Site: Wyoming Office of the Attorney General

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DCI conducts investigations at the request of a local police department, sheriff's office or the county or district attorney of jurisdiction - as well as shall investigations at the direction of the Governor, violations of the Wyoming Controlled Substance Act and organized criminal activity that crosses jurisdictional boundaries of local law enforcement agencies. DCI also maintains the state criminal labs as well as advanced law enforcement/federal investigations. It is a division of the Wyoming State Attorney General's Office. Majority of comms are encypted however in the clear non-sensitive traffic may be heard.

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Latitude: 42.9957 Longitude: -107.5512 Range: 225 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
57301662DeDCI 1Division of Criminal Investigation 1Law Tac
57311663DeDCI 2Division of Criminal Investigation 2Law Tac
57321664DeDCI 3Division of Criminal Investigation 3Law Tac
57331665DeDCI 4Division of Criminal Investigation 4Law Tac
57341666DeDCI 5Division of Criminal Investigation 5Law Tac
57351667DeDCI 6Division of Criminal Investigation 6Law Tac
57361668DeDCI 7Division of Criminal Investigation 7Law Tac
202704f2eDWLEA-1Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy-1Law Talk
202714f2fDWLEA-2Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy-2Law Talk