System Name: Palmetto 800
Location: Various, SC
County: Statewide
System Type: Project 25 Phase II
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 1D9 WACN: BEE00
Last Updated: November 25, 2023, 11:09 am CST   [Added Talkgroup to: Laurens County (45889 Laurens City FD Dispatch)]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name County Freqs
1 (1) 006 (6) Berkeley County Simulcast Berkeley 771.44375771.76875772.08125772.33125772.58125772.59375772.84375
1 (1) 009 (9) Charleston Simulcast (State) Charleston 852.2625854.6375854.9875855.1375856.3375856.8375857.3375
1 (1) 010 (A) Charleston Simulcast (County) Charleston 851.350852.350c852.900853.5375856.2375856.4875856.7375
1 (1) 011 (B) Edisto Island (Charleston County) Colleton 851.750852.075852.450852.950853.450c853.9125c 
1 (1) 012 (C) Summerville (Charleston County) Dorchester 851.1125851.950852.3125852.7125853.1875c853.950c 
1 (1) 013 (D) North Charleston (Charleston County) Charleston 851.100851.7125852.100852.675852.975853.200c853.5125c
1 (1) 015 (F) Walterboro Simulcast Colleton 851.7875852.2875852.800853.075c853.5625c854.2625854.6625
1 (1) 016 (10) Darlington Darlington 851.325851.675851.975852.375853.275c853.800c856.4875
1 (1) 018 (12) Dorchester County Simulcast Dorchester 851.375851.875851.975852.375c852.875853.400853.475
1 (1) 021 (15) Florence County Simulcast Florence 854.6375854.9625855.7125855.7375856.2625857.2625858.2625
1 (1) 022 (16) Georgetown County Simulcast Georgetown 851.075851.450851.625852.125852.550852.800853.075c
1 (1) 034 (22) Marion County Simulcast Marion 855.4625856.0625856.9375856.9875857.4875857.9875858.4875c
1 (1) 043 (2B) Sumter County Simulcast Sumter 851.1625853.300854.2375854.2875854.5625854.7125854.9875
1 (1) 048 (30) Canadys Colleton 851.050851.7375853.375853.875856.3875857.3875858.3875
1 (1) 049 (31) Yemassee Hampton 851.250851.4875852.450853.1375853.750c854.3375855.0625
1 (1) 050 (32) Jasper Jasper 851.175851.5625851.9125852.3625852.8875853.275c853.8625c
1 (1) 051 (33) Robertville Hampton 851.0625851.3125851.7625852.200852.325852.825853.9625c
1 (1) 052 (34) Dillon Dillon 851.5375852.0375852.5375853.0625853.2625c853.5375c 
1 (1) 053 (35) Conway Horry 851.5625851.8625852.3625852.750853.1125853.525c853.8625c
1 (1) 054 (36) North Myrtle Beach Horry 851.2875851.975852.450853.275c853.7125c  
1 (1) 055 (37) Kingstree Williamsburg 851.825852.1875852.8625853.2125c853.5625853.8375c856.3625
1 (1) 056 (38) Brittons Neck Marion 851.150851.600851.8875c852.250c853.050c853.3875c 
1 (1) 057 (39) Bennettsville Marlboro 851.2125851.4875851.775852.175c852.675c  
1 (1) 058 (3A) Awendaw Charleston 856.3125857.3125858.3125859.3125c860.3125c  
1 (1) 059 (3B) Ravenel Charleston 851.325851.825c852.2125852.5375853.0375  
1 (1) 060 (3C) Port Royal Beaufort 851.0875851.9875852.6125853.350853.8125c  
1 (1) 061 (3D) Bluffton Beaufort 851.625852.125852.4125852.850c853.2375c  
1 (1) 062 (3E) Anderson County Simulcast Anderson 851.1625851.2125851.5375851.550852.075852.2125852.575c
1 (1) 063 (3F) Beaufort County Simulcast Beaufort 853.5875854.3125854.4375854.6125854.7375855.2375856.2125c
1 (1) 064 (40) Chesterfield County Simulcast Chesterfield 851.075851.100851.5875851.950852.0625852.475852.700
1 (1) 068 (44) Nichols Marion 851.2625851.575851.6625851.7625852.200852.2625852.650
1 (1) 069 (45) Myrtle Beach Horry 851.4375851.900851.9875852.5625852.9625853.1625853.400
2 (2) 002 (2) Aiken County Simulcast Aiken 851.425851.925852.200852.425852.4875852.750853.200c
2 (2) 012 (C) Chester County Simulcast Chester 771.63125771.98125771.99375773.90625773.91875c774.15625c774.63125c
2 (2) 020 (14) Fairfield Fairfield 851.175851.450852.325c852.850c853.2375c853.6625c858.7125
2 (2) 023 (17) Greenville County Simulcast Greenville 851.1875851.875852.1875852.450852.550852.7375853.2125
2 (2) 024 (18) Greenwood County Simulcast Greenwood 851.350851.4875851.725c852.2375c852.625c852.9875c853.125
2 (2) 028 (1C) Kershaw Kershaw 851.575852.075852.4125852.800853.1735853.4125c853.9125c
2 (2) 029 (1D) Lancaster County Simulcast Lancaster 771.53125771.54375772.15625772.16875772.48125772.49375773.18125c
2 (2) 032 (20) Lexington County Simulcast Lexington 852.650853.500c854.6375855.4625c855.6125856.2625856.8875
2 (2) 036 (24) Newberry County Simulcast Newberry 851.200851.2875851.4375851.950851.9875852.475852.675
2 (2) 038 (26) Orangeburg County Simulcast Orangeburg 851.1875851.4625851.750852.0625852.4625c852.9875c853.425c
2 (2) 040 (28) Richland County Simulcast Richland 851.0375851.5375852.0375852.5375c853.0375c853.5375c854.0375
2 (2) 042 (2A) Spartanburg County Simulcast Spartanburg 851.0375851.775852.400852.425c852.9375c853.050c853.700c
2 (2) 065 (41) Long Mountain Oconee 851.050851.450c851.800c852.2875c852.925c  
2 (2) 066 (42) Holly Hill Orangeburg 851.300851.5625852.4125852.575c852.8375c852.925c853.7875c
2 (2) 067 (43) Bamberg Bamberg 851.125851.550851.850852.175852.4375853.3125853.8125c
2 (2) 068 (44) Hampton Hampton 851.075852.225852.725c853.2125c853.525c853.775c 
2 (2) 069 (45) Barnwell Barnwell 851.825852.250852.6125853.250c853.6875c857.8375 
2 (2) 070 (46) Salley Orangeburg 851.9375852.700854.0625854.4625855.1375856.8375857.7125
2 (2) 071 (47) Sandy Run Calhoun 851.0875851.5375852.0875c852.5375852.875c853.150c854.4375
2 (2) 072 (48) North Augusta Aiken 854.1375854.3875c854.9625855.3125c855.5875855.6625c855.9625
2 (2) 075 (4B) St. Matthews Calhoun 851.3125851.7625852.8875852.9125853.1625853.350853.575c
2 (2) 076 (4C) Elloree Orangeburg 771.83125772.09375772.34375772.64375772.96875773.48125773.49375
2 (2) 078 (4E) Manning Clarendon 851.250851.900852.300852.600852.950c853.250853.7125c
2 (2) 079 (4F) Lynchburg Lee 851.200851.800852.100852.5875852.900c853.225853.6125c
2 (2) 080 (50) Camden Kershaw 851.7875852.2875853.100c853.3625c855.1875857.2875858.2875
2 (2) 081 (51) Harbison Richland 854.0875854.3375856.2125856.4375856.4875c857.4375857.4875
2 (2) 083 (53) Blackstock Fairfield 772.20625772.21875772.74375773.45625773.46875773.96875c774.89375
2 (2) 084 (54) Blair Fairfield 851.050851.825852.350c852.6375c853.4375c853.850c 
2 (2) 086 (56) York York 851.0875851.4875851.5625c854.8375855.7875858.2875860.7875c
2 (2) 087 (57) Union Union 851.750852.2875c852.800c853.075c853.450c  
2 (2) 088 (58) Ember Lane Lancaster 851.1875851.975852.7875853.7375854.1375854.6125c856.9625
2 (2) 089 (59) Thicketty Cherokee 851.4625852.125852.925c853.1625853.425c860.2625 
2 (2) 090 (5A) Draytonville Cherokee 771.50625771.94375772.18125772.54375772.98125c  
2 (2) 091 (5B) Tinker Creek Union 771.56875771.84375772.14375772.46875c774.71875  
2 (2) 092 (5C) Plum Branch McCormick 854.8875855.4125c856.9125c857.9125c   
2 (2) 093 (5D) Johnston Edgefield 851.0625851.625c852.275856.9375858.8625858.8875859.8875c
2 (2) 094 (5E) Little Mountain Newberry 851.325851.8125c852.1125c852.2625853.225853.4875853.800c
2 (2) 095 (5F) Chappells Newberry 851.075852.0625852.4125c853.0625c853.5125c853.7875853.950c
2 (2) 096 (60) Joanna Laurens 851.2375851.900c852.900c853.2875c853.900c855.9875 
2 (2) 097 (61) Laurens Laurens 851.7875855.3375856.4625857.8125858.4625858.8125c859.8625c
2 (2) 098 (62) Due West Abbeville 854.7625855.0375c855.5125c856.4875856.7375857.4875c 
2 (2) 100 (64) Hogback Mountain Greenville 851.375851.9625c852.350852.8375c853.3125853.625c855.1375
2 (2) 101 (65) Caesars Head Greenville 851.3125851.475c851.9125852.250c852.8125853.125853.4625c
2 (2) 102 (66) Pickens Pickens 851.125851.4125852.100c852.3625c852.7125c853.600c856.9625
2 (2) 103 (67) Seneca Oconee 851.075852.050c852.6625c853.100c853.9625c  
2 (2) 104 (68) Clemson Pickens 851.325852.275853.250853.2875853.300853.575c853.7375c


SC Interoperability
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
200104e2aDSC CALLStatewide Calling ChannelInterop
200094e29DFed CallFederal Calling ChannelInterop
200334e41DUtility CallUtility CallInterop
200344e42DUtility MA 1Utility Mutual Aid 1Interop
200354e43DUtility MA 2Utility Mutual Aid 2Interop
200364e44DUtility MA 3Utility Mutual Aid 3Interop
200374e45DCoop Mut AidCooperative Mutual AidInterop
278316cb7DState Fire LLR 1State Firefighter MobilizationFire-Tac
278326cb8DState Fire LLR 2State Fire & LLR 2Fire-Tac
200214e35DState Air GrndState Air GroundEmergency Ops
5005DSC Air 1SC Air 1Emergency Ops
200054e25DSC Air 2SC Air 2Emergency Ops
400059c45DSC Air 3SC Air 3Emergency Ops
200114e2bDSC Mut Aid 1Mutual Aid 1Interop
200124e2cDSC Mut Aid 2Mutual Aid 2Interop
200134e2dDSC Mut Aid 3Mutual Aid 3Interop
200144e2eDSC Mut Aid 4Mutual Aid 4Interop
200154e2fDSC Mut Aid 5Mutual Aid 5Interop
200164e30DSC Mut Aid 6Mutual Aid 6Interop
200174e31DSC Mut Aid 7Mutual Aid 7Interop
200184e32DSC Mut Aid 8Mutual Aid 8Interop
200194e33DSC Mut Aid 9Mutual Aid 9Interop
200204e34DSC Mut Aid 10Mutual Aid 10Interop
200064e26DSC Mut Aid 11Mutual Aid 11Interop
200074e27DSC Mut Aid 12Mutual Aid 12Interop
200084e28DSC Mut Aid 13Mutual Aid 13Interop
200224e36DSC Reg Govt 1Regional Govt 1 (Troop 1)Interop
400109c4aDSC Reg Govt 2Regional Govt 2 (Troop 2)Interop
400119c4bDSC Reg Govt 3Regional Govt 3 (Troop 3)Interop
400129c4cDSC Reg Govt 4Regional Govt 4 (Troop 4)Interop
1000aDSC Reg Govt 5Regional Govt 5 (Troop 5)Interop
1100bDSC Reg Govt 6Regional Govt 6 (Troop 6)Interop
200234e37DSC Reg Govt 7Regional Govt 7 (Troop 7)Interop
200244e38DSC Reg Govt 8Regional Govt 8 (Statewide)Interop
200254e39DSC Reg Govt 9Regional Govt 9 (Statewide)Interop
200264e3aDSC Reg Govt 10Regional Govt 10 (Statewide)Interop
200274e3bDLE CallLE CallLaw Tac
200284e3cDSC LE Comm 1LE Common 1 (Troop 1)Law Tac
400139c4dDSC LE Comm 2LE Common 2 (Troop 2)Law Tac
400149c4eDSC LE Comm 3LE Common 3 (Troop 3)Law Tac
400159c4fDSC LE Comm 4LE Common 4 (Troop 4)Law Tac
1200cDSC LE Comm 5LE Common 5 (Troop 5)Law Tac
1300dDSC LE Comm 6LE Common 6 (Troop 6)Law Tac
200294e3dDSC LE Comm 7LE Common 7 (Troop 7)Law Tac
200304e3eDSC LE Comm 8LE Common 8 (Highway 278 Hurricane Evac)Law Tac
200314e3fDSC LE Comm 9LE Common 9 (Statewide)Law Tac
200324e40DSC LE Comm 10LE Common 10 (Statewide)Law Tac
200384e46DSC LE Comm 11LE Common 11 (Statewide)Law Tac
200394e47DSC LE Comm 12LE Common 12 (Statewide)Law Tac
200404e48DeSC LE Comm 13LE Common 13 (Statewide)Law Tac
200414e49DESC LE Comm 14LE Common 14 (Statewide)Law Tac
200424e4aDESC LE Comm 15LE Common 15 (Statewide)Law Tac
200434e4bDESC LE Comm 16LE Common 16 (Statewide)Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2710169ddDSCHP Smtr/ClrdCh 1 Sumter/Clarendon DispatchLaw Dispatch
2710269deDSCHP Tac 1Ch 2 Tac 1Law Tac
2710369dfDSCHP Lee/KrshwCh 3 Kershaw/Lee DispatchLaw Dispatch
2710469e0DSCHP LexingtonCh 4 Lexington DispatchLaw Dispatch
2710569e1DSCHP Tac 2Ch 5 Tac 2Law Tac
2710669e2DSCHP RichlandCh 6 Richland DispatchLaw Dispatch
2710769e3DSCTP T1Ch 7 Transport Police Troop 1Law Tac
2710869e4DDPS 1Ch 8 DPS 1Public Works
2710969e5DSCHP Sp Ops 1Ch 9 Special Ops Troop 1Law Tac
280036d63DSHEP Dist 1SC DOT SHEP District 1Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
50201c419DSCHP Lrns/NewbCh 17 Newberry/Laurens DispatchLaw Dispatch
50202c41aDSCHP Tac 3Ch 18 Tac 3Law Tac
50203c41bDSCHP Abb/GrwdCh 19 Abbeville/Greenwood DispatchLaw Dispatch
50204c41cDSCHP Egf/Sld/MckCh 20 Edgefield/Saluda/McCormick DispatchLaw Dispatch
50205c41dDSCHP Tac 4Ch 21 Tac 4Law Tac
50206c41eDSCTP T2Ch 23 Transport Police Troop 2Law Tac
50207c41fDDPS 2Ch 24 DPS 2Public Works
50208c420DSCHP Sp Ops 2Ch 25 Special Ops Troop 2Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
50211c423DSCHP AndersonCh 33 AndersonLaw Dispatch
50212c424DSCHP Tac 5Ch 34 Tac 5Law Tac
50233c439DSCHP Pckns/OcneeCh 35 Pickens/OconeeLaw Dispatch
50213c425DSCHP GrnvlCh 36 GreenvilleLaw Dispatch
50214c426DSCHP Tac 6Ch 37 Tac 6Law Tac
50215c427DSCHP SptgCh 38 SpartanburgLaw Dispatch
50216c428DSCTP T3Ch 39 Transport Police Troop 3Law Tac
50217c429DDPS 3Ch 40 DPS 3Public Works
50218c42aDSCHP Sp Ops 3Ch 41 Special Ops Troop 3Law Tac
51104c7a0DSHEP Dist 3SC DOT SHEP District 3Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
50221c42dDSCHP Cher/UnCh 49 Cherokee/UnionLaw Dispatch
50222c42eDSCHP Tac 7Ch 50 Tac 7Law Tac
50223c42fDSCHP YorkCh 51 YorkLaw Dispatch
50224c430DSCHP Tac 8Ch 53 Tac 8Law Tac
50231c437DSCHP Chst/FrfdCh 52 Chester/FairfieldLaw Dispatch
50232c438DSCHP Chsf/LancCh 54 Chesterfield/LancasterLaw Dispatch
50225c431DSCTP T4Ch 55 Transport Police Troop 4Law Tac
50226c432DDPS 4Ch 56 DPS 4Public Works
50227c433DSCHP Sp Ops 4Ch 57 Special Ops Troop 4Law Tac
51105c7a1DSHEP Dist 4SC DOT SHEP District 4Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
96012581DSCHP DarlngtnCh 65 Darlington/Marlboro DispatchLaw Tac
96022582DSCHP TacCh 66 Tac 9Law Tac
96032583DSCHP FlorenceCh 67 Florence/Dillon/Marion DispatchLaw Dispatch
96042584DSCHP GrgtwnCh 68 Georgetown/Williamsburg DispatchLaw Dispatch
96052585DSCHP TacCh 69 Tac 10Law Tac
96062586DSCHP HorryCh 70 Horry DispatchLaw Dispatch
96072587DSCTP Tr 5Ch 71 Transport Police Troop 5Law Tac
96082588DDPS 5Ch 72 DPS 5Transportation
96092589DSCHP Sp Ops 5Ch 73 Special Ops Troop 5Law Tac
105032907DSHEP Dist 5SC DOT SHEP District 5Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
9611258bDSCHP Berk/ChasCh 81 Berkeley/CharlestonLaw Dispatch
9612258cDSCHP Tac 11Ch 82 Tac 11Law Tac
9613258dDSCHP Dorch/CollCh 83 Dorchester/ColletonLaw Dispatch
9614258eDSCHP Bfrt/JasperCh 84 Beaufort/JasperLaw Dispatch
9615258fDSCHP Tac 12Ch 85 Tac 12Law Tac
96162590DSCTP Tr 6Ch 87 Transport Police Troop 6Law Tac
96172591DDPS 6Ch 88 DPS 6Public Works
96182592DSCHP Sp Ops 6Ch 89 Special Ops Troop 6Law Tac
105042908DSHEP Dist 6SC DOT SHEP District 6Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2711169e7DSCHP Aiken DispCh 97 Aiken DispatchLaw Dispatch
2711269e8DSCHP Tac 13Ch 98 Tac 13Law Tac
2711369e9DSCHP Oburg DispCh 99 Orangeburg/Calhoun DispatchLaw Dispatch
2711869eeDSCHP BmbBrn DispCh 100 Bamberg/Barnwell/Allendale/Hampton DispatchLaw Dispatch
2711469eaDSCHP Tac 14Ch 101 Tac 14Law Tac
2711569ebDSCTP Tr 7Ch 103 Transport Police Troop 7Law Tac
2711669ecDDPS 7Ch 104 DPS 7Public Works
2711769edDSCHP Sp Ops 7Ch 105 Special Ops Troop 7Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
271416a05DSCHP Hurricane 1Hurricane Operations 1Law Tac
271426a06DSCHP Hurricane 2Hurricane Operations 2Law Tac
2713469feDSCHP IEUInsurance Enforcement UnitLaw Tac
271386a02DESCHP IEU 1Insurance Enforcement Unit 1Law Tac
271396a03DESCHP IEU 2Insurance Enforcement Unit 2Law Tac
965525b7DeSCHP 9655SCHP 9655Law Tac
2713169fbDESCHP 27131SCHP 27131Law Tac
271376a01DESCHP 27137SCHP 27137Law Tac
271406a04DESCHP 27140SCHP 27140Law Tac
271436a07DESCHP 27143SCHP 27143Law Tac
271536a11DESCHP 27153SCHP 27153Law Tac
271916a37DESCHP 27191SCHP 27191Law Tac
271926a38DESCHP 27192SCHP 27192Law Tac
271986a3eDESCHP 27198SCHP 27198Law Tac
271996a3fDESCHP 27199SCHP UnknownLaw Tac
50244c444DeSCHP 50244SCHP 50244Law Tac
50274c462DeSCHP 50274SCHP 50274Law Tac
50297c479DeSCHP 50297SCHP 50297Law Tac
Ambulance Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
238094cDFam Med TransptFamily Medical TransportEMS-Tac
238194dDFam Med TrnsptFamily Medical Transport EMS-Tac
2387953DUnk Amb ServiceUnknown Lowcountry Ambulance ServiceEMS-Tac
103932899DMeducareMUSC MeducareEMS-Tac
110252b11DUnk Amb ServiceUnknown Lowcountry Area Ambulance ServiceEMS-Tac
286016fb9DMedshore MidlndsMedshore Ambulance Midlands AreaEMS-Tac
286026fbaDMedshore Amb SWMedshore Ambulance StatewideEMS-Tac
286076fbfDUnknown MedicalUnknown MedicalEMS-Talk
286196fcbDUnknown MedicalUnknown MedicalEMS-Talk
51706c9faDMedshore Amb LCMedshore Ambulance Low CountryEMS-Tac
51707c9fbDMedshore Amb USMedshore Ambulance UpstateEMS Dispatch
51711c9ffDMedshore PeeDeeMedshore Ambulance Pee Dee AreaEMS-Tac
51731ca13DUnknown MedicalUnknown MedicalEMS-Talk
51733ca15DPrisma Hlth TrnsPrisma Health TransportEMS-Tac
SC Medical Helicopters
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
286096fc1DSC LifenetLifeNetEMS Dispatch
286066fbeDLifeNet - PrismaLifeNet to Prisma ERsHospital
51704c9f8DMedTrans SCMedTrans Roam SC - Aircare/AirReach/Regional 1/GHS MedTrans/AnMed LifeFlightEMS Dispatch
51703c9f7DSC AirReachAirReachEMS Dispatch
51705c9f9DMedCenterAirMedCenter Air (CMC Charlotte)EMS Dispatch
51713ca01DMedcntr Air GndMedcenter Air Ground OpsEMS-Tac
51708c9fcDSC AircareSC Aircare DispatchEMS Dispatch
51709c9fdDCareflightCareflight EMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
103922898DMeducareMeducareEMS Dispatch
10394289aDMeducare HeloMeducare Flight ControlEMS Dispatch
10395289bDMeducareMeducareEMS Dispatch
55377d851DAugusta U AirAugusta University Air CareEMS Dispatch
SLED State Law Enforcement Division
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
273016aa5DESLED OpsDispatchLaw Tac
273026aa6DeSLED OpsOpsLaw Tac
273036aa7DESLED OpsOpsLaw Tac
273046aa8DESLED OpsOpsLaw Tac
273056aa9DESLED OpsOpsLaw Tac
273066aaaDESLED OpsOpsLaw Tac
273076aabDESLED OpsOpsLaw Tac
273126ab0DeSLED StatewideStatewideLaw Tac
273116aafDeSLED MidlandsMidlandsLaw Tac
9802264aDeSLED LowcountryLowcountryLaw Tac
98012649DeSLED Pee DeePee DeeLaw Tac
50401c4e1DeSLED PiedmontPiedmontLaw Tac
273006aa4DeSLED OpsOpsLaw Tac
SC BPS Bureau Of Protective Services

 SC BPS provides law enforcement services to the areas around the State Capitol grounds in Columbia.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2712169f1DESC BPS DispBPS DispatchLaw Dispatch
2712269f2DESC BPS 1BPS 1Law Tac
2712369f3DESC BPS 2BPS 2Law Tac
2712569f5DESC BPS 3BPS 3Law Tac
2712469f4DESC BPS SWBPS StatewideLaw Tac
SC EMD Emergency Management Division
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
281016dc5DSC EMD CallCallEmergency Ops
281026dc6DSC EMD Ops 1Ops 1Emergency Ops
281036dc7DSC EMD Ops 3Ops 3Emergency Ops
281046dc8DSC EMD CommonCommonEmergency Ops
281096dcdDSC EMD SearchUrban Search and RescueEmergency Ops
281066dcaDSC EMD MidlandsMidlandsEmergency Ops
51205c805DSC EMD UpstateUpstateEmergency Ops
51206c806DSC EMD PiedmontPiedmontEmergency Ops
10605296dDSC EMD Pee DeePee DeeEmergency Ops
10606296eDSC EMD LowcntryLowcountryEmergency Ops
281126dd0DSC EMD Sav RiverSavannah RiverEmergency Ops
51207c807DSC EMD CatawbaCatawbaEmergency Ops
284016ef1DSC EMD AlertEmergency Notification SystemEmergency Ops
SC Department of Natural Resources
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
274116b13DESC DNR Reg 1Ch 1 Region 1Law Dispatch
274126b14DESC DNR Ch 2Ch 2 Oconee, Pickens, AndersonLaw Tac
274136b15DESC DNR Ch 3Ch 3 Greenville,Spartanburg,Cherokee,UnionLaw Tac
274146b16DESC DNR Ch 4Ch 4 Greenwood, Laurens, Edgefield, McCormickLaw Tac
274156b17DESC DNR Reg 2Ch 5 Region 2Law Dispatch
274166b18DESC DNR Ch 6Ch 6 York,Chester,Clarendon,Fairfield,Lee,KershawLaw Tac
274176b19DESC DNR Ch 7Ch 7 Chesterfirld,Marlboro,DarlingtonLaw Tac
274186b1aDESC DNR Ch 8Ch 8 Florence,Dillion,Marion,WilliamsburgLaw Tac
274196b1bDESC DNR Reg 3Ch 9 Region 3Law Dispatch
274206b1cDESC DNR Ch 10Ch 10 Richland,Lexington,Newberry,SaludaLaw Tac
274216b1dDESC DNR Ch 11Ch 11 Aiken,Barnwell,Bamberg,AllendaleLaw Tac
274226b1eDESC DNR Ch 12Ch 12 Sumter,Calhoun,OrangeburgLaw Tac
274236b1fDESC DNR Reg 4Ch 13 Region 4Law Dispatch
274246b20DESC DNR Ch 14Ch 14 Horry,GeorgetownLaw Tac
274256b21DESC DNR Ch 15Ch 15 Upper Charleston,BerkeleyLaw Tac
274266b22DESC DNR Ch 16Ch 16 Lower Charleston,Dorchester,ColletonLaw Tac
274276b23DESC DNR Ch 17Ch 17 Beaufort,Jasper,HamptonLaw Tac
274286b24DESC DNR StatewideCh 18 StatewideLaw Tac
274296b25DESC DNR SecureCh 19 SecureLaw Tac
SC DHEC Department of Health and Environmental Control
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
275076b73DSC DHEC MainMainEmergency Ops
275106b76DSC DHEC ERTEmergency Response TeamEmergency Ops
275026b6eDSC DHEC MAMutual AidEmergency Ops
275096b75DSC DHEC Law EnfLaw EnforcementLaw Tac
50601c5a9DSC DHEC Reg 1Region 1 PiedmontEmergency Ops
275016b6dDSC DHEC Reg 2Region 2 MidlandsEmergency Ops
100012711DSC DHEC Reg 3Region 3 Pee DeeEmergency Ops
100022712DSC DHEC Reg 4Region 4 LowcountryEmergency Ops
275056b71DSC DHEC HospHospital Net MainEmergency Ops
50603c5abDSC DHEC Hosp UpsHospital Region 1 PiedmontEmergency Ops
275066b72DSC DHEC Hosp MidHospital Region 2 MidlandsEmergency Ops
100072717DSC DHEC Hosp P DHospital Region 3 Pee DeeEmergency Ops
100082718DSC DHEC Hosp LwCHospital Region 4 LowcountryEmergency Ops
SC PPP Probation Pardon and Parole
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
277146c42DESC PPP StatewideStatewideLaw Tac
277136c41DESC PPP CommandCommandLaw Tac
277126c40DESC PPP RichlandRichlandLaw Tac
277116c3fDESC PPP LexingtonLexingtonLaw Tac
50807c677DESC PPP GrvlGreenvilleLaw Tac
50805c675DESC PPP UnknownUnknown UseLaw Tac
50806c676DESC PPP UnknownUnknown UseLaw Tac
SC DJJ Department of Juvenile Justice
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
276016bd1DSC DJJ BRR CompCh 3 Charlie/Broad River Road ComplexCorrections
276026bd2DSC DJJ Mdls EvalMidlands Regional Evaluation CenterCorrections
276036bd3DSC DJJ Det CntrCh 4 Delta/PoliceCorrections
276046bd4DSC DJJ MainCh 2 Bravo/MaintenanceCorrections
276056bd5DSC DJJ RoamRoamCorrections
276066bd6DSC DJJ TacTacticalCorrections
101012775DSC DJJ CoastalCoastal Regional Evaluation CenterCorrections
50701c60dDSC DJJ UpstateUpstate Regional Evaluation CenterCorrections
SC Forestry Commission
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
278266cb2DSC Forestry OpsForestry Commission OpsPublic Works
278276cb3DSC Forestry RoamForestry Commission RoamPublic Works
SC DMH Department of Mental Health
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1040128a1DSC DHM EdistoEdisto Sexual Predator UnitLaw Tac
279016cfdDeSC DMH DispDispatchLaw Dispatch
279026cfeDSC DMH AdminAdminLaw Talk
279036cffDSC DMH RoamRoamLaw Tac
51000c738DPB Harris HospPatrick B. Harris Hospital Security Anderson CoSecurity
SC DOR Deptartment of Revenue
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
278016c99DSC DORBuilding Security and InvestigatorsSecurity
SC DOT Department of Transportation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
280046d64DSC DOT SWStatewidePublic Works
280026d62DSC DOT RadioshopStatewide Radio ShopPublic Works
280016d61DSC DOT Dist 1District 1 OperationsPublic Works
51101c79dDSC DOT Dist 2District 2 OperationsPublic Works
51102c79eDSC DOT Dist 3District 3 OperationsPublic Works
51103c79fDSC DOT Dist 4District 4 OperationsPublic Works
105012905DSC DOT Dist 5District 5 OperationsPublic Works
105022906DSC DOT Dist 6District 6 OperationsPublic Works
280056d65DSC DOT Dist 7District 7 OperationsPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
278716cdfDSC NG OpsNational Guard OperationsMilitary
278726ce0DSC NG Pee DeeNational Guard Pee DeeMilitary
278736ce1DSC NG RoamNational Guard RoamMilitary
278746ce2DSC NG ColaNational Guard ColumbiaMilitary
278776ce5DSC NG UpstateNational Guard UpstateMilitary
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
282016e29DCongaree NP MainCongaree National Park MainFederal
282026e2aDCongaree NP TalkCongaree National Park Talk-aroundFederal
282036e2bDCongaree NP RoamCongaree National Park RoamFederal
281506df6DeVA Hosp ColaVA Hospital ColumbiaHospital
281516df7DeVA Clinics GvlVA Clinics GreenvilleHospital
281526df8DVA UnknownVA UnknownHospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
110512b2bDCoastal RTACoastal Regional Transit AuthorityTransportation
285016f55DAiken/BarnwellRural Transportation Aiken/BarnwellTransportation
285026f56DLogistics CareLogistics CareTransportation
285036f57DBamberg/HamptonRural Transportation Bamberg/HamptonTransportation
285046f58DLwr Sav ADTRCLower Savannah ADTRCTransportation
285056f59DLwr Sav ADTRCLower Savannah ADTRCTransportation
285126f60DSantee-Water RTASantee-Wateree Regional Transit AuthorityTransportation
285136f61DSantee-Water RTASantee-Wateree Regional Transit AuthorityTransportation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
108012a31DDominion EnergyDominion EnergyUtilities
282096e31DDominion EnergyDominion EnergyUtilities
283116e97DDominionSecurityDominion SecuritySecurity
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
405419e5dDAbbvl Co FD 1Fire Ch 1Fire Dispatch
405729e7cDAbbvl Co EMSEMSEMS Dispatch
408829fb2DAbbvl EMS HospEMS to HospitalHospital
405049e38DAbbeville SD 1Sheriff Ch 1Law Dispatch
405059e39DAbbeville SD 2Sheriff Ch 2Law Tac
40963a003DAbbeville PubSafAbbeville Public SafetyMulti-Tac

Burnettown, Jackson, New Ellenton, Salley and Wagner PD are dispatched by the sherrif's department on Sherrif Ch 1. 

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
205655055DAiken EMS DispEMS Ch 1 DispatchEMS Dispatch
205665056DAiken EMS 2EMS Ch 2EMS-Tac
205675057DAiken EMS HospEMS to Aiken ERHospital
205685058DAkien EMS 4EMS Ch 4EMS-Tac
205695059DAiken EMS RoamEMS RoamEMS-Tac
206155087DAiken EMDEMDEmergency Ops
206165088DAiken EMD RoamEMD RoamEmergency Ops
205015015DAiken Co SD DispSheriff Ch 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
205025016DAiken Co SD 2Sheriff Ch 2Law Tac
205035017DAiken Co SD 3Sheriff Ch 3 Law Tac
205045018DAiken Co SD 4Sheriff Ch 4Law Tac
205055019DAiken Co SD CvlSheriff Civil ProcessLaw Tac
20506501aDAiken Co SD CIDSheriff CIDLaw Tac
20507501bDAiken Co SD NarcSheriff NarcoticsLaw Tac
205305032DAiken Co SD NrcTSheriff Narcotics TacLaw Tac
20508501cDAiken Co SD RoamSheriff RoamLaw Tac
20509501dDAiken Co SD Evt1Sheriff Events 1Law Tac
205195027DAiken Co SD Adm1Sheriff Admin 1Law Tac
205205028DAiken Co SD Adm2Sheriff Admin 2Law Tac
2064150a1DAiken Co Det CntDetention CenterCorrections
205165024DCourthouse PageCounty Courthouse Automated PagingLaw Dispatch
20510501eDAiken Co SD UnknSheriff UnknownLaw Tac
205125020DAiken Co SD UnknSheriff UnknownLaw Tac
205175025DAiken Co SD UnknSheriff UnknownLaw Tac
208515173DAkn City PD DispAiken City DPS Ch 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
208565178DAkn City PD AdmnAiken City DPS Ch 2 AdminLaw Tac
208535175DAkn City PD Ops1Aiken City DPS Ops 1Law Tac
208545176DAkn City PD Ops2Aiken City DPS Ops 2Law Tac
208555177DAkn City PD Ops3Aiken City DPS Ops 3Law Tac
208525174DAkn City PD RoamAiken City DPS RoamLaw Tac
208655181DBurnetn PD DispBurnettown PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
208015141DBurnetn PD TacBurnettown PD TacLaw Tac
208665182DBurnetn PD RoamBurnettown PD RoamLaw Talk
2092551bdDNew Ellenton PDNew Ellenton PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
2092651beDNew Ellntn PD RmNew Ellenton PD RoamLaw Talk
20895519fDN Augusta DPS 1North Augusta DPS Ch 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
2089651a0DN Augusta DPS 2North Augusta DPS Ch 2Law Tac
2090551a9DN Augusta DPS 3North Augusta DPS Ch 3 FireFire-Tac
2090151a5DN Augusta DPS 4North Augusta DPS Ch 4 SwatLaw Tac
2089951a3DN Augusta DPS 5North Augusta DPS Ch 5 CIDLaw Tac
2090951adDN Augusta DPS 6North Augusta DPS Ch 6 RoamLaw Tac
206015079DEAiken Co Anml CnAnimal ControlPublic Works
278886cf0DUSC-Aiken SecUSC-Aiken SecuritySchools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
210015209DAllendale SD 1Sheriff Ch 1Law Tac
21002520aDAllendale SD 2Sheriff Ch 2Law Tac
21388538cDAllendale PDAllendale PDLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
41006a02eDAnd Co FD DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
41007a02fDAnd Co FD 2Fire Ch 2Fire-Tac
41013a035DAnd Co FD HazmatFire HAZMATFire-Tac
41043a053DAnd Co Mun FDMunicipal FDs (Belton, Honea Path, Williamston FDs)Fire Dispatch
41025a041DAnd Co Tech ResQTechnical Rescue TeamFire-Tac
41030a046DAnd Co EMS DispEMS Dispatch Ch 1 (Medshore)EMS Dispatch
41031a047DAnd Co EMS 2EMS Ch 2/AnMed LifeflightEMS-Tac
51701c9f5DAnMed LifeflightAnMed LifeflightEMS-Tac
41042a052DEMS to AnMedEMS to AnMedHospital
41027a043DEAnd Co Em SvcEmergency ServicesEmergency Ops
41040a050DAnd Co EMS TacEMS TacEMS-Tac
41000a028DEAnd Co SD DisSheriff Ch 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
41001a029DEAnd Co SD TrfSheriff Ch 2 Traffic EnforcementLaw Tac
41002a02aDEAnd Co SD TlkSheriff Ch 3 Talk-aroundLaw Talk
41003a02bDeAnd Co SD 4Sheriff Ch 4 "Traffic Channel"Law Tac
41032a048DeAnd Co SD RoamSheriff RoamLaw Tac
41004a02cDEAnd Co SD 5Sheriff Ch 5Law Tac
41033a049DeAnd Co SD Ops 1Sheriff Ops 1Law Tac
41034a04aDeAnd Co SD Ops 2Sheriff Ops 2Law Tac
41035a04bDeAnd Co SD Evts 1Sheriff Events 1Law Tac
41036a04cDeAnd Co SD Evts 2Sheriff Events 2Law Tac
41037a04dDeAnd Co SD Evts 3Sheriff Events 3Law Tac
41029a045DEAnd Co LE UnkUnknown Law EnforcementLaw Tac
41008a030DAnd Co SD CrtCourt SecurityLaw Tac
41014a036DAnd FD DispAnderson FD DispatchFire Dispatch
41019a03bDAnd PD DispAnderson PD Ch 1Law Dispatch
41020a03cDAnd PD TacAnderson PD Ch 2 TacticalLaw Tac
41039a04fDAnd PD TacAnderson PD TacLaw Tac
41023a03fDAnd Muni PD 1Municipal PD Ch 1 (Belton, Honeapath, Pendleton, Williamson)Law Dispatch
41011a033DBelton PD TacBelton PD TacLaw Tac
41012a034DHonea Path PD TcHonea Path PD TacLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
216415489DBamberg LE DispLaw Enforcement Dispatch (SD & Muni PDs)Law Dispatch
21642548aDBamberg LE OpsLaw Enforcement OpsLaw Tac
21643548bDBamberg LE RoamLaw Enforcement RoamLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
220665632DMedshore BrnwlMedshore EMS Barnwell CountyEMS Dispatch
220655631DMedsh Brnwl OpsMedshore EMS Barnwell Co OpsEMS-Tac
223845770DMedsh Brnwl OpsEMS Medshore EMS-Tac
22412578cDMedsh Brnwl OpsEMS MedshoreEMS-Tac
220215605DBarnwell Co LECounty Law Enforcement (Barnwell SO, Barnwell PD, Williston PD, Blackville PD)Law Dispatch
2201155fbDBarnwell Co LECounty Law EnforcementLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7042c0DBC FD Disp 1FD Dispatch 1Fire Dispatch
7062c2DBC FD Disp 2FD Dispatch 2Fire Dispatch
518206DEBFD Ops 1Beaufort FD Ops 1Fire-Tac
520208DBFD Ops 2Beaufort FD Ops 2Fire-Tac
516204DEBFD AdminBeaufort FD AdminFire-Tac
544220DBlftn FD Op1Bluffton FD Ops 1Fire-Tac
546222DBlftn FD Op2Bluffton FD Ops 2Fire-Tac
545221DBlftn FD Op4Bluffton FD Ops 4Fire-Tac
54221eDBlftn FD AdmBluffton FD AdminFire-Tac
52620eDEBurton FD Ops1Burton FD Ops 1Fire-Tac
52420cDBurton FD AdminBurton FD AdminFire-Tac
5091fdDFripp Is FDFripp Island FD Ops 1Fire-Tac
5081fcDFripp Is FDFripp Island FD AdminFire-Tac
5021f6DLISH FD Ops1Ladys Island St. Helena FD Ops 1Fire-Tac
5041f8DLISH FD Ops2Ladys Island St. Helena FD Ops 2Fire-Tac
513201DLISH FD AdmnLadys Island St. Helena FD AdminFire-Tac
550226DHHI F/R DispHilton Head Island Fire/Rescue DispatchFire Dispatch
552228DHHI F/R Tac1Hilton Head Island Fire/Rescue Tac 1Fire-Tac
553229DHHI F/R Tac2Hilton Head Island Fire/Rescue Tac 2Fire-Tac
55422aDHHI F/R Tac3Hilton Head Island Fire/Rescue Tac 3Fire-Tac
560230DHHI F/R DI 1Hilton Head Island Fire/Rescue Daufuski Island Ops 1Fire-Tac
562232DHHI F/R DI 2Hilton Head Island Fire/Rescue Daufuski Island Ops 2Fire-Tac
55622cDHHI Bch PtrlHilton Head Island Beach PatrolEMS-Tac
57523fDPI FD/EMSParris Island FD/EMS Dispatch/OpsFire Dispatch
577241DPI FD OpsParris Island FD OpsFire-Tac
578242DPI FD OpsParris Island FD OpsFire-Tac
534216DShldn FD Op1Sheldon FD Ops 1Fire-Tac
532214DShldn FD AdmSheldon FD AdminFire-Tac
6732a1DBC Maj Inc 1Major Incident 1Interop
6762a4DBC Maj Inc 3Major Incident 3Interop
6802a8DBC Maj Inc 5Major Incident 5Interop
6962b8DBC MarineMarine RescueFire-Tac
66929dDBC Air-GndAir-GroundMulti-Tac
582246DeBC EMS DispEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
584248DBC EMS CoordEMS CoordinationEMS-Tac
585249DBC EMS BMHEMS to Beaufort Memorial HospitalHospital
58624aDBC EMS BNHEMS to Beaufort Naval HospitalHospital
58724bDBC EMS HHIEMS to Hilton Head Island HospitalHospital
58824cDBC EMS CstlEMS to Coastal Carolina HospitalHospital
598256DEBCSO N DispSheriff North DispatchLaw Dispatch
599257DEBCSO N OpsSheriff North OpsLaw Tac
600258DEBCSO WarrantSheriff WarrantsLaw Tac
60225aDEBCSO N ShiftSheriff North ShiftLaw Tac
60425cDeBCSO S DispSheriff South DispatchLaw Dispatch
60525dDEBCSO S OpsSheriff South OpsLaw Tac
60625eDEBCSO S ShiftSheriff South ShiftLaw Tac
60725fDBC Det CntrDetention CenterLaw Tac
608260DEBCSO CivilSheriff Civil Process SectionLaw Tac
610262DEBCSO NarcoticsSheriff NarcoticsLaw Tac
612264DeBCSO NarcoticsSheriff NarcoticsLaw Tac
614266DEBPD DispatchBeaufort PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
615267DEBPD OpsBeaufort PD OpsLaw Tac
616268DEBPD ShiftBeaufort PD ShiftLaw Tac
626272DEPR PD OpsPort Royal PD OpsLaw Dispatch
628274DEPR PD ShiftPort Royal PD ShiftLaw Tac
63827eDEBlftn PD DspBluffton PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
63927fDEBlftn PD OpsBluffton PD OpsLaw Tac
640280DEBlftn PD ShfBluffton PD ShiftLaw Tac
65028aDUSC-B SecUSC Beaufort SecuritySchools
658292DEYemm PD ShftYemmassee PD ShiftLaw Tac
66829cDSHEP PatrolSC DOT Incident ResponsePublic Works
6982baDHHI Bch MstrHilton Head Island Beach Master/EventsPublic Works
7182ceDBC DPWDept of Public WorksPublic Works
7222d2DBC DPWDept of Public WorksPublic Works
7592f7DBC Bldg MntcBuilding MaintenancePublic Works
7612f9DBC MosquitoMosquito ControlPublic Works
7662feDBJWSABeaufort Jasper Water and Sewer AuthorityPublic Works
768300DSouth Is PSDSouth Island Public Service DistrictPublic Works
770302DHHI PSDHilton Head Island Public Service DistrictPublic Works
772304DBJWSA MetersBeaufort Jasper Water and Sewer Authority MetersPublic Works
773305DBJWSA DataBeaufort Jasper Water and Sewer Authority DataPublic Works
774306DBJWSA MetersBeaufort Jasper Water and Sewer Authority Meters 2Public Works
78030cDBJWSA HLBeaufort Jasper Water and Sewer Authority Hampton LakesPublic Works
78130dDBJWSABeaufort Jasper Water and Sewer AuthorityPublic Works
788314DBC AnimalCtlAnimal ControlPublic Works
808328DBC SchoolsSchool DistrictSchools
809329DPalm Breeze BusPalmetto Breeze Bus ServiceTransportation
81232cDBC SchoolsSchool District BusSchools
835343DBC SchoolsSchool DistrictSchools
839347DBC SchoolsSchool DistrictSchools
840348DBC Schools BusSchool District BusSchools
841349DBC Schools BusSchool District BusSchools
84334bDBC Schools BusSchool District BusSchools
84534dDBC Schools BusSchool District BusSchools
84734fDBC SchoolsSchool DistrictSchools
850352DBC SchoolsSchool DistrictSchools
854356DBC SchoolsSchool DistrictSchools
857359DBC SchoolsSchool DistrictSchools
85935bDBC Schools MRHSMay River High SchoolSchools
86135dDBC SchoolsSchool DistrictSchools
86235eDBC SchoolsSchool DistrictSchools
86335fDBC SchoolsSchool DistrictSchools
864360DBC SchoolsSchool DistrictSchools
865361DBC SchoolsSchool DistrictSchools
869365DBC SchoolsSchool DistrictSchools
870366DBC SchoolsSchool DistrictSchools
871367DBC SchoolsSchool DistrictSchools
872368DBC SchoolsSchool DistrictSchools
87436aDBC SchoolsSchool DistrictSchools
87536bDBC SchoolsSchool DistrictSchools
87636cDBC SchoolsSchool DistrictSchools
87736dDBC SchoolsSchool DistrictSchools
87836eDBC SchoolsSchool DistrictSchools
880370DBC SchoolsSchool DistrictSchools
881371DBC SchoolsSchool DistrictSchools
882372DBC SchoolsSchool DistrictSchools
883373DBC SchoolsSchool DistrictSchools
884374DBC SchoolsSchool DistrictSchools
885375DBC SchoolsSchool DistrictSchools
887377DBC SchoolsSchool DistrictSchools
888378DBC SchoolsSchool DistrictSchools
89037aDBC SchoolsSchool DistrictSchools
89237cDBC SchoolsSchool DistrictSchools
896380DBC SchoolsSchool DistrictSchools
902386DBC SchoolsSchool DistrictSchools
904388DBC SchoolsSchool DistrictSchools
9553bbDBC SchoolsSchoolsSchools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1040410DBC FD/EMS DispFire/EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
1078436DBC FD/EMS OpsFire/EMS OpsFire-Tac
108443cDBC FD RoamFire RoamFire-Talk
111545bDBC Emerg MngmtEmergency ManagementEmergency Ops
108243aDBC EMS MtgEMS MeetingEMS-Talk
1042412DBC FD/EMS Inc 1Fire/EMS Incident 1Law Tac
1043413DBC FD/EMS Inc 2Fire/EMS Incident 2Law Tac
1044414DBC FD/EMS Inc 3Fire/EMS Incident 3Law Tac
1045415DBC FD/EMS Inc 4Fire/EMS Incident 4Fire-Tac
1046416DBC FD/EMS Inc 5Fire/EMS Incident 5Fire-Tac
1047417DBC FD/EMS Inc 6Fire/EMS Incident 6Fire-Tac
1048418DBC FD/EMS Inc 7Fire/EMS Incident 7Fire-Tac
1049419DBC FD/EMS Inc 8Fire/EMS Incident 8Fire-Tac
105041aDBC FD/EMS Inc 9Fire/EMS Incident 9Fire-Tac
105141bDBC FD/EMS Inc 10Fire/EMS Incident 10Fire-Tac
105241cDBC FD/EMS Inc 11Fire/EMS Incident 11Fire-Tac
105341dDBC FD/EMS Inc 12Fire/EMS Incident 12Fire-Tac
105441eDBC FD/EMS Inc 13Fire/EMS Incident 13Fire-Tac
105541fDBC FD/EMS Inc 14Fire/EMS Incident 14Fire-Tac
1056420DBC FD/EMS Inc 15Fire/EMS Incident 15Fire-Tac
1057421DBC FD/EMS Inc 16Fire/EMS Incident 16Fire-Tac
1058422DBC FD/EMS Inc 17Fire/EMS Incident 17Fire-Tac
1059423DBC FD/EMS Inc 18Fire/EMS Incident 18Fire-Tac
1060424DBC FD/EMS Inc 19Fire/EMS Incident 19Fire-Tac
1061425DBC FD/EMS Inc 20Fire/EMS Incident 20Fire-Tac
1062426DBC FD/EMS Inc 21Fire/EMS Incident 21Fire-Tac
1063427DBC FD/EMS Inc 32Fire/EMS Incident 32Fire-Tac
1064428DBC FD/EMS Inc 22Fire/EMS Incident 22Fire-Tac
1065429DBC FD/EMS Inc 23Fire/EMS Incident 23Fire-Tac
106642aDBC FD/EMS Inc 24Fire/EMS Incident 24Fire-Tac
106742bDBC FD/EMS Inc 25Fire/EMS Incident 25Fire-Tac
106842cDBC FD/EMS Inc 26Fire/EMS Incident 26Fire-Tac
106942dDBC FD/EMS Inc 27Fire/EMS Incident 27Fire-Tac
107042eDBC FD/EMS Inc 28Fire/EMS Incident 28Fire-Tac
107142fDBC FD/EMS Inc 29Fire/EMS Incident 29Fire-Tac
1072430DBC FD/EMS Inc 30Fire/EMS Incident 30Fire-Tac
1073431DBC FD/EMS Inc 31Fire/EMS Incident 31Fire-Tac
108643eDBC FD/EMS Train1Fire/EMS Training 1Fire-Tac
108743fDBC FD/EMS Train2Fire/EMS Training 2Fire-Tac
1088440DBC FD/EMS Train3Fire/EMS Training 3Fire-Tac
1089441DBC FD/EMS Train4Fire/EMS Training 4Fire-Tac
1396574DMnks Cnr Rl FDMoncks Corner Rural FD OpsFire-Talk
140257aDMoncks Cnr FDMoncks Corner City FD OpsFire-Talk
141958bDMacedonia FDMacedonia FD OpsFire-Talk
142258eDCross FDCross FD OpsFire-Talk
1430596DC&B FDC&B FD OpsFire-Talk
10351286fDRoper BerkRoper Berkeley Hospital ERHospital
111052b61DBrighton Park ERTrident Brighton Park ERHospital
10113f3DBCSD UniformSheriff Uniform (Dispatch)Law Dispatch
10123f4DBCSD Ops 1Sheriff Ops 1Law Tac
10133f5DBCSD Ops 2Sheriff Ops 2Law Tac
10153f7DBCSD Ops 3Sheriff Ops 3Law Tac
10193fbDBCSD InvestSheriff Investigations (Records)Law Tac
10233ffDEBCSD Narc 1Sheriff Narcotics 1Law Tac
103440aDEBCSD Narc 2Sheriff Narcotics 2Law Tac
1024400DeBCSD Narc 3Sheriff Narcotics 3Law Tac
10213fdDBCSD SRTSheriff Special Response TeamLaw Tac
10143f6DBCSD UnknownSheriff UnknownLaw Tac
1031407DBCSD UnknownSheriff UnknownLaw Tac
1025401DBC Cities DispCities Law Enforcement DispatchLaw Dispatch
1026402DBC Cities PD OpsCities PD OpsLaw Tac
14405a0DWhitesvl FDWhitesville FD OpsFire-Talk
1429595DPine Ridge FDPine Ridge FD OpsFire-Tac
1398576DGoose Crk FD DisGoose Greek FD DispatchFire Dispatch
1399577DGoose Crk FD FG1Goose Creek FD Fireground 1Fire-Tac
1400578DGoose Crk FD FG2Goose Creek FD Fireground 2Fire-Tac
1408580DGoose Crk PD 1Goose Creek PD 1Law Dispatch
1409581DeGoose Crk PD 2Goose Creek PD 2Law Tac
1410582DeGoose Crk PD 3Goose Creek PD 3Law Tac
1411583DeGoose Crk PD 4Goose Creek PD 4Law Tac
1412584DeGoose Crk PD 5Goose Creek PD 5Law Tac
1413585DHanahan FDHanahan FD/EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
1414586DHanahan FD OpsHanahan FD/EMS OpsFire-Tac
1415587DHanahan PD 1Hanahan PD 1Law Dispatch
1416588DeHanahan PD 2Hanahan PD 2Law Tac
1417589DeHanahan PD 3Hanahan PD 3Law Tac
1140474DBC Spec Evt 1Special Event 1Interop
1141475DBC Spec Evt 2Special Event 2Interop
1142476DBC Spec Evt 3Special Event 3Interop
1143477DBC Spec Evt 4Special Event 4Interop
141858aDHnhn Solid WasteHanahan Solid WastePublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
225285800DCalhn Co FD DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
225305802DCalhn Co FD Ops1County FD Ops 1Fire-Tac
225315803DCalhn Co FD Ops2County FD Ops 2Fire-Tac
225295801DCalhn FD RoamCounty FD RoamFire-Tac
228655951DSandy Run FD OpsSandy Run FD OpsFire-Tac
225655825DCalhn EMS DispEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
225665826DCalhn EMS RoamEMS RoamEMS-Tac
2250157e5DeCalhn Co SD DispSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
2250257e6DeCalhn Co SD 2Sheriff Ch 2Law Tac
2250357e7DeCalhn Co SD 3Sheriff Ch 3Law Tac
2250457e8DeCalhn Co SD 4Sheriff Ch 4Law Tac
228515943DCameron PDCameron PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
228525944DCameron PD RmCameron PD RoamLaw Talk
228815961DSt Mathw PD DispSt. Matthews PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
228825962DSt. Mathw PD RmSt. Matthews PD RoamLaw Talk
226155857DCalhn Co EMDEMDEmergency Ops
226165858DCallhn Co EMD RmEMD RoamEmergency Ops
Charleston Co. Fire Departments

All Charleston County fire departments are dispatched on the main County Fire Dispatch talkgroup. This includes City of Charleston FD, North Charleston FD, Mt. Pleasant FD, and all other county fire departments, including those in municipalities and unincorporated areas. Fire Departments are also dispatched simultaneously on their unique Ops talkgroup. Dispatching is done via a computerized voice dispatch system. The dispatch narrative includes an assignment to a County Incident Channel, which are listed in a separate talkgroup group. The most common Fire Incident channel is Incident Channel 4. Ops A and Ops B channels are typically used more for admin purposes. 

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2051803DCC FD/EMS DISPDispatchFire Dispatch
2066812DChas Co FDs OpsAOps AFire-Tac
2067813DChas Co FDs OpsBOps BFire-Tac
164566dDCC Fire ComnCommonFire-Tac
156461cDCC FD ATGAllFire-Tac
156661eDAwendaw FD TalkAwendaw FD TalkFire-Talk
156761fDAwendaw FD OpsAwendaw FD OpsFire-Tac
17656e5DLincolnville FDLincolnville Fire/RescueFire-Tac
17706eaDSt Pauls FD AllSt. Pauls FD AllFire-Tac
17716ebDSt Pauls FD OpsSt. Pauls FD OpsFire-Tac
17726ecDSt Pauls FD CmmdSt. Pauls FD CommandFire-Tac
17736edDSt Pauls FD TrngSt. Pauls FD TrainingFire-Tac
2049801DJI/St John FD OpJames Island FD/St Johns FD OpsFire-Tac
1890762DSt Johns FD AllSt. Johns FD AllFire-Tac
1891763DSt Johns FD OpsSt. Johns FD OpsFire-Tac
1892764DSt Johns FD CmmdSt. Johns FD CommandFire-Tac
1893765DSt Johns FD TrngSt. Johns FD TrainingFire-Tac
2070816DSt Andrw FD AllSt. Andrews FD AllFire-Tac
2071817DSt Andrw FD OpsSt. Andrews FD OpsFire-Tac
2072818DSt Andrw FD AdmnSt. Andrews FD AdminFire-Tac
2073819DSt Andrw FD TrnSt. Andrews FD TrainingFire-Tac
2052804DDewee Is FDDewee Island FDFire-Tac
Charleston Co. EMS

CCEMS is dispatched on their priamry Dispatch talkgroup, and their response communications are carried on their Ops talkgroup. When responding with a Charleston County Fire Department, they may use one of the Incident Channels.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2053805DCCEMS DispatchDispatchEMS Dispatch
2050802DCCEMS OPSOpsEMS Dispatch
155160fDCCEMS CommndCommandEMS-Tac
155060eDCCEMS ATGAll EMS-Tac
1557615DCCEMS MEETMeeting 1EMS-Talk
1559617DCCEMS Sp TmsSpecial TeamsEMS-Tac
1575627DCCFD RQ DISPRescue DispatchEMS Dispatch
1576628DCCFD RQ NghtRescue NightEMS Dispatch
1577629DCCFD RQ TALKRescue TalkEMS-Talk
157862aDCCFD RQ ADMNRescue AdminEMS-Tac
1584630DCCEMS CentPtCentre Point EREHospital
1585631DHOSP ER ATGHospital AllHospital
1586632DCCEMS E COOPEast Cooper ERHospital
1587633DCCEMS GRGTWNGeorgetown ERHospital
1590636DCCEMS ROPERRoper ERHospital
1591637DCCEMS RPR NWRoper Northwoods ERHospital
1592638DCCEMS STFRANSt. Francis ERHospital
1593639DCCEMS SMRVLSummerville ERHospital
159463aDCCEMS TRIDENTrident ERHospital
159663cDCCEMS VA HOSPVA HospitalHospital
159763dDCCEMS E ROPREast Roper ERHospital
159863eDChas Co ER 1ER 1Hospital
159963fDChas Co ER 2ER 2Hospital
1600640DChas Co ER 3ER 3Hospital
2389955DCCEMS Rop BerkRoper Berkeley ERHospital
Charleston Co. FD/EMS Incident Channels

These channels are used by county and municipal fire departments to coordinate response. Incident 4 is the primary Fire Incident channel, with Incident 5, 7 and 10 also used regularly. EMS units can be assigned to an Incident channel if they are responding to an Incident with a Fire Department.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2054806DCC Incident 1Incident 1Fire-Tac
2055807DCC Incident 2Incident 2Fire-Tac
2056808DCC Incident 3Incident 3Fire-Tac
2057809DCC Incident 4Incident 4Fire-Tac
206280eDCC Incident 5Incident 5Fire-Tac
206380fDCC Incident 6Incident 6Fire-Tac
162865cDCC Incident 7Incident 7Fire-Tac
162965dDCC Incident 8Incident 8Fire-Tac
163065eDCC Incident 9Incident 9Fire-Tac
163165fDCC Incident 10Incident 10Fire-Tac
1632660DCC Incident 11Incident 11Fire-Tac
1633661DCC Incident 12Incident 12Fire-Tac
1634662DCC Incident 13Incident 13Fire-Tac
1635663DCC Incident 14Incident 14Fire-Tac
1636664DCC Incident 15Incident 15Fire-Tac
1637665DCC Incident 16Incident 16Fire-Tac
164666eDCC Incident 17Incident 17Fire-Tac
164766fDCC Incident 18Incident 18Fire-Tac
1648670DCC Incident 19Incident 19Fire-Tac
1649671DCC Incident 20Incident 20Fire-Tac
1650672DCC Incident 21Incident 21Fire-Tac
1651673DCC Incident 22Incident 22Fire-Tac
1652674DCC Incident 23Incident 23Fire-Tac
1653675DCC Incident 24Incident 24Fire-Tac
1654676DCC Incident 25Incident 25Fire-Tac
1655677DCC Incident 26Incident 26Fire-Tac
1656678DCC Incident 27Incident 27Fire-Tac
1657679DCC Incident 28Incident 28Fire-Tac
165867aDCC Incident 29Incident 29Fire-Tac
165967bDCC Incident 30Incident 30Fire-Tac
166067cDCC Incident 31Incident 31Fire-Tac
166167dDCC Incident 32Incident 32Fire-Tac
Charleston Co. Special Events
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2084824DCC Sp Event 1Special Event 1Multi-Tac
2085825DCC Sp Event 2Special Event 2Multi-Tac
2086826DCC Sp Event 3Special Event 3Multi-Tac
2087827DCC Sp Event 4Special Event 4Multi-Tac
2088828DCC Sp Event 5Special Event 5Multi-Tac
2089829DCC Sp Event 6Special Event 6Multi-Tac
209082aDCC Sp Event 7Special Event 7Multi-Tac
209182bDCC Sp Event 8Special Event 8Multi-Tac
209282cDCC Sp Event 9Special Event 9Multi-Tac
209382dDCC Sp Event 10Special Event 10Multi-Tac
209482eDCC Sp Event 11Special Event 11Multi-Tac
209582fDCC Sp Event 12Special Event 12Multi-Tac
2096830DCC Sp Event 13Special Event 13Multi-Tac
2097831DCC Sp Event 14Special Event 14Multi-Tac
2098832DCC Sp Event 15Special Event 15Multi-Tac
2099833DCC Sp Event 16Special Event 16Multi-Tac
Charleston Co. Sheriff's Office
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1665681DCCSO ALLAllLaw Tac
1666682DLE COMMONLE CommonLaw Tac
1667683DECCSO N DispNorth DispatchLaw Dispatch
1668684DECCSO N TacNorth TacLaw Tac
1669685DECCSO W DispWest DispatchLaw Dispatch
1670686DECCSO W TacWest TacLaw Tac
167468aDECCSO TrafficTrafficLaw Tac
167568bDECCSO SWAT 1SWAT Ch 1Law Tac
167668cDECCSO SWAT 2SWAT Ch 2Law Tac
1680690DECCSO WarrantsWarrantsLaw Talk
1682692DECCSO Metro 1Metro Ch 1Law Tac
1683693DECCSO Metro 2Metro Ch 2Law Tac
1684694DECCSO DEA TF1Sheriff DEA Task Force Ch 1Law Tac
1685695DECCSO DEA TF2Sheriff DEA Task Force Ch 2Law Tac
1686696DCCSO CourtsCourtsLaw Talk
1687697DCCSO CourtsCourtsLaw Tac
1688698DCCSO Dive TeamDive TeamLaw Tac
1689699DECCSO MarineMarine PatrolLaw Tac
169169bDECCSO HarborHarborLaw Tac
16976a1DECCSO OpsOpsLaw Tac
Charleston Co Government Agencies
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
15005dcDCC Govt 1Government 1Public Works
15025deDCC Build SerBuilding ServicesPublic Works
15035dfDCC Busin LicBusiness LicensesPublic Works
15045e0DCC Capitol PCapital ProjectsPublic Works
15055e1DCC Del TaxesDelinquent TaxesPublic Works
15065e2DCC ElectionElection WarehousePublic Works
15075e3DCC FacilitieFacilities ManagementPublic Works
15085e4DCC Fleet OpsFleet OpsPublic Works
15105e6DCC Jail MainJail MaintenancePublic Works
15125e8DCC GarageGarage OperationsPublic Works
15205f0DCC RADIO COMRadio CommunicationsPublic Works
15215f1DCC FAILSAFECommunications Failsafe/Site TrunkingPublic Works
15235f3DCC RADIO SHPRadio ShopPublic Works
15245f4DCC TELECOMMTelecommPublic Works
15305faDCC PW1 AdmnPublic Works 1 Admin/StormwaterPublic Works
15315fbDCC PW2 RoadsPublic Works 2 Engineering/RoadsPublic Works
15325fcDCC PW3 ConstPublic Works 3 ConstructionPublic Works
15335fdDCC PW4 MaintPublic Works 4 MaintenancePublic Works
15345feDCC PW5 MosquPublic Works 5 Mosquito ControlPublic Works
15355ffDCC SW AdminSolid Waste AdministrationPublic Works
1536600DCC SW CollecSolid Waste CollectionsPublic Works
1537601DCC SW LandfiSolid Waste LandfillPublic Works
1538602DCC SW MeetinSolid Waste MeetingPublic Works
1625659DCC EPD ALLEPD AllEmergency Ops
17006a4DCC EMERGENCYEmergencyEmergency Ops
17046a8DCC ALERTAlertEmergency Ops
17156b3DCC Emerg MgmEmergency ManagementEmergency Ops
17166b4DCC EPD CMDEPD CommandEmergency Ops
1894766DKIAWAH OPSTown of Kiawah Island OpsSecurity
189976bDSEABROOK OPSSeabrook Island OpsSecurity
19757b7DCARTACARTA TransportTransportation
2371943DChas Co RoamRoamInterop
Charleston Co. Parks and Rec
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1945799DCCP&R OPSOperationsPublic Works
194679aDCCP&R BWPBWPPublic Works
194779bDCCP&R FBCPFolly Beach County ParkPublic Works
194879cDCCP&R IOPIsle of PalmsPublic Works
194979dDCCP&R JICPJames Island County ParkPublic Works
195079eDCCP&R JIP MXJames Island County Park MaintenancePublic Works
195179fDCCP&R PICPPICPPublic Works
19527a0DCCP&R WCPWannamaker County ParkPublic Works
19537a1DCCP&R WCP LGWannamaker County Park LGPublic Works
19547a2DCCP&R SP FACSpecial FacilitiesPublic Works
19557a3DCCP&R MAINTMaintenancePublic Works
19567a4DCCP&R RECRRecreationPublic Works
19577a5DCCP&R FBP LGFolly Beach County Park LGPublic Works
Charleston Co. Detention Center
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
17056a9DCC JAIL OPSOpsLaw Talk
17066aaDCC JAIL ADMNAdminLaw Talk
17076abDCC JAIL ENVREnvironmentalLaw Talk
17086acDCC JAIL TRNSTransportLaw Talk
Charleston Co. Aviation Authority
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
17606e0DECCAA PDPD OpsLaw Tac
17616e1DCCAA TALKTalkPublic Works
17626e2DECCAA CommandCommandPublic Works
17636e3DCCAA AdminAdministrationPublic Works
17646e4DCCAA TaxiTaxiPublic Works
Charleston Co. Colleges and Schools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1910776DECITADEL PS 1Citadel College Public Safety 1Security
1911777DCITADEL PS 2Citadel College Public Safety 2Security
1912778DCITADEL EVTSCitadel College Special EventsSchools
191477aDC of C PSCollege of Charleston Public SafetySecurity
193078aDTRIDENT PSTrident Technical College Public SafetySecurity
193178bDTRIDENT TECHTrident Technical CollegeSchools
193278cDTRIDENT TECHTrident Technical CollegeSchools
193578fDCC SchoolsCharleston Co. School DistrictSchools

Charleston City FD is dispatched on the primary County Fire Dispatch talkgroup listed in a separate talkgroup group, and simultaneously on their FD Ops talkgroup listed here. Their apparatus numbers are 1xx. 

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20307eeDChs FD 1 OpsFD Ch.1 OpsFire Dispatch
20407f8DChas FD Train 1FD Training 1Fire-Tac
20317efDChas FD Train 2FD Training 2Fire-Tac
20107daDEChs PD PeninPD Ch.1 Peninsula DispatchLaw Dispatch
20117dbDEChs PD W AshPD Ch.3 West Ashley/Daniel Island DispatchLaw Dispatch
20127dcDEChs PD RecrdPD RecordsLaw Talk
20257e9DEChs PD SWATPD SWAT ALaw Tac
20287ecDEChs PD TraffPD TrafficLaw Tac
19957cbDEChs PD MeetAPD Meeting ALaw Talk
19937c9DEChs PD MeetCPD Meeting CLaw Talk
19927c8DEChs PD MeetDPD Meeting DLaw Talk
19997cfDEChs PD Evt APD Event ALaw Tac
19987ceDEChs PD Evt BPD Event BLaw Tac
19977cdDEChs PD Evt CPD Event CLaw Tac
19967ccDEChs PD Evt DPD Event DLaw Tac
20017d1DChs ParkingParking Enforcement "Multi-service channel"Public Works
20007d0DCHAS RADIORadio ShopBusiness
Charleston Water Service
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
19657adDCWS DispatchDispatchPublic Works
19667aeDCWS WaterWaterPublic Works
19677afDCWS WasteWastePublic Works
19687b0DCWS Meter SeMeter ServicePublic Works
19697b1DCWS Meter ReMeter ReaderPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
190076cDEFolly PS OpsPublic Safety OpsLaw Dispatch
190176dDFolly PS NightPublic Safety NightFire-Tac
190276eDFolly Beach TalkTalkLaw Talk
190376fDFolly Beach Admn AdminLaw Tac

Isle of Palms PD and Sullivan's Island PD both dispatched and operate primarily on "Island Dispatch" channel, but each department has their own alternate channels.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
185073aDIOP FD ATGFD AllFire-Tac
185173bDIOP FD OpsFD OpsFire-Tac
185273cDIOP FD CmndFD CommandFire-Tac
185373dDIOP FD TrainingFD TrainingFire-Tac
185473eDIOP FD TrainingFD TrainingFire-Tac
1856740DEIOP ISLD DISIsland Dispatch (IOP & Sullivans Island PD Disp)Law Dispatch
1857741DEIOP PD RecorPD RecordsLaw Talk
1858742DEIOP PD 1PD 1 (PD Tac)Law Tac
1864748DIOP Water 2Water 2Public Works
186674aDIOP Water 1Water 1Public Works
186774bDIOP GovGovernmentPublic Works
186874cDIOP PWDPublic WorksPublic Works
186974dDIOP RECRecreationPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1880758DJI FD ATGFD AllFire-Tac
1881759DJI FD OpsFD OpsFire Dispatch
188275aDJI FD ComandFD CommandFire-Tac
188375bDJI FD TrainiFD TrainingFire-Tac
188475cDJI FD Evnt 2FD Event 2Fire-Tac
188575dDJI WaterWaterPublic Works
188675eDJI WW TalkWater TalkPublic Works
188775fDJI SWSewerPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
17206b8DMT PL FD ALLFD AllFire-Tac
17216b9DMT PL FD OpsFD OpsFire Dispatch
17226baDMT PL FD CMDFD CommandFire-Tac
17236bbDMT PL FD TRNFD TrainingFire-Tac
17276bfDEMT PL PD OpsPD OpsLaw Dispatch
17286c0DEMT PL PD 2PD 2 AdminLaw Tac
17296c1DEMT PL PD 3PD 3 InvestigationsLaw Tac
17306c2DEMT PL PD TRNPD TrainingLaw Tac
17316c3DEMT PL PD ERTPD SWAT TeamLaw Tac
17326c4DEMT PL PD NRCPD NarcoticsLaw Tac
17336c5DEMT PL PD CMDPD CommandLaw Tac
17346c6DMT PL EVENTSEvents TalkInterop
17386caDMT PL GOVTGovernmentPublic Works
17396cbDMT PL MEETNGMeetingInterop
17406ccDMT PL PWD 1Public Works Department 1Public Works
17416cdDMT PL PWD 2Public Works Department 2Public Works
17426ceDMT PL PWD 3Public Works Department 3Public Works
17436cfDMT PL PWD 4Public Works Department 4Public Works
17446d0DMT PL GARAGEGaragePublic Works
17456d1DMT PL WATER1Water and Sewer 1Public Works
17466d2DMT PL WATER2Water and Sewer 2Public Works
17476d3DMT PL REC 1Recreation 1Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
17756efDENCPD EMERGENPD EmergencyLaw Tac
17766f0DENCPD NORTHPD North DispatchLaw Dispatch
17776f1DENCPD MTG APD Meeting ALaw Talk
17786f2DENCPD SOUTHPD South DispatchLaw Dispatch
17796f3DENCPD CENTRALPD Central DispatchLaw Dispatch
17806f4DENCPD RECORDSPD RecordsLaw Talk
17816f5DENCPD DUTY OFPD Duty OfficerLaw Tac
17826f6DENCPD DETECTSPD DetectivesLaw Tac
17836f7DENCPD TrafficPD TrafficLaw Tac
17846f8DENCPD SPEED TPD Speed TeamLaw Tac
17856f9DENCPD AdminPD AdminLaw Talk
17876fbDENCPD NACOTICPD NarcoticsLaw Tac
180570dDNCFD OPSFD DispatchFire Dispatch
180670eDNCFD AdminFD AdminFire-Tac
180770fDNCFD RITFD RITFire-Tac
1808710DNCFD Training 2FD Training 2Fire-Tac
1809711DNCFD Training 1FD Training 1Fire-Tac
1810712DNCFD Training 3FD Training 3Fire-Tac
1811713DNCFD NiteFD NiteFire-Tac
183472aDNCPD COMMONCommonInterop
183572bDNC COMMONBuilding OpsPublic Works
183672cDNC PARKS RECParks and RecreationPublic Works
183772dDNC BUILD CODBuilding and CodesPublic Works
183872eDNC ParkingParkingPublic Works
183972fDNC PW ADMINPublic Works AdminPublic Works
1840730DNC MAINTENPublic Works MaintenancePublic Works
1841731DNC SANITATIOPublic Works SanitationPublic Works
1842732DNC GOVTGovernmentPublic Works
1843733DNC COL SECColiseum SecurityBusiness
1844734DNC COL GUESTColiseum Guest ServicesBusiness
1845735DNC COL PARKColiseum ParkingBusiness
19717b3DNCSD SYSTEMSSewer District SystemsPublic Works
19727b4DNCSD PLANTSewer District PlantPublic Works
19737b5DNCSD SUPERSSewer District SupervisorsPublic Works

Isle of Palms PD and Sullivan's Island PD both dispatched and operate primarily on "Island Dispatch" channel (see Isle of Palms Category), but each department has their own alternate channels.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
187074eDSI FD ALLFD AllFire-Tac
187174fDSI FD OPSFD OpsFire Dispatch
1872750DSI FD COMMNDFD CommandFire-Tac
1873751DSI FD TRAINGFD TrainingFire-Tac
1874752DSLVNS IS GOVGovernmentInterop
1875753DESI PD OPSPD Ops (Tac)Law Dispatch
1876754DESI PD COMMNDPD CommandLaw Tac
1877755DESI PD TALKPD TalkLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
103862892DMUSC ParkingParkingBusiness
103872893DMUSC EngineerEngineeringBusiness
103912897DMUSC MaintHosp MaintenanceBusiness
10396289cDMUSC PS DispPublic Safety DispatchSecurity
SC State Agencies - Charleston County
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1605645DSCHP 1SC Highway Patrol 1Law Tac
1606646DSCHP 2SC Highway Patrol 2Law Tac
1607647DSLED 1SC Law Enforcement Division 1Law Tac
1608648DSLED 2SC Law Enforcement Division 2Law Tac
161364dDCHOC USCGCharleston Co. to US Coast GuardFederal
1620654DPrt Aut Ops1SC Ports Authority PD Ops 1Law Dispatch
1621655DPrt Aut AdmnSC Ports Authority PD AdminLaw Tac
1622656DPrt Aut CmndSC Ports Authority PD CommandLaw Tac

Sheriff and Fire primarily use VHF/UHF. These tallkgroups are available for mutual aid purposes.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
41541a245DCherok Co FDFireFire-Tac
41501a21dDCherok Co SDSheriffLaw Tac

Fort Lawn PD and Chester Co Animal Control are dispatched on Chester Co SO Dispatch.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
42054a446DChst FD/EMS DisFire/EMS DispatchMulti-Dispatch
42056a448DChst FD/EMS Ops1Fire/EMS Ops 1Multi-Tac
42057a449DChst FD/EMS Ops2Fire/EMS Ops 2Multi-Tac
42058a44aDChst FD/EMS Ops3Fire/EMS Ops 3Multi-Tac
42059a44bDChst FD/EMS Ops4Fire/EMS Ops 4Multi-Tac
42060a44cDChst FD/EMS Ops5Fire/EMS Ops 5Multi-Tac
42001a411DChester SD DispSheriff Ch 801 DispatchLaw Dispatch
42002a412DChester SD 802Sheriff Ch 802Law Tac
42003a413DEChester SD 803Sheriff Ch 803Law Tac
42004a414DEChester SD 804Sheriff Ch 804Law Tac
42005a415DChester SD 805Sheriff Ch 805Law Tac
42351a56fDChester PD DispChester PD Ch 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
42352a570DEChester PD NarcChester PD Ch 2 Gang Unit NarcoticsLaw Tac
42353a571DChester PD RoamChester PD Ch 3 RoamLaw Tac
42026a42aDFrt Lawn PD TalkFort Lawn PD Talk-aroundLaw Tac
42027a42bDFrt Lawn PD RoamFort Lawn PD RoamLaw Tac
42381a58dDGrtFalls PD DispGreat Falls PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
42411a5abDeGreat Falls PDGreat Falls PDLaw Tac
42382a58eDGrtFalls PD RoamGreat Falls PD RoamLaw Tac
42115a483DChesterCo EM Emergency ManagmentEmergency Ops
42116a484DChesterCo EM RmEmergency Management RoamEmergency Ops
Chesterfield County
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
42501a605DChstfld Co SD 1Sheriff Ch 1Law Tac
42502a606DChstfld Co SD 2Sheriff Ch 2Law Tac
110102b02DChstfld FD&EMSFire & EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
230415a01DClarendon Co FDFire DispatchFire Dispatch
230655a19DClrndn EMS DispEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
230715a1fDClrndn EMS HospEMS to Clarendon Memorial ERHospital
2300159d9DClarendon Co SDSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
2300259daDClrndn Muni PDMunicipal PDs - Manning, Turbeville, SummertonLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2932b74DColltn F/R AlertFire & EMS AlertFire Dispatch
2931b73DEColltn F/R DispFire & EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
2921b69DEColleton SD DispSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
2922b6aDColleton SD TacSheriff TacLaw Tac
2962b92DWalterboro FDWalterboro FD DispatchFire Dispatch
2961b91DWalterboro PDWalterboro PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
2972b9cDEdisto FD DsEdisto Island FD DispatchFire Dispatch
2971b9bDEdisto PD DsEdisto Island PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
2973b9dDEdisto OpsEdisto Island OpsMulti-Tac
2943b7fDColleton RoamRoamInterop
2951b87DEColltn Co Ops 1Ops 1Interop
2952b88DColltn Co Ops 2Ops 2Interop
2953b89DColltn Co Ops 3Ops 3Interop
2954b8aDEColltn Co Ops 4Ops 4Interop
2955b8bDColltn Co Ops 5Ops 5Interop
2956b8cDColltn Co Ops 6Ops 6Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3085c0dDDar Co FDFire DispatchFire-Tac
3089c11DDar Co FD 2Fire Ch 2Fire-Tac
3073c01DDar Co EMS DispEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
3256cb8DDar Co SD DispSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
3259cbbDeDar Co SD 2Sheriff Ch 2Law Tac
3260cbcDeDar Co SD 3Sheriff Ch 3Law Tac
3257cb9DeDar Co SDSheriffLaw Tac
3466d8aDDarlington FDDarlington FD DispatchFire Dispatch
3470d8eDDarlington PDDarlington PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
3477d95DHartsville FDHartsville FD DispatchFire Dispatch
3478d96DHartsville FDHartsville FD TacFire-Tac
3481d99DHartsville PDHartsville PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3501dadDDillon Law DispLaw Enforcement Dispatch - Sheriff and Municipal PDsLaw Dispatch
3502daeDEDillon Law TacLaw Enforcement Tactical - Sheriff and Municipal PDsLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
41651045DDC FD DispFire Dispatch & Incident 9Fire Dispatch
4141102dDDC Fire OpsFire OpsFire-Tac
4140102cDDC Incident 3Incident 3Fire-Tac
4395112bDDC Incident 4Incident 4Fire-Tac
1426592DDC Incident 5Incident 5Fire-Tac
44251149DDC Incident 6Incident 6Fire-Tac
4410113aDDC Incident 7Incident 7Fire-Tac
41671047DDC Incident 8Incident 8Fire-Tac
4142102eDDC EMS DispEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
41661046DDC EMS OpsEMS OpsEMS-Tac
4171104bDColleton ERColleton ERHospital
4172104cDSummervl ERSummerville ERHospital
4173104dDTrident ERTrident ERHospital
4109100dDDC Tac 1Tac 1Multi-Tac
4110100eDDC Tac 2Tac 2Multi-Tac
4111100fDDC Tac 3Tac 3Multi-Tac
41121010DDC Tac 4Tac 4Multi-Tac
41031007DEDC SD DispSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
4106100aDDC SD TacSheriff TacLaw Tac
4107100bDDC SD AdminSheriff AdminLaw Tac
41331025DEDC SD PatrolSheriff PatrolLaw Tac
42401090DDC LE RoamLaw Enforcement RoamLaw Tac
41351027DSt George PDSt. George PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
4365110dDSummrvl FD DisSummerville FD DispatchFire Dispatch
43601108DSummerville Ops1Summerville Ops 1Fire-Tac
43611109DSummerville Ops2Summerville Ops 2Fire-Tac
4362110aDSummerville Ops3Summerville Ops 3Fire-Tac
4363110bDSummerville Ops4Summerville Ops 4Fire-Tac
43561104DESummerville Ops5Summerville Ops 5Fire-Tac
43571105DESummerville Ops6Summerville Ops 6Law Tac
43701112DSummerville Ops7Summerville Ops 7Fire-Tac
43691111DSummerville Ops8Summerville Ops 8Fire-Tac
43681110DSummerville Ops9Summerville Ops 9Fire-Tac
435010feDESmrvl PD ControlSummerville PD ControlLaw Tac
435110ffDESmrvl PD TacSummerville PD TacticalLaw Tac
43531101DESummerville PDSummerville PDLaw Tac
43541102DESmrvl PD TacSummerville PDLaw Tac
43711113DESmrvl PD RecordsSummerville PD RecordsLaw Tac

Sheriff and EMS primarily use VHF/UHF but have these talkgroups for mutual aid purposes.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
43044a824DEdgefield Co EMSEMSEMS-Tac
43001a7f9DEdgefield Co SOSheriffLaw Tac

Fire and EMS primarily operate on this system: Fire has talkgroups on Palmetto 800 for mutual aid.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
43541aa15DFairfld Co FD 1Fire/EMS Mutual Aid 1 Fire-Tac
43542aa16DFairfld Co FD 2Fire/EMS Mutual Aid 2Fire-Tac
43501a9edDFairfld Co SD 1Sheriff Ch 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
43502a9eeDFairfld Co SD 2Sheriff Ch 2Law Tac
43503a9efDFairfld Co SD 3Sheriff Ch 3Law Tac
43504a9f0DFairfld Co SD 4Sheriff Ch 4Law Tac
43505a9f1DFairfld Co SD RmSheriff RoamLaw Tac
43506a9f2DeFairfld Co SD 6Sheriff Ch 6 NarcoticsLaw Tac
43507a9f3DeFairfld Co SD 7Sheriff Ch 7 Response TeamLaw Tac
43508a9f4DeFairfld Co SD 8Sheriff Ch 8Law Tac
43851ab4bDWinnsb DPS DispWinnsboro DPS Ch 1 DispatchMulti-Dispatch
43852ab4cDWinnsb DPS TalkWinnsboro DPS Ch 2 Admin/TalkMulti-Talk
43853ab4dDWinnsb DPS RoamWinnsboro DPS Ch 3 RoamMulti-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4700125cDFCFD CommonFire CommonFire Dispatch
4701125dDFCFD Alert NFire Alert NorthFire Dispatch
4702125eDFCFD Disp NFire Dispatch NorthFire Dispatch
4703125fDFCFD Alert SFire Alert SouthFire Dispatch
47041260DFCFD Disp SFire Dispatch SouthFire Dispatch
47051261DFCFD CommandFire CommandFire-Tac
4750128eDFCFD CallFire CallFire-Tac
480112c1DFC EMS 1AEMS 1AEMS Dispatch
480212c2DFC EMS 1BEMS 1BEMS Dispatch
480012c0DFC EMS CommnEMS CommonEMS Dispatch
482112d5DFC EMS McLeoEMS McLeod HospitalHospital
482212d6DFC EMS MUSCEMS MUSC HospitalHospital
482312d7DFC EMS LkCtyEMS Lake City HospitalHospital
481112cbDFC Rescue 1Rescue 1EMS Dispatch
481212ccDFC Rescue 2Rescue 2EMS Dispatch
47061262DFCFD Tac 1Fire Tac 1Fire-Tac
47071263DFCFD Tac 2Fire Tac 2Fire-Tac
47081264DFCFD Tac 3Fire Tac 3Fire-Tac
47091265DFCFD Tac 4Fire Tac 4Fire-Tac
47101266DFCFD Tac 5Fire Tac 5Fire-Tac
47111267DFCFD Tac 6Fire Tac 6Fire-Tac
47121268DFCFD Tac 7Fire Tac 7Fire-Tac
47131269DFCFD Tac 8Fire Tac 8Fire-Tac
4714126aDFCFD Tac 9Fire Tac 9Fire-Tac
4715126bDFCFD Tac 10Fire Tac 10Fire-Tac
4716126cDFCFD Tac 11Fire Tac 11Fire-Tac
4717126dDFCFD Tac 12Fire Tac 12Fire-Tac
47521290DHowe Spr FDHowe Springs FDEMS-Talk
47531291DS Lynches FDSouth Lynches FDEMS-Talk
47541292DWindyHill FDWindy Hill FDEMS-Talk
47551293DWFlorence FDWest Florence FDEMS-Talk
47561294DTimmonsvl FDTimmonsville FDEMS-Talk
47571295DJohnsonvl FDJohnsonville FDEMS-Talk
47581296DSardisTim FDSardis Timmonsville FDEMS-Talk
47591297DOlanta FDOlanta FDEMS-Talk
47601298DHanSalmFrdFDHanna Salem Friendfield FDEMS-Talk
47611299DLake City FDLake City FDEMS-Talk
4763129bDFlorence FDFlorence FDEMS-Talk
4511119fDFC CivilDef1Civil Defense Emergency 1Emergency Ops
451211a0DFC CivilDef2Civil Defense Emergency 1Emergency Ops
45011195DFC Mut Aid 1Mutual Aid 1Multi-Tac
45021196DFC Mut Aid 2Mutual Aid 2Multi-Tac
45031197DFC Mut Aid 3Mutual Aid 3Multi-Tac
455111c7DFC Event 1Event 1Multi-Tac
455211c8DFC Event 2Event 2Multi-Tac
455311c9DFC Event 3Event 3Multi-Tac
455411caDFC Event 4Event 4Multi-Tac
455511cbDFC Event 5Event 5Multi-Tac
455611ccDFC Event 6Event 6Multi-Tac
455711cdDFC Event 7Event 7Multi-Tac
455811ceDFC Event 8Event 8Multi-Tac
455911cfDFC Event 9Event 9Multi-Tac
456011d0DFC Event 10Event 10Multi-Tac
456111d1DFC Event 11Event 11Multi-Tac
456211d2DFC Event 12Event 12Multi-Tac
460111f9DEFC SD DispSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
46111203DEFC LEUnknown Law EnforcementLaw Tac
46121204DEFC LEUnknown Law EnforcementLaw Tac
4651122bDEFC LEUnknown Law EnforcementLaw Tac
4654122eDEFC LEUnknown Law EnforcementLaw Tac
46601234DEFC LEUnknown Law EnforcementLaw Tac
46721240DEFC LEUnknown Law EnforcementLaw Tac
4671123fDEFC LEUnknown Law EnforcementLaw Tac
46411221DEffinghmJailEffingham JailCorrections
48711307DFC ConstMagistrate ConstablesLaw Tac
48721308DFC ConstMagistrate ConstablesLaw Tac
485112f3DFC DPWPublic WorksPublic Works
485212f4DFC DPWPublic WorksPublic Works
486212feDFC Env SvcEnvironmental ServicesPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
504113b1DGC FD&EMS DispFire & EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
54431543DGC FD Tac 1Fire Tac 1Fire-Tac
54121524DGC FD Tac 2 MdwyFire Tac 2Fire-Tac
54131525DGC FD Tac 3Fire Tac 3Fire-Tac
5390150eDGC FD Tac 4Fire Tac 4Fire-Tac
53921510DGC FD Tac 5Fire Tac 5Fire-Tac
504213b2DGC FD Tac 6Fire Tac 6Fire-Tac
51431417DGC FD Tac 7Fire Tac 7Fire-Tac
504313b3DGC FD AdminFire AdminFire-Talk
54111523DMidway FDMidway FD DispatchFire Dispatch
54411541DMIGC FDMurrells Inlet Garden City FD DispatchFire Dispatch
50011389DGC SD DispSheriff Ch 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
5002138aDGC SD Ch 2Sheriff Ch 2Law Talk
508113d9DWaccamaw HospWaccamaw HospitalHospital
508213daDGeorgetown HospGeorgetown HospitalHospital
535114e7DAndrews PDAndrews PDLaw Dispatch
53811505DGeorgetown PDGeorgetown City PDLaw Dispatch
5388150cDGeorgetown FDGeorgetown City FDFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
44541adfdDGrnwd Co FD 1Fire Ch 1Fire-Tac
44542adfeDGrnwd Co FD 10Fire Ch 10Fire-Tac
44543adffDGrnwd Co FD 20Fire Ch 20Fire-Tac
44565ae15DEGrnwd EMS DispEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
44581ae25DSelf Hosp EREMS to Self Regional ERHospital
44501add5DEGrnwd Co SD 1Sheriff Ch 1Law Dispatch
44502add6DEGrnwd Co SD 2Sheriff Ch 2Law Tac
44503add7DEGrnwd Co SD RoamSheriff RoamLaw Tac
44506addaDEGrnwd Co SD K9Sheriff K9Law Tac
44507addbDEGrnwd Co SD SWATSheriff SWATLaw Tac
44854af36DGreenwood FD 1Greenwood FD 1Fire Dispatch
44855af37DGreenwood FD 2Greenwood FD 2Fire-Tac
44851af33DEGreenwood PD DisGreenwood PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
44853af35DEGreenwood PD InvGreenwood PD InvestigationsLaw Tac
44852af34DEGreenwoodPD RoamGreenwood PD RoamLaw Tac
44673ae81DLander UnivLander University MaintenanceBusiness
44665ae79DPiedmont TechPiedmont TechSchools
44544ae00DGreenwood ParaPark Rangers?Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
44041ac09DGrvl Co FD DispCounty Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
44042ac0aDGrvl Co Admin 10Admin 10Multi-Tac
44043ac0bDGrvl Co Ops 10Ops 10Multi-Tac
44115ac53DGrvl FD Tac 2Fire Tac 2/ERTFire-Tac
44116ac54DGrvl ERT RoamERT RoamFire-Tac
44031abffDGrvl Co North1North 1Multi-Tac
44032ac00DGrvl Co North 2North 2Multi-Tac
44033ac01DGrvl Co Cent 1Central 1Multi-Tac
44034ac02DGrvl Co Cent 2Central 2Multi-Tac
44035ac03DGrvl Co South 1South 1Multi-Tac
44036ac04DGrvl Co South 2South 2Multi-Tac
44065ac21DGrvl Co EMS DispEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
44066ac22DGrvl Co EMS Tac1EMS Tac 1EMS-Tac
51712ca00DPrism MedTransGHS MedTrans Dispatch (Prisma Health)Emergency Ops
44145ac71DGC EMS to PrismaEMS to Prisma Health ERHospital
44266aceaDRiver Falls FDRiver Falls FDFire-Tac
44411ad7bDParker FDParker FDFire Dispatch
44473adb9DGvl Co Admin 110Admin 110/Wade Hampton FD DispatchFire Dispatch
44471adb7DWade Hampt FDWade Hampton FD OpsFire-Tac
44474adbaDGvl Co Ops 110Ops 110Fire-Tac
44486adc6DDonaldsn FDDonaldson Center/SCTAC FireFire Dispatch
44488adc8DGrvl Co Admin 20Admin 20Fire-Tac
44489adc9DGrvl Co Ops 20Ops 20Fire-Tac
44462adaeDS Grvl FD DispSouth Greenville FD Dispatch w/Gantt FD and Piedmont FDFire Dispatch
44464adb0DGrvl Co Admin100Admin 100Fire-Tac
44465adb1DGrvl Co Ops 100Ops 100Fire-Tac
60001ea61DCedar Mtn FRCedar Mountain Fire Rescue Tac 12 PFire-Tac
60002ea62DCedar Mtn FRCedar Mountain Fire Rescue Tac 12 MFire-Tac
60003ea63DCedar Mtn FRCedar Mountain Fire Rescue Tac 12 RoamFire-Tac
44001abe1DGrvl SD TrafficSheriff Traffic/AdminLaw Tac
44002abe2DGrvl SD E DispSheriff East DispatchLaw Dispatch
44003abe3DGrvl SD W DispSheriff West DispatchLaw Dispatch
44004abe4DGrvl SD S DispSheriff South DispatchLaw Dispatch
44015abefDGrvl SD 5 TacSheriff Ch 5Law Tac
44012abecDEGrvl SD InfoSheriff InformationLaw Tac
44013abedDGrvl SD TacSheriff TacLaw Tac
44014abeeDGrvl SD TrainingSheriff TrainingLaw Tac
44005abe5DGrvl SD Tac 1Sheriff Tac 1Law Tac
44006abe6DeGrvl SD Tac 2Sheriff Tac 2Law Tac
44007abe7DeGrvl SD Tac 3Sheriff Tac 3Law Tac
44008abe8DeGrvl SD Tac 4Sheriff Tac 4Law Tac
44009abe9DeGrvl SD Tac 5Sheriff Tac 5Law Tac
44016abf0DeGrvl SD Tac 6Sheriff Tac 6Law Tac
44017abf1DeGrvl SD Tac 7Sheriff Tac 7Law Tac
44011abebDGrvl SD Sheriff Law Tac
44363ad4bDGrvl FD DispatchCity FD Automated DispatchFire Dispatch
44351ad3fDGFD DispatchGreenville FD DispatchFire Dispatch
44352ad40DGrvl Co Ops 50Ops 50 (GFD)Fire-Tac
44353ad41DGrvl Co Ops 51Ops 51 (GFD)Fire-Tac
44354ad42DGrvl Co Ops 52Ops 52 (GFD)Fire-Tac
44355ad43DGrvl Co Ops 53Ops 53Fire-Tac
44358ad46DGPD DispatchGreenville City PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
44359ad47DGPD RecordsGreenville City PD RecordsLaw Tac
44360ad48DGPD EventGreenville City PD EventLaw Tac
44357ad45DGPD InvestGreenville City PD InvestigatorsLaw Tac
44356ad44DGPD TrafficGreenville City PD TrafficLaw Tac
44361ad49DGPDGreenville City PDLaw Tac
44364ad4cDGPD TrainingGreenville City PD TrainingLaw Tac
44197aca5DGPD TacGreenville City PD TacLaw Tac
44178ac92DGrvl StreetsGreenville City Street DeptPublic Works
44157ac7dDGreenlinkGreenlink Greenville BusesTransportation
44158ac7eDGrvl GAPGreenville Area ParatransitTransportation
44385ad61DGreer FD DispGreer Firecomm dispatch w/Greer, Taylors, Boling Springs, Pehlam Batesville FDsFire Dispatch
44387ad63DGrvl Co Admin 80Admin 80 (Greer FD)Fire-Tac
44388ad64DGreer FD TacGreer FD TacFire-Tac
44390ad66DGrvl Co Ops 80Ops 80 (Greer FD)Fire-Tac
44381ad5dDGreer PD DispGreer PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
44165ac85DGSP Airport FDGSP Airport FireFire Dispatch
44448ada0DSimpsonville FDSimpsonville FDFire Dispatch
44450ada2DGrvl Co Admin 40Admin 40 (Simpsonville FD)Fire-Tac
44451ada3DGrvl Co Ops 40Ops 40 (Simpsonville FD)Fire-Tac
44441ad99DSimpsnvl PD 1Simpsonville PD 1Law Dispatch
44442ad9aDSimpsnvl PD 2Simpsonville PD 2Law Tac
44443ad9bDSimpsnvl PD 3Simpsonville PD 3Law Tac
44491adcbDFt Inn FD DispFt. Inn Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
44493adcdDGrvl Co Admin 30Admin 30 (FIFD)Fire-Tac
44494adceDGrvl Co Ops 30Ops 30 (FIFD)Fire-Tac
44337ad31DFt Inn PD DispFt. Inn Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
44399ad6fDMauldin FDMauldin FDFire Dispatch
44401ad71DGrvl Co Admin 70Admin 70 (MFD)Fire-Tac
44402ad72DGrvl Co Ops 70Ops 70 (MFD)Fire-Tac
44395ad6bDMauldin PDMauldin PDLaw Dispatch
44458adaaDTrav Rest FDTravelers Rest FDFire-Tac
44455ada7DTrav Rest PDTravelers Rest PDLaw Dispatch
44456ada8DTrav Rest PD 2Travelers Rest PD Ch.2Law Tac
44118ac56DGrvl Animal CntlAnimal ControlPublic Works
44097ac41DGrvl Animal CntlAnimal ControlPublic Works
44021abf5DGrvl Co Event 1Event 1Multi-Tac
44022abf6DGrvl Co Event 2Event 2Multi-Tac
44023abf7DGvl Co Event 3Event 3Multi-Tac
44024abf8DGvl Co Event 4Event 4Multi-Tac
44025abf9DGvl Co Event 5Event 5Multi-Tac
44026abfaDGvl Co Event 6Event 6Multi-Tac
44027abfbDGvl Co Event 7Event 7Multi-Tac
44028abfcDGvl Co CommonCommonMulti-Talk
44241acd1DFurman Univ PDFurman University PDSecurity
44234accaDN Grvl UnivNorth Greenville University PDSecurity
44250acdaDGrvl Tech SecGreenville Technical College SecuritySecurity
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
320657d41DHampton Co FDFire/EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
321437d8fDHampton Co LESheriff, Estill/Yemassee/Hampton PoliceLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
614117fdDHorry Co JailJail TransportLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
6541198dDJasper Co FD DisFire DispatchFire Dispatch
6542198eDJasper FD Tac 1Fire Tac 1Fire-Tac
6543198fDJapser FD Tac 2Fire Tac 2Fire-Tac
658119b5DJasperCo F/R MedFire Rescue MedHospital
65011965DEJasper Co SD DisSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
65021966DEJasper Co SD OpsSheriff OperationsLaw Tac
664119f1DJasper Co JailCounty JailCorrections
66611a05DJasper CoUnknownPublic Works
656119a1DJasper CoUnknownPublic Works
2707a93DHardeeville FDHardeeville FD/EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
68511ac3DEHardeeville PDHardeeville PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
68611acdDHardeeville DPWHardeeville DPWPublic Works
68811ae1DERidgeland PDRidgeland PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
235415bf5DKrsh Co FD DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
235455bf9DKrsh Co FD Ops 1Fire Ops 1Fire-Tac
235435bf7DKrsh Co FD Ops 2Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
235465bfaDKrsh Co FD AdminFire AdminFire-Tac
236415c59DKrsh Co Air OpsAir OpsMulti-Tac
236435c5bDKrsh Co A/CAnimal ControlLaw Talk
235655c0dDKrsh Co EMS DispEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
235125bd8DKrsh Co EMSEMSEMS-Tac
235715c13DKrsh Co EMS HospEMS to HospitalHospital
235015bcdDKrsh Co SD DispSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
235025bceDKrsh Co SD TraffTraffic UnitLaw Tac
235065bd2DKrsh Co SD Sp OpSheriff Special OpsLaw Tac
235055bd1DKrsh Co SD UnkwnSheriff UnknownLaw Tac
235075bd3DKrsh Co SD UnkwnSheriff UnknownLaw Tac
235085bd4DKrsh Co SD UnkwnSheriff UnknownLaw Tac
235115bd7DKrsh Co SD RoamSheriff RoamLaw Tac
235215be1DKrsh Co City PDMunicipal Law: Bethune & Elgin PoliceLaw Dispatch
235915c27DKrsh Co DPWKershaw Co DPWPublic Works
238815d49DCamden FDCamden FDFire Dispatch
238825d4aDCamden FD RoamCamden FD RoamFire-Tac
238845d4cDCamden Wtr RescuCamden Water RescueEMS-Tac
238865d4eDCamden PD 1Camden PD 1Law Dispatch
238875d4fDCamden PD 2Camden PD 2Law Tac

 All Lancaster County Law Enforcement talkgroups are encrypted.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45101b02dDLC FD/EMS DispFire/EMS DispatchMulti-Dispatch
45102b02eDLC FD/EMS Ops 2Fire/EMS Ops 2Fire-Tac
45103b02fDLC FD/EMS Ops 3Fire/EMS Ops 3Fire-Tac
45104b030DLC FD/EMS Ops 4Fire/EMS Ops 4Fire-Tac
45105b031DLC FD/EMS Ops 5Fire/EMS Ops 5Fire-Tac
45106b032DELC FD/EMS Ops 6Fire/EMS Ops 6Fire-Tac
45107b033DELC FD/EMS Ops 7Fire/EMS Ops 7Fire-Tac
45108b034DELC FD/EMS Ops 8Fire/EMS Ops 8Fire-Tac
45109b035DELC FD/EMS Ops 9Fire/EMS Ops 9Fire-Tac
45112b038DLC FD/EMS Tac 2Fire/EMS Tac 2Fire-Tac
45113b039DLC FD/EMS Tac 3Fire/EMS Tac 3Fire-Tac
45114b03aDLC FD/EMS Tac 4Fire/EMS Tac 4Fire-Tac
45115b03bDLC FD/EMS Tac 5Fire/EMS Tac 5Fire-Tac
45116b03cDLC FD/EMS Tac 6Fire/EMS Tac 6Fire-Tac
45117b03dDLC FD/EMS Tac 7Fire/EMS Tac 7Fire-Tac
45118b03eDLC FD/EMS Tac 8Fire/EMS Tac 8Fire-Tac
45119b03fDLC FD/EMS Tac 9Fire/EMS Tac 9Fire-Tac
50946c702DMUSC Lanc HospEMS to MUSC Lancaster Med CenterHospital
45005afcdDLC Air OpsAir OpsEmergency Ops
45006afceDLC Event 1Event 1Multi-Tac
45007afcfDLC Event 2Event 2Multi-Tac
45008afd0DLC Event 3Event 3Multi-Tac
45009afd1DLC Event 4Event 4Multi-Tac
45010afd2DLC EmergencyEmergencyEmergency Ops
45011afd3DLC RoamRoamMulti-Tac
45050affaDELC Sheriff DispSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
45051affbDELC Sheriff D1Sheriff District 1Law Tac
45052affcDELC Sheriff D2Sheriff District 2Law Tac
45053affdDELC Sheriff D3Sheriff District 3Law Tac
45054affeDELC Sheriff D4Sheriff District 4Law Tac
45150b05eDELanc PD DispLancaster (City) PDLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45541b1e5DLrns Co FD DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
45546b1eaDLrns Co FD Ops 1Fire Ops 1Fire-Tac
45553b1f1DLrns Co FD 1Fire 1Fire-Talk
45556b1f4DLrns Co FD 4Laurens Co FD 4Fire-Talk
45565b1fdDLrns Co EMS DispEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
45501b1bdDLrns Co SD DispSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
45502b1beDLrns Co SD AltSheriff AlternateLaw Tac
45857b321DClinton FD DispClinton FD DispatchFire Dispatch
45851b31bDClinton PDClinton PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
45889b341DLaurens City FDLaurens City FD DispatchFire Dispatch
45881b339DLaurens PD DispLaurens PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
45592b218DLaurens LandfillSolid Waste/LandfillPublic Works
45593b219DLrns Co RoadsRoads and BridgesPublic Works
45682b272DLaurens ElecLaurens Electric CooperativeUtilities
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
240415de9DLee Co FD/EMSFire and EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
240045dc4DLee Co EMSEMSEMS-Tac
240015dc1DLee Co LE DispSheriff and Bishopville PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
245425fdeDLCPS DISPFire DispatchFire Dispatch
245255fcdDLCPS CommandPublic Safety CommandMulti-Tac
245435fdfDLCFS ADMINFire AdminFire-Tac
245665ff6DLCEMS DISPEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
245675ff7DLCEMS AdminEMS AdminEMS-Tac
245705ffaDLCEMS to LMCEMS to Lexington Medical CenterHospital
245695ff9DLCEMS to PalHlthEMS to Palmetto HealthHospital
245685ff8DLCEMS LogEMS LogisticsEMS-Tac
245315fd3DLCPS OPS 1Public Safety Ops 1Multi-Tac
245325fd4DLCPS OPS 2Public Safety Ops 2Multi-Tac
245335fd5DLCPS OPS 3Public Safety Ops 3Multi-Tac
245345fd6DLCPS Ops 4Public Safety Ops 4Multi-Tac
245355fd7DLCPS OPS 5Public Safety Ops 5Multi-Tac
245365fd8DLCPS OPS 6Public Safety Ops 6Multi-Tac
245375fd9DLCPS OPS 7Public Safety Ops 7Multi-Tac
245385fdaDLCPS OPS 8Public Safety Ops 8Multi-Tac
245395fdbDLCPS OPS 9Public Safety Ops 9Multi-Tac
246416041DLexCo 911 Disp911 Communications Emergency Ops
245015fb5DELCSD Disp 1Sheriff Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
245025fb6DELCSD Disp 2Sheriff Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
245035fb7DELCSD Disp 3Sheriff Dispatch 3Law Dispatch
245065fbaDELCSD NorthSheriff NorthLaw Dispatch
245075fbbDELCSD SouthSheriff SouthLaw Dispatch
245095fbdDELCSD WestSheriff WestLaw Dispatch
245105fbeDLCSD RoamSheriff RoamLaw Tac
245185fc6DELCSD Spcl Ops 1Sheriff Special Ops 1Law Tac
245115fbfDELCSD Sheriff UnknownLaw Tac
245125fc0DELCSDSheriff UnknownLaw Tac
245135fc1DELCSD Sheriff UnknownLaw Tac
245145fc2DELCSD Sheriff UnknownLaw Tac
245155fc3DELCSD Sheriff UnknownLaw Tac
245215fc9DLexCo Muni PDs CPolice Central: LexingtonLaw Dispatch
245225fcaDLexCo Muni PDs NPolice North: Irmo, Chapin, Coroner, Animal Services, Midlands TechLaw Dispatch
245235fcbDLexCo Muni PDs SPolice South: Swansea, Gaston, Pelion, Springdale, S Congaree, Pine Ridge, Columbia AirportLaw Dispatch
247116087DW Cola FDWest Columbia Fire 1Fire-Talk
247126088DW Cola FD 2West Columbia Fire 2Fire-Tac
24716608cDW Cola PD DispWest Columbia Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
24717608dDW Cola PDWest Columbia PoliceLaw Tac
24718608eDW Cola PDWest Columbia PoliceLaw Tac
24719608fDW Cola PDWest Columbia PoliceLaw Tac
247206090DW Cola PDWest Columbia PoliceLaw Tac
247216091DW Cola PDWest Columbia PoliceLaw Tac
247226092DW Cola PDWest Columbia PoliceLaw Tac
247256095DW Cola PD RoamWest Columbia Police RoamLaw Talk
247266096DW Cola PDWest Columbia PoliceLaw Tac
247276097DW Cola PDWest Columbia PoliceLaw Tac
248656121DeCayce PD 1Cayce Police Ch 1Law Dispatch
248666122DeCayce PD 2Cayce Police Ch 2Law Tac
248676123DeCayce PD 3Cayce Police Ch 3Law Tac
248686124DeCayce PD 4Cayce Police Ch 4Law Tac
248716127DCayce FD DispCayce Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
248726128DCayce FD AdminCayce Fire AdminFire-Tac
248516113DBatsbg-Leesvl FDBatesburg-Leesville FireFire-Tac
248526114DBtsbg-Lsvl PDBatesburg-Leesville PoliceLaw Tac
248816131DChapin PD 1Chapin Police 1Law Talk
24895613fDGaston PD 1Gaston Police 1Law Tac
248966140DGaston PD RoamGaston Police RoamLaw Tac
24910614eDIrmo FD 1Irmo Fire 1Fire-Talk
249126150DIrmo PD 1Irmo Police 1Law Dispatch
249136151DIrmo PD/FD RoamIrmo Police/Fire RoamLaw Tac
24925615dDLex PD 1Lexington Police 1Law Tac
24926615eDLex PD 2Lexington Police 2Law Tac
249286160DLex PD RoamLexington Police RoamLaw Tac
24940616cDPelion PD 1Pelion Police 1Law Talk
24941616dDPelion PD RoamPelion Police RoamLaw Tac
24955617bDPine Ridge PD 1Pine Ridge Police 1Law Tac
24956617cDPine Ridge PD RmPine Ridge Police RoamLaw Tac
24971618bDS Congaree PD 1South Congaree Police 1Law Tac
24972618cDS Congaree PD RmSouth Congaree Police RoamLaw Tac
249856199DSpringdale PD 1Springdale Police 1Law Talk
24986619aDSpringdale PD RmSpringdale Police RoamLaw Tac
246956077DSwansea PD 1Swansea Police 1Law Tac
246966078DSwansea PD RoamSwansea Police RoamLaw Tac
246656059DCAE Fire 1Airport Fire 1Fire-Tac
24666605aDCAE PD 1Airport Police 1Law Tac
24667605bDCAE Police RoamAirport Police RoamLaw Tac
246426042DLex Co Air OpsAir OpsInterop
245986016DLexCo Bldg SvcsBuilding ServicesPublic Works
246446044DLexCo Anml SvcsAnimal Services Public Works
246006018DLexCo Solid WastSolid WastePublic Works
245946012DLex Co DPW TransPublic Works Transportation/StreetsPublic Works
245966014DLex Co DPW AdminPublic Works AdminPublic Works
245956013DLex Co MosquitoVector Mosquito ControlPublic Works
24591600fDLex Co Fleet SerFleet ServicesPublic Works
24671605fDLMC PD DispLexington Medical Center Police DIspatch Law Dispatch
246726060DLMC PD TacLexington Medical Center Police TacLaw Tac
246816069DMid Tech Sec 1Midlands Technical College Security 1Schools
24682606aDMid Tech Sec 2Midlands Technical College Security 2Schools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
70091b61DMarion Co FD T1Fire Tac 1Fire-Tac
70101b62DMarion Co FD T2Fire Tac 2Fire-Tac
70111b63DMarion Co FD T3Fire Tac 3Fire-Tac
70121b64DMarion Co FD T4Fire Tac 4Fire-Tac
70081b60DMarion Co FD T5Fire Tac 5Fire-Tac
70411b81DMC FD Stn 10Fire Station 10 Marion FDFire-Tac
70421b82DMC FD Stn 20Fire Station 20 Marion Rural FDFire-Tac
70431b83DMC FD Stn 30&50Fire Stations 30 Mullins FD and 50 Nichols FDFire-Tac
70441b84DMC FD Stn 40 60 Fire Stations 40 Temperance Hill FD 60 Rains FD 70 Centenary FDFire-Tac
70481b88DMC FD Stn 80Fire Station 80 Brittons Neck FDFire-Tac
70661b9aDMarionCo EMS DspEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
70731ba1DMarion Co HospEMS to HospitalHospital
70181b6aDMarion Co SD DspSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
70261b72DMarion Co SD NrcSheriff Drug UnitLaw Tac
70251b71DMarion Co JailJailLaw Tac
73541cbaDMarion PD DispMarion PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
73701ccaDMullins PD DispMullins PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
70011b59DMarion Co LE T1Law Tac 1Law Tac
70021b5aDMarion Co LE T2Law Tac 2Law Tac
70031b5bDMarion Co LE T3Law Tac 3Law Tac
70041b5cDMarion Co LE T4Law Tac 4Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
75011d4dDMarlb Co SD DispSheriffLaw Dispatch
75411d75DMarlb Co FD Tac1Fire Department Tac 1Fire-Tac
75421d76DMarlb Co FD Tac2Fire Department Tac 2Fire-Tac

County public safety agencies primarily operate on the county DMR system

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
46001b3b1DMcCormick SO 1Sherriff 1Law Tac
46002b3b2DMcCormick SO 2Sherriff 2Law Tac
46065b3f1DMcCormick EMSEMSEMS-Tac
46455b577DMcCormickCity PSMcCormick City PoliceLaw Tac
46116b424DMcCormick EMDEmergency ManagementEmergency Ops
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
46541b5cdDNewb Co FD DispCounty Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
46542b5ceDNewb Co FD AdminCounty Fire AdminFire-Tac
46543b5cfDNewb Co TacCounty Fire TacFire-Tac
46554b5daDNewb Co PS Ops 1County Public Safety Ops 1Multi-Tac
46555b5dbDNewb Co PS Ops 2County Public Safety Ops 2Multi-Tac
46556b5dcDNewb Co PS Ops 3County Public Safety Ops 3Multi-Tac
46557b5ddDNewb Co PS Ops 4County Public Safety Ops 4Multi-Tac
46558b5deDNewb Co PS Ops 5County Public Safety Ops 5Multi-Tac
46559b5dfDNewb Co PS Ops 6County Public Safety Ops 6Multi-Tac
46560b5e0DNewb Co PS RoamCounty Public Safety RoamMulti-Tac
46565b5e5DNewb EMS DispEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
46566b5e6DNewb EMS to HospEMS to HospitalHospital
46567b5e7DNewb EMS TacEMS TacEMS-Tac
46501b5a5DNewb Co SD 1Sheriff 1 and Whitmire & Prosperity PDsLaw Tac
46502b5a6DENewb Co SD 2Sheriff 2 and Whitmire & Prosperity PDsLaw Tac
46503b5a7DENew Co SD CIRTSheriff Crisis Incident Response TeamLaw Tac
46504b5a8DENew Co SD InvestSheriff InvestigationsLaw Tac
46505b5a9DENewb Co SD TacSheriff TacLaw Tac
46506b5aaDeNewb Co LE Ops 1Law Enforcement Ops 1Law Tac
46507b5abDENewb Co LE Ops 2Law Enforcement Ops 2Law Tac
46508b5acDNewb Co LE RoamLaw Enforcement RoamLaw Tac
46851b703DNewberry PD 1Newberry PD 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
46852b704DeNewberry PD 2Newberry PD 2 TalkLaw Tac
46853b705DeNewberry PD InvNewberry PD InvestigationsLaw Tac
46854b706DeNewberry PD TacNewberry PD TacLaw Tac
46857b709DNewberry FDNewberry FD DispatchFire Dispatch
46858b70aDNewberry FD AdmNewberry FD AdminFire-Tac
46591b5ffDNewb Co CountywiCountywideEmergency Ops

Sheriff and EMS primarily use VHF/UHF for communications but have these talkgroups for mutual aid purposes.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
47065b7d9DOconee Co EMSEMSEMS-Tac
47001b799DOconee Co SOSheriffLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2500761afDOCSO PatrolSheriff Patrol DispatchLaw Dispatch
2500861b0DOCSO Patrol OpsSheriff Patrol OpsLaw Tac
2501261b4DOCSO Dispatch DgSheriff Dispatch DigitalLaw Tac
2500161a9DOCSO OpsSheriff OperationsLaw Tac
2500961b1DOCSO WarrantsSheriff WarrantsLaw Talk
2500261aaDOCSO DetectivesSheriff DetectivesLaw Tac
2500561adDOCSO Mut AidSheriff Mutual AidLaw Tac
2500661aeDOCSO Narc OpsSheriff Narc OpsLaw Tac
2500461acDOC JailJailCorrections
2503161c7DOC PDs EastTown PDs EastLaw Dispatch
2503561cbDOC PDs East DigTown PDs East DigitalLaw Dispatch
2503261c8DOC PDs WestTown PDs WestLaw Dispatch
2503661ccDOC PDs West DigTown PDs West DigitalLaw Dispatch
253516307DHolly Hill PDHolly Hill PDLaw Tac
253816325DNorth PDNorth PDLaw Tac
253826326DNorth PD RoamNorth PD RoamLaw Tac
253836327DNorth TownNorth TownPublic Works
254116343DNorway PDNorway PDLaw Tac
254126344DNorway PD RoamNorway PD RoamLaw Tac
254416361DSpringfield PDSpringfield PDLaw Tac
2505761e1DOCFD PageFire PageFire Dispatch
2505361ddDOCFD DispatchFire DispatchFire Dispatch
2504561d5DOCFD Vol DispFire Volunteer DispatchFire Dispatch
2505461deDOCFD TalkFire TalkFire-Talk
2505161dbDOCFD AdminFire AdminFire-Tac
2505661e0DOburg Fire EastFire EastFire-Tac
2505961e3DOCFD WestFire WestFire-Tac
2506861ecDOCEMS DispatchEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
2506961edDOCEMS TalkEMS TalkEMS-Talk
2508461fcDOCEMS OpsEMS to Bamberg ERHospital
2508161f9DOCEMS TRMCEMS to TRMCHospital
2508361fbDOCEMS OMC EREMS to Orangeburg Medical Center ERHospital
250916203DOC ES Pub WorksEmergency Services Public WorksEmergency Ops
25117621dDOC ES AdminEmergency Services AdminEmergency Ops
25118621eDOC ES Dis NetEmergency Services Disaster NetEmergency Ops
25119621fDOC ES Mut AidEmergency Services Mutual AidEmergency Ops
251216221DOC ES Ops 2Emergency Services Ops 2Emergency Ops
251236223DOC ES RoamEmergency Services RoamEmergency Ops
251266226DOC ES OP SIDEmergency Services OP SIDEmergency Ops
2533262f4DOburg FD DispOrangeburg FD DispatchFire Dispatch
2533362f5DOburg FD 2Orangeburg FD 2Fire-Tac
2533062f2DOburg PD DispOrangeburg PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
2533462f6DOburg PD TalkOrangeburg PD TalkLaw Talk
2533562f7DOburg PD Ops 1Orangeburg PD Ops 1Law Tac
2533662f8DOburg PD Ops 2Orangeburg PD Ops 2Law Tac
2533162f3DOburg Admin RmOrangeburg Admin RoamPublic Works
2533762f9DOburg Mut AidOrangeburg Mutual AidPublic Works
2531362e1DOburg Util ElecOrangeburg Utilities ElectricPublic Works
2531462e2DOburg Util WaterOrangeburg Utilities WaterPublic Works
2531562e3DOburg Util GasOrangeburg Utilities GasPublic Works
2531662e4DOburg Util SewerOrangeburg Utilities SewerPublic Works
2531762e5DOburg Util MaintOrangeburg Utilities MaintenancePublic Works
2531862e6DOburg Util AdminOrangeburg Utilities AdminPublic Works
2532362ebDOburg Util RoamOrangeburg Utilities RoamPublic Works
251586246DOburg Tech SecOrangeburg Tech SecuritySecurity
251596247DOburg Tech RoamOrangeburg Tech RoamSecurity
25195626bDSC State U SecSC State Univerisity SecuritySecurity
25196626cDSC State U RoamSC State Univerisity RoamSecurity
253526308DHollyHillPD RoamHolly Hill PD RoamLaw Tac
254426362DSpringfldPD RoamSpringfield PD RoamLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
47541b9b5DPickens Co FireFireEMS Dispatch
47565b9cdDPickens Co EMSEMSEMS Dispatch
47501b98dDPickens Co SDSheriffLaw Dispatch
47615b9ffDPickens Co EMEmergency ManagementEmergency Ops
47641ba19DPickens Co AllAll Call Emergency Ops
47881bb09DEasley FDEasley FireFire Dispatch
47882bb0aDEasley FD/PD OpsEasley Fire/Police OpsMulti-Tac
47883bb0bDEasley PDEasley PoliceLaw Dispatch
47897bb19DLiberty PDLiberty PoliceLaw Dispatch
47666ba32DClemson U FD EMSClemson University Fire/EMSEMS Dispatch
47667ba33DClemson U EMS 2Clemson University Fire/EMS 2EMS-Tac
47668ba34DClemson U EMS 3Clemson University Fire/EMS 3EMS-Tac
47670ba36DClemson U PD DisClemson University Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
47671ba37DClemson U PD RmClemson University Police RoamLaw Tac
47865baf9DClemson PDClemson City PoliceLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2555263d0DCFD DISPFire DispatchFire Dispatch
2555963d7DCFD CMD1Fire Command 1Fire-Tac
2556063d8DCFD CMD2Fire Command 2Fire-Tac
2556163d9DCFD ADMINFire AdminFire-Tac
2555363d1DCFD OPS1Fire Ops 1Fire-Tac
2555463d2DCFD OPS2Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
2555563d3DCFD OPS3Fire Ops 3Fire-Tac
2555663d4DCFD OPS4Fire Ops 4Fire-Tac
2555763d5DCFD OPS5Fire Ops 5Fire-Tac
2555863d6DCFD OPS6Fire Ops 6Fire-Tac
2556263daDPREVENTFire PreventionFire-Tac
2556363dbDCFD S/WFire StatewideFire-Tac
2556563ddDRC EMS 1 DispEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
2556663deDRC EMS 2 MedEMS to HospitalHospital
2556763dfDRC EMS 3 TalkEMS Ch 3 TalkEMS-Tac
2556863e0DRC EMS 4 SupsEMS Ch 4 SupervisorsEMS-Tac
2556963e1DRC ESD 5 HazmatHazmat, Fire Marshal, CoronerEmergency Ops
2557063e2DRC ESD 6 TacEmergency Services Ch 6 Tactical "Public Safety"Emergency Ops
2557163e3DRC ESD 7 Sp EvtEmergency Services Ch 7 Special EventsEmergency Ops
2557263e4DRC ESD 8Emergency Services Ch 8Emergency Ops
2557663e8DRC ESD 9 MediaEmergency Services Ch 9 MediaEmergency Ops
2557363e5DERC EMS SecureEmergency Services Ch 10 SecureEmergency Ops
2557463e6DRC ESD 11 CommEmergency Services Ch 11 CommEmergency Ops
2557563e7DRC ESD 12 PIOEmergency Services Ch 12 PIOEmergency Ops
256416429DERC CoronerCoronerLaw Tac
25501639dDERCSD Reg 1Sheriff Reg 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
25502639eDERCSD Reg 2Sheriff Reg 2 DispatchLaw Dispatch
25503639fDERCSD Reg 3Sheriff Reg 3 DispatchLaw Dispatch
2550463a0DERCSD Reg 4/5Sheriff Reg 4/5 DispatchLaw Dispatch
2550563a1DERCSD Ch 5Sheriff Ch 5Law Tac
2550663a2DERCSD Reg 6/7Sheriff Reg 6/7 DispatchLaw Dispatch
2550763a3DERCSD Ch 7Sheriff Ch 7Law Tac
2551863aeDERC Traffic/CATSheriff Traffic/CATLaw Tac
2551963afDERCSD InvestigSheriff InvestigationsLaw Tac
2552063b0DERCSD Desk SgtSheriff Desk SargeantLaw Tac
2552263b2DERCSD Mut AidSheriff Mutual AidLaw Tac
2550863a4DERCSO InvSheriff InvestigationsLaw Tac
2551263a8DERCSO Ops 1Sheriff Ops 1Law Tac
2551363a9DERCSO Ops 2Sheriff Ops 2Law Tac
2551463aaDERCSO Ops 3Sheriff Ops 3Law Tac
2552163b1DERCSO StatewideSheriff StatewideLaw Tac
2551663acDERCSD SRTSheriff SRTLaw Tac
2550963a5DERCSD UnknownSheriff UnknownLaw Tac
2551063a6DERCSD UnknownSheriff UnknownLaw Tac
2551163a7DERCSD UnknownSheriff UnknownLaw Tac
2551563abDERCSD UnknownSheriff UnknownLaw Tac
2551763adDERCSD UnknownSheriff UnknownLaw Tac
2552363b3DERCSD UnknownSheriff UnknownLaw Tac
2552463b4DERCSD UnknownSheriff UnknownLaw Tac
25642642aDRich Co Air OpsAir OpsMulti-Tac
256406428DRich Co An CntlAnimal ControlPublic Works
2585464feDEFor Acres PD DisForest Acres PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
2585564ffDEFor Acres PD AdmForest Acres PD AdminLaw Tac
258566500DEFor Acres PD RmForest Acres PD Roam Law Tac
258576501DFor Acres DPWForest Acres Public worksPublic Works
2576164a1DBenedict Clg PDBenedict College Police Law Dispatch
2576264a2DBenedict PD RoamBenedict Police RoamSchools
25695645fDCola College PDColumbia College PDSchools
256966460DCola Clg PD RoamColumbia College PD RoamSchools
257506496DCIU Sec 1Columbia International University Security 1Schools
257516497DCIU Sec 2Columbia International University Security 2Schools
256516433DRC School D1School District 1 SecuritySchools
256526434DRC School D1 RmSchool District 1 RoamSchools
256576439DRC School D2School District 2 SecuritySchools
25658643aDRC School D2 RmSchool District 2 RoamSchools
25741648dDProvidence EREMS to MUSC Providence ERHospital
2559163f7DRichCo PW 1County Public Works 1Public Works
2559263f8DRichCo PW 2County Public Works 2Public Works
2559363f9DRichCo PW 3County Public Works 3Public Works
2559463faDRichCo PW 4County Public Works 4Public Works
2559563fbDRichCo PW 5County Public Works 5Public Works
2559663fcDRichCo PW 6County Public Works 6Public Works
2559763fdDRichCo PW 7County Public Works 7Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
256656441DCola PD EastEast DispatchLaw Dispatch
256666442DCola PD MetroMetro DispatchLaw Dispatch
256676443DCola PD NorthNorth DispatchLaw Dispatch
256686444DCola PD SouthSouth DispatchLaw Dispatch
256696445DCola PD WestWest DispatchLaw Dispatch
256706446DECola PD Command CommandLaw Tac
256716447DCola PD CSOCommunity Safety Officers & Call BoxesLaw Tac
256726448DCola PD Spec EvtSpecial EventsLaw Tac
256736449DCola PD CIDInvestigationsLaw Tac
25674644aDECola PD NarcNarcoticsLaw Tac
25675644bDCola PD Ops 1Ops Ch 1Law Tac
25676644cDCola PD Ops 2Ops Ch 2Law Tac
25677644dDECola PD PACEPro-Active Community EnforcementLaw Tac
25678644eDCola PD RoamRoamLaw Tac
25679644fDECola PD SWATSWATLaw Tac
256806450DCola PD NCICTelephone Response Unit TRU & RecordsLaw Dispatch
256816451DCola PD TrainingTrainingLaw Tac
256826452DCola PD UnknownPolice UnknownLaw Tac
University of South Carolina Columbia
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
278816ce9DUSC PD Mut AidPolice Mutual AidLaw Tac
278826ceaDEUSC PD 27882PoliceLaw Dispatch
278836cebDEUSC PD 27883PoliceLaw Dispatch
278846cecDEUSC PD 27884PoliceLaw Dispatch
278856cedDEUSC PD 27885PoliceLaw Dispatch
278866ceeDEUSC PD 27886PoliceLaw Dispatch
278896cf1DeUSC PD 27889PoliceLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
48001bb81DSaluda Sheriff 1Sheriff 1Law Tac
48002bb82DSaluda Sheriff 2Sheriff 2Law Tac
Spartanburg County
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
48565bdb5DSEMS DispatchEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
48566bdb6DSEMS Disp 2EMS Dispatch 2EMS-Tac
48571bdbbDSEMS PageEMS PageEMS Dispatch
48569bdb9DSEMS OpsEMS OperationsEMS-Tac
48573bdbdDSEMS SRMC ERSpartanburg Regional Medical Center ERHospital
48583bdc7DSEMS MrBl ERMary Black ERHospital
48584bdc8DSEMS PMC ERPelham Medical Center ERHospital
48577bdc1DSEMS Greer ERGreer Hospital ERHospital
48951bf37DTyger Rvr FDTyger River FDFire-Talk
48911bf0fDN Sptg FDNorth Spartanburg FDFire-Talk
48541bd9dDSptg Co FDCounty FireFire-Tac
48643be03DSptg HazMatHazMatEmergency Ops
48642be02DRegional 1Regional 1/Sptg Air-GndEmergency Ops
48501bd75DSptg SD DispSheriff Ch 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
48502bd76DSptg SD Ch 2 TrfSheriff Ch 2 Traffic/School ResourceLaw Tac
48510bd7eDSptg SD Ch 3 TlkSheriff Ch 3 Talk-aroundLaw Talk
48506bd7aDSptg SD Ch 4 TacSheriff Ch 4 TacLaw Tac
48644be04DSptg SD Ch 5 WrtSheriff Ch 5 Warrants/InvestigationsLaw Tac
48507bd7bDSptg SD Ch 6Sheriff Ch 6Law Tac
48925bf1dDSptg PD DispSpartanburg PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
48926bf1eDSptg PD 2Spartanburg PD Ch 2Law Tac
48927bf1fDSptg PD 3Spartanburg PD Ch 3Law Tac
48928bf20DSptg PD 4Spartanburg PD Ch 4Law Tac
48521bd89DSptg Towns 1Town PDs DispatchLaw Dispatch
48522bd8aDSptg Towns 2Town PDs TacLaw Tac
48523bd8bDSptg Towns 3Town PDs Talk-aroundLaw Talk
48881bef1DDuncan PDDuncan PD Talk-aroundLaw Talk
48578bdc2DCowpens PDCowpens PD Talk-aroundLaw Talk
48851bed3DCampobello PDCampobello PD Talk-aroundLaw Talk
48580bdc4DSRMC Sec 1Spartanburg Regional Med Center SecuritySecurity
48667be1bDPelham Med CntrPelham Medical Center SecuritySecurity
48653be0dDSptg Co JailJailCorrections
48654be0eDSptg Co JailJailCorrections
50991c72fDUSC-Upstate PDUSC-Upstate PDLaw Dispatch
48650be0aDSptg Co Event 1Event 1Interop
48659be13DSptg Co Event 2Event 2Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2610165f5DSumterCo FD 1FD DispatchFire Dispatch
2610265f6DSumterCo FG AFD Fireground AFire-Tac
2610365f7DSumterCo FGFD FiregroundFire-Tac
2610465f8DSumterCo FG BFD Fireground BFire-Tac
2610565f9DSumterCo FG CFD Fireground CFire-Tac
2610665faDSumterCo FG DFD Fireground DFire-Tac
2610765fbDSumterCo FG EFD Fireground EFire-Tac
2610865fcDSumterCo FD TrnFD TrainingFire-Tac
2610965fdDESumterCo FD AdmFD AdminFire-Tac
2611165ffDSumter Air-GndAir to GroundMulti-Tac
261516627DSumter EMS DispEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
261526628DSumter EMS TalkEMS 2 TalkEMS-Talk
261536629DSumter EMS ToumEMS to Toumey HospitalHospital
26207665fDSumter EMS HospEMS to HospitalHospital
2605165c3DESumter SD 1Sheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
2605265c4DESumter SD 2Sheriff 2Law Tac
2605365c5DSumter SD TraffSheriff Traffic/CATLaw Tac
2605465c6DSumter SD 4Sheriff 4 TalkLaw Talk
2605765c9DESumter SD UnkSheriff UnknownLaw Tac
2605865caDESumter SD UnkSheriff UnknownLaw Tac
260016591DESumter PD DispSumter PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
260026592DESumter PD 2Sumter PD 2Law Tac
260036593DSumter PD TacSumter PD 3 TAC 1Law Tac
260046594DSumter PD 4Sumter PD Special EventsLaw Tac
262016659DSumter Mut Aid 1Mutual Aid 1Interop
26202665aDSumter Mut Aid 2Mutual Aid 2Interop
26203665bDSumter Mut Aid 3Mutual Aid 3Interop
26204665cDSumter Mut Aid 4Mutual Aid 4Interop
26205665dDSumter Mut Aid 5Mutual Aid 5Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
49041bf91DUnion Co FD DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
49042bf92DUnion Co FD RoamFire RoamFire-Tac
49066bfaaDUnion Co EMS DisEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
49067bfabDUnion Co EMS RmEMS RoamEMS-Talk
49001bf69DUnion Co SD DispSheriff DispatchLaw Tac
49002bf6aDUnion Co SD RoamSheriff RoamLaw Tac
49381c0e5DUnionCityPD DispUnion (City) PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
49382c0e6DUnionCityPD RoamUnion (City) PD RoamLaw Tac
49351c0c7DJonesvil PD DispJonesville PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
49352c0c8DJonesvil PD RoamJonesville PD RoamLaw Tac
Williamsburg County
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
80411f69DWillmsbg FD DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
80421f6aDWillmsbg FD 2Fire Channel 2Fire-Tac
8351209fDEWillmsbg EMS DspEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
80021f42DEWillmsbg SD DispSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
80011f41DWillmsbg SD TacSheriff TacLaw Dispatch
839120c7DKingstree FDKingstree FDFire Dispatch
838120bdDKingstree PDKingstree PDLaw Dispatch

York Co. agencies primarily operate on the York Co. TRS. 

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
49642c1eaDYork Co. RoamYork Co. RoamMulti-Talk
49852c2bcDRock Hill RoamRock Hill RoamMulti-Talk
Motorola/Radio Service
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
95202530DEMobl Comm-1Mobile Communications-1Business
95212531DMoto Svc 9521Service CoastalBusiness
9546254aDMoto Svc 9546Service CoastalBusiness
9550254eDMoto Svc 9550Service CoastalBusiness
2705069aaDMoto Svc 27050Service StatewideBusiness
2705169abDMoto Svc 27051Service StatewideBusiness
2705269acDMoto Svc 27052Service StatewideBusiness
2705469aeDMoto Svc 27054Service StatewideBusiness
2705669b0DMoto Svc 27056Service StatewideBusiness
2705869b2DMoto Svc 27058Service StatewideBusiness
2706069b4DMoto Svc 27060Service StatewideBusiness
2706169b5DMoto Svc 27061Service StatewideBusiness
2706269b6DMoto Svc 27062Service StatewideBusiness
2706469b8DMoto Svc 27064Service StatewideBusiness
2706669baDMoto Svc 27066Service StatewideBusiness
2706769bbDMoto Svc 27067Service StatewideBusiness
2706869bcDMoto Svc 27068Service StatewideBusiness
2706969bdDMoto Svc 27069Service StatewideBusiness
2708969d1TMoto Phase 2 TstPhase 2 TestingBusiness
50103c3b7DMoto Svc UpstateService UpstateBusiness
Richmond County, GA
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
55371d84bDAugusta UnivAugusta UniversitySchools
55372d84cDAugusta UnivAugusta UniversitySchools
55373d84dDAugusta UnivAugusta UniversitySchools
55374d84eDAugusta UnivAugusta UniversitySchools