Central New York Interoperable Communications Consortium (CNYICC)

System Name: Central New York Interoperable Communications Consortium (CNYICC)
Location: Regional, NY
County: 8 Counties
System Type: Project 25 Phase II
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 2AE WACN: BEE00
Last Updated: June 28, 2024, 16:48 pm UTC   [Updated 2 talkgroups for New York State]
System Notes

St Lawrence County has Talk Groups on the system but no active County Site at this time.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name County Freqs
1 (1) 001 (1) Onondaga Simulcast Onondaga 453.150453.2375453.2625453.2875453.3625453.5625453.5875
1 (1) 002 (2) Madison Simulcast Madison 460.100460.175460.250460.350c460.400c460.450c460.475c
1 (1) 003 (3) Cayuga Simulcast Cayuga 460.175460.250460.350460.400c460.4125c460.450c460.475c
1 (1) 004 (4) Oswego Simulcast Oswego 460.0375460.075460.0875460.1625460.1875460.200460.300c
1 (1) 005 (5) Oneida Simulcast Oneida 151.010c151.085c151.235c151.370c154.250159.240 
1 (1) 006 (6) Jefferson Simulcast Jefferson 453.125c453.350c453.4125c453.625c453.6875453.7875453.900
1 (1) 007 (7) Broome East Simulcast Broome 453.5875c453.725453.875c460.4375c   
1 (1) 008 (8) Broome West Simulcast Broome 453.275c453.425c453.8375c454.300c454.475460.2875 


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1500fTE-Wide (EMS)EMS Wide (E-Wide)Interop
11106fTF-Wide (Fire)Fire Wide (F-Wide)Interop
115073TL-Wide (Law)Law Wide (L-Wide)Interop
30212eTF-COMM 1Fire Intercom 1Interop
311137TL-COMMLaw IntercomInterop
312138TF-COMM 2Fire Intercom 2Interop
Intra/Inter-County Events
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
6303fTCAYTAC1Cayuga County Event Tac 1Interop
64040TCAYTAC2Cayuga County Event Tac 2Interop
65041TMADTAC3Madison County Event Tac 3Interop
66042TMADTAC4Madison County Event Tac 4Interop
67043TONOTAC5Onondaga County Event Tac 5Interop
68044TONOTAC6Onondaga County Event Tac 6Interop
69045TRegional Tac 8Regional All Tac 8Interop
70046TRegional Tac 9Regional All Tac 9Interop
71047TOSWTAC7Oswego County Event Tac 7Interop
150096TRegional Tac 10Regional All Tac 10Interop
151097TRegional Tac 11Regional All Tac 11Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
401191DA-G 1 CayugaAir to Ground 1 - CayugaEMS-Tac
402192DA-G 2 MadisonAir to Ground 2 - MadisonEMS-Tac
403193DA-G 3 OnondagaAir to Ground 3 - OnondagaEMS-Tac
404194DA-G 4 OswegoAir to Ground 4 - OswegoEMS-Tac
405195DA-G 5 JeffersonAir to Ground 5 - JeffersonEMS-Tac
406196DA-G 6 OneidaAir to Ground 6 - OneidaEMS-Tac
408198DLifeNet 7-10LifeNet 7-10 - JeffersonEMS-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53035TeNYSP TacState Police TacticalLaw Tac
117075TNYS Park PD R5Park Police Region 5 Dispatch Ch. 1Law Dispatch
118076TNYS Park PD R4Park Police Region 4 Dispatch Ch. 2Law Dispatch
144090TNYS Watch CenterWatch CenterInterop
80611f7dTNYS DEC AdminDEC AdminLaw Talk
8350209eTNYS ParoleParoleLaw Tac
272406a68TNYS Mntl Hlth PDOffice of Mental Health Police OpsLaw Tac
272706a86TNYS DEC RangersDEC RangersMulti-Dispatch
272716a87TNYS DEC PDDEC PoliceLaw Dispatch
Oneida Indian Nation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
71181bceTOIN PDPoliceLaw Dispatch
71191bcfTOIN PD Car-CarPolice Car to CarLaw Talk
71201bd0TOIN PD TacPolice TacLaw Tac
Broome County Law Enforcement
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
272106a4aTBC Sheriff DispSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
272156a4fTBC Security DispSecurity DispatchSecurity
272176a51TEBC Jail DispCounty JailCorrections
272206a54TBC Law Ops 3Law Ops 3Law Tac
272216a55TBC Law Ops 4Law Ops 4Law Tac
272226a56TBC Law Ops 5Law Ops 5Law Tac
272256a59TEBC SWAT Ops 1SWAT Ops 1Law Tac
272266a5aTEBC DTF Ops 3Drug Task Force Ops 3Law Tac
272306a5eTBC Sheriff OpsSheriff OpsLaw Tac
272376a65TBC Security OpsSecurity OpsSecurity
272396a67TBC DA Ops 2District Attorney Ops 2Law Tac
272416a69TBC Probation OpsProbation OpsLaw Tac
272426a6aTBC Jail Ops 2Jail Ops 2Corrections
272436a6bTBC Jail TransprtJail TransportCorrections
272506a72TNYSPP Ops 2NY State Park Police Ops 2Law Tac
272526a74TNYSP C DispNYSP Troop C DispatchLaw Dispatch
272536a75TNYSP C OpsNYSP Troop C OpsLaw Tac
272546a76TENYSP Spec OpsNYSP Special OpsLaw Tac
Broome County Fire/EMS

Broome county Fire and EMS has been divided up into 4 battalions. Battalion 1 is eastern Broome, 2 is south central, 3 is southwest, and 4 is northwest. Departments respond on their battalion's dispatch talkgroup. Binghamton FD is one of 5 fire departments that share the Battalion 2 dispatch talkgroup. Each fire department has their own private Ops 2 talkgroup. They are also assigned to the next available Ops talkgroup when they are dispatched. All departments responding to an incident will use that talkgroup for operations.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
27020698cTBC FD EmergencyFire EmergencyFire-Tac
2710069dcTBC FD/EMS PagingFire/EMS PagingFire Dispatch
2710169ddTBC Batt 1 DispBattalion 1 DispatchFire Dispatch
2710269deTBC Batt 2 DispBattalion 2 DispatchFire Dispatch
2710369dfTBC Batt 3 DispBattalion 3 DispatchFire Dispatch
2710469e0TBC Batt 4 DispBattalion 4 DispatchFire Dispatch
2711069e6TBC FD/EMS Ops 9CFire/EMS Ops 9CFire-Tac
2711169e7TBC FD/EMS Ops 3EFire/EMS Ops 3EFire-Tac
2711269e8TBC FD/EMS Ops 4EFire/EMS Ops 4EFire-Tac
2711369e9TBC FD/EMS Ops 5EFire/EMS Ops 5EFire-Tac
2711469eaTBC FD/EMS Ops 3WFire/EMS Ops 3WFire-Tac
2711569ebTBC FD/EMS Ops 4WFire/EMS Ops 4WFire-Tac
2711669ecTBC FD/EMS Ops 5WFire/EMS Ops 5WFire-Tac
2711769edTBC FD/EMS Ops 6WFire/EMS Ops 6WFire-Tac
2711869eeTBC FD/EMS Ops 7WFire/EMS Ops 7WFire-Tac
2711969efTBC FD/EMS Ops 8WFire/EMS Ops 8WFire-Tac
2712569f5TBinghamtn FD OpsBinghamton Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
2712669f6TDeposit FD OpsDeposit Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
2712769f7TLisle FD OpsLisle Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
2712869f8TWhtneyPnt FD OpsWhitney Point Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
2712969f9TEndicott FD OpsEndicott Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
2713069faTJohnsnCty FD OpsJohnson City Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
2713169fbTWindsor FD OpsWindsor Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
2713269fcTWst Crnrs FD OpsWest Corners Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
2713369fdTEndwell FD OpsEndwell Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
2713469feTVestal FD OpsVestal Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
2713569ffTMaine FD OpsMaine Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
271366a00TW Endctt FD OpsWest Endicott Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
271376a01TPtDicknsn FD OpsPort Dickinson Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
271386a02TKillawog FD OpsKillawog Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
271396a03TPtCrane FD OpsPort Crane Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
271406a04TKirkwood FD OpsKirkwood Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
271416a05TChenBrdge FD OpsChenango Bridge Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
271426a06THrprsvlle FD OpsHarpursville Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
271436a07TChenForks FD OpsChenango Forks Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
271446a08TConklin FD OpsConklin Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
271456a09TGlen Abry FD OpsGlen Aubrey Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
271466a0aTSan Sprgs FD OpsSanitaria Springs Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
271476a0bTW Clsvlle FD OpsWest Colesville Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
271486a0cTOuaquaga FD OpsOuaquaga Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
271496a0dTUnion Ctr FD OpsUnion Center Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
271506a0eTW Windsor FD OpsWest Windsor Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
271516a0fTHillcrest FD OpsHillcrest Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
271526a10TEst Maine FD OpsEast Maine Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
271536a11TChoc Ctr FD OpsChoconut Center Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
271546a12TTBnghamtn FD OpsTown of Binghamton Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
271556a13T5MP FD OpsFive Mile Point Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
271566a14TTriangle FD OpsTriangle Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
271586a16TPrspct Tr FD OpsProspect Terrace Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
271596a17TChenango FD OpsChenango Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
271636a1bTEBC HazMat Ops 1HazMat Ops 1Fire-Tac
271646a1cTBC FD Pol Ops 5EFire Police Ops 5EFire-Talk
271656a1dTBC FD Pol Ops 6WFire Police Ops 6WFire-Talk
271666a1eTBC FD Pol Ops 7WFire Police Ops 7WFire-Talk
271676a1fTBC FD Pol Ops 8WFire Police Ops 8WFire-Talk
271686a20TBC Special Ops 2Special Teams Ops 2Fire-Tac
271696a21TBC Special Ops 3Special Teams Ops 3Fire-Tac
271716a23TBC General HospGeneral HospitalHospital
271726a24TBC Lourdes HospLourdes HospitalHospital
271736a25TBC Wilson HospWilson HospitalHospital
271806a2cTBroome EMS OpsBroome Emergency Squad Ops 2EMS-Tac
271816a2dTChenango EMS OpsChenango Ambulance Ops 2EMS-Tac
271826a2eTClsvlle EMS OpsColesville Ambulance Ops 2EMS-Tac
271836a2fTBC HarpFerry EMSHarpurs Ferry EMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
271846a30TBC Superior EMSSuperior EMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
271856a31TUnion EMS OpsUnion Emergency Squad Ops 2EMS-Tac
271866a32TVestal EMS OpsVestal Emergency Squad Ops 2EMS-Tac
271876a33TE Broome EMS OpsEastern Broome Emergency Services Ops 2EMS-Tac
271886a34TMaine EMS OpsMaine Emergency Squad Ops 2EMS-Tac
271966a3cTBC EMS PollingEMS PollingEMS Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2704069a0TEBC PSS CntywidePublic Safety Systems CountywidePublic Works
2704169a1TEBC PSS EastPublic Safety Systems East SitePublic Works
2704269a2TEBC PSS WestPublic Safety Systems West SitePublic Works
2705069aaTBC OES CmdCommandEmergency Ops
2705169abTBC OES Ops 2WOps 2WEmergency Ops
2705269acTBC OES Ops 3WOps 3WEmergency Ops
2705369adTBC OES Ops 4WOps 4WEmergency Ops
2705469aeTBC OES Ops 5WOps 5WEmergency Ops
2705569afTBC OES Ops 6WOps 6WEmergency Ops
2705669b0TBC OES Ops 7WOps 7WEmergency Ops
2705769b1TBC OES Ops 8EOps 8EEmergency Ops
2705869b2TBC OES Ops 9EOps 9EEmergency Ops
2705969b3TBC OES Ops 10EOps 10EEmergency Ops
2706069b4TBC OES Ops 11EOps 11EEmergency Ops
2706169b5TBC OES Ops 12COps 12CEmergency Ops
2706269b6TBC OES Ops 13COps 13CEmergency Ops
2706369b7TBC OES Ops 14COps 14CEmergency Ops
2706469b8TBC OES Ops 15COps 15CEmergency Ops
2712469f4TEBC OES Ops 2Ops 2Emergency Ops
Broome County Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
273006aa4TBC All HighwayAll Highway OpsPublic Works
273016aa5TBC Hwy Ops 1Highway Ops 1Public Works
273026aa6TBC Hwy Ops 2Highway Ops 2Public Works
273036aa7TBC Hwy Ops 3Highway Ops 3Public Works
273046aa8TBC Hwy Ops 4Highway Ops 4Public Works
273156ab3TBC ParksCounty Parks DispatchPublic Works
273166ab4TBC Arena/ForumArena/Forum OpsPublic Works
273176ab5TCole ParkCole County Park OpsPublic Works
273186ab6TEnjoie ParkEnjoie Park OpsPublic Works
273196ab7TDorchester ParkDorchester County Park OpsPublic Works
273206ab8TGreenwood ParkGreenwood County Park OpsPublic Works
273216ab9TOtsiningo ParkOtsiningo County Park OpsPublic Works
273256abdTBC DPWDPW OpsPublic Works
273266abeTBC PSF FacilityPublic Safety FacilityPublic Works
273276abfTBC Willow PtWillow PointPublic Works
273756aefTBC Solid Waste 1Solid Waste Ops 1Public Works
273766af0TBC Solid Waste 2Solid Waste Ops 2Public Works
273806af4TBC Transit DispTransit DispatchTransportation
273816af5TBC Country DispBC Country DispatchTransportation
273856af9TBC Airport OpsAirport OpsPublic Works
273876afbTBC Health DeptHealth Dept OpsPublic Works
273886afcTBC Soc ServicesSocial Services OpsPublic Works
Broome County Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
27021698dTBC EmergencyEmergencyMulti-Tac
270256991TBC All InteropCounty All InteropInterop
2708069c8TBC Event Ops 8Event Ops 8Interop
2708169c9TBC Event Ops 9Event Ops 9Interop
2708269caTBC Event Ops 10Event Ops 10Interop
Broome County Local Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
273106aaeTBroome Hwy 1Broome Highway Ops 1Public Works
273116aafTBroome Hwy 2Broome Highway Ops 2Public Works
273356ac7TBarker DPWBarker DPW OpsPublic Works
273386acaTChen/Dicknsn DPWChenango/Dickinson/Port Dickinson DPW OpsPublic Works
273406accTColsvil/Fntn DPWColesville/Fenton DPW OpsPublic Works
273416acdTDep/Snf/Wnds DPWDeposit/Sanford/Windsor DPW OpsPublic Works
273556adbTKirkwood DPWKirkwood DPW OpsPublic Works
273566adcTLis/Tri/WhitDPWLisle/Triangle/Whitney Pt DPW OpsPublic Works
273586adeTMaine/Nanti DPWMaine/Nanticoke DPW OpsPublic Works
273606ae0TUnion DPWUnion DPW OpsPublic Works
273616ae1TUnion ParksUnion Parks OpsPublic Works
273626ae2TUnion RefuseUnion Refuse OpsPublic Works
273636ae3TUnion HwyUnion Highway OpsPublic Works

Binghamton FD is one of 5 fire departments that share the Battalion 2 dispatch talkgroup.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
272116a4bTBinghamtn PD DspPD DispatchLaw Dispatch
272316a5fTBinghamtn PD OpsPD OpsLaw Tac
273306ac2TBinghamton DPWStreets/DPWPublic Works
273316ac3TBinghamton ParksParksPublic Works
273326ac4TBinghamton WaterWaterPublic Works
273366ac8TBing/Conklin DPWDPW OpsPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
272126a4cTEndicott PD DispPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
272336a61TEndicott PD OpsPolice OperationsLaw Tac
273456ad1TEndicott DPWDPWPublic Works
273466ad2TEndicott WaterWater DeptPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
272136a4dTJohnsnCty PD DspPD DispatchLaw Dispatch
272346a62TJohnsnCty PD OpsPD OpsLaw Tac
273506ad6TJohnson City DPWDPW OpsPublic Works
273516ad7TJohnson City WtrWater OpsPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
272356a63TPtDicknsn PD OpsPD OpsLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
272146a4eTVestal PD DispPD DispatchLaw Dispatch
272366a64TVestal PD OpsPD OpsLaw Tac
273656ae5TVestal DPWDPW OpsPublic Works
273666ae6TVestal ParksParks OpsPublic Works
273676ae7TVestal Water/SwrWater/Sewer OpsPublic Works
273686ae8TVestal HwyHighway OpsPublic Works
SUNY - Broome County
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
272166a50TSUNY PD DispSUNY PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
272326a60TSUNY PD OpsSUNY PD OpsLaw Tac
272386a66TSUNY Broome PSSUNY Broome Public Safety OpsSecurity
273906afeTSUNY Bing ES OpsSUNY Binghamton Emergency Services OpsMulti-Tac
273916affTSUNY Bing EnvirnSUNY Binghamton Environmental ServicesSchools
Cayuga County Law Enforcement
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54011519DCay Law DispLaw DispatchLaw Dispatch
5402151aDCay Law Tac 3Law Tac 3Law Tac
5403151bDCay Law Tac 4Law Tac 4Law Tac
54131525DCay CourtsSheriff Courts Corrections
54151527DCay JailSheriff Jail Corrections
Cayuga County Fire/EMS
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
531214c0DCay FD/EMSFire/EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
531314c1DCay CommandCommandFire-Tac
531414c2DCay TAC-4TAC-4Fire-Tac
531514c3DCay TAC-5TAC-5Fire-Tac
531614c4DCay TAC-6TAC-6Fire-Tac
531714c5DCay TAC-7TAC-7Fire-Tac
531814c6DCay TAC-8TAC-8Fire-Tac
531914c7DCay Amb - ACHAmbulance to Auburn Community HospitalHospital
Cayuga County Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
50111393DCay InteropCountywide InteropsInterop
Cayuga County Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
530714bbDCay Highway 1County Highway 1Public Works
530814bcDCay Highway 2County Highway 2Public Works
530914bdDCay Highway 3County Highway 3Public Works
531014beDCay Highway 4County Highway 4Public Works
531114bfDCay Highway 5County Highway 5Public Works
532014c8DEmerson ParkEmerson Park ServicesPublic Works
560015e0DCay EMOEmergency Management OperationsEmergency Ops
Cayuga County Local Law Enforcement
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54091521DWeedsport PDWeedsport PoliceLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
510213eeDAPD PrimePolice - PrimeLaw Dispatch
510113edDAPD EmrgencyPolice - EmergencyLaw Tac
510913f5DAPD ERTPolice Emergency Response TeamLaw Tac
510313efDAPD TrafficPolice TrafficLaw Talk
510413f0DAPD TAC 4Police TAC 4Law Tac
510513f1DAPD TAC 5Police TAC 5Law Tac
510613f2DAPD TAC 6Police TAC 6Law Tac
5002138aDAFD DispatchFire DispatchFire Dispatch
5003138bDAFD CommandFire CommandFire-Tac
50091391DAFD LZLanding ZoneFire-Tac
50011389DAFD EmrgencyFire EmergencyFire-Tac
5005138dDAFD TAC 5Fire TAC 5Fire-Tac
5006138eDAFD TAC 6Fire TAC 6Fire-Tac
5007138fDAFD TAC 7Fire TAC 7Fire-Tac
50081390DAFD TAC 8Fire TAC 8Fire-Tac
5708164cDAuburn EMSEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
50101392DAuburn InterCitywide InteropInterop
5004138cDAFD / APDFire / PoliceMulti-Talk
52021452DAuburn DPWDPWPublic Works
52031453DAuburn WasteSolid Waste - Trash PickupPublic Works
52061456DAuburn ZoneZoning - Code EnforcementPublic Works
Jefferson County Law Enforcement
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45104b030DJE LE Dispatch 1Law Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
45105b031DJE LE Dispatch 2Law Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
45106b032DJE LE Tac 1Law Tac 1Law Tac
45107b033DJE LE Tac 2Law Tac 2Law Tac
45108b034DJE LE Tac 3Law Tac 3Law Tac
45109b035DJE LE Tac 4Law Tac 4Law Tac
45113b039DJE ProbationProbationCorrections
Jefferson County Fire/EMS
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45056b000DJE FD/EMS DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
45057b001DJE FD Tac 1Fire Tac 1Fire-Tac
45058b002DJE FD Tac 2Fire Tac 2Fire-Tac
45059b003DJE FD Tac 3Fire Tac 3Fire-Tac
45060b004DJE FD Tac 4Fire Tac 4Fire-Tac
45061b005DJE FD Tac 5Fire Tac 5Fire-Tac
45062b006DJE FD Tac 6Fire Tac 6Fire-Tac
45063b007DJE FD Tac 7Fire Tac 7Fire-Tac
45072b010DJE EMS Tac 1EMS Tac 1EMS-Tac
45073b011DJE EMS Tac 2EMS Tac 2EMS-Tac
45100b02cDCarthage HospCarthage Area HospitalHospital
45101b02dDRiver HospRiver HospitalHospital
45102b02eDSamaritan MedCtrSamaritan Medical CenterHospital
45235b0b3DJE Fire InvestgrFire InvestigatorFire-Talk
45953b381DGuilfoyle EMSGuilfoyle EMSEMS Dispatch
Jefferson County FD/EMS Zone 1
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45570b202DAdams Center FDAdams Center FD OpsFire-Tac
45572b204DAdams FDAdams FD OpsFire-Tac
45574b206DS Jeff RescueSouth Jefferson Rescue Squad OpsEMS-Tac
45670b266DSmithville FDSmithville FD OpsFire-Tac
45682b272DBelleville FDBelleville FD OpsFire-Tac
45683b273DMannsville FDMannsville FD OpsFire-Tac
45686b276DEllisburg FDEllisburg FD OpsFire-Tac
45696b280DHenderson FDHenderson FD OpsFire-Tac
45746b2b2DLorraine FDLorraine FD OpsFire-Tac
45826b302DRodman FDRodman FD OpsFire-Tac
45890b342DT/Watertown FDTown of Watertown FD OpsFire-Tac
45892b344DT/Watertown EMSTown of Watertown EMS OpsEMS-Tac
Jefferson County FD/EMS Zone 2
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45618b232DThree Mi Bay FDThree Mile Bay FD OpsFire-Tac
45622b236DBrownville FDTown of Brownville FD OpsFire-Tac
45639b247DCape Vincent FDCape Vincent FD OpsFire-Tac
45641b249DCape Vincent EMSCape Vincent EMS OpsEMS-Tac
45720b298DSackets Harbr FDSackets Harbor FD OpsFire-Tac
45803b2ebDGlen Park FDGlen Park FD OpsFire-Tac
45851b31bDChaumont FDChaumont FD OpsFire-Tac
Jefferson County FD/EMS Zone 3
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45584b210DAlex Bay FDAlex Bay FD OpsFire-Tac
45666b262DDepauville FDDepauville FD OpsFire-Tac
45674b26aDClayton FDClayton FD OpsFire-Tac
45685b275DPlessis FDPlessis FD OpsFire-Tac
45690b27aDRedwood FDRedwood FD OpsFire-Tac
45778b2d2DTI RescueThousand Islands Rescue Squad OpsEMS-Tac
45780b2d4DFishers Lndng FDFishers Landing FD OpsFire-Tac
45782b2d6DLaFargeville FDLaFargeville FD OpsFire-Tac
45784b2d8DWellesley Isl FDWellesley Island FD OpsFire-Tac
Jefferson County FD/EMS Zone 4
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45602b222DOxbow FDOxbow FD OpsFire-Tac
45613b22dDAntwerp FDAntwerp FD OpsFire-Tac
45730b2a2DCalcium FDCalcium FD OpsFire-Tac
45739b2abDEvans Mills FDEvans Mills FD OpsFire-Tac
45741b2adDEvans Mills EMSEvans Mills EMS OpsEMS-Tac
45794b2e2DPamelia FDPamelia FD OpsFire-Tac
45810b2f2DIndian River EMSIndian River EMS OpsEMS-Tac
45819b2fbDPhiladelphia FDPhiladelphia FD OpsFire-Tac
45883b33bDTheresa FDTheresa FD OpsFire-Tac
45894b346DNorth Pole FDNorth Pole FD OpsFire-Tac
45936b370DFort Drum EMSFort Drum EMS OpsEMS-Tac
45938b372DFort Drum FDFort Drum FD OpsFire-Tac
Jefferson County FD/EMS Zone 5
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45650b252DGreat Bend FDGreat Bend FD OpsFire-Tac
45660b25cDWest Carthage FDWest Carthage FD OpsFire-Tac
45858b322DRutland FDRutland FD OpsFire-Tac
45859b323DFelts Mills FDFelts Mills FD OpsFire-Tac
45864b328DBlack River EMSBlack River EMS OpsEMS-Tac
45866b32aDBlack River FDBlack River FD OpsFire-Tac
45906b352DNatural Brdge FDNatural Bridge FD OpsFire-Tac
45908b354DDeferiet FDDeferiet FD OpsFire-Tac
45913b359DCarthage RescueCarthage Rescue Squad OpsEMS-Tac
45919b35fDCarthage FDCarthage FD OpsFire-Tac
45956b384DCopenhagen FDCopenhagen FD OpsFire-Tac
Jefferson County Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45000afc8DJE CW 1Countywide 1Interop
45001afc9DJE CW 2Countywide 2Interop
45002afcaDJE Event Tac 1Event Tac 1Interop
45003afcbDJE Event Tac 2Event Tac 2Interop
45004afccDJE Event Tac 3Event Tac 3Interop
45005afcdDJE Event Tac 4Event Tac 4Interop
45006afceDJE Event Tac 5Event Tac 5Interop
45007afcfDJE Event Tac 6Event Tac 6Interop
45008afd0DJE Event Tac 7Event Tac 7Interop
45009afd1DJE Event Tac 8Event Tac 8Interop
Jefferson County Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45024afe0DJE Highway 1Highway 1Public Works
45025afe1DJE Highway 2Highway 2Public Works
45030afe6DJE Transfer StnTransfer StationPublic Works
45038afeeDJE Bldgs/GrndsBuildings and GroundsPublic Works
45236b0b4DJE Dog ControlDog ControlPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45728b2a0DLe Ray HwyHighway DepartmentPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45840b310DLyme HighwayHighway DepartmentPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45872b330DTheresa HwyHighway DepartmentPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45328b110DC/Watertown PD 1Police Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
45329b111DC/Watertown PD 2Police Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
45312b100DC/Watertown FDFire DispatchFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45888b340DT/Watertown HwyHighway DepartmentPublic Works
Watertown International Airport (ART)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45034afeaDART Ops 1Airport Ops 1Public Works
Madison County Law Enforcement
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
71011bbdDMC Law DispLaw DispatchLaw Dispatch
71021bbeDMC Law DataLaw DataLaw Tac
71031bbfDMC Spec EvntSpecial EventsLaw Tac
71041bc0DMC Law C-CLaw Car-to-CarLaw Talk
71051bc1DOneida City PD 4Oneida City PD 4Law Talk
71081bc4DMC JailCounty JailCorrections
Madison County Fire/EMS
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
74771d35DMC Fire DispatchFire DispatchFire Dispatch
74531d1dDMC FD TacFire TacFire-Tac
74501d1aDMC FD Tac 5Tac 5Fire-Tac
74521d1cDMC FD Tac 6Tac 6Fire-Tac
74211cfdDMC FD Batt 1 SOPBattalion 1 Special OperationsFire-Tac
74221cfeDMC FD Batt 2 SOPBattalion 2 Special OperationsFire-Tac
74231cffDMC FD Batt 3 SOPBattalion 3 Special OperationsFire-Tac
74241d00DMC FD Batt 1 T-TBatallion 1 Truck to TruckFire-Talk
74251d01DMC FD Batt 2 T-TBatallion 2 Truck to TruckFire-Talk
74261d02DMC FD Batt 3 T-TBatallion 3 Truck to TruckFire-Talk
73011c85DMC EMS Ops 1EMS Operations 1EMS-Tac
73021c86DMC EMS Ops 2EMS Operations 2EMS-Tac
74781d36DMadison RA OpsRescue/Ambulance OperationsEMS-Tac
73091c8dDCazenovia EMSCazenovia Area AmbulanceEMS-Tac
73101c8eDGrtr Lenox EMSGreater Lenox AmbulanceEMS-Tac
73111c8fDSmthfld-Eatn EMSSmithfield-Eaton AmbulanceEMS-Tac
73121c90DSOMAC EMSSouthern Madison County Volunteer AmbulanceEMS-Tac
74271d03DBridgeport FDBridgeport FireFire-Tac
74281d04DCanastota FDCanastota FireFire-Tac
74291d05DCazenovia FDCazenovia FireFire-Tac
74301d06DChittenango FDChittenango FireFire-Tac
74311d07DDeRuyter FDDeRuyter FireFire-Tac
74341d0aDGeorgetown FDGeorgetown FireFire-Tac
74351d0bDHamilton FDHamilton FireFire-Tac
74361d0cDHubbardsville FDHubbardsville FireFire-Tac
74381d0eDLincoln FDLincoln FireFire-Tac
74401d10DMorrisville FDMorrisville FireFire-Tac
74411d11DMunnsville FDMunnsville FireFire-Tac
74441d14DN Chittenango FDNorth Chittenango FireFire-Tac
74451d15DOneida Cty FD 4Oneida City Fire Ch 4Fire-Tac
74461d16DSmithfield FDSmithfield FireFire-Tac
74471d17DWampsville FDWampsville FireFire-Tac
74481d18DEaton FDEaton FireFire-Tac
74491d19DMC FD/EMS CoordFire/EMS CoordinatorsFire-Talk
Madison County Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
79041ee0DMC InteropsCountywide InteropsInterop
Madison County Municipal Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
72011c21DMC 911 to HwyCounty 911 TO Highway/DPWPublic Works
72021c22DMC Highway 1Highway Channel 1Public Works
72031c23DMC Highway 2Highway Channel 2Public Works
72041c24DMC Highway 3Highway Channel 3Public Works
72051c25DMC Solid WasteSolid WastePublic Works
72061c26DMC Highway 7206Highway Channel 7206Public Works
72111c2bDMC Town Hwy 7211Towns Highway DepartmentsPublic Works
72121c2cDMC Town Hwy 7212Towns Highway DepartmentsPublic Works
72131c2dDMC Town Hwy 7213Towns Highway DepartmentsPublic Works
72141c2eDMC Town Hwy 7214Towns Highway DepartmentsPublic Works
72151c2fDMC Town Hwy 7215Towns Highway DepartmentsPublic Works
72161c30DMC Town Hwy 7216Towns Highway DepartmentsPublic Works
Madison County Schools and Universities
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
71331bddDSUNYMorrisvillPDSUNY Morrisville PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
75051d51DDeRuyter CSDDeRuyter Central School BusesSchools
Oneida County Law Enforcement

Sheriff's talkgroups are patched with their VHF counterparts

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
65035fe0bTOneida SO MRDSheriff MRDLaw Dispatch
65036fe0cTOneida SO OpsSheriff OpsLaw Tac
65023fdffTOneida SO DataSheriff DataLaw Dispatch
65022fdfeTEOneida SO InvestSheriff InvestigatorsLaw Tac
65091fe43TEOneida FTFFugitive Task Force (Warrants Squad)Law Tac
Oneida County Fire/EMS

Fire Control talkgroup is bi-directionally patched with the 154.370 Fire Control conventional channel

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
65040fe10TOneida Fire CtrlFire ControlFire Dispatch
65182fe9eTOneida FD Ops 2Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
65042fe12TOneida FD Ops 5Fire Ops 5Fire-Tac
65043fe13TOneida FD Ops 6Fire Ops 6Fire-Tac
65044fe14TOneida FD Ops 7Fire Ops 7Fire-Tac
65041fe11TOneida FD Ops 8Fire Ops 8Fire-Tac
65039fe0fTOneida FD Cmd 4Fire Command 4Fire-Tac
65006fdeeTOneida HazMat 7HazMat Command 7Fire-Tac
65045fe15TOneida FD Trng11Fire Training 11Fire-Talk
65184fea0TOneida HospitalsArea HospitalsHospital
Oneida Local Fire/EMS
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
65092fe44TBarnevld FD OpsBarneveld FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65093fe45TBoonville FD OpsBoonville FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65094fe46TBrdgewtr FD OpsBridgewater FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65095fe47TCamden FD OpsCamden FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65096fe48TCassville FD OpsCassville FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65097fe49TClarkMlls FD OpsClark Mills FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65098fe4aTClayville FD OpsClayville FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65099fe4bTCleveland FD OpsCleveland FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65100fe4cTClinton FD OpsClinton FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65101fe4dTDeansbr FD OpsDeansboro FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65102fe4eTDeerfield FD OpsDeerfield FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65103fe4fTFlorence FD OpsFlorence FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65104fe50TFloyd FD OpsFloyd FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65105fe51TForestprt FD OpsForestport FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65106fe52THolld Ptnt FD OpHolland Patent FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65107fe53TLk Delta FD OpsLake Delta FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65108fe54TLee Center FD OpLee Center FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65109fe55TMaynard FD OpsMaynard FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65110fe56TMcCnnllvle FD OpMcConnellsville FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65111fe57TNewLndn FD OpsNew London FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65112fe58TNY Mills FD OpsNew York Mills FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65113fe59TNorth Bay FD OpsNorth Bay FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65114fe5aTOneida Castle FDOneida Castle FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65115fe5bTOriskany Falls FOriskany Falls FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65116fe5cTOriskany FD OpsOriskany FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65117fe5dTOtter Lake FD OpOtter Lake FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65118fe5eTParisHill FD OpsParis Hill FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65119fe5fTPoland FD OpsPoland FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65120fe60TRemsen FD OpsRemsen FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65121fe61TSauquoit FD OpsSauquoit FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65122fe62TSherrill FD OpsSherrill FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65123fe63TStanwixHgt FDOpsStanwix Heights FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65124fe64TStittville FD OpStittville FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65125fe65TSylvnBch FD OpsSylvan Beach FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65126fe66TTaberg FD OpsTaberg FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65127fe67TVernon Center FDVernon Center FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65128fe68TVernon FD OpsVernon FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65129fe69TVerona FD OpsVerona FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65130fe6aTVienna FD OpsVienna FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65131fe6bTWatervll FD OpsWaterville FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65132fe6cTW. Leyden FD OpsWest Leyden FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65133fe6dTWestern FD OpsWestern FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65134fe6eTWestmrld FD OpsWestmoreland FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65135fe6fTWhitesboroFD OpsWhitesboro FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65136fe70TWillowvaleFD OpsWillowvale FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65137fe71TWoodgate FD OpsWoodgate FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65138fe72TYorkville FD OpsYorkville FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
65139fe73TAmcare EMSAmcare EMSEMS Dispatch
65141fe75TBrdgewtr EMS OpsBridgewater EMS Ops 3EMS-Tac
65142fe76TCamden Amb. OpsCamden Ambulance Ops 3EMS-Tac
65143fe77TCentral EMS OpsCentral Oneida County EMS Ops 3EMS-Tac
65144fe78TEdwards EMS OpsEdwards EMS Ops 3EMS-Tac
65145fe79TKunkel EMS OpsKunkel EMS Ops 3EMS-Tac
65147fe7bTN. Shore Amb. OpNorth Shore Ambulance Ops 3EMS-Tac
65148fe7cTSTAR Amb. OpsSTAR Ambulance Ops 3EMS-Tac
65150fe7eTVineall Amb. OpsVineall Ambulance Ops 3EMS-Tac
65165fe8dTDurhamville FD ODurhamville FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
Oneida County Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
65026fe02TOneida Events 1Events 1Interop
65027fe03TOneida Events 2Events 2Interop
65028fe04TOneida Events 3Events 3Interop
65029fe05TOneida Events 4Events 4Interop
65030fe06TOneida Events 5Events 5Interop
65031fe07TOneida Events 6Events 6Interop
65032fe08TOneida Events 7Events 7Interop
65033fe09TOneida Events 8Events 8Interop
65034fe0aTOneida Events 9Events 9Interop
65046fe16TOneida Interop 1Interop 15Interop
65047fe17TOneida Interop 1Interop 16Interop
Oneida County Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
65185fea1TGriffiss GroundGriffiss International Airport Ground/MaintenancePublic Works
65186fea2TGriffiss ARFFGriffiss International Airport ARFF OpsFire-Tac
65189fea5TOneida Hwy 5Highway Department Ch 5Public Works
65190fea6TOneida Hwy 6Highway Department Ch 6Public Works
65191fea7TOneida Hwy 7Highway Department Ch 7Public Works
Oneida County Schools and Universities
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
65007fdefTEMVCC Campus PSMohawk Valley Public SafetyLaw Dispatch
65070fe2eTSUNY PD OpsSUNY PoliceLaw Dispatch
65194feaaTSUNYPoly CallBoxSUNY Polytechnic Institute Emergency Call BoxesSchools
New Hartford (Town)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
65015fdf7TNewHart PD DispPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
65017fdf9TNewHart PD TraffPolice Traffic OpsLaw Tac
65014fdf6TNewHart PD DataPolice DataLaw Dispatch
65011fdf3TENewHart PD C-CPolice Car to CarLaw Talk
65010fdf2TNewHart FD Ops 3Fire Operations 3Fire-Tac
65008fdf0TNewHart Events10Events 10Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
65062fe26TRome PD DispPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
65061fe25TRome PD DataPolice DataLaw Tac
65063fe27TERome PD Ops 4Police Ops 4Law Tac
65067fe2bTRome PD Trfc 7Police Traffic 7Law Tac
65053fe1dTRome FD DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
65054fe1eTRome FD Ops 2Fire Operations 2Fire-Tac
65055fe1fTRome FD Ops 3Fire Operations 3Fire-Tac
65056fe20TRome FD Ops 4Fire Operations 4Fire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
65084fe3cTUtica PD DispPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
65083fe3bTUtica PD DataPolice DataLaw Tac
65089fe41TUtica PD TrafficPolice Traffic DivisionLaw Talk
65080fe38TEUtica PD Car-CarPolice Car to CarLaw Talk
65085fe3dTEUtica PD Tac SqdTactical SquadLaw Tac
65086fe3eTEUtica PD Ops 4Police Operations 4Law Tac
65087fe3fTEUtica PD CIDCID - Violent FelonsLaw Tac
65090fe42TUtica PD Trng 11Police Training 11Law Talk
65074fe32TUtica FD DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
65075fe33TUtica FD Ops 2Fire Operations 2Fire-Tac
65076fe34TUtica FD Ops 3Fire Operations 3Fire-Tac
65077fe35TUtica FD Ops 4Fire Operations 4Fire-Tac
65078fe36TUtica FD Trng 11Fire Training 11Fire-Talk
65072fe30TUtica FD AdminFire AdminFire-Talk
65071fe2fTUtica Events 10Events 10Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
65162fe8aTEWhitestwn PD OpsPolice Ops 4Law Tac
Onondaga County Law Enforcement
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4702fDOCSO MRD E 3East Zone Dispatch 3Law Dispatch
48030DOCSO MRD W 4West Zone Dispatch 4Law Dispatch
49031DOCSO MRD N 5North Zone Dispatch 5Law Dispatch
51033DOCSO MRD C-C 7Car-to-Car 7Law Talk
52034DOC MRD 8MRD Ch 8Law Talk
120078DOC MRD Tac 9Tactical 9Law Tac
36024DOC LWIDE1Law Wide 1Law Tac
4402cDOC PTAC 1Police Tac 1Law Talk
57039DOC PTAC 2Police Tac 2Law Tac
5803aDOC PTAC 3Police Tac 3Law Tac
5903bDOC PTAC 4Police Tac 4Law Tac
50032DEOC MRD SID 6Special Investigation Division 6Law Talk
132084DEOC MRD CIDDetectivesLaw Talk
12507dDEOC Drug TFHigh Intensity Drug Task ForceLaw Tac
4502dDOCSO TechAdv 1Technical Adviser 1Law Talk
4602eDOCSO MRD 2DataLaw Talk
1750afDOC LE DataDataLaw Talk
9105bDOC CorrectnsCorrectional FacilityCorrections
12207aDOC PrisTransCorrections Prisoner TransportCorrections
105069DOC ProbationProbationCorrections
Onondaga County Fire/EMS
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2010c9DOCFC DispFire Dispatch (Automated)Fire Dispatch
2020caDOCFC EMS DisEMS Dispatch (Automated)EMS Dispatch
1001DOCFC F1 CntlFire ControlFire Dispatch
5005DOCFC F-5 CmdCommandFire-Tac
7007DOCFC F-7 EMSEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
1400eDOCFC FTAC1Fire Tac 1 (City and County Interop)Fire-Tac
2002DOCFC F-2 TACTAC-2Fire-Tac
3003DOCFC F-3 TACTAC-3Fire-Tac
4004DOCFC F-4 TACTAC-4Fire-Tac
6006DOCFC F-6 TACTAC-6Fire-Tac
8008DOCFC F-8 TACTAC-8Fire-Tac
9009DOCFC F-9 TACTAC-9Fire-Tac
1000aDOCFC F10 TACTAC-10Fire-Tac
1100bDOCFC F11 TACTAC-11Fire-Tac
1200cDOCFC F12 TACTAC-12Fire-Tac
1300dDOCFC F13 TACTAC-13 (Training)Fire-Tac
88058DOCFC CH 15Onondaga Nation/Nedrow FD and TLC AmbulanceFire-Talk
11006eDOCFC FirePolFire Police 14Fire-Talk
14108dDAMR DispatchAmerican Medical Response DispatchEMS Dispatch
14308fDTLC AmbulanceTLC Ambulance DispatchEMS Dispatch
15509bDAmazon Fire ClayAmazon Fire Protection (Clay)Fire-Tac
Onondaga County Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
16010DOTAC AllOTAC AllInterop
17011DOTAC 1OTAC 1Interop
18012DOTAC 2OTAC 2Interop
Onondaga County Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
72048DOnon DOT 1Department of Transportation Ch. 1Public Works
73049DOnon DOT 2Department of Transportation Ch. 2Public Works
7404aDOnon MWB 1Metropolitan Water BoardUtilities
7504bDOCWA 2Onondaga County Water Authority ch 2Public Works
7604cDOnon Parks 1County Parks 1Public Works
7704dDOnon Parks 2County Parks 2Public Works
7804eDOC Health 1County Health 1Public Works
7904fDOC Health 2County Health 2Public Works
89059DOnon EMEmergency ManagementEmergency Ops
9205cDOC Civic CtrCivic Center SecuritySecurity
9305dDOnon E911 TechE911 TechnicalPublic Works
99063DOC Health 3County Health 3Public Works
10606aDOnon 911 Trng 1911 Training 1Public Works
10706bDOnon 911 Trng 2911 Training 2Public Works
10806cDOnon 911 Trng 3911 Training 3Public Works
12307bDOnon E911 AdminE911 AdminPublic Works
13808aDOC Court SecCourt SecuritySecurity
Onondaga County Schools and Universities
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10906dDBaldwinsvilleSchBaldwinsville SchoolsSchools
98062DFab-Pomp BusFabius-Pompey School BusesSchools
97061DLafayette BusLafayette School BusesSchools
114072DSUNY-ESF PSState University of New York College of Environmental Science Schools
Onondaga County Local Government
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
82052DE Syracuse DPWEast Syracuse DPWPublic Works
83053DOnondaga Twn HwyOnondaga Town Highway DepartmentPublic Works
84054DTully HwyTully Highway DepartmentPublic Works
9505fDFabius HwyFabius Highway DepartmentPublic Works
96060DLafayette HwyLafayette Highway DepartmentPublic Works
13908bDPompey HwyPompey Highway DepartmentPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
33021DSPD N/E Disp 3Police North/East Dispatch 3 (400 units)Law Dispatch
34022DSPD S/W Disp 4Police South/West Dispatch 4 (600 units)Law Dispatch
3101fDSPD Control 1Police Control 1Law Talk
37025DeSPD Tac 7Police Tactical Ops 7Law Tac
38026DSPD Tac 8Police Tactical Ops 8Law Tac
39027DSPD Events 1Police Events 1Law Tac
40028DESPD Events 2Police Events 2Law Tac
32020DSPD Data 2Police Data 2Law Tac
12707fDESPD CIDDetectivesLaw Tac
1710abDESPD Tech AdvisorTechnical AdvisorLaw Talk
2030cbDSFD DispatchFire DispatchFire Dispatch
21015DSFD Control 1Fire Control 1Fire Dispatch
25019DSFD Command 5Fire Command 5Fire-Tac
22016DSFD Ops 2Fire Operations Car 2Fire-Tac
23017DSFD Ops 3Fire Operations Car 3Fire-Tac
24018DSFD Ops 4Fire Operations Car 4Fire-Tac
2701bDSFD Tac 7Fire Tac 7Fire-Tac
2801cDSFD Tac 8Fire Tac 8Fire-Tac
2601aDSFD Tac 9Fire Tac 9Fire-Tac
19013DMMRS AMetropolitan Medical Response AEMS-Tac
20014DMMRS BMetropolitan Medical Response BEMS-Tac
3001eDSyracuse InteropInteropInterop
102066DSyr SanitationDPW SanitationPublic Works
101065DSyr StreetsDPW Street MaintenancePublic Works
81051DSyr Housing MntHousing Department MaintenancePublic Works
6003cDSyr Housing SecHousing Department SecurityPublic Works
100064DSyracuse WaterWater DepartmentPublic Works
112070DSyr City SchoolsCity SchoolsSchools
119077DSyr Sch SecCity Schools SecuritySecurity
Syracuse University
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
103067DSU Pub SafetyPublic SafetyLaw Dispatch
104068DSU Pub Sfty TacPublic Safety TacLaw Tac
148094DSU AmbulanceAmbulanceEMS Dispatch
SUNY Upstate Medical University
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
113071DSUNY Upstate PDPoliceLaw Dispatch
Syracuse Hancock International Airport (SYR)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2901dDSRAA ARFFSyracuse Regional Airport Authority ARFFFire Dispatch
35023DSRAA PoliceSyracuse Regional Airport Authority PoliceLaw Dispatch
1640a4DSRAA Police TASyracuse Regional Airport Authority Police Talk-AroundLaw Talk
15409aDSRAA MaintenanceSyracuse Regional Airport Authority MaintenancePublic Works
Oswego County Law Enforcement
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
80121f4cDOC Law DispLaw DispatchLaw Dispatch
8330208aDOswego ShrfSheriff OpsLaw Tac
80151f4fDOswego RcrdsCountwide Law RecordsLaw Tac
80301f5eDSpecial OpsSpecial OperationsLaw Tac
80161f50DLaw Tact 13Law Tactical 13Law Tac
80171f51DLaw Tact 14Law Tactical 14Law Tac
80211f55DEESU 1ESU 1Law Tac
80221f56DEESU 2ESU 2Law Tac
80181f52DCriminal InvCriminal Investigation DivisionLaw Talk
80191f53DSheriff CIDSheriff CIDLaw Tac
80201f54DCourt SecCourt SecuritySecurity
80251f59DTraffic/ACOTraffic/ACOPublic Works
80281f5cDOswego DADistrict AttorneyLaw Talk
80291f5dDOswego NarcNarcotics EnforcementLaw Tac
80321f60DProbationProbation InternalCorrections
80361f64DSecuritySecurity CommonSecurity
80601f7cDOswego PDTacOswego Police TacticalLaw Tac
8203200bDeDrug TFOswego County Drug Task ForceLaw Tac
8204200cDeDrug TFOswego County Drug Task ForceLaw Tac
8205200dDeDrug TFOswego County Drug Task ForceLaw Tac
8302206eDBorder/CoastBorder Patrol/Coast Guard OpsFederal
Oswego County Fire
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
80461f6eDFire DisptchFire DispatchFire Dispatch
80471f6fDFireground 7Fireground 7Fire-Tac
80481f70DFireground 8Fireground 8Fire-Tac
80491f71DFireground 9Fireground 9Fire-Tac
80501f72DFireground10Fireground 10Fire-Tac
80511f73DFireground11Fireground 11Fire-Tac
80521f74DFireground12Fireground 12Fire-Tac
80531f75DFireground14Fireground 14Fire-Tac
80541f76DHazMat 13HazMat 13Fire-Tac
80551f77DHazMat 14HazMat 14Fire-Tac
83112077DFire AdminFire AdministrationFire-Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
80391f67DEMS DispatchEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
80411f69DEMS Ops 3EMS Ops 3EMS-Tac
80421f6aDEMS Ops 4EMS Ops 4EMS-Tac
80431f6bDEMS Ops 5EMS Ops 5EMS-Tac
80401f68DEMS MajorEMS Major EventEMS-Tac
83292089DMenter AmbulanceMenter AmbulanceEMS-Tac
80451f6dDOSW HospitalOSW HospitalHospital
80591f7bDHealth InterHealth Internal Nurse To Nurse (County Health Dept)EMS-Talk
8319207fDMcFee EMSMcFee Memorial Ambulance OpsEMS-Tac
83242084DNOCA OpsNOCA OpsEMS-Tac
83252085DN Shore EMSNorth Shore Ambulance OpsEMS-Tac
83432097DSAVAC OpsSAVAC OpsEMS-Tac
83452099DSOVAC OpsSOVAC OpsEMS-Tac
Oswego County Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
835520a3DOC EventsAttraction EventsInterop
80011f41DCountywide15Countywide 15Interop
80021f42DCountywide16Countywide 16Interop
80371f65DEMO AdminEMO AdministrationEmergency Ops
83102076DEMO OpsEMO OpsEmergency Ops
8317207dDEMO OpsEMO OpsEmergency Ops
80381f66DEMO RADEMO RAD TeamsEmergency Ops
80581f7aDRACES OpsRACES OperationsHam
83272087DSearch/RescuSearch and Rescue OpsEMS-Tac
Oswego County Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
80031f43DCounty HighwayCounty Highway Dept.Public Works
80041f44DOC Hwy Ops County Highway Dept. Ops Public Works
80051f45DOC Hwy AdminCounty Highway Dept. AdminPublic Works
80061f46DAirport OpsAirport Operations (Hwy)Public Works
80071f47DOC Hwy ParishCounty Highway Dept. Parish BasePublic Works
80081f48DOC Hwy ScribaCounty Highway Dept. Scriba BasePublic Works
80091f49DOC Hwy Trk-TrkCounty Highway Dept. Truck To Truck Public Works
80101f4aDSolidWasteDpSolid Waste DispatchPublic Works
80111f4bDSolidWasteOpSolid Waste OpsPublic Works
80351f63DSurvey TeamsSurvey TeamsPublic Works
80571f79DRedfield HwyRedfield HighwayPublic Works
80631f7fDGranby HwyGranby HighwayPublic Works
80641f80DScriba HwyScriba HighwayPublic Works
80661f82DParish HwyParish HighwayPublic Works
80671f83DFulton HwyFulton HighwayPublic Works
80691f85DHannibal HighwayHannibal HighwayPublic Works
80701f86DOswego City DPWOswego City DPW/HighwayPublic Works
80941f9eDSysTechsSystem TechsPublic Works
8351209fDPort OswegoPort of Oswego AuthorityPublic Works
Oswego County Local Law Enforcement
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
83062072DCentralSqPDCentral Square PD AdministrationLaw Talk
83122078DFPD AdminFPD AdminLaw Talk
80141f4eDFultonCityPDFulton City PDLaw Dispatch
80131f4dDOswegoCityPDOswego City PDLaw Dispatch
83282088DOswego PDOswego City Police AdministrationLaw Talk
83372091DPhoenix PDPhoenix Police AdmLaw Talk
83382092DPulaski PDPulaski Police AdmLaw Talk
Oswego County Local Fire
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
8301206dDAltmar FDAltmar Fire OpsFire-Tac
8303206fDBrewertonOpsBrewerton OpsFire-Tac
83042070DCaughdenoyCaughdenoy OpsFire-Tac
83052071DCentralSqOpsCentral Square OpsFire-Tac
83072073DClevelandOpsCleveland OpsFire-Tac
83082074DCody OpsCody OpsFire-Tac
83092075DConstantiaFDConstantia Fire OpsFire-Tac
83132079DFultonCityFDFulton City Fire OpsFire-Tac
8314207aDGranbyCntrOpGranby Center OpsFire-Tac
8315207bDHannibal FDHannibal Fire OpsFire-Tac
8316207cDHastings FDHastings Fire OpsFire-Tac
8318207eDLacona FDLacona Fire OpsFire-Tac
83202080DMexico FDMexico Fire OpsFire-Tac
83212081DMinetto FDMinetto Fire OpsFire-Tac
83222082DNew Haven FDNew Haven Fire OpsFire-Tac
8300206cDNovHindlcoFDNovelis Hindalco FDFire-Tac
83262086DOrwell FDOrwell Fire OpsFire-Tac
8331208bDC Oswego FDOswego Fire City OpsFire-Tac
8332208cDT Oswego FDOswego Town Fire OpsFire-Tac
8333208dDPalermo FDPalermo Fire OpsFire-Tac
8334208eDParish FDParish Fire OpsFire-Tac
8335208fDPennellvleFDPennellville Fire OpsFire-Tac
83362090DPhoenix FDPhoenix Fire OpsFire-Tac
83412095DPulaski FDPulaski Fire OpsFire-Tac
83392093DRedfield FDRedfield Fire OpsFire-Tac
83402094DRichland FDRichland Fire OpsFire-Tac
83422096DSandy Crk FDSandy Creek Fire OpsFire-Tac
83442098DScriba FDScriba Fire OpsFire-Tac
8346209aDVolney FDVolney Fire OpsFire-Tac
8347209bDW Amboy FDWest Amboy Fire OpsFire-Tac
8348209cDW Monroe FDWest Monroe Fire OpsFire-Tac
8349209dDWllmstown FDWilliamstown Fire OpsFire-Tac
Oswego County Schools and Universities
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
80261f5aDCayuga CollCayuga CollegeSchools
80651f81DSUNY OswegoSUNY OswegoSchools
80231f57DSUNYOswegoPDSUNY Oswego PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
82302026DSUNY Osw PD OpsSUNY Oswego PD OpsLaw Tac
80271f5bDCayuga UnvUniversity Common CayugaSchools
80241f58DSUNY UnvUniversity Common SUNYSchools
Oswego County Dispatch Training
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
99892705DFire Itcm TrngFire Intercom Dispatch TrainingPublic Works
99912707DLEDispTrngLaw Enforcement Dispatch TrainingPublic Works
99922708DOPD TrainingOswego City PD TrainingPublic Works
99932709DOPD TrainingOswego City PD TrainingPublic Works
9995270bDFireDispTrngFire Dispatch Training (Simulated dispatches)Public Works
9996270cDEMSDispTrngEMS Dispatch Training (Simulated dispatches)Public Works
St Lawrence County

These TGs are obseved testing on the CNYICC system.  St Lawrence County is not an active system site at this time.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1890049d4DStL Fire DispFire Dispatch (Testing)Public Works
1890149d5DStL Test 18901TestingPublic Works
1890249d6DStL Test 18902TestingPublic Works
1890349d7DStL Test 18903TestingPublic Works