Metropolitan Emergency Services Agency (MESA) (Formerly IDPS)

Site: Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD)

Unique DB ID: 11696
County: Marion

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department handles most Law Enforcement Operations for all of Marion County with the exceptions of City of Lawrence,  City of Speedway, Indianapolis Interational Airport Athority Police, and the area College/University Police Departments .  IMPD also handles primary communications for the following Police Departments:  Beech Grove, Cumberland (also dispatched by Hancock County SO on SAFE-T), Broad Ripple, Homecroft,  and Southport.  IMPD also has Mutual Aid Agreements with surrounding Law Enforcement Agencies, including the Indiana State Police, and can interop with those agencies on both the IDPS TRS, as well as the SAFE-T TRS.

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 39.7684 Longitude: -86.1555 Range: 25 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
101022776DMET-CWCountywide All CallInterop
101032777DMET-NW1Northwest District PrimaryLaw Dispatch
101042778DMET-NW2Northwest District SecondaryLaw Tac
101052779DEMET-NW3Northwest District Secure OperationsLaw Tac
10106277aDMET-NO1North District PrimaryLaw Dispatch
10107277bDMET-NO2North District SecondaryLaw Tac
10108277cDEMET-NO3North District Secure OperationsLaw Tac
10109277dDMET-ED1East District Primary Law Dispatch
10110277eDMET-ED2East District Secondary Law Tac
10111277fDEMET-ED3East District Secure Operations Law Tac
101122780DMET-SE1Southeast District PrimaryLaw Dispatch
101132781DMET-SE2Southeast District SecondaryLaw Tac
101142782DEMET-SE3Southeast District Secure OperationsLaw Tac
101152783DMET-SW1Southwest District PrimaryLaw Dispatch
101162784DMET-SW2Southwest District SecondaryLaw Tac
101172785DEMET-SW3Southwest District Secure OperationsLaw Tac
101182786DMET-CD1Downtown District PrimaryLaw Dispatch
101192787DMET-CD2Downtown District SecondaryLaw Tac
101202788DEMET-CD3Downtown District Secure OperationsLaw Tac
101212789DMET-IN1Investigations DispatchLaw Dispatch
10122278aDMET-IN2Investigations 2Law Tac
10123278bDEMET-IN3Investigations 3Law Tac
10124278cDMET-DT1Data Inquiry 1Law Talk
10125278dDMET-DT2Data Inquiry 2Law Talk
10126278eDMET-TF1Traffic 1Law Tac
10127278fDMET-TF2Traffic 2Law Tac
101282790DMET-TN1Training 1Law Talk
101292791DMET-TN2Training 2Law Talk
101302792DMET-HQHeadquarters Law Talk
101342796DEMET-POPublic Information OfficersLaw Tac
101352797DEMET-IAInternal Affairs Law Tac
101362798DEMET-MYRMayoral Protection DetailLaw Tac
101372799DEMET-SO1Countywide Special Operations 1 - ERT MainLaw Tac
10138279aDEMET-SO2Countywide Special Operations 2 - ERT Hostage Negotiation TeamLaw Tac
10139279bDEMET-SO3Countywide Special Operations 3 - ERT Explosives Ordinance RemovalLaw Tac
10140279cDEMET-SO4Countywide Special Operations 4 Law Tac
10141279dDEMET-SO5Countywide Special Operations 5Law Tac
10142279eDEMET-SO6Countywide Special Operations 6Law Tac
10143279fDEMET-SO7Countywide Special Operations 7Law Tac
1014427a0DEMET-CO1Covert Operations 1Law Tac
1014527a1DEMET-CO2Covert Operations 2Law Tac
1014627a2DEMET-CO3Covert Operations 3Law Tac
1014727a3DEMET-CO4Covert Operations 4Law Tac
1014827a4DEMET-CO 5Covert Operations 5Law Tac
1014927a5DEMET-CO6Covert Operations 6Law Tac
1015027a6DEMET-DR1Drug Task Force 1Law Tac
1015127a7DEMET-DR2Drug Task Force 2Law Tac
1015227a8DEMET-DR3Drug Task Force 3Law Tac