Palmetto 800

Site: Charleston City

Unique DB ID: 10813
County: Charleston

Charleston City FD is dispatched on the primary County Fire Dispatch talkgroup listed in a separate talkgroup group, and simultaneously on their FD Ops talkgroup listed here. Their apparatus numbers are 1xx. 

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 32.7682 Longitude: -79.9331 Range: 5 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
19927c8DEChs PD MeetDPD Meeting DLaw Talk
19937c9DEChs PD MeetCPD Meeting CLaw Talk
19957cbDEChs PD MeetAPD Meeting ALaw Talk
19967ccDEChs PD Evt DPD Event DLaw Tac
19977cdDEChs PD Evt CPD Event CLaw Tac
19987ceDEChs PD Evt BPD Event BLaw Tac
19997cfDEChs PD Evt APD Event ALaw Tac
20007d0DCHAS RADIORadio ShopBusiness
20017d1DChs ParkingParking Enforcement "Multi-service channel"Public Works
20107daDEChs PD PeninPD Ch.1 Peninsula DispatchLaw Dispatch
20117dbDEChs PD W AshPD Ch.3 West Ashley/Daniel Island DispatchLaw Dispatch
20127dcDEChs PD RecrdPD RecordsLaw Talk
20257e9DEChs PD SWATPD SWAT ALaw Tac
20287ecDEChs PD TraffPD TrafficLaw Tac
20307eeDChs FD 1 OpsFD Ch.1 OpsFire Dispatch
20317efDChas FD Train 2FD Training 2Fire-Tac
20407f8DChas FD Train 1FD Training 1Fire-Tac