System Name: WyoLink
Location: Statewide, CO ID WY
County: 4 Counties
System Type: Project 25 Phase I
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 1A4 WACN: BEE00
Last Updated: November 16, 2023, 2:34 pm CST   [Updated 1 talkgroups for Lincoln County]
System Notes

The statewide mutual aid frequency of 154.8750 MHz will be used at each tower as a conventional "fallback" frequency, should the primary trunking system fail. Moreover, each city, county and state agency can have redundant backup systems and talkaround frequencies of their own if desired. Please see the wiki for trunk tracking information if applicable to your scanner

Each county in the state has a state assigned county number. This includes tax, motor vehicle and other purposes. WyoLink assigns talkgroups based on the same numbering system.

Talkgroup alpha names are known official or subjective names as they fit with the standard structure

County level talkgroups of "Law Enforcement" are usually operated by a countywide dispatch center for all law enforcement agencies within the county. Departments that have their own "talkaround" or "tac" channels will be listed in the city/town the agency operates in. Many counties have countywide talkgroups in which may be shared between the individual fire districts or departments

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name County Freqs
1 (1) 001 (1) Hwy85 South Laramie, WY 154.070c154.1075154.695c154.845155.430c155.5275155.985
1 (1) 002 (2) Fox Farm 800 Laramie, WY 852.2625852.450852.700852.8875853.300853.5375c853.750c
1 (1) 003 (3) Pinkham Mountain Jackson, CO 171.3125c171.4625171.5625172.3125172.6625c  
1 (1) 004 (4) Sherman Hill Albany, WY 154.130154.725154.785155.070c155.190c155.5875c155.850
1 (1) 005 (5) Snow King Teton, WY 150.890c151.0625151.280153.4025155.535c  
1 (1) 006 (6) Hell Hole Bear Lake, ID 171.3125171.3375c171.4625172.3125c172.6625  
1 (1) 007 (7) Cheyenne VHF Laramie, WY 161.825161.850169.625c169.7125c169.775170.075170.3625
1 (1) 008 (8) Oyster Ridge Lincoln, WY 153.7475c153.935156.1275c156.1425170.8625  
1 (1) 009 (9) Signal Mountain Teton, WY 151.1825c151.2425153.0575c153.110155.0175  
1 (1) 010 (A) Albin Laramie, WY 154.325c155.505c155.820155.955156.240  
1 (1) 011 (B) Sage Junction Lincoln, WY 150.980c151.175151.3775151.4675c152.510  
1 (1) 012 (C) Black Mountain Bonneville, ID 150.8975151.415153.410161.850169.7875c170.025c 
1 (1) 013 (D) Russell Hill Laramie, WY 154.010c154.355c155.595c155.625155.670  
1 (1) 014 (E) Salt River Pass Lincoln, WY 151.2575151.2725c153.8975154.3025c170.3625  
1 (1) 015 (F) First Divide Uinta, WY 152.060154.085c154.1075c154.1675155.6625  
1 (1) 016 (10) Whitcomb Hill Laramie, WY 154.770c154.830c154.905c155.0325155.325155.700155.9175
1 (1) 017 (11) Antelope 800 Laramie, WY 855.2125855.4875855.7375855.9875856.4375856.9375c857.2125c
1 (1) 018 (12) Burns 800 Laramie, WY 856.2625856.7125856.9875857.2625857.7125857.9625c858.4375c
1 (1) 019 (13) Hogsback Ridge Sublette, WY 155.0775155.190c155.3925c155.6175c155.7975155.895 
1 (1) 020 (14) Church Buttes Uinta, WY 151.3625c154.2725154.9125c156.060156.210  
1 (1) 021 (15) Strouss Hill Albany, WY 150.890c150.950c151.280153.0275153.4175  
1 (1) 022 (16) Aspen Mountain Sweetwater, WY 150.830c150.935c151.865154.340166.875169.9875 
1 (1) 023 (17) Medicine Butte Uinta, WY 154.1225c154.2125c154.3475154.9275155.1375  
1 (1) 024 (18) South Pass Fremont, WY 153.785c153.890c154.175154.310154.665  
1 (1) 025 (19) Delaney Rim Sweetwater, WY 151.0475c151.190151.220151.3925151.835c  
1 (1) 026 (1A) Aspen Ridge Sublette, WY 151.0175c154.1975155.5425c155.805155.8125  
1 (1) 027 (1B) Narrows Hill Lincoln, WY 151.070c153.8225155.5575c156.0675156.1575  
1 (1) 028 (1C) Archer 800 Laramie, WY 851.1125851.300851.4625851.625851.9875852.1625c852.350c
1 (1) 029 (1D) Jade Mountain Fremont, WY 151.085c151.400c153.845c153.980156.0375  
1 (1) 030 (1E) White Pine Sublette, WY 150.8825c151.0025c151.2125151.2275151.460  
1 (1) 031 (1F) Virgin Hill Platte, WY 151.2575c151.2725153.8975c153.950154.3025  
1 (1) 032 (20) Baggs Hill Carbon, WY 150.8975c150.9425c151.0325153.140153.7625  
1 (1) 033 (21) Rock Springs 800 Sweetwater, WY 854.9625c855.2375c855.4875855.7375855.9875  
1 (1) 034 (22) Divide Hill Carbon, WY 150.9725c151.1675154.250154.3325c155.325  
1 (1) 035 (23) 14 Mile Hill Sweetwater, WY 154.7625c154.920c155.025155.1225155.310  
1 (1) 036 (24) Green River Sweetwater, WY 151.040151.310c154.0025154.1825c154.6725  
1 (1) 037 (25) Nine Mile Hill Carbon, WY 151.1825c151.2425c152.750152.810153.740c  
1 (1) 038 (26) Rawlins Carbon, WY 151.1525c151.3625154.2725155.565156.060c  
1 (1) 039 (27) Wheatland Platte, WY 150.9725c151.1225c155.175161.825161.850  
1 (1) 040 (28) Muddy Gap Carbon, WY 150.8825c151.0025c151.2125151.4375151.460  
1 (1) 041 (29) Halleck Ridge Carbon, WY 154.0925c154.2275c154.965155.655155.715  
1 (1) 042 (2A) Laramie Albany, WY 151.2125c151.2275c151.4375151.460155.2725  
1 (1) 043 (2B) Shirley Mountain Carbon, WY 153.830c153.920c154.625156.000156.0025  
1 (1) 044 (2C) Teton Pass Teton, WY 155.3175c155.5725c155.7975155.925156.1425  
1 (1) 045 (2D) Jay Em Goshen, WY 154.860c154.965c155.085155.1975155.5125  
1 (1) 046 (2E) Torrington Goshen, WY 150.8825151.0025151.2275c151.460c155.745  
2 (2) 001 (1) Casper POE Natrona, WY 150.805c150.9725152.570152.660c153.9125  
2 (2) 002 (2) Pine Ridge Platte, WY 150.920151.055c151.205c153.6425156.2025  
2 (2) 003 (3) 77 Hill Niobrara, WY 153.080c153.8825c154.7625154.7775155.460  
2 (2) 004 (4) Morton Hill Converse, WY 150.775c150.790c151.0925156.195156.225  
2 (2) 005 (5) Casper Mountain VHF Natrona, WY 152.510c152.570152.660153.815154.2125c154.6875155.250
2 (2) 006 (6) Waltman Hill Natrona, WY 150.905c151.3025c153.1925153.755156.0825  
2 (2) 007 (7) Copper Mountain Fremont, WY 153.8225c154.0625154.650c156.1575173.825  
2 (2) 008 (8) Winkleman Dome Fremont, WY 153.7925c153.9875c154.115154.3175154.8375  
2 (2) 009 (9) Windy Ridge Fremont, WY 154.040c155.1375c155.5125155.6025155.9925  
2 (2) 010 (A) Cedar Mountain Park, WY 155.6925c156.165c156.2325169.625169.775  
2 (2) 011 (B) Dead Indian Hill Park, WY 153.2525c153.4625c153.4925170.8125172.1375  
2 (2) 012 (C) Torch Hill Big Horn, WY 151.3475154.025c154.0475154.3625c155.7225  
2 (2) 013 (D) Rattlesnake Ridge Washakie, WY 150.920c151.205153.6425154.0325c156.2025  
2 (2) 014 (E) Banner Ridge Sheridan, WY 150.9725152.540c152.630c154.250154.920  
2 (2) 015 (F) Tisdale Divide Johnson, WY 151.0475151.190c151.220151.3925c153.905  
2 (2) 016 (10) Tisdale Mountain Johnson, WY 151.4075c154.1225c154.190156.030156.0525  
2 (2) 017 (11) Pumpkin Buttes Campbell, WY 151.0175c154.0175c154.1975155.4975c169.7125  
2 (2) 018 (12) Lone Tree Converse, WY 151.040c151.0775c151.310154.160154.6725  
2 (2) 019 (13) Rozet Hill Campbell, WY 153.7775c153.920154.625c155.415156.2175  
2 (2) 020 (14) Chicken Creek Campbell, WY 154.2425c154.3775c154.755155.1975155.4225  
2 (2) 021 (15) Warren Peak Crook, WY 153.6575c169.650c170.025170.8125172.1375  
2 (2) 022 (16) Mount Pisgah Weston, WY 150.8975150.9425151.0325151.475151.925c153.275156.150c
2 (2) 023 (17) Gillette City Park 800 Campbell, WY 851.200c851.750c852.4375c853.0875   
2 (2) 024 (18) Gillette Southeast 800 Campbell, WY 851.475c852.0875c852.750853.3625   
2 (2) 025 (19) Meeteese Park, WY 151.2575c151.2725c153.995154.9275155.685  
2 (2) 026 (1A) Duncan Lake Sheridan, WY 152.060c152.090c152.210152.510c152.810  
2 (2) 027 (1B) Riverton Fremont, WY 154.7625c154.8975c155.490155.9325156.225  
2 (2) 028 (1C) Casper Mountain 800 Natrona, WY 854.9875c855.2125855.7125855.9875c856.2125856.7125857.2125
2 (2) 029 (1D) Thermopolis Hot Springs, WY 150.875151.100151.1975151.2875c151.3325c154.0325 
2 (2) 030 (1E) Orin Junction Converse, WY 154.025c154.130c154.2275154.3175154.3925  
2 (2) 031 (1F) Lander Fremont, WY 151.4825c151.4975c153.800154.340155.2125  
2 (2) 032 (20) Lusk Niobrara, WY 154.1075c154.2425c154.355154.6875154.8225  
2 (2) 033 (21) Sheridan Sheridan, WY 151.3175c154.220155.100155.3625156.1575c  
2 (2) 034 (22) Buffalo Johnson, WY 154.160c154.235c154.355154.8225154.905  
2 (2) 035 (23) Gillette VHF Campbell, WY 154.1375c154.2725c154.385154.9125156.210  
2 (2) 037 (25) Wright Campbell, WY 154.130c154.250c154.7025154.9275155.0475  
2 (2) 038 (26) Douglas Converse, WY 151.3625154.2725154.9125156.060c156.210c  
2 (2) 040 (28) Alcova VHF Natrona, WY 154.4375c154.6725c154.7925154.905155.040  
2 (2) 041 (29) McCullough Peaks Park, WY 152.510c152.540c152.630152.660152.750152.810 
2 (2) 042 (2A) Alcova 800 Natrona, WY 851.225851.275851.6375851.8875852.325852.3875c852.675c
2 (2) 043 (2B) Glenrock 800 Converse, WY 855.2375855.4875855.7375856.2375c856.4875c856.7375856.9875
2 (2) 044 (2C) Bluff Edge Big Horn, WY 154.445c154.6875c154.8525155.1075155.1825  
2 (2) 045 (2D) Little Sheep Mountain Big Horn, WY 154.1825c154.935c155.0475155.2425155.6775  
2 (2) 047 (2F) Alva Crook, WY 155.7075c155.7975c155.8875155.9625156.195  


Multiple Agency Talkgroups

Multiple Agency Talkgroups (MAT) talkgroups are available for use by all WyoLink agencies. MAT 0x: This talkgroup will be used for state-wide multiple agency coordination and communications. This also has been designated the contact channel for any user that has an incident or need for a multiple jurisdiction response involving agencies from multiple regions.
MAT [Zone] 0: State Agencies.
MAT [Zone] 1: Campbell, Crook, Johnson, Sheridan, and Weston Counties.
MAT [Zone] 2: Converse, Natrona, and Niobrara Counties.
MAT [Zone] 3: Albany and Carbon Counties.
MAT [Zone] 4: Lincoln, Sweetwater, and Uinta Counties.
MAT [Zone] 5: Fremont, Sublette, and Teton Counties.
MAT [Zone] 6: Big Horn, Park, Hot Springs, and Washakie Counties.
MAT [Zone] 7: Goshen, Platte, and Laramie Counties.

All County Agency Talkgroups (CAT) talkgroups are available for use by all WyoLink agencies. Individual events will govern the actual assignment and usage of any CAT channel. CAT channels are listed under each county listing.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
101065DMAT 0MAT 0 CallingInterop
102066DMAT 0AMAT 0 Ops AInterop
103067DMAT 0BMAT 0 Ops BInterop
104068DMAT 0CMAT 0 Ops CInterop
1300032c8DMAT 1MAT 1 CallingInterop
1300132c9DMAT 1AMAT 1 Ops AInterop
1300232caDMAT 1BMAT 1 Ops BInterop
1300332cbDMAT 1CMAT 1 Ops CInterop
1300432ccDMAT 2MAT 2 CallingInterop
1300532cdDMAT 2AMAT 2 Ops AInterop
1300632ceDMAT 2BMAT 2 Ops BInterop
1300732cfDMAT 2CMAT 2 Ops CInterop
105069DMAT 3MAT 3 CallingInterop
10606aDMAT 3AMAT 3 Ops AInterop
10706bDMAT 3BMAT 3 Ops BInterop
10806cDMAT 3CMAT 3 Ops CInterop
10906dDMAT 4MAT 4 CallingInterop
11006eDMAT 4AMAT 4 Ops AInterop
11106fDMAT 4BMAT 4 Ops BInterop
112070DMAT 4CMAT 4 Ops CInterop
113071DMAT 5MAT 5 CallingInterop
114072DMAT 5AMAT 5 Ops AInterop
115073DMAT 5BMAT 5 Ops BInterop
116074DMAT 5CMAT 5 Ops CInterop
1300832d0DMAT 6MAT 6 CallingInterop
1300932d1DMAT 6AMAT 6 Ops AInterop
1301032d2DMAT 6BMAT 6 Ops BInterop
1301132d3DMAT 6CMAT 6 Ops CInterop
117075DMAT 7MAT 7 CallingInterop
118076DMAT 7AMAT 7 Ops AInterop
119077DMAT 7BMAT 7 Ops BInterop
120078DMAT 7CMAT 7 Ops CInterop
State Agency Law Enforcement Communications System

SALECS allows the Wyoming Highway Patrol dispatchers to communicate and dispatch - Division of Criminal Investigation, Game & Fish Department, Outfitter Board, Livestock Agents, BLM Law Enforcement, USFS Rangers, State Brand Inspectors and State Park Rangers or any other state or federal agency for dispatch or contact purposes

SALECS 1 - Campbell, Crook, Johnson, Sheridan & Weston Counties
SALECS 2 - Converse, Natrona & Niobrara Counties
SALECS 3 - Albany, Goshen, Laramie & Platte Counties
SALECS 4 - Albany, Carbon & Sweetwater Counties
SALECS 5 - Lincoln, Sweetwater & Unita Counties
SALECS 6 - Lincoln, Sublette & Teton Counties
SALECS 7 - Big Horn, Hot Springs, Park & Washakie Counties
SALECS 8 - Freemont County

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
199004dbcDSALECS 1SALECS 1Law Dispatch
199014dbdDSALECS 2SALECS 2Law Dispatch
64001900DSALECS 3SALECS 3Law Dispatch
64011901DSALECS 4SALECS 4Law Dispatch
64021902DSALECS 5SALECS 5Law Dispatch
64031903DSALECS 6SALECS 6Law Dispatch
199024dbeDSALECS 7SALECS 7Law Dispatch
199034dbfDSALECS 8SALECS 8Law Dispatch
64041904DSALECS 9SALECS 9 Admin 1Law Talk
64051905DSALECS 10SALECS 10 Admin 2Law Talk
64061906DSALECS 11SALECS 11 Admin 3Law Talk
Division A - Cheyenne Division J - Laramie
Division B - Casper Division K - Jackson
Division C - Sheridan Division L - Gillette
Division D - Evanston Division M - Douglas
Division E - Rock Springs Division N - Cody
Division F - Torrington Division O - Cheyenne
Division G - Worland Division P - Elk Mountain
Disivion H - Rawlins Division Q - Sundance
Division I - Lander Division T - Pinedale


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
637618e8DWHP TAC 1Statewide Tactical 1Law Tac
637718e9DEWHP TAC 2 ENCStatewide Tactical 2 SecureLaw Tac
637218e4DWHP AXO 1Troop AXO Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
637318e5DWHP AXO 2Troop AXO Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
637518e7DWHP AXO CarTroop AXO Car/CarLaw Talk
637418e6DEWHP AXO ENCTroop AXO SecureLaw Dispatch
198754da3DWHP BMF 1Troop BMF Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
198764da4DWHP BMF 2Troop BMF Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
198784da6DWHP BMF CarTroop BMF Car/CarLaw Talk
198774da5DEWHP BMF ENCTroop BMF SecureLaw Dispatch
198904db2DWHP F CarTroop F Car/CarLaw Talk
198794da7DWHP CLQ 1Troop CLQ Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
198804da8DWHP CLQ 2Troop CLQ Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
198824daaDWHP CLQ CarTroop CLQ Car/CarLaw Talk
198814da9DEWHP CLQ ENCTroop CLQ SecureLaw Dispatch
638218eeDWHP DE 1Troop DE Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
638318efDWHP DE 2Troop DE Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
638518f1DWHP DE CarTroop DE Car/CarLaw Talk
638418f0DEWHP DE ENCTroop DE SecureLaw Dispatch
198714d9fDWHP ING 1Troop ING Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
198724da0DWHP ING 2Troop ING Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
198744da2DWHP ING CarTroop ING Car/CarLaw Talk
198734da1DEWHP ING ENCTroop ING SecureLaw Dispatch
637818eaDWHP JPH 1Troop JPH Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
637918ebDWHP JPH 2Troop JPH Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
638118edDWHP JPH CarTroop JPH Car/CarLaw Talk
638018ecDEWHP JPH ENCTroop JPH SecureLaw Dispatch
638618f2DWHP TK 1Troop TK Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
638718f3DWHP TK 2Troop TK Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
638918f5DWHP TK CarTroop TK Car/CarLaw Talk
638818f4DEWHP TK ENCTroop TK SecureLaw Dispatch
Department of Corrections
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
57001644DWYDOCCorrections StatwideCorrections
57011645DDOC WSPWyoming State Penitentiary (Rawlins)Corrections
57021646DDOC WMCIWyoming Medium Correctional Institution (Torrington)Corrections
57031647DDOC WHFWyoming Honor Farm (Riverton)Corrections
57041648DDOC WHCCWyoming Honor Conservation Camp & Wyoming Boot Camp (Newcastle)Corrections
57051649DDOC WWCWyoming Women's Center (Lusk)Corrections
Department of Health

The state maintains their own talkgroups for its functions, as well as each county has a PHRC talkgroup for Public Health Response Coordinators to mange public health incidents.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
59601748DWDH 1Health Department 1Public Works
59611749DWDH 2Health Department 2Public Works
5962174aDWDH CYSCheyennePublic Works
5965174dDWDH OEMS TacOffice of EMS TacEMS-Talk
Department of Transportation

District 1 - Albany, Carbon, Laramie counties
District 2 - Converse, Goshen, Natrona, Niobrara, Platte counties
District 3 - Lincoln, Sublette, Sweetwater, Teton, Uinta Counties
District 4 - Campbell, Crook, Johnson, Sheridan, Weston counties
District 5 - Big Horn, Fremont, Hot Springs, Park, Washakie counties

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
658519b9DDOT ALLStatewide All CallPublic Works
658219b6DEDOT SSStatewide SecurePublic Works
657119abDDOT 1District 1 - Dispatch - Laramie (SE WY)Public Works
658019b4DDOT 1RDistrict 1 - RoamingPublic Works
657919b3DDOT 1 CALLDistrict 1 - All CallPublic Works
658119b5DEDOT 1SDistrict 1 - SecurePublic Works
657219acDDOT BAGGDistrict 1 - BaggsPublic Works
657319adDDOT RAWLDistrict 1 - RawlinsPublic Works
657419aeDDOT SARADistrict 1 - SaratogaPublic Works
657519afDDOT ELMODistrict 1 - Elk MountainPublic Works
657619b0DDOT MEBODistrict 1 - Medicine BowPublic Works
657719b1DDOT ARLIDistrict 1 - ArlingtonPublic Works
657819b2DDOT LARWDistrict 1 - Laramie WestPublic Works
658319b7DDOT LAREDistrict 1 - Laramie EastPublic Works
658419b8DDOT CH80District 1 - Cheyenne I-80Public Works
659019beDDOT CH25District 1 - Cheyenne I-25Public Works
659119bfDDOT PIBLDistrict 1 - Pine BluffsPublic Works
200714e67DDOT 2District 2 - Dispatch - Casper (E Central WY)Public Works
200804e70DDOT 2RDistrict 2 - RoamingPublic Works
200794e6fDDOT 2 CALLDistrict 2 - All CallPublic Works
200814e71DEDOT 2SDistrict 2 - SecurePublic Works
200724e68DDOT KAYCDistrict 2 - KayceePublic Works
200734e69DDOT MIDWDistrict 2 - MidwestPublic Works
200744e6aDDOT CASPDistrict 2 - CasperPublic Works
200754e6bDDOT DOUGDistrict 2 - DouglasPublic Works
200764e6cDDOT WHEADistrict 2 - WheatlandPublic Works
200774e6dDDOT CHUGDistrict 2 - ChugwaterPublic Works
200784e6eDDOT TORRDistrict 2 - TorringtonPublic Works
200824e72DDOT LUSKDistrict 2 - LuskPublic Works
200874e77DDOT MUGADistrict 2 - Muddy GapPublic Works
200884e78DDOT SHRIDistrict 2 - Shirley RimPublic Works
658619baDDOT 3District 3 - Dispatch - Rock Springs (SW WY)Public Works
659519c3DDOT 3RDistrict 3 - RoamingPublic Works
659419c2DDOT 3 CALLDistrict 3 - All CallPublic Works
659619c4DEDOT 3SDistrict 3 - SecurePublic Works
658719bbDDOT EVANDistrict 3 - EvanstonPublic Works
658819bcDDOT LYMADistrict 3 - LymanPublic Works
658919bdDDOT GRANDistrict 3 - GrangerPublic Works
659219c0DDOT ROSPDistrict 3 - Rock SpringsPublic Works
659319c1DDOT PINEDistrict 3 - PinedalePublic Works
659719c5DDOT PADRDistrict 3 - Patrick DrawPublic Works
659819c6DDOT WAMSDistrict 3 - WamsutterPublic Works
659919c7DDOT JACKDistrict 3 - JacksonPublic Works
660019c8DDOT AFTODistrict 3 - AftonPublic Works
660119c9DDOT COKEDistrict 3 - CokevillePublic Works
660219caDDOT KEMMDistrict 3 - KemmererPublic Works
660319cbDDOT LABADistrict 3 - La BargePublic Works
660419ccDDOT FARSDistrict 3 - FarsonPublic Works
200834e73DDOT 4District 4 - Dispatch - Sheridan (NE WY)Public Works
200924e7cDDOT 4RDistrict 4 - RoamingPublic Works
200914e7bDDOT 4 CALLDistrict 4 - All CallPublic Works
200934e7dDEDOT 4SDistrict 4 - SecurePublic Works
200844e74DDOT SHERDistrict 4 - SheridanPublic Works
200854e75DDOT BUFFDistrict 4 - BuffaloPublic Works
200864e76DDOT GILLDistrict 4 - GillettePublic Works
200894e79DDOT MOORDistrict 4 - MoorcroftPublic Works
200904e7aDDOT SUNDDistrict 4 - SundancePublic Works
200944e7eDDOT BUJUDistrict 4 - Burgess JunctionPublic Works
200954e7fDDOT POCRDistrict 4 - Pole CreekPublic Works
201004e84DDOT REJUDistrict 4 - Reno JunctionPublic Works
201014e85DDOT HULEDistrict 4 - HulettPublic Works
201024e86DDOT NEWCDistrict 4 - NewcastlePublic Works
200964e80DDOT 5District 5 - Dispatch - Basin (NW WY)Public Works
201054e89DDOT 5RDistrict 5 - RoamingPublic Works
201044e88DDOT 5 CALLDistrict 5 - All CallPublic Works
201064e8aDEDOT 5SDistrict 5 - SecurePublic Works
200974e81DDOT CODYDistrict 5 - CodyPublic Works
200984e82DDOT LOVEDistrict 5 - LovellPublic Works
200994e83DDOT MEETDistrict 5 - MeeteetsePublic Works
201034e87DDOT BASIDistrict 5 - BasinPublic Works
201074e8bDDOT WORLDistrict 5 - WorlandPublic Works
201084e8cDDOT TENSDistrict 5 - Ten SleepPublic Works
201094e8dDDOT THERDistrict 5 - ThermopolisPublic Works
201104e8eDDOT SHOSDistrict 5 - ShoshoniPublic Works
201114e8fDDOT RIVEDistrict 5 - RivertonPublic Works
201124e90DDOT LANDDistrict 5 - LanderPublic Works
201134e91DDOT SOPADistrict 5 - South PassPublic Works
201144e92DDOT DUBODistrict 5 - DuboisPublic Works
1001DWyoLink 1WyoLink 1Public Works
3003DWyoLink 2WyoLink 2Public Works
5005DWyoLink 3WyoLink 3Public Works
7007DWyoLink 4WyoLink 4Public Works
13099332bDWyoLink 5WyoLink 5Public Works
663519ebDTelecom 1Telecom 1Public Works
663619ecDTelecom 2Telecom 2Public Works
663719edDMicrowaveMicrowavePublic Works
663919efDDOT Radio TechsRadio TechsPublic Works
21015DSystem Test 1System Testing 1Public Works
Game & Fish Department
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
59101716DWY GF 1Game & Fish 1Law Tac
194104bd2DWY GF 2Game & Fish 2Law Tac
194114bd3DWY GF 3Game & Fish 3Law Tac
59111717DWY GF 4Game & Fish 4Law Tac
59121718DWY GF 5Game & Fish 5Law Tac
194124bd4DWY GF 6Game & Fish 6Law Tac
194134bd5DWY GF 7Game & Fish 7Law Tac
59131719DWY GF 8Game & Fish 8Law Tac
5914171aDWY GF AdminAdminstrationLaw Talk
5915171bDWY GF StateStatewideLaw Talk
5916171cDWY GF CarCar/CarLaw Tac
Office of Homeland Security
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
610417d8DWYOHS All CallAll CallEmergency Ops
610217d6DWYOHS Ops AOperations AEmergency Ops
610317d7DWYOHS Ops BOperations BEmergency Ops
610617daDWYOHS TechsTechsEmergency Ops
610117d5DWYOHS AdminAdministrationEmergency Ops
62011839DWYOHS-01Natrona CountyEmergency Ops
6202183aDWYOHS-02Laramie CountyEmergency Ops
6203183bDWYOHS-03Sheridan CountyEmergency Ops
6204183cDWYOHS-04Sweetwater CountyEmergency Ops
6205183dDWYOHS-05Albany CountyEmergency Ops
6206183eDWYOHS-06Carbon CountyEmergency Ops
6207183fDWYOHS-07Goshen CountyEmergency Ops
62081840DWYOHS-08Platte CountyEmergency Ops
62091841DWYOHS-09Big Horn CountyEmergency Ops
62101842DWYOHS-10Fremont CountyEmergency Ops
62111843DWYOHS-11Park CountyEmergency Ops
62121844DWYOHS-12Lincoln CountyEmergency Ops
62131845DWYOHS-13Converse CountyEmergency Ops
62141846DWYOHS-14Niobrara CountyEmergency Ops
62151847DWYOHS-15Hot Springs CountyEmergency Ops
62161848DWYOHS-16Johnson CountyEmergency Ops
62171849DWYOHS-17Campbell CountyEmergency Ops
6218184aDWYOHS-18Crook CountyEmergency Ops
6219184bDWYOHS-19Uinta CountyEmergency Ops
6220184cDWYOHS-20Washakie CountyEmergency Ops
6221184dDWYOHS-21Weston CountyEmergency Ops
6222184eDWYOHS-22Teton CountyEmergency Ops
6223184fDWYOHS-23Sublette CountyEmergency Ops
State Engineer's Office

State Engineer's Office handles all matters concerning water resources in the state

Division 1 - Casper, Cheyenne, Douglas, Saratoga, Torrington, Wheatland
Division 2 - Dayton, Kaycee, Sheridan, Sundance
Division 3 - Burlington, Greybull, Lovell, Meeteetse, Riverton, Thermopolis, Worland
Division 4 - Afton, Alta, Big Piney, Cokeville, Evanston, Jackson, Kemmerer, Lyman, Mountain View, Pinedale

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
583016c6DWY SEO 1State Engineer 1Public Works
193304b82DWY SEO 2State Engineer 2Public Works
193314b83DWY SEO 3State Engineer 3Public Works
583116c7DWY SEO 4State Engineer 4Public Works
583216c8DWY SEO StatewideStatewidePublic Works
583316c9DWY SEO SupvsrSupervisorsPublic Works
State Forestry Division

The Forestry Division is responsible for the management of approximately 263,000 acres of forested trust land across the state. The Division is headquartered in Cheyenne, and has field offices in Newcastle, Casper, Laramie, Riverton, Buffalo, Pinedale, and Lyman. The Forestry Conservation program utilizes inmates for forestry projects and firefighting and is located in Newcastle. The current district map can be found at Wyoming State Forestry Division

District 1 - Crook, Niobrara and Weston counties
District 2 - Albany, Carbon, Converse, Goshen, Laramie, Natrona and Platte counties
District 3 - Big Horn, Fremont, Hot Springs, Park and Washakie counties
District 4 - Lincoln, Sublette, Sweetwater, Teton and Unita counties
District 5 - Campbell, Johnson and Sheridan counties

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
193914bbfDWY Forestry 1District 1 NewcastleFire Dispatch
193924bc0DWY Forestry 2District 2 LaramieFire Dispatch
193934bc1DWY Forestry 3District 3 RivertonFire Dispatch
193944bc2DWY Forestry 4District 4 PinedaleFire Dispatch
193954bc3DWY Forestry 5District 5 BuffaloFire Dispatch
193904bbeDWY Forest StateStatewideFire-Tac
193964bc4DWY Forestry HeliHelitactFire-Tac
193974bc5DWY Forest H CampHonor CampFire-Talk
193984bc6DWY Forest H FarmHonor FarmFire-Talk
State Parks and Historic Sites

Wyoming Division of State Parks and Historic Sites, also known as WYO PARKS, is responsible for all state parks and historical sites within the state. Law enforcement rangers/operations may be heard on the SALCES talkgroups.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
198004d58DWY Parks 1Parks 1Public Works
198014d59DWY Parks 2Parks 2Public Works
6300189cDWY Parks 3Parks 3Public Works
6301189dDWY Parks 4Parks 4Public Works
6302189eDWY Parks 5Parks 5Public Works
6303189fDWY Parks 6Parks 6Public Works
198024d5aDWY Parks 7Parks 7Public Works
198034d5bDWY Parks 8Parks 8Public Works
630418a0DWY Parks AdminAdministrationPublic Works
630518a1DWY Parks StatewdStatewidePublic Works
Wyoming Hosptial Assoication

WHA serves as the voice of Wyoming hospitals before local, state, regional and national legislative and regulatory bodies, the media and the general public

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
5980175cDHA MED CENCentralHospital
5981175dDHA MED NENortheastHospital
5982175eDHA MED SESoutheastHospital
5983175fDHA MED NWNorthweswtHospital
59841760DHA MED SWSouthwestHospital
Wyoming Livestock Board

The Wyoming Livestock Board is responsible for livestock branding, inspection, health and enforcement of such laws

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
608017c0DWLSB-LELaw EnforcementLaw Dispatch
608117c1DWLSB-BRBrandingPublic Works
608217c2DWLSB-AHAnimal HealthPublic Works
Wyoming Military Department

The The Wyoming Military Department is the home of the Wyoming Army National Guard, Wyoming Air National Guard, and Veterans Commission. Also see conventional channels for WANG under the Wyoming Federal conventional database. This section comprises elements of the WY Air National Guard located in Cheyenne, the 84th Civil Support Team, Civil Air Patrol and other associated units. As such these talkgroups may be heard anywhere in the state supporting disasters and other emergency operations.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
5002138aDWANG SecuritySecurityMilitary
5003138bDWANG FireFireMilitary
5004138cDWANG MD 1Military Department 1Military
5005138dDWANG MD 2Military Department 2Military
5006138eDWANG MD 3Military Department 3Military
5007138fDWANG MD 4Military Department 4Military
50081390DWANG MD 5Military Department 5Military
50091391DWANG MD 6Military Department 6Military
50101392DWANG MD 7Military Department 7Military
50111393DWANG MD 8Military Department 8Military
50121394DWANG MD 9Military Department 9Military
50141396DeWANG 84 CST 184th Civil Support Team 1Military
50151397DeWANG 84 CST 284th Civil Support Team 2Military
50161398DeWANG 84 CST 384th Civil Support Team 3Military
50131395DeWANG 84 All Call84th Civil Support Team All CallMilitary
50011389DWANG AdminAdminstrationMilitary
Wyoming Office of the Attorney General

DCI conducts investigations at the request of a local police department, sheriff's office or the county or district attorney of jurisdiction - as well as shall investigations at the direction of the Governor, violations of the Wyoming Controlled Substance Act and organized criminal activity that crosses jurisdictional boundaries of local law enforcement agencies. DCI also maintains the state criminal labs as well as advanced law enforcement/federal investigations. It is a division of the Wyoming State Attorney General's Office. Majority of comms are encypted however in the clear non-sensitive traffic may be heard.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
57301662DeDCI 1Division of Criminal Investigation 1Law Tac
57311663DeDCI 2Division of Criminal Investigation 2Law Tac
57321664DeDCI 3Division of Criminal Investigation 3Law Tac
57331665DeDCI 4Division of Criminal Investigation 4Law Tac
57341666DeDCI 5Division of Criminal Investigation 5Law Tac
57351667DeDCI 6Division of Criminal Investigation 6Law Tac
57361668DeDCI 7Division of Criminal Investigation 7Law Tac
202704f2eDWLEA-1Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy-1Law Talk
202714f2fDWLEA-2Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy-2Law Talk
Medical Helicopters
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
262106D02-AIR LIFEAir LifeEMS Dispatch
664819f8D02-LFLNUCHeath LifelineEMS Dispatch
4361b4D04-AIRMEDAirMedEMS Dispatch
Bureau of Land Management

The BLM in Wyoming manages federal land for wide-open spaces, scenic vistas, world class wildlife, cultural treasures and extraordinary energy reserves. BLM maintains law enforcement rangers as well as wildland fire response. District Offices incluce High Desert District Office in Rock Springs, High Plains District Offices in Casper and Wind River/Bighorn Basin District Office in Worland - with field offices located in each district. Talkgroups with "01" prefix are BLM Casper area operations.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
42131075DBLM LELaw Enforcement RangersFederal
42001068DBLM Rock SprgsRock Springs Field OfficeFederal
42011069DBLM KemmererKemmerer Field OfficeFederal
4202106aDBLM PinedalePinedale Field OfficeFederal
4203106bDBLM CasperCasper Field OfficeFederal
4204106cDBLM BuffaloBuffalo Field OfficeFederal
4205106dDBLM NewcastleNewcastle Field OfficeFederal
4206106eDBLM RawlinsRawlins Field OfficeFederal
4207106fDBLM WorlandWorland Field OfficeFederal
42081070DBLM CodyCody Field OfficeFederal
42091071DBLM LanderLander Field OfficeFederal
42121074DBLM WRBFWind River/Big Horn Basin FireFederal
42101072DBLM HDDFHigh Desert District FireFederal
42111073DBLM HPDFHigh Plains District FireFederal
42141076DBLM RADRADFederal
42151077DEBLM LESLaw Enforcement - SecureFederal
131093335D01-BLM DISP 1Casper Dispatch 1Federal
131103336D01-BLM DISP 2Casper Dispatch 2Federal
131083334D01-BLM CREWCasper CrewFederal
Department of Agriculture

The US Department of Agriculture is responsible for the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) and Veterinary Services Endorsement Office. These services certifies animals and plants for entry into the United States and other related services.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
480012c0DUSDA WYStatewideFederal
480112c1DUSDA SWSouthwestFederal
480212c2DUSDA SESoutheastFederal
18301477dDUSDA NWNorthwestFederal
18302477eDUSDA NENortheastFederal
480312c3DUSDA TAC ATac AFederal
480412c4DUSDA TAC BTac BFederal
Department of Justice
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
44061136DEATF 1Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives 1Federal
44071137DEATF 2Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives 2Federal
44201144DEUSMS 1United States Marshals Service 1Federal
44211145DEUSMS 2United States Marshals Service 2Federal
44221146DEUSMS 3United States Marshals Service 3Federal
Department of Veterans Affairs
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52211465DVA-Cheyenne1Security 1 - CheyenneFederal
52221466DVA-Cheyenne2Security 2 - CheyenneFederal
Drug Enforcement Administration

These are believed to be DEA talkgroups, generally encrypted.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4412113cDeDEA WY 1Statewide 1Federal
4413113dDeDEA WY 2Statewide 2Federal
4410113aDeDEA CheyenneCheyenneFederal
4411113bDeDEA LaramieLaramieFederal
1791045f6DeDEA CasperCasperFederal
Federal Bureau of Investigation

These are believed to be FBI talkgroups, generally encrypted

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
44021132DeFBI SP 1SP 1Federal
44091139DeFBI SP 2SP 2Federal
4414113eDeFBI SP 3SP 3Federal
44001130DeFBI CheyenneCheyenneFederal
44031133DeFBI CasperCasperFederal
44041134DeFBI JacksonJacksonFederal
44051135DeFBI LanderLanderFederal
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
481012caDUSFS MediceneBowMedicene Bow National ForestFederal
183104786DUSFS Big HornBighorn National ForestFederal
183114787DUSFS ShoshoneShoshone National ForestFederal
183124788DUSFS Black HillsBlack Hills National ForestFederal
Immigration & Customs Enforcement
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
460011f8DeICE CheyenneCheyenneFederal
460111f9DeICE West CentralWest/CentralFederal
460211faDeICE ENCSecureFederal
460311fbDeICE TACTacticalFederal
Internal Revenue Service
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
5210145aDIRS 1IRS 1Federal
5211145bDIRS 2IRS 2Federal
National Weather Service
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52011451DNWS CHYCheyenne Forecast OfficeFederal
52021452DNWS SLCSalt Lake Forcast OfficeFederal
18701490dDNWS BILBillings Forecast OfficeFederal
18702490eDNWS RIVRiverton Forecast OfficeFederal
18703490fDNWS RCRapid City Forecast OfficeFederal
Wind River Indian Reservation

The Wind River Indian Reservation constitutes just over one-third of Fremont County and over one-fifth of Hot Springs County encompassing a land area of 3473 square miles located in the Wind River Basin and is surrounded by the Wind River Mountain Range, Owl Creek Mountains, and the Absaroka Mountains. Communities include Arapahoe, Boulder Flats, Crowheart, Ethete, Fort Washakie (tribal headquarters), Hudson, Johnstown. As most of the reservation is located in Fremont County, the talkgroups carry "10" series designations.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1375735bdD10-WRPDWind River PoliceLaw Dispatch
1377935d3D10-WREMAWind River EMAEmergency Ops
1376035c0D10-TPHTribal Public HealthPublic Works
1378035d4D10-TPWTribal Public WorksPublic Works
137163594D10-BIA OpsBureau of Indian Affairs OpsFederal
1376435c4D10-BIA TAC 1Bureau of Indian Affairs Tac 1Federal
137173595D10-BIA TAC 2Bureau of Indian Affairs Tac 2Federal
137183596D10-BIA TAC 3Bureau of Indian Affairs Tac 3Federal
137193597D10-BIA TAC 4Bureau of Indian Affairs Tac 4Federal
1375935bfD10-BIA FDBureau of Indian Affairs FireFire Dispatch
1375635bcD10-IHSIndian Health ServiceFederal
1375835beD10-HSSBIA HSSFederal
United States Air Force
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
510913f5DFE Warren FireFE Warren FireFire Dispatch

Albany County fire departments, with the exception of the City of Laramie, operate independently from each other but all are under the purview of the Albany County Fire District 1 for administrative purposes

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
610262D05-LE 1Law Enforcement 1Law Dispatch
611263D05-TAC 1Law Enforcement Tac 1Law Tac
612264D05-TAC 2Law Enforcement Tac 2Law Tac
613265D05-TAC 3Law Enforcement Tac 3Law Tac
614266D05-TAC 4Law Enforcement Tac 4Law Tac
626272D05-LE ACLaw Enforcement All CallLaw Talk
640280D05-ACSOSheriff Car/CarLaw Talk
600258D05-FIRE 1Fire 1Fire Dispatch
601259D05-FIRE 2Fire 2Fire-Tac
60225aD05-FIRE 3Fire 3Fire-Tac
60325bD05-FIRE 4Fire 4Fire-Tac
60425cD05-FIRE 5Fire 5Fire-Tac
609261D05-FIRE NFire NorthFire-Tac
60525dD05-FIRE ACFire All CallFire-Tac
630276D05-VVFDVedauwoo FireFire-Tac
631277D05-LLVFDLittle Laramie Valley FDFire-Tac
632278D05-RRVFDRock River FireFire-Tac
633279D05-CVVFDCentennial Valley FDFire-Tac
63427aD05-TSVFDTie Siding FireFire-Tac
63527bD05-BLVFDBig Laramie FDFire-Tac
63627cD05-SYBILLESybille Fire ZoneFire-Tac
63727dD05-GARRETTGarrett Fire ZoneFire-Tac
63827eD05-LARPEAKLaramie Peak Fire ZoneFire-Tac
608260D05-MED SEEMSEMS Dispatch
624270D05-EMAEmergency ManagementEmergency Ops
625271D05-PHRCPublic Health Response CoordinatorsPublic Works
627273D05-PWPublic WorksPublic Works
617269D05-PW 1Public Works 1Public Works
61826aD05-PW 2Public Works 2Public Works
61926bD05-PW 3Public Works 3Public Works
62026cD05-PW 4Public Works 4Public Works
62126dD05-PW SPublic Works SupervisorsPublic Works
62226eD05-RB 1Road & Bridge 1Public Works
62326fD05-RB 2Road & Bridge 2Public Works
628274D05-RB 3Road & Bridge 3Public Works
148094D05-CAT 1County Mutual Aid 1Interop
149095D05-CAT 2County Mutual Aid 2Interop
150096D05-CAT 3County Mutual Aid 3Interop
151097D05-CAT 4County Mutual Aid 4Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
63927fD05-LPDPolice Car/CarLaw Tac
60725fD05-IMHIvinson Memorial HospitalHospital
University of Wyoming
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
615267D05-UWPD 1Police 1Law Dispatch
629275D05-UWPD 2Police 2Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1350334bfD09-SOSheriffLaw Dispatch
1350434c0D09-SO TAC 1Sheriff Tac 1Law Tac
1350534c1D09-SO ENCSheriff SecureLaw Talk
1352334d3D09-FD TAC 1Fire Tac 1Fire-Tac
1352434d4D09-FD TAC 2Fire Tac 2Fire-Tac
1352534d5D09-EMS 1EMS 1EMS Dispatch
1352934d9D09-EMS 2EMS 2EMS-Tac
1352634d6D09-EMA 1Emergency Management 1Emergency Ops
1352734d7D09-EMA 2Emergency Management 2Emergency Ops
1351634ccD09-N SARSearch & Rescue NorthEmergency Ops
1351534cbD09-S SARSearch & Rescue SouthEmergency Ops
1350034bcD09-PHRCPublic Health Response CoordinatorsPublic Works
1352834d8D09-CORONERCoronerPublic Works
1302832e4D09-CAT 1County Mutual Aid 1Interop
1302932e5D09-CAT 2County Mutual Aid 2Interop
1303032e6D09-CAT 3County Mutual Aid 3Interop
1303132e7D09-CAT 4County Mutual Aid 4Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1350634c2D09-BPDPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
1350734c3D09-BPD TAC 1Police Tac 1Law Tac
1350834c4D09-BPD ENCPolice SecureLaw Talk
1351734cdD09-BSNFDFireFire Dispatch
1350134bdD09-SBHCSouth Big Horn County HospitalHospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1351934cfD09-BURFDFireFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1350934c5D09-GPDPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
1351034c6D09-GPD TAC 1Police Tac 1Law Tac
1351134c7D09-GPD ENCPolice SecureLaw Talk
1351834ceD09-GFDFireFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1351234c8D09-LPDPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
1351334c9D09-LPD TAC 1Police Tac 1Law Tac
1351434caD09-LPD ENCPolice SecureLaw Talk
1352134d1D09-LFDFireFire Dispatch
1350234beD09-NBHHNorth Big Horn HosptialHospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1352034d0D09-SFDFireFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
149073a3bD17-SO 1Sheriff 1Law Dispatch
149083a3cD17-SO 2Sheriff 2Law Tac
149143a42D17-SO TAC 1Sheriff Tac 1Law Tac
149153a43D17-SO TAC 2Sheriff Tac 2Law Tac
149133a41D17-SO INVSheriff InvestigationsLaw Talk
149173a45D17-SO SPSheriff SPLaw Talk
149163a44D17-SO JAILSheriff JailCorrections
149093a3dD17-FDFire DispatchFire Dispatch
149263a4eD17-FD OPS 1Fire Ops 1Fire-Tac
149273a4fD17-FD OPS 2Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
149283a50D17-FD OPS 3Fire Ops 3Fire-Tac
149293a51D17-FD TRAINFire TrainingFire-Talk
149303a52D17-FD COMMONFire CommonFire-Talk
149103a3eD17-EMSEMSEMS Dispatch
149203a48D17-EMA 1Emergency Management 1Emergency Ops
149213a49D17-EMA 2Emergency Management 2Emergency Ops
149033a37D17-PHRCPublic Health Response CoordinatorsPublic Works
149193a47D17-CCPHSPublic HealthPublic Works
149223a4aD17-CCPWPublic WorksPublic Works
149233a4bD17-CCRBRoad & BridgePublic Works
149003a34D17-CCSD 1County School District Ch 1Schools
149013a35D17-CCSD 2County School District Ch 2Schools
149023a36D17-CCSD 3County School District Ch 3Schools
130563300D17-CAT 1County Mutual Aid 1Interop
130573301D17-CAT 2County Mutual Aid 2Interop
130583302D17-CAT 3County Mutual Aid 3Interop
130593303D17-CAT 4County Mutual Aid 4Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
149043a38D17-GPD 1Police 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
149063a3aD17-GPD 2Police 2Law Tac
149053a39D17-GPD DETPolice DetectivesLaw Tac
149113a3fD17-GPD ADMPolice AdministrationLaw Talk
201154e93D17-GFD-EMS-PAGEFire/EMS PageFire Dispatch
149253a4dD17-GEMSEMSEMS Dispatch
149123a40D17-CCMHCampbell County Memorial HospitalHospital
149313a53D17-GPWPublic WorksPublic Works
149243a4cD17-GCCGillette Community CollegeSchools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
149183a46D17-WEMSEMSEMS Dispatch
149323a54D17-WPDPublic WorksPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
81132bD06-CCSO 1Sheriff 1Law Dispatch
81532fD06-CCSO 2Sheriff 2Law Tac
816330D06-CCSO ENCSheriff SecureLaw Talk
81032aD06-CCFDFire DispatchFire Dispatch
82933dD06-CCFD PVFire Platte ValleyFire-Tac
83033eD06-CCFD EFire EastFire-Tac
83133fD06-CCFD WFire WestFire-Tac
809329D06-EMSEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
825339D06-EMS NWEMS NorthwestEMS-Tac
82633aD06-EMS NEEMS NortheastEMS-Tac
82733bD06-EMS SEEMS SoutheastEMS-Tac
82833cD06-EMS SWEMS SouthwestEMS-Tac
81232cD06-EMAEmergency ManagementEmergency Ops
639118f7D06-C/CCounty Car-to-CarMulti-Talk
832340D06-CCRB 1Road & Bridge 1Public Works
833341D06-CCRB 2Road & Bridge 2Public Works
835343D06-SchoolsCounty School DistrictSchools
152098D06-CAT 1County Mutual Aid 1Interop
153099D06-CAT 2County Mutual Aid 2Interop
15409aD06-CAT 3County Mutual Aid 3Interop
15509bD06-CAT 4County Mutual Aid 4Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
820334D06-BAGPD 1Police 1Law Dispatch
821335D06-BAGPD 2Police 2Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
817331D06-HANPDTown MarshallLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
805325D06-RPD 1Police 1Law Dispatch
806326D06-RPD 2Police 2Law Tac
807327D06-RPD 3Police 3Law Tac
808328D06-RPD ENCPolice SecureLaw Talk
803323D06-RFD 1Fire 1Fire Dispatch
804324D06-RFD TAC 1Fire Tac 1Fire-Tac
801321D06-MHCCMemorial Hospital of Carbon CountyHospital
81332dD06-RPW 1Public Works 1Public Works
81432eD06-RPW 2Public Works 2Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
818332D06-SARPD 1Police 1Law Dispatch
819333D06-SARPD 2Police 2Law Tac
802322D06-PVMCPlatte Valley Medical ClinicHospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
823337D06-SINPD 1Police 1Law Dispatch
824338D06-SINPD 2Police 2Law Tac
Converse and Douglas Counties
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
141043718D13-Law 1Law 1Law Dispatch
141193727D13-Law 2Law 2Law Dispatch
141203728DE13-Law Tac 3Law Tac 3Law Tac
141153723DE13-JailJailLaw Talk
14108371cD13-FD/EMSFire/EMS OperationsFire Dispatch
141133721D13-FD Tac 2Fire Tac 2Fire-Tac
14111371fD13-FD Tac 5Fire Tac 5Fire-Tac
141143722D13-SAR TacSearch and RescueFire-Tac
14110371eD13-EMAEmergency ManagementEmergency Ops
141013715D13-MHCCMemorial Hospital of Converse CountyHospital
141213729D13-MEDCENMedical CenterHospital
141003714D13-PHRCPublic Health Response CoordinatorsPublic Works
14122372aD13-PHPublic HealthPublic Works
141023716D13-CCRB 1Road & Bridge 1Public Works
141033717D13-CCRB 2Road & Bridge 2Public Works
1304032f0D13-CAT 1County Mutual Aid 1Interop
1304132f1D13-CAT 2County Mutual Aid 2Interop
1304232f2D13-CAT 3County Mutual Aid 3Interop
1304332f3D13-CAT 4County Mutual Aid 4Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
14106371aD13-GPD 1Police 1Law Dispatch
141173725D13-GPD 2Police 2Law Tac
141183726D13-GPD ENCPolice SecureLaw Talk
14109371dD13-GFDFireFire Dispatch
141163724D13-GFD TACFire TacFire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
151063b02D18-SOSheriffLaw Dispatch
151003afcD18-PHRCPublic Health Response CoordinatorsPublic Works
151103b06D18-SD1Crook County School District #1 - SundanceSchools
130603304D18-CAT 1County Mutual Aid 1Interop
130613305D18-CAT 2County Mutual Aid 2Interop
130623306D18-CAT 3County Mutual Aid 3Interop
130633307D18-CAT 4County Mutual Aid 4Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
151013afdD18-CCMSCrook County Medical ServicesHospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
137203598D10-SO 1Sheriff 1Law Dispatch
137213599D10-SO 1 TAC 1Sheriff 1 Tac 1Law Tac
13722359aD10-SO 1 TAC 2Sheriff 1 Tac 2Law Tac
13724359cD10-SO 2Sheriff 2Law Tac
13725359dD10-SO 2 TAC 1Sheriff 2 Tac 1Law Tac
13726359eD10-SO 2 TAC 2Sherrif 2 Tac 2Law Tac
13727359fD10-SO 2 TAC 3Sheriff 2 Tac 3Law Tac
13723359bDE10-SO ENCSheriff SecureLaw Tac
1372835a0D10-FCFD 1County Fire 1Fire Dispatch
1372935a1D10-FCFD 2County Fire 2Fire-Tac
1373035a2D10-FCFD 3County Fire 3Fire-Tac
1373135a3D10-FCFD 4County Fire 4Fire-Tac
1373235a4D10-EMS 1County EMS 1EMS Dispatch
1373335a5D10-EMS TAC 2County EMS 2 TacticalEMS-Tac
1373435a6D10-EMS TAC 3County EMS 3 TacticalEMS-Tac
1373535a7D10-EMS TAC 4County EMS 4 TacticalEMS-Tac
1374235aeD10-SARSearch & RescueEmergency Ops
1374335afD10-SAR TAC 1Search & Rescue Tac 1Emergency Ops
1374435b0D10-SAR TAC 2Search & Rescue Tac 2Emergency Ops
1374535b1D10-SAR TAC 3Search & Rescue Tac 3Emergency Ops
1375235b8D10-SAR TAC 4Search & Rescue Tac 4Emergency Ops
1374635b2D10-EMAEmergency ManagementEmergency Ops
1374735b3D10-EMA 1Emergency Management 1Emergency Ops
1374835b4D10-EMA 2Emergency Management 2Emergency Ops
1374935b5D10-EMA 3Emergency Management 3Emergency Ops
1376235c2D10-FCPHPublic HealthPublic Works
1373835aaD10-EVNT ACCounty Events All CallMulti-Tac
1373935abD10-EVNT 1County Events 1Multi-Tac
1374035acD10-EVNT 2County Events 2Multi-Tac
1374135adD10-EVNT 3County Events 3Multi-Tac
1375135b7D10-EVNT 4County Events 4Multi-Tac
1375335b9D10-PWPublic WorksPublic Works
1375435baD10-PW 1Public Works 1Public Works
1375535bbD10-PW 2Public Works 2Public Works
1378335d7D10-SD24 ACTSchool District 24 ActivitiesSchools
1378435d8D10-SD24 RUTSchool District 24 RUTSchools
1378735dbD10-SchoolsSchool DistrictSchools
1303232e8D10-CAT 1County Mutual Aid 1Interop
1303332e9D10-CAT 2County Mutual Aid 2Interop
1303432eaD10-CAT 3County Mutual Aid 3Interop
1303532ebD10-CAT 4County Mutual Aid 4Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1376135c1D10-DFD 1Fire 1Fire Dispatch
1377735d1D10-DFD 2Fire 2Fire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
13708358cD10-LPD 1Police 1Law Dispatch
13709358dD10-LPD 2Police 2Law Tac
13710358eD10-LPD 3Police 3Law Talk
13711358fD10-LPD 4Police 4Law Tac
137123590D10-LFDFire DispatchFire Dispatch
137133591D10-LFD TAC 1Fire Tac 1Fire-Tac
137143592D10-LFD TAC 2Fire Tac 2Fire-Tac
137153593D10-LFD TAC 3Fire Tac 3Fire-Tac
1375035b6D10-LVFDLander Valley FireFire Dispatch
1373735a9D10-LRH2Lander Valley Medical CenterHospital
1376835c8D10-LRHLander Regional HospitalHospital
1376335c3D10-LPW 1Public Works 1Public Works
1378135d5D10-LPW 2Public Works 2Public Works
1378235d6D10-LPW 3Public Works 3Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
137003584D10-RPD 1Police 1Law Dispatch
137013585D10-RPD 2Police 2Law Tac
137023586D10-RPD 3Police 3Law Tac
137033587D10-RPD 4Police 4Law Tac
1376535c5D10-RPD TAC 1Police Tac 1Law Tac
1376635c6D10-RPD TAC 2Police Tac 2Law Tac
1376735c7D10-RPD ENCPolice SecureLaw Talk
137043588D10-RFD 1Fire 1Fire Dispatch
137053589D10-RFD 2Fire 2Fire-Tac
13706358aD10-RFD 3Fire 3Fire-Tac
13707358bD10-RFD 4Fire 4Fire-Tac
1373635a8D10-RMHRiverton Memorial HospitalHospital

County sheriff and police agencies utilize the LE talkgroups. Cities and towns are listed individually, CDP's and non-governmental areas are listed within the county (fire departments/districts)

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10003e8D07-LE 1Law Enforcement 1Law Dispatch
10013e9D07-LE 2Law Enforcement 2Law Tac
10033ebD07-LE 3Law Enforcement 3Law Tac
10043ecD07-LE 4 ENCLaw Enforcement 4 SecureLaw Talk
10073efD07-GCSOSheriffLaw Talk
10093f1D07-CSOCounty Community Service OfficerLaw Talk
1031407D07-DETDetention CenterCorrections
10103f2D07-FD 1Fire 1Fire Dispatch
10113f3D07-FD 2Fire 2Fire-Talk
10123f4D07-FD 3Fire 3Fire-Talk
10133f5D07-FD 4Fire 4Fire-Tac
10143f6D07-FD 5Fire 5Fire-Tac
10193fbD07-PCFDPrairie Center FireFire-Tac
10203fcD07-JMFDJay Em FireFire-Tac
10213fdD07-HSFDHawk Spring FireFire-Tac
10233ffD07-VFDVeteran FireFire-Tac
1024400D07-EMS 1EMS 1EMS Dispatch
1025401D07-EMS 2EMS 2EMS-Talk
1026402D07-EMS 3EMS 3EMS-Talk
1027403D07-EMS 4EMS 4EMS-Talk
1028404D07-EMS 5EMS 5EMS-Talk
10023eaD07-PHRCPublic Health Response CoordinatorsPublic Works
1032408D07-PW 1Public Works 1Public Works
1033409D07-PW 2Public Works 2Public Works
103440aD07-GCSD 1County School District Ch 1Schools
103540bD07-GCSD 2County School District Ch 2Schools
103640cD07-GCSD 3County School District Ch 3Schools
15609cD07-CAT 1County Mutual Aid 1Interop
15709dD07-CAT 2County Mutual Aid 2Interop
15809eD07-CAT 3County Mutual Aid 3Interop
15909fD07-CAT 4County Mutual Aid 4Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag

Torrington Police are dispatched on the county LE channel

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10063eeD07-TPDPoliceLaw Talk
1030406D07-TEMSEMSEMS Dispatch
1029405D07-TCHTorrington Community HospitalHospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
Hot Springs County

As of Feb 2013, agencies appear to be moving to WyoLink and such agencies are operating on a single talkgroup. Watch for changes as they occur.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1450238a6D15-LE 1Law Enforcement 1Law Dispatch
1450338a7D15-LE 2Law Enforcement 2Law Tac
1450438a8D15-HSCO 1Sheriff 1Law Tac
1450538a9D15-HSSO 2Sheriff 2Law Tac
1451438b2De15-LE ENCLaw Enforcement SecureLaw Talk
1451138afD15-EMSEMSEMS Dispatch
1451238b0D15-EMS TAC 1EMS TacEMS-Tac
1451338b1D15-EMAEmergency ManagementEmergency Ops
1450038a4D15-HCPHPublic HealthPublic Works
1451538b3D15-SD1RHot Springs County School District #1 - Thermopolis - RouteSchools
1451638b4D15-SD1AHot Springs County School District #1 - Thermopolis - ActivitySchools
1304832f8D15-CAT 1County Mutual Aid 1Interop
1304932f9D15-CAT 2County Mutual Aid 2Interop
1305032faD15-CAT 3County Mutual Aid 3Interop
1305132fbD15-CAT 4County Mutual Aid 4Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1450638aaD15-TPD 1Police 1Law Dispatch
1450738abD15-TPD 2Police 2Law Tac
1450838acD15-TFDFire DispatchFire Dispatch
1450938adD15-TFD TAC 1Fire Tac 1Fire-Tac
1451038aeD15-TFD TAC 2Fire Tac 2Fire-Tac
1450138a5D15-HSMHHot Springs County Memorial HospitalHospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
147053971D16-JCSO 1Sheriff 1Law Dispatch
147063972D16-JCSO 2Sheriff 2Law Tac
147113977D16-FD TAC 1Fire Tac 1Fire-Tac
147123978D16-FD TAC 2Fire Tac 2Fire-Tac
147093975D16-JCFD1Johnson County Fire District 1Fire-Talk
147103976D16-PRFD1Powder River Fire District 1Fire-Talk
147133979D16-EMSEMSEMS Dispatch
147043970D16-EMAEmergency ManagementEmergency Ops
14714397aD16-JCMHJohnson County Memorial HospitalHospital
14717397dD16-PH 1Public Health 1Public Works
14718397eD16-PH 2Public Health 2Public Works
14703396fD16-PHRCPublic Health Response CoordnatorsPublic Works
14700396cD16-JCSD 1Johnson County School District 1Schools
14701396dD16-JCSD 2Johnson County School District 2Schools
14702396eD16-JCSD 3Johnson County School District 3Schools
1305232fcD16-CAT 1County Mutual Aid 1Interop
1305332fdD16-CAT 2County Mutual Aid 2Interop
1305432feD16-CAT 3County Mutual Aid 3Interop
1305532ffD16-CAT 4County Mutual Aid 4Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
14715397bD16-BPD 1Police 1Law Dispatch
14716397cD16-BPD 2Police 2Law Tac
147073973D16-BFD 1Fire 1Fire Dispatch
147083974D16-BFD 2Fire 2Fire-Tac

All county law enforcement is dispatched on 02-LE 1. Unit designations: Paul = Cheyenne Police, Charlie = Sheriff, PB = Pine Bluffs Police

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2140d6D02-LE 1Law Enforcement 1Law Dispatch
2150d7D02-LE 2 Law Enforcement 2Law Tac
2290e5D02-LE 3Law Enforcement 3Law Tac
2300e6D02-LE 4Law Enforcement 4Law Tac
2310e7D02-LE 5Law Enforcement 5Law Tac
2350ebD02-LE 6 SUPLaw Enforcement 6 SupervisorsLaw Talk
2320e8D02-LE 7 ACLaw Enforcement 7 All CallLaw Talk
2330e9De02-LE 8 ENCLaw Enforcement 8 SecureLaw Talk
2340eaDe02-LE 9 ENCLaw Enforcement 9 SecureLaw Talk
259103D02-LCSOSheriff Car/CarLaw Tac
272110D02-DET 1Detention Center 1Corrections
274112D02-DET 2Detention Center 2Corrections
2160d8D02-911 LOC911 LocalLaw Tac
278116D02-SD2Laramie County School District #2 - Pine BluffsSchools
2270e3D02-FDSP AFire Dispatch AFire-Tac
2280e4D02-FDSP BFire Dispatch BFire-Tac
2190dbD02-FD 1Fire District 1Fire-Tac
2200dcD02-FD 2Fire District 2Fire-Tac
2210ddD02-FD 3Fire District 3Fire-Tac
2220deD02-FD 4Fire District 4Fire-Tac
2230dfD02-FD 5Fire District 5Fire-Tac
2240e0D02-FD 6Fire District 6Fire-Tac
2250e1D02-FD 8Fire District 8Fire-Tac
2260e2D02-FD 10Fire District 10Fire-Tac
2170d9D02-TENTAC Emergency NetFire-Tac
2110d3D02-MED 1County EMS 1EMS Dispatch
2360ecD02-MED 2County EMS 2EMS-Tac
2180daD02-EMSAmerican Medical ResponseEMS-Talk
2010c9D02-EMA 1County/Cheyenne EMA 1Emergency Ops
2020caD02-EMA 2County/Cheyenne EMA 2Emergency Ops
2000c8D02-EMA ACCounty/Cheyenne EMA All CallEmergency Ops
2550ffD02-PH 1Public Health 1Public Works
256100D02-PH 2Public Health 2Public Works
257101D02-PH ACPublic Health All CallPublic Works
2510fbD02-LCPW 1Public Works 1Public Works
2520fcD02-LCPW 2Public Works 2Public Works
2540feD02-LCPW 3Public Works 3Public Works
2530fdD02-LCPW SUPPublic Works SupervisorsPublic Works
258102D02-LCPW ACPublic Works All CallPublic Works
263107D02-ACOCounty/Cheyenne Animal ControlPublic Works
2410f1D02-SCD1 ASchool District 1 Ch ASchools
2420f2D02-SCD1 BSchool District 1 Ch BSchools
2440f4D02-SCD1 DSchool District 1 Ch DSchools
2450f5D02-SCD1 ESchool District 1 Ch ETransportation
2460f6D02-SCD1 FSchool District 1 Ch FSchools
2470f7D02-SCD1 GSchool District 1 Ch GSchools
277115D02-SCD2 BusSchool District 2 BusSchools
14008cD02-CAT 1County Mutual Aid 1Interop
14108dD02-CAT 2County Mutual Aid 2Interop
14208eD02-CAT 3County Mutual Aid 3Interop
14308fD02-CAT 4County Mutual Aid 4Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
260104D02-CPDPolice Car/CarLaw Tac
2030cbD02-CFR 1Fire 1 DispatchFire Dispatch
2040ccD02-CTAC 2Fire 2 TacticalFire-Tac
2050cdD02-CTAC 3Fire 3 TacticalFire-Tac
2060ceD02-CTAC 4Fire 4 TacticalFire-Tac
2070cfD02-MED 5Fire 5 EMSFire-Tac
2080d0D02-BUGLE 6Fire 6 BugleFire-Tac
2090d1D02-SAFE 7Fire 7 SafeFire-Tac
2100d2D02-SOPS 8Fire 8 Special OpsFire-Tac
2130d5D02-CRMCCheyenne Regional Medical Center ERHospital
26610aD02-BOPU 1Public Utilities 1Public Works
26710bD02-BOPU 2Public Utilities 2Public Works
26810cD02-BOPU 3Public Utilities 3Public Works
26910dD02-BOPU MSGPublic Utilities All CallPublic Works
27010eD02-BOPU TAPublic Utilties TalkaroundPublic Works
24018D02-FAIR 1Cheyenne Frontier Days Operations 1Public Works
25019D02-FAIR 2Cheyenne Frontier Days Operations 2Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2390efD02-PBPDPolice Car/CarLaw Dispatch
2380eeD02-PB EMSEMSEMS Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
140457cD12-LE NorthLaw Enforcement NorthLaw Dispatch
140557dD12-LE SouthLaw Enforcement SouthLaw Dispatch
1400578D12-PHRCPublic Health Response CoordinatorsPublic Works
142058cD12-MS DispatchMS DispatchLaw Dispatch
1431597D12-SD1 - 1Lincoln County School District #1 - Diamondville 1Schools
1432598D12-SD1 - 2Lincoln County School District #1 - Diamondville 2Schools
143559bD12-Highways-1County Highways 1Public Works
143659cD12-Highways-2County Highways 2Public Works
1640a4D12-CAT 1County Mutual Aid 1Interop
1650a5D12-CAT 2County Mutual Aid 2Interop
1660a6D12-CAT 3County Mutual Aid 3Interop
1670a7D12-CAT 4County Mutual Aid 4Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
140257aD12-SVMCStar Valley Medical CenterHospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1401579D12-SLMCSouth Lincoln Medical CenterHospital

The Casper/Natrona Public Safety Communication Center (PSCC) answers for all calls received within Natrona County.

PSCC dispatches calls for service for the Casper Police Department, Casper Fire Department, Natrona County Sheriff’s Office, Mills Police Department, Evansville Police Department, Natrona County Fire District, Wyoming Medical Center (medical service units), Mills Fire Department, Bar Nunn Fire, Evansville Fire, Salt Creek Emergency Services (Midwest/Edgerton), Airport Fire and Rescue and Casper Mountain Fire Department.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
131773379D01-MAYDAYMayday - Public Safety All AgenciesEmergency Ops
131683370DE01-LAW DISP 1Law Enforcement Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
131693371DE01-LAW DISP 2Law Enforcement Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
131703372DE01-LAW DISP 3Law Enforcement Dispatch 3Law Dispatch
131713373DE01-LAW TAC 4Law Enforcement Tac 4Law Tac
131723374DE01-LAW TAC 5Law Enforcement Tac 5Law Tac
131733375DE01-LAW TAC 6Law Enforcement Tac 6Law Tac
131743376DE01-LAW TAC 7Law Enforcement Tac 7Law Tac
131753377DE01-LAW TAC 8Law Enforcement Tac 8Law Tac
131903386DE01-NCSO ADMINSheriff AdminLaw Talk
132093399D01-SHERIFFSheriffLaw Talk
13212339cDE01-SRT 1Special Response Team 1Law Tac
13213339dDE01-SRT 2Special Response Team 2Law Tac
13214339eDE01-SRT 3Special Response Team 3Law Tac
1321833a2D01-TRAINING 1Law Enforcement Training 1Law Talk
1321933a3D01-TRAINING 2Law Enforcement Training 2Law Talk
1322033a4D01-TRAINING 3Law Enforcement Training 3Law Talk
131283348D01-CORONERCoronerLaw Talk
131053331DE01-BAILIFF ACourt Security ASecurity
131043330DE01-BAILIFF BCourt Security BSecurity
131243344D01-CO COURTCounty CourtsSecurity
13164336cDE01-JAIL ADetention Center ControlCorrections
13165336dDE01-JAIL BDetention Center TowerCorrections
13166336eDE01-JAIL CDetention CenterCorrections
1324533bdDE01-JDC AJuvenile Detention Center 1Corrections
1324633beDE01-JDC BJuvenile Detention Center 2Corrections
13163336bD01-JAIL ADMINJail AdministrationCorrections
198894db1D01-C/CNatrona County Car-to-CarMulti-Talk
13215339fD01-STA ALERTStation AlertingFire Dispatch
13148335cD01-FD DSP 1Fire Dispatch 1Fire Dispatch
13149335dD01-FD DSP 2Fire Dispatch 2Fire Dispatch
131853381D01-NC FIRENatrona County Fire DistrictFire Dispatch
13150335eD01-FD TAC 4Fire Tac 4Fire-Tac
13151335fD01-FD TAC 5Fire Tac 5Fire-Tac
131523360D01-FD TAC 6Fire Tac 6Fire-Tac
131533361D01-FD TAC 7Fire Tac 7Fire-Tac
131543362D01-FD TAC 8Fire Tac 8Fire-Tac
131553363D01-FD TAC 9Fire Tac 9Fire-Tac
1322433a8D01-FD TAC 10Fire Tac 10Fire-Tac
1322533a9D01-FD TAC 11Fire Tac 11Fire-Tac
1322633aaD01-FD TAC 12Fire Tac 12Fire-Tac
1322733abD01-FD TAC 13Fire Tac 13Fire-Tac
1322833acD01-FD TAC 14Fire Tac 14Fire-Tac
1322933adD01-FD TAC 15Fire Tac 15Fire-Tac
131233343D01-MNTN FDCasper Mountan FireFire-Tac
13133334dD01-EMA 1Emergency Management 1Emergency Ops
13134334eD01-EMA 2Emergency Management 2Emergency Ops
13135334fD01-EMA 3Emergency Management 3Emergency Ops
131363350D01-EMA 4Emergency Management 4Emergency Ops
131373351D01-EOC 1Emergency Operations Center 1Emergency Ops
131383352D01-EOC 2Emergency Operations Center 2Emergency Ops
131393353D01-EOC 3Emergency Operations Center 3Emergency Ops
13116333cD01-CERT 1Community Emergency Response Team 1Emergency Ops
13117333dD01-CERT 2Community Emergency Response Team 2Emergency Ops
13118333eD01-CERT 3Community Emergency Response Team 3Emergency Ops
13119333fD01-CERT 4Community Emergency Response Team 4Emergency Ops
1325033c2D01-WMC-MESAWyoming Medical Center - Mesa Primary CareHospital
132013391D01-RED CROSS AAmerican Red Cross AEmergency Ops
132023392D01-RED CROSS BAmerican Red Cross BEmergency Ops
132033393D01-RED CROSS CAmerican Red Cross CEmergency Ops
132043394D01-RED CROSS DAmerican Red Cross DEmergency Ops
132053395D01-SALVN ARMY ASalvation Army AEmergency Ops
132063396D01-SALVN ARMY BSalvation Army BEmergency Ops
132073397D01-SALVN ARMY CSalvation Army CEmergency Ops
1323933b7D01-NC HEALTHCounty Health DepartmentPublic Works
13100332cD01-PHRCPublic Health Response CoordnatorsPublic Works
13115333bD01-CATC DISPCasper Area Transit DispatchTransportation
131133339D01-CATC 1Casper Area Transit 1Transportation
13114333aD01-CATC 2Casper Area Transit 2Transportation
1321733a1D01-THE BUSCasper Area Transit - The BusTransportation
131253345D01-CO PARKSParksPublic Works
131263346D01-CO ROADSRoadsPublic Works
13197338dD01-RB WORK ARoad & Bridge APublic Works
13198338eD01-RB WORK BRoad & Bridge BPublic Works
13199338fD01-RB WORK CRoad & Bridge CPublic Works
131863382D01-NCSD 1County School District 1Schools
131873383D01-NCSD 2County School District 2Schools
131883384D01 NCSD 3County School District 3Schools
131893385D01 NCSD DISPCounty School District DispatchSchools
1323033aeD01-NCSD ICSCounty School District ICSSchools
1302032dcD01-CAT 1County Mutual Aid 1Interop
1302132ddD01-CAT 2County Mutual Aid 2Interop
1302232deD01-CAT 3County Mutual Aid 3Interop
1302332dfD01-CAT 4County Mutual Aid 4Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
131063332D01-BAR NUNN PWPublic WorksPublic Works
131073333D01-BAR NUNN LGLocal Government (13107)Public Works
1323133afD01-BAR NUNN TOWNLocal Government (13231)Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
131123338D01-CASPER PDPoliceLaw Talk
131293349D01-CPD ADMINPolice AdminLaw Talk
131223342D01-CITY COURTCourthouseSecurity
131203340D01-CFDFireFire Dispatch
131213341D01-CFD ADMINFire AdminFire-Talk
131843380D01-MTNVIEW ERMountain View Regional Hospital ERHospital
1323633b4D01-WMC TAC 1Wyoming Medical Center - Tac 1Hospital
1323733b5D01-WMC TAC 2Wyoming Medical Center - Tac 2Hospital
1323833b6D01-WMC TAC 3Wyoming Medical Center - Tac 3Hospital
1322333a7D01-WMC ERWyoming Medical Center - ERHospital
1324833c0D01-WMC LIFE FLGTWyoming Medical Center - LifeFlightEMS Dispatch
1325133c3D01-WMC-SecurityWyoming Medical Center - SecuritySecurity
13101332dD01-WMCWyoming Medical Center (13101)Hospital
1324233baD01-WY MEDWyoming Medical Center (13242)Hospital
131573365D01-HEALTH AHealth Department APublic Works
131583366D01-HEALTH BHealth Department BPublic Works
131593367D01-HEALTH CHealth Department CPublic Works
131603368D01-HEALTH DHealth Department DPublic Works
131613369D01-HEALTH EHealth Department EPublic Works
131113337D01-CODE ENFCode EnforcementPublic Works
13131334bD01-CASPER PARKCasper ParkPublic Works
131563364D01-GOLFGolf CoursePublic Works
13167336fD01-LANDFILLLandfillPublic Works
131763378D01-LEISURELeisurePublic Works
13178337aDE01-METROMetro Animal ServicesPublic Works
132003390D01-REC CENTERRecreation CenterPublic Works
13211339bD01-SOLID WASTESolid WastePublic Works
1321633a0D01-STREETSStreet DepartmentPublic Works
1322133a5D01-WATERWater DepartmentPublic Works
1322233a6D01-WASTE WATERWaste WaterPublic Works
13162336aD01-HOGADON OPS 1Hogadon Ski Area 1Public Works
1324333bbD01-HOGADON OPS 2Hogadon Ski Area 2Public Works
13210339aD01-SKI PATROLSki PatrolEmergency Ops
1324433bcD01-SKI PATROL TRSki Patrol TrainingEmergency Ops
131453359D01-EVENT CENTEREvents CenterPublic Works
131413355D01-EVENT 12Event 12Public Works
131423356D01-EVENT 13Event 13Public Works
131433357D01-EVENT 14Event 14Public Works
131443358D01-EVENT 15Event 15Multi-Tac
131273347D01-COLLEGE ACasper College ASchools
131923388D01-PSCC DISPPublics School DispatchSchools
131913387D01-PS ADMNPublic School AdminSchools
13194338aD01-PS WORK 8Public School Work 8Schools
13196338cD01-PS WORK 9Public School Work 9Schools
13195338bD01-PS WORK 10Public School Work 10Schools
131933389D01-PSDPublic SchoolSchools
13103332fD01-NCIA POLICEAirport PoliceLaw Dispatch
13102332eD01-NCIA FIREAirport FireFire Dispatch
1323433b2D01-NCIA OPS 1Airport Operations 1Public Works
1323533b3D01-NCIA OPS 2Airport Operations 2Public Works
1324033b8D01-NCIA MAINTAirport MaintenancePublic Works
1324133b9D01-NCIA ALARMAirport AlarmPublic Works
13130334aD01-CPUCPUPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
13132334cD01-EDGER PWPublic WorksPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
13147335bD01-EVANS PDPoliceLaw Talk
13146335aD01-EVANS FDFireFire-Tac
131403354D01-EVANS PWPublic WorksPublic Works
1323233b0D01-EVANS TOWNLocal GovernmentPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
13179337bD01-MIDWEST PDPoliceLaw Talk
132083398D01-SALT CRK FDSalt Creek FireFire-Tac
13180337cD01-MIDWEST PWPublic WorksPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
13183337fD01-MILLS PD 1Police 1Law Talk
1324733bfDE01-MILLS PD 2Police 2Law Talk
13182337eD01-MILLS FDFire TacFire-Tac
13181337dD01-MILLS PWPublic WorksPublic Works
1323333b1D01-MILLS TOWNLocal GovernmentPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1431637ecD14-LE 1Law Enforcement 1Law Dispatch
1431737edD14-LE 2Law Enforcement 2Law Tac
1430237deD14-SO 1Sheriff 1Law Dispatch
1430337dfD14-SO 2Sheriff 2Law Tac
1432237f2D14-NO 114-NO 1Law Talk
1430637e2D14-FIRE 1Fire 1Fire Dispatch
1430737e3D14-FIRE 2Fire 2Fire-Tac
1430837e4D14-FIRE 3Fire 3Fire-Tac
1431837eeD14-FIRE 4Fire 4Fire-Tac
1430937e5D14-EMS 1EMS 1EMS Dispatch
1431937efD14-EMS 2EMS 2EMS-Tac
1431537ebD14-EMA 1Emergency Management 1Emergency Ops
1432137f1D14-EMA 2Emergency Management 2Emergency Ops
1431237e8D14-SAR 1Search & Rescue 1Emergency Ops
1432037f0D14-SAR 2Search & Rescue 2Emergency Ops
1430037dcD14-PHRCPublic Health Response CoordnatorsPublic Works
1431037e6D14-ROAD 1Road & Bridge 1Public Works
1431137e7D14-ROAD 2Road & Bridge 2Public Works
1304432f4D14-CAT 1County Mutual Aid 1Interop
1304532f5D14-CAT 2County Mutual Aid 2Interop
1304632f6D14-CAT 3County Mutual Aid 3Interop
1304732f7D14-CAT 4County Mutual Aid 4Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1430437e0D14-LPD 1Police 1Law Dispatch
1430537e1D14-LPD 2Police 2Law Tac
1430137ddD14-NLHCNiobrara Health and Life CenterHospital
1431337e9D14-LPW 1Public Works 1Public Works
1431437eaD14-LPW 2Public Works 2Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
13903364fD11-SO 1Sheriff 1Law Dispatch
139043650D11-SO 2Sheriff 2Law Tac
13918365eD11-SO 3Sheriff 3Law Tac
139053651D11-SO ROAMSheriff RoamLaw Tac
139113657D11-FIRE 1Fire 1 Cody & MeeteetseFire Dispatch
139123658D11-FIRE 2Fire 2 Powell & ClarkFire Dispatch
139133659D11-EMS 1EMS 1EMS Dispatch
13914365aD11-EMS 2EMS 2EMS Dispatch
139213661D11-OHSCounty Homeland SecurityEmergency Ops
139283668D11-PH 1Public Health 1Public Works
139293669D11-PH 2Public Health 2Public Works
13930366aD11-PH 3Public Health 3Public Works
13900364cD11-PHRCPublic Health Response CoordnatorsPublic Works
13916365cD11-RB 1Road & Bridge 1Public Works
139223662D11-RB 2Road & Bridge 2Public Works
13919365fD11-ITInformation TechnologyPublic Works
139243664D11-SWSolid WastePublic Works
1303632ecD11-CAT-1County Mutual Aid 1Interop
1303732edD11-CAT-2County Mutual Aid 2Interop
1303832eeD11-CAT-3County Mutual Aid 3Interop
1303932efD11-CAT-4County Mutual Aid 4Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
139063652De11-CPD 1Police 1Law Dispatch
139073653D11-CPD 2Police 2Law Tac
139083654D11-CPD 3Police 3Law Tac
139233663D11-CPD 4Police 4Law Tac
13902364eD11-WPHWest Park HosptialHospital
13915365bD11-CPWPublic WorksPublic Works
13917365dD11-YRAYellowstone Regional AirportPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
139093655D11-PPD 1Police 1Law Dispatch
139103656D11-PPD 2Police 2Law Tac
139203660D11-PPD 3Police 3Law Tac
139273667D11-PPD EMERGPolice EmergencyLaw Talk
139253665D11-PFD 1Fire 1Fire Dispatch
139263666D11-PFD 2Fire 2Fire-Tac
13901364dD11-PHVPowell Valley HospitalHospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
12024b2D08-LE 1Law Enforcement 1Law Dispatch
12034b3D08-LE 2Law Enforcement 2Law Tac
12044b4D08-LE 3Law Enforcement 3Multi-Talk
12054b5D08-LE ENCLaw Enforcement SecureLaw Talk
12154bfD18-PCSOSheriffLaw Dispatch
12164c0D08-DETDetention CenterCorrections
12064b6D08-FD 1Fire 1Fire Dispatch
12284ccD08-FD 2Fire 2Fire-Tac
12074b7D08-FD TAC 1Fire Tac 1Fire-Tac
12084b8D08-FD TAC 2Fire Tac 2Fire-Tac
12134bdD08-AGFDAntelope Gap FireFire-Tac
12254c9D08-PCFDPalmer Canyon FireFire-Tac
12094b9D08-EMS 1EMS 1EMS Dispatch
12104baD08-EMS 2EMS 2EMS-Tac
12194c3D08-EMAEmergency ManagementEmergency Ops
12004b0D08-PHRCPublic Health Response CoordnatorsPublic Works
12174c1D08-RB 1Road & Bridge 1Public Works
12184c2D08-RB 2Road & Bridge 2Public Works
12314cfD08-SDCounty School DistrictSchools
1600a0D08-CAT 1County Mutual Aid 1Interop
1610a1D08-CAT 2County Mutual Aid 2Interop
1620a2D08-CAT 3County Mutual Aid 3Interop
1630a3D08-CAT 4County Mutual Aid 4Interop

Chugwater Fire responds into Laramie County as Fire District 9

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag

Glendo encompasses Glendo State Park. The Glendo State Park is primarily covered by state law enforcement agencies

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
12214c5D08-GLRFDRural FireFire-Tac

Camp Guernsey fire is responsible for the Army/Air Force National Guard camp and training facilities

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
12294cdD08-GPDPoliceLaw Tac
12234c7D08-GURFDRural FireFire-Tac
12274cbD08-CGFDCamp Guernsey FireFire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
12144beD08-WPDPoliceLaw Talk
12014b1D08-PCMHPlatte County Memorial HospitalHospital

Sheridan Sheriff and Police have moved to WyoLink in Feb 2013, however conventional channels are still in use until coverage issues can be resolved.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1330633faD03-LELaw EnforcementLaw Dispatch
1330733fbD03-SOSheriffLaw Dispatch
1330833fcD03-SO TACSherriff TacLaw Tac
1330933fdDE03-SO ENCSheriff SecureLaw Talk
133143402D03-SCFDFireFire Dispatch
133153403D03-EMSEMSEMS Dispatch
1330433f8D03-PH 1Public Health 1Public Works
1330533f9D03-PH 2Public Health 2Public Works
1330233f6D03-PHRCPublic Health Response CoordnatorsPublic Works
1330033f4D03-SCSD 1Sheridan County School District 1 Schools
1330133f5D03-SCSD 2Sheridan County School District 2Schools
1302432e0D03-CAT-1County Mutual Aid 1Interop
1302532e1D03-CAT-2County Mutual Aid 2Interop
1302632e2D03-CAT-3County Mutual Aid 3Interop
1302732e3D03-CAT-4County Mutual Aid 4Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1331133ffD03-SPDPoliceLaw Dispatch
133123400D03-SPD TACPolice TacLaw Tac
1331033feD03-SPD ADMNPolice AdminLaw Talk
133163404D03-SPD ENCPolice SecureLaw Talk
133133401D03-SFD 1Fire 1Fire Dispatch
133183406D03-SFD 2Fire 2Fire-Tac
1330333f7D03-SMHSheridan Memorial HospitalHospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20017d1D23-SOSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
20027d2D23-SO TACSheriff TacticalLaw Tac
20037d3D23-SO ENCSheriff SecureLaw Talk
20047d4D23-FDCounty FireFire Dispatch
20057d5D23-FD TAC 1County Fire Tac 1Fire-Tac
20067d6D23-FD TAC 2County Fire Tac 2Fire-Tac
20097d9D23-PINE FDPindale FireFire-Tac
20107daD23-DAN FDDaniel FireFire-Tac
20117dbD23-BLD FDBoulder FireFire-Tac
20127dcD23-BP FDBig Piney FireFire-Tac
20137ddD23-BON FDBondurant FireFire-Tac
20147deD23-KEN FDKendall Valley FireFire-Tac
20167e0D23-M-BPCMarbleton-Big Piney FireFire-Tac
20077d7D23-EMS 1County EMS 1EMS Dispatch
20087d8D23-EMS 2County EMS 2EMS-Tac
20157dfD23-PMCPinedale Medical CenterHospital
20007d0D23-PHRCPublic Health Response CoordnatorsPublic Works
20187e2D23-EMAEmergency ManagementEmergency Ops
20177e1D23-SARSearch & RescueEmergency Ops
1760b0D23-CAT 1County Mutual Aid 1Multi-Talk
1770b1D23-CAT 2County Mutual Aid 2Multi-Talk
1780b2D23-CAT 3County Mutual Aid 3Multi-Talk
1790b3D23-CAT 4County Mutual Aid 4Multi-Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
41419eD04-LE 1Law Enforcement 1Law Dispatch
4281acD04-LE 2Law Enforcement 2Law Tac
400190D04-SO 1Sheriff 1Law Dispatch
401191D04-SO 2Sheriff 2Law Tac
403193D04-SO TAC 1Sheriff Tac 1Law Tac
404194D04-SO TAC 2Sheriff Tac 2Law Tac
639218f8D04-SO CarSheriff Car to CarLaw Talk
402192D04-SO ENCSheriff SecureLaw Talk
41519fD04-SO DCSheriff Detention CenterCorrections
407197D04-SCFD 1Fire District 1Fire Dispatch
4181a2D04-SCFD 1AFire District 1AFire-Tac
4331b1D04-FD OpsFire OperationsFire-Tac
41019aD04-EMSEMSEMS Dispatch
4211a5D02-CRASCastle Rock Ambulance ServiceEMS Dispatch
4221a6D04-SMASSweetwater MedicsEMS-Tac
4231a7D04-RSRSRock Springs Regional AmbulanceEMS Dispatch
41219cD04-EMAEmergency ManagementEmergency Ops
4171a1D04-PHRCPublic Health Response CoordinatorsPublic Works
4291adD04-PH 1Public Health 1Public Works
4301aeD04-PH 2Public Health 2Public Works
4311afD04-PH 3Public Health 3Public Works
41319dD04-SCRBRoad & BridgePublic Works
4341b2D04-SCH BUSSchool Bus ServicesSchools
4371b5D04-SD1Sweetwater County School District #1 - Rock SpringsSchools
4381b6D04-SDSweetwater County School DistrictSchools
4391b7D04-SDSweetwater County School DistrictSchools
144090D04-CAT 1County Mutual Aid 1Multi-Talk
145091D04-CAT 2County Mutual Aid 2Multi-Talk
146092D04-CAT 3County Mutual Aid 3Multi-Talk
147093D04-CAT 4County Mutual Aid 4Multi-Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
406196D04-GRPD 1Police 1Law Dispatch
4241a8D02-GRPD 2Police 2Law Tac
4251a9D04-GRPD TACPolice TacLaw Tac
409199D04-GRFD 1Fire 1Fire Dispatch
4191a3D02-GRFD 2Fire 2Fire-Tac
4161a0D04-CRMCCastle Rock Medical CenterHospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
405195D04-RSPD 1Rock Springs Police 1Law Dispatch
4261aaD04-RSPD 2Rock Springs Police 2Law Tac
4271abD04-RSPD ENCRock Springs Police SecureLaw Talk
1940c2DRSFD Alert TonesRock Springs Fire Dept Alert TonesFire Dispatch
408198D04-RSFD 1Rock Springs Fire 1Fire Dispatch
4201a4D02-RSFD 2Rock Springs Fire 2Fire-Tac
41119bD04-MHSCMemorial Hospital of Sweetwater CountyHospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1801709D22-LE 1Law Enforcement 1Law Dispatch
180270aD22-LE 2Law Enforcement 2Law Tac
180370bD22-LE 3 ENCLaw Enforcement 3 SecureLaw Talk
180470cD22-LE 4 ENCLaw Enforcement 4 SecureLaw Talk
180670eD22-TCSOSheriffLaw Tac
1800708D22-PHRCPublic Health Response CoordnatorsPublic Works
1810712D22-RL 1Road & Levee 1Public Works
1811713D22-RL 2Road & Levee 2Public Works
1812714D22-SD 1Teton County School District Ch 1Schools
1813715D22-SD 2Teton County School District Ch 2Schools
1720acD22-CAT 1County Mutual Aid 1Interop
1730adD22-CAT 2County Mutual Aid 2Interop
1740aeD22-CAT 3County Mutual Aid 3Interop
1750afD22-CAT 4County Mutual Aid 4Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
180570dD22-JPDPoliceLaw Tac
180770fD22-JHFD 1Fire 1Fire Dispatch
1808710D22-JHFD 2Fire 2Fire-Tac
1809711D22-SJHSt John's Medical CenterHospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1600640D19-PHRCPublic Health Response CoordnatorsPublic Works
1617651D19-SD - 1Uinta County School District 1Schools
1618652D19-SD - 2Uinta County School District 2Schools
1680a8D19-CAT 1County Mutual Aid 1Interop
1690a9D19-CAT 2County Mutual Aid 2Interop
1700aaD19-CAT 3County Mutual Aid 3Interop
1710abD19-CAT 4County Mutual Aid 4Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1601641D19-ERHEvanston Regional HospitalHospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
153023bc6D20-LE 1Law Enforcement 1Law Dispatch
153033bc7D20-LE 2Law Enforcement 2Law Tac
153053bc9D20-LE TACLaw Enforcement TacLaw Tac
153043bc8D20-LE ENCLaw Enforcement SecureLaw Talk
153063bcaD20-WCSOSheriffLaw Tac
153083bccD20-FD 1Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
153093bcdD20-FD TAC 1Fire Tac 1Fire-Tac
153103bceD20-FD TAC 2Fire Tac 2Fire-Tac
153133bd1D20-EMSEMSEMS Dispatch
153143bd2D20-SARSearch RescueEmergency Ops
153153bd3D20-EMAEmergency ManagementEmergency Ops
153003bc4D20-PHRCPublic Health Response CoordnatorsPublic Works
153163bd4D20-ROADSRoads DepartmentPublic Works
130643308D20-CAT 1County Mutual Aid 1Interop
130653309D20-CAT 2County Mutual Aid 2Interop
13066330aD20-CAT 3County Mutual Aid 3Interop
13067330bD20-CAT 4County Mutual Aid 4Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
153203bd8D20-TSEMSEMSEMS Dispatch
153183bd6D20-TSPWPublic WorksPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
153073bcbD20-WPDPoliceLaw Tac
153113bcfD20-WFDFireFire Dispatch
153193bd7D20-WEMSEMSEMS Dispatch
153013bc5D20-WMCWorland Medical CenterHospital
153173bd5D20-WPWPublic WorksPublic Works
153213bd9D20-WRL AIRPORTWorland AirportPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
155113c97D21-LAWLaw EnforcementLaw Dispatch
155153c9bD21-SO 1Sheriff 1Law Dispatch
155163c9cD21-SO 2Sheriff 2Law Tac
155023c8eD21-FIRE 1Fire 1Fire Dispatch
155033c8fD21-FIRE 2Fire 2Fire-Tac
155043c90D21-FIRE 3Fire 3Fire-Tac
155053c91D21-WCFDWeston County Fire DistrictFire-Tac
155093c95D21-CMDFire CommandFire-Tac
155103c96D21-ADMINFire AdministrationFire-Talk
155123c98D21-EMSEMSEMS Dispatch
155203ca0D21-SARSearch & RescueEmergency Ops
155003c8cD21-PHRCPublic Health Response CoordnatorsPublic Works
155133c99D21-ROAD 1Roads 1Public Works
155143c9aD21-ROADS 2Roads 2Public Works
155083c94D21-MAINTENANCEMaintenancePublic Works
13068330cD21-CAT 1County Mutual Aid 1Interop
13069330dD21-CAT 2County Mutual Aid 2Interop
13070330eD21-CAT 3County Mutual Aid 3Interop
13071330fD21-CAT 4County Mutual Aid 4Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
155173c9dD21-NPD 1Police 1Law Dispatch
155183c9eD21-NPD 2Police 2Law Tac
155013c8dD20-WCMSWeston County Health ServiceHospital
155213ca1D21-NPWPublic WorksPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
155193c9fD21-UPDPoliceLaw Dispatch
155223ca2D21-UPWPublic WorksPublic Works