Metropolitan Emergency Services Agency (MESA) (Formerly IDPS)

System Name: Metropolitan Emergency Services Agency (MESA) (Formerly IDPS)
Location: Indianapolis, IN
County: 3 Counties
System Type: Project 25 Phase I
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 262 WACN: BEE00
Last Updated: July 4, 2024, 17:57 pm UTC   [Updated System Description Text]
System Notes

IDPS as an organization no longer exists. The radio system now falls under the Metropolitan Emergency Services Agency, or MESA.

If you are having issues receiving the system, see this WIKI article

For ALL IMPD District/Division Patrol TGRP's:
Each District's TGRP 1 is Primary Dispatch/Tactical
Each District's TGRP 2 is Primary Car to Car/Alternate Dispatch when TGRP 1 is used as Tactical.
Each District's TGRP 3 is Special Operations/SWAT/Investigations TGRP.
Example:  Northwest 1 (NW1) is Primary Dispatch, and becomes the Tactical TG when the need arises.  NW2 is primarily Car to Car/talk, until NW1 switches to Tactical, then NW2 becomes the Dispatch TG for the duration of the "event".  NW3 is for Special Operations/SWAT for that district, and also for special investigations usage.  This is why the 3's are full time encrypted.

Indianapolis/Marion County Fire utilizes 7FIRE53D for interop purposes.  Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department utilizes 7LAW61D for interop purposes. System 1, and 2 users utilize 7TAC63D in addition to the Systemwide Tactical Talkgroups.

IDPSC, and Motorola are currently doing upgrades and radio replacement on System 1, and 2.  Temporary sites 10, and 20,  have been set up for testing, and for use while the work is being done.  Please be aware that this can cause scanners to lose where things are.

Effective 25 Nov 2019, Site 1 has been reported as possibly offiline. See above notes ref/ temporary site 10 for info on possible migration.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name County Freqs
1 (1) 003 (3) Hamilton County Simulcast (System 3) Hamilton 851.7625852.1875852.350852.775852.800853.075853.325
1 (1) 004 (4) Madison County Simulcast (System 4) Madison 855.2125855.4625855.7125856.2625856.4625857.1375857.4625c
1 (1) 010 (A) Marion County Public Safety (System 1) Marion 854.9875855.4875855.9875856.1625c856.2125856.4375856.5125c
1 (1) 020 (14) Marion County Government (System 2) Marion 851.0375851.125c851.300851.5375c851.8125851.8375c852.1125c


Systemwide Interoperability
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
115022ceeDPSC CALLCallingInterop
115032cefDPSC MA 1Mutual Aid 1Interop
115042cf0DPSC MA 2Mutual Aid 2Interop
115052cf1DPSC MA 3Mutual Aid 3Interop
115062cf2DPSC MA 4Mutual Aid 4Interop
115072cf3DPSC MA 5Mutual Aid 5Interop
Hamilton County Interoperability
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2918371ffDHC-PD/FD 1Police - Fire Interop 1Interop
291847200DHC-PD/FD 2Police - Fire Interop 2Interop
291857201DHC-PD/FD 3Police - Fire Interop 3Interop
291867202DeHC-PD/FD 4Police - Fire Interop 4Interop
291877203DeHC-PD/FD 5Police - Fire Interop 5Interop
291887204DeHC-PD/FD 6Police - Fire Interop 6Interop
291897205DHC-PD/FD 7Police - Fire Interop 7Interop
291907206DHC-PD/FD 8Police - Fire Interop 8Interop
291927208DHC-PD/FD 10Police - Fire Interop 10Interop
291937209DHC-TRAINING 1Police - Fire Training 1 Interop
29194720aDHC-TRAINING 2Police - Fire Training 2Interop
29195720bDHC-TRAINING 3Police - Fire Training 3Interop
29196720cDHC-TRAINING 4Police - Fire Training 4Interop

These Tactical Talk Groups are shared by all Public Safety Agencies using IDPS System 1.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10012271cDS1-T01System 1 Tactical 01Multi-Tac
10013271dDS1-T02System 1 Tactical 02Multi-Tac
10014271eDS1-T03System 1 Tactical 03Multi-Tac
10015271fDS1-T04System 1 Tactical 04Multi-Tac
100162720DS1-T05System 1 Tactical 05Multi-Tac
100172721DS1-T06System 1 Tactical 06Multi-Tac
100182722DS1-T07System 1 Tactical 07Multi-Tac
100192723DS1-T08System 1 Tactical 08Multi-Tac
100202724DS1-T09System 1 Tactical 09Multi-Tac
100212725DS1-T10System 1 Tactical 10Multi-Tac
100222726DS1-T11System 1 Tactical 11Multi-Tac
100232727DS1-T12System 1 Tactical 12Multi-Tac
100242728DS1-T13System 1 Tactical 13Multi-Tac
100252729DS1-T14System 1 Tactical 14Multi-Tac
10026272aDS1-T15System 1 Tactical 15Multi-Tac
1301632d8DES1-T16System 1 Tactical 16Law Tac
1301732d9DES1-T17System 1 Tactical 17Law Tac
1301832daDES1-T18System 1 Tactical 18Law Tac
1301932dbDES1-T19System 1 Tactical 19Law Tac
1302032dcDES1-T20System 1 Tactical 20Law Tac

These Tactical Talk Groups are shared by all Public Works/Operations Agencies using IDPS System 2.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
200124e2cDS2-T01System 2 Tactical 01Multi-Tac
200134e2dDS2-T02System 2 Tactical 02Multi-Tac
200144e2eDS2-T03System 2 Tactical 03Multi-Tac
200154e2fDS2-T04System 2 Tactical 04Multi-Tac
200164e30DS2-T05System 2 Tactical 05Multi-Tac
200174e31DS2-T06System 2 Tactical 06Multi-Tac
200184e32DS2-T07System 2 Tactical 07Multi-Tac
200194e33DS2-T08System 2 Tactical 08Multi-Tac
200204e34DS2-T09System 2 Tactical 09Multi-Tac
200214e35DS2-T10System 2 Tactical 10Multi-Tac
200224e36DS2-T11System 2 Tactical 11Multi-Tac
200234e37DS2-T12System 2 Tactical 12Multi-Tac
200244e38DS2-T13System 2 Tactical 13Multi-Tac
200254e39DS2-T14System 2 Tactical 14Multi-Tac
200264e3aDS2-T15System 2 Tactical 15Multi-Tac

These Tactical Talk Groups are shared by All Public Safety, as well as Public Works/Operations Agencies using the Hamilton County Simulcast.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
29197720dD29-T01Hamilton County Tactical 01Multi-Tac
29198720eD29-T02Hamilton County Tactical 02Multi-Tac
29199720fD29-T03Hamilton County Tactical 03Multi-Tac
292007210D29-T04Hamilton County Tactical 04Multi-Tac
292017211D29-T05Hamilton County Tactical 05Multi-Tac
292027212D29-T06Hamilton County Tactical 06Multi-Tac
292037213D29-T07Hamilton County Tactical 07Multi-Tac
292047214D29-T08Hamilton County Tactical 08Multi-Tac
292057215D29-T09Hamilton County Tactical 09Multi-Tac
292067216D29-T10Hamilton County Tactical 10Multi-Tac
292077217D29-T11Hamilton County Tactical 11Multi-Tac
292087218D29-T12Hamilton County Tactical 12Multi-Tac
System 4 Special Event

 These Special Event Talk Groups are shared by All Public Safety Agencies using the Madison County Simulcast.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
48046bbaeD48 SPC EV 1Events 1Interop
48047bbafD48 SPC EV 2Events 2Interop
48048bbb0D48 SPC EV 3Events 3Interop
48049bbb1D48 SPC EV 4Events 4Interop
48050bbb2D48 SPC EV 5Events 5Interop
Marion County Department of Homeland Security
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
111022b5eDEM-MGTEmergency Management OperationsEmergency Ops
Marion County Fire/EMS

Indianapolis Fire/EMS dispatches for all Marion County Fire Departments except Eli Lilly Fire/Rescue, City of Lawrence Fire/Rescue, and the Indianapolis International Airport Authority Fire/Resue.   IFEMS has Mutual Aid agreements with Lawrence Fire and EMS, as well as surrounding areas Fire/Rescue agencies and can Dispatch their units on Mutual Aid Calls, and vice versa. This occurs on both the IDPS TRS, and the SAFE-T TRS.  **IFEMS Dispatch is simulcast on IDPSC Mutual Aid talkgroups.**

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1020227daD49F-DISPATCHCountywide Dispatch PrimaryFire Dispatch
102442804D49F-DISPATCH 2Indianapolis Fire/EMS Dispatch SecondaryFire Dispatch
102412801D49F-CARCountywide Car-to-CarFire-Talk
1020327dbD49F-NORTHOperations NorthFire-Tac
1020427dcD49F-SOUTHOperations SouthFire-Tac
1020527ddD49F-OP 01Operations 01Fire-Tac
1020627deD49F-OP 02Operations 02Fire-Tac
1020727dfD49F-OP 03Operations 03Fire-Tac
1020827e0D49F-OP 04Operations 04Fire-Tac
1020927e1D49F-OP 05Operations 05Fire-Tac
1021027e2D49F-OP 06Operations 06Fire-Tac
1021127e3D49F-OP 07Operations 07Fire-Tac
1021227e4D49F-OP 08Operations 08Fire-Tac
1021327e5D49F-OP 09Operations 09Fire-Tac
1021427e6D49F-OP 10Operations 10Fire-Tac
1021527e7D49F-OP 11Operations 11Fire-Tac
1021627e8D49F-OP 12Operations 12Fire-Tac
1021727e9D49F-OP 13Operations 13Fire-Tac
1021827eaD49F-OP 14Operations 14Fire-Tac
1021927ebD49F-OP 15Operations 15Fire-Tac
1022027ecD49F-OP 16Operations 16Fire-Tac
1022127edD49F-OP 17Operations 17Fire-Tac
1022227eeD49F-OP 18Operations 18Fire-Tac
1022327efD49F-OP 19Operations 19Fire-Tac
1022427f0D49F-OP 20Operations 20Fire-Tac
1022527f1D49F-OP 21Operations 21 (Training/Reserve)Fire-Talk
1022627f2D49F-OP 22Operations 22 (Training/Reserve)Fire-Talk
1022727f3D49F-OP 23Operations 23 (Training/Reserve)Fire-Talk
1022827f4D49F-OP 24Operations 24 (Training/Reserve)Fire-Talk
1022927f5D49F-OP 25Operations 25 (Training/Reserve)Fire-Talk
1023027f6D49F-OP 26Operations 26 (Training/Reserve)Fire-Talk
1023127f7D49F-OP 27Operations 27 (Training/Reserve)Fire-Talk
1023227f8D49F-OP 28Operations 28 (Training/Reserve)Fire-Talk
1023327f9D49F-OP 29Operations 29 (Training/Reserve)Fire-Talk
1023427faD49F-OP 30Operations 30 (Training/Reserve)Fire-Talk
102792827De49F-INVESTSpecial InvestigationsFire-Tac
Marion County EMS - Medical

 These Talk Groups are used to talk to all Marion County Hospitals for Patient Reporting, and Physician Consulting. Any of the Talk Groups can be used for any Hospital ER, though the Primary ER Encode is listed in the Description for each Med TG.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10254280eDIHERN-800Countywide IHERN PatchHospital
10255280fD49M-M02Med 02 - Eskenazi ER PrimaryHospital
102562810D49M-M03Med 03 - IU Health Methodist ER PrimaryHospital
102572811D49M-M04Med 04 - Community East ER PrimaryHospital
102582812D49M-M05Med 05 - IU Health Riley Children's ER PrimaryHospital
102592813D49M-M06Med 06 - St. Vincent's - 86th Street ER PrimaryHospital
102602814D49M-M07Med 07 - St. Vincent's - CastletonHospital
102612815D49M-M08Med 08 - Community North ER PrimaryHospital
102622816D49M-M09Med 09 - Community South ER PrimaryHospital
102632817D49M-M10Med 10 - Community Westview Hospital ER PrimaryHospital
102642818D49M-M11Med 11 - IU Health University ER PrimaryHospital
102652819D49M-M12Med 12 - St. Vincent's - Peyton Manning Children's Hospital ER PrimaryHospital
10266281aD49M-M13Med 13 - Franciscan Health South ER PrimaryHospital
10267281bD49M-M14Med 14 - IU Health North ER PrimaryHospital
10268281cD49M-M15Med 15 - Franciscan Health ER PrimaryHospital
10269281dD49M-M16Med 16 - Community Heart and Vascular Hospital ER PrimaryHospital
10270281eD49M-M17Med 17 - Veteran's Administration Medical Center ER PrimaryHospital
10271281fD49M-M18Med 18 - Hendricks Regional Hospital ER Primary (Also on SAFE-T 32M-HRH)Hospital
102722820D49M-M19Med 19 - St. Vincent's - Carmel ER Primary (Also on S3 29-MED 306)Hospital
102732821D49M-M20Med 20 - SpareHospital
Marion County Hospital Security

Eskanazi security is provided by the Marion County Sheriff's Department's Business Special Deputies branded as Eskanazi Patrol. St. Francis security is dispatched from Indianapolis Control, and is linked directly to St. Francis Mooresville.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
109022a96DESK-DSPEskenazi Security DispatchLaw Dispatch
109032a97DESK-OP1Eskenazi Security OperationsLaw Tac
109042a98DESK-ADMEskenazi Security AdministrationLaw Tac
110522b2cDIUH PD DISPIndiana University Health - Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
116522d84DMCPHD-SECHealth Department Security DispatchSecurity
110532b2dDIUH PD OPS 1Indiana University Health - Police Tactical/Car-to-Car 1Law Tac
110542b2eDIUH PD OPS 2Indiana University Health - Police Tactical/Car-to-Car 2Law Tac
105532939DFHS SEC INDFranciscan Health System - Security (Indianapolis Base)Security
Marion County Sheriff's Department

The Sheriff oversees security for the City - County Building (CCB), Criminal Justice Complex, City Market, as well as other Law Enforcement activities.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10302283eDMCS-CTLControlLaw Dispatch
10303283fDEMCS-WARWarrants Division Law Tac
103042840DMCS-APCSheriff: CCB Prisoner Intake Processing (Formerly Arrestee Processing Center)Corrections
103052841DMCS-CCBCity/County Building SecurityLaw Tac
103062842DMCS-CRTCourts Security/BailiffsLaw Tac
103072843DMCS-CIVCivil DivisionLaw Tac
103082844DMCS-CJC 10308Community Justice Campus (former Jail I Ops Control MCS-JOP)Corrections
103092845DMCS-CJC 10309Community Justice Campus (former Jail I Lock Up MCS-LOP)Corrections
103102846DMCS-JUVJuvenile Detention OperationsCorrections
103112847DeMCS-CJC 10311Community Justice Campus (former Jail II MCS-CCA)Corrections
103122848DMCS-MEDJails: Non-Emergency Medical TransportCorrections
103132849DEMCS-CMNDSpecial Operations: CommandLaw Tac
10314284aDEMCS-OPS1Special Operations 1Law Tac
10315284bDEMCS-OPS2Special Operations 2Law Tac
10316284cDEMCS-OPS3Special Operations 3Law Tac
Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD)

IMPD handles most Law Enforcement Operations for all of Marion County, except City of Lawrence, City of Speedway, Indianapolis Interational Airport Athority Police, and the area College/University Police Departments .  IMPD also handles primary communications for the following Police Departments: Beech Grove, Cumberland (also dispatched by Hancock County SO on SAFE-T), Broad Ripple, Homecroft,  and Southport.  IMPD also has Mutual Aid Agreements with surrounding Law Enforcement Agencies, including the Indiana State Police, and can interop with those agencies on both the IDPS TRS, as well as the SAFE-T TRS.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
101022776DMET-CWCountywide All CallInterop
101182786DMET-CD1Downtown District PrimaryLaw Dispatch
101192787DMET-CD2Downtown District SecondaryLaw Tac
101202788DEMET-CD3Downtown District Secure OperationsLaw Tac
10109277dDMET-ED1East District Primary Law Dispatch
10110277eDMET-ED2East District Secondary Law Tac
10111277fDEMET-ED3East District Secure Operations Law Tac
10106277aDMET-NO1North District PrimaryLaw Dispatch
10107277bDMET-NO2North District SecondaryLaw Tac
10108277cDEMET-NO3North District Secure OperationsLaw Tac
101032777DMET-NW1Northwest District PrimaryLaw Dispatch
101042778DMET-NW2Northwest District SecondaryLaw Tac
101052779DEMET-NW3Northwest District Secure OperationsLaw Tac
101122780DMET-SE1Southeast District PrimaryLaw Dispatch
101132781DMET-SE2Southeast District SecondaryLaw Tac
101142782DEMET-SE3Southeast District Secure OperationsLaw Tac
101152783DMET-SW1Southwest District PrimaryLaw Dispatch
101162784DMET-SW2Southwest District SecondaryLaw Tac
101172785DEMET-SW3Southwest District Secure OperationsLaw Tac
10124278cDMET-DT1Data Inquiry 1Law Talk
10125278dDMET-DT2Data Inquiry 2Law Talk
10126278eDMET-TF1Traffic 1Law Tac
10127278fDMET-TF2Traffic 2Law Tac
101212789DMET-IN1Investigations DispatchLaw Dispatch
10122278aDMET-IN2Investigations 2Law Tac
10123278bDEMET-IN3Investigations 3Law Tac
101342796DEMET-POPublic Information OfficersLaw Tac
101352797DEMET-IAInternal Affairs Law Tac
101362798DEMET-MYRMayoral Protection DetailLaw Tac
101372799DEMET-SO1Countywide Special Operations 1 - ERT MainLaw Tac
10138279aDEMET-SO2Countywide Special Operations 2 - ERT Hostage Negotiation TeamLaw Tac
10139279bDEMET-SO3Countywide Special Operations 3 - ERT Explosives Ordinance RemovalLaw Tac
10140279cDEMET-SO4Countywide Special Operations 4 Law Tac
10141279dDEMET-SO5Countywide Special Operations 5Law Tac
10142279eDEMET-SO6Countywide Special Operations 6Law Tac
10143279fDEMET-SO7Countywide Special Operations 7Law Tac
101302792DMET-HQHeadquarters Law Talk
101282790DMET-TN1Training 1Law Talk
101292791DMET-TN2Training 2Law Talk
1014427a0DEMET-CO1Covert Operations 1Law Tac
1014527a1DEMET-CO2Covert Operations 2Law Tac
1014627a2DEMET-CO3Covert Operations 3Law Tac
1014727a3DEMET-CO4Covert Operations 4Law Tac
1014827a4DEMET-CO 5Covert Operations 5Law Tac
1014927a5DEMET-CO6Covert Operations 6Law Tac
1015027a6DEMET-DR1Drug Task Force 1Law Tac
1015127a7DEMET-DR2Drug Task Force 2Law Tac
1015227a8DEMET-DR3Drug Task Force 3Law Tac
Indianapolis Public Schools Police
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
108022a32DIPS-PD-DISPDispatchLaw Dispatch
108032a33DIPS-PD-CAHS TacCrispus Attucks High School Tactical Law Tac
108042a34DIPS-PD-ARNG TacArlington High School TacticalLaw Tac
108052a35DIPS-PD-ATHS TacArsenal Tech High School TacticalLaw Tac
108062a36DIPS-PD-SCHOOL 4School Tactical 4Law Talk
108072a37DIPS-PD-GWHS TacGeorge Washington High School TacticalLaw Tac
108082a38DIPS-PD-NWSchool Tactical 6Law Tac
Marion County Community Corrections
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
113022c26DMCCC-HDHome Detention UnitsCorrections
113032c27DMCCC-WRWork Release ProgramCorrections
113052c29DMCCC-EM TECHElectronic Monitoring TechniciansCorrections
113062c2aDMCCC-11306Operations 306Corrections
113072c2bDMCCC-11307Operations 307Corrections
116022d52DMCS-CJC 11602Community Justice Campus (former IN DOC/MCS- Liberty Hall Ops IDOC/MCS LHOP)Corrections
Marion County - Miscellaneous
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20751510fDCenter Twp GovtCenter Township Government ServicesPublic Works
200354e43DELECTION-1Operations 1 (Board of Elections)Public Works
200364e44DELECTION-2Operations 2 (Board of Elections)Public Works
Indianapolis Public Works - Operations
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
201024e86DDPW-DSP-01Dispatch 1Public Works
201034e87DDPW-DSP-02Dispatch 2Public Works
201044e88DDPW-OPS-01Operations 1Public Works
201054e89DDPW-OPS-02Operations 2Public Works
201064e8aDDPW-OPS-03Operations 3Public Works
201074e8bDDPW-OPS-04Operations 4Public Works
201084e8cDDPW-OPS-05Operations 5Public Works
201094e8dDDPW-OPS-06Operations 6Public Works
201104e8eDDPW-OPS-07Operations 7Public Works
201114e8fDDPW-OPS-08Operations 8Public Works
201134e91DDPW-OPS-10Operations 10Public Works
201144e92DDPW-OPS-11Operations 11Public Works
Indianapolis Public Works - Streets
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
201124e90DDPW FLEET SVCSIDPW Fleet ServicesPublic Works
201154e93DDPW-STREET OPSStreet Repar / OperatiomsPublic Works
201164e94DDPW CMD NWStreets/Snow Command - District 1 (NW)Public Works
201174e95DDPW CMD NEStreets/Snow Command - District 2 (NE)Public Works
201184e96DDPW CMD SStreets/Snow Command - District 3 (S)Public Works
201194e97DSTREET-OP3Operations 3 / Snow Force Operations 3 / Spec Event CleanupPublic Works
201204e98DDPW TRAF OPSOperations 4 / IDPW Traffic OperationsPublic Works
201214e99DSTREET-OP5Operations 5Public Works
201224e9aDSTREET-OP6Operations 6Public Works
Indianapolis Public Works - Solid Waste
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
201234e9bDDPW WASTEIDPW Solid WastePublic Works
201244e9cDDPW WASTEIDPW Solid WastePublic Works
201254e9dDDPW WASTEIDPW Solid WastePublic Works
201264e9eDSOLID WASTE 1Operations 1Public Works
201274e9fDSOLID WASTE 2Operations 2Public Works
201284ea0DSOLID WASTE 3Operations 3Public Works
201294ea1DSOLID WASTE 4Operations 4Public Works
201304ea2DSOLID WASTE 5Operations 5Public Works
201314ea3DSOLID WASTE 6Operations 6Public Works
AES Indiana (formerly Indpls Power and Light)

AES Indiana (formerly Indianapolis Power and Light or IPL) provides electrical power for Marion County as well as parts of Johnson, Hamilton, Hendricks, Morgan and Hancock Counties.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
210015209DAES-LINEMEN 1Linemen 1Utilities
21002520aDAES-LINEMEN 2Linemen 2Utilities
21003520bDAES-LINEMEN 3Linemen 3Utilities
21004520cDAES-TROUBLE 1Trouble Calls 1Utilities
21005520dDAES-TREE CREWSTree CrewsUtilities
21006520eDAES-FLEET MAINTFleet MaintenanceUtilities
21007520fDAES-SYSTEM OPSSystem OperationsUtilities
210125214DAES-METER DISPMeter Services DispatchUtilities
210135215DAES-METER OPSMeter Services OperationsUtilities
210145216DAES-DISCONNECTService DisconnectUtilities
210155217DAES-CONNECTService ConnectUtilities
210275223DAES-TROUBLETrouble CallsUtilities
21035522bDAES SEC DISPSecurity DispatchSecurity
Indianapolis Water Works (Citizens)

The Indianapolis Water Works is run by Citizens Energy Group who run all water and sewer operations from the City of Indianapolis.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
205025016DIWW-OPS-01DispatchPublic Works
205035017DIWW-OPS-02Wastewater TreatmentPublic Works
205045018DIWW-OPS-03OperationsPublic Works
205055019DIWW-LIFT STNLift StationsPublic Works
Citizens Energy Group

Citizens Energy Group provides water and sewerage for the City of Indianapolis, as well as most of Marion County.  Citizens also provides Geothermal, Steam, and Natural Gas utility servcies.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
21102526eDCTZNS OPS 1Operations 1Utilities
21103526fDCTZNS OPS 2Operations 2Utilities
211045270DCTZNS OPS 3Operations 3Utilities
211055271DCTZNS OPS 4Operations 4Utilities
211065272DCTZNS OPS 5Operations 5Utilities
211075273DCTZNS OPS 6Operations 6Utilities
211085274DCTZNS OPS 7Operations 7Utilities
211095275DCTZNS OPS 8Operations 8Utilities
211105276DCTZNS CHILLEDChilled WaterUtilities
211115277DCTZNS CHILLEDChilled WaterUtilities
211125278DCTZNS STEAMSteamUtilities
211135279DCTZNS STEAM MNTSteam MaintenanceUtilities
21114527aDCTZNS STEAM DISSteam DistributionUtilities
21115527bDCTZNS OPS 14Operations 14Utilities
21116527cDCTZNS OPS 15Operations 15Utilities
21117527dDCTZNS OPS 16Operations 16Utilities
21118527eDCTZNS OPS 17Operations 17Utilities
211215281DCTZNS SECURITYSecurityUtilities
211225282DCTZNS DATAData AlertsData
Indianapolis - Miscellaneous
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20603507bDEagle Creek ParkEagle Creek Park (Parks and Recreation)Public Works
2070350dfDIndy Code EnfrcmCode Enforcement: Operations 1Public Works
Indianapolis Public Works - Special Event
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
202024eeaDIDPW EVENT 1Event 1 Public Works
202034eebDIDPW EVENT 2Event 2 Public Works
202044eecDIDPW EVENT 3Event 3 Public Works
202054eedDIDPW EVENT 4Event 4 Public Works
202064eeeDIDPW EVENT 5Event 5 Public Works
Indianapolis Animal Care & Control
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
111522b90DIACC-DISPDispatchPublic Works
111532b91DIACC-TACTacticalPublic Works
Indianapolis Airport Authority
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1070229ceDAFD-DSPFire DispatchFire Dispatch
1070729d3DAFD-CCFire Car-to-CarFire-Talk
1070329cfDAFD-OP 91Fire Operations 91Fire-Tac
1070429d0DAFD-OP 92Fire Operations 92Fire-Tac
1070529d1DAFD-OP 93Fire Operations 93Fire-Tac
1070629d2DAFD-OP 94Fire Operations 94Fire-Tac
1070929d5DAFD-ADMFire AdminFire-Talk
1070829d4DAFD-TRNFire TrainingFire-Talk
107522a00DAPD-DSPPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
107532a01DAPD-CCPolice Car-to-CarLaw Talk
107552a03DAPD-OP1Police Operations 1Law Tac
107562a04DAPD-OP2Police Operations 2Law Tac
107572a05DeAPD-OP3Police Operations 3Law Tac
107542a02DAPD-DT1Police DetailLaw Talk
107582a06DAPD-TRNPolice TrainingLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1040228a2D49F-LFD-DSPFire DispatchFire Dispatch
1041028aaD49F-LFD-FIREFire ControlFire-Tac
1040328a3D49F-LFD-EMSEMS OperationsEMS Dispatch
1041128abD49F-LFD-MEDEMS MED ControlEMS-Tac
1040428a4D49F-LFD-OPS1Fire Operations 1Fire-Tac
1040528a5D49F-LFD-OPS2Fire Operations 2Fire-Tac
1040628a6D49F-LFD-OPS3Fire Operations 3Fire-Tac
1040828a8D49F-LFD-SOPSFire Special OperationsFire-Tac
1040928a9D49F-LFD-TRAIN Fire TrainingFire-Talk
1040728a7D49F-LFD-ADMFire AdministrationFire-Talk
1045228d4DLPD-DSPPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
1045728d9DELPD-OPSPolice Special OperationsLaw Tac
1045328d5DLPD-TACPolice TacticalLaw Tac
1045428d6DeLPD-INVPolice InvestigationsLaw Tac
1045628d8DLPD-ADMPolice AdministrationLaw Talk
1045528d7DLPD-TRNPolice TrainingLaw Talk
2065250acDLDPW-STREETSPublic Works - Streets/Snow RemovalPublic Works

Speedway Fire Department is dispatched by IFEMS on 49F-DISP, and uses 49F-SFD for Fireground operations.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10652299cD49F-SFDFire OperationsFire-Tac
10602296aDSPD-DISPPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
10603296bDSPD-CAR 1Police Car-to-Car 1Law Tac
10604296cDSPD-CAR 2Police Car-to-Car 2Law Tac
10605296dDESPD-OPSPolice Tactical Law Tac
10607296fDSPD-ADMPolice AdministrationLaw Talk
10606296eDSPD-LESSPolice SupervisoryLaw Talk
Colleges & Universities
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
115522d20DBUTLER PDButler University Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
115532d21DBUPD-TACButler University Campus Police Tactical *Special Events etc.*Law Tac
112022bc2DMARIAN PDMarian University Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
108522a64DIU PD DISPIndiana University Campus Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
108532a65DIU PD TACIndiana University Police TacticalLaw Tac
108542a66DIU PD OPS 1Indiana University Police Operations 1Law Tac
108552a67DIU PD OPS 2Indiana University Police Operations 2Law Tac
108562a68DIU PD OPS 3Indiana University Police Operations 3Law Tac
Wayne Township Schools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
204104fbaDWTSD-SEC 1Campus Security PrimarySecurity
204114fbbDWTSD-SEC 2Campus Security SecondarySecurity
204124fbcDWTSD-SEC 3Campus Security TertiarySecurity
204134fbdDWTSD-GARAGEFleet MaintenanceSchools
204044fb4DWTSD-TAC1Tactical 1 (Special Events)Schools
204054fb5DWTSD-TAC2Tactical 2 (Special Events)Schools
204064fb6DWTSD-TAC3Tactical 3 (Special Events)Schools
204074fb7DWTSD-TRANS1Transportation Operations 1Schools
204084fb8DWTSD-TRANS2Transportation Operations 2Schools
204034fb3DWTSD-DISPPrimary Dispatch/AdministrationSchools
204024fb2DWTSD-BDHSBen Davis High School AdministrationSchools

IndyGo (Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation) provides public transit services for Marion County. CIRTA (Central Indiana Regional Transportation Authority) provides extended routes into Johnson, Hendricks, and Hamilton Counties, with connections to IndyGo routes. IndyGo also provides mutual aid for local police, fire & EMS agencies during emergencies. Security for all IndyGo facilities is provided by Off-Duty Police Officers and Nolan Security (mostly using business band UHF radios).  Paratransit services are contracted to RATPDev which operates IndyGo branded cutaway buses.  Calls to and from all buses are accomplished utilizing a third-party IP RTT system and talkgroups are selected by the dispatcher or supervisor placing the call. The following information is given by the bus driver on each call: Coach (Bus) #, Route #, Operator ID #, Block #, Current Location, Direction of Travel, and the Nature of the Call.  This information is often referred to by the acronym CRIBLDN (pronounced: crib low down).

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
203024f4eDIPTC-FR1Fixed Route & BRT BusesTransportation
203034f4fDIPTC-FR2Fixed Route & BRT BusesTransportation
203044f50DIPTC-PT1Paratransit Buses & SupervisorsTransportation
203054f51DIPTC-PT2Paratransit Buses & SupervisorsTransportation
203064f52DIPTC-OP1Fixed Route & BRT BusesTransportation
203074f53DIPTC-RT1Fixed Route & BRT BusesTransportation
203084f54DIPTC-STFFixed Route SupervisorsTransportation
203094f55DIPTC-RT2Fixed Route & BRT BusesTransportation
Hamilton County Emergency Management
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
290087150DHC E-911County -911 CenterEmergency Ops
290097151DHC-EMA 1Emergency Management 1Emergency Ops
290487178DHC-EMA OPSHamilton County EMA OperationsEmergency Ops
29242723aDeHC-EMA ADMINAdministrationEmergency Ops
Hamilton County Fire and EMS

All Fire Departments in Hamilton County are now centrally dispatched and share the Ops Talk Groups.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
29006714eDHAM 29-CTLCountywide Fire ControlFire-Tac
290107152DHAM 29-F-DSPCountywide Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
290117153D29-FIRE/EMSFire/EMS OperationsFire-Tac
290137155D29-OPS 301Operations 301Fire-Tac
290147156D29-OPS 302Operations 302Fire-Tac
290157157D29-OPS 303Operations 303Fire-Tac
290167158D29-OPS 304Operations 304Fire-Tac
290177159D29-OPS 305Operations 305Fire-Tac
29018715aD29-OPS 306Operations 306Fire-Tac
29019715bD29-OPS 307Operations 307Fire-Tac
29020715cD29-OPS 308Operations 308Fire-Tac
29021715dD29-OPS 309Operations 309Fire-Tac
29022715eD29-OPS 310Operations 310Fire-Tac
29023715fD29-OPS 311Operations 311Fire-Tac
290247160D29-OPS 312Operations 312Fire-Tac
290257161D29-OPS 313Operations 313Fire-Tac
290267162D29-OPS 314Operations 314Fire-Tac
290277163D29-OPS 315Operations 315Fire-Tac
290287164D29-OPS 316Operations 316Fire-Tac
290297165D29-OPS 317Operations 317Fire-Tac
290307166D29-OPS 318Operations 318Fire-Tac
290317167D29-OPS 319Operations 319Fire-Tac
290327168D29-OPS 320Operations 320Fire-Tac
2916871f0DWAYNE FIRE ADMINWayne Twp Fire AdministrationFire-Talk
2918271feDWRT FIRE ADMINWhite River Twp Fire AdministrationFire-Talk
Hamilton County EMS - Medical

 Some Encryption In Use On All Hamilton County MED TGs.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
290337169D29-MED 301EMS Med 301 - Community North ERHospital
29034716aD29-MED 302EMS Med 302 - Community Heart and Vascular ERHospital
29035716bD29-MED 303EMS Med 303 - St. Vincent's Fishers ERHospital
29036716cD29-MED 304EMS Med 304 - IU North Saxony ERHospital
29037716dD29-MED 305EMS Med 305 - Riverview ERHospital
29038716eD29-MED 306EMS Med 306 - St Vincent's Carmel ERHospital
29039716fD29-MED 307EMS Med 307 - St. Vincent Carmel Heart CenterHospital
290407170D29-MED 308EMS Med 308 - IU North HospitalHospital
290417171D29-MED 309EMS Med 309 - Riverview Westfield ERHospital
290427172D29-MED 310EMS Med 310 - St Vincent Castleton ERHospital
290567180DRV DET SECRiverview Detention SecuritySecurity
Hamilton County Law Enforcement
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
290017149DHAM 29 DSP1Sheriff and Small Towns Police DispatchLaw Talk
29003714bDHAM 29 DSP3Noblesville Police DispatchLaw Talk
29005714dDHAM 29 DSP5Countywide Law Enforcement Dispatch (Overflow for all agencies)Law Talk
29007714fDHCLE SO HQSheriff Headquarters (Info)Law Tac
290447174DEHCLE PDE 1Police Encrypted 1Law Tac
290457175DHCLE CW CARCountywide Car-to-CarLaw Talk
290467176DHCLE INV 1Investigations 1Law Tac
290477177DHCLE INV 2Investigations 2Law Tac
2910071acDEHCLE PDE 2Police Encrypted 2Law Tac
2910171adDEHCLE PDE 3Police Encrypted 3Law Tac
2910271aeDEHCLE PDE 4Police Encrypted 4Law Tac
2910371afDEHCLE PDE 5Police Encrypted 5Law Tac
2910471b0DEHCLE PDE 6Police Encrypted 6Law Tac
29243723bD29-JAIL MTNC2County Jail MaintenanceCorrections
292667252DHAM 29 DSP WFPDWestfield Police DispatchLaw Talk
292707256DEHAM 29 DSP 70Hamilton County Law DispatchLaw Dispatch
292717257DEHAM 29 DSP 71Hamilton County Law DispatchLaw Dispatch
292727258DEHAM 29 DSP 72Hamilton County Law DispatchLaw Dispatch
292737259DEHAM 29 DSP 73Hamilton County Law DispatchLaw Dispatch
29275725bDEHAM 29 DSP 75Hamilton County Law DispatchLaw Dispatch
29277725dDEHAM 29 DSP 77Hamilton County Law DispatchLaw Dispatch

Arcadia Police are dispatched by the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2914571d9DEARC PD CARPolice - Car to CarLaw Talk
2915071deDARC FIRE ADMFire Dept AdministrationFire-Talk
2915171dfDARC DPWDepartment of Public WorksPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
29004714cDHAM 29 DSP4Police - DispatchLaw Talk
2909571a7DCFD TRUCKFire - Truck-to-TruckFire-Talk
2909671a8DCFD ADMINFire - AdministrationFire-Talk
2909871aaDECPD E OPS 1Police - Operations 1Law Tac
2909971abDECPD E OPS 2Police - Operations 2Law Tac
2910771b3DCRML DPW 07Public Works - Streets/Snow PlowsPublic Works
2910871b4DCRML DPW 08Public Works - WastewaterPublic Works
2911271b8DCRML DPW 12Public WorksPublic Works
2911371b9DCRML DPW 13Public WorksPublic Works
2911471baDCRML DPW MAINT3Public Works "Maintenance 3"Public Works
2911571bbDCRML DPW 16Public WorksPublic Works
2911671bcDCRML DPW 16Public WorksPublic Works
2911971bfDCRML DPW 19Public WorksPublic Works
2912171c1DCRML DPW 21Public WorksPublic Works

Sheridan Police are dispatched by Hamilton County Sheriff's Department

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2915271e0DSHERIDAN TWNInterop - Police, Fire, DPWInterop
2915471e2DSHERIDAN ADM Fire AdminFire-Talk
292417239DESHERIDAN CARPolice - Car to CarLaw Talk

Cicero Police are dispatched by the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2913971d3DCIC TOWN ALLCitywide Interoperability (Fire Police, Operations)Interop
2914071d4DECIC PD CARPolice - Car-to-CarLaw Talk
2914171d5DCIC FD ADMNFire AdministrationFire-Talk
2914271d6DCIC PD/FDFire - Police InteroperabilityInterop
2914371d7DCIC DPW 1Public Works Operations 1Public Works
2914471d8DCIC DPW 2Public Works Operations 2Public Works

Westfield Police operate on an shared dispatch Talk Group with Noblesville Police. *See the Hamilton County Law Enforcement Grouping for this TG.*

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2916971f1DEWPD ENC OPSPolice - OperationsLaw Tac
2917171f3DWFLD DPW OPS ADepartment of Public Works - OperationsPublic Works
2917271f4DGRND PARK OPSGrand Park OperationsPublic Works
2917471f6DWFD ADMINFire - AdministrationFire-Talk
2917671f8DWFLD DPW OPS BDepartment of Public Works OperationsPublic Works
29213721dDWFLD TWN OPSInterop - Police, Fire, DPWInterop

Noblesville Police operate on an shared dispatch Talk Group with Westfield Police. *See the Hamilton County Law Enforcement grouping.*

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2915671e4DENBLVL PD ENCPolice PrivateLaw Talk
2915571e3DNFD DISPATCHFire - DispatchFire Dispatch
2915871e6DNBLVL INTEROPCitywide Interop/Parks 1Interop
2916271eaDNBVL CITY OPSCity Operations (Citywide Interop/Parks 2)Interop
2915771e5DNBLVL ST DISPStreets DispatchPublic Works
2916171e9DNBVL ST FLD1Streets - Field 1 Public Works
292167220DNBVL ST FLD 2Streets - Field 2Public Works
2916371ebDNBVL WW 1City Waste Water UtilityUtilities
2916471ecDNBVL WW 2City Waste Water InspectionsUtilities
2916571edDNBVL WW 3City Waste Water PlantUtilities
2916671eeDNBVL WW 4City Waste Water CollectionUtilities
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
29002714aDHAM 29 DSP2Police - DispatchLaw Talk
290777195DEFPD ENC OPSPolice - OperationsLaw Tac
290747192DFISHERS FD 1Fire - MainFire Dispatch
290757193DFISHERS CITYCitywide Interoperability (Police, Fire, Operations)Interop
290817199DFDPW SUPVPublic Works Supervisors Public Works
29082719aDFDPW OPS 7Public Works Operations 7Public Works
29083719bDFDPW OPS 8Public Works Operations 8Public Works
29084719cDFDPW OPS 9Public Works Operations 9Public Works
29085719dDFDPW OPS 1Public Works Operations 1Public Works
29086719eDFDPW OPS 2Public Works Operations 2Public Works
29087719fDFDPW OPS 3Public Works Operations 3Public Works
2908871a0DFDPW OPS 4Public Works Operations 4Public Works
2908971a1DFDPW OPS 5Public Works Operations 5Public Works
2909071a2DFDPW OPS 6Public Works Operations 6Public Works
2909171a3DFDPW OPS 10Public Works Operations 10Public Works
2909271a4DFDPW OPS 11Public Works Operations 11 Public Works
2909371a5DFDPW OPS 12Public Works Operations 12 Public Works
Hamilton County Schools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
290787196DHSE ADMINHamilton Southeastern AdministrationSchools
2912471c4DCCS OPS 1Carmel Clay Schools - OperationsSchools
2912571c5DCCS ADMIN ATGCarmel Clay Schools - Admin All CallSchools
2912671c6DCHS ADMIN 1Carmel High School - Administration 1Schools
2912771c7DCCS MAINT COMNCarmel Clay Schools - Maintenance CommonSchools
2912871c8DCCS MAINT ALTCarmel Clay Schools - Maintenance AltSchools
2912971c9DCCS CUST COMNCarmel Clay Schools - Custodians CommonSchools
2913071caDCCS TRANS 1Carmel Clay Schools - Transportation 1Schools
2913171cbDCCS TRANS 2Carmel Clay Schools - Transportation 2Schools
2913271ccDCCS POLICE 1Carmel Clay Schools - Police PrimaryLaw Dispatch
2913371cdDCCS POLICE 2Carmel Clay Schools - Police SecondaryLaw Tac
2913671d0DCCS MAINT 1Carmel Clay Schools MaintenanceSchools
291917207DNHS ADMINNoblesville School Administration Schools
Hamilton County Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
290587182D29-STREETSCounty Streets Department 1Public Works
Hamilton County Corrections
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
290497179D29-JAIL CTRLCounty Jail ControlCorrections
29050717aDCounty Jail OperCounty Jail Operations 1Corrections
29051717bD29-JAIL MTNCCounty Jail MaintanenceCorrections
29053717dD29-JAIL JDCCounty Jail Juvenile Detention CenterCorrections
29054717eD29-JAIL TRANCounty Jail TransportationCorrections
29055717fD29-JAIL OPS2County Jail Operations 2Corrections
292657251D29-JAIL MEDCounty Jail MedicalCorrections
Madison County Emergency Management
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
48038bba6D48 EMA ADMINAdministrationEmergency Ops
48039bba7D48 EMA OPS 1Operations 1Emergency Ops
48040bba8D48 EMA OPS 2Operations 2Emergency Ops
48041bba9D48 EMA OPS 3Operations 3Emergency Ops
48042bbaaD48 EMA OPS 4Operations 4Emergency Ops
48043bbabD48 EMA COMM1Communications 1Emergency Ops
48044bbacD48 EMA COMM2Communications 2Emergency Ops
Madison County Fire and EMS
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
48010bb8aD48 COMMANDCountywide Fire CommandFire-Talk
48018bb92D48 MC CNTRLCountywide Fire ControlFire Dispatch
48019bb93D48 FIRE DISPCountywide Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
48020bb94DE48 FD/EMSCountywide EMS OperationsEMS Dispatch
48021bb95D48 FG 1Fireground 1Fire-Tac
48022bb96D48 FG 2Fireground 2Fire-Tac
48023bb97D48 FG 3Fireground 3Fire-Tac
48024bb98D48 FG 4Fireground 4Fire-Tac
48025bb99D48 FG 5Fireground 5Fire-Tac
48026bb9aD48 FG 6Fireground 6Fire-Tac
48027bb9bD48 FG 7Fireground 7Fire-Tac
48028bb9cD48 FG 8Fireground 8Fire-Tac
48029bb9dD48 FG 9Fireground 9Fire-Tac
48051bbb3D48 FTRAIN 1Fire Training OperationsFire-Talk
Madison County EMS - Medical
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
48030bb9eD48 MED 1EMS to St. Vincent's Anderson ERHospital
48031bb9fD48 MED 2EMS to Community Hospital Anderson ERHospital
48032bba0D48 MED 3EMS to St. Vincent's Elwood ERHospital
48033bba1D48 MED 4MED 4 (No Current Assignment)Hospital
Madison County Law Enforcement
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
48001bb81D48 MC DISP 1County Law Enforcement Dispatch 1 (Sheriff/Small Towns)Law Dispatch
48002bb82DE48 MC DISP 2County Law Enforcement Dispatch 2 (Sheriff/Small Towns)Law Dispatch
48003bb83DE48 MC TAC 1Tac 1Law Tac
48004bb84DE48 MC TAC 2Tac 2Law Tac
48005bb85DE48 DIRECT 1Direct TalkgroupLaw Tac
48006bb86D48-OPS 1County Law Enforcement Operations 1Law Tac
48007bb87D48-OPS 2County Law Enforcement Operations 2Law Tac
48008bb88D48-OPS 3County Law Enforcement Operations 3Law Tac
48009bb89D48-OPS 4County Law Enforcement Operations 4Law Tac
48016bb90DE48 SWAT 1SWAT Channel 1Law Tac
48017bb91DE48 SWAT 2SWAT Channel 1Law Tac
48034bba2D48 MCCC 1Madison County Community CorrectionsCorrections
48035bba3D48 CH OPS 1Courthouse Ops 1 Law Tac
48036bba4D48 RECOVERLost radios are dynamically affiliated hereLaw Tac
48037bba5D48 MCYC 1Madison County Youth CenterCorrections
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
48011bb8bD48 APD DISP 1Police Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
48012bb8cDE48 APD DISP 2Police Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
48013bb8dDE48 APD TAC1Police Tactical 1Law Tac
48014bb8eDE48 APD TAC2Police Tactical 2Law Tac
Madison County Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
48045bbadD48 DPW OPS1Operations 1Public Works
48056bbb8D48 ROADSCounty Road CrewsPublic Works
System 1 Radio Maintenence
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
100012711DS1-TECH 1System 1 Tech 1Public Works
100022712DS1-TECH 2System 1 Tech 2Public Works
100032713DS1-TECH 3System 1 Tech 3Public Works
100042714DS1-TECH 4System 1 Tech 4Public Works
100052715DS1-TECH 5System 1 Tech 5Public Works
100062716DS1-TECH 6System 1 Tech 6Public Works
100072717DS1-TECH 7System 1 Tech 7Public Works
100082718DS1-TECH 8System 1 Tech 8Public Works
100092719DS1-TECH 9System 1 Tech 9Public Works
10010271aDS1-TECH 10System 1 Tech 10Public Works
10011271bDS1-TECH 11System 1 Tech 11Public Works
System 2 Radio Maintenence
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
200014e21DS2-TECH 1System 2 Tech 1Public Works
200024e22DS2-TECH 2System 2 Tech 2Public Works
200034e23DS2-TECH 3System 2 Tech 3Public Works
200044e24DS2-TECH 4System 2 Tech 4Public Works
200054e25DS2-TECH 5System 2 Tech 5Public Works
200064e26DS2-TECH 6System 2 Tech 6Public Works
200074e27DS2-TECH 7System 2 Tech 7Public Works
200084e28DS2-TECH 8System 2 Tech 8Public Works
200094e29DS2-TECH 9System 2 Tech 9Public Works
200104e2aDS2-TECH 10System 2 Tech 10Public Works
200114e2bDS2-TECH 11System 2 Tech 11Public Works
System 3 Radio Maintenence
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2912271c2DESYS 3 MAINTRadio System MainanencePublic Works