM 9Office of Emergency Management 9 [JC OEM 9]Emergency Ops
Jefferson County - Fire Admin
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
115112cf7DAnt FPD AdmAntonia FPD: AdminFire-Talk
115122cf8DBR Amb AdmBig River Ambulance District: AdminEMS-Talk
115132cf9DCH FPD AdmCedar Hill FPD: AdminFire-Talk
115142cfaDCC FD AdmCrystal City FD: AdminFire-Talk
115152cfbDDeS C FD AdmDeSoto City FD: AdminFire-Talk
115162cfcDDeS R FPDAdmDeSoto Rural FPD: AdminFire-Talk
115172cfdDDunk FPD AdmDunklin FPD: AdminFire-Talk
115182cfeDFestusFD AdmFestus FD: AdminFire-Talk
115192cffDGldmnFPD AdmGoldman FPD: AdminFire-Talk
115202d00DHemaFPD AdmHematite FPD: AdminFire-Talk
115212d01DHerc FPD AdmHerculaneum FPD: AdminFire-Talk
115222d02DHR FPD AdmHigh Ridge FPD: AdminFire-Talk
115232d03DHillsFPD AdmHillsboro FPD: AdminFire-Talk
115242d04DJfR7 FPD AdmJefferson R-7 FPD: AdminFire-Talk
115252d05DJR Amb AdmJoachim-Plattin Amb Dist.: AdminEMS-Talk
115262d06DMapa FPD AdmMapaville FPD: AdminFire-Talk
115272d07DNJC Amb AdmNorth Jefferson Co Ambulance District: AdminEMS-Talk
115282d08DRckC FPD AdmRock Community FPD: AdminFire-Talk
115292d09DRckT Amb AdmRock Township Amb Dist.: AdminEMS-Talk
115302d0aDSV FPD AdmSaline Valley FPD: AdminFire-Talk
115312d0bDValleAmb AdmValle Ambulance District: AdminEMS-Talk
St Louis Region Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
100064DSLR Interop 1Regional Interop 1 [SLR IO 1]Interop
101065DSLR Interop 2Regional Interop 2 [SLR IO 2]Interop
102066DSLR Interop 3Regional Interop 3 [SLR IO 3]Interop
103067DESLR Interop 4ERegional Interop 4 [SLC REG I/O4EInterop
104068DESLR Interop 5ERegional Interop 5 [SLC REG I/O5E]Interop
105069DESLR Interop 6ERegional Interop 6 [SLC REG I/O6E]Interop
10606aDESLR Interop 7ERegional Interop 7 [SCC REG I/O7E]Interop
10706bDESLR Interop 8ERegional Interop 8 [SCC REG I/O8E]Interop
10806cDESLR Interop 9ERegional Interop 9 [SCC REG I/O9E]Interop
10906dDEJeff Interop 10EJefferson County Interop 10 [JEF REG I/O10E]Interop
11006eDEJeff Interop 11EJefferson County Interop 11 [JEF REG I/O11E]Interop
11106fDEJeff Interop 12EJefferson County Interop 12 [JEF REG I/O12E]Interop
112070DESTL Region SWATRegional Interop SWAT [SLR SWAT]Law Tac
258102DSTL Region I/O 1Interop [IO 1] (No longer in use?)Interop
259103DSTL RegionI/O 10Interop [IO 10] (No longer in use?)Interop
260104DSTL RegionI/O 11Interop [IO 11] (No longer in use?)Interop
261105DSTL RegionI/O 12Interop [IO 12] (No longer in use?)Interop
262106DSTL RegionI/O 13Interop [IO 13] (No longer in use?)Interop
263107DSTL RegionI/O 14Interop [IO 14] (No longer in use?)Interop
264108DSTL RegionI/O 15Interop [IO 15] (No longer in use?)Interop
265109DSTL RegionI/O 16Interop [IO 16] (No longer in use?)Interop
26610aDSTL Region I/O 2Interop [IO 2] (No longer in use?)Interop
26710bDSTL Region I/O 3Interop [IO 3] (No longer in use?)Interop
26810cDSTL Region I/O 4Interop [IO 4] (No longer in use?)Interop
26910dDSTL Region I/O 5Interop [IO 5] (No longer in use?)Interop
27010eDSTL Region I/O 6Interop [IO 6] (No longer in use?)Interop
27110fDSTL Region I/O 7Interop [IO 7] (No longer in use?)Interop
272110DSTL Region I/O 8Interop [IO 8] (No longer in use?)Interop
273111DSTL Region I/O 9Interop [IO 9] (No longer in use?)Interop
Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
65228feccDMoDOT 65228Roadside Assistance (Simulcast? StL area)Multi-Dispatch
65304ff18DMoDOT MA 65304Motorist Assist (simulcast on 65334)Multi-Dispatch
65334ff36DMoDOT MA 65334Motorist Assist (simulcast on 65304)Multi-Dispatch
Federal Government
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
233765b50DDEA 23376Drug Enforcement Agency (?): Ops (N County?)Law Tac