Palmetto 800

Site: Charleston Co. EMS

Unique DB ID: 10815
County: Charleston

CCEMS is dispatched on their priamry Dispatch talkgroup, and their response communications are carried on their Ops talkgroup. When responding with a Charleston County Fire Department, they may use one of the Incident Channels.

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 32.7549 Longitude: -79.7992 Range: 39 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
155060eDCCEMS ATGAll EMS-Tac
155160fDCCEMS CommndCommandEMS-Tac
1557615DCCEMS MEETMeeting 1EMS-Talk
1559617DCCEMS Sp TmsSpecial TeamsEMS-Tac
1575627DCCFD RQ DISPRescue DispatchEMS Dispatch
1576628DCCFD RQ NghtRescue NightEMS Dispatch
1577629DCCFD RQ TALKRescue TalkEMS-Talk
157862aDCCFD RQ ADMNRescue AdminEMS-Tac
1584630DCCEMS CentPtCentre Point EREHospital
1585631DHOSP ER ATGHospital AllHospital
1586632DCCEMS E COOPEast Cooper ERHospital
1587633DCCEMS GRGTWNGeorgetown ERHospital
1590636DCCEMS ROPERRoper ERHospital
1591637DCCEMS RPR NWRoper Northwoods ERHospital
1592638DCCEMS STFRANSt. Francis ERHospital
1593639DCCEMS SMRVLSummerville ERHospital
159463aDCCEMS TRIDENTrident ERHospital
159663cDCCEMS VA HOSPVA HospitalHospital
159763dDCCEMS E ROPREast Roper ERHospital
159863eDChas Co ER 1ER 1Hospital
159963fDChas Co ER 2ER 2Hospital
1600640DChas Co ER 3ER 3Hospital
2050802DCCEMS OPSOpsEMS Dispatch
2053805DCCEMS DispatchDispatchEMS Dispatch
2389955DCCEMS Rop BerkRoper Berkeley ERHospital