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Illinois State Police District 20 -- See ISP Page    

All Fire Departments are volunteer, members of MABAS-IL Division 67, and most use interoperable MABAS fire-ground tactical frequencies. 


Pike County

Pike County Sheriff / E911 Fire, EMS

*154.785 Sheriff is currently simulcasting/patched to 151.055 Pittsfield Police NXDN Repeater (5/6/15)

*156.15 123.0 PL mobile units heard full scale in Atlas (no area licenses, could possibly be Marine)

*Available as needed at dispatch - 154.265 BM 210.7 IFERN, 155.37 CSQ Point-to-Point
*MABAS Red 154.83, 69.3 PL is the countywide fireground (except Pittsfield/Barry, usually using 154.25)
*V-TAC frequencies, I-REACH available for mobile use
*453.925 Repeater is for future Courthouse ops

*158.88 has various tones for accessing 6 remote paging only towers on 155.1 output. (heard: 141.3) [no mobiles, also tornado sirens]
**141.3 - Hull - 
**D365 - Barry - 
**88.5 - Pittsfield - Barry Fire, Pike County Ambulance 
**94.8 - Griggsville - 
**196.6 - Pleasant Hill Fire, Spring Creek Ambulance 
**Listen to 158.88 CSQ to hear all paging from (in) Pittsfield to remote towers.
**After paging on remote tower, pages are rebroadcast on 155.1 127.3 on the Pittsfield tower.

iCOM Case Study on Pike County Link 

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
154.78500KNGF366 RM 114.8 PL Pike Co Law Sheriff / Countywide Law: Dispatch {123.0 in} FMN Law Dispatch
155.10000KIB550 RM 127.3 PL Pike911 Page Fire/EMS: Paging Only - Countywide {Multiple Input} FMN Fire Dispatch
158.88000KIB550 F 196.6 PL Pike911 PHil Fire/EMS: Paging Link to Pleasant Hill Tower FMN Fire Dispatch
158.88000KIB550 F 141.3 PL Pike911 Hull Fire/EMS: Paging Link to Hull Tower FMN Fire Dispatch
158.88000KIB550 F 365 DPL Pike911 Bary Fire/EMS: Paging Link to Barry Tower FMN Fire Dispatch
158.88000KIB550 F 88.5 PL Pike911 Pfld Fire/EMS: Paging Link to Pittsfield Tower FMN Fire Dispatch
158.88000KIB550 F 94.8 PL Pike911 Grig Fire/EMS: Paging Link to Griggsville Tower FMN Fire Dispatch
154.10000KIB550 RM 114.8 PL Pike911Alpha Fire/EMS: Response / EMS: Incident Command - Alpha {162.2 in} FMN Fire-Tac
151.13000KIB550 RM 114.8 PL Pike911Bravo Fire/EMS: Response / EMS: Incident Command - Bravo {91.5 in} FMN Fire-Tac
453.37500KIB550 RM 114.8 PL Pike RF Link 911/Sheriff: Voting System (to Law, Alpha or Bravo) FMN Multi-Dispatch
458.15000KIB550 F 123.0 PL Pike 911 RF1 911: Remote Receive Link (Constant Tone Carrier) FMN Fire Dispatch
458.52500KIB550 F 162.2 PL Pike 911 RF2 911: Remote Receive Link (Constant Tone Carrier) FMN Fire Dispatch
458.85000KIB550 F 91.5 PL Pike 911 RF3 911: Remote Receive Link (Constant Tone Carrier) FMN Fire Dispatch
158.76000WPMQ413 BM 114.8 PL Pike EMA EMA: Ops / Exercises FMN Emergency Ops
Pike County Government
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
151.08500KNHZ949 BM 103.5 PL Pike Highway Roads (County / City / Village / Townships) FMN Public Works
173.23750WQPL477 BM Pike Co WDD Pike County Water District 1: Digital Data (CSQ) [SCADA] Telm Data

EMS and Hospitals

Illini Community Hospital (Pittsfield)

Identifies as "Illini KJE989" (Pike County Hospital is Missouri)
Pike County Ambulance Service - paged on 155.1, Response on Alpha or Bravo
*Provides staffed Paramedic-ALS and transport services to all of Pike County

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
155.23500KJE989 RM 114.8 PL ICH Ops A Plant Operations FMN Business
155.23500KJE989 RM 127.3 PL ICH Ops B Operations FMN Business
155.34000KJE989 B 127.3 PL MERCI1 127.3 Patient Reports / Air-Evac Inbound (210.7 S/W available) FMN Hospital

Municipalities and Districts


Barry Fire Protection District/EMS - Serves Barry, El Dara, and I-72 MM 15-27. [May use proprietary 154.25 for fire-ground]


Baylis Fire Protection District/EMS - Serves Baylis (village and rural for fire), northeastern Pike County for First Responder EMS. 


Griggsville FireServes Griggsville, Maysville, Valley City, I-72 mile-markers 33-45, and auto-responds with North Pike.

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
155.71500WQCH360 BM 114.8 PL Griggsv City City Operations FMN Public Works
155.88000WQEJ370 RM Grig FireEMS Fire/EMS: Future FMN Fire Dispatch

Hull-Kinderhook Fire Protection District/EMS - Serves Hull , Kinderhook, East Hannibal, I-72 mile-markes 0-15, and auto-responds with New Canton.

Meredosia-Bluffs Rescue District

Serves: Chambersburg, Meredosia, Bluffs (Parts in Morgan and Scott Counties)

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
154.40000WRAK507 RM 143 DPL MerBluff EMS EMS: Paging / Dispatch FMN EMS Dispatch

East Pike Fire Protection DistrictServes: Milton, Time and Florence


Spring Creek Fire Protection District/EMS - Serves Nebo, Pearl, and auto-responds with Pleasant Hill.

New Canton

New Canton Fire Protection District/EMS - Serves New Canton, Rockport, and auto-responds with Hull-Kinderhook.


North Pike Fire Protection District - Serves Perry, Fishhook, Chambersburg, and auto-responds with Griggsville.


See Wiki for NXEDGE Radio IDs
Police portables have been monitored possibly transmitting on the wrong frequency - 155.1825 instead of 155.8125 - the same as Jacksonville Fire.  ??? (2/17)

Pittsfield Fire - Serves Pittsfield, New Hartford, Summer Hill, Detroit, Martinsburg, and I-72 mile-markers 27-33. [Uses proprietary 154.25 for fireground.] 

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
151.05500WQVB551 RM 10 RAN Pitts Police Police: Simulcast of Sheriff/Law (Voice Decodeable) NXDN Law Dispatch
158.83500KNGS341 RM 315 DPL Pittsfiled Fire Fire: Local / Private FMN Fire-Talk
154.25000WNLW578 BM 114.8 PL Pitsfld Fire Fireground (with Barry) FMN Fire-Tac
154.02500KNGS341 BM 97.4 PL Ptsfd PubWrk Public Works FMN Public Works
160.01250WQLP726 F Ptsfld WDD Water Distribution Data (CSQ) Telm Data
Pleasant Hill

Pleasant Hill Fire Protection District/EMS - Serves Pleasant Hill, Atlas, part of Calhoun County, and auto-responds with Spring Creek. [May use proprietary 154.515 for fire-ground.]

For Fire Events, City ops - see Pleasant Hill Community Unit School District 3

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
160.10250WPYG321 BM PHill Water Pleasant Hill Water Company (CSQ) Telm Data
Pittsfield Penstone Airport
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
118.52500WWR2 B PeostonAWOS AWOS Telm Aircraft


Griggsville-Perry School District
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
152.43500WQTG203 RM 136.5 PL 1stStdnt GP First Student Buses [BK Electric] FMN Schools
Pikeland Community School District #10 (Pittsfield)

Has radio access to 453.375R 114.8 PL Pike Charley

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
463.72500WNCZ341 RM 103.5 PL Pklnd School Ops / Buses [PCS] FMN Schools
Pleasant Hill Community Unit School District 3
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
154.51500KNAC787 RM 203.5 PL PH Sch/Villg School Ops / PH City Ops, Fire Events [D365 in] FMN Multi-Dispatch
Western Community Unit School District 12 (Barry/Hull)

System is iDAS-Encrypted; TG=29000, RIDs=29303, 29305, 29313 (4/28/15)

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
464.27500WQNF206 RM 33 RAN Western CUSD Operations (*see notes) [TG 29000] NXDN Schools


Pittsfield-Penstone Municipal Airport [PPQ]
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
118.52500WWR2 BM PPQW AWOS-3 Weather AWOS-3 AM Aircraft
122.80000 BM CSQ PPQ CTAF CTAF/UNICOM [No License] AM Aircraft