System Name: Cary/Wake P25
Location: Cary, NC
County: Wake
System Type: Project 25 Phase I
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 596 WACN: BEE00
Last Updated: May 20, 2022, 8:02 pm CDT   [Updated encryption settings for 4 talkgroups(Town of Fuquay Varina)]
System Notes
Please see the wiki for addition system details and to collaborate on unidentified talkgroups

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name Freqs
1 (1) 001 (1) Cary Simulcast 854.3375854.6125855.9875856.4875856.6625c856.9875857.4875857.9875c
1 (1) 002 (2) Wake County Simulcast 851.0375851.150851.200851.2625851.2875851.4625851.5375851.625


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
46501b5a5DEPD 1 DispatchPolice 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
46502b5a6DEPD 2 RecordsPolice 2 RecordsLaw Tac
46503b5a7DEPD 3 Comm CntrPolice 3 Comm CenterLaw Tac
46504b5a8DEPD 4 Car/CarPolice 4 Car/CarLaw Tac
46513b5b1DEPD 5 TacPolice 5 TacLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
46533b5c5DFD DispatchFire DispatchFire Dispatch
46542b5ceDFD InvestigationInvestigationsFire-Tac
46543b5cfDFD Special EventSpecial EventsFire-Tac
46540b5ccDFD Training 1Training 1Fire-Talk
46541b5cdDFD Training 2Training 2Fire-Talk
46538b5caDFD Risk Manage 1Risk Management 1Fire-Talk
46539b5cbDFD Risk Manage 2Risk Management 2Fire-Talk
46544b5d0DFD EmergencyEmergencyFire-Tac

These public safety tactical (PSTAC) channels are used for multi-discipline response within the Cary/Apex/Morrisville (CAM) area.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
46534b5c6DPS TAC 40PS TAC 40Fire-Tac
46535b5c7DPS TAC 41PS TAC 41Fire-Tac
46536b5c8DPS TAC 42PS TAC 42Fire-Tac
46537b5c9DPS TAC 43PS TAC 43Fire-Tac
46545b5d1DPS TAC 44PS TAC 44Fire-Tac
46546b5d2DPS TAC 45PS TAC 45Fire-Tac
46547b5d3DPS TAC 46PS TAC 46Fire-Tac
46548b5d4DPS TAC 47PS TAC 47Fire-Tac
46549b5d5DPS TAC 48PS TAC 48Fire-Tac
46517b5b5DPS TAC 49PS TAC 49Fire-Tac
46518b5b6DPS TAC 50PS TAC 50Fire-Tac
46519b5b7DPS TAC 51PS TAC 51Fire-Tac
46520b5b8DPS TAC 52PS TAC 52Fire-Tac
46521b5b9DPS TAC 53PS TAC 53Fire-Tac
46522b5baDPS TAC 54PS TAC 54Fire-Tac
46523b5bbDPS TAC 55PS TAC 55Fire-Tac
46524b5bcDPS TAC 56PS TAC 56Fire-Tac
46525b5bdDPS TAC 57PS TAC 57Fire-Tac
46526b5beDPS TAC 58PS TAC 58Fire-Tac
46527b5bfDPS TAC 59PS TAC 59Fire-Tac

The "Cary System" talkgroups are used within Cary agencies only.

The Mutual Aid 11 thru 15 C are the Cary TGs on the Tri-Net "Mutual Aid" System. The C indicates they are on the Cary 800Mhz System.
Mutual Aid 6-10 have the D suffix to indicate they are on the Durham 800 MHz system, and 1 thru 5 have the W suffix to indicate they are on the Wake 800 MHz system. They are not relegated to any one discipline (Fire, EMS, or otherwise for their use) but are designed for multi-agency use.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
46660b644DSYSTEM MUT 1Cary System Mutual Aid 1Multi-Tac
46661b645DSYSTEM MUT 2Cary System Mutual Aid 2Multi-Tac
46662b646DSYSTEM MUT 3Cary System Mutual Aid 3Multi-Tac
46663b647DSYSTEM MUT 4Cary System Mutual Aid 4Multi-Tac
46664b648DSYSTEM MUT 5Cary System Mutual Aid 5Multi-Tac
46665b649DSYSTEM MUT 6Cary System Mutual Aid 6Multi-Tac
46666b64aDSYSTEM MUT 7Cary System Mutual Aid 7Multi-Tac
46667b64bDSYSTEM MUT 8Cary System Mutual Aid 8Multi-Tac
46668b64cDSYSTEM MUT 9Cary System Mutual Aid 9Multi-Tac
46669b64dDSYSTEM MUT 10Cary System Mutual Aid 10Multi-Tac
46670b64eDSYSTEM MUT 11Cary System Mutual Aid 11Multi-Tac
46671b64fDSYSTEM MUT 12Cary System Mutual Aid 12Multi-Tac
46672b650DSYSTEM MUT 13Cary System Mutual Aid 13Multi-Tac
46673b651DSYSTEM MUT 14Cary System Mutual Aid 14Multi-Tac
46674b652DSYSTEM MUT 15Cary System Mutual Aid 15Multi-Tac
46675b653DSYSTEM MUT 16Cary System Mutual Aid 16Multi-Tac
46692b664DMUT-AID 11CMUT-AID 11CMulti-Tac
46693b665DMUT-AID 12CMUT-AID 12CMulti-Tac
46694b666DMUT-AID 13CMUT-AID 13CMulti-Tac
46695b667DMUT-AID 14CMUT-AID 14CMulti-Tac
46696b668DMUT-AID 15CMUT-AID 15CMulti-Tac
Cary/Apex/Morrisville Backup
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
47305b8c9DCAM BU 1Cary/Apex/Morrisville Backup 1Multi-Tac
47306b8caDCAM BU 2Cary/Apex/Morrisville Backup 2Multi-Tac
47307b8cbDCAM BU 3Cary/Apex/Morrisville Backup 3Multi-Tac
47308b8ccDCAM BU 4Cary/Apex/Morrisville Backup 4Multi-Tac
47309b8cdDCAM BU 5Cary/Apex/Morrisville Backup 5Multi-Tac
47310b8ceDCAM BU 6Cary/Apex/Morrisville Backup 6Multi-Tac
47311b8cfDCAM BU 7Cary/Apex/Morrisville Backup 7Multi-Tac
47312b8d0DCAM BU 8Cary/Apex/Morrisville Backup 8Multi-Tac
47313b8d1DCAM BU 9Cary/Apex/Morrisville Backup 9Multi-Tac
47314b8d2DCAM BU 10Cary/Apex/Morrisville Backup 10Multi-Tac
47315b8d3DCAM BU 11Cary/Apex/Morrisville Backup 11Multi-Tac
47316b8d4DCAM BU 12Cary/Apex/Morrisville Backup 12Multi-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
46564b5e4DPW All CallAll CallPublic Works
46565b5e5DPW DispatchDispatchPublic Works
46566b5e6DPW UT PlantsUT PlantsPublic Works
46567b5e7DPW Ops ConstructOPS ConstructionPublic Works
46568b5e8DPW Traffic OpsTraffic OperationsPublic Works
46569b5e9DPW Traffic SigTraffic SignalsPublic Works
46570b5eaDPW UT BillingUT Billing Public Works
46571b5ebDPW WarehouseWarehousePublic Works
46573b5edDPW USM MaintceUSM MaintenancePublic Works
46574b5eeDPW USM I/IUSM I/IPublic Works
46575b5efDPW USM ElectricUSM ElectricPublic Works
46576b5f0DPW USM RCLMDUSM RCLMDPublic Works
46577b5f1DPW Solid WasteSolid WastePublic Works
46578b5f2DPW RecyclingRecyclingPublic Works
46579b5f3DPW Fac West 1Facilities West 1Public Works
46580b5f4DPW Fac West 2Facilities West 2 Public Works
46581b5f5DPW Fac West 3Facilities West 3Public Works
46582b5f6DPW Fac East 1Facilities East 1Public Works
46583b5f7DPW Fac East 2Facilities East 2Public Works
46584b5f8DPW Fac Control 1Facilities Control 1Public Works
46585b5f9DPW Fac Control 2Facilities Control 2Public Works
46586b5faDPW Response Div1Response Division 1Public Works
46587b5fbDPW Response Div2Response Division 2Public Works
46588b5fcDPW Response Div3Response Division 3Public Works
46589b5fdDPW Response Div4Response Division 4Public Works
46590b5feDPW Repair GroupRepair GroupPublic Works
46591b5ffDPW Utilities GrpUtilities GroupPublic Works
46592b600DPW Logistics GrpLogistics GroupPublic Works
Cary Parks & Recreation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
46612b614DP/R DispatchParks and Recreation DispatchPublic Works
46613b615DCutltural ResourCultural Resources Public Works
46614b616DAthleticsAthletics Public Works
46615b617DSoccer ParkSoccer ParkPublic Works
46616b618DBond ParkBond ParkPublic Works
46617b619DStevens NatureStevens Nature CenterPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
46880b720DWSO DISP 1WSO DISP 1Law Dispatch
46881b721DWSO DISP 2WSO DISP 2Law Dispatch
46882b722DWSO DISP 3WSO DISP 3Law Dispatch
46883b723DWSO DISP 4WSO DISP 4Law Dispatch
46884b724DWSO PAT 1WSO PAT 1Law Dispatch
46885b725DWSO PAT 2WSO PAT 2Law Dispatch
46886b726DWSO PAT 3WSO PAT 3Law Dispatch
46887b727DWSO PAT 4WSO PAT 4Law Dispatch
46888b728DWSO MOP1WSO Mutual Ops 1Law Tac
46889b729DWSO MOP2WSO Mutual Ops 2Law Tac
46890b72aDWSO MOP3WSO Mutual Ops 3Law Tac
46891b72bDWSO MOP4WSO Mutual Ops 4Law Tac
46895b72fDWSO CID 1WSO CID 1Law Talk
46896b730DWSO CID 2WSO CID 2Law Talk
46897b731DWSO CID 3WSO CID 3Law Talk
46898b732DWSO CID 4WSO CID 4Law Talk
46899b733DWSO CID 5WSO CID 5Law Talk
46902b736DWSO JUD 1WSO Judicial 1Law Tac
46903b737DWSO TRANSPWSO Prisoner TransportLaw Tac
46904b738DWC COURT SECWake Courthouse SecurityLaw Talk
46905b739DWSO JUD 2WSO Judicial 2Corrections
46906b73aDWSO WARRANTWSO WarrantCorrections
46907b73bDWSO CAR-CARWSO Car-to-CarLaw Talk
46911b73fDWSO EMERGWSO EmergencyLaw Tac
46916b744DWSO DET 1WSO DET 1Corrections
46917b745DWSO DET PSCWSO DET PSCCorrections
46938b75aDeWSO SRT OPSWSO SRT OpsLaw Tac
47300b8c4DWSO MutAid 1WSO Mutual Aid 1Law Tac
47301b8c5DWSO MutAid 2WSO Mutual Aid 2Law Tac
47302b8c6DWSO MutAid 3WSO Mutual Aid 3Law Tac
47303b8c7DWSO MutAid 4WSO Mutual Aid 4Law Tac
47304b8c8DWSO MutAid 5WSO Mutual Aid 5Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
46949b765DWC FD ALERTWC FD ALERTFire Dispatch
46940b75cDWC FD DISPWC FD DISPFire Dispatch
46948b764DWC FD EMERWC FD EMERFire-Tac
Wake/Raleigh Fire Ops

This set of 12 talkgroups is used by Wake County and City of Raleigh fire departments when on a fire department only response.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
46800b6d0DFD OPS 1FIRE OPS 1Fire-Tac
46801b6d1DFD OPS 2FIRE OPS 2Fire-Tac
46802b6d2DFD OPS 3FIRE OPS 3Fire-Tac
46803b6d3DFD OPS 4FIRE OPS 4Fire-Tac
46804b6d4DFD OPS 5FIRE OPS 5Fire-Tac
46805b6d5DFD OPS 6FIRE OPS 6Fire-Tac
46806b6d6DFD OPS 7FIRE OPS 7Fire-Tac
46807b6d7DFD OPS 8FIRE OPS 8Fire-Tac
46808b6d8DFD OPS 9FIRE OPS 9Fire-Tac
46809b6d9DFD OPS 10FIRE OPS 10Fire-Tac
46810b6daDFD OPS 11FIRE OPS 11Fire-Tac
46811b6dbDFD OPS 12FIRE OPS 12Fire-Tac
Wake/Raleigh PS TAC
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
46812b6dcDPS TAC 13PS TAC 13Multi-Tac
46813b6ddDPS TAC 14PS TAC 14Multi-Tac
46814b6deDPS TAC 15PS TAC 15Multi-Tac
46815b6dfDPS TAC 16PS TAC 16Multi-Tac
46816b6e0DPS TAC 17PS TAC 17Multi-Tac
46817b6e1DPS TAC 18PS TAC 18Multi-Tac
46818b6e2DPS TAC 19PS TAC 19Multi-Tac
46819b6e3DPS TAC 20PS TAC 20Multi-Tac
46820b6e4DPS TAC 21PS TAC 21Multi-Tac
46821b6e5DPS TAC 22PS TAC 22Multi-Tac
46822b6e6DPS TAC 23PS TAC 23Multi-Tac
46823b6e7DPS TAC 24PS TAC 24Multi-Tac
46824b6e8DPS TAC 25PS TAC 25Multi-Tac
46825b6e9DPS TAC 26PS TAC 26Multi-Tac
46826b6eaDPS TAC 27PS TAC 27Multi-Tac
46827b6ebDPS TAC 28PS TAC 28Multi-Tac
46828b6ecDPS TAC 29PS TAC 29Multi-Tac
46829b6edDPS TAC 30PS TAC 30Multi-Tac
46830b6eeDPS TAC 31PS TAC 31Multi-Tac
46831b6efDPS TAC 32PS TAC 32Multi-Tac
46832b6f0DPS TAC 33PS TAC 33Multi-Tac
46833b6f1DPS TAC 34PS TAC 34Multi-Tac
46834b6f2DPS TAC 35PS TAC 35Multi-Tac
46835b6f3DPS TAC 36PS TAC 36Multi-Tac
46836b6f4DPS TAC 37PS TAC 37Multi-Tac
46837b6f5DPS TAC 38PS TAC 38Multi-Tac
46838b6f6DPS TAC 39PS TAC 39Multi-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
46969b779DWC EMS DISP1WC EMS DISP1EMS Dispatch
46972b77cDWC EMS DISP2WC EMS DISP2EMS Dispatch
46971b77bDEWC EMS SPEVNT1Special Event 1EMS-Tac
46975b77fDEWC EMS SPEVNT2Special Event 2EMS-Tac
46976b780DEWC EMS SPEVNT3Special Event 3EMS-Tac
46977b781DEWC EMS SPEVNT4Special Event 4EMS-Tac
Wake Emergency Management
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
46962b772DWC EM 1Wake Emergency ManagementEmergency Ops
46963b773DWC EOC CALLWake Emergency Operations All CallEmergency Ops
46964b774DWC EOC 1Wake Emergency Operations 1Emergency Ops
46965b775DWC EOC 2Wake Emergency Operations 2Emergency Ops
46966b776DWC EOC 3Wake Emergency Operations 3Emergency Ops
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
46839b6f7DEPS EVT1PS EVT1Multi-Tac
46840b6f8DEPS EVT2PS EVT2Multi-Tac
46841b6f9DEPS EVT3PS EVT3Multi-Tac
46842b6faDEPS EVT4PS EVT4Multi-Tac
46843b6fbDEPS EVT5PS EVT5Multi-Tac
46844b6fcDPS EVT6PS EVT6Multi-Tac
46845b6fdDPS EVT7PS EVT7Multi-Tac
46846b6feDPS EVT8PS EVT8Multi-Tac
46847b6ffDPS EVT9PS EVT9Multi-Tac
46848b700DPS EVT10PS EVT10Multi-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
46853b705DMUT-AID 1WMUT-AID 1WInterop
46854b706DMUT-AID 2WMUT-AID 2WInterop
46855b707DMUT-AID 3WMUT-AID 3WInterop
46856b708DMUT-AID 4WMUT-AID 4WInterop
46857b709DMUT-AID 5WMUT-AID 5WInterop
46858b70aDTRI-COMMWake Comm Center Intersystem Emergency Ops
46859b70bDWAKE-COMMWake CommEmergency Ops
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
46849b701DWC GOV 1Wake County Government Common 1Multi-Talk
46850b702DWC GOV 2Wake County Government Common 2Multi-Talk
46851b703DWC GOV 3Wake County Government Common 3Multi-Talk
46852b704DWC GOV 4Wake County Government Common 4Multi-Talk
46865b711DWC ANIML CTL OPSWake County Animal Control OpsLaw Tac
46866b712DWC ANIML CTL TACWake County Animal Control TacLaw Tac
46867b713DWC ANIML CTL DSPWake County Animal Control DispLaw Tac
47010b7a2DWC SCHOOLS 1WC SCHOOLS 1Schools
47011b7a3DWC SCHOOLS 2WC SCHOOLS 2Schools
GoWake Access Transportation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
46998b796DGO-WAKE 1Wake Coordinated Transport 1Transportation
46999b797DGO-WAKE 2Wake Coordinated Transport 2Transportation
47000b798DGO-WAKE 3Wake Coordinated Transport 3Transportation
47001b799DGO-WAKE 4Wake Coordinated Transport 4Transportation
47009b7a1DGO-WAKE MAINTWake Coordinated Transport MaintenanceTransportation
GoTriangle Transit
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
47002b79aDGO-TRIANGLE 1GoTriangle Transit 1Transportation
47003b79bDGO-TRIANGLE 2GoTriangle Transit 2Transportation
47004b79cDGO-TRIANGLE MXGoTriangle Transit MaintenanceTransportation
Wake GSA (General Services Administration)

The Wake County GSA (General Services Administration) is responsible for facility management, fleet management, criminal justice support and general government services to the county.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
46870b716DWCGSA SECURITYWake GSA SecuritySecurity
46871b717DWCGSA PHYSICALWake GSA PhysicalPublic Works
46872b718DWCGSA CENTRALWake GSA CentralPublic Works
46873b719DWCGSA FIELDWake GSA FieldPublic Works
46874b71aDWCGSA FLEETWake GSA FleetPublic Works
46876b71cDWCGSA MUT-AIDWake GSA Mutual AidPublic Works
CCBI (City/County Bureau of Identification)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
46925b74dDCCBI 1City County Bureau of Identification1Fire-Talk
46926b74eDCCBI 2City County Bureau of Identification 2Law Talk
46927b74fDCCBI 3City County Bureau of Identification 3Law Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
47050b7caDRPD NWD DISPRaleigh Police Northwest District DispLaw Dispatch
47051b7cbDRPD NOD DISPRaleigh Police North District DispLaw Dispatch
47052b7ccDRPD NED DISPRaleigh Police Northeast District DispLaw Dispatch
47053b7cdDRPD SED DISPRaleigh Police Southeast District DispLaw Dispatch
47054b7ceDRPD DTD DISPRaleigh Police Downtown District DispLaw Dispatch
47055b7cfDRPD SWD DISPRaleigh Police Southwest District DispLaw Dispatch
47056b7d0DERPD TARU TACTechnical Assistence Response Unit TacLaw Tac
47058b7d2DERPD CEUCriminal Enterprise Unit InvestigatorsLaw Talk
47060b7d4DRPD NWD TAC1Raleigh Police Northwest District Tac 1Law Tac
47061b7d5DRPD NOD TAC1Raleigh Police North District Tac 1Law Tac
47062b7d6DRPD NED TAC1Raleigh Police Northeast District Tac 1Law Tac
47063b7d7DRPD SED TAC1Raleigh Police Southeast District Tac 1Law Tac
47064b7d8DRPD DTD TAC1Raleigh Police Downtown District Tac 1Law Tac
47065b7d9DRPD SWD TAC1Raleigh Police Southwest District Tac 1Law Tac
47066b7daDRPD NWD TAC2Raleigh Police Northwest District Tac 2Law Tac
47067b7dbDRPD NOD TAC2Raleigh Police North District Tac 2Law Tac
47068b7dcDRPD NED TAC2Raleigh Police Northeast District Tac 2Law Tac
47069b7ddDRPD SED TAC2Raleigh Police Southeast District Tac 2Law Tac
47070b7deDRPD DTD TAC2Raleigh Police Downtown District Tac 2Law Tac
47071b7dfDRPD SWD TAC2Raleigh Police Southwest District Tac 2Law Tac
47074b7e2DRPD LE OPS 5Raleigh Police LE Ops 5Law Tac
47075b7e3DRPD LE OPS 6Raleigh Police LE Ops 6Law Tac
47076b7e4DRPD LE OPS 7Raleigh Police LE Ops 7Law Tac
47077b7e5DRPD LE OPS 8Raleigh Police LE Ops 8Law Tac
47078b7e6DRPD LE OPS 9Raleigh Police LE Ops 9Law Tac
47079b7e7DRPD CITY 1Raleigh Police City 1Law Tac
47080b7e8DRPD CITY 2Raleigh Police City 2Law Tac
47081b7e9DeRPD SO TAC 1Raleigh Police Spec Ops Tac 1Law Tac
47082b7eaDeRPD SO TAC 2Raleigh Police Spec Ops Tac 2Law Tac
47083b7ebDeRPD SO TAC 3Raleigh Police Spec Ops Tac 3Law Tac
47084b7ecDeRPD SO TAC 4Raleigh Police Spec Ops Tac 4Law Tac
47085b7edDeRPD SO TAC 5Raleigh Police Spec Ops Tac 5Law Tac
47086b7eeDeRPD SO TAC 6Raleigh Police Spec Ops Tac 6Law Tac
47087b7efDeRPD SO TAC 7Raleigh Police Spec Ops Tac 7Law Tac
47088b7f0DeRPD SO TAC 8Raleigh Police Spec Ops Tac 8Law Tac
47089b7f1DeRPD SO TAC 9Raleigh Police Spec Ops Tac 9Law Tac
47090b7f2DeRPD SO TAC 10Raleigh Police Spec Ops Tac 10Law Tac
47091b7f3DeRPD SO TAC 11Raleigh Police Spec Ops Tac 11Law Tac
47092b7f4DeRPD SO TAC 12Raleigh Police Spec Ops Tac 12Law Tac
47093b7f5DeRPD SO TAC 13Raleigh Police Spec Ops Tac 13Law Tac
47094b7f6DeRPD SO TAC 14Raleigh Police Spec Ops Tac 14Law Tac
47095b7f7DeRPD SO TAC 15Raleigh Police Spec Ops Tac 15Law Tac
47096b7f8DeRPD SO TAC 16Raleigh Police Spec Ops Tac 16Law Tac
47097b7f9DERPD SEURaleigh Police Selective Enforcement Unit (SWAT)Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
46951b767DRFD BATT 1RFD BATT 1Fire-Talk
46952b768DRFD BATT 2RFD BATT 2Fire-Talk
46953b769DRFD BATT 3RFD BATT 3Fire-Talk
46954b76aDRFD BATT 4RFD BATT 4Fire-Talk
46955b76bDRFD BATT 5RFD BATT 5Fire-Talk
47020b7acDRFD HQ DISPRFD HQ DISPFire Dispatch
47021b7adDRFD ALERTRFD ALERTFire Dispatch
47022b7aeDRFD TRAIN 1RFD Training 1Fire-Talk
47023b7afDRFD TRAIN 2RFD Training 2Fire-Talk
47024b7b0DRFD TRAIN 3RFD Training 3Fire-Talk
47025b7b1DRFD TRAIN 4RFD Training 4Fire-Talk
47026b7b2DeRFD TRAIN 5RFD Training 5Fire-Talk
47027b7b3DERAL FD SPEVNT1Special Event 1Fire-Tac
47028b7b4DERAL FD SPEVNT2Special Event 2Fire-Tac
47029b7b5DERAL FD SPEVNT3Special Event 3Fire-Tac
KRDU Raleigh-Durham Intl Airport
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
47381b915DRDU ARDU Airport AMulti-Tac
47382b916DRDU BRDU Airport BMulti-Tac
47383b917DRDU CRDU Airport CMulti-Tac
47384b918DRDU DRDU Airport DMulti-Tac
47385b919DRDU ERDU Airport EMulti-Tac
47386b91aDRDU FRDU Airport FMulti-Tac
47387b91bDRDU ES DISPRDU ES DISPEmergency Ops
47388b91cDRDU ES 1RDU ES 1Multi-Dispatch
47389b91dDRDU ES 2RDU ES 2Multi-Dispatch
47390b91eDRDU CENTRALRDU CENTRALMulti-Dispatch
47391b91fDRDU LE 2RDU LE 2Law Tac
47392b920DRDU LE 3RDU LE 3Law Tac
47393b921DRDU LE 4RDU LE 4Law Tac
47394b922DRDU OPS DISPRDU OPS DISPMulti-Dispatch
47395b923DRDU OPS 2RDU OPS 2Multi-Tac
GoRaleigh Transit System

Formerly known as Capital Area Transit (CAT)

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
46990b78eDGO-RALEIGH OPS 1GoRaleigh City Bus PrimaryTransportation
46991b78fDGO-RALEIGH OPS 2GoRaleigh City Bus SecondaryTransportation
46992b790DGO-RALEIGH MAINTGoRaleigh City Bus MaintenanceTransportation
46993b791DGO-RALEIGH SUPVGoRaleigh City Bus SupervisorsTransportation

Combined dispatch channel for Knightdale PD, Wendell PD, Zebulon PD, & Rolesville PD.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
47220b874DWAKE LE EASTWake LE East DispLaw Dispatch
47221b875DWAKE LE EAST TACWake LE East TacLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
46644b634DAPXF DISPApex Fire DispFire Dispatch
46679b657DEAPEX PD DispApex PD DispLaw Dispatch
46680b658DEAPEX PD TacApex PD TacLaw Tac
Town of Fuquay Varina
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
47144b828DEFVPD DISPPolice DispLaw Dispatch
47146b82aDEFVPD INV 1Police Investigations 1Law Talk
47147b82bDEFVPD INV 2Police Investigations 2Law Talk
47148b82cDEFVPD INV 3Police Investigations 3Law Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
47174b846DGPD DCIGarner Police RecordsLaw Talk
47175b847DGPD DISPGarner Police DispLaw Dispatch
47176b848DGPD EMERGGarner Police EmergencyLaw Tac
47178b84aDGPD OPSGarner Police OpsLaw Tac
47184b850DGPD INVGarner Police InvestigationsLaw Talk
47185b851DGVFD 1Garner FireFire-Talk
Town of Holly Springs
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
47145b829DHSPD EMERGHolly Springs Police EmergencyLaw Tac
47196b85cDHSFD DISPHolly Springs Fire DispFire Dispatch
47197b85dDHSPD DISPHolly Springs Police DispLaw Dispatch
47198b85eDHSPD TAC 1Holly Springs Police Tac 1Law Tac
47199b85fDHS OPS 1Holly Springs OpsMulti-Tac
47200b860DHSPD TRAINHolly Springs Police TrainingLaw Talk
Town of Knightdale

Knightdale PD is dispatched on WAKE LE EAST (47220)

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
47210b86aDKFD OPSKnightdale FD OpsFire-Tac
47211b86bDKFD CommonFire CommonFire-Tac
47215b86fDKPD OPS 1Knightdale PD Ops 1Law Tac
47216b870DKPD OPS 2Knightdale PD Ops 2Law Tac
Town of Morrisville
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
46551b5d7DEMorrisvl PD DispMorrisvl PD DispLaw Dispatch
46698b66aDMFD BKUPMorrisville FD BackupFire-Tac
Town of Rolesville

Rolesville PD is dispatched on WAKE LE EAST (47220)

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
47225b879DRVPD 1Rolesville PD 1Law Tac
47226b87aDRVPD 2Rolesville PD 2Law Tac
47229b87dDRV EMERRolesville EmergencyLaw Tac
Town of Wake Forest
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
47245b88dDWFFD SPAREWake Forest Fire SpareFire-Talk
47246b88eDWFFD COMNWake Forest Fire CommonFire-Talk
47248b890DWFPD DISPWake Forest Police DispLaw Dispatch
47249b891DWFPD TAC 1Wake Forest Police Tac 1Law Tac
47250b892DEWFPD TSUWake Forest Police Tactical SWAT UnitLaw Tac
47252b894DEWFPD DVWake Forest Police Drug Law Tac
47253b895DWF TAC 1Wake Forest Tac 1Multi-Tac
47254b896DWF TAC 2Wake Forest Tac 2Multi-Tac
47255b897DWF TAC 3Wake Forest Tac 3Multi-Tac
47257b899DWF COMMONWake Forest City CommonMulti-Talk

Wendell PD is dispatched on WAKE LE EAST (47220)

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
47235b883DWPD OPS 1Wendell PD Ops 1Law Tac
47236b884DWPD OPS 2Wendell PD Ops 2Law Tac
47237b885DWPD ADMINWendell PD AdminLaw Talk
47239b887DWENDELL COMMONWendell City CommonMulti-Talk

Zebulon PD is dispatched on WAKE LE EAST (47220)

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
47274b8aaDZPD OPS 1Zebulon PD Ops 1Law Tac
47275b8abDZPD OPS 2Zebulon PD Ops 2Law Tac
47278b8aeDZPD ADMINZebulon PD AdminLaw Talk
NC State University
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
47110b806DNCSU PD 1NCSU PD 1Law Dispatch
47111b807DNCSU PD 2NCSU PD 2Law Tac
47113b809DNCSU FD DISPNCSU FD DISPFire Dispatch
47115b80bDNCSU PS OPS 1NCSU PS OPS1Multi-Tac
47116b80cDNCSU PS OPS 2NCSU PS OPS2Multi-Tac
47117b80dDNCSU PS OPS 3NCSU PS OPS3Multi-Tac
47112b808DNCSU OPSNCSU OPSMulti-Tac
47118b80eDNCSU ADMIN 1NCSU Admin 1Multi-Talk
47119b80fDNCFS ADMIN 2NCSU Admin 2Multi-Talk
46994b792DNCSU WOLFLINE 1NCSU Wolfline 1Transportation
46995b793DNCSU WOLFLINE 2NCSU Wolfline 2Transportation
46996b794DNCSU WOLFLINE MXNCSU Wolfline MaintTransportation
46997b795DNCSU WOLFLINENCSU Wolfline OpsTransportation
Wake Technical Community College
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
47125b815DWTCC PD DISPWTCC Police DispLaw Dispatch
47126b816DWTCC PD 2WTCC Police 2Law Tac
47127b817DWTCC PD 3WTCC Police 3Law Tac
47133b81dDWTCC AdminWTCC Police AdminLaw Talk