Bell FleetNet Ontario Provincial Government Zone 2

System Name: Bell FleetNet Ontario Provincial Government Zone 2
Location: Southeast Zone, ON
County: 16 Counties
System Type: Motorola Type II SmartZone
System Voice: Analog and APCO-25 Common Air Interface
System ID: Sysid: 822F Connect Tone: 138.46
Last Updated: September 11, 2022, 7:13 pm CDT   [Changed Site # 002 (Cornwall (CRNWAL)) to 2 (Cornwall (CRNWAL))]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
002 (2) Cornwall (CRNWAL) Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry 141.420141.555142.200c142.260c142.920143.145143.730
003 (3) Alfred (ALFRED) Prescott, Russell, United 141.450141.720142.110142.365142.710c142.860143.100c
004 (4) Winchester (WINCHS) Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry 141.360142.845142.650c141.390142.170142.290c142.320
005 (5) Prescott (PRSCOT) Leeds and Grenville 141.195141.495142.185142.275142.800c142.500c143.040
006 (6) Ottawa (CARLSL) Ottawa 141.405141.690141.870142.095c142.155142.245142.335
007 (7) Kinburn (MARTHN) Ottawa 141.375141.525141.735142.005142.215c142.425142.725c
008 (8) Morton (MORTON) Leeds and Grenville 141.420141.450142.200142.365142.410c142.470142.905c
009 (9) Drummond Centre (DRUMND) Lanark 141.630142.080142.350c142.440142.635c142.860143.085
010 (A) Harrowsmith (HARROW) Frontenac 141.540141.720141.930142.095142.260c142.395142.590c
011 (B) Mountain Grove (MTNGRV) Frontenac 141.360142.170142.245c142.455142.605c142.845 
012 (C) Mount St Patrick (MTSPAT) Renfrew 141.195141.495141.555142.650c142.920143.145c 
013 (D) Pembroke (PEMBRK) Renfrew 141.435141.675142.125142.380c142.710c142.950 
014 (E) Demorestville (DEMOVL) Prince Edward 141.195141.435141.690142.320142.515c142.620c142.740
015 (F) Denbigh (DENBIH) Lennox and Addington 141.390141.705c142.230c142.335142.545142.890 
016 (10) Bannockburn (BNKBRN) Hastings 141.525141.675142.275142.500c142.965c143.160 
017 (11) Deep River (DEEPRV) Renfrew 141.630142.080142.350c142.695143.070c  
018 (12) Barrys Bay (BARBAY) Renfrew 141.690142.035142.170142.320c142.470142.515c142.740
019 (13) Bancroft (BANCRO) Hastings 141.375141.450141.540142.425142.680c142.860143.100c
020 (14) Campbellford (CAMPBL) Northumberland 141.420c142.290142.365142.665c142.875143.310143.640
021 (15) Apsley (APSLEY) Peterborough 141.300142.140142.305142.530c142.905c143.370 
022 (16) Cobourg (COBORG) Northumberland 141.375141.555141.630142.215142.440c142.725c142.935
023 (17) Bissett Creek (BISCRK) Renfrew 142.065142.275142.305142.500c142.965c  
024 (18) Gatehouse (GHOUSE) Muskoka District 142.170142.260142.410c142.620c142.800143.010 
025 (19) Peterborough (PETERB) Peterborough 141.405142.170142.350c142.410142.695142.800c143.010
026 (1A) Haliburton (HALIBU) Haliburton 141.195141.735142.125142.380c142.710142.950c 
027 (1B) Fenelon Falls (FENLON) Kawartha Lakes 141.360142.155142.230c142.455142.605c142.980 
028 (1C) Millar Hill (HILLSD) Muskoka District 141.420c142.080142.290142.665c142.875142.995 
029 (1D) Bracebridge (BRCBRG) Muskoka District 142.050142.440c142.545142.725142.830c142.920143.355
030 (1E) Burks Falls (BURKS) Parry Sound District 142.140c142.335142.395142.590c142.890143.040 
031 (1F) Parry Sound (PARRY) Parry Sound District 141.300141.435141.690142.320c142.515c142.650c142.980
032 (20) Britt (STILL) Parry Sound District 141.195141.390141.435142.125142.380c142.710c142.950
033 (21) Moon River (MOON) Muskoka District 141.675142.170142.410c142.620c142.680143.055143.265
034 (22) Vankleek Hill (VANKLK) Prescott, Russell, United 141.435c141.675142.125143.070c143.160143.880152.000
035 (23) South River (SRIVER) Parry Sound District 142.230c142.605c141.375142.455142.935  
036 (24) Kingston (KNGSTN) Frontenac 141.735c142.215142.425142.650143.010143.100c143.415
037 (25) Millar's Corners (MILRCR) Leeds and Grenville 141.675142.620c142.755143.070c143.310143.775 
038 (26) Harcourt (HARCOU) Haliburton 141.705c142.590c142.635c143.085143.505143.775 


Interagency/Common/Mutual Aid
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
80001f40D2PC ENFEnforcement CommonInterop
96002580D2PC PPSPeterborough Police ServiceInterop
96162590D2PC BPSBrockville Police ServiceInterop
327688000A2PC SAFSoutheast Zone Public Safety CommonInterop
328008020A2PC AMBSoutheast Zone Ambulance CommonInterop
328168030A2PC POLSoutheast Zone Police CommonInterop
OPP Combined (Regular Operations)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
87042200D2OPS31Stormont, Dundas, Glengary 3I - 2OPS31Law Dispatch
87202210D2OPS32Frontenac 3R/Napanee 3J - 2OPS32 / Prince Edward 3OLaw Dispatch
87522230D2OPS34Russell County 3E/Hawkesbury 3H - 2OP34 Law Dispatch
87682240D2OPS35Bancroft 3C/Centre Hastings 3Q/Quinte West 3U - 2OPS35Law Dispatch
87842250D2OPS36Kawartha Lakes 1J/Haliburton 1E - 2OPS36Law Dispatch
88002260D2OPS37Ottawa 3K/Lanark 3N - 2OPS37Law Dispatch
88162270D2OPS38Grenville 3P/Leeds 3D - 2OPS38Law Dispatch
88322280D2OPS39Northumberland 1F/Peterborough 1I - 2OPS39Law Dispatch
892822e0D2OPS40Unknown 2OPS40Law Dispatch
894422f0D2OPS41Bracebridge/Huntsville 1C - 2OPS41Law Dispatch
89602300D2OPS42Renfrew County 3T - 2OPS42Law Dispatch
90562360D2OPS48West Parry Sound 4J/Almaguin Highlands 4C - 2OPS48Law Dispatch
OPP Detachment (Detachment Special Events)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
82242020D2OPS01Arnprior 3T - 2OPS01Law Dispatch
82402030D2OPS02Bancroft 3C - 2OPS02Law Dispatch
82562040D2OPS03Central Hastings County 3Q - 2OPS03Law Dispatch
82722050D2OPS04Frontenac 3R - 2OPS04Law Dispatch
82882060D2OPS05Grenville County 3P - 2OPS05Law Dispatch
83042070D2OPS06Haliburton Highlands 1E - 2OPS06Law Dispatch
83202080D2OPS07Hawkesbury 3H - 2OPS07Law Dispatch
83362090D2OPS08Kawartha Lakes 1J - 2OPS08Law Dispatch
835220a0D2OPS09Killaloe 3F - 2OPS09Law Dispatch
836820b0D2OPS10Lanark County 3N - 2OPS10Law Dispatch
838420c0D2OPS11Leeds County 3D - 2OPS11Law Dispatch
840020d0D2OPS12Napanee 3J - 2OPS12Law Dispatch
841620e0D2OPS13Northumberland 1F - 2OPS13Law Dispatch
843220f0D2OPS14Ottawa 3K - 2OPS14Law Dispatch
84482100D2OPS15Peterborough 1I - 2OPS15Law Dispatch
84642110D2OPS16Prince Edward County 3O - 2OPS16Law Dispatch
84802120D2OPS17Quinte West 3U - 2OPS17Law Dispatch
84962130D2OPS18Renfrew 3T - 2OPS18Law Dispatch
85122140D2OPS19Russell 3E - 2OPS19Law Dispatch
85282150D2OPS20Stormont, Dundas, Glengary 3I - 2OPS20Law Dispatch
85442160D2OPS21Upper Ottawa Valley 3M - 2OPS21Law Dispatch
85762180D2OPS23Spare (Muskoka) 2OPS23Law Dispatch
864021c0D2OPS27Muskoka 1C - 2OPS27Law Dispatch
865621d0D2OPS28Almaguin Highlands, Huntsville 4G - 2OPS28Law Dispatch
867221e0D2OPS29Bracebridge 4C - 2OPS29Law Dispatch
868821f0D2OPS30West Parry Sound 4J - 2OPS30Law Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
90882380D2 INV SERV 1Investigative Services 1Law Talk
91042390D2 INV SERV 2Investigative Services 2Law Talk
912023a0D2 INV SERV 3Investigative Services 3Law Talk
913623b0D2 CRIMECrime Unit CommonLaw Talk
915223c0D2 INTEL 1Intelligence Services 1Law Talk
916823d0D2 INTEL 2Intelligence Services 2Law Talk
918423e0D2 VIP 1VIP Services 1Law Talk
920023f0D2 VIP 2VIP Services 2Law Talk
92162400D2 VIP 3VIP Services 3Law Talk
92322410D2 TSB 1Technical Service Bureau 1Law Talk
92482420D2 TSB 2Technical Service Bureau 2Law Talk
92642430DE2 TSB 3Technical Service Bureau 3Law Talk
92802440D2 DRUG 1Drug Enforcement Bureau 1Law Talk
92962450D2 DRUG 2Drug Enforcement Bureau 2Law Talk
93122460D2 ORG CRIME 1Organized Crime Bureau 1Law Talk
93282470D2 ORG CRIME 2Organized Crime Bureau 2Law Talk
93442480D2 SPECIAL 1Special Services 1Law Talk
93602490D2 SPECIAL 2Special Services 2Law Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
937624a0D2 TAC01Tactical Operations 1 - 2TAC01Law Tac
939224b0D2 TAC02Tactical Operations 2 - 2TAC02Law Tac
940824c0D2 TAC03Tactical Operations 3 - 2TAC03Law Tac
942424d0D2 TAC04Tactical Operations 4 - 2TAC04Law Tac
944024e0D2 TAC05Tactical Operations 5 - 2TAC05Law Tac
945624f0D2 TAC06Tactical Operations 6 - 2TAC06Law Tac
94722500D2 TAC07Tactical Operations 7 - 2TAC07Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
81922000D2 HWY 01 EASTEast Zone Traffic Units - 2HWY01Law Talk
82082010D2 HWY02 WESTWest Zone Traffic Units - 2HWY02Law Talk
88482290D2 PETERBOROUGHPeterborough - 2 PETERBOROUGHLaw Talk
886422a0D2 BELLVILLEBelleville - 2 BELLVILLELaw Talk
888022b0D2 PERTHPerth - 2 PERTHLaw Talk
889622c0D2 OTTAWAOttawa - 2 OTTAWALaw Talk
891222d0D2 MUSKOKAMuskoka - 2 MUSKOKALaw Talk
95362540A2 RED SERemote Emergency Dispatch 2 RED SoutheastLaw Talk
Criminal Intelligence Services of Ontario
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
17126b0DE2 SURV 1Surveillance Common 1Law Talk
17286c0DE2 SURV 2Surveillance Common 2Law Talk
17446d0DE2 SURV 3Surveillance Common 3Law Talk
17606e0DE2 SURV 4Surveillance Common 4Law Talk
1792700DEPETERBOROUGHPeterboroughLaw Talk
1808710DECOBOURGCobourgLaw Talk
1824720DEQUINTEQuinteLaw Talk
1840730DEBELLEVILLEBellevilleLaw Talk
1856740DEKINGSTONKingstonLaw Talk
1872750DEBROCKVILLEBrockvilleLaw Talk
1888760DECORNWALLCornwallLaw Talk
1904770DEOTTAWAOttawaLaw Talk
1920780DE2 SURV SPARE 1Surveillance SpareLaw Talk
1936790DE2 SURV SPARE 2Surveillance SpareLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3760eb0D2 MTO ADMIN SEEnforcement Administration SoutheastLaw Dispatch
3776ec0D2 MTO OTTAWA OPSOttawa OperationsLaw Dispatch
3792ed0D2 MTO OTTAWA TACOttawa TacticalLaw Dispatch
3808ee0D2MTO KINGSTON OPKingston OperationsLaw Dispatch
3824ef0D2MTO KNGSTON TACKingston TacticalLaw Dispatch
3840f00D2 MTO SPARESpareLaw Dispatch
3888f30D2MTO PARRYSOUND Parry Sound OperationsLaw Dispatch
3904f40D2MTO PARRYSND TCParry Sound TacticalLaw Dispatch
3920f50D2 MTO HUNTSVL OPHuntsville OperationsLaw Dispatch
3936f60D2 MTO HUNTSVL TCHuntsville TacticalLaw Dispatch
Ministry of Finance
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
169924260DEMOF Inv/InspInvestigations and InspectionsLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2736ab0DE2MNR ESSUEvaluation and Special Services UnitLaw Talk
2752ac0DeMNR Cons SurvConservation Officers - SurveillanceLaw Tac
2768ad0D2 NR001Operations 1Law Dispatch
2784ae0D2 NR002Operations 2Law Dispatch
2800af0D2 NR003 MuskokaOperations 3 (Muskoka)Law Dispatch
2816b00D2 NR TAC 01Conservation Officers Tactical 01Law Tac
2832b10D2 NR TAC 02Conservation Officers Tactical 02Law Tac
2848b20D2 NR TAC 03Conservation Officers Tactical 03Law Tac
2864b30D2 NR TAC 04Conservation Officers Tactical 04Law Tac
2944b80DMNR Cons OfficerConservation OfficersLaw Tac
2960b90D2 PeterboroughWAPeterborough Wide Area ChannelLaw Talk
2976ba0D2 Bancroft EnfBancroft EnforcementLaw Talk
2992bb0D2 Pembroke EnfPembroke EnforcementLaw Talk
3008bc0D2 Kemptville WAKemptville Wide Area ChannelLaw Talk
3024bd0D2 Algonquin WAAlgonquin Park Wide Area ChannelLaw Talk
3056bf0D 2ParrySound WAParry Sound Wide Area ChannelLaw Talk
3072c00DMNR Cons OfficerConservation OfficersLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3497688a0AMOH ZN2Southeast Zone Ambulance CommonInterop
3499288b0AMOH REG4 COMRegion 4 CommonInterop
3500888c0AMOH REG5 COMRegion 5 CommonInterop
377769390AMOH REDRemote Emergency DispatchEMS Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
351848970AKingston CACCCACCEMS Dispatch
352008980AKingston WestWestEMS Dispatch
352168990AKingston CentreCentreEMS Dispatch
3523289a0AKingston EastEastEMS Dispatch
3524889b0AKingston TAC1 Tactical 1EMS-Tac
3526489c0AKingston TAC2Tactical 2EMS-Tac
353448a10AKingston TAC3Tactical 3EMS-Tac
3529689e0AKingston TAC4Tactical 4EMS-Tac
3531289f0AKingsotn TAC5Tactical 5EMS-Tac
3528089d0ARG4 COM LinkTactical Link to Region 4 CommonEMS-Tac
353288a00AKingston SpareSpareEMS Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3504088e0ALindsay CACCCACCEMS Dispatch
3505688f0ALindsay NorthNorthEMS Dispatch
350728900ALindsay SouthSouthEMS Dispatch
350888910ALindsay TAC 1Tactical 1EMS-Tac
351048920ALindsay TAC 2Tactical 2EMS-Tac
351208930ALindsay TAC 3Tactical 3EMS-Tac
351368940ALindsay SpareSpareEMS Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
357928bd0AMuskoka ACSCACCEMS Dispatch
358088be0AMuskoka D 1District Channel 1EMS Dispatch
358248bf0AMuskoka D 2District Channel 2EMS Dispatch
358408c00AMuskoka TAC1Tactical 1EMS-Tac
358568c10AMuskoka TAC2Tactical 2EMS-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
356168b20AOttawa CACCCACCEMS Dispatch
354568a80AOttawa ALPHAAlpha EMS Dispatch
354728a90AOttawa BRAVOBravo EMS Dispatch
356488b40AOttawa CHARLIECharlie EMS Dispatch
354408a70AOttawa DELTADeltaEMS Dispatch
353928a40AOttawa PrescottPrescott-RussellEMS Dispatch
354088a50AOttawa SD&GStormont Dundas GlengarryEMS Dispatch
354888aa0AOttawa TAC 1Tactical 1EMS-Tac
355048ab0AOttawa TAC 2Tactical 2EMS-Tac
355208ac0AOttawa TAC 3Tactical 3EMS-Tac
355368ad0AOttawa TAC 4Tactical 4EMS-Tac
355528ae0AOttawa TAC 5Tactical 5EMS-Tac
355688af0AOttawa TAC 6Tactical 6EMS-Tac
355848b00AOttawa TAC 7Tactical 7EMS-Tac
356008b10AOttawa TAC 8Tactical 8EMS-Tac
MOH Parry Sound CACC
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
351688960AParry Sound CACCCACCEMS Dispatch
359368c60AParry Sound DistDistrictEMS Dispatch
359528c70AParry Sound TAC1Tactical 1EMS-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
358888c30ARenfrewCACCCACCEMS Dispatch
356808b60ARenfrew D1District 1EMS Dispatch
356968b70ARenfrew D2District 2EMS Dispatch
357128b80ARenfrew TAC1Tactical 1EMS-Tac
357288b90ARenfrew TAC2Tactical 2EMS-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
322567e00AHaliburton HospHaliburton HospitalHospital
361928d60ACampbellford MHCampbellford Memorial HospitalHospital
362408d90ANorthumberlandNorthumberland Hills Hospital - CobourgHospital
362568da0APeterboro RegnPeterborough Regional Health Centre (PRHC)Hospital
362728db0ARoss MemorialRoss Memorial Kawartha LakesHospital
363048dd0AAlmonte GHAlmonte General HospitalHospital
363208de0AQHC N HastingsQuinte Health Care - North Hastings Hospital - BancroftHospital
363368df0ANapanee Lennox & Addington General Hospital - NapaneeHospital
363528e00ABrockville GHBrockville GeneralHospital
363688e10ACarleton Place Carleton Place & District MemorialHospital
364008e30AKemptville HospKemptville HospitalHospital
364808e80APerth/SmithFallsPerth and Smiths Falls District HospitalHospital
364968e90ATrenton MemorialTrenton Memorial HospitalHospital
365448ec0AGlengarry MHGlengarry Memorial Hospital Hospital
365608ed0AChildrens Hosp EChildrens Hospital of Eastern Ontario - OttawaHospital
365768ee0AOttawa CivicCivic Hospital - OttawaHospital
365928ef0AHawkesbury DGHHawkesbury & District General HospitalHospital
366088f00ACornwall CHCornwall Community HospitalHospital
366248f10AMontfort HospMontfort Hospital - OttawaHospital
366408f20AOttawa GeneralGeneral Hospital - OttawaHospital
366568f30AQueensway HospQueensway Carleton Hospital (Ottawa)Hospital
366728f40AWinchester HospWinchester HospitalHospital
367048f60AArnprior DMHArnprior District Memorial HospitalHospital
367208f70ADR&DHDeep River and District HospitalHospital
367368f80APembroke RHPembroke Regional HospitalHospital
367528f90ARenfrew VictoriaRenfrew Victoria HospitalHospital
367688fa0ASt Francis MHSt. Francis Memorial Hospital - Barry's BayHospital
368008fc0AHuntsville DHHunstville District HospitalHospital

 Contractors: Carillion Canada              High Road Maintenance

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3859296c0A2 BLACK2 BLACKPublic Works
382569570A2 BLUE2 BLUEPublic Works
3857696b0A2 BROWN2 BROWNPublic Works
384969660A2 EMRG RESP2 Emergency ResponsePublic Works
386569700A2 ALEX2 Point AlexanderPublic Works
3888097e0A2 OTTAWA 417417 Ottawa Patrol Public Works
3832095b0A2 BANCROFT DISTBancroft DistrictPublic Works
3833695c0A2 BANCROFT OPSBancroft OperationsPublic Works
387689770A2 BRITTBrittPublic Works
3811294e0A2 CARLTONPLACECarleton PlacePublic Works
387049730A2 DORSETDorsetPublic Works
387369750A2 DUNCHURCHDunchurchPublic Works
3883297b0A2 ELMSDALEEmsdalePublic Works
3881697a0A2 FARLEYFarleyPublic Works
3836895e0A2 FRASERVILLEFraservillePublic Works
384009600A2 GRAFTONGrafton Public Works
389289810A2 GRAVENHURSTGravenhurst Public Works
3812894f0A2 HALEY STATIONHaley StationPublic Works
386889720A2 HUNTSVILLEHuntsvillePublic Works
381449500A2 KANATAKanataPublic Works
382729580A2 GREENLeeds/GrenvillePublic Works
387209740A2 MACTIERMactierPublic Works
384329620A2 MADOCMadoc Public Works
384649640A2 MARYSVILLEMarysville Public Works
3864096f0A2 MATTAWAMattawaPublic Works
389449820A2 MINDENMindenPublic Works
381609510A2 SUMMERMorrisburg/Cornwall Public Works
388009790A2 NOELVILLENoelvillePublic Works
3806494b0A2 OTT-KING DISTOttawa-Kingston DistrictPublic Works
387529760A2 PARRY SOUNDParry SoundPublic Works
386729710A2 POWASSANPowassanPublic Works
3809694d0A2 BLOOMFIELDPrince Edward CountyPublic Works
387849780A2 RUTTERRutterPublic Works
382089540ASUPERVISOR BSupervisor BPublic Works
381769520A2 VANKLEEK HILLVankleek Hill Public Works
3804894a0A2 MTO COMZone 2 CommonInterop
Correctional Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
396009ab0AOPP LinkSmith Falls OPP LinkInterop
396169ac0ACECCCentral East Correctional CentreCorrections
396329ad0ABrooksideBrookside Youth CentreCorrections
396489ae0AQuinte DCQuinte Detention CentreCorrections
396649af0ABrockvilleBrockville JailCorrections
396809b00ASt.L CCSt. Lawrence Correctional CentreCorrections
396969b10AO-C DCOttawa-Carleton Detention CentreCorrections
397129b20ASpare 1Spare 1Corrections
397289b30ASpare 2Spare 2Corrections
Bell Mobility Radio Techs
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
16010D2BMR D1Digital 1Business
32020D2BMR D2Digital 2Business
48030D2BMR D3Digital 3Business
144090A2BMR A1Analog 1Business
1600a0A2BMR A2Analog 2Business
1760b0A2BMR A3Analog 3Business