Metropolitan Emergency Services Agency (MESA) (Formerly IDPS)

Site: Marion County EMS - Medical

Unique DB ID: 11706
County: Marion

 These Talk Groups are used to talk to all Marion County Hospitals for Patient Reporting, and Physician Consulting. Any of the Talk Groups can be used for any Hospital ER, though the Primary ER Encode is listed in the Description for each Med TG.

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 39.7684 Longitude: -86.1555 Range: 25 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10254280eDIHERN-800Countywide IHERN PatchHospital
10255280fD49M-M02Med 02 - Eskenazi ER PrimaryHospital
102562810D49M-M03Med 03 - IU Health Methodist ER PrimaryHospital
102572811D49M-M04Med 04 - Community East ER PrimaryHospital
102582812D49M-M05Med 05 - IU Health Riley Children's ER PrimaryHospital
102592813D49M-M06Med 06 - St. Vincent's - 86th Street ER PrimaryHospital
102602814D49M-M07Med 07 - St. Vincent's - CastletonHospital
102612815D49M-M08Med 08 - Community North ER PrimaryHospital
102622816D49M-M09Med 09 - Community South ER PrimaryHospital
102632817D49M-M10Med 10 - Community Westview Hospital ER PrimaryHospital
102642818D49M-M11Med 11 - IU Health University ER PrimaryHospital
102652819D49M-M12Med 12 - St. Vincent's - Peyton Manning Children's Hospital ER PrimaryHospital
10266281aD49M-M13Med 13 - Franciscan Health South ER PrimaryHospital
10267281bD49M-M14Med 14 - IU Health North ER PrimaryHospital
10268281cD49M-M15Med 15 - Franciscan Health ER PrimaryHospital
10269281dD49M-M16Med 16 - Community Heart and Vascular Hospital ER PrimaryHospital
10270281eD49M-M17Med 17 - Veteran's Administration Medical Center ER PrimaryHospital
10271281fD49M-M18Med 18 - Hendricks Regional Hospital ER Primary (Also on SAFE-T 32M-HRH)Hospital
102722820D49M-M19Med 19 - St. Vincent's - Carmel ER Primary (Also on S3 29-MED 306)Hospital
102732821D49M-M20Med 20 - SpareHospital