Site: Wyoming Military Department

Unique DB ID: 12697
County: Systemwide

The The Wyoming Military Department is the home of the Wyoming Army National Guard, Wyoming Air National Guard, and Veterans Commission. Also see conventional channels for WANG under the Wyoming Federal conventional database. This section comprises elements of the WY Air National Guard located in Cheyenne, the 84th Civil Support Team, Civil Air Patrol and other associated units. As such these talkgroups may be heard anywhere in the state supporting disasters and other emergency operations


Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 42.9957 Longitude: -107.5512 Range: 225 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
50011389DWANG AdminAdminstrationMilitary
5002138aDWANG SecuritySecurityMilitary
5003138bDWANG FireFireMilitary
5004138cDWANG MD 1Military Department 1Military
5005138dDWANG MD 2Military Department 2Military
5006138eDWANG MD 3Military Department 3Military
5007138fDWANG MD 4Military Department 4Military
50081390DWANG MD 5Military Department 5Military
50091391DWANG MD 6Military Department 6Military
50101392DWANG MD 7Military Department 7Military
50111393DWANG MD 8Military Department 8Military
50121394DWANG MD 9Military Department 9Military
50131395DeWANG 84 All Call84th Civil Support Team All CallMilitary
50141396DeWANG 84 CST 184th Civil Support Team 1Military
50151397DeWANG 84 CST 284th Civil Support Team 2Military
50161398DeWANG 84 CST 384th Civil Support Team 3Military