System Name: Diga-Talk
Location: Various, IL IN MI WI
County: 88 Counties
System Type: NXDN NEXEDGE 4800
System Voice: NXDN Digital
System ID: HEX: LE DEC: L14
Last Updated: March 15, 2024, 12:41 pm UTC   [Updated 1 talkgroups for Wisconsin Area]
System Notes

Site 7 (Melrose Park) appears to be off the air at the present time.  The control channel data for Sites 6 (Chicago) and 10 (Carol Stream) are both showing Site 7 to be a neighbor. (10/4/23)

See the Forum Discussion for more information on the system (including information that was previously listed here)

There are apparently 3 zones in this system that can consist of up to 30 towers each (5/17)
Each Zone will show as towers 1-30 (will not include 100, 200, 300, etc)
Sites 1-30 are Chicago area (confirmed)
Sites 101-130 are Wisconsin area (confirmed)
Sites 201-230 are central/southern Illinois (confirmed)
Sites 300-330 are unconfirmed area (site number is confirmed)

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
001 (1) Naperville DuPage, IL 464.850472.396875472.475472.571875472.946875c471.700 
002 (2) Lake Zurich Lake, IL 462.150472.2125472.296875472.696875472.703125472.975c454.396875c
003 (3) Lockport Will, IL 461.250463.525463.700471.321875471.809375471.815625472.325
004 (4) Kankakee Kankakee, IL 452.250452.325452.746875c452.800461.5125462.0125463.9375
005 (5) Gary, IN Lake, IN 464.100471.465625c471.950472.6625472.821875  
006 (6) Chicago Cook, IL 460.900c471.300471.850472.259375472.425c472.550472.7125c
007 (7) Melrose Park Cook, IL 452.2125478.0125478.184375478.190625478.334375478.340625478.484375
008 (8) Wilmington Will, IL 461.43125461.659375463.5875c464.8375   
009 (9) Mokena Will, IL 461.450463.950463.975471.900471.921875c472.521875472.775
010 (A) Carol Stream DuPage, IL 461.050471.4625471.928125472.446875c472.453125472.578125472.825
011 (B) Minooka Kendall, IL 471.975c472.209375472.215625472.346875472.709375454.415625 
012 (C) Plato Center Kane, IL 461.325471.450c472.0375472.403125472.725472.953125472.175
013 (D) Johnsburg McHenry, IL 461.665625462.03125472.500c472.76875454.465625  
014 (E) Rockford Winnebago, IL 452.2125461.3875463.9125c463.5625461.6125  
015 (F) Compton Lee, IL 452.6125c462.150     
016 (10) Posen Cook, IL 452.4625452.875471.350472.700472.925c452.26875454.390625
017 (11) DeKalb DeKalb, IL 451.975462.0875463.3875c463.8625463.950  
018 (12) Plano Kendall, IL 452.6875462.0375c463.450451.7625   
019 (13) Bremen, IN Marshall, IN 463.81875c      
020 (14) Valparaiso, IN Porter, IN 471.425471.450471.875c472.250   
021 (15) Shorewood Will, IL 462.03125463.94375463.76875454.434375c   
022 (16) Arlington Heights Cook, IL 451.850463.450464.8875452.21875452.38125454.4125c 
023 (17) Kirkland DeKalb, IL 461.9625463.4875461.4125c    
024 (18) Midway Airport (Chicago) Cook, IL 454.450c451.84375451.85625452.88125   
026 (1A) Aurora DuPage, IL 454.396875454.475c     
030 (1E) Marseilles La Salle, IL 461.4875c      
101 (65) Plymouth Sheboygan, WI 452.746875463.2375454.646875c454.659375   
102 (66) Sheboygan Sheboygan, WI 464.625454.640625c454.653125452.246875   
103 (67) Chilton, WI Calumet, WI 452.184375452.190625451.464625451.559375c   
104 (68) Whitelaw Manitowoc, WI 461.975463.7125c454.453125    
105 (69) Brighton, WI Kenosha, WI 452.01875452.075452.775461.49375c461.70625461.90625 
106 (6A) New Berlin, WI Waukesha, WI 452.3875452.4375c453.0125461.3875451.8875  
107 (6B) De Pere, WI Brown, WI 451.550c452.0625453.0125463.4875464.7875460.7125 
108 (6C) Oshkosh, WI Winnebago, WI 451.6375451.850c452.3625460.9125   
109 (6D) Appleton, WI Outagamie, WI 451.8375452.125452.7625464.5625c464.8375461.7375 
110 (6E) Fontana, WI Walworth, WI 463.684375c463.690625463.934375463.940625   
111 (6F) Footville, WI Rock, WI 452.150c452.446875c464.759375464.9375   
112 (70) Madison, WI Dane, WI 464.859375464.740625464.865625c464.734375   
113 (71) Fond du Lac, WI Fond Du Lac, WI 454.440625c454.446875     
115 (73) Bonduel, WI Shawano, WI 451.2625452.8875463.9125c464.6125   
116 (74) Sturgeon Bay, WI Door, WI 461.925c463.375463.9375464.4625   
117 (75) Baraboo, WI Sauk, WI 463.7125c464.4125464.8125    
118 (76) New London, WI Outagamie, WI 463.6625463.9625464.7375c    
119 (77) West Bend, WI Washington, WI 462.0875c463.6125463.9125464.4125   
120 (78) Menominee, MI Menominee, MI 462.0375463.8875c464.7125c    
121 (79) Wausau, WI Marathon, WI 452.0125c452.3875463.225    
122 (7A) Ripon, WI Fond Du Lac, WI 463.9375c464.4625464.6625c    
123 (7B) Stevens Point, WI Portage, WI 451.6625c462.1125463.300    
124 (7C) Rudolph, WI Wood, WI 451.9875452.6875c461.6875    
125 (7D) Marshfield, WI Wood, WI 451.565625c463.6125463.850    
126 (7E) Irma, WI Lincoln, WI 452.125464.7375c     
127 (7F) Hancock, WI Waushara, WI 463.3875463.8875c     
128 (80) Sayner, WI Vilas, WI 452.4625c463.8125453.015625    
129 (81) Antigo, WI Langlade, WI 464.300464.7875c     
130 (82) West Milwaukee, WI Milwaukee, WI 452.7375c463.9375464.4375464.7875   
201 (C9) Salem Marion, IL 453.0125c      
202 (CA) Greenville Bond, IL 462.025c454.400     
203 (CB) Mt. Sterling Brown, IL 461.150c      
204 (CC) Mattoon Coles, IL 452.2625452.650c     
205 (CD) Champaign Champaign, IL 454.51875454.400c     
219 (DB) Gridley McLean, IL 454.4125c      
225 (E1) Minier Tazewell, IL 451.9125454.175c     
226 (E2) Springfield Sangamon, IL 461.100c461.550461.675461.9625   
227 (E3) Jacksonville Morgan, IL 462.375c461.7125462.250463.200   
228 (E4) Effingham Effingham, IL 451.175452.3875c452.350452.300   


Chicago Metro Area
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
68DChicago BoardUpChicago Board-Up ServicesBusiness
70Dpaving 70road/street paving operationsBusiness
87DPark N Jet ORDPark-N-Jet Chicago (O'Hare Parking and Hotel Shuttle)Business
92DEdward/LoyolaAmbLoyola Medicine Transport (400s), Edward Ambulance Services (900s)EMS Dispatch
97DRC TopsoilRC Topsoil (Lake Barrington)Business
98DAdvancedSecurityAdvanced Security Solutions (Des Plaines)Security
105Dmaterials 105materials truckingBusiness
107DNAPA 317, 318NAPA Auto Parts Stores 317 (Countryside) / 318 (Lyons)Business
111Dintermodal 111intermodal operationsBusiness
125Dmaterials 125materials trucking ops, includes Estrada Transport (Berwyn)Business
133Dmaterials 133materials hauling? concrete company?Business
149DFreedom EMSFreedom EMS (Wilmington)EMS Dispatch
153DActionK9SecurityAction K-9 Security (CTA 'L' stations)Security
186DK-5 ConstructionK-Five ConstructionBusiness
252Ddump trucksdump trucksBusiness
273DNU Chgo ShuttlesNorthwestern University (Chicago) Train Shuttle BusesTransportation
295DLoyolaMedicalNEVLoyola Medicine Transport: Non-Emergency VansTransportation
306DILC 306Intermodal Logistics Center? (Elwood, IL)Business
307DILC 307Intermodal Logistics Center? (Elwood, IL)Business
1047DUPRR PoliceUnion Pacific Railroad Police (out of service?)Law Dispatch
1103DRidge AmbulanceRidge Ambulance (Montgomery)EMS Dispatch
1110DNtnwideRailSvcsNationwide Rail Services (Burr Ridge) - Intermodal OpsBusiness
1136Dtaxi 1136taxi company (Joliet area)Transportation
1144DAT 1144"AT" RID aliasesBusiness
2256DAGB InvestigativAGB Investigative Services (security, Chicago)Security
3065DRKW Redi MixRKW Redi Mix (Burlington, WI)Business
3068DPace Paratrans 1Pace Paratransit (First Transit): Channel 1Transportation
3069DPace Paratrans 2Pace Paratransit (First Transit): Channel 2Transportation
3070DPace Paratrans 3Pace Paratransit (First Transit): Channel 3Transportation
3073DUoC UGo ShuttleUniversity of Chicago UGo Shuttle ServiceTransportation
3084Dmaterials 3084materials trucking - possibly Tonyan Bros.? (Ringwood, IL)Business
3092DBnsv Dial a RideBensenville (IL) Dial-a-RideTransportation
Chicago - Midway area

 - TG 2263: Technical support and maintenance of the Integrated Safety, Security, and Operations Communications and Control System (ISSOCCS) program at Midway Airport.

- Most of the comms on these talkgroups will be heard primarily on Diga-Talk Site 24.

DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
83DMDW Emp ShuttlesMidway Employee ShuttlesTransportation
1082DMDW Park & FlyMidway Park & FlyBusiness
2263DSDI MidwaySDI Solutions (at Midway)Business
2265DMMG Midway EngrsMidway Maintenance Group: EngineersBusiness
2266DMMG Midway CustMidway Maintenance Group: CustodiansBusiness
2267DMMG Midway 2267Midway Maintenance GroupBusiness
2299DMATCO MDWMidway Airlines Terminal Consortium (MATCO) - Midway AirportBusiness
3078DMDW RAC ShuttlesMidway Rental Car ShuttlesTransportation
Chicago Metro Refuse / Recycling

Advanced Disposal is now Green For Life (GFL) or Waste Management.

DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
86DPrairieland DispPrairieland Disposal and Recycling (Lake Barrington)Business
179DAdv Disp Btv ResAdvanced Disposal - Batavia: ResidentialBusiness
200DAdv Disp NB CommAdvanced Disposal - Northbrook: Commercial Business
231DAdv Disp NB RolAdvanced Disposal - Northbrook: Roll-offBusiness
235DAdv Disp NB ResAdvanced Disposal - Northbrook: ResidentialBusiness
250DAdv Disp Btv RolAdvanced Disposal - Batavia: Roll-offBusiness
257DAdv Disp BtvShopAdvanced Disposal - Batavia: Mechanics/ShopBusiness
277DAdv Disp MP ShopAdvanced Disposal - Melrose Park: Mechanics/ShopBusiness
283DAdv Disp MP 283Advanced Disposal - Melrose Park: Roll-off?Business
285DAdv Disp MP CommAdvanced Disposal - Melrose Park: CommercialBusiness
287DAdv Disp MP 287Advanced Disposal - Melrose Park: CommercialBusiness
Chicago Metro School Bus
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
64DMorris Sch BusesMorris School Districts 54, 60c, 101: BusesSchools
71DAmmons BusAmmons Transportation Service (Chicago)Business
72DGrndPrarie LkprtGrand Prairie Transit (Lockport yard)?Business
76DWestway Lemont Westway Coach (Lemont yard): Lisle Dist 211, others?Business
96Dschool bus 96School bus ops: "Aurora Base", special needs buses?Business
109DGrndPrarie EGVGrand Prairie Transit (Elk Grove Village yard?)Business
129DAmSchBus FrnkfrtAmerican School Bus (Frankford yard)Business
134DAmSchBus OrlndPkAmerican School Bus (Orland Park yard)Business
136Dschool bus 136unknown special needs transportation, "Alpha" base?Business
148DRichLee AuroraRichLee Vans (Aurora yard)Business
154DStarfish TranspStarfish Transportation (Chicago)Business
174DN Shore TransitNorth Shore Transit (Skokie)Business
188DLakeside LbtyvlLakeside Transportation (Libertyville Yard)Business
189DLakeside N. ChgoLakeside Transportation (North Chicago Yard)Business
192DGrndPrairieMt.PrGrand Prairie Transit (Mt. Prospect yard): District 59Business
193DAlpha School BusAlpha School Bus (Crestwood)Business
195DIL School Bus CoIllinois School Bus (Crestwood)Business
244DValleyViewBus 1Valley View District 365U (Romeoville) BusesSchools
245DValleyViewBus 2Valley View District 365U (Romeoville) BusesSchools
289DJoliet Twp HSJoliet Township High: School BusesSchools
304DGrndPrarieWlwSprGrand Prairie Transit (Willow Springs yard?)Business
Chicago Metro Towing
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
130DSchock's TowingSchock's Towing (Gilberts)Business
137DSuburban TowingSuburban Towing and Recovery (Elk Grove Village)Business
143DLin-Mar TowingLin-Mar Towing and Recovery (Morton Grove)Business
233DAntioch AutomtvAntioch Automotive (Antioch)Business
275Dtowing 275Pete's Towing? (East Dundee)Business
288Dtowing 288towing operationsBusiness
1056DLincoln Towing 1Lincoln Towing (Chicago) - Ch. 1Business
1057DLincoln Towing 2Lincoln Towing (Chicago) - Ch. 2Business
2756Dtowing 2756towing operationsBusiness
3032DJensen TowingJensen Towing (Racine, WI)Business
3058DE&R Towing 1E&R Towing (Chicago) - Ch. 1 (OOS?)Business
3059DE&R Towing 2E&R Towing (Chicago) - Ch. 2 (OOS?)Business
3060DE&R Towing 3060E&R Towing (Chicago) (OOS?)Business
3061DE&R Towing 3061E&R Towing (Chicago) (OOS?)Business
Elite Ambulance (Metro Chicago)

Elite Ambulance has reportedly left the Diga-Talk system and is now using 4G LTE. (2/19/21)

DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2006DElite Medicar 1Medicar 1EMS Dispatch
2007DElite Medicar 2Medicar 2EMS Dispatch
2008DErickson AmbErickson Ambulance (Racine)EMS Dispatch
2009DElite West W/NWWest Dispatch (West and Northwest Suburbs)EMS Dispatch
2010DElite North N/LkNorth Dispatch (North Side and Lake County)EMS Dispatch
2011DElite East S/FarEast Dispatch (South and Far South Suburbs)EMS Dispatch
2012DElite IN AmbulanIndiana AmbulanceEMS Dispatch
2013DElite IN MedicarIndiana MedicarEMS Dispatch
Superior Ambulance (Metro Chicago)
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
59948DSuperior Amb AdmAdministrationEMS Dispatch
59950DSuperior Amb NNorth DispatchEMS Dispatch
59951DSuperior Amb SSouth DispatchEMS Dispatch
59952DSuperior Amb WWest DispatchEMS Dispatch
59953DSuperior Amb RkfRockford DispatchEMS Dispatch
59954DSuperior Amb LakLake County (IL)EMS Dispatch
59955DIL Medi-Car 1Illinois Medi-Car [IMC Ch. 1]EMS Dispatch
59956DIL Medi-Car 2Illinois Medi-Car [IMC Ch. 2]EMS Dispatch
59957DSuperior Amb INIndiana DispatchEMS Dispatch
59958DIL Medi-Car INIllinois Medi-Car: IndianaEMS Dispatch
59959DSuperior Amb SE1Special Event 1EMS-Talk
59960DSuperior Amb SE2Special Event 2EMS-Talk
59961DSuperior Amb SE3Special Event 3EMS-Talk
59962DSuperior Amb SE4Special Event 4EMS-Talk
59963DSuperior Amb SE5Special Event 5EMS-Talk
59964DSuperior Amb SE6 Special Event 6EMS-Talk
59966DSupAmbHighlandHighland, Indiana DiapatchEMS Dispatch
Troy Community Consolidated School District 30C (Plainfield IL)
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
67DTroy 30C CroninCronin Elementary School (Shorewood)Schools
103DTroy 30C BusesTroy CCSD 30C (Plainfield): BusesSchools
144DTroy 30C CrwellTroy Craughwell Elementary School (Joliet)Schools
145DTroy 30C HtgTrlHeritage Trail Elementary School (Joliet)Schools
160DTroy 30C HoferHofer Elementary School (Shorewood)Schools
162DTroy 30C ShrwdShorewood Elementary School (Shorewood)Schools
163DTroy 30C WBOWm. B. Orenic Intermediate School (Plainfield)Schools
164DTroy 30C TMSTroy Middle School (Plainfield)Schools
167DTroy 30C B and GBuildings and Grounds (District-wide)Schools
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
93DNew Lenox StreetNew Lenox Street DepartmentPublic Works
116DWheatland TwpWheatland Township: Road MaintenancePublic Works
309DPlainfield TwpPlainfield Township: Road Maintenance / Snow PlowsPublic Works
North Central IL Area
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10DCortland StreetsCourtland Street Department: Snow PlowsPublic Works
75DAccurate TowingAccurate Towing (Sycamore)Business
77DGrundyRediMixGrundy Redi-MixBusiness
118Dtowing 118towing, Sycamore area?Business
201DHBR School BusHinckley-Big Rock CUSD 429 (Hinckley): BusesBusiness
202DHuskieLine BusHuskieLine Buses (Northern Illinois University)Transportation
241DCLC De KalbChildren's Learning Center (De Kalb)Business
321DDC Trash of ILDC Trash of Illinois (Cortland)Business
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
126DA to Z TowingA to Z Towing (Rockford area)Business
248DApp RepairAppliance Repair in Rockford AreaBusiness
318DAdvDispRFD318Advanced Disposal - Rockford (Davis Junction)Business
320DAdvDispRFD320Advanced Disposal - Rockford (Davis Junction)Business
Greenville / Bond County area
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3799Dops 3799business ops (T02 462.025)Business
Mt Sterling / Brown County area
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3795Dtrash 3795trash/sanitation (T03)Business
3798Dops 3798business ops (trucking?) (T03)Business
Sangamon / Morgan Counties


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3789Dspraying 3789field spraying 3789Business
3806DAmericaAmb SpfldAmerica Ambulance (Springfield)EMS Dispatch
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1749DENielson CommNielson Communications, Green BayBusiness
1785DEZ Glide DoorsEZ Glide Doors, Little ChuteBusiness
1814DGFL OmroGreen for Life, OmroBusiness
1859DGreen Bay taxi Green Bay taxiTransportation
1912DCHS Lrsn SprayerCHS Larsen Coop SprayersBusiness
1913DCHS LrsnReadfld3CHS Larsen Coop, ReadfieldBusiness
1914DCHS LrsnReadfld4CHS Larsen Coop, ReadfieldBusiness
1915DCHS Lrsn WeyawegCHS Larsen Coop, WeyauwegaBusiness
2780DDepot TowingDepot Towing, SheboyganBusiness
3280DQuad GraphicsQuad Graphics TruckingBusiness
3291DAlways TowingAlways Towing, MilwaukeeBusiness
3300DGFL HoriconGreen for Life, HoriconBusiness
3302Dbus company 3302bus companyTransportation
3551DVan Galder BusVan Galder Bus, JanesvilleTransportation
3560DHeadstart BusHeadstart BusTransportation
59809DAlmond Sch BusAlmond School District BusesSchools
59814DMorgan Sand/GrvlMorgan Sand and Gravel, Marathon CityBusiness