St. Louis Area Trunked Emergency Radio (SLATER)

Site: Jefferson County

Unique DB ID: 21420
County: Jefferson

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 38.2880 Longitude: -90.5400 Range: 19.604 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
510213eeDJeffCo TravelLaw: Travel Law Tac
115002cecDJeffCo Ops 7Operations 7 [JC OPS 7]Multi-Tac
115012cedDJeffCo Ops 8Operations 8 [JC OPS 8]Multi-Tac
115022ceeDJeffCo Ops 9Operations 9 [JC OPS 9]Multi-Tac
115032cefDJeffCo Ops 10Operations 10 [JC OPS 10]Multi-Tac
115042cf0DJeffCo Ops 11Operations 11 [JC OPS 11]Multi-Tac
115052cf1DJeffCo Ops 12Operations 12 [JC OPS 12]Multi-Tac
115062cf2DJeffCo Ops 13Operations 13 [JC OPS 13]Multi-Tac
115072cf3DJeffCo Ops 14Operations 14 [JC OPS 14]Multi-Tac
115082cf4DJeffCo Ops 15Operations 15 [JC OPS 15]Multi-Tac
115342d0eDJeffCo VFIRE21 PStatewide Fire Mutual Aid [VFIRE21 P]Fire-Tac
115382d12DJeffCo AdminAdmin [JC ADMIN]Multi-Tac
115392d13DEJeffCo Ops 16Operations [JC OPS 16]Multi-Tac
115402d14DEJeffCo Ops 17Operations [JC OPS 17]Multi-Tac
115412d15DEJeffCo Ops 18Operations [JC OPS 18]Multi-Tac
115422d16DEJeffCo Ops 19Operations [JC OPS 19]Multi-Tac
115432d17DEJeffCo Ops 20Operations [JC OPS 20]Multi-Tac
115442d18DEJeffCo Ops 21Operations [JC OPS 21]Multi-Tac
115452d19DEJeffCo Ops 22Operations [JC OPS 22]Multi-Tac
115462d1aDEJeffCo Ops 23Operations [JC OPS 23]Multi-Tac
115472d1bDEJeffCo Ops 24Operations [JC OPS 24]Multi-Tac
115502d1eDMHP Patch(Patch to) Missouri Highway PatrolLaw Dispatch
120042ee4DEArnold PoliceArnold Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
120242ef8DEJeff Jail OpsJefferson County Jail OperationsCorrections
120352f03DStarcom21 Patch(Patch to) IL STARCOM21Multi-Dispatch
120362f04DPevely PolicePevely Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
120382f06DJeff Pt-2-PtPoint-to-Point (Patch)Law Talk
120532f15DEFestus PoliceFestus Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
120622f1eDJeffCo AnimCntrlAnimal ControlPublic Works
1250230d6DJeff F/E R2Fire / EMS Repsonse [JEFFCO 1]Fire Dispatch
1250330d7DJeff F/E R3Fire / EMS Response [JEFFCO 2]Fire Dispatch
1250430d8DJeffCo 3JeffCo 3 [JEFFCO 3]Multi-Tac
1250530d9DEJeffCo Sheriff 1Sheriff: Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
1250630daDEJeffCo Sheriff 2Sheriff: Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
1250730dbDJeffCo Interop13Interop 13 [JC IO 13]Interop
1250830dcDJeffCo Interop14Interop 14 [JC IO 14]Interop
1250930ddDJeffCo Interop15Interop 15 [JC IO 15]Interop
1251030deDJeffCo Interop16Interop 16 [JC IO 16]Interop
1251130dfDJeffCo Interop 5Interop 5 [JC IO 5]Interop
1251230e0DJeffCo Interop 6Interop 6 [JC IO 6]Interop
1251330e1DJeffCo Interop 7Interop 7 [JC IO 7]Interop
1251430e2DJeffCo Interop 8Interop 8 [JC IO 8]Interop
1251530e3DJeffCo Interop 9Interop 9 [JC IO 9]Interop
1251630e4DJeffCo Interop10Interop 10 [JC IO 10]Interop
1251730e5DJeffCo Interop11Interop 11 [JC IO 11]Interop
1251830e6DJeffCo Interop12Interop 12 [JC IO 12]Interop
1251930e7DJeffCo VHF PatchFire: Patch from Old Jeffco 3 [FESTUS P]Fire Dispatch
1252030e8DJeffCo Fire/EMSFire: Dispatch (Patch from 154.310) [JEFFCO DISP]Fire Dispatch
1252130e9DJeffCo Common 1Common 1 [COMMON 1]Multi-Tac
1300332cbDJeffCo OEM 1Office of Emergency Management 1 [JC OEM 1]Emergency Ops
1300432ccDJeffCo OEM 2Office of Emergency Management 2 [JC OEM 2]Emergency Ops
1300532cdDJeffCo OEM 3Office of Emergency Management 3 [JC OEM 3]Emergency Ops
1300632ceDJeffCo OEM 4Office of Emergency Management 4 [JC OEM 4]Emergency Ops
1300732cfDJeffCo OEM 5Office of Emergency Management 5 [JC OEM 5]Emergency Ops
1300832d0DJeffCo OEM 6Office of Emergency Management 6 [JC OEM 6]Emergency Ops
1300932d1DJeffCo OEM 7Office of Emergency Management 7 [JC OEM 7]Emergency Ops
1301032d2DJeffCo OEM 8Office of Emergency Management 8 [JC OEM 8]Emergency Ops
1301132d3DJeffCo OEM 9Office of Emergency Management 9 [JC OEM 9]Emergency Ops