Site: Multiple Agency Talkgroups

Unique DB ID: 12529
County: Systemwide

Multiple Agency Talkgroups (MAT) talkgroups are available for use by all WyoLink agencies. MAT 0x: This talkgroup will be used for state-wide multiple agency coordination and communications. This also has been designated the contact channel for any user that has an incident or need for a multiple jurisdiction response involving agencies from multiple regions.
MAT [Zone] 0: State Agencies.
MAT [Zone] 1: Campbell, Crook, Johnson, Sheridan, and Weston Counties.
MAT [Zone] 2: Converse, Natrona, and Niobrara Counties.
MAT [Zone] 3: Albany and Carbon Counties.
MAT [Zone] 4: Lincoln, Sweetwater, and Uinta Counties.
MAT [Zone] 5: Fremont, Sublette, and Teton Counties.
MAT [Zone] 6: Big Horn, Park, Hot Springs, and Washakie Counties.
MAT [Zone] 7: Goshen, Platte, and Laramie Counties.

All County Agency Talkgroups (CAT) talkgroups are available for use by all WyoLink agencies. Individual events will govern the actual assignment and usage of any CAT channel. CAT channels are listed under each county listing


Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 42.9957 Longitude: -107.5512 Range: 225 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
101065DMAT 0MAT 0 CallingInterop
102066DMAT 0AMAT 0 Ops AInterop
103067DMAT 0BMAT 0 Ops BInterop
104068DMAT 0CMAT 0 Ops CInterop
105069DMAT 3MAT 3 CallingInterop
10606aDMAT 3AMAT 3 Ops AInterop
10706bDMAT 3BMAT 3 Ops BInterop
10806cDMAT 3CMAT 3 Ops CInterop
10906dDMAT 4MAT 4 CallingInterop
11006eDMAT 4AMAT 4 Ops AInterop
11106fDMAT 4BMAT 4 Ops BInterop
112070DMAT 4CMAT 4 Ops CInterop
113071DMAT 5MAT 5 CallingInterop
114072DMAT 5AMAT 5 Ops AInterop
115073DMAT 5BMAT 5 Ops BInterop
116074DMAT 5CMAT 5 Ops CInterop
117075DMAT 7MAT 7 CallingInterop
118076DMAT 7AMAT 7 Ops AInterop
119077DMAT 7BMAT 7 Ops BInterop
120078DMAT 7CMAT 7 Ops CInterop
1300032c8DMAT 1MAT 1 CallingInterop
1300132c9DMAT 1AMAT 1 Ops AInterop
1300232caDMAT 1BMAT 1 Ops BInterop
1300332cbDMAT 1CMAT 1 Ops CInterop
1300432ccDMAT 2MAT 2 CallingInterop
1300532cdDMAT 2AMAT 2 Ops AInterop
1300632ceDMAT 2BMAT 2 Ops BInterop
1300732cfDMAT 2CMAT 2 Ops CInterop
1300832d0DMAT 6MAT 6 CallingInterop
1300932d1DMAT 6AMAT 6 Ops AInterop
1301032d2DMAT 6BMAT 6 Ops BInterop
1301132d3DMAT 6CMAT 6 Ops CInterop