Metropolitan Emergency Services Agency (MESA) (Formerly IDPS)

Site: IndyGo Transit

Unique DB ID: 11601
County: Marion

IndyGo (Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation) provides public transit services for Marion County. CIRTA (Central Indiana Regional Transportation Authority) provides extended routes into Johnson, Hendricks, and Hamilton Counties, with connections to IndyGo routes. IndyGo also provides mutual aid for local police, fire & EMS agencies during emergencies. Security for all IndyGo facilities is provided by Off-Duty Police Officers and Nolan Security (mostly using business band UHF radios).  Paratransit services are contracted to RATPDev which operates IndyGo branded cutaway buses.  Calls to and from all buses are accomplished utilizing a third-party IP RTT system and talkgroups are selected by the dispatcher or supervisor placing the call. The following information is given by the bus driver on each call: Coach (Bus) #, Route #, Operator ID #, Block #, Current Location, Direction of Travel, and the Nature of the Call.  This information is often referred to by the acronym CRIBLDN (pronounced: crib low down).

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 39.7684 Longitude: -86.1555 Range: 25 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
203024f4eDIPTC-FR1Fixed Route & BRT BusesTransportation
203034f4fDIPTC-FR2Fixed Route & BRT BusesTransportation
203044f50DIPTC-PT1Paratransit Buses & SupervisorsTransportation
203054f51DIPTC-PT2Paratransit Buses & SupervisorsTransportation
203064f52DIPTC-OP1Fixed Route & BRT BusesTransportation
203074f53DIPTC-RT1Fixed Route & BRT BusesTransportation
203084f54DIPTC-STFFixed Route SupervisorsTransportation
203094f55DIPTC-RT2Fixed Route & BRT BusesTransportation