TRIconneX Connect Plus (WV-PA-OH)

System Name: TRIconneX Connect Plus (WV-PA-OH)
Location: WV-PA-OH, OH PA WV
County: 27 Counties
System Type: DMR Motorola Connect Plus (TRBO)
System Voice: DMR
System ID: HEX: 91 DEC: 145
Last Updated: July 18, 2023, 3:52 pm CDT   [Updated 6 talkgroups for Schools]
System Notes

TRIConneX Wide Area Digital Radio System - Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, Northern Panhandle of WV

color code 12 - sites 1 through 29

color code 1 - sites 30 through 33

Please click on the Wiki link to the right to see more information about this system, including known active frequencies for which we do not currently know the LCN.


Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
001 (1) Moundsville Marshall, WV 01 451.9125c02 453.0125c03 452.387504 463.40005 463.47506 451.9625
002 (2) Barnesville Belmont, OH 01 452.7625c02 461.600c03 451.92504 452.862505 452.750 
003 (3) Wheeling Ohio, WV 07 461.5875c08 461.8625c09 452.22510 451.787511 452.350 
004 (4) Pittsburgh Downtown Allegheny, PA 01 472.425c02 461.450c03 451.300c04 451.47505 451.62506 461.725
005 (5) Cambridge Guernsey, OH 01 452.4375c02 452.3375c03 451.987504 452.075  
006 (6) New Kensington Allegheny, PA 01 472.4375c02 451.550c03 452.62504 452.250  
007 (7) Cadiz Harrison, OH 01 451.700c02 452.850c03 461.537504 461.9125  
008 (8) Glassport Allegheny, PA 01 470.8625c02 471.0625c03 461.37504 451.837505 452.3625 
009 (9) Beaver Beaver, PA 01 451.9625c02 463.30003 461.87504 452.175c05 452.67506 451.375
010 (A) Greensburg Westmoreland, PA 01 472.9125c02 472.8125c03 472.6125   
011 (B) Canton Twp / Washington Washington, PA 01 463.250c02 454.125c03 463.97504 463.800c  
012 (C) Uniontown Fayette, PA 01 454.575c02 463.500c03 464.15004 461.650  
013 (D) Weirton Brooke, WV 01 454.300c02 451.225c03 451.775c04 451.375  
014 (E) New Castle Lawrence, PA 01 463.8875c02 463.2375c03 451.787504 452.2125  
015 (F) Indiana / Cherry Hill Twp Indiana, PA 02 461.600c03 463.97504 463.200   
016 (10) Grove City Mercer, PA 01 452.7375c02 452.0125c03 452.362504 452.4625  
017 (11) Austintown Mahoning, OH 01 452.4375c02 461.425c03 463.47504 462.050  
018 (12) Butler Butler, PA 01 461.275c02 461.600c03 463.40004 461.150  
019 (13) Masury Trumbull, OH 01 461.8875c02 462.0375c03 463.362504 461.8125  
020 (14) Carrollton Carroll, OH 01 463.850c02 461.550c03 462.02504 464.3875  
021 (15) Fallowfield Twp Washington, PA 01 470.6375c02 464.250c03 464.60004 452.375  
022 (16) Zanesville Muskingum, OH 01 461.925c02 463.500c03 463.950   
024 (18) Meadville Crawford, PA 01 452.225c02 464.000c03 451.475   
025 (19) Greenville Mercer, PA 01 461.4625c02 461.7625c03 461.7875   
026 (1A) Lisbon Columbiana, OH 01 463.7125c02 461.675c03 464.90004 464.600  
027 (1B) Rochester Mills Indiana, PA 01 462.1125c02 464.1625c03 463.362504 464.9625  
028 (1C) Pennsboro Ritchie, WV 01 460.725c02 460.7625c03 461.587504 463.212505 464.1625 
030 (1E) Canton Stark, OH 01 451.375c02 461.17503 464.300   
031 (1F) New Philadelphia Tuscarawas, OH 01 452.200c02 452.77503 461.050   
032 (20) Millersburg Holmes, OH 01 451.8875c02 452.387503 461.425   
033 (21) Wooster Wayne, OH 01 452.4625c02 461.512503 462.350   


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1TDemo 1DemonstrationBusiness
2TDemo 2DemonstrationBusiness
3TDemo 3DemonstrationBusiness
4TDemo 4DemonstrationBusiness
5TDemo 5DemonstrationBusiness
6TDemo 6DemonstrationBusiness
7TDemo 7DemonstrationBusiness
8TRadio Service 8Radio ServiceBusiness
9TRadio Service 9Radio ServiceBusiness
10TRadio Service 10Radio ServiceBusiness
11TDemo 11DemonstrationBusiness
12TDemo 12DemonstrationBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
25TSouthStatesSouthern States CooperativeBusiness
27TObriensConstOBrien's Mining and ConstructionBusiness
28TAlleghenySvcAllegheny ServicesBusiness
29TShadysdMaratShadyside Marathon (Allegheny Co)Business
30TMountExcavMountaineer ExcavatingBusiness
38TChevron 1ChevronBusiness
39TChevron 2ChevronBusiness
40TChevron 3ChevronBusiness
41TChevron 4ChevronBusiness
42TJudsonWileyJudson Wiley and Sons Concrete (Washington PA)Business
43TUnivRediMixUniversal Redi-Mix (Dawson PA)Business
46TWaterTransptWater TransportBusiness
66TJobysGulf AAAJoby's Gulf (AAA towing service)Business
114TLscape-Plow 114Gotch or Brace Landscaping / Plows (Carroll Co)Business
117TJim Davis EntJim Davis Enterprises (Steubenville area)Business
143TBtlrConcreteButler County Concrete and SupplyBusiness
185TYoungBlood PvgYoungblood PavingBusiness
Emergency Medical Services
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
36TUnionTwnEMS1Uniontown EMS - DispatchEMS Dispatch
37TUnionTwnEMS2Uniontown EMS Ch. 2EMS-Talk
50TNoga EMSNoga EMS (Lawrence Co area)EMS Dispatch
163TNoga WheelchairNoga Wheelchair VansEMS-Talk
180TLife Force AmbLife Force Ambulance (Mercer Co PA)EMS Dispatch
258TAHN CCGTAllegheny Health Network - LifeFlight Critical Care Ground TransportEMS Dispatch
264TAHN INTERHOSPAllegheny Health Network - LifeFlight Inter-Hospital TransportEMS Dispatch
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
21TPWSAPittsburgh Water and Sewer AuthorityUtilities
32TMCSC MoundMarshall Co Senior Center - MoundsvilleTransportation
33TMCSC CameronMarshall Co Senior Center - CameronTransportation
44TSteub BldgSteubenville Building InspectorsPublic Works
59TPA Amer H20Pennsylvania American WaterUtilities
89TSteubStreetsSteub Street DeptPublic Works
108TLoudonTwpDPWLoudon Twp DPW (Carroll Co)Public Works
149TPHA-NSPittsburgh Housing Authority (North Side)Security
170TFoxTwpDPWFox Twp DPW (Carroll Co)Public Works
171TTrumbull BDDTrumbull Co BDD (Fairhaven Program) - busesTransportation
176TPHA-??Pittsburgh Housing AuthoritySecurity
177TPHA-BVPittsburgh Housing Authority (Bedford Village)Security
178TPHA-OHPittsburgh Housing Authority (Oak HIll)Security
179TPennHillsDPWPenn Hills DPW - Pittsburgh areaPublic Works
200TBelCo EngBelmont Co (Ohio) EngineerPublic Works
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
22TAustinTwnSchAustintown Local Schools - BusesSchools
23TBarnesvllSchBarnesville Exempted Village SchoolsSchools
31THHCSDHarrison Hills School DistrictSchools
34TEliz-Fwd SchElizabeth Forward School DistrictSchools
35TUnionLocalSDUnion Local School DistrictSchools
72TMcGuffeySDMcGuffey School District - BusesSchools
77TTrinityASDTrinity Area SchoolsSchools
136TCarlynton SDCarlynton School District - Buses (Carnegie)Schools
166TLisbon EVSLisbon Exempted Village SchoolsSchools
184THancockCoSchHancock County Schools (Hancock, WV)Schools
196TWJeffHillsSDWest Jefferson Hills Schools - Buses (South Hills)Schools
208TBeaverASD BusesBeaver Area School District Buses Schools
259THopewell Area SDHopewell Area Schools BusesSchools
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
45TA1 Van SvcA-1 Van Service (Pittsburgh)Transportation
51TVETaxiVeterans Taxi (Pittsburgh)Transportation
56TNCATANew Castle Area Transit Authority (New Castle)Transportation
58TCommTransCommTrans ACCESS (McKees Rocks)Transportation
65TSVRTASVRTA (Steubenville)Transportation
98TCommTrans 2CommTransTransportation
100TAirstarAirstar Access Transit (Pittsburgh)Transportation
126TBMG TransBMG Transport (Wheeling)Transportation
129TFreedomTransFreedom Transit (Washington PA)Transportation
133TNAMS AccessNorthern Area Multi-Service Center (Pittsburgh)Transportation
156TPRN TransitPRN Transit Access (Pittsburgh)Transportation
183TIndRadioTaxiIndependent Radio Taxi (Youngstown)Transportation
246TMid MV TransitMid Mon Valley Transit (Donora)Transportation
247TGO WestmorelandGO Westmoreland (Greensburg)Transportation
Gas and Oil Well Operations
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
106TAscent ResAscent Resources Utica well pad operationsBusiness
122TRex EnergyRex Energy well pad operationsBusiness
141THG EnergyHG Energy well pad operationsBusiness
189TRangeResRange Resources well pad operationsBusiness
223TNuverra CadizNuverra Environmental - Cadiz OH YardBusiness
224TNuverra SomersetNuverra Environmental - Somerset PA YardBusiness
225TNuverra MasontwnNuverra Environmental - Masontown WV YardBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
47TOVWasteSysOhio Valley Waste SystemsBusiness
97TVogelDisposlVogel Disposal (Fox Chapel area)Business
105TValley WasteValley Waste ServiceBusiness
175TWasteMgmt PittWaste Management (Pittsburgh area)Business
Roadside Assistance
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
26TFerras AutoFerras Automotive (Pittsburgh)Business
70TGreens TowGreen's Towing (Weirton / Burgettstown)Business
148TBills TowBill's Towing (Bridgeport OH)Business
162TMagills TowMagill's Towing (Pitcairn)Business
182TCastle TowingCastle Towing (New Castle area)Business
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52TUnk Well 52Unknown well-related serviceBusiness
54TUnk Sch 54Unknown school - busesSchools
55TUnk Plows 55Unknown snow plows - unknown if city or privatePublic Works
96TUnkStreet96Unknown road crews (Carrollton area) - unknown city/privatePublic Works
101TUnk Well 101Unknown gas / oil well serviceBusiness
116TUnk Ag-Plow 116agri-bus / plowing (Harrison Co)Business
127TUnk Salv 127Unknown auto salvageBusiness
131TUnk Farm 131Unknown farming operation (Ohio)Business
132TUnk Farm 132Unknown farming operation (Cadiz area)Business
140TUnkRefuse140Unknown Refuse Hauler (Canfield area)Business
142TUnkRefuse142Unknown refuse hauler (Austintown / Masury area)Business
146TUnk Amb 146Unknown ambulance service (Austintown / Masury area)EMS Dispatch
193TUnk Tow 193Unknown roadside assistanceBusiness
205TUnkRecycl204Unknown recycling center (Lisbon OH area)Business
206TUnkRefuse206Unknown refuse hauler (Belmont Co area)Business
220TTransport 220Unknown transportation company (Allegheny)Transportation
586TUnk Sch 586Unknown School (Columbiana Co OH area)Schools
30199TUnk Frac 30199Unknown fracking companyBusiness
30450TUnknown BDDUnknown county Board of Developmental Disabilities -- transportsTransportation