St. Louis Area Trunked Emergency Radio (SLATER)

Site: St Charles County Department of Dispatch and Alarm (SCDDA)

Unique DB ID: 21435
County: St. Charles

SCCDA 15 -  VFIRE 21     154.280  Standard Fire Mutual Aid (at present, this is what out-of-County units respond in on).
SCCDA 16 -  7FIRE84D   773.856250 Simplex Fire Ground 

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 38.7819 Longitude: -90.6042 Range: 26 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
27034699aDSCC FE DispatchTone Outs/Pages (Non call related traffic w/ dispatch)Fire Dispatch
27035699bDSCC FE OpsFire/EMS: Dispatch (Routine Minor calls)Fire Dispatch
27036699cDSCC FE-Tac 60Secondary Scene 60 (Paired with 61)Fire-Tac
27037699dDSCC FE Tac 61Fire/EMS: Primary 61 (Major Call)Fire-Tac
27038699eDSCC FE Tac 62Secondary Scene 62 (Paired with 61)Fire-Tac
27039699fDSCC FE Tac 63Secondary Scene 63 (Paired with 64)Fire-Tac
2704069a0DSCC FE Tac 64Fire/EMS: Primary 64 (Major Call)Fire-Tac
2704169a1DSCC FE Tac 65Secondary Scene 65 (Paired with 64)Fire-Tac
2704269a2DSCC FE Tac 66Secondary Scene 66 (Paired with 67)Fire-Tac
2704369a3DSCC FE Tac 67Fire/EMS: Primary 67 (Major Call)Fire-Tac
2704469a4DSCC FE Tac 68Secondary Scene 68 (Paired with 67)Fire-Tac
2704569a5DSCC FE Tac 69Fire/EMS: Ops 69Fire-Tac
2704669a6DSCC FE Disp (46)(Not in use) [FE Dispatch]Fire-Tac
2704769a7DSCC FE Ops (47)(Not in use) [FE OPS]Fire-Tac
2704869a8DSCC VFIRE21 PtchStatewide Fire Mutual Aid Patch [SCC-FMAp]Fire-Tac
2707269c0DSCC FE Ops (72)Fire/EMS: Ops 72Fire-Tac
2707369c1DSCC FE Trng 73Fire/EMS Training 73Fire-Tac
2707569c3DSCC FE Trng 75Fire/EMS Training 75Fire-Tac