Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO 900MHz)

System Name: Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO 900MHz)
Location: Multiple, IN
County: 26 Counties
System Type: DMR Tier 3 Standard
System Voice: DMR
System ID: HEX: A DEC: 10
Last Updated: April 13, 2024, 14:55 pm UTC   [Updated System Description Text]
System Notes

4/24 - Need to know DMR size - Tiny, Small Large or Huge
1/24 - Some sites were updated with proper coordinates/addresses. Many sites still need updating. Site numbers have been updated. Most frequencies need reverification. Sites numbered 99 need the correct site number.
Base frequency: 935.0125 - Base channel: 5
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IPSCO has about 13 LOAs (Local Operating Areas) like South Bend, Gary, Crown Point, LaPorte, etc. Each LOA has a Gas Service and a Gas Street Department. Not all areas have Electric Line Departments because of other electric companies throughout the area.

Gas Service maintains/installs above ground gas meters and deals with gas leak odor calls as well as to gas turn on/shut offs/ and relights. Gas Service will initially respond to hit gas lines then typically confirm that the line was hit and call for a Gas Street crew to come repair it. 

Gas Street installs, repairs, and maintains underground gas lines. If someone hits an underground gas line, Gas Street with be the ones to dig it up and repair it. 

Electric Line Departments will do installs, repairs, and maintenance of the electric distribution lines as well as respond to electric emergencies like hit poles and lines down within NIPSCOs territory. The will also do restoration work after severe weather events.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
099 (63) Decatur Adams 935.6375936.9125939.450937.725   
099 (63) Fort Wayne Allen 939.900938.900936.750935.650939.9125938.9125939.8875c
023 (17) Chase Benton 935.175c      
034 (22) Oakdale Dam Carroll 935.700c      
013 (D) Logansport Cass 935.2375c935.725c     
026 (1A) Auburn DeKalb 938.725c      
099 (63) Auburn DeKalb 937.9875937.9625c937.975935.475   
010 (A) Goshen Elkhart 936.2125c      
028 (1C) Bristol Elkhart 938.500c      
099 (63) Bristol Elkhart 938.450938.900936.4875937.400937.450937.900937.9125
099 (63) Goshen Elkhart 935.3875935.400c935.4125935.425935.4375935.900 
016 (10) Rochester Fulton 935.6375937.725936.3875939.925c936.4125c  
031 (1F) Kokomo Howard 935.3125c936.1625c     
002 (2) Wheatfield Jasper 935.2625c935.550935.7625936.1875939.800939.850c 
021 (15) Thayer Jasper 935.2125c935.6625936.0875936.3125939.7875939.9625 
012 (C) Warsaw Kosciusko 936.1875c      
030 (1E) North Webster Kosciusko 937.2375c      
099 (63) Warsaw Kosciusko 935.4625c935.475937.9625937.975937.9875  
099 (63) North Webster Kosciusko 936.750939.450c936.4875936.9125   
004 (4) La Porte La Porte 935.0375c938.7125c     
024 (18) Michigan City La Porte 935.450c937.475c     
018 (12) LaGrange Lagrange 936.1625c      
099 (63) Lagrange Lagrange 939.925937.725935.6375936.3875   
001 (1) Crown Point Lake 935.150c935.1875c935.650936.3125   
022 (16) East Chicago Lake 935.6375c939.5125939.8875939.900939.9125939.925 
025 (19) Gary Lake 935.500937.1375c939.5625c    
006 (6) Plymouth Marshall 936.7125c      
014 (E) Peru Miami 935.4375935.500935.900935.425c   
008 (8) Goodland Newton 935.1375c936.4875     
017 (11) Albion Noble 937.225c      
099 (63) Kendallville Noble 935.500939.8875939.900939.9125   
099 (63) Albion Noble 937.200935.450935.500c939.9375   
003 (3) Valparaiso Porter 935.3875935.425935.675c936.3625936.725c  
005 (5) South Bend St. Joseph 937.500c      
027 (1B) Bass Lake Starke 935.300c      
009 (9) Angola Steuben 936.7125c      
099 (63) Angola Steuben 936.9125936.9625938.4625939.450939.9625c  
015 (F) Urbana Wabash 936.9125936.9625938.4625939.9625935.2625c  
007 (7) Monticello White 935.3875c936.200c939.525    
099 (63) Columbia City Whitley 936.925935.4875c937.900937.9125   


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
390TGas Measur/TransGas Measurement/TransmissionUtilities
577TElec Distr SouthElectric Distribution Dispatch: South Utilities
622THelo Insp S/WTransmission Line Inspections Helicopter Utilities
625TElec Distr WestElectric Distribution Dispatch: WestUtilities
627TElec Distr S/WElectric Distribution DispatchUtilities
629TGeneration DispGeneration DispatchUtilities
631TElecDistrGen S/WElectric Dispatch/Generating Stations Utilities
641TElecMet Tech S/WElectric Meter TechniciansUtilities
802TElecLine Con S/WElectric Line ConstructionUtilities
804TGas LineConstrctGas Line Construction Utilities
833TMain StoreroomMain Storeroom (Systemwide)Utilities
901TRadio North S/WRadio Service Technicians North Utilities
902TRadio South S/WRadio Service Technicians SouthUtilities
1021TSecurity S/WSecurity (Systemwide)Security
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
529TCrownPt ElecLineCrown Point Electric LineUtilities
273TCrownPt Gas SrvcCrown Point Gas ServiceUtilities
274TCrownPt Gas StrtCrown Point Gas StreetUtilities
289TFtWayne Gas SrvcFort Wayne Gas ServiceUtilities
290TFtWayne Gas StrtFort Wayne Gas StreetUtilities
537TGary Elec LineGary Electric Line Utilities
297TGary Gas SrvcGary Gas ServiceUtilities
298TGary Gas StrtGary Gas StreetUtilities
388TGas EngineeringGas EngineeringUtilities
305TGoshen ServiceGoshen Gas ServiceUtilities
306TGoshen StreetGoshen Gas StreetUtilities
613TGoshen SubGoshen SubUtilities
553THammond ElecLineHammond Electric LineUtilities
313THammond Gas SrvcHammond Gas ServiceUtilities
314THammond Gas StrHammond Gas StreetUtilities
642THmd Meter ShopHammond Meter ShopUtilities
785THammond OutagesHammond OutagesUtilities
561TLaPorte ElecLineLaPorte Electric LineUtilities
321TLaPorte Gas SrvcLaPorte Gas ServiceUtilities
322TLaPorte Gas StrtLaPorte Gas StreetUtilities
569TMonticello ElecMonticello Electric LineUtilities
337TMonticello SrvcMonticello Gas ServiceUtilities
353TPlymth Gas SrvcPlymouth Gas ServiceUtilities
354TPlymth Gas StrtPlymouth Gas StreetUtilities
615TPlymouth SubPlymouth SubUtilities
585TRoch Elec LineRochester Electric Line Utilities
361TSthBend Gas SrvcSouth Bend Gas ServiceUtilities
362TSthBend Gas StrSouth Bend Gas StreetUtilities
593TValprso ElecLineValparaiso Electric Line Utilities
369TValprso Gas LineValparaiso Gas Line Utilities
Schahfer Generating Station
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1689TDB SolarDunns Bridge SolarUtilities