Metropolitan Emergency Services Agency (MESA) (Formerly IDPS)

Site: Marion County Fire and EMS

Unique DB ID: 11697
County: Marion

Indianapolis Fire and EMS dispatches for all Marion County Fire Departments except  for Eli Lilly Fire/Rescue, City of Lawrence Fire/Rescue, and the Indianapolis International Airport Authority Fire/Resue.   IFEMS has Mutual Aid agreements with Lawrence Fire and EMS, as well as surrounding areas Fire/Rescue agencies and can Dispatch thier units on Mutual Aid Calls, and vice versa. This occurs on both the IDPS TRS, and the SAFE-T TRS.  **IFEMS Dispatch is simulcast on IDPSC Mutual Aid TG's.**

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 39.7684 Longitude: -86.1555 Range: 25 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1020227daD49F-DISPATCHCountywide Dispatch PrimaryFire Dispatch
1020327dbD49F-NORTHOperations NorthFire-Tac
1020427dcD49F-SOUTHOperations SouthFire-Tac
1020527ddD49F-OP 01Operations 01Fire-Tac
1020627deD49F-OP 02Operations 02Fire-Tac
1020727dfD49F-OP 03Operations 03Fire-Tac
1020827e0D49F-OP 04Operations 04Fire-Tac
1020927e1D49F-OP 05Operations 05Fire-Tac
1021027e2D49F-OP 06Operations 06Fire-Tac
1021127e3D49F-OP 07Operations 07Fire-Tac
1021227e4D49F-OP 08Operations 08Fire-Tac
1021327e5D49F-OP 09Operations 09Fire-Tac
1021427e6D49F-OP 10Operations 10Fire-Tac
1021527e7D49F-OP 11Operations 11Fire-Tac
1021627e8D49F-OP 12Operations 12Fire-Tac
1021727e9D49F-OP 13Operations 13Fire-Tac
1021827eaD49F-OP 14Operations 14Fire-Tac
1021927ebD49F-OP 15Operations 15Fire-Tac
1022027ecD49F-OP 16Operations 16Fire-Tac
1022127edD49F-OP 17Operations 17Fire-Tac
1022227eeD49F-OP 18Operations 18Fire-Tac
1022327efD49F-OP 19Operations 19Fire-Tac
1022427f0D49F-OP 20Operations 20Fire-Tac
1022527f1D49F-OP 21Operations 21 (Training/Reserve)Fire-Talk
1022627f2D49F-OP 22Operations 22 (Training/Reserve)Fire-Talk
1022727f3D49F-OP 23Operations 23 (Training/Reserve)Fire-Talk
1022827f4D49F-OP 24Operations 24 (Training/Reserve)Fire-Talk
1022927f5D49F-OP 25Operations 25 (Training/Reserve)Fire-Talk
1023027f6D49F-OP 26Operations 26 (Training/Reserve)Fire-Talk
1023127f7D49F-OP 27Operations 27 (Training/Reserve)Fire-Talk
1023227f8D49F-OP 28Operations 28 (Training/Reserve)Fire-Talk
1023327f9D49F-OP 29Operations 29 (Training/Reserve)Fire-Talk
1023427faD49F-OP 30Operations 30 (Training/Reserve)Fire-Talk
102412801D49F-CARCountywide Car to CarFire-Talk
102442804D49F-DISPATCH 2Indianapolis Fire and EMS Dispatch SecondaryFire Dispatch
102792827De49F-INVESTSpecial InvestigationsFire-Tac