St. Louis Area Trunked Emergency Radio (SLATER)

Site: Municipal Fire

Unique DB ID: 21706
County: St. Louis

Talkgroups will be sorted by Municipality as the list grows (and needs to be more localized) 

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 38.6334 Longitude: -90.4001 Range: 21 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54501d4e5DAfftn FD AdmAffton Fire: Admin [FD 11 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54502d4e6DCstwd FD AdmCrestwood Fire: Admin [FD 12 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54503d4e7DFentn FD AdmFenton Fire: Admin [FD 13 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54504d4e8DGlndl FD AdmGlendale Fire: Admin [FD 14 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54505d4e9DKrkwd FD AdmKirkwood Fire: Admin [FD 15 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54506d4eaDLemay FD AdmLemay Fire: Admin [FD 16 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54507d4ebDMehlv FD AdmMehlville Fire: Admin [FD 17 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54508d4ecDShrwb FD AdmShrewsbury Fire: Admin [FD 18 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54509d4edDVPark FD AdmValley Park Fire: Admin [FD 19 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54510d4eeDWbGrv FD AdmWebster Groves Fire: Admin [FD 20 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54511d4efDRchHt FD AdmRichmond Heights Fire: Admin [FD 21 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54512d4f0DMnrch FD AdmMonarch Fire: Admin [FD 22 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54513d4f1DCrCou FD AdmCreve Couer Fire: Admin [FD 23 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54514d4f2DEurek FD AdmEureka Fire: Admin [FD 24 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54515d4f3DBrtwd FD AdmBrentwood Fire: Admin [FD 25 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54517d4f5DOlivt FD AdmOlivette Fire: Admin [FD 27 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54519d4f7DFront FD AdmFrontenac Fire: Admin [FD 29 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54521d4f9DMplwd FD AdmMaplewood Fire: Admin [FD 31 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54523d4fbDMtroW FD AdmMetro West Fire: Admin [FD 33 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54524d4fcDRckHl FD AdmRock Hill Fire: Admin [FD 34 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54526d4feDBrkly FD AdmBerkeley Fire: Admin [FD 36 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54527d4ffDBlkJk FD AdmBlack Jack Fire: Admin [FD 37 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54528d500DCmnty FD AdmCommunity Fire: Admin [FD 38 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54529d501DLadue FD AdmLadue Fire: Admin [FD 39 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54530d502DFloVl FD AdmFlorissant Valley Fire: Admin [FD 40 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54531d503DHzlwd FD AdmHazelwood Fire: Admin [FD 41 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54532d504DJnngs FD AdmJennings Fire: Admin [FD 42 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54534d506DMidCo FD AdmMid-County Fire: Admin [44 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54535d507DMidCo FD AdmMid-County Fire: Admin [FD 45 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54536d508DMetrN FD AdmMetro North Fire: Admin [FD 46 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54537d509DNrthE FD AdmNortheast Fire: Admin [FD 47 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54538d50aDPttnv FD AdmPattonville Fire: Admin [FD 48 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54539d50bDRvrvw FD AdmRiverview Fire: Admin [FD 49 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54540d50cDRbrts FD AdmRobertson Fire: Admin [FD 50 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54541d50dDSpLak FD AdmSpanish Lake Fire: Admin [FD 51 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54542d50eDWOver FD AdmWest Overland Fire: Admin [FD 52 ADMIN]Fire-Talk
54544d510DKnlch FD AdmKinloch Fire: Admin [FD43ADMIN]Fire-Talk