Alberta First Responders' Radio Communication System (AFRRCS)

System Name: Alberta First Responders' Radio Communication System (AFRRCS)
Location: Multiple Locations, AB
County: Statewide
System Type: Project 25 Phase I
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System IDs: Sysid: 05A WACN: 660C5
Sysid: 05B WACN: 660C5
Last Updated: May 7, 2024, 11:21 am UTC   [Added Talkgroup to: Cypress (3917 Redcliff Volunteer Fire Department - TAC 3 )]
System Notes

This system carries all the radio traffic of the various government agencies that currently use wireless/radio communications, such as Environment, Sustainable Resource Development, Alberta Sheriffs, Alberta Health Services. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), who provide municipal policing to the province,also use the system. In addition to local police forces, any first responders (Fire, EMS, Police, etc.) in the province will join the network

Official Government of Alberta Site:

Site on Wheels - These two sites are trailer-mounted portable units which can be erected anywhere and linked to the network via satellite.

Google Map view of existing and under-construction sites:


Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Sysid RFSS Site Name County Freqs
05A 4 (4) 004 (4) Ponoka 1 Ponoka 771.90625c772.33125c774.53125c774.88125   
05A 5 (5) 005 (5) Bear Hills Ponoka 770.84375c772.45625c774.01875c774.56875   
05A 6 (6) 006 (6) Crestomere Ponoka 769.43125c769.80625c773.59375c774.68125c   
05A 8 (8) 008 (8) Bluffton Ponoka 769.93125c770.30625c771.89375c774.13125c   
05A 11 (B) 011 (B) Viking 1 Flagstaff 772.28125c773.51875c774.30625c774.91875c   
05A 12 (C) 012 (C) Mannville Minburn 771.15625c773.04375c774.09375c774.63125c   
05A 13 (D) 013 (D) Vermilion Vermilion River 771.10625c771.78125c773.53125c774.40625c   
05A 14 (E) 014 (E) Lavoy Minburn 771.14375c771.39375c771.88125c772.59375c   
05A 15 (F) 015 (F) Holden Beaver 773.16875c773.41875c773.66875c773.91875c   
05A 16 (10) 016 (10) Camrose 1 Camrose 769.08125770.59375c771.94375772.04375c772.29375c772.69375773.05625c
05A 17 (11) 017 (11) Kingman Camrose 770.85625c771.78125c772.10625c772.79375c774.13125c  
05A 18 (12) 018 (12) Mundare Lamont 771.84375c772.94375c774.51875c774.88125c   
05A 19 (13) 019 (13) Lamont Lamont 771.60625c772.33125c774.28125c774.64375c   
05A 20 (14) 020 (14) Hairy Hill Two Hills 770.84375c771.35625c772.55625c774.15625c   
05A 21 (15) 021 (15) Vegreville 1 Minburn 771.64375c771.90625c773.81875c774.59375c   
05A 22 (16) 022 (16) Clandonald Vermilion River 771.85625c772.69375c773.80625c774.38125c   
05A 23 (17) 023 (17) Kitscoty Vermilion River 770.88125c772.09375c772.38125c    
05A 24 (18) 024 (18) Paradise Valley Vermilion River 772.13125c772.75625c773.76875c    
05A 26 (1A) 026 (1A) Lloydminster Vermilion River 770.63125c771.59375c772.00625c773.34375c773.81875c774.11875c 
05A 27 (1B) 027 (1B) Tulliby Lake Vermilion River 772.54375c773.79375c774.04375c774.65625c   
05A 28 (1C) 028 (1C) Two Hills Two Hills 772.00625c772.85625c773.30625c773.59375c   
05A 31 (1F) 031 (1F) Viking 2 Beaver 769.18125c770.83125c771.33125c772.70625c   
05A 32 (20) 032 (20) Edmonton International Airport - YEG Leduc 770.83125c771.66875c772.30625c772.60625c773.36875773.61875c773.86875
05A 34 (22) 034 (22) Wetaskiwin Wetaskiwin 770.65625c771.08125c771.35625c771.60625772.59375c773.29375c774.29375c
05A 35 (23) 035 (23) Leduc Leduc 771.34375c771.58125c771.63125c771.83125772.05625c772.34375c772.55625c
05A 36 (24) 036 (24) Devon Leduc 771.09375c771.15625c771.95625c772.09375772.28125c772.44375c772.70625c
05A 37 (25) 037 (25) Warburg Leduc 771.59375c773.53125c774.28125c774.64375   
05A 38 (26) 038 (26) Winfield Wetaskiwin 771.85625c772.78125c774.30625c774.81875c   
05A 39 (27) 039 (27) Alder Flats Wetaskiwin 770.83125c771.33125c774.05625c774.54375   
05A 40 (28) 040 (28) Lodgepole Brazeau 772.95625c773.51875c773.84375c774.83125c   
05A 41 (29) 041 (29) Drayton Valley 1 Brazeau 770.86875c772.53125c774.29375c774.59375   
05A 42 (2A) 042 (2A) Tomahawk Parkland 772.04375c772.29375c772.69375c774.11875   
05A 43 (2B) 043 (2B) Villeneuve Sturgeon 771.14375c771.64375c772.54375c773.54375773.81875c774.06875c774.55625c
05A 45 (2D) 045 (2D) Pigeon Lake Wetaskiwin 770.61875c771.10625c771.39375c774.04375c   
05A 46 (2E) 046 (2E) Wabamun Parkland 773.14375c773.39375c773.64375c773.89375   
05A 49 (31) 049 (31) Redwater Sturgeon 771.39375c772.08125c772.69375c774.56875c   
05A 50 (32) 050 (32) Fort Saskatchewan Sturgeon 769.43125c769.80625c772.20625c772.25625c772.84375c773.04375c773.30625c
05A 52 (34) 052 (34) St Albert Edmonton 769.30625c769.68125c770.60625c770.86875771.33125771.88125c771.94375c
05A 53 (35) 053 (35) Legal Sturgeon 770.65625c771.10625c773.31875c774.04375c   
05A 58 (3A) 058 (3A) Gibbons Sturgeon 769.18125c770.05625c770.30625c772.53125c   
05A 64 (40) 064 (40) Alexander First Nation Sturgeon 772.19375c772.45625c774.39375c774.84375c   
05A 65 (41) 065 (41) Frog Lake Bonnyville 771.33125c771.64375c772.03125c772.85625c   
05A 66 (42) 066 (42) St Paul St Paul 772.78125c774.06875c774.43125c774.84375c   
05A 67 (43) 067 (43) Ashmont St Paul 770.63125c771.83125c772.58125c774.33125c   
05A 68 (44) 068 (44) Cold Lake Bonnyville 772.45625c773.08125c774.16875c774.88125c   
05A 69 (45) 069 (45) Grande Centre Bonnyville 771.89375c772.50625c772.95625c774.59375c   
05A 70 (46) 070 (46) Whitefish St Paul 770.65625c771.78125c773.78125c774.03125c   
05A 71 (47) 071 (47) Smoky Lake Smoky Lake 771.58125c773.28125c773.53125c774.76875c   
05A 72 (48) 072 (48) Lac La Biche Lac La Biche 770.61875c771.10625c771.94375c774.16875c   
05A 73 (49) 073 (49) Heart Lake Lac La Biche 771.39375c772.34375c774.11875c774.39375c   
05A 74 (4A) 074 (4A) May Tower Lac La Biche 770.59375c772.29375c773.08125c774.04375c   
05A 75 (4B) 075 (4B) Pinehurst Bonnyville 772.70625c773.09375c774.29375c774.81875c   
05A 76 (4C) 076 (4C) Mariana Lakes Lac La Biche 772.05625c773.28125c774.14375c774.84375c   
05A 77 (4D) 077 (4D) Moose Hills St Paul 771.69375c772.53125c773.83125c774.58125c   
05A 78 (4E) 078 (4E) Goodfish Opportunity 770.59375c771.08125c772.10625c773.83125c   
05A 80 (50) 080 (50) Ardmore Bonnyville 770.60625c773.03125c774.40625c774.86875c   
05A 84 (54) 084 (54) Bonnyville Bonnyville 770.86875c772.80625c773.03125c773.76875c774.30625c  
05A 85 (55) 085 (55) Boyle Athabasca 772.15625c772.40625c772.65625c772.90625c   
05A 86 (56) 086 (56) Rochester Athabasca 770.59375c771.83125c772.70625c774.08125c   
05A 87 (57) 087 (57) Fort Assiniboine Woodlands 770.63125c771.09375c772.05625c773.30625c   
05A 88 (58) 088 (58) Carson Creek Woodlands 773.09375c774.05625c774.38125c774.86875c   
05A 89 (59) 089 (59) Mayerthorpe Lac St Anne 770.85625c771.84375c774.15625c774.53125c   
05A 90 (5A) 090 (5A) Atmore Athabasca 772.04375c772.85625c773.84375c774.78125c   
05A 91 (5B) 091 (5B) Thorhild Thorhild 771.34375c771.63125c773.05625c774.59375c   
05A 92 (5C) 092 (5C) Ross Haven Lac St Anne 771.60625c773.79375c774.51875c774.88125c   
05A 93 (5D) 093 (5D) Westlock Westlock 773.29375c773.76875c774.30625c774.81875c   
05A 94 (5E) 094 (5E) Whitecourt Mountain Woodlands 772.30625c773.04375c773.78125c774.79375c   
05A 96 (60) 096 (60) Athabasca Athabasca 770.83125c772.58125c773.54375c774.63125c   
05A 98 (62) 098 (62) Barrhead Barrhead 773.03125c773.28125c774.36875c774.61875c   
05A 99 (63) 099 (63) Neerlandia Barrhead 771.35625c772.29375c772.60625c773.80625c   
05A 104 (68) 104 (68) Wandering River Athabasca 771.38125c772.25625c773.51875c774.31875c   
05A 105 (69) 105 (69) Whitecourt Woodlands 770.61875c771.69375c773.29375c774.43125c   
05A 106 (6A) 106 (6A) Lombell Woodlands 771.15625c774.40625c     
05A 107 (6B) 107 (6B) Caslan Athabasca 770.58125c772.10625c774.36875c774.83125c   
05A 108 (6C) 108 (6C) Evansburg Yellowhead 771.65625c771.90625c772.75625c774.14375   
05A 109 (6D) 109 (6D) Carrot Creek Yellowhead 770.59375c772.00625c772.35625c773.05625c   
05A 110 (6E) 110 (6E) Obed Mountain Yellowhead 773.18125c773.43125c773.68125c773.93125c   
05A 111 (6F) 111 (6F) Athabasca Mountain Yellowhead 771.95625c772.29375c773.83125c774.18125c   
05A 112 (70) 112 (70) Berland Yellowhead 770.90625c771.83125c     
05A 113 (71) 113 (71) Wolf Creek Yellowhead 771.13125c772.70625c774.13125c774.90625c   
05A 114 (72) 114 (72) Marlboro Yellowhead 771.38125c771.70625c772.79375c773.26875c   
05A 115 (73) 115 (73) Hanlan Petrocan Yellowhead 771.08125c774.05625c     
05A 118 (76) 118 (76) Edson Yellowhead 772.19375c772.55625c773.79375c774.58125c   
05A 129 (81) 129 (81) Conklin Wood Buffalo 772.14375c772.39375c772.64375c772.89375c   
05A 130 (82) 130 (82) Stony Mountain Wood Buffalo 771.39375c771.94375c772.34375c774.05625c   
05A 131 (83) 131 (83) Algar Wood Buffalo 771.90625c772.75625c773.29375c774.08125c   
05A 132 (84) 132 (84) Mildred Lake Wood Buffalo 772.44375c773.34375c774.29375c774.83125c   
05A 133 (85) 133 (85) Engstrom Lake Wood Buffalo 770.85625c771.70625c772.79375c774.38125c   
05A 134 (86) 134 (86) Fort McMurray 2 Wood Buffalo 770.63125c771.34375c771.60625c771.69375c771.85625c772.25625c772.29375c
05A 135 (87) 135 (87) Fort McMurray 3 Wood Buffalo 770.58125c771.88125c772.09375c772.20625c772.45625c772.70625c773.03125c
05A 136 (88) 136 (88) Fort MacKay Wood Buffalo 773.15625c773.40625c773.65625c773.90625c   
05A 137 (89) 137 (89) Fort McMurray 1 Wood Buffalo 770.84375c771.09375c771.15625c772.03125c772.60625c773.05625c773.09375c
05A 140 (8C) 140 (8C) Fort Chipewyan Wood Buffalo 773.16875c773.41875c773.66875c773.91875c   
05A 141 (8D) 141 (8D) Janvier Wood Buffalo 771.59375c773.34375c774.55625c774.83125c   
05A 142 (8E) 142 (8E) Birch Mountain VHF Wood Buffalo 141.285c      
05A 144 (90) 144 (90) Chipewyan Lake VHF Opportunity 141.705c      
05A 145 (91) 145 (91) Red Earth Creek Opportunity 772.53125c772.80625c774.08125c774.55625c   
05A 146 (92) 146 (92) Nipisi Northern Sunrise 774.66875c      
05A 147 (93) 147 (93) Gift Lake Northern Sunrise 772.03125c772.59375c774.14375c774.64375c   
05A 148 (94) 148 (94) Little Buffalo Northern Sunrise 771.70625c772.33125c772.78125c774.33125c   
05A 149 (95) 149 (95) Grouard Big Lakes 772.45625c772.70625c772.95625c773.31875c   
05A 150 (96) 150 (96) Winagami Big Lakes 771.58125c771.83125c774.09375c774.81875c   
05A 151 (97) 151 (97) Clear Hills Clear Hills 772.54375c774.08125c774.40625c774.88125c   
05A 152 (98) 152 (98) Swan Hills Big Lakes 772.44375c773.34375c774.29375c774.83125c   
05A 153 (99) 153 (99) House Mountain Big Lakes 772.13125c772.38125c772.63125c772.88125c   
05A 154 (9A) 154 (9A) Flatbush Lesser Slave River 770.84375c774.34375c774.65625c774.90625c   
05A 155 (9B) 155 (9B) Marten Mountain Lesser Slave River 771.09375c771.39375c774.28125c774.88125c   
05A 156 (9C) 156 (9C) Weberville Northern Sunrise 770.60625c772.10625c774.58125c774.90625c   
05A 157 (9D) 157 (9D) Manning 1 Northern Lights 771.08125c772.20625c772.75625c774.91875c   
05A 158 (9E) 158 (9E) Hotchkiss Northern Lights 770.58125c772.50625c773.26875c774.08125c   
05A 159 (9F) 159 (9F) Keg River Northern Lights 770.60625c771.94375c772.69375c773.31875c   
05A 160 (A0) 160 (A0) Boyer River Northern Lights 771.95625c772.58125c773.55625c774.15625c   
05A 161 (A1) 161 (A1) Watt Mountain Mackenzie 772.13125c772.38125c772.63125c772.88125c   
05A 162 (A2) 162 (A2) Meander River Mackenzie 771.60625c772.83125c774.14375c774.63125c   
05A 163 (A3) 163 (A3) Steen River Mackenzie 772.35625c772.78125c773.05625c773.80625c   
05A 164 (A4) 164 (A4) Wabasca Opportunity 773.13125c773.38125c773.63125c    
05A 165 (A5) 165 (A5) Sandy Lake Opportunity 771.08125c773.84375c774.33125c774.59375c   
05A 166 (A6) 166 (A6) Lubicon VHF Northern Sunrise 141.630c      
05A 167 (A7) 167 (A7) Simon Lakes Northern Sunrise 772.29375c      
05A 168 (A8) 168 (A8) Slims Creek Northern Lights 772.15625c772.40625c772.65625c772.90625c   
05A 169 (A9) 169 (A9) High Level Mackenzie 771.40625c773.09375c774.38125c774.64375c   
05A 170 (AA) 170 (AA) Indian Cabins Mackenzie 771.38125c771.88125c774.11875c774.66875c   
05A 171 (AB) 171 (AB) Hines Creek Fairview 771.63125c772.69375c774.26875c774.79375c   
05A 172 (AC) 172 (AC) Calling Lake Opportunity 770.90625c772.08125c772.84375c    
05A 173 (AD) 173 (AD) Panny River Northern Sunrise 773.18125c773.43125c773.68125c773.93125c   
05A 174 (AE) 174 (AE) Jean D'Or Prairie Mackenzie 773.14375c773.39375c773.64375c773.89375c   
05A 175 (AF) 175 (AF) Rainbow Lake Mackenzie 771.65625c772.78125c774.05625c774.79375c   
05A 177 (B1) 177 (B1) Buffalo Creek VHF Opportunity 141.885c      
05A 188 (BC) 188 (BC) Kinuso Big Lakes 771.60625c771.89375c772.78125c774.01875c   
05A 190 (BE) 190 (BE) Fort Vermilion Mackenzie 770.83125c772.94375c774.11875c774.81875c   
05A 195 (C3) 195 (C3) La Crete Mackenzie 772.33125c774.06875c774.39375c774.68125c   
05A 197 (C5) 197 (C5) Manning 2 Northern Lights 771.39375c771.64375c772.59375c773.29375c   
05A 201 (C9) 201 (C9) Slave Lake Lesser Slave River 771.13125c771.78125c774.36875c774.61875c   
05A 202 (CA) 202 (CA) Smith Lesser Slave River 771.33125c771.59375c773.81875c774.89375c   
05A 204 (CC) 204 (CC) Tall Cree Mackenzie 771.90625c772.95625c773.28125c774.88125c   
05A 209 (D1) 209 (D1) Chateh Mackenzie 771.08125c771.35625c772.80625c773.38125c   
05A 210 (D2) 210 (D2) Two Creeks Greenview 771.08125c771.60625c773.81875c774.59375c   
05A 211 (D3) 211 (D3) Fox Creek Greenview 770.84375c771.58125c772.75625c774.56875c   
05A 212 (D4) 212 (D4) Little Smoky Greenview 771.69375c772.55625c773.84375c774.68125c   
05A 213 (D5) 213 (D5) Valleyview Greenview 772.33125c772.85625c773.79375c774.43125c   
05A 214 (D6) 214 (D6) Grande Cache Greenview 771.15625c772.05625c774.34375c774.90625c   
05A 215 (D7) 215 (D7) Muskeg Mackenzie 771.59375c771.90625c774.26875c774.89375c   
05A 216 (D8) 216 (D8) Simonette Greenview 141.135c141.615c141.840c    
05A 217 (D9) 217 (D9) Debolt Greenview 772.58125c773.29375c774.11875c774.65625c   
05A 218 (DA) 218 (DA) Wapiti Greenview 772.14375c772.39375c772.64375c772.89375   
05A 223 (DF) 223 (DF) Grande Mountain Greenview 141.270c141.945c     
05A 225 (E1) 225 (E1) Demmitt Grande Prairie 771.58125c774.36875c     
05A 226 (E2) 226 (E2) Saddle Hills Grande Prairie 773.04375c773.34375c774.38125c774.63125c   
05A 227 (E3) 227 (E3) Bezanson Grande Prairie 771.34375c771.70625c772.54375c774.18125c   
05A 228 (E4) 228 (E4) Codesa Birch Hill 772.25625c772.79375c773.80625c774.83125c   
05A 229 (E5) 229 (E5) Peace River 1 Northern Sunrise 773.16875c773.41875c773.66875c773.91875c   
05A 230 (E6) 230 (E6) Fairview Fairview 770.59375c771.89375c773.81875c774.59375c   
05A 231 (E7) 231 (E7) Spirit River Spirit River 771.38125c771.95625c772.50625c774.33125c   
05A 232 (E8) 232 (E8) Falher Smoky River 770.61875c773.30625c773.78125c774.53125c   
05A 233 (E9) 233 (E9) Brownvale Peace 772.30625c772.55625c772.80625c774.01875c   
05A 235 (EB) 235 (EB) Grande Prairie Grande Prairie 770.59375c770.85625c772.03125c772.05625c772.83125c773.56875c773.76875c
05A 238 (EE) 238 (EE) Beaverlodge Grande Prairie 771.89375c774.01875c774.30625c774.58125c   
05A 239 (EF) 239 (EF) Peace River 2 Peace 771.95625c774.11875c774.54375c774.80625c   
05A 240 (F0) 240 (F0) Saskatoon Mountain Grande Prairie 770.60625c771.15625c771.75625c773.05625c773.83125c774.40625c 
05A 241 (F1) 241 (F1) Silver Valley Saddle Hill 774.03125c      
05A 242 (F2) 242 (F2) Wanham Birch Hill 771.60625c773.51875c774.29375c774.76875c   
05A 243 (F3) 243 (F3) Bonanza Saddle Hill 771.39375c773.30625c773.78125c774.54375c   
05A 249 (F9) 249 (F9) Site 249 UNKNOWN 141.795c141.900c     
05A 252 (FC) 252 (FC) Edmonton Simulcast Edmonton 769.55625769.93125770.58125c770.63125c770.88125770.90625771.13125
05B 1 (1) 001 (1) Elkwater Cypress 770.88125c771.14375c771.39375c772.44375c   
05B 2 (2) 002 (2) Manyberries Forty Mile 771.33125c771.60625c772.08125c772.70625c   
05B 3 (3) 003 (3) Medicine Hat 1 Cypress 770.90625c771.13125c771.15625c771.63125c771.95625c772.09375c772.25625c
05B 4 (4) 004 (4) Medicine Hat 2 Cypress 772.15625c772.40625c772.65625c772.90625c   
05B 5 (5) 005 (5) Bow Island Forty Mile 771.59375c771.85625c772.85625c773.81875c   
05B 6 (6) 006 (6) Schuler Cypress 771.38125c771.88125c774.66875c774.91875c   
05B 8 (8) 008 (8) Iddesleigh Cypress 771.10625c771.58125c773.78125c774.88125c   
05B 9 (9) 009 (9) Outer Rainy Hill Cypress 772.59375c773.09375c773.68125c774.28125c   
05B 10 (A) 010 (A) Cressday Cypress 770.65625c      
05B 11 (B) 011 (B) Walsh Cypress 773.80625c      
05B 13 (D) 013 (D) Foremost Forty Mile 771.78125c772.79375c773.05625c773.84375c   
05B 18 (12) 018 (12) Milk River Warner 771.75625c772.80625c773.29375c773.56875c   
05B 19 (13) 019 (13) Lethbridge Lethbridge 770.65625c771.09375c771.15625c771.38125771.88125c772.05625c772.25625c
05B 20 (14) 020 (14) Retlaw Taber 771.69375c772.00625c772.69375c773.54375c   
05B 21 (15) 021 (15) Brooks Newell 770.86875c771.89375c772.35625c773.31875c773.79375c774.05625c774.40625c
05B 22 (16) 022 (16) Nobleford Lethbridge 772.13125c772.38125c772.63125c772.88125   
05B 23 (17) 023 (17) Coutts Warner 771.83125c772.09375c772.35625c773.28125c   
05B 24 (18) 024 (18) Lethbridge City Lethbridge 770.90625c771.13125c771.34375c771.60625771.65625c771.94375c772.08125c
05B 26 (1A) 026 (1A) Duchess Hill Newell 772.09375c772.70625c774.04375c774.79375c   
05B 28 (1C) 028 (1C) Grassy Lake Taber 771.84375c772.45625c772.83125c773.80625c   
05B 29 (1D) 029 (1D) Bassano Newell 770.63125c771.33125c771.63125c772.44375c   
05B 31 (1F) 031 (1F) Monarch Lethbridge 771.70625c772.25625c772.28125c773.03125c   
05B 32 (20) 032 (20) Taber Taber 771.14375c771.40625c772.10625c772.58125c   
05B 35 (23) 035 (23) Beauvais Lake Pincher Creek 771.08125c771.33125c771.63125c772.53125   
05B 36 (24) 036 (24) Burmis Pincher Creek 770.63125c772.09375c772.34375c773.81875c   
05B 37 (25) 037 (25) Beauvais Lake VHF Pincher Creek 141.210c141.240c     
05B 38 (26) 038 (26) Leavitt Cardston 771.85625c772.44375c773.53125c773.80625c   
05B 39 (27) 039 (27) Magrath Cardston 772.03125c772.70625c772.95625c773.34375c   
05B 40 (28) 040 (28) Claresholm Willow Creek 773.08125c774.08125c774.40625c774.84375   
05B 41 (29) 041 (29) Fort Macleod Willow Creek 772.45625c772.78125c773.04375c773.79375   
05B 43 (2B) 043 (2B) Hill Spring Cardston 771.83125c772.33125c772.69375c773.84375c   
05B 44 (2C) 044 (2C) Nanton Willow Creek 770.59375c773.54375c774.55625c774.90625c   
05B 45 (2D) 045 (2D) Pincher Creek Pincher Creek 771.40625c771.95625c772.29375c773.55625c   
05B 46 (2E) 046 (2E) Stand Off Cardston 771.10625c771.39375c771.64375c772.85625c   
05B 47 (2F) 047 (2F) Brocket Pincher Creek 772.00625c772.35625c772.83125c773.59375c   
05B 48 (30) 048 (30) Cardston Cardston 771.14375c771.78125c772.79375c773.05625c   
05B 49 (31) 049 (31) Buffalo Special Area 3 771.40625c771.94375c772.58125c774.16875c   
05B 50 (32) 050 (32) Youngstown Special Area 3 770.83125c772.80625c774.15625c774.81875c   
05B 51 (33) 051 (33) Pollockville Special Area 2 771.09375c772.25625c773.34375c774.61875c   
05B 52 (34) 052 (34) Nose Hill Special Area 4 770.85625c771.38125c772.35625c774.90625c   
05B 53 (35) 053 (35) Sheerness Special Area 2 772.85625c773.28125c773.53125c773.83125c   
05B 54 (36) 054 (36) Acadia Valley Acadia 772.03125c773.84375c774.33125c774.65625c   
05B 55 (37) 055 (37) Altario Special Area 4 771.90625c772.45625c774.03125c774.68125c   
05B 56 (38) 056 (38) Empress Special Area 2 771.64375c772.60625c773.08125c774.86875c   
05B 59 (3B) 059 (3B) Neutral Hills Special Area 4 772.69375c773.55625c773.80625c774.89375c   
05B 60 (3C) 060 (3C) New Brigden Special Area 3 771.08125c771.60625c772.33125c    
05B 62 (3E) 062 (3E) Oyen Special Area 3 771.39375c771.85625c773.05625c773.76875c   
05B 65 (41) 065 (41) Drumheller 2 Starland 773.13125c773.38125c773.63125c773.88125c   
05B 66 (42) 066 (42) Morrin Starland 771.69375c772.04375c772.79375c773.31875c   
05B 67 (43) 067 (43) Rockyford Wheatland 771.64375c773.54375c774.55625c774.90625   
05B 68 (44) 068 (44) Wintering Hills Wheatland 772.83125c773.51875c774.08125c774.33125c   
05B 69 (45) 069 (45) Cluny Wheatland 772.33125c773.81875c774.53125c774.84375c   
05B 70 (46) 070 (46) Lomond Vulcan 771.95625c772.34375c774.31875c774.91875c   
05B 71 (47) 071 (47) Strathmore Wheatland 770.84375c771.34375c772.85625c773.18125c773.43125c773.68125c773.93125c
05B 72 (48) 072 (48) Trochu Kneehill 771.65625c772.29375c773.55625c774.09375   
05B 73 (49) 073 (49) Beiseker Wheatland 771.14375c774.06875c774.39375c774.64375c   
05B 74 (4A) 074 (4A) Vulcan Vulcan 771.90625c772.54375c774.15625c774.79375c   
05B 75 (4B) 075 (4B) Buffalo Hills Vulcan 771.59375c773.05625c774.28125c774.59375   
05B 77 (4D) 077 (4D) Drumheller 1 Starland 771.13125c771.59375c     
05B 78 (4E) 078 (4E) Arrowwood Vulcan 769.18125c769.68125c772.58125c774.18125c   
05B 79 (4F) 079 (4F) Linden Kneehill 769.68125c770.05625c772.19375c772.55625c   
05B 85 (55) 085 (55) Three Hills Kneehill 769.43125c770.83125c771.88125c774.54375c   
05B 88 (58) 088 (58) Champion Vulcan 771.35625c772.04375c773.43125c774.66875c   
05B 89 (59) 089 (59) Drumheller 3 Starland 770.30625c771.70625c     
05B 90 (5A) 090 (5A) Aldersyde Foothills 770.86875c772.08125c772.55625c772.95625c773.28125c773.79375c774.36875c
05B 91 (5B) 091 (5B) Southland Plaza Calgary 770.58125c770.83125c771.75625c771.83125772.09375c772.30625773.04375c
05B 92 (5C) 092 (5C) Cochrane Rocky View 771.09375c772.04375c772.35625c772.83125773.51875c774.08125c774.33125c
05B 93 (5D) 093 (5D) Crossfield Rocky View 771.90625c772.54375c774.15625c774.79375   
05B 94 (5E) 094 (5E) Cremona Mountain View 771.39375c771.69375c772.58125c774.81875c   
05B 95 (5F) 095 (5F) Radnor Rocky View 769.80625c770.30625c771.59375c773.05625c773.59375774.28125c 
05B 96 (60) 096 (60) Banker's Hall Calgary 770.65625c771.13125c771.63125c772.03125772.34375c772.78125c772.84375c
05B 97 (61) 097 (61) Chestermere Rocky View 770.90625c771.40625c771.94375c772.70625773.08125c773.78125c774.26875c
05B 98 (62) 098 (62) Spy Hill Calgary 770.60625c770.85625c770.88125c771.15625771.38125c771.58125c772.53125c
05B 99 (63) 099 (63) Eagle Hill Mountain View 770.86875c773.79375c774.36875c774.89375   
05B 100 (64) 100 (64) Springbank Calgary 771.78125c771.95625c772.25625c772.28125772.69375c772.75625772.94375c
05B 101 (65) 101 (65) Forest Lawn Calgary 771.35625c771.60625c771.85625c772.00625772.20625c772.59375c772.80625c
05B 102 (66) 102 (66) Calgary Airport Calgary 770.63125c771.08125c771.70625c771.88125772.05625c772.44375c772.50625c
05B 106 (6A) 106 (6A) Didsbury Mountain View 769.18125c770.61875c771.10625c774.04375   
05B 107 (6B) 107 (6B) Eden Valley First Nation Foothills 769.18125c772.33125c772.58125c773.03125c   
05B 108 (6C) 108 (6C) High River Foothills 771.39375c771.69375c772.29375c772.79375773.31875c774.04375c774.56875c
05B 109 (6D) 109 (6D) Longview Foothills 769.43125c770.05625c771.64375c772.19375   
05B 110 (6E) 110 (6E) Airdrie Rocky View 771.84375c772.10625c772.60625c773.03125773.29375c773.56875c774.30625c
05B 111 (6F) 111 (6F) Millarville Foothills 769.30625c769.68125c769.93125c774.18125c   
05B 113 (71) 113 (71) Olds Mountain View 770.59375c771.33125c773.81875c774.53125   
05B 115 (73) 115 (73) Sundre Mountain View 771.13125c772.09375c772.45625c774.65625   
05B 116 (74) 116 (74) Turner Valley Foothills 771.14375c774.06875c774.39375c774.64375c   
05B 117 (75) 117 (75) Carstairs Mountain View 772.14375c772.39375c772.64375c772.89375   
05B 118 (76) 118 (76) Hayter Hills Provost 771.35625c771.75625c772.03125c774.34375c   
05B 119 (77) 119 (77) Lowden Lake Stettler 771.85625c      
05B 120 (78) 120 (78) Heisler Flagstaff 770.63125c771.13125c772.78125c774.26875   
05B 121 (79) 121 (79) Wainwright Wainwright 771.83125c773.56875c774.05625c774.31875c774.53125c774.83125c 
05B 122 (7A) 122 (7A) Jarrow Wainwright 770.58125c771.94375c774.08125c774.53125c   
05B 123 (7B) 123 (7B) Loughheed Flagstaff 771.65625c772.84375c774.01875c774.38125c   
05B 124 (7C) 124 (7C) Chain Lakes Stettler 771.94375c773.03125c774.29375c774.84375c   
05B 125 (7D) 125 (7D) Edgerton Wainwright 770.90625c772.08125c772.55625c774.05625c   
05B 126 (7E) 126 (7E) Gadsby Stettler 772.05625c772.50625c773.34375c774.28125c   
05B 127 (7F) 127 (7F) Hardisty Flagstaff 772.54375c772.94375c773.30625c773.59375c   
05B 132 (84) 132 (84) Stettler Stettler 773.04375c773.54375c774.08125c774.55625   
05B 133 (85) 133 (85) Big Valley Stettler 771.09375c773.09375c774.31875c774.61875c   
05B 134 (86) 134 (86) Tsuut'ina Tsuut'ina Nation 769.55625c771.65625c773.84375c774.76875   
05B 135 (87) 135 (87) Castor Paintearth 771.89375c772.58125c773.29375c774.51875   
05B 136 (88) 136 (88) Chauvin Wainwright 771.33125c772.94375c773.28125c774.66875c   
05B 137 (89) 137 (89) Red Deer 2 Red Deer 770.58125c771.34375c771.59375c771.84375772.03125c772.28125c772.85625c
05B 138 (8A) 138 (8A) Innisfail Red Deer 770.63125c771.08125c771.75625c772.30625c772.94375c774.29375c774.58125c
05B 139 (8B) 139 (8B) Gilby Lacombe 770.88125c772.08125c772.80625c773.31875c   
05B 142 (8E) 142 (8E) Red Deer 1 Red Deer 771.40625c771.70625c771.94375c772.00625772.83125c773.03125c773.08125c
05B 143 (8F) 143 (8F) Red Deer 3 Red Deer 770.85625c771.15625c771.63125c772.20625772.35625c772.70625c772.75625c
05B 144 (90) 144 (90) Clive Lacombe 770.05625c771.95625c772.53125c774.15625c   
05B 145 (91) 145 (91) College Heights Lacombe 771.13125c771.38125c772.10625c772.79375773.26875c773.51875c774.34375c
05B 147 (93) 147 (93) Delburne Red Deer 770.90625c772.25625c774.59375c774.86875c   
05B 148 (94) 148 (94) Elnora Red Deer 769.30625c772.69375c774.14375c774.78125   
05B 150 (96) 150 (96) Penhold Red Deer 770.65625c772.05625c772.44375c774.31875c   
05B 151 (97) 151 (97) Ponoka 2 Ponoka 772.19375c772.58125c773.81875c774.40625   
05B 152 (98) 152 (98) Bentley Lacombe 771.58125c771.88125c772.54375c774.38125c   
05B 155 (9B) 155 (9B) Alix Lacombe 771.83125c773.80625c774.06875c774.79375c   
05B 156 (9C) 156 (9C) Sunchild Clearwater 770.60625c772.03125c772.58125c774.68125c   
05B 157 (9D) 157 (9D) Blue Hill Clearwater 143.490c143.895c     
05B 158 (9E) 158 (9E) Marble Mountain Clearwater 771.83125c773.54375c774.01875c    
05B 159 (9F) 159 (9F) Rocky Clearwater 773.15625c773.40625c773.65625c773.90625   
05B 165 (A5) 165 (A5) Jackfish Lake Clearwater 773.05625c774.06875c774.34375c774.61875   
05B 167 (A7) 167 (A7) Rocky Mountain House Clearwater 771.35625c772.60625c773.80625c774.33125c   
05B 168 (A8) 168 (A8) Shunda Mountain Clearwater 770.90625c771.69375c772.50625c773.30625c   
05B 169 (A9) 169 (A9) Caroline Clearwater 770.05625c772.05625c772.34375c774.14375   
05B 170 (AA) 170 (AA) Meeting Creek Camrose 770.60625c771.69375c773.79375c774.65625   
05B 182 (B6) 182 (B6) Whistler Mountain Jasper National Park 769.30625c771.35625c772.35625c774.89375c   
05B 183 (B7) 183 (B7) Banff Banff National Park 773.78125c774.11875c774.36875c774.88125c   
05B 189 (BD) 189 (BD) Mount Butte Crowsnest Pass 771.35625c771.69375c772.30625c773.51875c   
05B 192 (C0) 192 (C0) Porcupine Hills Willow Creek 770.88125c771.58125c773.09375c773.83125   
05B 194 (C2) 194 (C2) Lake Louise Banff National Park 771.64375c772.53125c773.08125c774.81875c   
05B 198 (C6) 198 (C6) Canmore Bighorn 770.59375c773.05625c773.81875c774.55625c   
05B 199 (C7) 199 (C7) Castle Junction Banff National Park 771.35625c772.20625c772.78125c773.34375c   
05B 200 (C8) 200 (C8) Exshaw Bighorn 770.84375c771.34375c771.90625c772.54375c   
05B 205 (CD) 205 (CD) Kananaskis Village Kananaskis 770.61875c771.33125c772.45625c774.90625   
05B 207 (CF) 207 (CF) Bellevue Crowsnest Pass 770.65625c771.89375c772.84375c773.30625c   
05B 244 (F4) 244 (F4) Jasper-Whistler Mtn Jasper National Park 141.930      
05B 245 (F5) 245 (F5) Jasper Jasper National Park 769.08125c      
05B 246 (F6) 246 (F6) Marble Mountain VHF Clearwater 141.105c141.930c     
05B 247 (F7) 247 (F7) Radnor VHF Rocky View 143.160c143.220c     
05B 248 (F8) 248 (F8) Site on Wheels 1 Itinerant 771.11875c771.36875c771.61875c771.86875c   
05B 249 (F9) 249 (F9) Site on Wheels 2 Itinerant 770.66875c770.91875c771.16875c771.41875c   


Community Peace Officers - Provincial Radio Control Centre
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
151097DCPO NWNorthwestLaw Dispatch
14108dDCPO NW ChatNorthwest ChatLaw Talk
152098DCPO NENortheastLaw Dispatch
14208eDCPO NE ChatNortheast ChatLaw Talk
153099DCPO GPRGrande Prairie RegionLaw Dispatch
14308fDCPO GPR ChatGrande Prairie Region ChatLaw Talk
15409aDCPO CentralCentralLaw Dispatch
144090DCPO Central ChatCentral ChatLaw Talk
15509bDCPO RDRRed Deer RegionLaw Dispatch
145091DCPO RDR ChatRed Deer Region ChatLaw Talk
15609cDCPO SWSouthwestLaw Dispatch
146092DCPO SW ChatSouthwest ChatLaw Talk
15709dDCPO SESoutheastLaw Dispatch
147093DCPO SE ChatSoutheast ChatLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2370edDECalgary RegionCalgary RegionLaw Dispatch
359167DEALERT 359Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team - 359Law Tac
36516dDEALERT 365Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team - 365Law Tac
Canada Border Services Agency
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4066fe2DECBSA YYC 1Calgary International Airport 1Law Tac
4067fe3DECBSA YYC 2 Calgary International Airport 2Law Tac
4068fe4DECBSA YYC 3 Calgary International Airport 3Law Tac
Canada Task Force 2
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4051fd3DECAN-TF2 4051CAN-TF2 4051Emergency Ops
4052fd4DECAN-TF2 4052CAN-TF2 4052Emergency Ops
4053fd5DECAN-TF2 4053CAN-TF2 4053Emergency Ops
4054fd6DECAN-TF2 4054CAN-TF2 4054Emergency Ops
4055fd7DECAN-TF2 4055CAN-TF2 4055Emergency Ops
4056fd8DECAN-TF2 4056CAN-TF2 4056Emergency Ops
4057fd9DECAN-TF2 4057CAN-TF2 4057Emergency Ops
4058fdaDECAN-TF2 4058CAN-TF2 4058Emergency Ops
4059fdbDECAN-TF2 4059CAN-TF2 4059Emergency Ops
4060fdcDECAN-TF2 4060CAN-TF2 4060Emergency Ops
Canadian Pacific Rail Police
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4061fddDECP 1 OgdenOgden DetachmentLaw Dispatch
4062fdeDCP Police 2CP Police 2Law Dispatch
4063fdfDCP Police 3CP Police 3Law Dispatch
Correctional Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
30012cDECalgary CCCalgary Correctional CentreCorrections
308134DECalgary RemandCalgary Remand CentreCorrections
31613cDECalgary YOCCalgary Young Offenders CentreCorrections
28711fDEERCEdmonton Remand CentreCorrections
289121DEERCEdmonton Remand CentreCorrections
291123DEERCEdmonton Remand Centre Corrections
288120DEERC AD&DEdmonton Remand Centre - Admissions and DischargeCorrections
3199c7fDERC ALLCALLEdmonton Remand Centre - Emergency ALL CALLCorrections
281119DEERC GP 1Edmonton Remand Centre - General Pod 1Corrections
28211aDEERC GP 2Edmonton Remand Centre - General Pod 2Corrections
28311bDEERC GP 3Edmonton Remand Centre - General Pod 3Corrections
28411cDEERC GP 4Edmonton Remand Centre - General Pod 4Corrections
28511dDEERC GP 5Edmonton Remand Centre - General Pod 5Corrections
290122DEERC HCEdmonton Remand Centre - Health CareCorrections
4911ebDEERC InsideEdmonton Remand Centre - Inside GroupCorrections
4921ecDEERC InsideEdmonton Remand Centre - Inside GroupCorrections
4941eeDEERC InsideEdmonton Remand Centre - Inside GroupCorrections
28611eDEERC JusticeRapidEdmonton Remand Centre - Justice Rapid 1Corrections
6223184fDEERC OutsideEdmonton Remand Centre - Outside GroupCorrections
62241850DEERC OutsideEdmonton Remand Centre - Outside GroupCorrections
62251851DEERC OutsideEdmonton Remand Centre - Outside GroupCorrections
62261852DEERC OutsideEdmonton Remand Centre - Outside GroupCorrections
62271853DEERC OutsideEdmonton Remand Centre - Outside GroupCorrections
62281854DEERC OutsideEdmonton Remand Centre - Outside GroupCorrections
356164DEEYOC 1Edmonton Young Offenders Centre 1Corrections
357165DEEYOC 2Edmonton Young Offenders Centre 2Corrections
39918fDEFSCC ALLCALLFort Saskatchewan Correctional - ALLCALLCorrections
34815cDEFSCCFort Saskatchewan Correctional CentreCorrections
Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society (STARS)

STARS Calgary linked to 422.55 (tone 85.4) +++STARS Edmonton linked to 422.625 (tone 123.0) +++STARS Grande Prairie linked to 422.55 (tone 123.0) 

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
916394DESTARS YYCCalgary DispatchEMS Dispatch
917395DESTARS EdmontonEdmonton DispatchEMS Dispatch
918396DESTARS GPGrande Prairie DispatchEMS Dispatch
AHS - Protective Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
116748fDEAHS PS 1167Protective Services 1167Law Dispatch
1168490DEAHS PS 1168Protective Services 1168Law Dispatch
1169491DEAHS PS 1169Protective Services 1169Law Dispatch
1170492DEAHS PS 1170Protective Services 1170Law Dispatch
1171493DEAHS PS 1171Protective Services 1171Law Dispatch
1172494DEAHS PS 1172Protective Services 1172Law Dispatch
118249eDEAHS PS EmergProtective Services EmergencyEmergency Ops
AHS - Province Wide
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
110144dD!EMERGENCY!Emergency Button Activation Emergency Ops
AHS EMS - Air Transportation

AHS EMS Air Transportation Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
901385DEAirGroundOpsFixed-Wing Air Transport Ground OperationsEMS Dispatch
AHS EMS - North Communication Centre

Based in Peace River, This Centre Dispatched EMS for all areas North and West of Edmonton used by Grande Prairie City Fire, Grande Prairie County Fire and Grovedale Fire for EMS Mutual Aid at fire calls

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
9413adDMutual Aid 11Mutual Aid 11Multi-Tac
9423aeDMutual Aid 12Mutual Aid 12Multi-Tac
9433afDMutual Aid 13Mutual Aid 13Multi-Tac
9443b0DMutual Aid 14Mutual Aid 14Multi-Tac
AHS EMS - Central Communications Centre

Central Communication Talkgroups - Based in Edmonton, This covers most of North Central Alberta

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
9713cbDEAHS CCC DISP 1CCC All Event BroadcastEMS Dispatch
9723ccDEAHS CCC DISP 2Dispatch - Edmonton MetroEMS Dispatch
9733cdDEAHS CCC DISP 3Dispatch - Suburban Rural EventsEMS Dispatch
9743ceDEAHS CCC DISP 4Dispatch - Edmonton DestinationEMS Dispatch
9753cfDEAHS CCC DISP 5Dispatch Support and Status UpdatesEMS Dispatch
9763d0DEAHS CCC DISP 6Dispatch Inter-Facility TransportsEMS Dispatch
9813d5DCCC MA11CCC Mutual Aid 11Multi-Tac
9823d6DCCC MA12CCC Mutual Aid 12Multi-Tac
9833d7DCCC MA13CCC Mutual Aid 13Multi-Tac
9843d8DCCC MA14CCC Mutual Aid 14Multi-Tac
9853d9DAHS CCC EACCC Emergency AlarmEmergency Ops
9863daDECentral ALLCALLALLCALLEMS Dispatch
12054b5DEDM INTERHOSPEdmonton Inter-Hospital Communication Hospital
12064b6DEDM HEARSHospital Emergency Aid Radio System Emergency Ops
AHS EMS - South Communication Centre

Based in Calgary, This Communication Centre is in charge of EMS communications Red Deer and South

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10113f3DESCC - D 1South Communications Dispatch 1EMS Dispatch
10123f4DESCC - D 2South Communications Dispatch 2EMS Dispatch
10133f5DESCC - D 3South Communications Dispatch 3EMS Dispatch
10143f6DESCC - D 4South Communications Dispatch 4EMS Dispatch
10153f7DESCC - D 5South Communications Dispatch 5EMS Dispatch
10163f8DESCC - D 6South Communications Dispatch 6EMS-Talk
10183faDESCC - TAC 8South Communications Tactical 8 EMS-Tac
10193fbDESCC - TAC 9South Communications Tactical 9EMS-Tac
10203fcDESCC - TAC 10South Communications Tactical 10EMS-Tac
10213fdDSCC - MA 11South Communications Mutual Aid 11EMS-Tac
10223feDSCC - MA 12South Communications Mutual Aid 12EMS-Tac
10233ffDSCC - MA 13South Communications Mutual Aid 13EMS-Tac
1024400DSCC - MA 14South Communications Mutual Aid 14EMS-Tac
1025401DSCC - EMERGENCYSouth Communications EmergencyEmergency Ops
1031407DELETH EMS 1Lethbridge Dispatch 1EMS Dispatch
1032408DELETH EMS 2Lethbridge Dispatch 2EMS Dispatch
1033409DELETH EMS 3Lethbridge Dispatch 3EMS Dispatch
103440aDELETH EMS 4Lethbridge Dispatch 4EMS Dispatch
1041411DLETH MA 11Lethbridge Mutual Aid 11EMS-Talk
1042412DLETH MA 12Lethbridge Mutual Aid 12EMS-Talk
1043413DLETH MA 13Lethbridge Mutual Aid 13EMS-Talk
1044414DLETH MA 14Lethbridge Mutual Aid 14EMS-Talk
1120460DECalgary - Disp 1Calgary Metro Dispatch 1EMS Dispatch
1121461DECalgary - Disp 2Calgary Metro Dispatch 2EMS Dispatch
1122462DECalgary - Disp 3Calgary Metro Dispatch 3EMS Dispatch
1123463DECalgary - Disp 4Calgary Metro Dispatch 4EMS Dispatch
1124464DECalgary - Disp 5Calgary Metro Dispatch 5EMS Dispatch
1125465DECalgary - Disp 6Calgary Metro Dispatch 6EMS Dispatch
1127467DECalgary - TAC 8Calgary Metro Tactical 8EMS-Tac
1128468DECalgary - TAC 9Calgary Metro Tactical 9EMS-Tac
1129469DECalgary - TAC 10Calgary Metro Tactical 10EMS-Tac
113046aDCalgary - MA 11Calgary Metro Mutual Aid 11EMS-Talk
113146bDCalgary - MA 12Calgary Metro Mutual Aid 12EMS-Talk
113246cDCalgary - MA 13Calgary Metro Mutual Aid 13EMS-Talk
113346dDCalgary - MA 14Calgary Metro Mutual Aid 14EMS-Talk
113446eDCalgaryEMERGENCYCalgary EmergencyEmergency Ops
12074b7DCalgary HEARSHospital Emergency Aid Radio SystemEmergency Ops
9913dfDERed Deer EMS 1Red Deer Dispatch 1EMS Dispatch
10013e9DRed Deer MA11Red Deer Mutual Aid 11EMS-Talk
10023eaDRed Deer MA12Red Deer Mutual Aid 12EMS-Talk
10033ebDRed Deer MA13Red Deer Mutual Aid 13EMS-Talk
10043ecDRed Deer MA14Red Deer Mutual Aid 14EMS-Talk
Alberta Infrastructure Maintenance and Radio Service
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
27010eDAIM RSAlberta InfrastructureBusiness
Combined Events - Province Wide
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
870366DCET 1 - AlbertaProvince Wide 1Interop
871367DCET 2 - AlbertaProvince Wide 2Interop
872368DCET 3 - AlbertaProvince Wide 3Interop
873369DCET 4 - AlbertaProvince Wide 4Interop
87436aDCET 5 - AlbertaProvince Wide 5Interop
87536bDCET 6 - AlbertaProvince Wide 6Interop
87636cDCET 7 - AlbertaProvince Wide 7Interop
87736dDCET 8 - AlbertaProvince Wide 8Interop
87836eDCET 9 - AlbertaProvince Wide 9Interop
87936fDCET 10 - AlbertaProvince Wide 10Interop
880370DCET 11 - AlbertaProvince Wide 11Interop
881371DCET 12 - AlbertaProvince Wide 12Interop
882372DCET 13 - AlbertaProvince Wide 13Interop
883373DCET 14 - AlbertaProvince Wide 14Interop
884374DCET 15 - AlbertaProvince Wide 15Interop
885375DCET 16 - AlbertaProvince Wide 16Interop
Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4231a7DEALL CALLALL CALLLaw Dispatch
400190DEControl NControl NorthLaw Dispatch
401191DEControl CControl CentralLaw Dispatch
402192DEControl SControl SouthLaw Dispatch
403193DEN TAC 1North Tac 1Law Talk
404194DEN TAC 2North Tac 2Law Talk
405195DEC TAC 1Central Tac 1Law Talk
406196DEC TAC 2Central Tac 2Law Talk
407197DES TAC 1South Tac 1Law Talk
408198DES TAC 2South Tac 2Law Talk
Environmental Protection
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4041fc9DAEP 1Environmental Protection 1Law Talk
4042fcaDAEP 2Environmental Protection 2Law Talk
4043fcbDAEP 3Environmental Protection 3Law Talk
4044fccDAEP 4Environmental Protection 4Law Talk
4045fcdDAEP 5Environmental Protection 5Law Talk
4046fceDAEP 6Environmental Protection 6 - DispatchLaw Dispatch
4047fcfDAEP 7Environmental Protection 7Law Talk
4048fd0DAEP 8Environmental Protection 8Law Talk
4049fd1DAEP 9Environmental Protection 9Law Talk
4050fd2DAEP 10 Environmental Protection 10Law Talk
Agriculture and Forestry
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
5011f5DAAF 501Agriculture + Forestry 501Fire-Talk
5021f6DAAF 502Agriculture + Forestry 502Fire-Talk
5031f7DAAF 503Agriculture + Forestry 503Fire-Talk
5041f8DAAF 504Agriculture + Forestry 504Fire-Talk
5051f9DAAF 505Agriculture + Forestry 505Fire-Talk
5061faDAAF 506Agriculture + Forestry 506Fire-Talk
5111ffDAAF 511Agriculture + Forestry 511Fire-Talk
517205DAAF 517Agriculture + Forestry 517Fire-Talk
518206DAAF 518Agriculture + Forestry 518Fire-Talk
520208DAAF 520Agriculture + Forestry 520Fire-Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4241a8DEF+W SESoutheast RegionLaw Dispatch
4271abDEF+W SWSouthwest RegionLaw Dispatch
4301aeDEF W NENortheast RegionLaw Dispatch
4331b1DEF W CENTCentral RegionLaw Dispatch
4361b4DEF W NWNorthwest RegionLaw Dispatch
4751dbDEF W All CallAll CallLaw Dispatch
Calgary Police Service - Backup
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
25119cfDCPS C1C1 - BackupLaw Talk
25129d0DCPS C2C2 - BackupLaw Talk
25139d1DCPS C3C3 - BackupLaw Talk
25149d2DCPS C4C4 - BackupLaw Talk
25159d3DCPS C5C5 - BackupLaw Talk
25169d4DCPS C6C6 - BackupLaw Talk
25179d5DCPS C7C7 - BackupLaw Talk
25189d6DCPS C8C8 - BackupLaw Talk
25199d7DCPS C9C9 - BackupLaw Talk
Calgary Peace Officers
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3341d0dDCalgary CPO 1Community Peace Officers - 1Law Talk
3342d0eDCalgary CPO 2Community Peace Officers - 2Law Talk
3343d0fDCalgary CPO 3Community Peace Officers - 3Law Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1376560DC911 LoggerLoggerEmergency Ops
1377561DC911 ERP 1Emergency Response Plan 1Emergency Ops
1378562DC911 ERP 2Emergency Response Plan 2Emergency Ops
1379563DC911 ERP 3Emergency Response Plan 3Emergency Ops
1380564DC911 OPS 1Operations 1Emergency Ops
1381565DC911 OPS 2Operations 2Emergency Ops
1382566DC911 OPS 3Operations 3Emergency Ops
1383567DC911 Training 1Training 1Emergency Ops
1384568DC911 Training 2Training 2Emergency Ops
1385569DC911 Training 3Training 3Emergency Ops
138656aDC911 Training 4Training 4Emergency Ops
138756bDC911 TECH 1Technicians 1Emergency Ops
138856cDC911 TECH 2Technicians 2Emergency Ops
138956dDC911 TECH 3Technicians 3Emergency Ops
139056eDC911 Admin 1Administration 1Emergency Ops
139156fDC911 Admin 2Administration 2Emergency Ops
1392570DC911 Admin 3Administration 3Emergency Ops
639518fbDC911 Spare 1Spare 1Emergency Ops
639618fcDC911 Spare 2Spare 2Emergency Ops
639718fdDC911 Spare 3Spare 3Emergency Ops
639818feDC911 Spare 4Spare 4Emergency Ops
639918ffDC911 Spare 5Spare 5Emergency Ops
64001900DC911 Spare 6Spare 6Emergency Ops
64011901DC911 Spare 7Spare 7Emergency Ops
Calgary Fire Department
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
5388150cDCFD A13 BackupA13 Dispatch Backup Fire Dispatch
5389150dDCFD A14 BackupA14 Dispatch Backup Fire Dispatch
5390150eDCFD A15 BackupA15 Dispatch BackupFire Dispatch
5391150fDCFD A16 BackupA16 Dispatch Backup Fire Dispatch
54131525DCFD B10 N TACB10 North TACFire-Tac
54141526DCFD B11 N TACB11 North TACFire-Tac
54151527DCFD B12 N TACB12 North TACFire-Tac
54161528DCFD C10 S TACC10 South TACFire-Tac
54171529DCFD C11 S TACC11 South TACFire-Tac
5418152aDCFD C12 S TACC12 South TACFire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1393571DReg FD Disp WRegional Dispatch WestFire Dispatch
1394572DReg FD Disp ERegional Dispatch EastFire Dispatch
1395573DReg FD Disp SpRegional Dispatch SpareFire Dispatch
638218eeDRFD TAC 1Fire TAC 1Fire-Tac
638318efDRFD TAC 2Fire TAC 2Fire-Tac
638418f0DRFD TAC 3Fire TAC 3Fire-Tac
638518f1DRFD TAC 4Fire TAC 4Fire-Tac
638618f2DRFD TAC 5Fire TAC 5Fire-Tac
638718f3DRFD TAC 6Fire TAC 6Fire-Tac
638818f4DRFD TAC 7Fire TAC 7Fire-Tac
638918f5DRFD TAC 8Fire TAC 8Fire-Tac
639018f6DRFD TAC 9Fire TAC 9Fire-Tac
639118f7DRFD TAC 10Fire TAC 10Fire-Tac
639218f8DRFD TAC 11Fire TAC 11Fire-Tac
639318f9DRFD TAC 12Fire TAC 12Fire-Tac
639418faDRFD TAC 13Fire TAC 13Fire-Tac
Calgary - Combined Events
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
850352DCET - Calgary 1Combined Events - 1Interop
851353DCET - Calgary 2Combined Events - 2Interop
852354DCET - Calgary 3Combined Events - 3Interop
853355DCET - Calgary 4Combined Events - 4Interop
854356DCET - Calgary 5Combined Events - 5 Interop
Redwood Meadows Emergency Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
14615b5DRMES AlertingAlertingFire Dispatch
14625b6DRMES OpsOperationsFire-Talk
14635b7DRMES Working 1Working 1Fire-Tac
14645b8DRMES Working 2Working 2Fire-Tac
14655b9DRMES Working 3Working 3Fire-Tac
14665baDRMES Working 4Working 4Fire-Tac
14675bbDRMES Working 5Working 5Fire-Tac
14685bcDRMES Working 6Working 6Fire-Tac
14695bdDRMES Training 1Training 1Fire-Tac
14705beDRMES Training 2Training 2Fire-Tac
14725c0DRMES Training 4Training 4Fire-Tac
14735c1DRMES Training 5Training 5Fire-Tac
14745c2DRMES Training 6Training 6Fire-Tac
14755c3DRM AdminAdministrationMulti-Talk
14765c4DRMES Emerg MgmtEmergency ManagementEmergency Ops
14775c5DRMES ALL-CALLALL CALLFire Dispatch
14715bfDRMES Training 3Training 3Fire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7612f9DCET KananaskisCombined EventsInterop
Stoney Nakoda First Nation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
5982175eDSNFN EMA 1Emergency Management 1Emergency Ops
5983175fDSNFN EMA 2Emergency Management 2Emergency Ops
59841760DSNFN EMA 3Emergency Management 3Emergency Ops
59851761DSNFN EMA 4Emergency Management 4Emergency Ops
59861762DSNFN EMA 5Emergency Management 5Emergency Ops
59721754DSNFN FD DispFire - DispatchFire Dispatch
5981175dDSNFN EV FD DispFire - Eden Valley DispatchFire Dispatch
59741756DSNFN EV FD OpsFire - Eden Valley OpsFire-Tac
59731755DSNFN Morley FDFire - Morley OpsFire-Tac
59751757DSNFN FD BigHorn Fire - Big Horn OpsFire-Tac
59761758DSNFN FD TAC 1Fire - TAC 1Fire-Tac
59771759DSNFN FD TAC 2Fire - TAC 2Fire-Tac
5978175aDSNFN TAC 3Fire - TAC 3Fire-Tac
5979175bDSNFN FD TAC 4Fire - TAC 4Fire-Tac
5980175cDSNFN FD TAC 5Fire - TAC 5Fire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
17216b9DEEPS AL LCALLPolice - ALL CALLLaw Dispatch
17226baDEEPS WestPolice - West DivisionLaw Dispatch
17236bbDEEPS SoutheastPolice - Southeast DivisionLaw Dispatch
17246bcDEEPS SouthwestPolice - Southwest DivisionLaw Dispatch
17256bdDEEPS DowntownPolice - Downtown DivisionLaw Dispatch
17266beDEEPS NortheastPolice - Northeast DivisionLaw Dispatch
17276bfDEEPS NorthwestPolice - Northwest DivisionLaw Dispatch
17326c4DEEPS SPEC 1Police - Special 1Law Tac
17336c5DEEPS SPEC 2Police - SPEC 2Law Tac
17346c6DEEPS SPEC 3Police - Special 3Law Tac
17356c7DEEPS SPEC 4Police - Special 4Law Tac
17366c8DEEPS SPEC 5Police - Special 5Law Tac
1921781DEFRS Disp 1Fire Rescue Service - Dispatch 1Fire Dispatch
1922782DEFRS Disp 2Fire Rescue Service - Dispatch 2Fire Dispatch
1923783DeEFRS InfoFire Rescue Service - Information Fire-Talk
19597a7DEFRS MaydayFire Rescue Service - MaydayFire-Tac
1924784DEFRS Work 1Fire Rescue Service - Working 1Fire-Tac
1925785DEFRS Work 2Fire Rescue Service - Working 2Fire-Tac
1926786DEFRS Work 3Fire Rescue Service - Working 3Fire-Tac
1927787DEFRS Work 4Fire Rescue Service - Working 4Fire-Tac
1928788DEFRS Work 5Fire Rescue Service - Working 5Fire-Tac
1929789DEFRS Work 6Fire Rescue Service - Working 6Fire-Tac
193078aDEFRS Work 7Fire Rescue Service - Working 7Fire-Tac
193178bDEFRS Work 8Fire Rescue Service - Working 8Fire-Tac
193278cDEFRS Work 9Fire Rescue Service - Working 9Fire-Tac
193378dDEFRS Work 10Fire Rescue Service - Working 10Fire-Tac
193478eDEFRS Work 11Fire Rescue Service - Working 11Fire-Tac
193578fDEFRS Work 12Fire Rescue Service - Working 12Fire-Tac
1936790DEFRS Work 13Fire Rescue Service - Working 13Fire-Tac
194879cDEFRS Train 1Fire Rescue Service - Training 1Fire-Talk
194979dDEFRS Train 2Fire Rescue Service - Training 2Fire-Talk
195079eDEFRS Train 3Fire Rescue Service - Training 3Fire-Talk
19527a0DEFRS TestFire Rescue Service - TestingFire-Talk
19537a1DeEFRS OPS B Fire Rescue Service - Ops B MutualFire-Tac
2020caDLaw Courts 1Law Courts 1Law Talk
2030cbDLaw Courts 2Law Courts 2Law Talk
2040ccDLaw Courts 3Law Courts 3Law Talk
29912bDELeg Sec ALLCALLLegislative Security ALLCALLLaw Talk
2340eaDELeg Security 1Legislature Security 1Law Talk
2350ebDLeg Security 2Legislature Security 2Law Talk
2360ecDLeg Security 3Legislature Security 3Law Talk
661419d6DLegislature TourLegislature ToursBusiness
2161871DRoadways AggregRoadways and Traffic - AggregatesPublic Works
2162872DRoads 24HR CALL Roadways and Traffic - 24 Hour Call CentrePublic Works
2163873DRoadways D OpsRoadways and Traffic - D OpsPublic Works
2164874DRoadways D Ops SRoadways and Traffic - D Ops SparePublic Works
2165875DRoadways Pave OpRoadways and Traffic - Pavement OpsPublic Works
2166876DRoadways Pave SpRoadways and Traffic - Pavement SparePublic Works
2167877DRoadwaysPaveTechRoadways and Traffic - Pavement TechPublic Works
2168878DRoadways BridgeRoadways and Traffic - Bridge InspectionPublic Works
2169879DRoadways PatrolRoadways and Traffic - Patrol 1Public Works
217087aDRoadway Patrol2Roadways and Traffic - Patrol 2Public Works
217187bDRoadways Trn 1Roadways and Traffic - Training 1Public Works
217287cDRoadways Trn 2Roadways and Traffic - Training 2Public Works
217387dDRoadways Ctrl PrRoadways and Traffic - Central ProjectsPublic Works
217487eDRoadways SW PrRoadways and Traffic - SW ProjectsPublic Works
217587fDRoadwaysNW PrRoadways and Traffic - NW ProjectsPublic Works
2176880DRoadwaysNE PrRoadways and Traffic - NE ProjectsPublic Works
2177881DRoadwaysSE PrRoadways and Traffic - SE ProjectsPublic Works
2178882DRoadways SW SpRoadways and Traffic - SW SparePublic Works
2179883DRoadways SE SpRoadways and Traffic - SE SparePublic Works
2180884DRoadways NW SpRoadways and Traffic - NW SparePublic Works
2181885DRoadways NE SpRoadways and Traffic - NE SparePublic Works
2182886DRoadways D SpareRoadways and Traffic - D SparePublic Works
2183887DRoadwaysTraffic1Roadways and Traffic - 1Public Works
2184888DRoadwaysTraffic2Roadways and Traffic - 2Public Works
2185889DRoadwaysTraffic3Roadways and Traffic - 3Public Works
218688aDRoadwaysTraffic4Roadways and Traffic - 4Public Works
1641669DFleet Safety Fleet Safety DispatchPublic Works
164266aDFleet Safety 2Fleet Safety 2Public Works
164366bDFleet Safety 3Fleet Safety 3Public Works
164466cDMESMunicipal Equipment ServicePublic Works
2193891DMES Tire ShopMunicipal Equipment Service Tire ShopPublic Works
6792a7DWaste DispatchWaste Services 1 - DispatchPublic Works
6802a8DWasteResidentialWaste Services 2 - Residential PickupPublic Works
6812a9DWaste StreetWaste Services 3 - Streetside PickupPublic Works
6822aaDWaste 4Waste Services 4Public Works
6832abDWaste 5Waste Services 5Public Works
6842acDWaste 6Waste Services 6Public Works
6852adDWaste 7Waste Services 7Public Works
6862aeDWaste 8Waste Services 8Public Works
6872afDWaste 9Waste Services 9Public Works
6882b0DEWMC 1Waste Management Centre 1 - Bin TrucksPublic Works
6892b1DEWMC 2Waste Management Centre 2 - TrailersPublic Works
6902b2DEWMC 3Waste Management Centre 3Public Works
6912b3DEWMC 4Waste Management Centre 4 - Landfill BinsPublic Works
6922b4DEWMC 5Waste Management Centre 5Public Works
6932b5DEWMC 6Waste Management Centre 6 - Landfill OpsPublic Works
20217e5DeETS PO ALLCALLTransit Peace Officers - ALLCALLLaw Talk
20227e6DEETS PO 1Transit Peace Officers 1Law Tac
20237e7DEETS PO 2Transit Peace Officers 2Law Tac
206180dDLRT ALLCALLTransit - LRT ALLCALLTransportation
206280eDETS LRT OPS 1Transit - LRT Ops 1 DispatchTransportation
206380fDETS LRT OPS 2Transit - LRT Ops 2Transportation
2064810DETS LRT OPS 3Transit - LRT Ops 3Transportation
2065811DETS LRT OPS 4Transit - LRT Ops 4Transportation
2066812DETS LRT OPS 5Transit - LRT Ops 5Transportation
2067813DETS LRT INSPCTRTransit - LRT InspectorTransportation
2068814DETS LRT BOOKTransit - LRT Maintenance BookingTransportation
2069815DETS LRT SIGNALSTransit - LRT Signals EPCORTransportation
2070816DETS - LRT TRACKTransit - LRT TrackTransportation
2071817DETS - LRT TPPSTransit - LRT TPPSTransportation
2072818DETS - LRT YARDTransit - LRT YardTransportation
2073819DLRT EMRG ALERTTransit - LRT Emergency AlertTransportation
2051803DETS LRT TRAININGTransit - LRT TrainingTransportation
2081821DETS Bus ALLCALLTransit - Bus ALLCALLTransportation
2082822DETS Bus Ops 1Transit - Bus Ops 1Transportation
2083823DETS Bus Ops 2Transit - Bus Ops 2Transportation
2084824DETS Bus Ops 3Transit - Bus Ops 3Transportation
2085825DETS Bus Ops 4Transit - Bus Ops 4Transportation
2086826DETS Bus Ops 5Transit - Bus Ops 5Transportation
2087827DETS Bus PrivateTransit - Bus PrivateTransportation
2088828DETS Bus Inspct 1Transit - Bus Inspectors Ch. 1 Transportation
2089829DETS Bus Inspct 2Transit - Bus Inspectors Ch. 2Transportation
209082aDETS Bus MMTTransit - Bus ServiceTransportation
2100834DETS Bus EATransit - Bus EATransportation
2101835DETS DATS ALLCALLTransit - DATS ALLCALLTransportation
2102836DETS DATS OPS 1Transit - DATS OPS 1 DispatchTransportation
2103837DETS DATS OPS 2 Transit - DATS OPS 2Transportation
2104838DETS DATS OPS 3Transit - DATS OPS 3Transportation
2105839DETS DATS OPS 4 Transit - DATS OPS 4Transportation
210683aDETS DATS OPS 5Transit - DATS OPS 5Transportation
210783bDETS DATS OPS 6Transit - DATS OPS 6Transportation
210883cDETS DATS SUPERTransit - DATS SupervisorTransportation
210983dDETS DATS TechTransit - Operations Technician ServiceTransportation
2120848DETS DATS EATransit - DATS EATransportation
2121849DETS Mutual 1Transit - Mutual 1Transportation
212284aDETS Mutual 2Transit - Mutual 2Transportation
212384bDETS Mutual 3Transit - Mutual 3Transportation
212484cDETS Mutual 4Transit - Mutual 4Transportation
212584dDETS Mutual 5Transit - Mutual 5Transportation
212684eDETS Mutual 6Transit - Mutual 6Transportation
820334DEDM - CET 1Combined Events - 1Interop
821335DEDM - CET 2Combined Events - 2Interop
822336DEDM - CET 3Combined Events - 3Interop
823337DEDM - CET 4Combined Events - 4Interop
824338DEDM - CET 5Combined Events - 5Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
455011c6DFort Sask FDFire - DispatchFire Dispatch
453111b3DFort Sask MESMunicipal Enforcement ServicesLaw Dispatch
458011e4DNE Region CAERNortheast Region - Community Awareness Emergency ResponseInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
452111a9DCPO SA MESCommunity Peace Officers - Municipal Enforcement ServicesLaw Dispatch
4510119eDSAFS ALLCALLFire Services - ALLCALLFire Dispatch
4491118bDSAFS - MainFire Services - MainFire Dispatch
4492118cDSAFS - Fire 1Fire Services - Fire 1Fire-Tac
4493118dDSAFS - Scene1MedFire Services - Scene 1 MedicalFire-Tac
4494118eDSAFS - Fire 2Fire Services - Fire 2Fire-Tac
4495118fDSAFS - Scene2MedFire Services - Scene 2 MedicalFire-Tac
44961190DSAFS - Fire 3Fire Services - Fire 3Fire-Tac
44971191DSAFS - Scene3MedFire Services - Scene 3 MedicalFire-Tac
44991193DSAFS Training 6Fire Services - Training 6Fire-Talk
45001194DSAFS TrainingFire Services - TrainingFire-Talk
635218d0DStAT Main DispTransit - Main DispatchTransportation
635318d1DStAT ShopTransit - Mechanics Transportation
635418d2DStAT Ops 1 CHATTransit - Ops 1 CHATTransportation
635518d3DStAT Ops 2 Transit - Ops 2Transportation
637118e3DWaste ManagementWaste ManagementPublic Works
Edmonton International Airport
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
48991323DEIA FireYEG FireFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2772ad4DERCMP StrathconaStrathcona RCMPLaw Dispatch
2742ab6DERCMP Ft SaskFort Saskatchewan RCMPLaw Dispatch
2773ad5DERCMP Sherwood PkSherwood Park RCMPLaw Dispatch
24909baDEStrathcona CPO 1Community Peace Officers 1Law Dispatch
24919bbDEStrathcona CPO 2Community Peace Officers 2Law Dispatch
24929bcDEStrathcona CPO 3Community Peace Officer 3Law Dispatch
24739a9DFire ALLCALLFire - ALLCALLFire Dispatch
24749aaDFire DispFire Channel 1 DispatchFire Dispatch
24759abDFire Ch 2Fire Channel 2Fire-Tac
24769acDFire Ch 3Fire Channel 3Fire-Tac
24779adDFire Ch 4Fire Channel 4Fire-Tac
24789aeDFire Ch 5Fire Channel 5Fire-Tac
24799afDFire Ch 6Fire Channel 6Fire-Tac
24809b0DFire Ch 7 TrainFire Channel 7 TrainingFire-Talk
429310c5DCounty Transit 1Strathcona Transit Ch 1Transportation
429410c6DCounty Transit 2Strathcona Transit Ch.2Transportation
429510c7DCounty Transit 3Strathcona Transit Ch.3Transportation
429610c8DCounty Transit 4Strathcona Transit Ch 4Transportation
429710c9DCounty Transit 5Strathcona Transit Ch 5Transportation
429810caDCounty Transit 6Strathcona Transit Ch 6Transportation
429910cbDCounty Transit 7Strathcona Transit Ch 7Transportation
430010ccDCounty Transit 8Strathcona Transit Ch 8Transportation
769301DCET-StrathconaCombined EventsInterop
429110c3DBroadmoor GCBroadmoor Golf CourseBusiness
429210c4DBroadmoorProShopBroadmoor Golf Course Pro ShopBusiness
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2776ad8DERCMP ParklandParkland RCMPLaw Dispatch
4939134bDParkland CPO 1County CPO 1 Law Dispatch
4940134cDParkland CPO 2County CPO 2Law Dispatch
49461352DPCFS East DispCounty Fire Services - East DispatchFire Dispatch
49471353DPCFS Cent DispCounty Fire Services - Central DispatchFire Dispatch
4943134fDPCFD IncidentsFire Incident 2Fire-Tac
1830b7DSG CPO ALLCALLSpruce Grove CPO ALLCALLLaw Dispatch
1840b8DSpruce Grove CPOSpruce Grove Community Peace OfficersLaw Dispatch
1870bbDSpruce Grove FDSpruce Grove Fire - DispatchFire Dispatch
1880bcDSGFD Incident 1Spruce Grove Fire - Incident 1Fire-Tac
1890bdDSGFD Incident 2Spruce Grove Fire - Incident 2Fire-Talk
1900beDSGFD Incident 3Spruce Grove Fire - Incident 3Fire-Tac
2771ad3DERCMP SpruceGroveSpruce Grove RCMPLaw Dispatch
610017d4DEnoch FD SecondEnoch Band Fire - SecondaryFire-Tac
610917ddDEnoch FD DispEnoch Band Fire - Main DispatchFire Dispatch
611817e6DEnochFD TrainingEnoch Band Fire - TrainingFire-Talk
7652fdDCET - ParklandCombined Events Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
605017a2DCPO Dispatch 1Community Peace Officers - Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
605117a3DCPO Dispatch 2Community Peace Officers - Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
60341792DSPFD DispatchFire DispatchFire Dispatch
60351793DSPFD Incident 1Fire - Incident 1Fire-Tac
60361794DSPFD Incident 2Fire - Incident 2Fire-Tac
60371795DSPFD Incident 3Fire - Incident 3Fire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3401d49DLeduc City CPO 1Community Peace Officers - Working 1Law Dispatch
3400d48DLeduc City CPO 2Community Peace Officers - Working 2Law Dispatch
3376d30DLFS Dispatch 1 Fire Service - Dispatch 1Fire Dispatch
3377d31DLFS Dispatch 2Fire Service - Dispatch 2Fire Dispatch
3381d35DLFS Working 1Fire Service - Working 1Fire-Tac
3382d36DLFS Working 2Fire Service - Working 2Fire-Tac
3383d37DLFS Working 3Fire Service - Working 3Fire-Tac
3384d38DLFS Working 4Fire Service - Working 4Fire-Tac
3378d32DLFS Training 1Fire Service - Training 1Fire-Talk
3379d33DLFS Training 2Fire Service - Training 2Fire-Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2726aa6DERCMP BeaumontBeaumont RCMPLaw Dispatch
2731aabDERCMP DevonDevon RCMPLaw Dispatch
2758ac6DERCMP LeducLeduc RCMPLaw Dispatch
2780adcDERCMP ThorsbyThorsby RCMPLaw Dispatch
2453995DLeduc CPOCommunity Peace OfficersLaw Dispatch
2456998DCalmar CPOCommunity Peace Officers - Town of CalmarLaw Dispatch
535814eeDBeaumont CPOCommunity Peace Officers - BeaumontLaw Dispatch
55231593DDevon CPOCommunity Peace Officers - DevonLaw Dispatch
2457999DLCFS Duty PatchCounty Fire Service - Duty Chief PatchFire-Talk
536114f1DBeaumont FDBeaumont Fire DepartmentFire Dispatch
637318e5DBFD TrainingBeaumont Fire Department - Fire TrainingFire-Tac
637218e4DBeaumont EMSBeaumont Fire MedicEMS Dispatch
245999bDThorsby FDThorsby Fire DepartmentFire Dispatch
7242d4DCET - LeducCombined EventsInterop
2454996DLeduc CPO TACCommunity Peace Officers - TacticalLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3628e2cDELPS OpsPolice ServiceLaw Talk
3629e2dDELPS OpsPolice ServiceLaw Talk
3613e1dDELFES GeneralFire and Emergency Services - GeneralFire-Talk
3614e1eDELFES DispatchFire and Emergency Services - DispatchFire Dispatch
3615e1fDELFES TAC 1Fire and Emergency Services - TAC 1Fire-Tac
3616e20DELFES TAC 2Fire and Emergency Services - TAC 2Fire-Tac
3617e21DELFES TAC 3Fire and Emergency Services - TAC 3Fire-Tac
3618e22DELFES TAC 4Fire and Emergency Services - TAC 4Fire-Tac
3619e23DELFES TrainingFire and Emergency Services - TrainingFire-Talk
3620e24DELFES Fire OpsFire and Emergency Services - Fire OperationsFire-Talk
3621e25DELFES ChiefsFire and Emergency Services - ChiefsFire-Talk
3622e26DEMSEmergency Medical ServicesEMS Dispatch
3639e37DCitywide MAYDAYCitywide - MAYDAY ChannelInterop
3654e46DPW MainPublic Works - MainPublic Works
3655e47DPW 2Public Works 2Public Works
3656e48DFleet ServicesFleet ServicesPublic Works
3657e49DPW StreetsPublic Works - StreetsPublic Works
3658e4aDLEU Control Electric Utility - ControlUtilities
3660e4cDParks and RecParks and RecreationPublic Works
3661e4dDSanitationSanitationPublic Works
3665e51DRecycleRecyclePublic Works
3669e55DPublic OPS 2Public OPS 2Public Works
3673e59DLT SupervisorTransit SupervisorTransportation
3650e42DLT Operations 1Transit Operations 1Transportation
3651e43DAccess A RideAccess A RideTransportation
3652e44DLT MaintenanceTransit MaintenanceTransportation
86035cDCET - Lethbrdg 1Combined Events - 1Interop
86135dDCET - Lethbrdg 2Combined Events - 2Interop
86235eDCET - Lethbrdg 3Combined Events - 3Interop
86335fDCET - Lethbrdg 4Combined Events - 4Interop
864360DCET - Lethbrdg 5Combined Events - 5Interop
Lethbridge (County)

 (Lethbridge PSCC) - Talkgroups used by Lethbridge County, Coaldale and MD Of Raymond Peace Officers.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2848b20DERCMP LethbridgeLethbridge RCMPLaw Dispatch
628274DCPO CoaldaleCoaldale Peace Officers - Dispatch (Lethbridge PSCC)Law Dispatch
629275DCPO OPS 1Coaldale Peace Officers - OPS 1Law Talk
630276DCPO OPS 2Coaldale Peace Officers - OPS 2 Law Talk
631277DCPO OPS 3Coaldale Peace Officers - OPS 3Law Talk
1621655DLCFD DispatchCounty Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
63827eDLCFD 1County Fire Ch. 1Fire-Talk
640280DLCFD OPS 1County Fire OPS 1Fire-Tac
641281DLCFD OPS 2County Fire OPS 2Fire-Tac
642282DLCFD OPS 3County Fire OPS 3Fire-Tac
643283DLCFD OPS 4County Fire OPS 4Fire-Tac
1632660DLCFD TAC 1County Fire Tac 1Fire-Tac
1633661DLCFD TAC 2County Fire Tac 2Fire-Tac
1634662DLCFD TAC 3County Fire Tac 3Fire-Tac
1635663DLCFD TAC 4County Fire Tac 4Fire-Tac
163165fDLCFD M/A 4County Fire Mutual Aid 4Fire-Talk
1636664DLCFD TAC 5County Fire Tac 5Fire-Tac
1637665DLCFD TAC 6County Fire Tac 6Fire-Tac
1638666DLC TRAF OPS1County Fire Traffic Ops 1Fire-Talk
1639667DLC TRAF OPS2County Fire Traffic Ops 2Fire-Talk
1640668DLCFD TrainingCounty Fire TrainingFire-Talk
608260DCDES OPS1Coaldale Fire Department OPS 1Fire Dispatch
609261DCDES OPS2Coaldale Fire Department OPS 2Fire-Tac
610262DCDES Training 1Coaldale Fire Department Training 1Fire-Tac
611263DCDESTraining 2Coaldale Fire Department Training 2Fire-Tac
1622656DCVFD 1Coalhurst Volunteer Fire Department OPS 1Fire Dispatch
1623657DCVFD 2Coalhurst Volunteer Fire Department OPS 2Fire-Tac
1624658DCVFD Training 1Coalhurst Volunteer Fire Department Training 1Fire-Tac
1625659DCVFD Training 2Coalhurst Volunteer Fire Department Training 2Fire-Tac
162765bDECVFD OPS 3Coalhurst Volunteer Fire Department OPS 3Fire-Tac
162865cDECVFD OPS 4Coalhurst Volunteer Fire Department OPS 4Fire-Tac
58824cDNVFD OPS 1Nobleford Volunteer Fire Department OPS 1Fire Dispatch
58924dDNVFD OPS 2Nobleford Volunteer Fire Department OPS 2Fire-Tac
59024eDNVFD Training 1Nobleford Volunteer Fire Department Training 1Fire-Tac
59124fDNVFD Training 2Nobleford Volunteer Fire Department Training 2Fire-Tac
598256DPBES OPS 1Picture Butte Fire Department - OPS 1Fire Dispatch
599257DPBES OPS 2Picture Butte Fire Department - OPS 2Fire-Tac
600258DPBES Training1Picture Butte Fire Department - Training 1Fire-Tac
601259DPBES Training 2Picture Butte Fire Department - Training 2Fire-Tac
33214cDELRCCLethbridge Regional Correctional CentreCorrections
7252d5DCET-Leth CountyCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1710abDEBTPD 1Police 1Law Talk
1720acDEBTPD 2Police 2Law Talk
Grande Prairie (City)

Fire - (Stn1 HQ, Stn2 North, Stn3 West)

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2749abdDERCMP GPGrande Prairie RCMPLaw Dispatch
22768e4DCity EnforcementEnforcement ServicesLaw Tac
648288DGPFD A1 DispatchFire - City Dispatch 1Fire Dispatch
649289DGPFD ALPHA 2Fire - ALPHA 2Fire-Tac
65028aDGPFD ALPHA 3Fire - ALPHA 3Fire-Tac
65128bDGPFD ALPHA 4Fire - ALPHA 4Fire-Tac
65228cDGPFD ALPHA 5Fire - ALPHA 5Fire-Tac
65328dDGPFD ALPHA 6Fire - ALPHA 6Fire-Tac
65428eDGPFD ALPHA 7Fire - ALPHA 7Fire-Tac
65528fDGPFD ALPHA 8Fire - ALPHA 8Fire-Tac
656290DGPFD ALPHA 9Fire - ALPHA 9Fire-Tac
657291DGPFD ALPHA10Fire - ALPHA 10Fire-Tac
658292DGPFD MA 14Fire - Mutual Aid 14Interop
659293DNW MA 15NW Mutual Aid 15Interop
840348DCET - GP City 1Combined Events - 1Interop
841349DCET - GP City 2Combined Events - 2Interop
84234aDCET - GP City 3Combined Events - 3Interop
84334bDCET - GP City 4Combined Events - 4Interop
84434cDCET - GP City 5Combined Events - 5Interop
Grande Prairie (County)

 ( Stn1 LeGlace, Stn2 TeePee Creek, Stn3 BeaverLodge, Stn4 Hythe, Stn5 Sexsmith, Stn6 Wembley, Stn7 Horse Lake, Stn9 Bezanson, Stn14 Clairmont, Stn17 Dunes)

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2725aa5DERCMP BeaverlodgeBeaverlodge RCMPLaw Dispatch
3761eb1DGPCFD Dispatch 1Fire - County Dispatch 1Fire Dispatch
3762eb2DGPCFD B2Fire - BRAVO 2Fire-Tac
3763eb3DGPCFD B3Fire - BRAVO 3Fire-Tac
3764eb4DGPCFD B4Fire - BRAVO 4Fire-Talk
3765eb5DGPCFD B5Fire - BRAVO 5Fire-Tac
3766eb6DGPCFD B6Fire - BRAVO 6Fire-Tac
3767eb7DGPCFD B7Fire - BRAVO 7Fire-Tac
3768eb8DGPCFD B8Fire - BRAVO 8Fire-Tac
3769eb9DGPCFD B9Fire - BRAVO 9Fire-Tac
3770ebaDGPCFD B10Fire - BRAVO 10Fire-Tac
7022beDCET - GP CountyCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2852b24DERCMP DidsburyOlds-Didsbury RCMPLaw Dispatch
2867b33DERCMP SundreSundre RCMPLaw Dispatch
6103dDMVRES A1 DispRegional Emergency Services A1Fire Dispatch
6203eDMVRES A2Regional Emergency Services A2Fire-Tac
6303fDMVRES A3Regional Emergency Services A3Fire-Tac
64040DMVRES A4Regional Emergency Services A4Fire-Tac
65041DMVRES A5Regional Emergency Services A5Fire-Tac
66042DMVRES A6 CtyWideRegional Emergency Services A6 - Countywide DispatchFire Dispatch
46241210DMVRES A7Regional Emergency Services A7Fire-Tac
68044DMVRES A8Regional Emergency Services A8Fire-Tac
69045DMVRES A9Regional Emergency Services A9Fire-Tac
70046DMVRES A10Regional Emergency Services A10Fire-Tac
71047DMVRES A11Regional Emergency Services A11Fire-Tac
72048DMVRES A12Regional Emergency Services A12Fire-Tac
73049DMVRES A13Regional Emergency Services A13Fire-Tac
7404aDMVRES A14Regional Emergency Services A14Fire-Tac
7504bDMVRES A15Regional Emergency Services A15Fire-Tac
7604cDMVRES A16Regional Emergency Services A16Fire-Tac
85055DMVRES G5Regional Emergency Services G5 TacticalFire-Tac
46111203DOlds FD Tac 1Olds Fire Department - Tac 1Fire-Tac
46151207DOlds FD Tac 5Olds Fire Department - Tac 5Fire-Tac
7172cdDCET-Mountn ViewCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2859b2bDERCMP RD CityRed Deer RCMPLaw Dispatch
2421975DRDES FD DispEmergency Services - Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
2422976DRDES FD TAC 2Emergency Services - TAC 2Fire-Tac
2423977D RDES FD TAC 3Emergency Services - TAC 3Fire-Tac
2424978DRDES FD TAC 4Emergency Services - TAC 4Fire-Tac
2425979DRDES FD TAC 5Emergency Services - TAC 5Fire-Tac
242697aDRDES FD TAC 6Emergency Services - TAC 6Fire-Tac
242797bDRDES FD TAC 7Emergency Services - TAC 7Fire-Tac
242897cDRDES FD TAC 8Emergency Services - TAC 8Fire-Tac
242997dDRDES FD TAC 9Emergency Services - TAC 9Fire-Tac
17116afDMunicipal EnfMunicipal EnforcementLaw Talk
83033eDCET - Red Deer 1Combined Events - 1Interop
83133fDCET - Red Deer 2Combined Events - 2Interop
832340DCET - Red Deer 3Combined Events - 3 Interop
833341DCET - Red Deer 4Combined Events - 4Interop
834342DCET - Red Deer 5Combined Events - 5Interop

County Fire also dispatches:  Spruce View Fire, Bowden Fire, Delburne Fire, Elnora Fire (excludes Sylvan Lake)

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2843b1bDERCMP InnisfailInnisfail RCMPLaw Dispatch
2868b34DERCMP Sylvan LakeSylvan Lake RCMPLaw Dispatch
559815deDRDCFS DispatchCounty Fire - DispatchFire Dispatch
559915dfDRDCFS TAC 1County Fire - TAC 1Fire-Tac
560015e0DRDCFS TAC 2County Fire - TAC 2Fire-Tac
560115e1DRDCFS TAC 3County Fire - TAC 3Fire-Tac
560215e2DRDCFS TAC 4County Fire - TAC 4Fire-Tac
560315e3DRDCFS TAC 5County Fire - TAC 5Fire-Tac
560415e4DRDCFS TAC 6County Fire - TAC 6Fire-Tac
560715e7DRDCFS OpsCounty Fire - OperationsFire-Tac
560815e8DRDCFS TrainingCounty Fire - TrainingFire-Talk
560915e9DIV FD DispInnisfail Volunteer Fire - DispatchFire Dispatch
561015eaDIV FD TACInnisfail Volunteer Fire - TAC 1Fire-Tac
7222d2DCET - RedDeer CoCombined Events Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2861b2dDERCMP RedcliffRedcliff RCMPLaw Dispatch
52681494DCypress 1 MainCounty Fire and Emergency Services - 1 MainFire Dispatch
52691495DCypress 2County Fire and Emergency Services - 2Fire-Tac
52701496DCypress 3County Fire and Emergency Services - 3Fire-Tac
52711497DCypress 4County Fire and Emergency Services - 4Fire-Tac
52721498DCypress 5County Fire and Emergency Services - 5Fire-Tac
52731499DCypress 6County Fire and Emergency Services - 6Fire-Tac
5274149aDCypress 7County Fire and Emergency Services - 7Fire-Tac
5275149bDCypress 8County Fire and Emergency Services - 8Fire-Tac
5276149cDCypress 9County Fire and Emergency Services - 9Fire-Tac
5277149dDCypress 10County Fire and Emergency Services - 10Fire-Tac
4013fadDCOMH MEDCounty Fire and Medicine Hat Fire PatchInterop
4014faeDRVFD Disp 1Redcliff Volunteer Fire Department - Dispatch 1Fire Dispatch
3916f4cDRVFD TAC 2Redcliff Volunteer Fire Department - TAC 2Fire-Tac
3917f4dDRVFD TAC 3Redcliff Volunteer Fire Department - TAC 3 Fire-Tac
7302daDCET - CypressCombined Events - CountyInterop
81032aDCET - Med Hat 1Combined Events - Medicine Hat 1Interop
81132bDCET - Med Hat 2Combined Events - Medicine Hat 2Interop
81232cDCET - Med Hat 3Combined Events - Medicine Hat 3Interop
81332dDCET - Med Hat 4Combined Events - Medicine Hat 4Interop
81432eDCET - Med Hat 5Combined Events - Medicine Hat 5Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3892f34DEMHPS 1Police - Ch. 1Law Dispatch
3893f35DEMHPS 2Police - Ch. 2Law Dispatch
3894f36DEMHPS 3Police - Ch. 3Law Dispatch
3902f3eDMHFS TAC 1Fire - TAC 1Fire Dispatch
3903f3fDMHFS TAC 2Fire - TAC 2Fire-Tac
3904f40DMHFS TAC 3Fire - TAC 3Fire-Tac
3905f41DMHFS TAC 4Fire - TAC 4Fire-Tac
3906f42DMHFS TAC 5Fire - TAC 5Fire-Tac
3925f55DMH EU ALLEnvironmental Utilities - Water and SewerPublic Works
3932f5cDMH MW GeneralMunicipal Works GeneralPublic Works
3933f5dDMH MW 1Municipal Works - Ch. 1Public Works
3934f5eDMH MW 2Municipal Works - Ch. 2Public Works
3935f5fDMH MW 3Municipal Works - Ch. 3Public Works
3922f52DLandfillWaste Management - Landfill FacilityPublic Works
3928f58DWM TrucksWaste Management - Solid Waste TrucksPublic Works
3910f46DNG EM 1Natural Gas Production EM 1Utilities
3911f47DNG TAC 2Natural Gas Production TAC 2Utilities
3912f48DNG TAC 3Natural Gas Production TAC 3Utilities
3937f61DNG DistributionNatural Gas DistributionUtilities
3944f68DEU1 GeneralElectric Utility - Ch. 1 GeneralUtilities
3945f69DEU2 SCADA DirectElectric Utility - Ch. 2 SCADA directUtilities
3946f6aDEU3 MaintenanceElectric Utility - Ch. 3 MaintenanceUtilities
3938f62DTransit-ALLCALLTransit - Emergency ALLCALLTransportation
3939f63DMH Spec TransitSpecial TransitTransportation
3940f64DMH TransitTransitTransportation
3941f65DMH Transit MtceTransit - MaintenanceTransportation
3936f60DCYXHRegional AirportBusiness
3949f6dDShared 1Shared 1Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7462eaDCET - AcadiaCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2408968DAirdrie CPOCommunity Peace Officer - DispatchLaw Dispatch
2409969DAirdrie CPO 2409Community Peace Officer - 2409Law Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3886f2eDCPO AthabascaAthabasca CPOLaw Dispatch
2723aa3DERCMP AthabascaAthabasca RCMPLaw Dispatch
2729aa9DERCMP BoyleBoyle RCMPLaw Dispatch
480912c9DAFD DispatchAthabasca Town Fire - DispatchFire Dispatch
481212ccDAFDAthabasca Town FireFire-Talk
59901766DGFDGrassland Fire Dept.Fire Dispatch
59911767DBFRBoyle Fire RescueFire Dispatch
3887f2fDHwy 63 RescueHighway 63 RescueFire Dispatch
3888f30DWRFDWandering River Fire Dept.Fire Dispatch
7132c9DCET - AthabascaCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2823b07DERCMP BanffBanff RCMPLaw Dispatch
771303DCET - BanffCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2724aa4DERCMP BarrheadBarrhead RCMPLaw Dispatch
7122c8DCET - BarrheadCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2781addDERCMP TofieldTofield RCMPLaw Dispatch
49631363DTofield Fire Tofield Fire DepartmentFire Dispatch
2784ae0DERCMP VikingViking RCMPLaw Dispatch
49651365DVikingFireRescueViking Fire and Rescue Fire Dispatch
7102c6DCET - BeaverCombined Events Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2754ac2DERCMP HighPrairieHigh Priairie RCMPLaw Dispatch
7012bdDCET - Big LakesCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1539603DCanmore CPOCommunity Peace OfficersLaw Dispatch
169169bDBFD DispatchEmergency Services - DispatchFire Dispatch
169269cDBFD TAC 1Emergency Services - TAC 1Fire-Tac
169369dDBFD TAC 2Emergency Services - TAC 2Fire-Tac
169469eDBFD TAC 3Emergency Services - TAC 3Fire-Tac
7332ddDCET - BighornCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7392e3DCET - BirchHillsCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2727aa7DERCMP BonnyvilleBonnyville RCMPLaw Dispatch
15025deDBonnyville CPOCommunity Peace OfficersLaw Talk
15005dcDBonnyvilleFDDispBonnyville Fire - DispatchFire Dispatch
14965d8DBonnyville AdminBonnyville Fire - AdministrativeFire-Talk
14985daDGlendon FireGlendon Fire Fire Dispatch
14975d9DGoodridge FireGoodridge FireFire Dispatch
14995dbDIRFD/LFDIron River/Lacorey FireFire Dispatch
15015ddDAFD & Ft KentArdmore & Fort Kent FireFire Dispatch
15065e2DFLRSFishing Lake Metis Settlement - Fire and Rescue Fire Dispatch
7542f2DCET BonnyvilleCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2733aadDERCMP Drayton VDrayton Valley RCMPLaw Dispatch
7532f1DCET - BrazeauCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2820b04DERCMP BashawBashaw ECMPLaw Dispatch
7212d1DCET - CamroseCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2831b0fDERCMP CanmoreCanmore RCMPLaw Dispatch
15315fbDCFD FireDispatchFire DispatchFire Dispatch
15325fcDCFD TAC 1Fire Tac 1Fire-Tac
15335fdDCFD TAC 2Fire Tac 2Fire-Tac
15345feDCFD TAC 3Fire Tac 3Fire-Tac
15355ffDCFD TrainingFire TrainingFire-Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
5915171bDCCES DispatchCounty Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
5916171cDCCES FireChannelCounty Fire ChannelFire-Talk
5917171dDCCES Fire TAC 1County Fire TAC 1Fire-Tac
5918171eDCCES Fire TAC 2County Fire TAC 2Fire-Tac
5919171fDCCES Fire TAC 3County Fire TAC 3Fire-Tac
59201720DCCES Fire TAC 4County Fire TAC 4Fire-Tac
59211721DCCES Fire TAC 5County Fire TAC 5Fire-Tac
59221722DCCES Fire TAC 6County Fire TAC 6Fire-Tac
59231723DCCES Fire TAC 7County Fire TAC 7Fire-Tac
59241724DCCESFireTraffic1County Fire Traffic 1Fire-Tac
59251725DCCESFireTraffic2County Fire Traffic 2Fire-Tac
59261726DCCES Training 1County Fire Training 1Fire-Tac
59271727DCCES Training 2County Fire Training 2Fire-Tac
7312dbDCET - CardstonCombined Events Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7412e5DCET - Clear HillCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2864b30DERCMP RMHRocky Mountain House RCMPLaw Dispatch
563233DClearwater CPO Community Peace Officers - DispatchLaw Dispatch
7582f6DCET - ClearwaterCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2730aaaDERCMP Cold LakeCold Lake RCMPLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
768300DCET - Crowsnest Combined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2837b15DERCMP DrumhellerDrumheller RCMPLaw Dispatch
775307DCET - DrumhellerCombined Events Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7642fcDCET - FairviewCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2845b1dDERCMP KillamKillam RCMPLaw Dispatch
7282d8DCET - FlagstaffCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2851b23DERCMP OkotoksOkotoks RCMPLaw Dispatch
2871b37DERCMP T ValleyTurner Valley RCMPLaw Dispatch
101065DCPO Dispatch A Community Peace Officers - Dispatch A Law Dispatch
102066DCPO Dispatch BCommunity Peace Officers - Dispatch BLaw Dispatch
128080DFFD Dispatch 1Fire Dispatch 1Fire Dispatch
129081DFFD Dispatch 2Fire Dispatch 2Fire Dispatch
130082DFFD Dispatch 3Fire Dispatch 3Fire Dispatch
131083DFFD Dispatch 4Fire Dispatch 4Fire Dispatch
132084DFFD PagingFire PagingFire Dispatch
133085DFFD Ops 1 Fire Ops 1 Fire-Tac
134086DFFD Ops 2Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
135087DFFD Ops 3Fire Ops 3Fire-Tac
136088DFFD Ops 4Fire Ops 4Fire-Tac
7452e9DCET - FoothillsCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
61931831DForty Mile FDCounty FireFire Dispatch
7092c5DCET - Forty MileCombined Events Interop

Fire/Rescue -   Stn31 Debolt, Stn32 Grovedale, Stn33 Grande Cache)

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2747abbDERCMP Fox Creek Fox Creek RCMPLaw Dispatch
2786ae2DERCMP ValleyviewValleyview RCMPLaw Dispatch
4762129aDMD GF/R C1Fire/Rescue - Charlie 1Fire Dispatch
4763129bDMD GF/R C2Fire/Rescue - Charlie 2Fire-Tac
4764129cDMD GF/R C3Fire/Rescue - Charlie 3Fire-Tac
4765129dDMD GF/R C4Fire/Rescue - Charlie 4Fire-Tac
4766129eDMD GF/R C5Fire /Rescue - Charlie 5Fire-Tac
4767129fDMD GF/R C6Fire/Rescue - Charlie 6Fire-Tac
476812a0DMD G/FR C7Fire/Rescue - Charlie 7Fire-Tac
476912a1DMD G/FR C8Fire/Rescue - Charlie 8Fire-Tac
477012a2DMD G/FR C9Fire/Rescue - Charlie 9Fire-Tac
477112a3DMD G/FR C10Fire/Rescue - Charlie 10Fire-Tac
7372e1DCET - GreenviewCombined EventsInterop
Jasper National Park
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2756ac4DERCMP JasperJasper RCMPLaw Dispatch
772304DCET - JasperCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
533814daDKHCFDCounty Fire Fire Dispatch
534614e2DCounty FireCounty FireFire-Tac
534714e3DCounty FireCounty FireFire-Tac
534514e1DTHFDThree Hills Fire DepartmentFire Dispatch
7492edDCET - KneehillCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2759ac7DERCMP LacLaBicheLac La Biche RCMPLaw Dispatch
3370d2aDCPO-LLB DispatchCommunity Peace Officer - Dispatch Law Dispatch
3371d2bDCPO-LLB T/ACommunity Peace Officer - Talk AroundLaw Talk
3351d17DLLBFD DispatchCounty Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
3352d18DLLBFD-LLB TACLac La Biche TACFire-Tac
3353d19DLLBFD-PLMD TACPlamondon TACFire-Tac
3354d1aDLLBFD-OWL R TACOwl River TACFire-Tac
3355d1bDLLBFD-RL TACRich Lake TACFire-Tac
3356d1cDLLBFD-HYLO TACHylo TACFire-Tac
3363d23DLLBFD ChiefsCounty Fire ChiefsFire-Tac
3364d24DLLBFD TrainingCounty Fire TrainingFire-Talk
3365d25DLLBC-EOC-1Emergency Operations Center 1Emergency Ops
3366d26DLLBC-EOC-2Emergency Operations Center 2Emergency Ops
3367d27DLLBC-EOC-ESSEOC Evacuation CenterEmergency Ops
773305DCET-Lac La BicheCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2765acdDERCMP MayerthorpeMayerthorpe RCMP Law Dispatch
1576628DORFS DispatchOnoway Regional Fire Services - DispatchFire Dispatch
1577629DORFS CommandOnoway Regional Fire Services - CommandFire-Tac
157862aDORFS OperationsOnoway Regional Fire Services - Operations/TrainingFire-Talk
7272d7DCET - LacSteAnneCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
22218adDELPSPoliceLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2821b05DERCMP BlackfaldsBlackfalds RCMPLaw Dispatch
509413e6DBlackfalds FD Blackfalds Fire Department Fire Dispatch
7152cbDCET - LacombeCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
609217ccDLCFD DispatchCounty Fire - DispatchFire Dispatch
554615aaDLCFD Working 1County Fire - Working 1Fire-Tac
554715abDLCFD Working 2County Fire - Working 2Fire-Tac
554815acDLCFD Working 3County Fire - Working 3Fire-Tac
554915adDLCFD Working 4County Fire - Working 4Fire-Tac
555015aeDLCFD Working5County Fire - Working 5Fire-Tac
555115afDLCFD TrainingCounty Fire - TrainingFire-Talk
555215b0DLCFD TACCounty Fire - TACFire-Tac
7292d9DCET - LamontCombined EventMulti-Talk
Lesser Slave River
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2774ad6DERCMP Slave LakeSlave Lake RCMPLaw Dispatch
51033DSlave Lake CPOCommunity Peace OfficersLaw Dispatch
5903bDSlave Lake CPOCommunity Peace OfficersLaw Talk
7592f7DLesser Slave RvrCombined Events Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2722aa2DERCMP ChatehChateh RCMPLaw Dispatch
2746abaDERCMPFtVermillionFort Vermillion RCMPLaw Dispatch
2753ac1DERCMP High LevelHigh Level RCMPLaw Dispatch
7432e7DCET - MackenzieCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2783adfDeRCMP VegrevilleVegreville RCMPLaw Dispatch
7262d6DCET - MinburnCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2825b09DERCMP BrooksBrooks RCMPLaw Dispatch
2342926DNewell CPOCommunity Peace OfficersLaw Dispatch
2321911DNCES DispCounty Fire & Emergency ServicesFire Dispatch
233291cDNCES TAC 1County Fire - TAC 1Fire-Tac
233391dDNCES TAC 2County Fire - TAC 2Fire-Tac
2322912DBrooks FD - DispCounty Fire - Brooks Fire Hall - DispatchFire Dispatch
2338922DBrooks FD - TACCounty Fire - Brooks Fire Hall - TACFire-Tac
2323913DBassano FireHallCounty Fire - Bassano Fire HallFire Dispatch
2327917DBowCity FireHallCounty Fire - Bow City Fire HallFire Dispatch
2329919DDuchess FireHallCounty Fire - Duchess Fire HallFire Dispatch
2341925DGem Fire HallCounty Fire - Gem Fire HallFire Dispatch
2328918DPatriciaFireHallCounty Fire - Patricia Fire HallFire Dispatch
2326916DRollingHills F HCounty Fire - Rolling Hills Fire HallFire Dispatch
2340924DRosemaryFireHallCounty Fire - Rosemary Fire HallFire Dispatch
2325915DScandia FireHallCounty Fire - Scandia Fire HallFire Dispatch
2324914DTilley Fire HallCounty Fire - Tilley Fire HallFire Dispatch
7052c1DCET - NewellCombined Events Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2762acaDERCMP ManningManning RCMPLaw Dispatch
7422e6DCET - N LightsCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
774306D NorthernSunriseCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2732aacDERCMP DesmaraisWabasca-Desmarais RCMPLaw Dispatch
7382e2DCET-OpportunityCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7182ceDCET - PaintearthCombined EventsInterop

Central Peace Fire and Rescue - (Stn1 Spirit River, Blueberry, Bonanza, Happy Valley, Sevanna, Woking)

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
581316b5DCPFR D1Central Peace Fire/Rescue - Delta 1 Dispatch/PagingFire Dispatch
581416b6DCPFR D2Central Peace Fire/Rescue - Delta 2Fire-Tac
581516b7DCPFR D3Central Peace Fire/Rescue - Delta 3Fire-Tac
581616b8DCPFR D4Central Peace Fire/Rescue - Delta 4Fire-Tac
581716b9DCPFR D5Central Peace Fire/Rescue - Delta 5Fire-Tac
7632fbDCET - PeaceCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7342deDCET - PincherCrkCombined Events Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2857b29DERCMP PonokaPonoka RCMPLaw Dispatch
2862b2eDERCMP RimbeyRimbey RCMPLaw Dispatch
7042c0DCET - PonokaCombined Events Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7502eeDCET - ProvostCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7522f0DCET - RanchlandsCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2818b02DERCMP AirdrieAirdrie RCMPLaw Dispatch
2829b0dDERCMP ChestermereChestermere RCMPLaw Dispatch
2832b10DERCMP CochraneCochrane RCMPLaw Dispatch
4021fb5DCPO DispCommunity Peace Officers DispatchLaw Dispatch
4022fb6DCPO 2Community Peace Officers 2Law Talk
4023fb7DCPO 3Community Peace Officers 3Law Talk
4024fb8DCPO 4 Community Peace Officers 4 Law Talk
4025fb9DCPO 5 Community Peace Officers 5Law Talk
557215c4DCPO CochraneCommunity Peace Officers - CochraneLaw Dispatch
22738e1DF/ T Tone OutsFull Time Tone OutsFire Dispatch
22648d8DRVFD A16Fire Dispatch - A16Fire Dispatch
22498c9DRVFD A1 Fire Tactical - A1Fire-Tac
22508caDRVFD A2Fire Tactical - A2Fire-Tac
22518cbDRVFD A3Fire Tactical - A3Fire-Tac
22528ccDRVFD A4Fire Tactical - A4Fire-Tac
22538cdDRVFD A5Fire Tactical - A5Fire-Tac
22548ceDRVFD A6 Fire Tactical - A6Fire-Tac
22558cfDRVFD A7Fire Tactical - A7Fire-Tac
22568d0DRVFD A8Fire Tactical - A8Fire-Tac
22578d1DRVFD A9Fire Tactical - A9 Fire-Tac
22588d2DRVFD A10Fire Tactical - A10 Fire-Tac
22598d3DRVFD A11Fire Tactical - A11Fire-Tac
22608d4DRVFD A12Fire Tactical - A12Fire-Tac
22618d5DRVFD A13Fire Tactical - A13Fire-Tac
22628d6DRVFD A14Fire Tactical - A14 Fire-Tac
22698ddDRVFD Training 1Fire - Training 1Fire-Talk
22708deDRVFD Training 2Fire - Training 2Fire-Talk
22718dfDRVFD Training 3Fire - Training 3Fire-Talk
22728e0DRVFD Training 4Fire - Training 4Fire-Talk
3451d7bDRVFD Test Fire Testing Fire-Talk
556015b8DCoFS AlertCochrane Fire Services - AlertingFire Dispatch
555915b7DCoFS 2Cochrane Fire Services - C2Fire-Tac
22638d7DLVFD Tone OutLangdon Volunteer Fire Department - Tone OutFire Dispatch
7472ebDCET - RockyViewCombined Events Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7402e4DCET-Saddle HillsCombined EventsInterop

 Agency 248

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2775ad7DERCMP Smoky LakeSmoky Lake RCMPLaw Dispatch
482012d4DSLFDSmoky Lake FireFire Dispatch
482112d5DVFDVilna FireFire Dispatch
482212d6DWFDWaskatenau Fire DepartmentFire Dispatch
7142caDCET - Smoky LakeCombined EventsInterop

Fire/Rescue - Stn's McLennan, Falher

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
43931129DMD SRF/R E1Fire/Rescue - Echo 1Fire Dispatch
4394112aDMD SRF/R E2Fire/Rescue - Echo 2Fire-Tac
4395112bDMD SRF/R E3Fire/Rescue - Echo 3Fire-Tac
7602f8DCET - SmokyRiverCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7662feDCET - Sp AreasCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7622faDCET-Spirit RiverCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2736ab0DERCMP Elk PointElk Point RCMPLaw Dispatch
2777ad9DERCMP St. PaulSt. Paul RCMPLaw Dispatch
1351547DSt Paul CPOCommunity Peace OfficersLaw Talk
7192cfDCET - St PaulCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7482ecDCET - StarlandCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2866b32DERCMP StettlerStettler RCMPLaw Dispatch
14525acDStettler CPO Community Peace OfficersLaw Dispatch
7072c3DCET - StettlerCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2764accDERCMP MorinvilleMorinville RCMPLaw Dispatch
2768ad0DERCMP RedwaterRedwater RCMPLaw Dispatch
2769ad1DERCMP St. AlbertSt. Albert RCMPLaw Dispatch
529314adDCPO Sturgeon 1Community Peace Officers 1Law Dispatch
529414aeDCPO Sturgeon 2Community Peace Officers 2Law Dispatch
528014a0DSCFD - Work 8County Fire - Working 8Fire-Tac
5279149fDSCFD - Work 9County Fire - Working 9Fire-Tac
5278149eDSCFD Working 10County Fire - Working 10Fire-Tac
528714a7DSCFD TrainingCounty Fire - TrainingFire-Tac
528914a9DSCFD - TrainingCounty Fire - TrainingFire-Tac
2400960DMFDMorinville FireFire Dispatch
529714b1DNF/C FDNamao Fire and Calahoo FireFire Dispatch
5758167eDGFDGibbons Fire Fire Dispatch
6251186bDBA FDBon Accord Fire Fire Dispatch
7552f3DCET - SturgeonCombined EventsInterop

Regional Fire Serivecs handle paging for: Taber, Vauxhall, Grassy, Enchant, Hays Fire Departments

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3424d60DTaber CPO 1Community Peace Officers 1Law Dispatch
3423d5fDTaber CPO 2Community Peace Officers 2Law Talk
3286cd6DTFD Dsp Zone 1/2Fire - Dispatch Zone 1 / 2Fire Dispatch
3416d58DTRFS PagingRegional Fire Service - PagingFire Dispatch
3418d5aDTaber FD TAC 1Fire - TAC 1Fire-Tac
3419d5bDTaber FD TAC 2Fire - TAC 2Fire-Tac
3420d5cDTaber FD TAC 3Fire - TAC 3Fire-Tac
3421d5dDTaber FD TAC 4Fire - TAC 4Fire-Tac
3422d5eDTaber FD TAC 5Fire - TAC 5Fire-Tac
3287cd7DTaber FD GeneralFire - GeneralFire-Talk
3288cd8DTaber FD Trng 1Fire - Training 1Fire-Tac
3289cd9DTaber FD Trng 2Fire - Training 2Fire-Tac
3285cd5DTPS Mutual AidPolice Service - Mutual AidInterop
3294cdeDEOC Control 1Emergency Operations Centre - Control 1 - Zone 1/ 2Emergency Ops
3295cdfDEOC Control 2Emergency Operations Centre - Control 2 - Zone 2Emergency Ops
3411d53DEOC Control 3Emergency Operations Centre - Control 3 - Zone 2Emergency Ops
3412d54DEOC Control 4Emergency Operations Centre - Control 4 - Zone 2Emergency Ops
3281cd1DTaber By law 1By law 1Law Talk
3282cd2DTaber By law 2By law 2Law Talk
3290cdaDTaber By law 3 By law 3 - ParkingLaw Talk
7352dfDCET - TaberCombined Events Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
536414f4DThorhild CPOCommunity Peace OfficersLaw Talk
7082c4DCET - ThorhildCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2875b3bDETosgunaTosgunaLaw Dispatch
46761244DTt N EMEmergency ManagementEmergency Ops
46591233DTt FD DispatchFire - DispatchFire Dispatch
46771245DTt FD AnnounceFire - AnnouncementFire Dispatch
46781246DTt FD AlertingFire - AlertingFire Dispatch
46601234DTt FD OpsFire - OpsFire-Tac
46621236DTt FD TAC 1Fire - TAC 1Fire-Tac
46631237DTt FD TAC 2Fire - TAC 2Fire-Tac
46641238DTt FD TAC 3Fire - TAC 3Fire-Tac
46651239DTt FD TAC 4Fire - TAC 4Fire-Tac
4666123aDTt FD TAC 5Fire - TAC 5Fire-Tac
4667123bDTt FD TAC 6Fire - TAC 6Fire-Tac
46611235DTt FD AdminFire - AdministrationFire-Talk
4668123cDTt FD Training 1Fire - Training 1Fire-Talk
4669123dDTt FD Training 2Fire - Training 2Fire-Talk
4670123eDTt FD Training 3Fire - Training 3Fire-Talk
4671123fDTt FD Training 4Fire - Training 4Fire-Talk
46721240DTt FD Training 5Fire - Training 5Fire-Talk
46731241DTt FD Training 6Fire - Training 6Fire-Talk
46741242DTt FD Spare 1Fire - Spare 1Fire-Talk
46751243DTt FD Spare 2Fire - Spare 2Fire-Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2782adeDERCMP Two HillsTwo Hills RCMPLaw Dispatch
7202d0DCET - Two HillsCombined EventsInterop

City of Lloydminster is agency 508

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2760ac8DERCMP LloydminstrLloydminster RCMPLaw Dispatch
2785ae1DERCMP VermilionVermilion RCMPLaw Dispatch
52531485DLloydminsterCPO1Lloydminster - Community Peace Officers 1Law Dispatch
52541486DLloydminsterCPO2Lloydminster - Community Peace Officer 2Law Talk
52571489DLFDLloydmister Fire DepartmentFire Dispatch
5258148aDLFD 2Lloydminster Fire Department - Ch. 2Fire-Tac
7232d3DCET - VermilionCombined EventsInterop

 Stations in: Arrowwood, Milo, Vulcan, Champion, Carmangay, Lomond

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1560618DVulcan CPOCommunity Peace OfficersLaw Dispatch
155160fDVCFD Dispatch 1Fire - Dispatch 1Fire Dispatch
1552610DVCFD Dispatch 2Fire - Dispatch 2Fire Dispatch
1553611DVCFD TAC 1Fire - TAC 1Fire-Tac
1554612DVCFD TAC 2Fire - TAC 2Fire-Tac
1555613DVCFD TAC 3Fire - TAC 3Fire-Tac
1556614DVCFD TAC 4Fire - TAC 4Fire-Tac
1557615DVCFD TAC 5Fire - TAC 5Fire-Tac
1558616DVCFD TAC 6Fire - TAC 6Fire-Tac
7032bfDCET - VulcanCombined Events Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7512efDCET - WainwrightCombined Events Interop

MD Of Warner - Currently only Stirling fire Dept. is using AFRRCS.    

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2849b21DERCMP Milk RiverMilk River RCMPLaw Dispatch
22308b6DMD Fire DispatchCounty Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
22318b7DMD Fire TAC 1County Fire TAC 1Fire-Tac
22328b8DMD Fire TAC 2County Fire TAC 2Fire-Tac
22338b9DMD Fire TAC 3County Fire TAC 3Fire-Tac
22348baDMD Fire TAC 4County Fire TAC 4Fire-Tac
22358bbDMD Fire TAC 5County Fire TAC 5Fire-Tac
22368bcDMD Fire TAC 6County Fire TAC 6Fire-Tac
22378bdDMD FD Traf OPS 1County Fire Traffic OPS 1Fire-Tac
22388beDMD FD Traf OPS 2County Fire Traffic OPS 2Fire-Tac
22398bfDMD Fire TrainingCounty Fire TrainingFire-Tac
562815fcDFire ChannelCounty Fire ChannelFire-Talk
7062c2DCET - WarnerCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7672ffDCET - WatertonCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2788ae4DERCMP WestlockWestlock RCMPLaw Dispatch
3227c9bDWCFDCounty Fire - DispatchFire Dispatch
7562f4DCET - WestlockCombined EventsInterop

Wetaskwin City Fire are migrating and are still using the conventional VHF 154.400 MHz

EMS dispatched by:

973   DE AHS CCC DISP 3 Dispatch - Suburban Rural Events  
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2873b39DERCMP Wetaskiwin Wetaskiwin RCMPLaw Dispatch
2841b19DERCMP MaskwacisMaskwacis RCMPLaw Dispatch
658119b5DCPO CityCommunity Peace OfficersLaw Dispatch
657619b0DWFSCity Fire ServicesFire Dispatch
231490aDPL-REMA-1Pigeon Lake REMA 1 Emergency Ops
231590bDPL-REMA-2Pigeon Lake REMA Shared OPSEmergency Ops
7112c7DCET - WetaskiwinCombined EventsInterop

Strathmore Fire patched with DMR talkgroup 49

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2865b31DERCMP StrathmoreStrathmore RCMPLaw Dispatch
1980c6DCPO 1Community Peace Officers Ch 1 Law Talk
2000c8DCPO 2Community Peace Officers Ch 2Law Talk
49191337DStrathmore CPOStrathmore Peace OfficersLaw Talk
49201338DSFD TacStrathmore Town Fire TacFire Dispatch
49211339DWL FD TAC 2County Fire - TAC 2Fire-Tac
1990c7DWL Mutual AidCounty Mutual AidInterop
7162ccDCET - WheatlandCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2830b0eDERCMP ClaresholmClaresholm RCMPLaw Dispatch
4463116fDCPO 1Community Peace Officers 1Law Dispatch
44411159DWCFD Dispatch 1Fire - Dispatch 1 MainFire Dispatch
4442115aDWCFD Dispatch 2Fire - Dispatch 2 BackupFire Dispatch
4443115bDWCFD OPS 11Fire - OPS 11Fire-Talk
44481160DWCFD TAC 11Fire - TAC 11Fire-Tac
4444115cDWCFD OPS 12Fire - OPS 12Fire-Talk
44491161DWCFD TAC 12Fire - TAC 12Fire-Tac
4445115dDWCFD OPS 13Fire - OPS 13Fire-Talk
44501162DWCFD TAC 13Fire - TAC 13Fire-Tac
4446115eDWCFD OPS 14Fire - OPS 14Fire-Talk
44511163DWCFD TAC 14Fire - TAC 14Fire-Tac
4447115fDWCFD OPS 15Fire - OPS 15Fire-Talk
44521164DWCFD TAC 15Fire - TAC 15Fire-Tac
7442e8DCET - Willow CrkCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2739ab3DERCMP Ft ChipewynFort Chipewyan RCMPLaw Dispatch
2743ab7DERCMP Ft McMurrayFort McMurray RCMPLaw Dispatch
9613c1DAHS MA11 Ft MacFort McMurray AHS EMS MA11 Fire Dispatch
4236108cDRMWBFD Fort McMFire Dispatch Fort McMurrayFire Dispatch
4239108fDRMWBFD D4239Fire Dispatch 4239Fire Dispatch
9513b7DEAHS Disp1 Ft.MacAHS - Dispatch 1 - Fort McMurrayEMS Dispatch
428510bdDRMWB By-lawRegional Municipality - By-law Services BranchLaw Talk
770302DCET WB Rural 1Combined Events - Rural 1Interop
800320DCET WB Urban 1Combined Events - Urban 1Interop
801321DCET WB Urban 2Combined Events - Urban 2Interop
802322DCET WB Urban 3Combined Events - Urban 3Interop
803323DCET WB Urban 4Combined Events - Urban 4Interop
804324DCET WB Urban 5Combined Events - Urban 5 Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2787ae3DERCMP WhitecourtWhitecourt RCMPLaw Dispatch
531514c3DWB CW Fire DispCounty-Wide Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
530314b7DAFD 1Anselmo Fire 1Fire Dispatch
530414b8DAFD 2Anselmo Fire 2Fire-Tac
530514b9DBFRD 1Blue Ridge Fire 1Fire Dispatch
530614baDBRFD 2Blue Ridge Fire 2Fire-Tac
530714bbDFAFD 1Fort Assiniboine Fire 1Fire Dispatch
530814bcDFAFD 2Fort Assiniboine Fire 2Fire-Tac
530914bdDGLFD 1Goose Lake Fire 1Fire Dispatch
531014beDGLFD 2Goose Lake Fire 2Fire-Tac
7362e0DCET Woodlands Combined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2734aaeDERCMP EdsonEdson RCMPLaw Dispatch
2737ab1DERCMP EvanburgEvanburg RCMPLaw Dispatch
2752ac0DERCMP HintonHinton RCMPLaw Dispatch
52220aDYHFD Cent 2Central Fire 2Fire Dispatch
7572f5DCET - YellowheadCombined EventsInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1592638DEFJ/Kenwood 1EFJ/Kenwood 1Business
1593639DEFJ/Kenwood 2EFJ/Kenwood 2Business
159463aDHarris 1Harris 1Business
159563bDHarris 2Harris 2Business
159663cDTait 1Tait 1Business
159763dDTait 2Tait 2Business
159863eDMoto 1Motorola 1Business
159963fDMoto 2Motorola 2Business
1600640DBK/Relm 1BK/Relm 1Business
1601641DBK/Relm 2BK/Relm Testing 2Business

Used on demand

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3001eDSOW 1U001Emergency Ops
3101fDSOW 2U002Emergency Ops
32020DSOW 3U003Emergency Ops
33021DSOW 4U004Emergency Ops
34022DSOW 5U005Emergency Ops
35023DSOW 6U006Emergency Ops
36024DSOW 7U007Emergency Ops
37025DSOW 8U008Emergency Ops
RCMP Radio Technicians
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2716a9cDeTech 1 CalgaryTech 1 - CalgaryBusiness
2717a9dDeTech 2 Red DeerTech 2 - Red DeerBusiness
2718a9eDeTech 3 EdmontonTech 3 - EdmontonBusiness
System Technicians

I-Calls are in use on this system.


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
38026DSite Test 1Site Testing Ch 1Business
39027DSite Test 2Site Testing Ch 2Business
40028DSite Test 3Site Testing Ch 3Business
41029DSite Test 4Site Testing Ch 4Business
4602eDMaintenance 1Maintenance 1Business
4702fDMaintenance 2Maintenance 2Business
48030DMaintenance 3Maintenance 3Business
49031DMaintenance 4Maintenance 4Business
65535ffffDSysWideATGSystem Wide All CallBusiness