Allied Radio Matrix for Emergency Response (ARMER)

System Name: Allied Radio Matrix for Emergency Response (ARMER)
Location: Various, MN ND
County: 2 Counties
System Type: Project 25 Phase I
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 40F WACN: BEE07
Last Updated: November 26, 2023, 6:23 am CST   [Updated encryption settings for 1 talkgroups for Dakota County]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name County Freqs
1 (1) 001 (1) Minneapolis City Center Simulcast Hennepin, MN 856.2375856.2625856.7625856.9375857.2375857.2625857.7625
1 (1) 002 (2) Anoka Co Simulcast Anoka, MN 851.1375851.3125851.3875851.6875851.9375c852.0625852.2125
1 (1) 003 (3) Dakota Co Simulcast Dakota, MN 851.1625c851.4875851.8375852.1875852.5875852.9875853.0625c
1 (1) 004 (4) Carver - Scott Co. Simulcast Carver, MN 851.125851.375851.4375851.700851.8875c852.075c852.4375c
1 (1) 005 (5) Washington County Simulcast Washington, MN 851.1125851.3625851.7125851.9875852.125852.225852.350
1 (1) 006 (6) Chisago - Isanti Simulcast Chisago, MN 851.600851.775851.825852.150852.4625c853.050c853.250
1 (1) 009 (9) Minneapolis N - S Simulcast Hennepin, MN 851.0375851.0625851.2375851.3375851.4625851.6375851.7375
1 (1) 092 (5C) Rush City - Prison Chisago, MN 854.5375c854.7375c857.6875858.6875   
1 (1) 096 (60) Lino Lakes - Prison Anoka, MN 851.725851.900852.925c853.425   
1 (1) 097 (61) Oak Park Heights - Prison Washington, MN 855.9875856.4875858.4875859.0375c   
1 (1) 098 (62) Shakopee - Prison Scott, MN 854.9625856.7375c857.4375859.2125c   
1 (1) 099 (63) Stillwater - Prison Washington, MN 854.9875856.2125857.2125859.4875c   
2 (2) 001 (1) Hennepin Co. East Simulcast Hennepin, MN 851.0875851.2125851.5375851.6125851.7875852.1125852.1625c
2 (2) 002 (2) Hennepin Co. West Simulcast Hennepin, MN 851.4125851.9125851.9625852.2625c852.4125852.6125c852.8625
2 (2) 003 (3) Ramsey County Simulcast Ramsey, MN 851.1875851.2625851.2875851.5625851.5875851.6625851.7625
2 (2) 014 (E) Plymouth - Statewide Temp. Itinerant, MN 854.2125c854.6125856.5125857.0125858.0125  
2 (2) 024 (18) Lakefield Jackson, MN 851.375c851.775c852.9125858.7375859.7375  
2 (2) 025 (19) Brewster Jackson, MN 851.9625852.4625c856.4625857.4625859.4625c  
2 (2) 026 (1A) Slayton Murray, MN 851.875c853.375c855.7125856.7375858.2125  
2 (2) 027 (1B) Rushmore Nobles, MN 851.475852.400c856.2125c857.9375858.4625  
2 (2) 028 (1C) Worthington Nobles, MN 852.9375c855.2375858.7625859.7625859.9875c  
2 (2) 029 (1D) Hardwick Rock, MN 851.9125853.500c856.9625c857.2625c859.2125  
2 (2) 030 (1E) Windom Jackson, MN 852.175853.175c855.4875856.7125857.2125c  
2 (2) 031 (1F) Wanda Redwood, MN 851.4375852.4375854.9625c857.4375859.4375c  
2 (2) 032 (20) Vesta Redwood, MN 852.375852.950858.7125c858.9875c859.7125  
2 (2) 033 (21) Marshall Lyon, MN 851.9875853.4875853.900c856.7625c857.7625  
2 (2) 034 (22) Jeffers Cottonwood, MN 851.400c852.225853.400858.9625c859.9625  
2 (2) 035 (23) Mountain Lake Cottonwood, MN 852.100853.125853.875857.2625c858.2625c  
2 (2) 036 (24) Chandler Murray, MN 851.425c852.875853.425856.4375c859.2625  
2 (2) 037 (25) Trosky Pipestone, MN 851.450852.475c856.2625856.4875c857.4875  
2 (2) 038 (26) Beaver Creek Rock, MN 852.100c852.4375855.7375857.9625859.4375  
2 (2) 039 (27) Ellsworth Rock, MN 853.4625858.2375c858.7125858.9875859.7125c  
2 (2) 077 (4D) Minneota Lyon, MN 851.0875851.3375852.250853.550c853.800c  
2 (2) 078 (4E) Jackson Jackson, MN 851.075851.325851.8375853.5625c853.8125c  
2 (2) 079 (4F) Olivia Renville, MN 851.325851.7125852.200853.2375c853.3875c  
2 (2) 080 (50) Granite Falls Chippewa, MN 851.1875851.550851.7625853.575c853.825c  
2 (2) 081 (51) Montevideo Chippewa, MN 851.1625851.5875852.2125853.3375c853.725c  
2 (2) 085 (55) Danube Renville, MN 851.925c853.475853.8875856.7125c858.7375859.7375 
2 (2) 086 (56) Hector Renville, MN 851.425851.750852.3875c852.8875853.425c853.9125 
2 (2) 087 (57) Morton Renville, MN 851.3875852.475856.4875c857.4875c858.4875859.4875 
2 (2) 088 (58) Lake Benton Lincoln, MN 852.9125853.475856.7125857.7125858.7375859.7375c 
2 (2) 089 (59) Russell Lyon, MN 851.4875c852.425858.4375c858.9375859.9375  
2 (2) 090 (5A) Holland Pipestone, MN 851.750c852.450c852.9625858.4875859.4875  
2 (2) 091 (5B) Tracy Murray, MN 852.4875c852.9875855.4625c856.9875857.9875  
2 (2) 092 (5C) Ivanhoe Lincoln, MN 851.9375c852.9375853.4375856.4625c857.4625858.2625 
2 (2) 093 (5D) Canby Yellow Medicine, MN 852.4625853.4625c858.4625c858.7625859.7625  
2 (2) 094 (5E) Clarkfield Yellow Medicine, MN 851.9125c853.4125856.9375c857.9375859.4625  
2 (2) 095 (5F) Echo Yellow Medicine, MN 851.4125852.4125853.450c855.2375859.2125c  
2 (2) 096 (60) Madison Lac Qui Parle, MN 851.425852.400853.875855.2125c857.2125c  
2 (2) 097 (61) Granite Falls Chippewa, MN 851.450852.975c856.2625c857.2625858.2375  
2 (2) 098 (62) Milan Chippewa, MN 851.950852.4875852.900853.500c859.2625c  
2 (2) 099 (63) Clara City Chippewa, MN 851.8875c853.100853.375854.9875855.4875c  
3 (3) 001 (1) Arlington Sibley, MN 851.225851.650c853.150855.6125c859.1125  
3 (3) 002 (2) Amherst Fillmore, MN 851.4875c851.9375852.9375857.2375858.9375c  
3 (3) 003 (3) Caledonia Houston, MN 852.125857.9375858.4375c858.7625859.2375  
3 (3) 004 (4) New Richland Waseca, MN 854.2875c854.5375854.6875857.4625858.7375859.7375 
3 (3) 005 (5) Elkton Mower, MN 852.100856.2375c857.4375857.7125858.7125859.0875859.4375
3 (3) 006 (6) Austin Mower, MN 851.7125851.9125852.125852.4875852.7875852.9625c 
3 (3) 007 (7) Ellendale Freeborn, MN 852.2875856.2625c856.7625857.2625858.2625859.2625 
3 (3) 008 (8) Madelia Watonwan, MN 854.6125c      
3 (3) 009 (9) Lonsdale Rice, MN 851.375c851.975c852.300c852.550852.875853.675 
3 (3) 010 (A) Money Creek Houston, MN 851.4125851.9125852.9125853.4125855.7375c  
3 (3) 011 (B) Waseca Waseca, MN 851.575851.9375c852.175852.325852.950853.3875c 
3 (3) 012 (C) Austin Freeborn, MN 852.2625859.7625c860.2375860.4375860.7125860.9625 
3 (3) 014 (E) Rolling Stone Winona, MN 851.6625852.875856.7125c857.2625859.2625859.9625 
3 (3) 015 (F) Troy - Utica Winona, MN 853.075855.4625c856.4875856.7625858.2625859.9875 
3 (3) 017 (11) Wilson Winona, MN 853.5375858.9875859.7625859.9375c860.4375860.7375 
3 (3) 018 (12) Wykoff Fillmore, MN 856.9375c857.7625858.2375858.7375859.7125  
3 (3) 019 (13) Sleepy Eye Brown, MN 854.0625854.2125c854.3875854.5625c857.0125858.0875 
3 (3) 020 (14) Waterville Le Sueur, MN 851.450851.900852.200852.350c853.175853.475853.875
3 (3) 021 (15) Elba Winona, MN 851.2125851.975856.4625c857.4625858.4625859.4625 
3 (3) 022 (16) Comfrey Brown, MN 851.9375852.925853.4375c856.9625857.9625c859.2375 
3 (3) 023 (17) Reno Houston, MN 852.650854.9875855.2375855.7125857.7125c  
3 (3) 024 (18) Spring Grove Houston, MN 851.725852.150c852.4375853.100853.4375  
3 (3) 025 (19) Dodge - Steele Co. Simulcast Steele, MN 851.400851.875852.375853.050853.550853.850854.1125
3 (3) 026 (1A) Gibbon Sibley, MN 851.625851.950852.3125c852.600c853.0625853.5625 
3 (3) 027 (1B) Gaylord Sibley, MN 851.775852.125c852.725852.975853.625c853.900 
3 (3) 028 (1C) Evan Brown, MN 851.900852.400852.900c856.4375c858.7625859.7625859.7625
3 (3) 029 (1D) New Ulm Brown, MN 851.4875851.675851.9875852.425852.7875c853.100c853.4875
3 (3) 030 (1E) La Salle Watonwan, MN 851.2875851.9125852.9625854.9875858.9375c859.9375c 
3 (3) 031 (1F) Janesville Waseca, MN 851.4125851.750c852.3875852.8875853.4125853.9125857.4375
3 (3) 032 (20) LeCenter Le Sueur, MN 851.825852.175852.375852.850853.500  
3 (3) 033 (21) Albert Lea Freeborn, MN 851.1375c851.3875851.5625851.8125853.7875856.4625 
3 (3) 034 (22) Glenville Freeborn, MN 851.4625c851.7875852.0375c852.225c852.5375852.7375 
3 (3) 035 (23) Faribault - Prison Rice, MN 856.2375856.9375858.4375c859.9375c   
3 (3) 036 (24) Red Wing - Prison Goodhue, MN 854.9625857.7625858.7625859.4375c   
3 (3) 040 (28) Goodhue Co. Simulcast Goodhue, MN 851.425c851.4875c851.675851.7125851.975c852.450852.750
3 (3) 041 (29) Olmsted Co. Simulcast Olmsted, MN 851.050851.150851.300851.5375c853.2625853.5125c853.6125c
3 (3) 042 (2A) Wabasha Co. - Simulcast Wabasha, MN 851.3875851.850852.4125853.9125854.6625c856.2125c856.2125
3 (3) 043 (2B) Nicollet Co. - Simulcast Nicollet, MN 851.150851.200851.550c851.825851.925852.825c852.850
3 (3) 044 (2C) Rice Co. - Simulcast Rice, MN 851.100851.800c851.975c852.150852.300852.400852.550
3 (3) 045 (2D) McLeod Co. - Simulcast McLeod, MN 851.075851.400852.100852.4625852.750c853.125c853.400
3 (3) 049 (31) La Crescent - Simulcast Houston, MN 852.4625853.4625856.2625857.9875c858.7125859.4375 
3 (3) 075 (4B) Faimont Martin, MN 851.1125851.800852.150c857.4875857.9375c858.4375 
3 (3) 076 (4C) Sherburn Martin, MN 851.3625851.975c852.375852.975c856.2625856.7625 
3 (3) 077 (4D) Truman Watonwan, MN 851.425851.725c852.875c853.425857.7125858.7125 
3 (3) 078 (4E) Blue Earth Faribault, MN 851.8875c852.300853.4625858.4875859.4875c  
3 (3) 079 (4F) Walters Faribault, MN 851.4375c852.4375852.9375853.400c855.4875856.4375 
3 (3) 080 (50) Alden Freeborn, MN 856.7125856.9625c857.9625858.4625858.9625859.7125 
3 (3) 081 (51) Mapleton Blue Earth, MN 851.175851.9625852.4625855.7125c856.2125856.9375c 
3 (3) 082 (52) Waldorf Waseca, MN 851.3125851.475852.4125852.9125c853.8875856.4875 
3 (3) 083 (53) Harmony Fillmore, MN 851.4375851.800851.9875c852.325c852.9875  
3 (3) 085 (55) Perth Blue Earth, MN 851.5875852.4875852.9875857.2375c858.2125c859.9875 
3 (3) 086 (56) LeRoy Fillmore, MN 852.3875852.8875853.4875853.875c854.9625  
3 (3) 092 (5C) Winona Winona, MN 851.2625852.075852.8125853.175853.300853.650c 
4 (4) 001 (1) Benson Swift, MN 856.4375c857.4375858.4375859.4375860.4375c  
4 (4) 002 (2) Browns Valley Traverse, MN 854.9875c856.2375c857.2375858.2375859.2375860.2375 
4 (4) 003 (3) Appleton Swift, MN 851.1375851.5625c851.8625853.3625c853.750  
4 (4) 004 (4) Freeport Stearns, MN 856.2625857.0125857.2625c858.2625859.2625860.2625c 
4 (4) 005 (5) Breckenridge Wilkin, MN 854.0125854.4875856.0125857.0375c859.1125c  
4 (4) 006 (6) Glenwood Pope, MN 851.4125c851.9125852.4125852.9125c853.4125859.2125 
4 (4) 007 (7) Herman Grant, MN 851.125855.4625856.9375857.4625c858.4625859.4625c860.4625
4 (4) 008 (8) Hoffman Grant, MN 853.850856.4625857.9375c858.9375c859.9375860.9375 
4 (4) 009 (9) Wahkon Mille Lacs, MN 855.2125855.9875856.2125856.7375857.0875c859.9625 
4 (4) 010 (A) Holloway Swift, MN 855.7125856.9875c857.9875c859.9875860.9875  
4 (4) 011 (B) Kimball Stearns, MN 851.725851.9875c852.1875852.250852.350852.4875852.900
4 (4) 012 (C) Lincoln Morrison, MN 852.200855.9625857.9625858.4375858.9625c859.4375c 
4 (4) 013 (D) Long Prairie Todd, MN 851.550853.500854.5875856.7375857.7375c858.7375c859.7375
4 (4) 014 (E) Morris Stevens, MN 851.4375c851.9375852.4375852.9375853.4375855.2375c 
4 (4) 015 (F) New London Kandiyohi, MN 851.775852.725856.7625857.7625c858.7625c859.7625860.7625
4 (4) 016 (10) Terrace Pope, MN 851.4625851.9625c852.4625852.9625c853.4625858.2125 
4 (4) 017 (11) Osakis Todd, MN 854.9625856.0375856.2375857.2375c858.2375859.2375c 
4 (4) 018 (12) Wheaton Traverse, MN 855.9625856.7625857.7625858.7625859.7625c860.7625c 
4 (4) 019 (13) Willmar Kandiyohi, MN 852.275852.875856.9625857.9625858.9625859.9625c860.9625c
4 (4) 020 (14) Farming Stearns, MN 851.200852.125852.450c852.850c853.300c855.7125 
4 (4) 021 (15) Avon Stearns, MN 851.225851.625c852.050c853.275c853.650856.2125 
4 (4) 022 (16) Grove Township Stearns, MN 851.375854.3625c856.4875857.4875c858.4875859.4875c 
4 (4) 023 (17) Belgrade Stearns, MN 853.0625854.0625c857.2125857.7125c858.7125859.7125c 
4 (4) 024 (18) Fergus Falls Courthouse LE Otter Tail, MN 854.6875856.0625c857.0125857.1875c858.0625  
4 (4) 025 (19) Nashua Wilkin, MN 851.950852.400c852.900c853.500859.2625  
4 (4) 026 (1A) Johnson Big Stone, MN 854.9625c856.7375c857.7375858.7375859.7375860.7375 
4 (4) 027 (1B) Henning Otter Tail, MN 851.775852.225852.275852.725852.925c853.175c 
4 (4) 028 (1C) Correll Big Stone, MN 851.475851.750851.900852.9875c853.400c  
4 (4) 029 (1D) St. Cloud - Prison Sherburne, MN 856.2375c857.2375c858.7375859.4375   
4 (4) 032 (20) Swift County Swift, MN 854.9875c      
4 (4) 033 (21) Lake Lillian Kandiyohi, MN 851.0375851.2875c851.975c852.150853.050853.5875853.8375
4 (4) 034 (22) Cold Spring Stearns, MN 855.9125c856.5375857.1125c857.6625858.0375858.1875859.1875
4 (4) 035 (23) Paynesville Stearns, MN 854.1625854.4625c856.6875857.5875858.0625c859.0375 
4 (4) 036 (24) Sauk Centre Stearns, MN 854.3125c854.5125c854.7125857.6875858.0875858.5875 
4 (4) 040 (28) Sherburne - Wright Co. Simulcast Wright, MN 851.175851.275851.475c851.575851.575851.850c852.325
4 (4) 041 (29) St. Cloud Region Simulcast Stearns, MN 851.950852.300852.925853.900854.9875855.4625856.1375
4 (4) 042 (2A) Morrison Co. Simulcast Morrison, MN 851.250852.100852.475c853.100c853.400855.2375856.9375
4 (4) 043 (2B) Meeker Co. Simulcast Meeker, MN 851.100852.225c852.625853.325853.875c854.5375856.0625
4 (4) 049 (31) Gilman - Simulcast Benton, MN 851.425851.800851.900852.275852.400c852.725c852.875
4 (4) 077 (4D) Kent - Foxhome Wilkin, MN 851.4125851.9125c853.4125c855.7375857.4375  
4 (4) 078 (4E) Dumont Traverse, MN 851.450c851.875c853.450858.9625859.9625  
4 (4) 079 (4F) Holdingford Stearns, MN 854.6875c856.0875856.8875c857.8875858.8875859.5875 
4 (4) 081 (51) Onamia Mille Lacs, MN 856.4625856.9625c857.4625c857.7625858.4625858.7625 
4 (4) 082 (52) Starbuck Pope, MN 851.3875c851.800852.100853.125855.7375c  
4 (4) 083 (53) Ashby Grant, MN 851.4875c851.725c852.975853.3875853.7625856.7125 
4 (4) 086 (56) Ortonville Big Stone, MN 856.4875857.4875858.4875c859.4875c860.4875  
4 (4) 087 (57) Garfield Douglas, MN 851.3125851.9875852.350c853.475c853.8875855.2125 
4 (4) 088 (58) Comstock Wilkin, MN 851.9875852.150852.4875c855.9875c857.9375  
4 (4) 089 (59) Barnsville Clay, MN 852.4375c852.9375853.4375854.1625856.2375857.2375c 
4 (4) 090 (5A) Battle Lake Otter Tail, MN 851.150851.400852.450c854.9875855.7125c856.9625 
4 (4) 091 (5B) Erhard Otter Tail, MN 851.4625851.7875852.4625c857.9625858.4375c859.4375 
4 (4) 092 (5C) Fergus Falls Otter Tail, MN 851.375851.5875853.9125856.2625c857.2625858.9875c 
4 (4) 093 (5D) Parkers Prairie Otter Tail, MN 851.900c852.275852.4875853.425857.9875859.9875c 
4 (4) 094 (5E) Luce Otter Tail, MN 851.4375851.9375852.100c852.4125c853.3625855.2375 
4 (4) 095 (5F) New York Mills Otter Tail, MN 851.9625852.300852.9625853.4625c858.2125859.7125c 
4 (4) 096 (60) Amor Otter Tail, MN 853.400853.7375856.4875c857.4875c858.4875859.4875 
4 (4) 097 (61) Hewitt Todd, MN 851.1125851.425c851.875856.4375856.9875857.4375c 
4 (4) 098 (62) Sebeka Wadena, MN 851.450852.400852.875c858.4625c858.7625  
4 (4) 099 (63) Aldrich Wadena, MN 851.475852.4375852.9375c853.4375c855.7375  
5 (5) 001 (1) Backus Cass, MN 851.5625851.9125c852.4625853.475855.2125c856.4625 
5 (5) 002 (2) Leader Cass, MN 851.350851.950c852.9125853.4125c853.875859.2125 
5 (5) 003 (3) Hackensack Cass, MN 851.575852.4125853.400c853.9125854.9875c856.7375 
5 (5) 004 (4) Cass Lake Cass, MN 851.3875c856.4875856.6875857.6875857.7375857.9625c858.4375
5 (5) 005 (5) Remer Cass, MN 851.300851.875852.1125856.4375c856.9875858.2125858.7375c
5 (5) 006 (6) Logan Aitkin, MN 851.400852.4375852.9375853.450c856.7625c  
5 (5) 007 (7) Glen Aitkin, MN 851.450c853.500857.4375857.7375859.7375c  
5 (5) 008 (8) Lawler Aitkin, MN 851.9375852.8875853.3875853.9125c855.2375c  
5 (5) 009 (9) McGregor Aitkin, MN 851.900c852.400852.9125c858.2375858.9625  
5 (5) 010 (A) McGrath Aitkin, MN 851.9125852.4125854.9875856.4875c857.9625c  
5 (5) 011 (B) Pike Bay Cass, MN 851.4375c851.900857.2125858.7125858.9625c  
5 (5) 012 (C) Bena Cass, MN 851.475851.9375c855.2375857.7125c859.4375859.9875 
5 (5) 013 (D) Hill City Aitkin, MN 852.875856.2375c857.4625857.9375c859.2375  
5 (5) 014 (E) Emily Crow Wing, MN 851.6875852.3375855.7125857.9875858.4875858.675c858.9875c
5 (5) 016 (10) Baxter Crow Wing, MN 851.7625852.3875852.950c857.2125c857.7125858.7125859.7625
5 (5) 017 (11) Garrison Crow Wing, MN 851.4875851.6625851.9875852.2625852.4875c852.900c859.9875
5 (5) 018 (12) Jenkins Crow Wing, MN 851.375851.700852.975c853.6875856.2625857.2625858.2625c
5 (5) 019 (13) Moose Lake Lookout Carlton, MN 851.3875852.200c852.3875852.3875c854.1875854.6375856.9375
5 (5) 020 (14) Mahtowa Carlton, MN 852.4625853.475854.0625854.3125858.2625c858.4625859.2125c
5 (5) 021 (15) International Falls Koochiching, MN 851.1125851.8625c852.6625c853.200854.4125  
5 (5) 022 (16) Big Falls Koochiching, MN 851.2375c852.1375c852.950853.2125854.2375  
5 (5) 023 (17) Border Koochiching, MN 851.4125851.9375852.3875c852.7625c853.375  
5 (5) 024 (18) Mizpah Koochiching, MN 851.1875851.8125c852.4125853.450853.625c  
5 (5) 025 (19) Northome Koochiching, MN 851.375c852.0375c853.1125853.475854.0625  
5 (5) 026 (1A) Little Fork Koochiching, MN 851.0625852.0625853.100c853.3875854.3625c  
5 (5) 027 (1B) Loman Koochiching, MN 851.2875852.975853.4625c853.8875854.1625c  
5 (5) 028 (1C) Margie Koochiching, MN 851.8875c852.7125853.1625853.6625c854.3125  
5 (5) 029 (1D) Boise Fort Lookout Koochiching, MN 851.3375851.7875852.875853.4875c854.2625c  
5 (5) 030 (1E) Floodwood St. Louis, MN 853.4125855.4625857.2625858.4375c859.2625c  
5 (5) 031 (1F) Sax St. Louis, MN 851.9125855.7125c857.9875c858.4875858.9875  
5 (5) 032 (20) Brookston St. Louis, MN 851.475c852.975855.2125857.2125859.4375c  
5 (5) 033 (21) Moose Lake - Prison Carlton, MN 855.9625c856.2375856.7625857.7125857.9875859.7625 
5 (5) 034 (22) Pillager Cass, MN 851.3625851.925852.6875853.2375853.700858.6875c859.6875c
5 (5) 035 (23) Walker Cass, MN 851.1375851.1625851.6375852.075852.825853.1875853.550c
5 (5) 036 (24) Crosby Crow Wing, MN 851.325851.6125852.3625852.675852.925853.150c853.850c
5 (5) 040 (28) Cook Co. Simulcast Cook, MN 851.2125851.4375851.7875852.0875852.4375852.7375853.075c
5 (5) 041 (29) Pine Co. Simulcast Pine, MN 855.7125856.4375856.9875c857.9375858.4875c858.7375858.9875
5 (5) 043 (2B) Duluth Simulcast St. Louis, MN 851.2875851.775851.9875c852.175852.4875c852.625853.0875
5 (5) 044 (2C) Itasca Co. Simulcast Itasca, MN 851.4125852.1625852.600c852.750c852.900853.175853.350
5 (5) 045 (2D) Virginia Simulcast St. Louis, MN 851.2375851.4625852.1375853.050854.0375c854.2875c854.5125
5 (5) 046 (2E) Lake Co. Simulcast Lake, MN 851.1625c852.1625852.3875852.675852.925853.400854.0875c
5 (5) 047 (2F) Aitkin Aitkin, MN 851.175851.5375851.7875c853.7625854.3625c  
5 (5) 065 (41) Shaw St. Louis, MN 851.450852.4125853.500c857.2375857.4375c  
5 (5) 066 (42) Wrenshall Carlton, MN 851.375851.750c852.100852.225852.725852.775c853.050
5 (5) 067 (43) Molde - Duluth North St. Louis, MN 851.900853.3875855.2375856.2625858.9625c859.4625c 
5 (5) 068 (44) Cromwell Carlton, MN 854.1125c854.4125854.6875856.0875857.0125  
5 (5) 075 (4B) Olgilvie Kanabec, MN 851.375851.950852.750853.075c853.3125853.875c 
5 (5) 076 (4C) Woodland Kanabec, MN 852.450c854.5125857.4875859.2625859.7125c  
5 (5) 078 (4E) Ely St. Louis, MN 851.375c852.250852.4875c853.4875853.900854.2625 
5 (5) 081 (51) Line Lake St. Louis, MN 852.125853.9125856.4375856.4875c858.2125859.2375 
5 (5) 082 (52) Palo St. Louis, MN 851.3125851.725852.0875c852.475852.7375c853.2625 
5 (5) 083 (53) Brimson St. Louis, MN 851.1375c852.6875852.9125853.4625854.3875c  
5 (5) 088 (58) Vermillion Dam St. Louis, MN 851.1875851.4375851.8125852.9375c854.1375c  
5 (5) 089 (59) Gheen Hill St. Louis, MN 852.200852.425c853.425c854.0625854.6625  
5 (5) 090 (5A) Crane Lake St. Louis, MN 851.7625c853.2125853.500853.8875c854.2375  
5 (5) 091 (5B) Cusson St. Louis, MN 851.0875851.9875c853.1125c853.2875854.3375  
5 (5) 092 (5C) Meander Lake St. Louis, MN 852.7125c852.975853.1625853.3875853.6625  
5 (5) 093 (5D) Orr St. Louis, MN 851.2125852.725c852.9625853.1375c854.1125  
6 (6) 001 (1) Lake Bronson Kittson, MN 851.1625c851.9625852.8875853.100854.0875c  
6 (6) 002 (2) Lancaster Kittson, MN 851.8375852.675853.150854.1875c854.3875c  
6 (6) 003 (3) Northcote Kittson, MN 851.2375852.1375c853.125c853.500854.2375  
6 (6) 004 (4) Donaldson Marshall, MN 851.1125c851.8625c853.3875854.4125854.6875  
6 (6) 005 (5) Greenbush Roseau, MN 851.2125852.7375852.9125c853.2625c854.3375  
6 (6) 006 (6) Juneberry Roseau, MN 851.0375c851.9125852.1625853.400854.2875c  
6 (6) 007 (7) Roseau Roseau, MN 851.2875c851.4875851.7625c853.075853.2875  
6 (6) 008 (8) Warroad Roseau, MN 851.1125851.8625852.6625852.975c853.500c  
6 (6) 009 (9) Faunce Lake Of The Woods, MN 851.7875c852.6875852.9375c853.200853.875  
6 (6) 010 (A) Roosevelt Lake Of The Woods, MN 851.1875c852.900853.475853.625854.1375c  
6 (6) 011 (B) Baudette Lake Of The Woods, MN 851.3125851.4375851.8375c853.425c854.2875  
6 (6) 012 (C) Carp Lake Of The Woods, MN 852.7375c852.9125853.2625853.400c853.900  
6 (6) 013 (D) Lude Lake Of The Woods, MN 851.0625852.0625c853.3875853.9125854.4125c  
6 (6) 014 (E) Skime Roseau, MN 851.4625852.0375852.875853.1125c854.0625c  
6 (6) 015 (F) Gatzke Marshall, MN 851.1375c851.8125c852.650853.1375854.1625  
6 (6) 016 (10) Angus Polk, MN 852.3875853.8875856.9625c858.2625c858.2625859.2375 
6 (6) 017 (11) Crookston Polk, MN 852.4875854.9625c855.9625856.4375858.9875c  
6 (6) 018 (12) East Grand Forks Polk, MN 851.375851.875857.2625857.4375c857.7625c  
6 (6) 019 (13) Eldred Polk, MN 851.4125c851.725852.975853.500c858.9375  
6 (6) 020 (14) Ada Norman, MN 851.950853.900c855.7375c856.9875859.2625  
6 (6) 021 (15) Flaming Norman, MN 852.4625857.9625858.2375c858.4375859.4875c  
6 (6) 022 (16) Flom Norman, MN 851.450852.350852.725c853.175853.9125c  
6 (6) 023 (17) Marcoux Polk, MN 851.4625852.4375856.2375858.4875c859.9625c  
6 (6) 024 (18) Moorhead Clay, MN 851.425852.450853.450c855.4875856.7625c857.7625858.7625
6 (6) 025 (19) Cormorant Becker, MN 853.5375854.9625856.7375c857.7375858.7375859.7375c 
6 (6) 026 (1A) Hawley Clay, MN 851.475c851.900853.475857.9875c859.9875  
6 (6) 027 (1B) Felton Clay, MN 852.200852.400853.425c856.9375859.9375c  
6 (6) 028 (1C) Berner Clearwater, MN 853.9125856.9375858.9375c859.2625859.9375c  
6 (6) 029 (1D) Trail Polk, MN 851.475854.9875857.9875c858.4625859.9875c  
6 (6) 030 (1E) Warren Marshall, MN 852.0375c852.450c853.9125854.3125854.7375  
6 (6) 031 (1F) Bemidji West Beltrami, MN 851.400851.750851.925c852.300c853.125  
6 (6) 032 (20) Amenia (ND) Cass, ND 852.2875c853.875c856.4875c858.4875c   
6 (6) 033 (21) Buffalo (ND) Cass, ND 856.2625c856.7375c856.9625c857.2625c   
6 (6) 034 (22) Alice (ND) Cass, ND 858.2375c858.4375c859.4875c859.7375c   
6 (6) 035 (23) Gardner (ND) Cass, ND 857.4875c858.2625c858.9625c859.4375c   
6 (6) 036 (24) Kindred (ND) Cass, ND 852.9125854.0625855.9625857.1375859.2375c  
6 (6) 040 (28) Fargo (ND) Simulcast Cass, ND 851.3875851.6375852.125852.375852.625852.875853.125c
6 (6) 065 (41) Rochert Becker, MN 851.725851.975c852.475c852.975853.500  
6 (6) 066 (42) Detroit Lakes Becker, MN 851.5375852.3875c853.8875c855.9625858.2625858.9625 
6 (6) 067 (43) White Earth Becker, MN 852.175c852.650c853.100856.9625859.2375  
6 (6) 068 (44) Snellman Becker, MN 852.900853.3875c857.4625c859.2625c859.4625  
6 (6) 069 (45) Nevis Hubbard, MN 851.4875851.9875c856.9375c858.9375859.9375  
6 (6) 070 (46) Mantrap Hubbard, MN 852.200c853.425856.7625857.2375859.7625c  
6 (6) 071 (47) Kabekona Lookout Hubbard, MN 851.4625c851.800c853.450858.2375859.4875  
6 (6) 072 (48) Juggler Lake Becker, MN 851.4125853.075c856.7125c857.7125858.9875  
6 (6) 073 (49) Winger Polk, MN 851.9625c852.4125852.9625c855.9875856.4875  
6 (6) 074 (4A) Mahnomen Mahnomen, MN 851.375851.875c856.2625c857.2625857.4375  
6 (6) 075 (4B) Lengby Mahnomen, MN 852.450853.400857.7625859.2125c859.4375c  
6 (6) 076 (4C) Shevlin Clearwater, MN 851.950852.4875c852.9125856.4375856.9875c  
6 (6) 077 (4D) Bagley Clearwater, MN 852.100853.4625857.4875858.2125c858.7625c  
6 (6) 078 (4E) Hines Beltrami, MN 852.875c853.3875856.2375857.9375859.2375c  
6 (6) 079 (4F) Island Lake Beltrami, MN 852.3875852.975853.8875855.9625c858.2625c  
6 (6) 080 (50) Bemidji Fire Tower Beltrami, MN 852.4375852.9375854.55375855.7125c858.4875859.7125c 
6 (6) 081 (51) Suam Beltrami, MN 851.2125c851.9875852.725853.4125854.1125c  
6 (6) 082 (52) Thorhult Beltrami, MN 851.8875852.7125c853.1625853.6625854.3125c  
6 (6) 083 (53) Waskish Beltrami, MN 851.0875851.7625853.075853.2875c854.3375c  
6 (6) 084 (54) Red Lake Beltrami, MN 851.3375c852.0875c852.9625853.4875854.2625  
6 (6) 085 (55) Holt Marshall, MN 851.4125851.9375c852.7625852.925853.375c  
6 (6) 086 (56) Middle River Marshall, MN 851.0875c851.9875853.4125c853.900854.1125  
6 (6) 087 (57) Strandquist Marshall, MN 851.7875852.0875853.4875853.875c854.2625c  
6 (6) 088 (58) Grygla Marshall, MN 851.2375852.1375852.950853.2125c854.2375c  
6 (6) 089 (59) Oklee Pennington, MN 851.4375851.800853.450856.2125c857.2375c  
6 (6) 090 (5A) Thief River Falls Pennington, MN 851.3125c852.0625852.200852.900c853.625  
6 (6) 091 (5B) Red Lake Falls Red Lake, MN 851.2125c855.2125c855.7125856.7125857.2125c859.7625 
6 (6) 092 (5C) Plummer Red Lake, MN 851.900853.475c855.4625c857.9375858.9625  
6 (6) 093 (5D) Site 93 Becker, MN 851.3375c      
6 (6) 094 (5E) Site 94 Beltrami, MN 856.2625c      


Statewide Interoperability
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
6006DSTAC 1Statewide Tactical 1Interop
8008DSTAC 2Statewide Tactical 2Interop
240465deeDSTAC 3Statewide Tactical 3Interop
240485df0DSTAC 4Statewide Tactical 4Interop
5001f4DSTAC 5Statewide Tactical 5Interop
5021f6DSTAC 6Statewide Tactical 6Interop
241005e24DSTAC 7Statewide Tactical 7Interop
241025e26DSTAC 8Statewide Tactical 8Interop
22528ccDSTAC 9Statewide Tactical 9Interop
22548ceDSTAC 10Statewide Tactical 10Interop
22568d0DSTAC 11Statewide Tactical 11Interop
22588d2DSTAC 12Statewide Tactical 12Interop
1300dDESTAC13EStatewide Tactical 13Interop
1100bDESTAC14EStatewide Tactical 14Interop
5041f8DLTAC 1Law Enforcement Tactical 1Law Tac
5061faDLTAC 2Law Enforcement Tactical 2Law Tac
241045e28DLTAC 3Law Enforcement Tactical 3Law Tac
241065e2aDLTAC 4Law Enforcement Tactical 4Law Tac
241105e2eDELTAC 5ELaw Enforcement Tactical 5ELaw Tac
241125e30DELTAC 6ELaw Enforcement Tactical 6ELaw Tac
241115e2fDELTAC 7ELaw Enforcement Tactical 7ELaw Tac
241135e31DELTAC 8ELaw Enforcement Tactical 8ELaw Tac
5051f9DELTAC9ELaw Enforcement Tactical 9ELaw Tac
5071fbDELTAC10ELaw Enforcement Tactical 10ELaw Tac
241185e36DELTAC11ELaw Enforcement Tactical 11ELaw Tac
241205e38DELTAC12ELaw Enforcement Tactical 12ELaw Tac
241145e32DESIU 1Special Investigative Unit Tactical 1Law Tac
241165e34DESIU 2Special Investigative Unit Tactical 2Law Tac
241155e33DESIU 3Special Investigative Unit Tactical 3Law Tac
241175e35DESIU 4Special Investigative Unit Tactical 4Law Tac
2144860DWMRCC XP1West MRCC Cross Patch 1Hospital
2146862DWMRCC XP2West MRCC Cross Patch 2Hospital
3001eDST FIRE TACState Fire TacInterop
2002DSW IA MA 1Interagency Mutual Aid 1Interop
3003DSTATE TACStatewide TacMulti-Tac
7007DSITE TRUNKSite Trunking TalkgroupMulti-Tac
39027DEMSAIRCOMHelicopter Communication Centers CommonInterop
4402cDSTWD COMLStatewide Communications LeaderEmergency Ops
4602eDSEMTACStatewide Emergency Management TalkgroupEmergency Ops
385181DMSP CALLState Patrol HailingInterop
2336920DST MRCC CALLEMS Patient Information Statewide MRCC CallingHospital
3496da8DTribalIntOp1Tribal Council Operations 1Interop
Zone 1 Interoperability Metro
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
32020DME TAC 1Metro Tactical 1Interop
34022DME TAC 2Metro Tactical 2Interop
36024DME TAC 3Metro Tactical 3Interop
38026DME TAC 4Metro Tactical 4Interop
22016DME TAC 5Metro Tactical 5Interop
24018DME TAC 6Metro Tactical 6Interop
2601aDME TAC 7Metro Tactical 7Interop
2801cDME TAC 8Metro Tactical 8Interop
400190DEME TAC 9EMetro Tactical 9EInterop
402192DEME TAC 10EMetro Tactical 10EInterop
Zone 2 Interoperability SW
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
285746f9eDSW CALLSW CALLInterop
285766fa0DSW 2Southwest Tactical 2Interop
285786fa2DSW 3Southwest Tactical 3Interop
285806fa4DSW 4Southwest Tactical 4Interop
285826fa6DSW 5Southwest Tactical 5Interop
285846fa8DSW 6Southwest Tactical 6Interop
285866faaDSW 7Southwest Tactical 7Interop
285886facDSW 8Southwest Tactical 8Interop
285906faeDSW 9Southwest Tactical 9Interop
285926fb0DSW 10Southwest Tactical 10Interop
285946fb2DSW 11Southwest Tactical 11Interop
285966fb4DSW 12Southwest Tactical 12Interop
285986fb6DSW 13Southwest Tactical 13Interop
286006fb8DSW R5 MTACSouthwest R5 MTACInterop
315007b0cDSW HOSPSouthwest HospitalsHospital
Zone 3 Interoperability S Central
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
202124ef4DSR CALLS Central CallInterop
202144ef6DSR 2S Central TAC 2Interop
202164ef8DSR 3S Central TAC 3Interop
202184efaDSR 4S Central TAC 4Interop
202204efcDSR 5S Central TAC 5Interop
202224efeDSR 6S Central TAC 6Interop
202244f00DSR 7S Central TAC 7Interop
202264f02DSR 8S Central TAC 8Interop
202284f04DSR 9S Central TAC 9Interop
202304f06DSR 10S Central TAC 10Interop
202324f08DSR 11S Central TAC 11Interop
202344f0aDSR 12S Central TAC 12Interop
Zone 3 Interoperability SE
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
203414f75DSE CALLSE CALLInterop
200024e22DSE 2Southeast Tactical 2Interop
200044e24DSE 3Southeast Tactical 3Interop
200064e26DSE 4Southeast Tactical 4Interop
200084e28DSE 5Southeast Tactical 5Interop
200124e2cDSE 6Southeast Tactical 6Interop
200144e2eDSE 7Southeast Tactical 7Interop
200164e30DSE 8Southeast Tactical 8Interop
200184e32DSE 9Southeast Tactical 9Interop
200014e21DSE 10Southeast Tactical 10Interop
200034e23DSE 11Southeast Tactical 11Interop
200054e25DSE 12Southeast Tactical 12Interop
200074e27DSE 13Southeast Tactical 13Interop
200094e29DESE 14ESoutheast Tactical 14EInterop
200114e2bDESE 15ESoutheast Tactical 15EInterop
200204e34DSE AIR EMSMedical Air - Soft Patch With MINSEF EMS Dispatch
200224e36DSE EOCSE MN EOCEmergency Ops
20588506cDSE MINSEFSE MN MINSEF PatchInterop
205925070DSE D HEALTHSE MN Department of HealthPublic Works
216005460DSE EMSSE MN Hospitals EMSEMS Dispatch
Zone 4 Interoperability Central
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
240305ddeDCM CALLCentral Minnesota CallInterop
240325de0DCM 2CM Tactical 2Interop
240345de2DCM 3CM Tactical 3Interop
240365de4DCM 4CM Tactical 4Interop
240065dc6DCM 5CM Tactical 5Interop
240085dc8DCM 6CM Tactical 6Interop
240105dcaDCM 7CM Tactical 7Interop
240385de6DCM 8CM Tactical 8Interop
240405de8DCM 9CM Tactical 9Interop
240425deaDCM 10CM Tactical 10Interop
240445decDCM 11CM Tactical 11Interop
240205dd4DCM 12CM Tactical 12Interop
240225dd6DECM ENC 1CM Encrypted 1Law Tac
240245dd8DECM ENC 2CM Encrypted 2Law Tac
240265ddaDECM ENC 3CM Encrypted 3Law Tac
240285ddcDECM ENC 4CM Encrypted 4Law Tac
240125dccDECM ENC 5CM Eencrypted 5Law Tac
240145dceDECM ENC 6CM Eencrypted 6Law Tac
244365f74DCM EMS HAILCentral Hospital HailingEMS-Tac
244385f76DCM EMS TAC 1Central MN EMS Tactical 1 EMS-Tac
244405f78DCM EMS TAC 2Central MN EMS Tactical 2EMS-Tac
244425f7aDCM EMS TAC 4Central MN EMS Tactical 4EMS-Tac
240005dc0DCM FIRE MACent Minn Fire Mutual AidFire-Tac
240025dc2DCM EM Central Minnesota Emergency ManagementEmergency Ops
240045dc4DCM TAC 24004Cent Minn Tac 24004Law Tac
240165dd0DCM TAC 24016Cent Minn Tac 24016Multi-Tac
24634603aDCM EM ADCentral MN Emergency Management Admin.Emergency Ops
Zone 5 Interoperability NE
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
366108f02DNE CallingNE CallingInterop
366128f04DNE 2NE-2Interop
366148f06DNE 3NE-3Interop
366168f08DNE 4NE-4Interop
366188f0aDNE 5NE-5Interop
366208f0cDNE 6NE-6Interop
366228f0eDNE 7NE-7Interop
366248f10DNE 8NE-8Interop
366268f12DNE 9NE-9Interop
366288f14DNE 10NE-10Interop
366308f16DNE 11NE-11Interop
366328f18DNE 12NE-12Interop
Zone 6 Interoperability NW
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
587616f4DNW ROAMNW ROAMMulti-Dispatch
48134bc06DNW TACNW TacMulti-Tac
48500bd74DNW ROAMNW ROAMMulti-Dispatch
48502bd76DNW TAC BNW TAC BInterop
48504bd78DNW 911NW 911Interop
48506bd7aDNW AngleNorthwest Angle Interop Interop
48508bd7cDNW HOSPNW HOSPITALHospital
48510bd7eDNW EOCNW EOCEmergency Ops
48512bd80DNW FIRENW FIREFire-Talk
48514bd82DNW EMSNW EMSEMS-Talk
48516bd84DNW CALLNW CALLInterop
48518bd86DNW 1NW TAC 1Interop
48520bd88DNW 2NW TAC 2Interop
48522bd8aDNW 3NW TAC 3Interop
48524bd8cDNW 4NW TAC 4Interop
48526bd8eDNW 5NW TAC 5Interop
48528bd90DNW 6NW TAC 6Interop
48530bd92DNW 7NW TAC 7Interop
48532bd94DNW 8NW TAC 8Interop
48534bd96DNW 9NW TAC 9Interop
48536bd98DNW 10NW TAC 10Interop
48538bd9aDNW 11NW TAC 11Interop
48540bd9cDNW 12NW TAC 12Interop
48541bd9dDND PATCHND State Radio PatchInterop
Minnesota Department of Public Safety - State Patrol
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
50032DMSP 2500 ALLWest Metro Emergency All CallLaw Tac
52034DMSP 2400 ALLEast Metro Emergency All CallLaw Tac
54036DMSP 2500 DSPWest Metro "2500" DispatchLaw Dispatch
55037DMSP 2500 RMWest Metro "2500" RoamingLaw Dispatch
56038DMSP 2500 T 3West Metro "2500" Tac 3Law Tac
5803aDMSP 2500 T 1West Metro "2500" Tac 1Law Tac
6003cDMSP 2500 T 2West Metro "2500" Tac 2Law Tac
6203eDMSP 2510West Metro 2510 StationLaw Talk
64040DMSP 2520West Metro 2520 StationLaw Talk
66042DMSP 2540West Metro 2540 StationLaw Talk
68044DMSP 4550Metro 4550 StationLaw Talk
70046DMSP 4560Metro 4560 StationLaw Talk
72048DMSP 4570 1Metro 4570 Station 1Law Talk
73049DMSP 4570 2Metro 4570 Station 2Law Talk
7404aDMSP 2400 DSPEast Metro "2400" DispatchLaw Dispatch
7504bDMSP 2400 RMEast Metro "2400" RoamingLaw Dispatch
7604cDMSP 2400 T 3East Metro "2400" Tac 3Law Tac
7804eDMSP 2400 T 1East Metro "2400" Tac 1Law Tac
80050DMSP 2400 T 2East Metro "2400" Tac 2Law Tac
82052DMSP 2410East Metro 2410 StationLaw Talk
84054DMSP 2430East Metro 2430 StationLaw Talk
86056DMSP 2440East Metro 2440 StationLaw Talk
88058DMSP 4450Metro 4450 StationLaw Talk
9005aDMSP 4460Metro 4460 StationLaw Talk
9105bDMSP 4470Metro 4470 Station - NightsLaw Talk
9205cDMSP 4730Metro Commercial Vehicle InspectionLaw Dispatch
9405eDMSP 2000 SUPSupervisorsLaw Talk
96060DMSP 5000 AIRFlight SectionLaw Dispatch
200244e38DMSP 2100 DSPRochester "2100" DispatchLaw Dispatch
200254e39DMSP 2100 RMRochester "2100" RoamingLaw Dispatch
200264e3aDMSP 2100 T 2Rochester "2100" TAC 2Law Tac
200284e3cDMSP 2100 T 1Rochester "2100" TAC 1Law Tac
200304e3eDMSP 2100 ALLRochester "2100" - All CallLaw Tac
200324e40DMSP 2100 T 3Rochester "2100" TAC 3Law Tac
201164e94DMSP 2200 DSPMankato "2200" DispatchLaw Dispatch
201174e95DMSP 2200 AIMankato "2200" Accident InvestigationLaw Tac
201184e96DMSP 2200 T 2Mankato "2200" Tactical 2Law Tac
201194e97DMSP 2200 RMMankato "2200" RoamingLaw Dispatch
201204e98DMSP 2200 T 1Mankato "2200" District Tactical 1Law Tac
201224e9aDMSP 2200 ALLMankato "2200" District Tactical 3 - All CallLaw Tac
240525df4DMSP 2600 DSPSt. Cloud "2600" DispatchLaw Dispatch
240535df5DMSP 2600 RMSt. Cloud "2600" RoamingLaw Dispatch
240545df6DEMSP 2600 T3St. Cloud "2600" TAC 3Law Tac
240565df8DMSP 2600 T 1St. Cloud "2600" TAC 1Law Tac
240575df9DMSP 2600 A ISt. Cloud "2600" Law Tac
240585dfaDMSP 2600 ALLSt. Cloud "2600" - All CallLaw Tac
240595dfbDMSP 2600 INPSSt. Cloud "2600" InspectorsLaw Tac
240685e04DMSP 2600 T 2St. Cloud "2600" TAC 2Law Tac
242715ecfDMSP TRAIN 1MSP Training 1Law Tac
242725ed0DMSP TRAIN 2MSP Training 2Law Tac
242735ed1DMSP TRAIN 3MSP Training 3Law Tac
242745ed2DMSP TRAIN 4MSP Training 4Law Tac
242755ed3DMSP TRAIN 5MSP Training 5Law Tac
242765ed4DMSP TRAIN 6MSP Training 6Law Tac
285006f54DMSP 2300 DISMarshall "2300" DispatchLaw Dispatch
285016f55DMSP 2300 RMMarshall "2300" RoamingLaw Dispatch
285026f56DMSP 2300 T 2Marshall "2300" Tac 2Law Tac
285046f58DMSP 2300 T 1Marshall "2300" Tac 1Law Tac
285066f5aDMSP 2300 ALLMarshall "2300" Tac 3 - All CallLaw Tac
365008e94DMSP 2700 DSPDuluth "2700" DispatchLaw Dispatch
365018e95DMSP 2700 TACDuluth "2700" RoamLaw Dispatch
365028e96DMSP 2700 T 2Duluth "2700" District Tactical 2Law Tac
365048e98DMSP 2700 T 1Duluth "2700" District Tactical 1Law Tac
365058e99DMSP 2700 RMDuluth "2700" TacLaw Tac
365068e9aDMSP 2700 T 3Duluth "2700" District Tactical 3 - EmergencyLaw Tac
365088e9cDMSP 2700 ALLDuluth "2700" - All CallLaw Tac
365648ed4DMSP 3100 DSPVirginia "3100" District DispatchLaw Dispatch
365658ed5DMSP 3100 RMVirginia "3100" RoamingLaw Dispatch
365668ed6DMSP 3100 T 2Virginia "3100" District Tactical 2Law Tac
365678ed7DMSP 3100 A IVirginia "3100" Accident InvestigationLaw Tac
365688ed8DMSP 3100 T 1Virginia "3100" District Tactical 1Law Tac
365708edaDMSP 3100 ALLVirginia "3100" District Tactical 3 - All CallLaw Tac
365948ef2DMSP 2800 DSPBrainerd "2800" DispatchLaw Dispatch
365958ef3DMSP 2800 RMBrainerd "2800" RoamingLaw Dispatch
365968ef4DMSP 2800 T 2Brainerd "2800" TAC 2Law Tac
365978ef5DMSP 2800 A IBrainerd "2800" Accident InvestigationLaw Tac
365988ef6DMSP 2800 T 1Brainerd "2800" TAC 1Law Tac
366008ef8DMSP 2800 ALLBrainerd "2800" TAC 3 - All CallLaw Tac
44944af90DMSP 2900 DSPD. Lakes "2900" DispatchLaw Dispatch
44945af91DMSP 2900 RMD. Lakes "2900" RoamingLaw Dispatch
44946af92DMSP 2900 T 2D. Lakes "2900" TAC 2Law Tac
44947af93DMSP 2900 A ID. Lakes "2900" Accident InvestigationLaw Tac
44948af94DMSP 2900 T 1D. Lakes "2900" TAC 1Law Tac
44950af96DMSP 2900 ALLD. Lakes "2900" TAC 3 - All CallLaw Tac
48400bd10DMSP 3200 DSPThief River Falls "3200" DispatchLaw Dispatch
48401bd11DMSP 3200 TACThief River Falls "3200" TAC Law Tac
48402bd12DMSP 3200 T 2Thief River Falls "3200" TAC 2Law Tac
48404bd14DMSP 3200 T 1Thief River Falls "3200" TAC 1Law Tac
48405bd15DMSP 3200 RMThief River Falls "3200" RoamingLaw Dispatch
48406bd16DMSP 3200 ALLThief River Falls "3200" TAC 3 - All CallLaw Tac
Minnesota Department of Public Safety - Statewide 911
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3416d58DRICE 911Rice County, WI 911Multi-Dispatch
3418d5aDPIERCE 911Pierce County, WI 911Multi-Dispatch
3420d5cDMAC 911Metro Airport Comm 911 CenterMulti-Dispatch
3422d5eDANOKA 911Anoka 911 CenterMulti-Dispatch
3426d62DBLMGTN 911Bloomington 911 CenterMulti-Dispatch
3432d68DCHISAGO 911Chisago County 911Multi-Dispatch
3436d6cDDAK CO 911Dakota County 911 CenterMulti-Dispatch
3440d70DEP 911Eden Prairie 911 CenterMulti-Dispatch
3442d72DEDINA 911Edina 911 CenterMulti-Dispatch
3444d74DHOPKINS 911Hopkins 911 CenterMulti-Dispatch
3446d76DISANTI 911Isanti County 911Multi-Dispatch
3450d7aDMNTKA 911Minnetonka 911 CenterMulti-Dispatch
3452d7cDRAMSEY 911Ramsey County 911 AccessMulti-Dispatch
3454d7eDSCOTT 911Scott County 911 CenterMulti-Dispatch
3456d80DSHERBN 911Sherburne County 911Multi-Dispatch
3458d82DSIBLEY 911Sibley County 911Multi-Dispatch
3460d84DSLP 911St Louis Park 911 CenterMulti-Dispatch
3462d86DST PAUL 911St. Paul 911Multi-Dispatch
3464d88DWASH CO 911Washington County 911Multi-Dispatch
3468d8cDWBLK 911White Bear Lake 911Multi-Dispatch
3470d8eDWRIGHT 911Wright County 911Multi-Dispatch
3472d90DUM 911University of Minnesota 911Multi-Dispatch
105362928DMNPLS 911Minneapolis 911 CenterMulti-Dispatch
Minnesota Department of Public Safety - Bur. Crim. Appr. - BCA
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
104068DBCA ALLAll Call MultigroupLaw Dispatch
10606aDBCA MAINMainLaw Dispatch
10806cDBCA TAC1Tactical 1Law Tac
11006eDBCA TAC2Tactical 2Law Tac
112070DEBCA TAC3Tactical 3Law Tac
114072DEBCA TAC4Tactical 4Law Tac
116074DBCA TAC5Tactical 5Law Tac
118076DBCA TAC6Tactical 6Law Tac
120078DEBCA TAC7Tactical 7Law Tac
Minnesota Department of Public Safety - Capitol Security
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
98062DCS SEC MAINCapitol Security MainLaw Dispatch
100064DCS PROTECTGovernor's Protection ForceLaw Tac
102066DCS SEC C2CCapitol Security Car-to-CarLaw Tac
137089DDPS SECDepartment of Public Safety Headquarters SecuritySecurity
2040ccDCS ALL CALLCapitol Security All CallLaw Dispatch
Minnesota Department of Public Safety - Hazmat
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
132084DMNH-MAINMN HAZMAT MainEmergency Ops
134086DMNH-TAC1MN HAZMAT Tactical 1Emergency Ops
136088DMNH-TAC2MN HAZMAT Tactical 2Emergency Ops
Minnesota Department of Corrections
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1660a6DDOC 166DOC 166Corrections
1680a8DDOC STWMCF StillwaterCorrections
1700aaDDOC INVEST 1Office of Special Investigations 1Corrections
1720acDeDOC INVEST 2Office of Special Investigations 2Corrections
1740aeDDOC TR 1Transportation Unit 1 MainCorrections
1760b0DDOC TR 2Transportation Unit 2 SecurityCorrections
1780b2DDOC LL OP1MCF Lino Lakes Main OperationsCorrections
1800b4DDOC LL OP2MCF Lino Lakes Local MaintenanceCorrections
1820b6DDOC STW OP1MCF Stillwater Main OperationsCorrections
1840b8DDOC STW OP2MCF Stillwater Local MaintenanceCorrections
1850b9DMCF Lino 185MCF Lino Lakes 185Corrections
1860baDDOC OPH OP1MCF Oak Park Heights Main OperationsCorrections
1880bcDDOC OPH OP2MCF Oak Park Heights Local MaintenanceCorrections
1900beDDOC SHK OP1MCF Shakopee Main OperationsCorrections
1920c0DDOC SHK OP2MCF Shakopee Local MaintenanceCorrections
1940c2DDOC RW OP1MCF Red Wing Main OperationsCorrections
1950c3DDOC RW ICSMCF Red Wing Incident Command (ICS)Corrections
1960c4DDOC RW OP2MCF Red Wing Local MaintenanceCorrections
1980c6DDOC RC OP1MCF Rush City Main OperationsCorrections
2000c8DDOC RC OP2MCF Rush City Local MaintenanceCorrections
2070cfDDOC LL ICSMCF Stillwater Incident Command (ICS)Corrections
2150d7DMCF Lino 215MCF Lino Lakes 215Corrections
2170d9DMCF Lino 217MCF Lino Lakes 217Corrections
2190dbDMCF Lino 219MCF Lino Lakes 219Corrections
2250e1DMCF Rush ICSMCF Rush City Incident Command (ICS)Corrections
2270e3DMCF Rush 227MCF Rush City 227Corrections
2290e5DMCF Rush 229MCF Rush City 229Corrections
2310e7DMCF Rush 231MCF Rush City 231Corrections
520208DDOC SORT 1Special Operations Response Team Tactical 1Corrections
52220aDDOC-SORT 2Special Operations Response Team Tactical 2Corrections
52420cDDOC SORT 3Special Operations Response Team Tactical 3Corrections
52620eDDOC SORT 4Special Operations Response Team Tactical 4Corrections
201804ed4DMCF Red WingMCF Red Wing Corrections
366668f3aDDOC TOG OP 1MCF Togo - Operations 1Corrections
Minnesota Department of Corrections - Faribault Prison
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
201644ec4DDOC FRB OP 1MCF Faribault MainCorrections
201664ec6DDOC FRB OP 2MCF Faribault (Possibly Maintenance)Corrections
201684ec8DDOC FRB OP 3MCF Faribault (Possibly Operational Security)Corrections
201704ecaDDOC FRB OP 4MCF Faribault (Possibly Operational Security)Corrections
201724eccDDOC FRB OP 5MCF Faribault (Possibly Operational Security)Corrections
201744eceDDOC FRB OP 6MCF Faribault (Possibly Operational Security)Corrections
Minnesota Department of Corrections - Moose Lake Prison
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
366348f1aDDOC ML OP 1Main OperationsCorrections
366368f1cDDOC ML OP 2Local MaintenanceCorrections
366388f1eDDOC ML OP 3Operational Sec. Secure Det. UnitCorrections
366408f20DDOC ML OP 4Operational Security Op1Corrections
366428f22DDOC ML OP 5Operational Security Op2Corrections
366448f24DDOC ML OP 6Operational Security SORTCorrections
366468f26DDOC ML OP 7Alert Tone Out All CallCorrections
366488f28DDOC ML OP 8Emergency Alert All CallCorrections
Minnesota Department of Corrections - St. Cloud Prison
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
242565ec0DDOC SCL OP 1MCF St. Cloud - Main OperationsCorrections
242585ec2DDOC SCL OP 2MCF St. Cloud - Local MaintenanceCorrections
242605ec4DDOC SCL OP 3MCF St. Cloud - Operational Security 3Corrections
242625ec6DDOC SCL OP 4MCF St. Cloud - Operational Security 4Corrections
242645ec8DDOC SCL OP 5MCF St. Cloud - Operational Security 5Corrections
242665ecaDDOC SCL OP 6MCF St. Cloud - Operational Security 6Corrections
242685eccDDOC SCL OP 7MCF St. Cloud - Alert Tone All CallCorrections
242705eceDDOC SCL OP 8MCF St. Cloud - Emergency Alert All CallCorrections
Minnesota Department of Corrections - Willow River Prison
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
366508f2aDDOC WR OP 1Main OperationsCorrections
366528f2cDDOC WR OP 2Work Crews/MaintenanceCorrections
366548f2eDDOC WR OP 3Operational Security Op1Corrections
366568f30DDOC WR OP 4Operational Security Op2Corrections
366588f32DDOC WR OP 5Operational Security Op3Corrections
366608f34DDOC WR OP 6Operational Security TacticalCorrections
366628f36DDOC WR OP 7Alert Tone Out All CallCorrections
366648f38DDOC WR OP 8Emergency Alert All CallCorrections
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources - DNR
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
13808aDDNR ENF ALLEnforcement All CallLaw Tac
14008cDDNR ENF COMEnforcement CommonLaw Tac
14208eDDNR WIDE METMetro Wide Field GroupLaw Tac
144090DDNR D16W METWest Side Group MetroLaw Tac
146092DDNR D17E METEast Side Group MetroLaw Tac
148094DDNR TAC1 METEnforcement Tactical 1 MetroLaw Talk
150096DDNR TAC2 METEnforcement Tactical 2 MetroLaw Talk
152098DDNR TAC3 METEnforcement Tactical 3 MetroLaw Talk
15409aDDNR SUPD METEnforcement Administration MetroLaw Talk
15609cDDNR PARK METMetro Parks Public Works
15809eDDNR WDLF METMetro Wildlife Fire-Tac
1600a0DDNR FOR STWDNR Forestry StatewideFire-Tac
4311afDDNR FOR NW 1DNR Forestry NW 1Fire-Tac
4321b0DDNR FOR CamDNR Forestry CambridgeFire-Tac
4331b1DDNR FOR NW 2DNR Forestry NW 2Fire-Tac
4341b2DDNR FOR NW 3DNR Forestry NW 3Law Tac
4351b3DDNR FOR NE 1DNR Forestry NE 1Fire-Tac
4361b4DDNR FOR NE 2DNR Forestry NE 2Fire-Tac
4381b6DDNR FOR NE 3DNR Forestry NE 3Fire-Tac
4391b7DDNR FIRE DNR FireFire-Tac
4401b8DDNR FIRE DISPForest Fire Main DispatchFire Dispatch
4421baDDNR FIRE SP2DNR Fire Suppression 2Fire-Tac
4431bbDDNR FORESTRYDNR ForestryPublic Works
4781deDDNR TRACK 1DNR Wildlife Tracking 1Public Works
4801e0DDNR TRACK 2DNR Wildlife Tracking 2Public Works
6942b6DDNR CONS 694DNR CONS TAC 694Law Tac
6962b8DDNR CONS 696DNR CONS TAC 696Law Tac
6982baDDNR CONS 698DNR CONS TAC 698Law Tac
7102c6DDNR CONS 710DNR CONS D TAC 710Law Tac
7142caDDNR CONS 714DNR CONS D TAC 714Law Tac
7162ccDDNR D3 MAINDNR District 3 MainLaw Tac
7182ceDDNR CONS 718DNR CONS D TAC 718Law Tac
7202d0DDNR CONS 720DNR CONS D TAC 720Law Tac
7222d2DDNR CONS 722DNR CONS D TAC 722Law Tac
7242d4DDNR CONS 724DNR CONS D TAC 724Law Tac
7252d5DDNR 725DNR 725Law Tac
7272d7DFt Snelling ParkFort Snelling State ParkPublic Works
7282d8DDNR CONS STLDNR CONS D TAC - St Louis CountyLaw Tac
7302daDDNR CONS STLDNR CONS D TAC - St Louis CountyLaw Tac
7442e8DDNR AIRAir EnforcementLaw Tac
7462eaDDNR DlthTacADuluth Area Tactical ALaw Tac
7482ecDDNR DlthTacBDuluth Area Tactical BLaw Tac
7522f0DDNR TAC BRDDNR CONS D9 TAC Brainerd areaLaw Tac
7642fcDDNR TAC HOFFReg 3 Dist 11 Ops Hoffman Area TacLaw Tac
770302DDNR R3 D12Reg 3 Dist 12 OpsLaw Tac
772304DDNR 772DNR 772Law Tac
776308DDNR R4 D15Region 4 District 15Law Tac
77830aDDNR R4 D15 TRegion 4 District 15 TACLaw Tac
78230eDDNR R4 D15Region 4 District 16Law Tac
784310DDNR R4 D15 TRegion 4 District 16 TACLaw Tac
788314DDNR CONSEnforcement Law Tac
790316DDNR 790DNR 790Law Tac
79431aDDNR CONS ROCRegion 3 District 18 Rochester EnforcementLaw Tac
79631cDDNR 796DNR 796Law Tac
202484f18DPARKS D8Parks District 8 MainPublic Works
202494f19DPARKS D8 TACParks District 8 TacticalPublic Works
202644f28DSakatah LakeSakatah Lake State ParkPublic Works
202684f2cDNerstrand BW SPNerstrand Big Woods State ParkPublic Works
242775ed5DPARKS D1Parks District 1 MainPublic Works
242785ed6DPARKS D1 TACParks District 1 TacticalPublic Works
286016fb9DPARKS D10Parks District 10 MainPublic Works
286026fbaDPARKS D10 TACParks District 10 TacticalPublic Works
367108f66DPARKS D4Parks District 4 MainPublic Works
367118f67DPARKS D4 TACParks District 4 TacticalPublic Works
367388f82DPARKS D3Parks District 3 MainPublic Works
367398f83DPARKS D3 TACParks District 3 TacticalPublic Works
48449bd41DPARKS D2Parks District 2 MainPublic Works
48450bd42DPARKS D2 TACParks District 2 TacticalPublic Works
48468bd54DPARKS D?Parks District ? MainPublic Works
48469bd55DPARKS D? TACParks District ? TacticalPublic Works
48470bd56DPARKS D? TACParks District ? TacticalPublic Works
Department of Human Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4551c7DDHS EME MAINDHS Emergency Management MainEmergency Ops
4591cbDDHS EME 1DHS Emergency Management 1Emergency Ops
4601ccDDHS EME 2DHS Emergency Management 2Emergency Ops
4611cdDDHS EME 3DHS Emergency Management 3Emergency Ops
4621ceDDHS ROAMDHS RoamingPublic Works
4631cfDDHS CODHS Central OfficePublic Works
201924ee0DDHS MSOP SP ANSex Offender Program St. Peter AnnouncmentCorrections
201964ee4DDHS MSOP SP1Sex Offender Program St. Peter Main 1Corrections
201984ee6DDHS MSOP SP2Sex Offender Program St. Peter Transportation 2Corrections
202004ee8DDHS MSOP SP3Sex Offender Program St. Peter Emergency 3Corrections
202024eeaDDHS MSOP SP4Sex Offender Program St. Peter MTC 4Corrections
202044eecDDHS MSOP SP5Sex Offender Program St. Peter Incident Command 5Corrections
202064eeeDDHS MSOP SP6Sex Offender Program St. Peter 6Corrections
202084ef0DDHS MSOP SP7Sex Offender Program St. Peter 7Corrections
202104ef2DDHS MSOP SP8Sex Offender Program St. Peter 8Corrections
241195e37DDHS WLMR TRTWillmar Treatment CenterHospital
366828f4aDDHS MSOP ML1Sex Offender Program Moose Lake 1Corrections
366848f4cDDHS MSOP ML2Sex Offender Program Moose Lake 2Corrections
366868f4eDDHS MSOP ML3Sex Offender Program Moose Lake 3Corrections
366888f50DDHS MSOP ML4Sex Offender Program Moose Lake 4Corrections
366908f52DDHS MSOP ML5Sex Offender Program Moose Lake 5Corrections
366928f54DDHS MSOP ML6Sex Offender Program Moose Lake 6Corrections
366948f56DDHS MSOP ML7Sex Offender Program Moose Lake 7Corrections
366968f58DDHS MSOP ML8Sex Offender Program Moose Lake 8Corrections
Minnesota Misc. State Agencies
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1200cDDEPT ADMDept. Of AdministrationPublic Works
9305dDDEPT ADM TECDept. Of Administration - TechniciansPublic Works
12207aDAGE TAC 1Alcohol & Gambling Enforcement Tactical 1Law Tac
12407cDAGE TAC 2Alcohol & Gambling Enforcement Tactical 2Law Tac
12607eDFIRE MAR MState Fire Marshal MainFire-Tac
128080DFIRE MAR T 1State Fire Marshal Tactical 1Fire-Tac
130082DEFIRE MAR T 2State Fire Marshal Tactical 2Fire-Tac
2020caDREVENUE MDepartment of Revenue MainLaw Tac
370172DPCA MAINPollution Control Agency MainEmergency Ops
372174DPCA CONTRACTPCA Tactical 1 ContractorsEmergency Ops
374176DPCA STAFF T1PCA Tactical 1 StaffEmergency Ops
38217eDELAWLawLaw Tac
4181a2DDRO TAC 1 RCDisaster Relief Organization Tactical 1 Red CrossEmergency Ops
4201a4DDRO TAC 2 SADisaster Relief Organization Tactical 2 Salvation ArmyEmergency Ops
4221a6DDRO TAC 3Disaster Relief Organization Tactical 3Emergency Ops
4241a8DDRO TAC 4Disaster Relief Organization Tactical 4Emergency Ops
4501c2DHS EM DUTY OHomeland Security Emergency Management Duty OfficerEmergency Ops
4561c8DDOH TAC 1Department of Health Tactical 1Emergency Ops
4571c9DDOH TAC 2Department of Health Tactical 2Emergency Ops
60425cDMETRO PHA 3Metro Local Public Health Association 3Business
60625eDMETRO PHA 4Metro Local Public Health Association 4Business
Minnesota National Guard - Military
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4261aaDN GUARD ANational Guard AMilitary
4281acDN GUARD EOCNational Guard EOC ST PAULMilitary
4301aeDN GUARDNational Guard Military
4541c6DE133 PER OPS133rd Air Lift Wing Perimeter OpsMilitary
610262DN GUARD DNational Guard DMilitary
612264DN GUARD ENational Guard EMilitary
614266DN GUARD FNational Guard FMilitary
616268DN GUARD GNational Guard GMilitary
61826aD133 FLT OPS133rd Air Lift Wing Flightline OpsMilitary
62026cDN GUARD INational Guard IMilitary
62226eDN GUARD JNational Guard JMilitary
624270DN GUARD KNational Guard KMilitary
626272DN GUARD LNational Guard LMilitary
628274DN GUARD MNational Guard MMilitary
630276DE34 INF MAIN 34th Infantry Red Bulls MainMilitary
632278DN GUARD ONational Guard OMilitary
63427aDN GUARD PNational Guard PMilitary
63627cDN GUARD QNational Guard QMilitary
63827eDN GUARD RNational Guard RMilitary
640280DN GUARD SNational Guard SMilitary
642282DN GUARD TNational Guard TMilitary
644284DNG RIP FIRECamp Ripley FireMilitary
646286DN GUARD VNational Guard VMilitary
648288DN GUARD WNational Guard WMilitary
65028aDNG RIP RANGECamp Ripley Range ControlMilitary
65228cDNG RIP SECCamp Ripley SecurityMilitary
65428eDNG RIP OPS 1Camp Ripley Ops 1Military
656290DNG RIP OPS 2Camp Ripley Ops 2Military
662296DCR RangeCtrlCamp Ripley Range ControlMilitary
67029eDN GUARD XNational Guard XMilitary
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4641d0DEUS FBI 1Federal Bureau of Investigations 1Federal
4651d1DEUS FBI 3Federal Bureau of Investigations 3Federal
4661d2DEUS FBI 2Federal Bureau of Investigations 2Federal
4681d4DEUS FWSUS Fish & Wildlife Service EnforcementFederal
3401d49DEUSMS STWDUS Marshal Service1 StatewideFederal
3403d4bDEUSMS METRO 1US Marshal Service1 Metro 1Federal
3405d4dDEUSMS METRO 2US Marshal Service1 Metro 2 Federal
3407d4fDEUSMS ZONE 1US Marshal Service1 Zone 1Federal
3409d51DEUSMS ZONE 2US Marshal Service1 Zone 2Federal
3411d53DEUSMS ZONE 3US Marshal Service1 Zone 3Federal
3413d55DEUSMS ZONE 4US Marshal Service1 Zone 4Federal
3415d57DEUSMS ZONE 5US Marshal Service1 Zone 5Federal
3417d59DEUSMS ZONE 6US Marshal Service1 Zone 6Federal
3419d5bDEUSMS 10US Marshal Service1 10Federal
3421d5dDEUSMS 11US Marshal Service1 11Federal
3423d5fDEUSMS 12US Marshal Service1 12Federal
48407bd17DEBORDR PT TACBorder Patrol - TACFederal
48411bd1bDEBORDR PT DSPBorder Patrol - DispatchFederal
Minnesota State Fair
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
125763120DST FAIR PD 1State Fair Police 1Law Talk
125783122DST FAIR PD 2State Fair Police 2Law Talk
125803124DST FAIR PD 3State Fair Police 3Law Talk
Minnesota DOT District 1 NE - Duluth
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
365288eb0DDOT DLH ALLDOT Duluth - All CallPublic Works
365308eb2DDOT DLH EMERDOT Duluth Emergency to State PatrolPublic Works
365328eb4DDOT D1 LAKESDOT D1 Lakes Sub (Floodwood, Grand Rapids, McGregor Truck Stations)Public Works
365348eb6DDOT D1 SOUTHDOT D1 South Sub (Carlton, Moose Lk, Pine City, Sandstone Truck Stations)Public Works
365368eb8DDOT D1 DULUTHDOT D1 Duluth Sub (Duluth, Nopeming, Pike Lake Truck Stations)Public Works
365408ebcDDOT D1 BORDERDOT D1 Border Sub (Cook, Deer Lake, International Falls, Little Fork Truck Stations)Public Works
365428ebeDDOT D1 RANGEDOT D1 Range Sub (Ely, Hibbing, Virigina Truck Stations)Public Works
365448ec0DDOT DLH 36544DOT Duluth 36544Public Works
365488ec4DDOT VIR TAC 3DOT Virginia TAC 3Public Works
365508ec6DDOT VIR TAC 4DOT Virginia TAC 4Public Works
365728edcDDOT DLH 36572DOT Duluth 36572Public Works
365748edeDDOT D1 SHOREDOT D1 Shore Sub (Grand Marias, Silver Bay, Two Harbors Truck Stations)Public Works
365768ee0DDOT DLH 36576DOT Duluth 36576Public Works
365828ee6DDOT DLH 36582DOT Duluth 36582Public Works
365848ee8DDOT DLH TACDOT Duluth TACPublic Works
365868eeaDDOT DLH 36586DOT Duluth 36586Public Works
365888eecDDOT DLH 36588DOT Duluth 36588Public Works
Minnesota DOT District 2 NW - Bemidji
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
48414bd1eDDOT BJI ALLDOT Bemidji - All CallPublic Works
48416bd20DDOT BJI 48416DOT Bemidji 48416Public Works
48418bd22DDOT BJI 48418DOT Bemidji 48418Public Works
48420bd24DDOT D2 DISPDOT D2 Dispatch (DOT to State Patrol Dispatch)Public Works
48421bd25DDOT BJI 48421DOT Bemidji 48421Public Works
48424bd28DDOT BJI 48424DOT Bemidji 48424Public Works
48426bd2aDDOT BJI 42426DOT Bemidji 48426Public Works
48428bd2cDDOT D2A ECDOT D2A East Central Sub (Bji, D Rvr, N Home Truck Stations)Public Works
48430bd2eDDOT D2B SWDOT D2B Southwest Sub (Crookston, EGF, Erskine Truck Stations)Public Works
48431bd2fDDOT BJI 48431DOT Bemidji 48431Public Works
48434bd32DDOT BJI 48434DOT Bemidji 48434Public Works
48436bd34DDOT D2A SEDOT D2A Southeast Sub (Bagley, PR, Walker Truck Stations)Public Works
48438bd36DDOT BJI TACDOT Bemidji TACPublic Works
48440bd38DDOT BJI 48440DOT Bemidji 48440Public Works
48442bd3aDDOT BJI 48442DOT Bemidji 48442Public Works
48444bd3cDDOT D2A NEDOT D2A Northeast Sub (Baudette, Grygla, Roseau Truck Stations)Public Works
48446bd3eDDOT D2B NWDOT D2B Northwest Sub (Hallock, Karlstad, TRF, Warren Truck Stations)Public Works
48448bd40DDOT BJI 48448DOT Bemidji 48448Public Works
Minnesota DOT District 3 E Cent. - Brainerd / St. Cloud
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
241015e25DDOT 3 24101DOT 3 24101Public Works
241035e27DDOT 3 24103DOT 3 24103Public Works
241365e48DDOT 3 ALLDOT 3 All CallPublic Works
241385e4aDDOT 3B MAINDOT 3B MainPublic Works
241405e4cDDOT 3 BrainStCldDOT Brainerd - St Cloud DispatchPublic Works
241415e4dDDOT D3 BRD DISPDOT D3 Brainerd Dispatch (OLD State Patrol to Brainerd MSP Dispatch)Public Works
241425e4eDDOT 3 24142DOT 3 24142Public Works
241445e50DDOT 3 24144DOT 3 24144Public Works
241455e51DDOT 3 - ESSDOT 3 - ESSPublic Works
241465e52DDOT 3 24146DOT 3 24146Public Works
241485e54DDOT D3B RVRDOT D3B River Sub (Elk River and Milaca Truck Stations)Public Works
241505e56DDOT D3B GRANITEDOT D3B Granite Sub (St Cloud Truck Station) Public Works
241525e58DDOT 3 24152DOT 3 24152Public Works
241545e5aDDOT 3 24154DOT 3 24154Public Works
241565e5cDDOT 3 24156DOT 3 24156Public Works
241585e5eDDOT 3 24158DOT 3 24158Public Works
241605e60DDOT ST CLOUDDOT ST CLOUDPublic Works
241665e66DDOT 3 24166DOT 3 24166Public Works
241685e68DDOT 3 24168DOT 3 24168Public Works
241705e6aDDOT 24170DOT 3 24170Public Works
241725e6cDDOT 3 24172DOT 3 24172Public Works
241735e6dDDOT 3 24173DOT 3 24173Public Works
241745e6eDDOT BRAINERDMnDOT BrainerdPublic Works
241785e72DDOT D3 TAC 1DOT D3 Tac 1Public Works
241805e74DDOT D3 TAC 2DOT D3 Tac 2Public Works
241825e76DDOT D3A FALLSDOT D3A Falls Sub (Little Falls & Long Prairie Truck Stations)Public Works
241845e78DDOT 3 24184DOT 3 24184Public Works
241855e79DDOT D3A BAYDOT D3A Bay Sub (Baxter, Motley, Wadena Truck Stations)Public Works
241875e7bDDOT D3A NORTHDOT D3A North Sub (Aitkin, Garrison, Pine River, Remer Truck Stations)Public Works
241885e7cDDOT D3B SOUTHDOT D3B South Sub (Buffalo and Monticello Truck Stations)Public Works
241905e7eDDOT D3B WESTDOT D3B West Sub (Albany, Paynesville, Sauk Centre Truck Stations)Public Works
241945e82DDOT D3B EASTDOT D3B East Sub (Cambridge, Isle, Mora Truck Stations)Public Works
241965e84DDOT 3 24196DOT 3 24196Public Works
242005e88DDOT D3 BRIDGESDOT D3 Bridge InspectorsPublic Works
242025e8aDDOT 3 Sign ShopDOT 3 - Sign ShopPublic Works
242345eaaDDOT 3 24234DOT 3 24234Public Works
Minnesota DOT District 4 W Cent. - Detroit Lakes
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
242045e8cDDOT DL ALLDOT DL All CallPublic Works
242065e8eDDOT DL TACDOT DL TACPublic Works
242085e90DDOT D4 DISPDOT D4 Dispatch (DOT to State Patrol Dispatch)Public Works
242105e92DDOT D4 ALXDOT D4 Alex Sub (Alex & Evansville Truck Stations)Public Works
242145e96DDOT D4 BRIDGEDOT D4 Bridge Inspectors Public Works
242165e98DDOT DL TAC 24216DOT DL TAC 24216Public Works
242185e9aDDOT D4 TAC 1DOT D4 Tac 1Public Works
242205e9cDDOT D4 FFDOT D4 Fergus Sub (Fergus Falls & Henning Truck Stations)Public Works
242245ea0DDOT DL 24224DOT DL 24224Public Works
242265ea2DDOT DL 24226DOT DL 24226Public Works
242285ea4DDOT D4 MHDDOT D4 Moorhead Sub (Barnsville, Hawley, Moorhead Truck Stations) Public Works
242305ea6DDOT D4 MORRISDOT D4 Glenwood Sub (Appleton, Benson, Breck, Glenwood, Morris, Ortonville, Wheaton Truck Stations)Public Works
242325ea8DDOT DL 24232DOT DL 24232Public Works
242365eacDDOT DL 24236DOT DL 24236Public Works
242385eaeDDOT DL 24238DOT DL 24238Public Works
242405eb0DDOT DL 24240DOT DL 24240Public Works
242425eb2DDOT DL 24242DOT DL 24242Public Works
242445eb4DDOT DL 24244DOT DL 24244Public Works
242485eb8DDOT DL 24248DOT DL 24248Public Works
242505ebaDDOT D4 TAC 2DOT D4 Tac 2Public Works
242525ebcDDOT D4 DLDOT D4 Det Lks Sub (Det Lks, Mahnomen, Perham Truck Stations)Public Works
242545ebeDDOT DL TAC 24254DOT DL TAC 24254Public Works
Minnesota DOT District 5 Metro
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2080d0DDOT 1 CMOCentral Management OfficePublic Works
2100d2DDOT 210DOT 210Public Works
2120d4DOEC DEMO 2OEC Demo 2Public Works
2220deDDOT OEC2 ADMOEC 2 AdminPublic Works
2240e0DDOT OEC3 SHPOEC 3 ShopPublic Works
2260e2DDOT OEC4 OFCOEC 4 Office AdminPublic Works
2280e4DDOT OEC5 ADMOEC 5 AdminPublic Works
2300e6DDOT SURV ALLSurvey Crew All CallPublic Works
2320e8DDOT SURVY 1Survey Crew 1Public Works
2340eaDDOT SURVY 2Survey Crew 2Public Works
2360ecDDOT SURVY 3Survey Crew 3Public Works
2380eeDDOT SURVY 4Survey Crew 4Public Works
2400f0DDOT SURVY 5Survey Crew 5Public Works
2420f2DDOT SURVY 6Survey Crew 6Public Works
2440f4DDOT SURVY 7Survey Crew 7Public Works
2460f6DDOT SURVY 8Survey Crew 8Public Works
2480f8DDOT SURVY 9Survey Crew 9Public Works
2500faDDOT SURVY 10Survey Crew 10Public Works
2520fcDDOT SURVY 11Survey Crew 11Public Works
2540feDDOT SURVY 12Survey Crew 12Public Works
256100DDOT SURVY 13Survey Crew 13Public Works
258102DDOT SURVY 14Survey Crew 14Public Works
260104DDOT SURVY 15Survey Crew 15Public Works
262106DDOT SURVY 16Survey Crew 16Public Works
264108DDOT SURVY 17Survey Crew 17Public Works
26610aDDOT SURVY 18Survey Crew 18Public Works
26810cDDOT SURVY 19Survey Crew 19Public Works
27010eDDOT SURVY 20Survey Crew 20Public Works
272110DDOT SURVY 21Survey Crew 21Public Works
274112DDOT SURVY 22Survey Crew 22Public Works
276114DDOT SURVY 23Survey Crew 23Public Works
278116DDOT ANNOUNCEDOT Announce - WeatherPublic Works
280118DDOT METRO EMMetro Emergency to MSPPublic Works
28211aDDOT COMMONCommonPublic Works
28411cDDOT MAINT NEMNDOT North East Maintance DispatchPublic Works
28611eDDOT MAINT NWMNDOT North West Maintance DispatchPublic Works
288120DDOT MAINT CMNDOT Central Maintance DispatchPublic Works
290122DDOT MAINT SMNDOT South Maintance DispatchPublic Works
292124DDOT NB 12MNDOT North Branch, 12Public Works
294126DDOT FL 14MNDOT Forest Lake, 14Public Works
296128DDOT SLP 15MNDOT Spring Lake Park, 15Public Works
29812aDDOT OKD 11MNDOT Oakdale, 11Public Works
30012cDDOT ANK 41MNDOT Anoka, 41Public Works
30212eDDOT MG 42MNDOT Maple Grove, 42Public Works
304130DDOT PLY 44MNDOT Plymouth, 44Public Works
306132DDOT GV 45MNDOT Golden Valley, 45Public Works
308134DDOT EP 43MNDOT Eden Prairie, 43Public Works
310136DDOT CAM 22MNDOT Camden Yard, Mlps, 22Public Works
312138DDOT RCH 23MNDOT Cedar, Richfield, 23Public Works
31413aDDOT MYD 25MNDOT Maryland, St. Paul, 25Public Works
31613cDDOT ARD 26MNDOT Arden Hills, 26Public Works
31813eDDOT HST 33MNDOT Hastings, 33Public Works
320140DDOT MDT 32MNDOT Mendota, 32Public Works
322142DDOT LKV 34MNDOT Lakeville, 34Public Works
324144DDOT SHK 31MNDOT Shakopee, 31Public Works
326146DDOT JDN 35MNDOT Jordan, 35Public Works
328148DDOT SUPVMNDOT - SupervisorsPublic Works
33014aDDOT MAT ADMMNDOT Materials/AdminPublic Works
33214cDDOT TMC AIRTMC AirpatrolPublic Works
33414eDDOT METRO 334MNDOT Metro 334Public Works
336150DDOT METRO 336MNDOT Metro 336Public Works
338152DDOT-TMC-HLPRTMC Highway Helper (FIRST)Public Works
340154DDOT ESS LOCTESS Cable LocatesPublic Works
342156DDOT ESS SIGESS SignalsPublic Works
344158DDOT CONST OKConstruction Office OakdalePublic Works
34615aDDOT CONST MDConstruction Office MendotaPublic Works
34815cDDOT CONST EPConstruction Office Eden PrairiePublic Works
35015eDDOT CONST GVConstruction Office Golden valleyPublic Works
352160DDOT SIGNSMNDOT - Sign ShopPublic Works
354162DDOT STRIPINGTraffic StripingPublic Works
356164DDOT TRFC ENGTraffic EngineeringPublic Works
358166DDOT BLD MNTBuilding MainenancePublic Works
360168DDOT HAZMATHazMatPublic Works
384180DDOT NIGHTNight CrewsPublic Works
388184DDOT SAFETYSafetyPublic Works
390186DDOT METRO 390MNDOT MetroPublic Works
39618cDDOT NIGHT 1Night Crews 1Public Works
408198DDOT METRO 408MNDOT Metro 408Public Works
41019aDDOT METRO 410MNDOT Metro 410Public Works
41219cDDOT METRO 412MNDOT Metro 412Public Works
4461beDMET TRAFFICMetro Traffic InformationPublic Works
4481c0DDOT EVENTSEvent StagingPublic Works
Minnesota DOT District 6 SE - Rochester
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
200504e52DDOT ROCHDOT RochesterPublic Works
200524e54DDOT ROCH OWTDistrict 6A Hail Main Rochester - OwatonnaPublic Works
200544e56DDOT 6B MAINDistrict 6B MainPublic Works
200564e58DDOT ROC EMERDOT Rochester To SP Dispatch - EmergencyPublic Works
200584e5aDDOT ROCH 20058DOT Rochester 20058Public Works
200594e5bDDOT ROCH TAC 5DOT Rochester TAC 5Public Works
200604e5cDDOT ROCH 20060DOT Rochester 20060Public Works
200614e5dDDOT ROCH TAC 6DOT Rochester TAC 6Public Works
200624e5eDDOT ROCH 20062DOT Rochester 20062Public Works
200634e5fDDOT ROCH TAC 7DOT Rochester TAC 7Public Works
200644e60DDOT ROCH 20064DOT Rochester 20064Public Works
200654e61DDOT ROCH TAC 8DOT Rochester TAC 8Public Works
200664e62DDOT ROCH 20066DOT Rochester 20066Public Works
200674e63DDOT ROCH ALLDOT Rochester All CallPublic Works
200684e64DDOT ROCH 20068DOT Rochester 20068Public Works
200724e68DDOT ROCH 20072DOT Rochester 20072Public Works
200744e6aDDOT ROCH 20074DOT Rochester 20074Public Works
200764e6cDDOT D6 SIGNSDOT D6 Signs ShopPublic Works
200784e6eDDOT ROCH 20078DOT Rochester 20078Public Works
200804e70DDOT D6B AUSTDOT D6B Austin Sub DistrictPublic Works
200824e72DDOT D6B RD WNGDOT D6B Red Wing Sub DistrictPublic Works
200844e74DDOT D6A ROCHDOT D6A Rochester Sub DistrictPublic Works
200864e76DDOT D6B ABRT LDOT D6B Albert Lea Sub DistrictPublic Works
200884e78DDOT D6B OWATDOT D6B Owatonna Sub DistrictPublic Works
200904e7aDDOT D6A WINADOT D6A Winona Sub DistrictPublic Works
200914e7bDDOT ST CHLSDOT St. Charles Truck StationPublic Works
200924e7cDDOT D6A STEWDOT D6A Stewartville Sub DistrictPublic Works
200944e7eDDOT D6A DRESBDOT D6A Dresbach Sub DistrictPublic Works
Minnesota DOT District 7 S Cent. - Mankato
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
201104e8eDDOT MKO 20110DOT Mankato 20110Public Works
201124e90DDOT MKO 20112DOT Mankato District 20112Public Works
201144e92DDOT MKO 20114DOT Mankato District 20114Public Works
201244e9cDDOT MKO WTHDOT Mankato - WorthingtonPublic Works
201264e9eDDOT MKO ALLDOT Mankato - All CallPublic Works
201284ea0DDOT MKO EMERDOT Mankato Emergency to MSPPublic Works
201304ea2DDOT MKO 20130DOT Mankato District 20130Public Works
201324ea4DDOT Mankato 2013DOT Mankato 20132Public Works
201344ea6DDOT MKO 20134DOT Mankato 20134Public Works
201364ea8DDOT Mankato 2013DOT Mankato 20136Public Works
201424eaeDDOT MKO LESRDOT Mankato - LeSueurPublic Works
201444eb0DDOT MKO MKO 2014DOT Mankato - MankatoPublic Works
201464eb2DDOT MKO MLTNDOT Mankato - MapletonPublic Works
201484eb4DDOT MKO 20148DOT Mankato 20148Public Works
201564ebcDDOT MKO STJMDOT Mankato - St. JamesPublic Works
201584ebeDDOT MKO WDMDOT Mankato - WindomPublic Works
201604ec0DDOT MKO 20160DOT Mankato 20160Public Works
202364f0cDDOT WRTH-MSPDOT Worthington to MSPPublic Works
Minnesota DOT District 8 SW - Willmar
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
240705e06DDOT WILLMAR24070DOT Willmar 24070Public Works
240785e0eDDOT SILVR LKDOT Silver LakePublic Works
285226f6aDDOT 8 STC DSPDOT 8 - St. Cloud DispatchPublic Works
285246f6cDDOT 8 - BridgesDOT 8 - BridgesPublic Works
285286f70DDOT WILLMAR28528DOT Willmar 28528Public Works
285306f72DDOT WILLMAR28530DOT Willmar 28530Public Works
285326f74DDOT 8 Tac 3Tactical 3Public Works
285346f76DDOT WILLMAR28534DOT Willmar 28534Public Works
285406f7cDDOT WILLMAR28540DOT Willmar 28540Public Works
285466f82DDOT WILLMAR28546DOT Willmar28546Public Works
285486f84DDOT ALL CALLDOT Willmar All CallPublic Works
285526f88DDOT 8 MARSH DSPDOT 8 - Marshall DispatchPublic Works
285566f8cDDOT 8 SUPVDist 8 SupervisorsPublic Works
285606f90DDOT HUTCHDOT HutchinsonPublic Works
285626f92DDOT MARSHDOT MarshallPublic Works
285646f94DDOT WILLMARDOT 8 - Willmar subarea [Willmar, Litchfield]Public Works
National Weather Service
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
9009DNWS CHANHSNNWS ChanhassenEmergency Ops
200134e2dDNWS LACROSSENWS LacrosseEmergency Ops
285756f9fDNWS SX FALLSNWS Sioux FallsEmergency Ops
365918eefDNWS DULUTHNWS DuluthEmergency Ops
48409bd19DNWS G FORKSNWS Grand ForksEmergency Ops
Radio Board - System Technicians
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4004DESYS TECH 4System Technicians 4Public Works
40028DESYS TECH 40System Technicians 40Public Works
36216aDSRB DEMO 1Radio Board - Demo 1Public Works
528210DSYS TECH 528Radio Board - Demo TGPublic Works
7002bcDESYS TECH 700System Technicians 700Public Works
7022beDESYS TECH 702System Technicians 702Public Works
7042c0DESYS TECH 704System Technicians 704Public Works
7062c2DESYS TECH 706System Technicians 706Public Works
7082c4DESYS TECH 708SE MN System Technicians 708Public Works
80001f40DTEST TG 1Test TG 1Public Works
80021f42DTEST TG 2Test TG 2Public Works
80041f44DTEST TG 3Test TG 3Public Works
80061f46DTEST TG 4Test TG 4Public Works
80081f48DTEST TG 5Test TG 5Public Works
80121f4cDTEST MULTITest MultigroupPublic Works
998026fcDMOTO ALLMOTO System Technicians AllPublic Works
998226feDMOTOROLA 1MOTO System Technicians 1Public Works
99842700DMOTOROLA 2MOTO System Technicians 2Public Works
99862702DMOTOROLA 3MOTO System Technicians 3Public Works
99882704DMOTOROLA 4MOTO System Technicians 4Public Works
99902706DMOTOROLA 5MOTO System Technicians 5Public Works
99922708DMOTOROLA 6MOTO System Technicians 6Public Works
200004e20DSYS TECH ROCSE MN Radio Technicians RochesterPublic Works
240185dd2DSYS TECH STRSystem Tech's / Stearns County AreaPublic Works
240505df2DSYS TECH WLMSystem Technicians WillmarPublic Works
240605dfcDESYS TECH Z 4System Technicians Zone 4Public Works
368649000DTEST TG ATest Talkgroup APublic Works
368969020DTEST TG BTest Talkgroup BPublic Works
369609060DTEST TG DTest Talkgroup DPublic Works
369929080DTEST TG ETest Talkgroup EPublic Works
3702490a0DTEST TG FTest Talkgroup FPublic Works
3705690c0DTEST MG ABCTest Multi-Talkgroup ABCPublic Works
Metro EMS - Hospital - EMS Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
214085cDWEMS MRCC 2West MRCC 2Hospital
214285eDWEMS MRCCWest MRCC MainHospital
2150866DEMS MET CORDCHD Metro Region CoordinationHospital
22368bcDEMH CALLEMH CallingHospital
22388beDEMH COMM 1EMH Comm 1Hospital
22408c0DEMH COMM 2EMH Comm 2Hospital
22608d4DWEST MET SUPWest Metro EMS SupervisorsEMS-Tac
22808e8DEMH COMM 3EMH Comm 3Hospital
22828eaDEMH COMM 4EMH Comm 4Hospital
2306902DEMMRCMAINEast MRCC MainHospital
231890eDEMS_COORDEMS CoordinationEMS-Talk
Metro EMS - Medical Control
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
212284aD212 MED CTRTwo Twelve Medical Center Patient InformationHospital
2152868DABT NW HOSPAbbott Northwestern HospitalHospital
215486aDCHILD HOSPMinneapolis Children's HospitalHospital
215686cDEMHHC_PIHennepin County Medical CenterHospital
215886eDEMHMC_PIMercy HospitalHospital
2160870DMETHD HOSPMethodist HospitalHospital
2162872DN MEM MED CNorth Memorial Medical CenterHospital
2164874DUMMC WEST BKUniversity of Minnesota Medical Center West BankHospital
2166876DEMHRV_PIRidgeview Medical CenterHospital
2168878DFRV SDL MED Fairview Southdale Medical CenterHospital
217087aDST FRAN HOSPSt. Francis Regional Medical CenterHospital
217287cDUMMC EAST BKUniversity of Minnesota Medical Center East BankHospital
217487eDUNITY HOSPUnity Medical CenterHospital
2176880DMPLS VET CTRMinneapolis Veteran Affairs Medical CenterHospital
2178882DST JOSP HOSPSt. Joseph's HospitalHospital
2180884DST JOHN HOSPSt. John's HospitalHospital
2182886DLKVW MED CTRLakeview Medical CenterHospital
2184888DRGNA MED CTRRegina Medical CenterHospital
218688aDF RDGS MED CRidges Medical CenterHospital
218888cDRGNS HOSPRegions HospitalHospital
219088eDUNITED HOSPUnited HospitalHospital
2192890DWDWNDS HOSPWoodwinds HospitalHospital
2196894DMPL GRV HOSPMaple Grove HospitalHospital
2198896DMPL GRV HOSPMaple Grove HospitalHospital
220489cDNMEM MED CTRNorth Memorial Medical CenterHospital
22088a0DRGVW MED CTRRidgeview Medical CenterHospital
22108a2DFVW SDL HOSPFairview Southdale HospitalHospital
22248b0DLKVW MED CTRLakeview Medical CenterHospital
22888f0DFRV LKS HOSPFairview Lakes Medical CenterHospital
2338922D212 MED CTRTwo Twelve Medical CenterHospital
2342926DUM AMPLATZUniversity of Minnesota Amplatz Children's HospitalHospital
Central Minnesota EMS Hailing
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2200898DEMH PRINCTNPrinceton Hospital - Health Fairview Northland Medical CenterHospital
233291cDEMH MCNew River Hospital Centra Care Hospital - MonticelloHospital
24890613aDEMH SCSt. Cloud Hospital CentraCare Hospital - St. CloudHospital
253836327DEMH BFBuffalo Hospital Allina Health Hospital - BuffaloHospital
256516433DEMH MKMEMMeeker Hospital Meeker Memorial Hospital - LitchfieldHospital
25754649aDEMH Rice MemRice Hospital Rice Memorial Hospital - WillmarHospital
267126858DEMH WHWheaton Hospital ER Sanford Hospital - WheatonHospital
26926692eDRIVERWD ERRiverwood Hospital Aitkin EREMS-Talk
269316933DEMH LPCentracare Hospital - Long Prairie Centra Care Hospital - Long PraireHospital
269326934DEMH LKWDLakewood Hosp. - Staples Lakewood Health Hospital - StaplesHospital
2710269deDEMH ALAlbany Area Hospital, Albany CHI Albany Hospital - AlbanyHospital
2710669e2DEMH MRMelrose Area Hospital, Melrose Centra Care Hospital - MelroseHospital
2711069e6DEMH SKCentracare Hospital, Sauk Center Centra Care Hospital - Sauk CentreHospital
2711469eaDEMH PVPaynesville Hospital Centra Care Hospital - PaynesvilleHospital
273366ac8DEMH EB LKGrant - Elbow Lk Hospital Prairie Ridge Hospital - Elbo LakeHospital
277166c44DEMH ST FRSt. Francis Hospital CHI St. Francis Hospital - BreckenridgeHospital
279606d38DEMH FFLake Region Hospital - EMS - F Falls Lake Region's Hospital - Fergus FallsHospital
279616d39DEMH PHPerham Hospital - EMS Sanford Hospital - PerhamHospital
281276ddfDEMH WDAstera Health ER - WadenaHospital
43096a858DEMH St GBSt. Gabrial's ER CHI St. Gabrial's Hospital - Little FallsHospital
47102b7feDEMH DGDouglas County Hospital Pt. Info Douglas County Hospital - AlexandriaHospital
Southeast Minnesota EMS Hailing
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
21598545eDROCH MH HOSPRochester Methodist HospitalHospital
216165470DOLM MED CTROlmsted Medical Center (Rochester)Hospital
216205474DRD WING HOSPRed Wing Hospital Patient Info.Hospital
216225476DALBRT L MEDAlbert Lea Medical CenterHospital
216245478DAUSTIM MEDAustin Medical CenterHospital
21626547aDDIST ONE MEDDistrict One Hospital (Faribault)Hospital
21628547cDLK CTY HOSPLake City HospitalHospital
21630547eDWABASHA HOSPWabasha HospitalHospital
216325480DWINONA HOSPWinona HospitalHospital
216345482DCAN FLS HOSPMayo Cannon Falls HospitalHospital
216365484DOWATNA HOSPOwatonna Hospital Patient InfoHospital
216385486DFED MED CTRFederal Medical Center RochesterHospital
Northwest Minnesota EMS - Hospitals
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
50300c47cDNWMN MEDHSCNorthwest Health Services CoalitionHospital
50301c47dDSANFORD FGOSanford - FargoHospital
50302c47eDAltru HospitalAltru HospitalHospital
50303c47fDESSENTIA FGOEssentia - FargoHospital
50304c480DSANFORD BJISanford - BemidjiHospital
50317c48dDThief River FallThief River FallsHospital
50318c48eDADA HOSPBridges Med Center - AdaHospital
50323c493DMAHNOMN HOSPMahnomen HospitalHospital
50330c49aDST JOES HOSPST. Joe's Hospital - Park RapidsHospital
50332c49cDBAGLEY ERSanford Bagley ERHospital
50333c49dDBAGLEY HOSPBagley HospitalHospital
50338c4a2DST MARY HOSPST. Mary's Hospital - Detroit LakesHospital
50341c4a5DCASS LK IHSCass Lake IHSHospital
50342c4a6DFargo VAFargo VA HospitalHospital
Allina Transportation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
22628d6DEMSAL ALLDispatch All CallEMS Dispatch
2100834DEMSAL ALS NORTHALS Dispatch NorthEMS Dispatch
22648d8DEMSAL ALS SOUTHDispatch SouthEMS Dispatch
2102836DEMSAL BLSBLS DispatchEMS Dispatch
2103837DEMSAL N ULMNew Ulm DispatchEMS Dispatch
210883cDEMSAL STWDStatewideEMS Dispatch
2129851DEMSAL RIVERFLSRiver Falls DispatchEMS Dispatch
22668daDEMSAL ALWWright County ALS DispatchEMS Dispatch
24679a3DEMS Disp Det LksEMS Dispatch Detroit Lakes AreaEMS Dispatch
210983dDEMSAL HU DSPHutchinson - Glencoe DispatchEMS Dispatch
211183fDEMSAL HU ADMHutchinson AdminEMS-Talk
2104838DEMSAL-EVNT1Allina Health EMS Tactical 1EMS-Tac
210683aDEMSAL-EVNT2Allina Health EMS Tactical 2EMS-Tac
211083eDEMSAL-EVNT3Allina Health EMS Tactical 3EMS-Tac
22708deDEMSAL-EVNT4Allina Health EMS Tactical 4EMS-Tac
22738e1DEMSAL-EVNT5Allina Health EMS Tactical 5EMS-Tac
22758e3DEMSAL-EVNT6Allina Health EMS Tactical 6EMS-Tac
22658d9DEMSAL-EVNT7Allina Health EMS Tactical 7EMS-Tac
22678dbDEMSAL-EVNT8Allina Health EMS Tactical 8EMS-Tac
22728e0DEMSAL BUS 1Business 1EMS-Talk
22748e2DEMSAL BUS 2Business 2EMS-Talk
2326916DEMSAL EOCEmergency Operations CentersEMS-Talk
2328918DEMSAL EOC T1EOC Tactical 1EMS-Tac
233091aDEMSAL EOC T2EOC Tactical 2EMS-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
233491eDEMSCC TAC 1CentraCare EMS Tac 1EMS-Tac
24620602cDEMSCC PaynesvillCentraCare EMS Dispatch - PaynesvilleEMS Dispatch
254006338DEMSCC ROAMCentra Care EMS RoamEMS Dispatch
25402633aDEMSCC Med CtrlCentraCare EMS Medical ControlEMS-Talk
25403633bDEMSCC WILLMARCentra Care EMS Dispatch - WillmarEMS Dispatch
25404633cDEMSCC LPCentra Care EMS Dispatch- Long PrairieEMS Dispatch
25405633dDEMSCC RWFCentra Care EMS Dispatch- Redwood FallsEMS Dispatch
2712069f0DEMSCC MONTICentraCare EMS Dispatch MonticelloEMS Dispatch
Sanford MED/F-M Ambulance
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
50200c418DFMA Hail911 to FM Dispatch HailingEMS Dispatch
50202c41aDFMA 1911 DispatchEMS Dispatch
50204c41cDFMA 2Transport DispatchEMS Dispatch
50206c41eDEFMA SECFM Ambulance SecureEMS Dispatch
50208c420DFMA RoamFM Ambulance RoamEMS-Talk
50210c422DSanford AirMedSanford AirMed Comm. Center - BemidjiEMS Dispatch
50212c424DFMA BAGLYFM Ambulance BagleyEMS-Tac
50214c426DFMA CNBYFM Ambulance CanbyEMS-Tac
50216c428DFMA RK COFM Ambulance Rock Co (Luverne)EMS-Tac
50218c42aDSanford HillsbroSanford Ambulance - Hillsboro EMS Dispatch
50220c42cDFMA MU COFM Ambulance Murray Co MNEMS-Tac
50222c42eDSanford ThiefRivSanford Thief River FallsEMS Dispatch
50224c430DFMA WHTNFM Ambulance WheatonEMS-Tac
50226c432DFMA MHMNFM Ambulance MahnomenEMS-Tac
50232c438DSANFORD GRNDSanford Air Med - GroundEMS Dispatch
50316c48cDFM AMB TRFFM Ambulance - Thief River FallsEMS Dispatch
50340c4a4DSANFORD COMMSanford Air Med Comm. Center - Sioux FallsEMS Dispatch
Hennepin County Medical Center EMS
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2130852DEMSHC MAINHCMC AmbulanceEMS Dispatch
2131853DEMSHC TAC1HCMC Emergency Medical Services Tactical 1EMS-Tac
2132854DEMSHC BUSHCMC channel 2 "business"EMS-Tac
2133855DEMSHC TAC2HCMC Emergency Medical Services Tactical 2EMS-Tac
2135857DEMSHC TAC3HCMC Emergency Medical Services Tactical 3EMS-Tac
2136858DHCMC SUPVHCMC Supervisors EMS-Tac
2137859DEMSHC TAC4HCMC Emergency Medical Services Tactical 4EMS-Tac
213885aDHCMC ADMINHCMC AdministrationEMS-Tac
213985bDEMSHC SOUTHHCMC Ambulance SouthEMS Dispatch
110582b32DEMSHC CPHCMC Community ParamedicEMS-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
22968f8DM Health ALS DIM Health Fairview ALS DispatchEMS Dispatch
22988faDM Health BLS DIM Health Fairview BLS DispatchEMS Dispatch
23008fcDM Health EVNT EM Health Fairview Event ChannelEMS-Tac
23028feDM Health SUPVM Health Fairview SupervisorsEMS-Tac
2304900DM Health ADMM Health Fairview AdministrationEMS-Tac
2305901DM Health FrstLkM Health Fairview Forest LakeEMS Dispatch
235092eDM Health ROAMM Health Fairview RoamEMS Dispatch
235192fDM Health RiceM Health Fairview Rice CoEMS Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
22868eeDEMSLR OPSEMS OperationsEMS-Tac
22908f2DEMSLR SUPVSupervisorsEMS-Talk
234692aDEMS ST CR DISt. Croix Valley EMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
24659a1DLR EMS DispDispatchEMS Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2310906DLVIEW EMS 2311Lakeview EMS 2311EMS Dispatch
2312908DLVIEW ADMINAdministrationEMS-Talk
231490aDLVIEW EMS 2313Lakeview EMS 2314EMS-Tac
Life Link III - Air Medical Service
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2115843DEMSLL-FLT-ALifeLink III Inflight AEMS Dispatch
212784fDEMSLL-FLT-BLifeLink III Inflight BEMS Dispatch
2117845DLL3 DuluthLL3 Dispatch DuluthEMS Dispatch
2119847DLL3 ALEXANDRIALL3 Dispatch AlexandriaEMS Dispatch
2121849DLL3 ANOKALL3 Dispatch AnokaEMS Dispatch
212384bDLL3 WILLMARLL3 Dispatch WillmarEMS Dispatch
212584dDLL3 HIBBINGLL3 Dispatch HibbingEMS Dispatch
2128850DLL3 DET LAKESLL3 Detroit LakesEMS Dispatch
2147863DEMSLL-MECMOLifeLink III U of MN ECMO DispatchEMS Dispatch
2149865DLL3 Rush CityLL3 Dispatch Rush CityEMS Dispatch
2153869DLL3 BrainerdLL3 Dispatch BrainerdEMS Dispatch
328738069DLL3 BrainerdBrainerd Base (Life Link 8)EMS Dispatch
2145861DEMSLL-LIFELINKLifeLink III MRCC CoordinationEMS-Talk
Mayo Clinic Medical Transport
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
216015461DMayo PlainviewPlainview DispatchEMS Dispatch
216035463DMayo Fixed WingFixed Wing DispatchEMS Dispatch
216075467DEMSMM-AUS-ONAustin On CallEMS-Tac
216095469DEMSMM-AUS-DIAustin DispatchEMS Dispatch
21611546bDEMSMM-OWT-ONOwatonna On CallEMS-Tac
21613546dDEMSMM-AUS-O1Austin Operations 1EMS-Tac
21615546fDEMSMM-AUS-O2Austin Operations 2EMS-Tac
216175471DEMSMM-OWT-DIOwatonna DispatchEMS Dispatch
216185472DEMHMM-SMHSt Mary's Incoming Patient InformationHospital
216195473DEMSMM-SE-AirMayo One Southeast Air OperationsEMS-Tac
216215475DEMSMM-OWT-O1Owatonna Operations 1EMS-Tac
216235477DEMSMM-OWT-O2Owatonna Operations 2EMS-Tac
216255479DEMSMM-MKT-DIMankato DispatchEMS Dispatch
21627547bDEMSMM-MKT-ONMankato On CallEMS-Tac
21629547dDEMSMM-MKT-O1Mankato Operations 1EMS-Tac
21631547fDEMSMM-FMT-ONFairmont On CallEMS-Tac
216335481DEMSMM-FMT-DIFairmont DispatchEMS Dispatch
216375485DEMSMM-FMT-O1Fairmont Operations 1EMS-Tac
216395487DEMSMM-SC-AirMayo One South Central Air OperationsEMS-Tac
21851555bDEMSMM-AL-DISMCHS Albert Lea DispatchEMS Dispatch
21852555cDEMSMM-AL-OP1MCHS Albert Lea Operations 1EMS-Tac
21853555dDEMSMM-AL-OP2MCHS Albert Lea Operations 2EMS-Tac
21855555fDEMSMM-AL-ONCMCHS Albert Lea On CallEMS-Tac
248826132DEMSMM-LCH-AMMeeker County Patient UpdateHospital
248846134DEMSMM-CMOPS1Central Region Operations 1EMS-Tac
2711869eeDEMSMM-GRND-RStatewide Ground RoamingEMS Dispatch
2711969efDEMSMM-Air-ROStatewide Air RoamingEMS Dispatch
272006a40DEMSMM-CMOPS2Central Region Operations 2EMS-Tac
272036a43DEMSMM-CMOPS3Central Region Operations 3EMS-Tac
North Mem. Medical Center - Facilities
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2068814DNM HOS S1North Memorial Hospital Security 1Security
2070816DNM HOS S2North Memorial Hospital Security 2Security
2072818DNM HOS SSNorth Memorial Hospital Security SupervisorsSecurity
207481aDNM MGH S 1Maple Grove Hospital Security 1Security
207681cDNM MGH S 2Maple Grove Hospital Security 2Security
207881eDNM HEICS CLMaple Grove ICS CALLSecurity
2080820DNM HEICS T 1Maple Grove ICS TAC 1Security
2082822DNM HEICS T 2Maple Grove ICS TAC 2Security
2084824DNM HEICS T 3Maple Grove ICS TAC 3Security
2086826DNM HEICS T 4Maple Grove ICS TAC 4Security
North Medical Transportation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20007d0DEMS NMNorth EMSEMS-Tac
20017d1DEMS NMNorth EMSEMS Dispatch
20027d2DEMS NM ALSALS Dispatch - MetroEMS Dispatch
20037d3DEMS NM ALEXAlexandria - DispatchEMS Dispatch
20047d4DEMS NM BLSBLS Dispatch - MetroEMS Dispatch
20067d6DEMS NM MTAC1Metro Tac 1EMS-Tac
20077d7DEMS NM WSCAWaseca - DispatchEMS Dispatch
20087d8DEMS NM ADMAdministrationEMS-Talk
20097d9DEMSNM HUBCASHubbard Cass - DispatchEMS-Tac
20107daDEMSNM MTAC 2Metro Tac 2EMS-Tac
20117dbDEMSNM HUBCASHubbard - Cass T2T TacEMS-Tac
20127dcDEMS NM SUPVSupervisorsEMS-Talk
20147deDEMS NM COMMRadio ServiceEMS-Tac
20157dfDEMS NM FaribaultFaribaultEMS Dispatch
20167e0DEMS NM ADM AAdmin Tac AEMS-Tac
20187e2DEMS NM ADM BAdmin Tac BEMS-Tac
20267eaDEMS NM AC1Air Care 1 Dispatch - LakevilleEMS Dispatch
20287ecDEMS NM AC4Air Care 4 Dispatch - PrincetonEMS Dispatch
20307eeDEMS NM FBLTFaribault - DispatchEMS Dispatch
20327f0DEEMSNM FLIGHTAir Care Inflight Flight FollowingEMS Dispatch
20347f2DEMS NM PCNPrinceton - DispatchEMS Dispatch
20367f4DEMS NM ALLSTAll State ChannelEMS-Tac
20387f6DEMS NM COMMCommonEMS-Tac
20407f8DEMS NM NPDISNew Prague - DispatchEMS Dispatch
20427faDEMS NM DISPDispatchEMS Dispatch
20447fcDEMS NM FLK 1Forest Lake - CH 1EMS Dispatch
20467feDEMS NM FLK 2Forest Lake - CH 2EMS-Tac
2048800DEMS NM FBLT2Faribault - CH 2EMS-Tac
2050802DEMS NM PB 1North EMS Princeton area Business 1EMS-Tac
2054806DEMS NM AC2Air Care 2 Dispatch - BrainerdEMS Dispatch
2056808DEMS NM AC3Air Care 3 Dispatch - Redwood FallsEMS Dispatch
205880aDEEMS NM AC5Air Care 5 Dispatch - BemidjiEMS Dispatch
206080cDEMSNM BRD DIBrainerd - DispatchEMS Dispatch
206280eDEMS NM BRD TBrainerd T2TEMS-Tac
2066812DEMSNM BRD PGBrainerd PagingEMS Dispatch
2088828DEMS NM FBLTFaribaultEMS-Tac
209082aDEMS NM BRDBrainerdEMS-Tac
209282cDEMS NM RWFRW Falls - DispatchEMS Dispatch
2096830DEMSNM PINE RPine River - DispatchEMS Dispatch
2098832DEMSNM PINE RPine River T2TEMS-Tac
2344928DEMS NM SEDStatewide Emergency DepartmentEMS-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
22518cbDEMSALNF DISPNorthfield Ambulance Dispatach EMS Dispatch
24769acDEMSALNF-ADMINNorthfield EMS AdminEMS-Talk
22688dcDEMSNF-MAINEMS Primary DispatchEMS Dispatch
22698ddDEMSNF-EMSEMS Truck to TruckEMS-Talk
Ridgeview Ambulance Service
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2112840DRV EMS NORTHNorth DispatchEMS Dispatch
2113841DRV EMS STWDStatewideEMS-Talk
2114842DRV EMS SOUTHSouth DispatchEMS Dispatch
2116844DRV EMS ADMINAdministrationEMS-Talk
2118846DRV EMS EVENTEventEMS-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
367338f7dDSavana PortageSavana Portage State ParkPublic Works
369019025DATKN LAW DSPLaw Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
369159033DATKN EMS DSPEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
369169034DATKN FIRE 2AITKIN FIRE 2Fire-Tac
369179035DATKN FIRE 3AITKIN FIRE 3Fire-Tac
369199037DATK FIREAitkin FireFire Dispatch
369299041DATK FIRE 4Aitkin Fire 4Fire-Tac
369359047DATKN ROAMCounty RoamingMulti-Dispatch
36943904fDAtknCo RoadsRoads/Public WorksPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
800320DAN SYSTECHRadio TechniciansPublic Works
802322DAN S DISPSouth Main DispatchLaw Dispatch
804324DAN PD 2 AdminPolice Ch. 2 AdministrationLaw Talk
806326DAN PD INFOPolice Information "CH 3"Law Tac
808328DAN 3 DISPPolice 3rd MainLaw Dispatch
81032aDAN N DISPNorth Main DispatchLaw Dispatch
81232cDAN COMCommonMulti-Talk
81432eDAN TAC 1Tactical 1Multi-Tac
816330DAN TAC 2Tactical 2Multi-Tac
818332DAN TAC 3Tactical 3Multi-Tac
820334DEAN NMDTFNorth Metro Drug Task ForceLaw Tac
822336DAN LAW MLTLaw Enforcement MultigroupLaw Tac
824338DANKA PD C2CAnoka City Police Car to CarLaw Talk
82633aDANKA PD ADMAnoka City Police AdministrativeLaw Talk
82833cDBLN PD C2CBlaine Police Car to CarLaw Talk
83033eDBLN PD ADMBlaine Police AdministrativeLaw Talk
832340DCENT PD C2CCentennial Police Car to CarLaw Talk
834342DCENT PD ADMCentennial Police AdministrativeLaw Talk
836344DECHTS PD C2CColumbia Heights Police Car to CarLaw Talk
838346DCHTS PD ADMColumbia Heights Police AdministrativeLaw Talk
840348DECOON PD C2CCoon Rapids Police Car to CarLaw Talk
84234aDCOON PD ADMCoon Rapids Police AdministrativeLaw Talk
84434cDeFRID PD C2CFridley Police Car to CarLaw Talk
84634eDFRID PD ADMFridley Police AdministrativeLaw Talk
848350DLINO PD C2CLino Lakes Police Car to CarLaw Talk
850352DLINO PD ADMLino Lakes Police AdministrativeLaw Talk
852354DRAMS PD C2CRamsey Police Car to CarLaw Talk
854356DRAMS PD ADMRamsey Police AdministrativeLaw Talk
856358DESTFR PD C2CSt Francis Police Car to CarLaw Talk
85835aDSTFR PD ADMSt Francis Police AdministrativeLaw Talk
86035cDESPLP PD C2CSpring Lake Park Police Car to CarLaw Talk
86235eDSPLP PD ADMSpring Lake Park Police AdministrativeLaw Talk
864360DANKA SO C2CPolice Car-to-CarLaw Talk
866362DANKA SO ADMPolice AdministrationLaw Talk
868364DANOKA COMMAnoka City CommonMulti-Talk
870366DBLNSLP COMMBlaine, SLP, MV CommonMulti-Talk
872368DCHTS COMMColumbia Heights - Hilltop CommonMulti-Talk
87436aDCOON COMMCoon Rapids CommonMulti-Talk
87636cDFRIDLEY COMMFridley CommonMulti-Talk
87836eDLINOLX COMMLino Lakes, Lexington, CP, CVL CommonMulti-Talk
880370DRAMSEY COMMRamsey CommonMulti-Talk
882372DST FRN COMMSt. Francis, Bethel CommonMulti-Talk
884374DAN SO COMMArea CommonMulti-Talk
886376DAN JAIL 1Jail MainCorrections
888378DAN JAIL 2Jail AdministrationCorrections
89037aDAN SWATSWAT TeamLaw Tac
89237cDAN SO DIVEDive TeamLaw Tac
89437eDAN SO RESVReservesLaw Tac
896380DEANKA SO ELaw EnforcementData
898382DAN SO EVT1Special Events 1Multi-Talk
900384DAN SO EVT2Special Events 2Multi-Talk
902386DAN EM 1Emergency Management 1Emergency Ops
904388DAN SO ROAMLaw Enforcement Roaming TalkgroupLaw Dispatch
90638aDAN FIRE DIFire Main (VHF patch)Fire Dispatch
90838cDAN FIRE AFire Tactical AFire-Tac
91038eDAN FIRE BFire Tactical BFire-Tac
912390DAN FIRE CFire Tactical CFire-Tac
914392DANDV FIR TACAndover Fire TacticalFire-Tac
916394DANCP FIR TACAnoka - Champlin Fire TacticalFire-Tac
918396DBETH FIR TACBethel Fire TacticalFire-Tac
920398DSBM FIR TACSBM ( Sprink Lk Park/Blaine/Mounds View ) Fire TacticalFire-Tac
92239aDCHTS FIR TACColumbia Heights Fire TacticalFire-Tac
92439cDCOON FIR TACCoon Rapids Fire TacticalFire-Tac
92639eDEBTH FIR TACEast Bethel Fire TacticalFire-Tac
9283a0DFRID FIR TACFridley Fire TacticalFire-Tac
9303a2DHMLK FIR TACHam Lake Fire TacticalFire-Tac
9323a4DLEXT FIR TACLexington Fire TacticalFire-Tac
9343a6DCENT FIR TACCentennial Fire TacticalFire-Tac
9363a8DLINW FIR TACLinwood Fire TacticalFire-Tac
9383aaDOKGV FIR TACOak Grove Fire TacticalFire-Tac
9403acDRMSY FIR TACRamsey Fire TacticalFire-Tac
9423aeDSTFR FIR TACSt Francis Fire TacticalFire-Tac
9443b0DANKA FIRE MGFire Service MultigroupFire-Tac
9463b2DANDV FIR ADMAndover Fire Administrative 1Fire-Talk
9483b4DANCP FIR ADMAnoka - Champlin Fire Administrative 1Fire-Talk
9503b6DBETH FIR ADMBethel Fire Administrative 1Fire-Talk
9523b8DSBM FIR ADMSBM ( Sprink Lk Park/Blaine/Mounds View ) Fire Administrative 1Fire-Talk
9543baDCHTS FIR ADMColumbia Heights Fire Administrative 1Fire-Talk
9563bcDCOON FIR ADMCoon Rapids Fire Administrative 1Fire-Talk
9583beDEBTH FIR ADMEast Bethel Fire Administrative 1Fire-Talk
9603c0DFRID FIR ADMFridley Fire Administrative 1Fire-Talk
9623c2DHMLK FIR ADMHam Lake Fire Administrative 1Fire-Talk
9643c4DLEXT FIR ADMLexington Fire Administrative 1Fire-Talk
9663c6DCENT FIR ADMCentennial Fire Administrative 1Fire-Talk
9683c8DLINW FIR ADMLinwood Fire Administrative 1Fire-Talk
9703caDOKGV FIR ADMOak Grove Fire Administrative 1Fire-Talk
9723ccDRMSY FIR ADMRamsey Fire Administrative 1Fire-Talk
9743ceDSTFR FIR ADMSt Francis Fire Administrative 1Fire-Talk
9763d0DANDV FIR ADMAndover Fire Administrative 2Fire-Talk
9783d2DANCP FIR ADMAnoka - Champlin Fire Administrative 2Fire-Talk
9803d4DBETH FIR ADMBethel Fire Administrative 2Fire-Talk
9823d6DSBM FIR ADMSBM ( Sprink Lk Park/Blaine/Mounds View ) Fire Administrative 2Fire-Talk
9843d8DCHTS FIR ADMColumbia Heights Fire Administrative 2Fire-Talk
9863daDCOON FIR ADMCoon Rapids Fire Administrative 2Fire-Talk
9883dcDEBTH FIR ADMEast Bethel Fire Administrative 2Fire-Talk
9903deDFRID FIR ADMFridley Fire Administrative 2Fire-Talk
9923e0DHMLK FIR ADMHam Lake Fire Administrative 2Fire-Talk
9943e2DLEXT FIR ADMLexington Fire Administrative 2Fire-Talk
9963e4DCENT FIR ADMCentennial Fire Administrative 2Fire-Talk
9983e6DLINW FIR ADMLinwood Fire Administrative 2Fire-Talk
10003e8DOKGV FIR ADMOak Grove Fire Administrative 2Fire-Talk
10023eaDRMSY FIR ADMRamsey Fire Administrative 2Fire-Talk
10043ecDSTFR FIR ADMSt Francis Fire Administrative 2Fire-Talk
10063eeDAN FIRE SPOPFire Special OperationsFire-Tac
10083f0DAN FIRE ROAMFire Roaming TalkgroupFire Dispatch
10103f2DANKA CO WKSPublic Works CommonPublic Works
10123f4DANKA CO HWYHighway Department MainPublic Works
10143f6DAN CO SURVEYHighway Department SurveyorsPublic Works
10163f8DAN CO HWY ADMHighway Department AdministrationPublic Works
10183faDAN CO PRKSParks Department MainPublic Works
10203fcDAN RangersPark RangersLaw Dispatch
10223feDANDV WORKSAndover Public WorksPublic Works
1024400DAN WORKSAnoka City Public WorksPublic Works
1026402DBETH WORKSBethel Public WorksPublic Works
1028404DBLAINE WORKSBlaine Public WorksPublic Works
1030406DBRNS WORKSBurns Township Public WorksPublic Works
1032408DCTVL WORKSCenterville Public WorksPublic Works
103440aDCPNS WORKSCircle Pines Public WorksPublic Works
103640cDCHTS WORKSColumbia Heights Public WorksPublic Works
103840eDCLBS WORKSColumbus Township Public WorksPublic Works
1040410DCOON WORKSCoon Rapids Public WorksPublic Works
1042412DEBTH WORKSEast Bethel Public WorksPublic Works
1044414DFRID WORKSFridley Public WorksPublic Works
1046416DHMLK WORKSHam Lake Public WorksPublic Works
105041aDHLTP WORKSHilltop Public WorksPublic Works
105241cDLEXT WORKSLexington Public WorksPublic Works
105441eDLINO WORKSLino Lakes Public WorksPublic Works
1056420DLNWD WORKSLinwood Public WorksPublic Works
1058422DOKGV WORKSOak Grove Public WorksPublic Works
1060424DRMSY WORKSRamsey Public WorksPublic Works
1062426DSTFR WORKSSt Francis Public WorksPublic Works
1064428DSPLKPK WORKSSpring Lake Park Public WorksPublic Works
106642aDAN PW ROAMPublic Works Roaming TalkgroupPublic Works
106842cDAN CRT SEC 1Court SecurityCorrections
107042eDAN SO CIDCIDLaw Tac
1072430DAN PROP MGProperty ManagementPublic Works
1074432DAN HEALTHPublic Health MainPublic Works
108243aDAN CRT SEC 2Court Security AdministrationCorrections
108443cDAN EM 2Emergency Management 2Emergency Ops
108643eDAN VARDAVARDA AlarmsLaw Tac
1110456DAN CO TRVLCounty Traveler Bus OperationsTransportation
1112458DAN STR EXPRamsey Star Express Transit OperationsTransportation
111645cDAN EM ADM1Emergency Management Admin 1Emergency Ops
111845eDAN EM ADM2Emergency Management Admin 2Emergency Ops
1120460DAN DISP ADMINAnoka Co Central Communications AdminEmergency Ops
1122462DAN SO EVT3Special events 3Multi-Talk
1124464DAN FIRE DFire Tactical DFire-Tac
1128468DLinoLakesComLino Lakes CommonMulti-Talk
113046aDLINO FIR TACLino Lakes Public Safety Fire TacticalFire-Tac
113246cDAN-R-F-ADM1Lino Lakes Fire Admin 1Fire-Talk
1136470DAN PLOWS 1County Snow Plows 1Public Works
1138472DAN PLOWS 2County Snow Plows 2Public Works
1144478DAN PAGECounty PagingFire Dispatch
115047eDAN NT FTACNowthen Fire TacticalFire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
49500c15cDBK 1 LAW DSPBecker Law Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
49501c15dDBK 2Becker Common 2Multi-Tac
49502c15eDBK 3Becker Common 3Multi-Tac
49503c15fDBK 4Becker Common 4Multi-Tac
49504c160DBK 5Becker Common 5Multi-Tac
49505c161DBK 6Becker Common 6Multi-Tac
49506c162DBK 7Becker Common 7Multi-Tac
49507c163DBK 8Becker Common 8Multi-Tac
49508c164DEBK 9EBecker Common 9ELaw Tac
49509c165DBK 10 C2CBecker Law 10 Car to CarLaw Tac
49511c167DBK 12 JAILBecker JailCorrections
49513c169DBK FIRE DISPBecker Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
49514c16aDBK FIRE TAC Becker Fire - TAC Fire-Tac
49515c16bDBK EMS DISPBecker EMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
49516c16cDBK EMS TAC 1Becker EMS - TAC 1Fire-Tac
49517c16dDBK FIRE ADMINBecker Fire/EMS AdminFire-Talk
49518c16eDBK ALL CALLBecker All CallMulti-Dispatch
49519c16fDBK EMERG TGBecker Emergency TriggerEmergency Ops
49521c171DBK ROAMBecker RoamMulti-Dispatch
49522c172DBK FIRE TACFire TacFire-Tac
49523c173DBecker Ev1Becker Events 1Multi-Talk
49524c174DBecker Ev2Becker Events 2Multi-Talk
49525c175DBK WE FESTWE FEST Law OperationsLaw Dispatch
49526c176DBK PAGEFire and EMS PagingFire Dispatch
49527c177DBK FIRE TAC 2Fire Tac 2Fire-Tac
49532c17cDBK TRANSITBecker Transit BusesTransportation
49536c180DBK LK PK WKSLake Park Public WorksPublic Works
49537c181DBK AUD WKSAudubon Public WorksPublic Works
White Earth Reservation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
48801bea1DWE LAW 1White Earth Law 1Law Dispatch
48803bea3DWE LAW 2White Earth Law 2Law Dispatch
48805bea5DeWE LAW 3White Earth Law 3Law Dispatch
48807bea7DWE LAW TAC 1White Earth Law Tac 1Law Tac
48809bea9DWE LAW TAC 2White Earth Law Tac 2Law Tac
48811beabDWE LAW ADMWhite Earth Law AdminLaw Talk
48813beadDWE PUB HEALTWhite Earth Nation Public HealthPublic Works
48815beafDWE FIR EMS 1White Earth Fire - EMS 1EMS Dispatch
48817beb1DWE FIR EMS 2White Earth Fire - EMS 2EMS Dispatch
48819beb3DWE FIR EMS 3White Earth Fire - EMS 3EMS Dispatch
48821beb5DWE FIR EM T1White Earth Fire - EMS TAC 1EMS-Tac
48823beb7DWE FIR EM T2White Earth Fire - EMS TAC 2EMS-Tac
48825beb9DWE FIR EM ADWhite Earth Fire - EMS AdminEMS-Talk
48827bebbDWE ANNOUNCEWhite Earth Announcement GroupMulti-Dispatch
48829bebdDWE EMERGENCYWhite Earth Emergency ButtonMulti-Dispatch
48831bebfDWE 911White Earth 911Multi-Dispatch
48833bec1DWE ROAMStatewide RoamMulti-Dispatch
48835bec3DWE COMM 1White Earth Common 1Multi-Talk
48837bec5DWE COMM 2White Earth Common 2Multi-Talk
48839bec7DWE COMM 3White Earth Common 3Multi-Talk
48841bec9DWE ROADS 1White Earth Roads Department 1Public Works
48843becbDWE ROADS 2White Earth Roads Department 2Public Works
48845becdDWE S STAR 1White Earth Shooting Star Transport 1Transportation
48847becfDWE S STAR 2White Earth Shooting Star Transport 2Transportation
48849bed1DWE HEAD STRTWhite Earth Head StartTransportation
48851bed3DWE TRANSITWhite Earth Public TransitTransportation
48857bed9DWE COLA BUSWhite Earth COLA BusesTransportation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
48460bd4cDBIG BOG SP 1Big Bog State Park 1Public Works
48461bd4dDBIG BOG SP 2Big Bog State Park 2Public Works
48462bd4eDLAKE BJI SP1Lake Bemidji State Park 1Public Works
48463bd4fDLAKE BJI SP2Lake Bemidji State Park 2Public Works
51502c92eDBL TCP 3Traffic Control Point 3Multi-Tac
51503c92fDBL EMRGEmergency ButtonsMulti-Dispatch
51504c930DBL ALLAnnouncement (All Users)Multi-Dispatch
51505c931DBL ROAMRoamingMulti-Dispatch
51506c932DBL SITESite TrunkingMulti-Talk
51507c933DBL-3BL 3Multi-Talk
51508c934DBL-4BL 4Multi-Talk
51509c935DBL-5BL 5Multi-Talk
51510c936DBL-6BL 6Multi-Talk
51511c937DEBL-7EBL 7EMulti-Talk
51512c938DBL-8BL 8Multi-Talk
51513c939DEBL-9EBL 9EMulti-Talk
51514c93aDEBL-10EBL 10EMulti-Talk
51515c93bDEBL-11EBL 11EMulti-Talk
51516c93cDBL Law1Law 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
51517c93dDBL Law2Law 2 DispatchLaw Dispatch
51518c93eDBL Law C-C 1Law Car-to-Car 1Law Talk
51519c93fDBL Law C-C 2Law Car-to-Car 2Law Talk
51520c940DBL FD DispFire Dispatch MainFire Dispatch
51521c941DBemidjFDAdm1Bemidji Fire Administration 1Fire-Talk
51522c942DBemidjFDAdm2Bemidji Fire Administration 2Fire-Talk
51523c943DBemidjFDAdm3Bemidji Fire Administration 3Fire-Talk
51524c944DBemidjFDAdm4Bemidji Fire Administration 4Fire-Talk
51525c945DBemidjFDAdm5Bemidji Fire Administration 5Fire-Talk
51526c946DBemidjFDAdm6Bemidji Fire Administration 6Fire-Talk
51527c947DKellihFDAdm1Kelliher Fire Administration 1Fire-Talk
51528c948DKellihFDAdm2Kelliher Fire Administration 2Fire-Talk
51529c949DBlckdkFDAdm1Blackduck Fire Administration 1Fire-Talk
51530c94aDBlckdkFDAdm2Blackduck Fire Administration 2Fire-Talk
51531c94bDSolwayFDAdm1Solway Fire Administration 1Fire-Talk
51532c94cDSolwayFDAdm2Solway Fire Administration 2Fire-Talk
51533c94dDAlaskaFDAdm1Alaska Fire Administration 1Fire-Talk
51534c94eDAlaskaFDAdm2Alaska Fire Administration 2Fire-Talk
51535c94fDBeltEMS1DispEMS 1 DispatchEMS Dispatch
51536c950DBeltEMS2DispEMS 2 DispatchEMS Dispatch
51537c951DBeltEMS BemiEMS Dispatch BemidjiEMS Dispatch
51538c952DBeltEMS KellEMS Dispatch KelliherEMS Dispatch
51539c953DBeltEMS DebsEMS Dispatch DebsEMS Dispatch
51540c954DBeltEMS JellEMS Dispatch JelleEMS Dispatch
51541c955DBjdi EMS AdmBemidji Ambulance Service AdministrationEMS-Talk
51542c956DBlkdkEMS AdmBlackduck Ambulance Service AdministrationEMS-Talk
51543c957DBL Co EmMgtEmergency ManagementEmergency Ops
51544c958DBL CoJail 1Jail 1Corrections
51545c959DBL CoJail 2Jail 2Corrections
51546c95aDBL Co CourtCourthouse Security and BailiffsSecurity
51547c95bDBL CoShPossSheriff PosseLaw Tac
51548c95cDBL CoShSWATSheriff SWATLaw Tac
51549c95dDBL PW ALLBeltrami County Public Works AllPublic Works
51550c95eDBJI PWBemidji Public WorksPublic Works
51551c95fDBL PW 3Beltrami Co Public Works 3Public Works
51552c960DBL PW 4Beltrami Co Public Works 4Public Works
51553c961DBL PW 5Beltrami Co Public Works 5Public Works
51555c963DBJI ISD 31Bemidji School ISD 31Schools
51556c964DBL BUS 1Beltrami Co School Buses 1Schools
51557c965DBL BUS 2Beltrami Co School Buses 2Schools
51558c966DBJI CENT ELEBemidji Central Elementary SchoolSchools
51559c967DBJI HOR MAY ELEBemidji Horace-May Elementary SchoolSchools
51560c968DBJI HSBemidji High SchoolSchools
51561c969DBJI JW SM ELEBemidji JW Smith Elementary SchoolSchools
51562c96aDBJI LINC ELEBemidji Lincoln Elementary SchoolSchools
51563c96bDBJI SCH MAINTBemidji School MaintenanceSchools
51564c96cDBJI NORTH ELEBemidji North Elementary SchoolSchools
51565c96dDBJI PB ELEBemidji Paul Bunyan Elementary SchoolSchools
51566c96eDSOLWAY ELESolway Elementary SchoolSchools
51567c96fDSLWY FIRE 3Solway Fire 3Fire-Talk
51598c98eDEPBDTF Tac 1Paul Bunyan Drug Task Force Tactical 1Law Tac
51599c98fDPBDTF Tac 2Paul Bunyan Drug Task Force Tactical 2Law Tac
Red Lake Band of Ojibwe
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
50000c350DERDLK LAWRed Lake Tribal PoliceLaw Dispatch
50018c362DRDLKFIRERed Lake Tribal FireFire-Talk
50334c49eDRDL EMSRed Lake EMSEMS-Talk
50337c4a1DRDLK EMSRed Lake EMSEMS-Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
245285fd0DSKRP FD ADMSauk Rapids Fire AdminFire-Tac
245305fd2DSKRP WORKS 1Sauk Rapids Public WorksPublic Works
245325fd4DSKRP GOVT 1Sauk Rapids Local Government 1Public Works
245345fd6DSKRP FD TACSauk Rapids Fire TacticalFire-Tac
245365fd8DSKRP PD ADMSauk Rapids Police AdminLaw Tac
248706126DSKRP WORKS 2Sauk Rapids Public WorksPublic Works
249006144DBT SO 1Sheriff 1Law Dispatch
249026146DBT SO 2Sheriff 2Law Tac
24908614cDBT TAC 4Benton Tac 4Multi-Tac
24910614eDBT SO RESSheriff ReservesLaw Tac
249126150DBT TAC 6Benton Tac 6Multi-Tac
24924615cDRICE POLICERice Police AdminLaw Tac
24926615eDeBT LAWLawLaw Tac
249306162DFLY FIRE ADMFoley FD AdminFire-Tac
24938616aDRICE FIRERice Fire DepartmentFire-Tac
24940616cDRICE FDRice Fire DepartmentFire-Tac
249466172DBT FIRECounty FireFire Dispatch
249486174DBT ROAMCounty RoamMulti-Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
265006784DBGST SO DISPLaw DispatchLaw Dispatch
265016785DBGST FIRE DSPBig Stone Fire Main Fire Dispatch
265026786DBGST BS 3Big Stone BS 3 InteropInterop
265036787DBGST BS 4Big Stone BS 4 InteropInterop
26508678cDBGST ROAMCounty RoamMulti-Dispatch
26509678dDBGST PAGEBig Stone PagingFire Dispatch
26511678fDeBGSTLawLaw Tac
286076fbfDBSL PARK 1Big Stone Lake State Park 1Public Works
286086fc0DBSL PARK 2Big Stone Lake State Park 2Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
202704f2eDMINNEOPA PRKMinneopa State ParkPublic Works
3430085fcDMSU SECMankato State Univ. SecuritySecurity
3430185fdDMSU OPSMankato State Univ. OperationsPublic Works
344028662DBE ROAMCounty RoamingMulti-Dispatch
344048664DBE SO DISPBlue Earth Sheriff - VHF LinkLaw Dispatch
344068666DBE EMH SRRegional Hospital NetHospital
344088668DBE FIRE EMBlue Earth Co Fire/EMSFire Dispatch
34412866cDMKTO PD DISPMankato PD - VHF LinkLaw Dispatch
34413866dDBE 4BE 4Multi-Tac
34414866eDBE 5BE 5Multi-Tac
34415866fDBE 6BE 6Multi-Tac
344168670DBE 7BE 7Multi-Tac
344178671DBE 8BE 8Multi-Tac
344188672DBE 9BE 9Multi-Tac
344198673DBE 911BE 911Emergency Ops
344208674DBE JAIL OPSCounty Jail OpsCorrections
344248678DMKTO FD DISPMankato Fire - VHF LinkFire Dispatch
34442868aDMCHS HOSP ERMCHS Mankato ER - Patient reports (Mayo Health)Hospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
336028342DBRN ROAMCounty RoamMulti-Dispatch
336038343DBRN SO DISPSheriff OfficeLaw Dispatch
336058345DBRN FIRE DSPCounty Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
336088348DBRN PAGEPagingFire Dispatch
33612834cDN ULM HOSPNew Ulm HospitalHospital
33614834eDSLPY EYE ERSleepy Eye Medical Center ERHospital
336218355DBRN HIGHWAYSHighway DepartmentPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
361328d24DCLTN HWYHighwayPublic Works
367128f68DJCOOK PARK 1Jay Cooke State Park 1Public Works
367138f69DJCOOK PARK 2Jay Cooke State Park 2Public Works
3710090ecDCLTN ROAMCounty RoamMulti-Dispatch
3710190edDCLTN LAW DISLaw DispatchLaw Dispatch
3710290eeDCLTN LAW 2Law 2Law Dispatch
3710490f0DCLTN LAW ?Law ?Law Tac
3711290f8DCLTN JAIL OPJail OperationsCorrections
371209100DCLTN PS COM1Public Safety Common 1Multi-Tac
371229102DCLTN PS COM2Public Safety Common 2Multi-Tac
371249104DCLTN PS COM3Public Safety Common 3Multi-Tac
371269106DCLTN PS COM4Public Safety Common 4Multi-Tac
371289108DCLTN PS COM5Public Safety Common 5Multi-Tac
37130910aDCLTN PS COM6Public Safety Common 6Multi-Tac
371369110DCLTN FIRE EMFire - EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
371429116DCloquetFDAdmCloquet Area Fire District AdministrationFire-Talk
37148911cDCLOQUET HOSPCloquet HospHospital
37150911eDCLTN HWYHighwayPublic Works
371689130DCLTN PS COM8Public Safety Common 8Multi-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2700a8cDCVSO MAINCarver County Sheriff MainLaw Dispatch
2702a8eDCVSO COM 1Carver County Sheriff Info TrafficLaw Dispatch
2704a90DCVSO COM 2Carver County Sheriff Info Traffic OverflowLaw Dispatch
2706a92DCVSO C2C ESheriff East Car-to-CarLaw Talk
2708a94DCVSO C2C WSheriff West Car-to-CarLaw Talk
2710a96DCV LAW COMCarver Common Law EnforcementLaw Tac
2712a98DCV LE ALLCarver County Law Enforcement AllLaw Tac
2716a9cDCV FIRE MAINCarver County Fire MainFire Dispatch
2718a9eDCV FG 1Carver Fireground 1Fire-Tac
2720aa0DCV FG 2Carver Fireground 2Fire-Tac
2722aa2DCV FG 3Carver Fireground 3Fire-Tac
2724aa4DCV FG 4Carver Fireground 4Fire-Tac
2726aa6DCV FG 5Carver Fireground 5Fire-Tac
2728aa8DCV FG 6Carver Fireground 6Fire-Tac
2730aaaDCV FIRE ALLCarver Fire AllFire-Tac
2732aacDCV FD MA 1Carver County Fire MA 1Fire-Tac
2734aaeDCV FD MA 2Carver County Fire MA 2Fire-Tac
2736ab0DCVCVR FDADMCarver City Fire AdministrationFire-Talk
2738ab2DCHAN FD ADMChanhassen Fire AdministrationFire-Talk
2740ab4DCSKA FD ADMChaska Fire AdministrationFire-Talk
2742ab6DCLGN FD ADMCologne Fire AdministrationFire-Talk
2744ab8DHAMB FD ADMHamburg Fire AdministrationFire-Talk
2746abaDMAYR FD ADMMayer Fire AdministrationFire-Talk
2748abcDNGER FD ADMNew Germany Fire AdministrationFire-Talk
2750abeDNR YA FD ADMNorwood Young America Fire AdministrationFire-Talk
2752ac0DVCTR FD ADMVictoria Fire AdministrationFire-Talk
2754ac2DWCNA FD ADMWaconia Fire AdministrationFire-Talk
2756ac4DWTWN FD ADMWatertown Fire AdministrationFire-Talk
2758ac6DCV FD ROAMFire Subsystem RoamingFire Dispatch
2760ac8DCVPWMAINCarver County PW Highway Dept - MainPublic Works
2762acaDCVPWENG2Carver County PW Highway Dept - EngineersPublic Works
2764accDCVPWSUR3Carver County PW Highway Dept - SurveyorsPublic Works
2766aceDCVPWPRK4Carver County PW Highway Dept - ParksPublic Works
2768ad0DCVPWMNT5Carver County PW Highway Dept - MaintenancePublic Works
2770ad2DCVPWMNT6Carver County PW Highway Dept - MaintenancePublic Works
2772ad4DCVPW7Carver County PW Highway DeptPublic Works
2774ad6DCVPW8Carver County PW Highway DeptPublic Works
2778adaDCHAN WORKSChanhassen Fire Public WorksPublic Works
2780adcDCSKA WORKSChaska Public WorksPublic Works
2782adeDCLGN WORKSCologne Public WorksPublic Works
2784ae0DHAMB WORKSHamburg Public WorksPublic Works
2786ae2DMAYR WORKSMayer Public WorksPublic Works
2788ae4DNGER WORKSNew Germany Public WorksPublic Works
2790ae6DVCTR FD OP2Victoria Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
2792ae8DWCNA WORKSWaconia Public WorksPublic Works
2794aeaDWTWN WORKSWatertown Public WorksPublic Works
2796aecDNRYA WORKSNorwood Young America City Public WorksPublic Works
2798aeeDLKTN WORKSLaketown Public WorksPublic Works
2800af0DCVPWCOMNCarver County Countywide Public Works Mutual AidPublic Works
2802af2DCVPW ROAMCarver County Public Works Subsystem RoamingPublic Works
2804af4DCVCARTCarver County BusesTransportation
2806af6DCVROAMCarver Public Service Roaming TalkgroupMulti-Dispatch
2808af8DCV FD - LECarver County Fire/LE SharedMulti-Tac
2810afaDCV PW - LECarver County PW/PS SharedMulti-Tac
2812afcDCVENRMGTCarver County Emergency ManagementEmergency Ops
2814afeDCVWEATHERCarver County Severe Weather CoordinationEmergency Ops
2816b00DCV EMSCarver Countywide EMSEMS-Tac
2818b02DCV TRAINCarver County Countywide TrainingMulti-Talk
2822b06DCV CWIDE 1Carver Countywide 1Multi-Talk
2824b08DCV CWIDE 2Carver Countywide 2Multi-Talk
2848b20DCVSO TAC 1Carver County Sheriff TAC 1Law Tac
2858b2aDCV FIRE ADMFire AdministrationFire-Talk
2872b38DCSKA PD C2CChaska Police Car-CarLaw Talk
2882b42DCSKA PD EVNTChaska Police EventsLaw Talk
2886b46DCVSO TAC 2Carver County Sheriff TAC 2Law Tac
2894b4eDECVLAW TACCarver Law TACLaw Tac
2896b50DECVLAW TACCarver Law TACLaw Tac
2898b52DCVSO TAC 3Carver County Sheriff TAC 3Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
384009600DCA LAW ALLLaw All Emergency Ops
384019601DCA LAW 1Law Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
384029602DCA LAW 2Law Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
384039603DCA LAW 3Law Dispatch 3Law Dispatch
384049604DCA LAW 4 CLaw C2C 4Law Tac
384059605DCA LAW RECRecreational Enf.Law Tac
384069606DCA PROBTNProbationCorrections
384079607DECA LE 1ELAW 1ELaw Tac
384089608DECA LE 2ELAW 2ELaw Tac
384099609DCA JAILJail - DetentionCorrections
38414960eDCA FIRE ALLFIRE ALLFire Dispatch
38415960fDCA FIRE 1FIRE 1Fire Dispatch
384169610DCA FIRE 2FIRE 2Fire Dispatch
384179611DCA FIRE 3FIRE 3Fire-Tac
384189612DCA FIRE 4FIRE 4Fire-Tac
384199613DCA FIRE AD1Fire Admin 1Fire-Tac
384209614DCA FIRE AD2Fire Admin 2Fire-Tac
384219615DCA FIRE AD3Fire Admin 3Fire-Tac
384229616DCA EMS ALLEMS ALLFire-Tac
384239617DCA EMS 1EMS Dispatch 1EMS Dispatch
384249618DCA EMS 2EMS Dispatch 2EMS Dispatch
384259619DCA EMS 3EMS 3EMS-Tac
38426961aDCA EMS 4EMS 4EMS-Tac
38427961bDCA EMS 5EMS 5EMS-Tac
38428961cDCA EMS 6EMS 6EMS-Tac
38429961dDCA EMS 7EMS 7EMS-Tac
38430961eDCA EMS 8EMS 8EMS-Tac
384339621DCA COMM 5Common 5Multi-Tac
384349622DCA COMM 6Common 6Multi-Tac
384359623DCA COMM 7Common 7Multi-Tac
384369624DCA COMM 8Common 8Multi-Tac
384379625DCA EmergEmergency ButtonMulti-Tac
384399627DCA ROAMCounty RoamingMulti-Dispatch
384409628DCA VHF 1VHF Common Patch 1Interop
384419629DCA VHF 2VHF Common Patch 2Interop
38445962dDCA EVENT 1Event 1Multi-Tac
38446962eDCA EVENT 2Event 2Multi-Tac
38447962fDCA ROADSRoad Dept.Public Works
384569638DCA SHIN PWShingobee Township Public WorksPublic Works
38460963cDHack FD AdmHackensack Fire AdministrationFire-Talk
38463963fDPillgrFD AdmPillager Fire AdminstrationFire-Talk
384649640DPineRivFDAdmPine River Fire AdministrationFire-Talk
384659641DRemer FD AdmRemer Fire AdministrationFire-Talk
384689644DCASS LK SCHLCass Lake - Bena School AdminSchools
384699645DPIN RVR SCHLPine River - Backus School AdminSchools
384709646DPEQUOT SCHLPequot Lakes School AdminSchools
384719647DNLAND SCHLNorthland School - Remer AdminSchools
384729648DWK HK AK SCHWalker - Hackensack - Akeley School AdminSchools
38476964cDPR-BAK BUSPine River - Backus School BusesSchools
38479964fDWK HK AK BUSWalker - Hackensack - Akeley School BusesSchools
384819651DCA CLB SCHLCass Lake-Bena Public SchoolsSchools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
49001bf69DNDCA-CALLCass CallMulti-Dispatch
49002bf6aDENDCA SO 1Cass County SheriffLaw Dispatch
49003bf6bDNDCA-1Cass Common 1Multi-Talk
49005bf6dDNDCA-2Cass Common 2Multi-Talk
49007bf6fDNDCA-3Cass Common 3Multi-Talk
49009bf71DNDCA-4Cass Common 4Multi-Talk
49011bf73DNDCA-5Cass Common 5Multi-Talk
49013bf75DNDCA-6Cass Common 6Multi-Talk
49014bf76DNDCA EMRGEmergency ButtonLaw Dispatch
49015bf77DNDCA-7Cass Common 7Multi-Talk
49016bf78DENDCA FGPD 1Fargo Police 1Law Dispatch
49017bf79DNDCA-8Cass Common 8Multi-Talk
49018bf7aDENDCA FGPD 2Fargo Police 2Law Tac
49019bf7bDNDCA-9Cass Common 9Multi-Talk
49021bf7dDNDCA-10Cass Common 10Multi-Talk
49023bf7fDNDCA-11Cass Common 11Multi-Talk
49025bf81DNDCA-12Cass Common 12Multi-Talk
49026bf82DENDCA WFGPDWest Fargo PoliceLaw Dispatch
49027bf83DENDCA-13ECA 13EMulti-Talk
49033bf89DNDCA 33Cass NDMulti-Talk
49035bf8bDNDCA 35Cass NDMulti-Talk
49037bf8dDNDCA FGO SCHLFargo School District Bus PatchSchools
49041bf91DNDCA RadioRadio ServicePublic Works
49044bf94DNDCA FIRE/EMSCass Fire/EMS MainFire Dispatch
49046bf96DNDCA FGFD 1Fargo Fire 1Fire Dispatch
49048bf98DNDCA FGFD 2Fargo Fire 2 PagingFire Dispatch
49050bf9aDNDCA WFGFD 1West Fargo Fire 1Fire Dispatch
49052bf9cDNDCA WFFD 2West Fargo Fire 2Fire-Talk
49054bf9eDNDHRDW FD C2CHarwood Fire C2CFire-Talk
49056bfa0DNDCA FGFD TRAINFargo Fire TrainingFire-Talk
49058bfa2DNDCA WFFD C2CWest Fargo Fire C2CFire-Talk
49060bfa4DNDCA FD EMERGCass Fire Emergency ButtonFire Dispatch
49064bfa8DNDHECT AIR FDHector Airport Fire PatchFire Dispatch
49066bfaaDNDED FD PTCHEnderlin Fire PatchFire Dispatch
49070bfaeDNDTRLSO PTCHTraill Sheriff PatchLaw Dispatch
49072bfb0DNDCA RoadsCass Road DeptPublic Works
49074bfb2DNDCA FG WaterFargo Water Dept, Sign/SignalPublic Works
49076bfb4DNDCA FG PW 2Fargo Public WorksPublic Works
49078bfb6DNDCA FG PW 3Fargo Public WorksPublic Works
49080bfb8DNDCA FG WasteFargo Solid WastePublic Works
49082bfbaDNDCA WF SanitatWest Fargo SanitationPublic Works
49084bfbcDNDCA WF StreetsWest Fargo Street DeptPublic Works
49088bfc0DNDCA WF SchoolsWest Fargo SchoolsSchools
49092bfc4DNDCA SchoolsCass SchoolsSchools
49094bfc6DNDCA LECass LELaw Talk
Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
38700972cDLL LAW ALLLeech Lake Law ALLLaw Dispatch
38701972dDLL LAW 1Leech Lake Tribal Police Law 1Law Dispatch
38702972eDLL LAW 2Leech Lake Tribal Police Law 2Law Dispatch
38703972fDELL LAW 3ELeech Lake Tribal Law 3Law Dispatch
387049730DLL LAW C2CLeech Lake Law Car 2 CarLaw Talk
387059731DLL CONSERVLeech Lake Conservation OfficersLaw Talk
387069732DELL LAW TFLeech Lake Task ForceLaw Tac
387079733DELL ERTLeech Lake Emergency TeamLaw Tac
387089734DLL LAW ADMLeech Lake Law AdminLaw Talk
387099735DLL EMS ALLeech Lake EMS AllEMS Dispatch
387109736DLL EMS 1Leech Lake EMS 1 DispatchEMS Dispatch
387119737DLL EMS 2Leech Lake EMS 2 DispatchEMS Dispatch
387129738DLL EMS ADMLeech Lake EMS AdminEMS-Talk
387139739DLL FRLeech Lake First RespondersEMS-Talk
38714973aDLL IHS HOSPIndian Health Services Hospital Cass LakeHospital
38715973bDLL DRM FIRELeech Lake Wildland Fire DRM Ops 1Fire-Tac
38716973cDLL DRM Ops 2Leech Lake Resources Mgmt. DRM OPS 2Fire-Tac
38717973dDLL ALLLeech Lake All CallMulti-Talk
38718973eDLL COM 1Leech Lake Common 1Multi-Talk
38719973fDLL COM 2Leech Lake Common 2Multi-Talk
387209740DLL 911Leech Lake 911 ButtonsEmergency Ops
387219741DLL EMERGLeech Lake EmergencyEmergency Ops
387229742DLL ROAMLeech Lake RoamingMulti-Talk
387239743DLL VHF 1Leech Lake VHF Patch 1Interop
387249744DLL VHF 2Leech Lake VHF Patch 2Interop
387259745DLL EVENT 1Leech Lake Event 1Multi-Talk
387269746DLL EVENT 2Leech Lake Event 2Multi-Talk
387279747DLL HWY 1Leech Lake Hwy Dept 1Public Works
387289748DLL HWY 2Leech Lake Hwy Dept 2Public Works
387299749DLL TRANSIT 1Leech Lake Transit 1Transportation
38730974aDLL TRANSIT 2Leech Lake Transit 2Transportation
38731974bDLL GAMINGLeech Lake Casino GamingBusiness
38732974cDLL PW 1Leech Lake Public Works 1Public Works
38733974dDLL PW 2Leech Lake Public Works 2Public Works
38734974eDLL PW 3Leech Lake Public Works 2Public Works
38735974fDLL BUSESLeech Lake Head Start BusesTransportation
387369750DLL SCHOOL 1Leech Lake Schools 1Schools
387379751DLL SCHOOL 2Leech Lake Schools 2Schools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2912071c0DCHIP LAW DSPLaw DispatchLaw Dispatch
2912171c1DeCHIP LAW E 1Law Enc 1Law Tac
2912271c2DeCHIP LAW E 2Law Enc 2Law Tac
2912371c3DeCHIP C2C ELaw Car to CarLaw Tac
2913071caDCHIP FIRE DIFire DispatchFire Dispatch
2913171cbDCHIP FIRE T9Fire Tac 9Fire-Tac
2913271ccDCHIP FIRE TTFire T2T Fire-Tac
2914071d4DCHIP 2Chippewa 2Interop
2914171d5DCHIP 3Chippewa 3Interop
2914271d6DCHIP 4Chippewa 4Interop
2914371d7DCHIP 5Chippewa 5Interop
2914471d8DCHIP 6Chippewa 6Interop
2914571d9DCHIP 7Chippewa 7Interop
2915071deDCHIP PAGEPaging - 154.2650 VHFFire Dispatch
2915171dfDCHIP H WAYRoad Dept.Public Works
2915271e0DCHIP H WAY 8Road Dept. 8Public Works
2915371e1DCHIP H WAY 9Road Dept. 9Public Works
2915471e2DCHIP H WAY CRoad Dept. C2CPublic Works
2915571e3DCHIP EMEmergency ManagementEmergency Ops
2915671e4DCHIP ANNCCounty AnnounceEmergency Ops
2915771e5DCHIP EMERGCounty EmergencyEmergency Ops
2915871e6DCHIP 911County 911Emergency Ops
2915971e7DCHIP ROAMCounty RoamMulti-Dispatch
2917071f2DMTVD HOSPMontevideo HospitalHospital
2917171f3DCHIP EMS DSPEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
2917271f4DCHIP P HLTHCounty HealthEMS-Tac
2918071fcDMNTVD WKSMontvd WorksPublic Works
2918171fdDMILAN WKSMilan WorksPublic Works
2918271feDMAYNARD WKSMaynard WorksPublic Works
2918371ffDCLRA CTY WKSClara City WorksPublic Works
291847200DWATSON WKSWatson WorksPublic Works
291857201DMCCRAY WKSMcCray WorksPublic Works
291867202DMTVD SCHOOLSMontvd SchoolsSchools
291877203DCHIP TRAN 10Transport 10Transportation
291887204DCHIP TRAN 11Transport 11Transportation
291897205DCHIP TRAN 12Transport 12Transportation
291907206DCHIP CITY 8City 8Public Works
291917207DCHIP CITY 9City 9Public Works
29198720eDCHIP 99Chip 99Public Works
29199720fDCHIP 100Chip 100Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7152cbDWild River SPWild River State ParkPublic Works
7192cfDInterstate SPInterstate State ParkPublic Works
5407151fDCS EmergencyEmergency ButtonsMulti-Dispatch
54101522DCS EMS 1EMS 1EMS Dispatch
54111523DCS EMS 2EMS 2EMS Dispatch
54131525DCS FIRE ALChisago Fire AllFire-Tac
54271533DCS FIREChisago FireFire-Tac
5435153bDCS CourtCounty CourtSecurity
54401540DCS FIRE-EMSFire EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
54431543DCS FD Ops 3County FD Ops 3Fire-Tac
54491549DALMELUND FDAlmelund Fire Tac Fire-Tac
5455154fDALMELUND FDAlmelund Fire Tac Fire-Tac
54561550DALMELUND FDAlmelund Fire Tac Fire-Tac
54581552DCNTR CTY FDCenter City Fire TacticalFire-Tac
54611555DCHISAGO FDChisago City Fire TacticalFire-Tac
54621556DCHISAGO FD 2Chisago City Fire TacticalFire-Tac
54641558DHARRIS FDHarris Fire TacticalFire-Tac
54651559DHARRIS FD 2Harris Fire TacticalFire-Tac
5467155bDLINDSTROM FDLindstrom Fire TacticalFire-Tac
5468155cDLINDSTROM FD 2Lindstrom Fire TacticalFire-Tac
5470155eDN BRANCH FDNorth Branch Fire TacticalFire-Tac
5471155fDN BRACH FD 2North Branch Fire TacticalFire-Tac
54731561DRUSH CITY FDRush City Fire TacticalFire-Tac
54761564DSHFR FRCN FDShafer Franconia Fire TacticalFire-Tac
54771565DSHFR FRCN FD 2Shafer Franconia Fire TacticalFire-Tac
54791567DSTCY-LENT FD OPSStacy-Lent Fire OPSFire-Tac
54801568DSTACY-LENT FD ADStacy-Lent FD AdminFire-Talk
5482156aDTAYLORS FLS FDTaylors Falls Fire TacticalFire-Tac
5483156bDTAYLORS FLS FD 2Taylors Falls Fire TacticalFire-Tac
5485156dDWYOMING FDWyoming Fire TacticalFire-Tac
5486156eDWYOMING FD 2Wyoming Fire TacticalFire-Tac
54901572DCS EVENT 1County Events 1Multi-Tac
54911573DCS EVENT 2County Events 2Multi-Tac
54921574DCS EVENT 3County Events 3Multi-Tac
55111587DECS LAW1ELaw DispatchLaw Dispatch
55121588DECS LAW(2)Law (2)Law Tac
55131589DCS LAW(3)Law (3)Law Tac
5514158aDECS LAW(4)Law (4)Law Tac
5515158bDECS LAW(5)Law (5)Law Tac
5519158fDCS Train 1Training Ops 1Multi-Tac
553715a1DCS FD Ops 1County FD Ops 1Fire-Tac
553815a2DCS FD Ops 2County FD Ops 2Fire-Tac
554615aaDCS FDIC 1 County FDIC 1Fire-Tac
554715abDCS FDIC 2County FDIC 2Fire-Tac
554815acDCS FDIC 3County FDIC 3Fire-Tac
554915adDCS FDIC 4County FDIC 4Fire-Tac
555015aeDCS FDIC 5County FDIC 5Fire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
242815ed9DBUFF RVR SP1Buffalo River State Park 1Public Works
242825edaDBUFF RVR SP2Buffalo River State Park 2Public Works
49300c094DCY ATGAnnouncementMulti-Tac
49302c096DCY SHF 1Sheriff Primary Dispatch - VHF Patch - 151.2350Law Dispatch
49304c098DECY SHF 2ALTSheriff 2 AlternateLaw Tac
49306c09aDCY SHF 3 ALTSheriff 3 AlternateLaw Tac
49308c09cDCY SHF CARSSheriff Car-to-CarLaw Talk
49314c0a2DCY JAILJailCorrections
49316c0a4DCY ROAMRoamingMulti-Dispatch
49318c0a6DCY EMERGEmergenciesMulti-Dispatch
49320c0a8DECY RRV SWAT1Red River Valley SWAT 1Law Tac
49324c0acDCY MPD 1Moorhead Police 1 Primary (Patch to 155.085 MHz)Law Dispatch
49326c0aeDECY MPD 2Moorhead Police 2 Alternate Law Tac
49328c0b0DCY MPD 3Moorhead Police 3 AlternateLaw Tac
49330c0b2DCY MPD CARSMoorhead Police Car-to-CarLaw Talk
49336c0b8DCY DWPDDilworth PoliceLaw Tac
49338c0baDCY HLPDHawley PoliceLaw Tac
49340c0bcDCY BNPDBarnesville PoliceLaw Tac
49342c0beDCY GLPDGlyndon PoliceLaw Tac
49346c0c2DCY FR MAINCounty Fire MainFire Dispatch
49348c0c4DCY FR 2County Fire Rescue 2Fire-Tac
49350c0c6DCY FR 3County Fire Rescue 3Fire-Tac
49356c0ccDCY MHD FR 1Moorhead Fire 1 DispatchFire Dispatch
49358c0ceDCY MHD FR 2Moorhead Fire 2Fire-Tac
49360c0d0DCY FIRE C2CFire Car to CarFire-Talk
49364c0d4DCY HWYClay County HighwayPublic Works
49372c0dcDCY MHD JR HIGHMoorhead Jr High Ops - PatchSchools
49379c0e3DECY FPD PATCHFargo, ND Police Patch - 151.2575Law Dispatch
49380c0e4DCY RICHSO PATCHRichland Co, ND Sheriff Patch - 158.8425Law Dispatch
49383c0e7DCY FARGO FD1Fargo Fire 1 PatchFire Dispatch
46393b539DCY CALLClay CallMulti-Talk
49394c0f2DCY 1Clay 1Multi-Tac
49395c0f3DCY 2Clay 2Multi-Tac
49396c0f4DCY 3Clay 3Multi-Tac
49397c0f5DCY 4Clay 4Multi-Tac
49398c0f6DCY 5Clay 5Multi-Tac
49399c0f7DCY 6Clay 6Multi-Tac
49385c0e9DCY 7Clay 7Multi-Tac
49387c0ebDCY 8Clay 8Multi-Tac
49389c0edDCY 9Clay 9Multi-Tac
49391c0efDCY 10Clay 10Multi-Tac
49378c0e2DECY 11EClay 11E - Patched to MPD LoopLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
48465bd51DITASCA SP 1Itasca State Park 1Public Works
48466bd52DITASCA SP 2Itasca State Park 2Public Works
48467bd53DITASCA SP 3Itasca State Park 3Public Works
49900c2ecDCLWTR SO DISSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
49904c2f0DCLWTR SANFORDEMSClearwater Sanford EMSEMS-Talk
49912c2f8DCLWTR FIREClearwater Fire 1Fire Dispatch
49917c2fdDShevlin FireShevlin FireFire-Tac
49920c300DCLWTR EMSClearwater EMS 1EMS Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
367218f71DCRCRM PARK 1Cascade River & C.R. Magney State Parks 1Public Works
367228f72DCRCRM PARK 2Cascade River & C.R. Magney State Parks 2Public Works
367238f73DGPORT PARK 1Grand Portage State Park 1Public Works
367248f74DG C M PARK 1George Crosby Manitou State Park 1Public Works
382009538DCOOK LAW DSPCounty Law MainLaw Dispatch
38202953aDCOOK PAGECounty PagingFire Dispatch
38204953cDCook Co 911Cook County 911Multi-Tac
38205953dDCOOK DISP 1Law Disp 1Multi-Dispatch
38206953eDCOOK DISP 2Law Disp 2Multi-Dispatch
38207953fDCOOK DISP 3Law Disp 3Multi-Dispatch
382089540DCOOK DISP 4Law Disp 4Multi-Dispatch
382099541DCOOK DISP 5Law Disp 5Multi-Dispatch
382109542DECOOK TAC1ECook County Law TAC 1ELaw Tac
38222954eDCOOK HWYCook County Highway DeptPublic Works
38223954fDCOOKCook CountyMulti-Tac
382279553DCOOK BUSESCook County School Dist BusesTransportation
38238955eDHOV FIREHovland Fire TacFire-Tac
38239955fDG PORT FIREGrand Portage Fire TacFire-Tac
382409560DGF TRAIL FDGun Flint Fire TacFire-Tac
382479567DCOOK NS HOSPCook County North Shore HospitalHospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3070077ecDCTWD ROAMCounty RoamMulti-Dispatch
3070377efDWINDOM HOSPWindom Area HospitalHospital
3070477f0DCTWD EM DISPCounty Fire - EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
3070577f1DCTWD LAW DSPCounty Law DispatchLaw Dispatch
3070677f2DCTWD OPS 2County Ops 2Interop
3070777f3DCTWD OPS 3County Ops 3Interop
3071577fbDMTN LK EMERGMountain Lake Fire/AmbulanceFire Dispatch
3071677fcDWNDM FIRE EMWindom Fire - AmbulanceFire Dispatch
3071777fdDJEFFRS EMERGJeffers Fire/AmbulanceFire Dispatch
3071977ffDWSTBRK EMERGWestbrook Fire/AmbulanceFire Dispatch
307207800DWSTBRK HOSPWestbrook HospitalHospital
307287808DWDM STRT PRKWindom Street/Parks DepartmentPublic Works
307297809DCW 30729Cottonwood 30729Public Works
30730780aDWSTBRK WORKSWestbrook Public WorksPublic Works
30731780bDCTWD HIGHWAYCounty Highway DepartmentPublic Works
30732780cDCW 30732Cottonwood 30732Public Works
30734780eDWDM ELECTRICWindom Electric DepartmentUtilities
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
269346936DCW CLC AdminCentral Lakes College Staples AdministrationSchools
3860096c8DCW ROAMCounty RoamMulti-Talk
3860196c9DCW LAW 1Law Main 1.- Brainerd - Baxter PoliceLaw Dispatch
3860296caDCW SO ADMLaw AdminLaw Dispatch
3860396cbDCW LAW 2Law Main 2 - Sheriff and all other PoliceLaw Dispatch
3860496ccDCW LAW DSPLaw Dispatch - Patch 155.4300 Etc.Law Dispatch
3860596cdDCW LAW 3Law Main 3Law Dispatch
3860696ceDCW LAW 4Law Main 4Law Dispatch
3861096d2DCW LAW C2CLaw Car 2 CarLaw Talk
3861196d3DeCW L TAC 1Law TAC 1Law Tac
3861296d4DeCW L TAC 2Law TAC 2Law Tac
3861396d5DeCW L TAC 3Law TAC 3Law Tac
3861496d6DeCW L TAC 4Law TAC 4Law Tac
3861596d7DCW FIRE 1County Fire Main 1Fire Dispatch
3861696d8DCW FIRE 2Fire Tactical 2Fire-Tac
3861796d9DCW FIRE 3Fire Tactical 3Fire-Tac
3861896daDCW FIRE 4Fire Tactical 4Fire-Tac
3861996dbDCW BRD FDADMNBrainerd Fire AdminFire-Talk
3862096dcDCW FD AD 1Fire Administration 1Fire-Talk
3862196ddDCW FD AD 2Fire Administration 2Fire-Talk
3862296deDCW 38622Crow Wing CountyMulti-Tac
3862396dfDCW EMS DSPCounty EMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
3862496e0DCW EMS 624Crow Wing EMSEMS-Tac
3862596e1DCW EMS 625Crow Wing EMSEMS-Tac
3862696e2DCW CRMCCrow Wing Medical Center Emergency RoomHospital
3862796e3DCW EMS 627Crow Wing EMSEMS-Tac
3862896e4DCW SJMC ERSt Joseph Hospital Brainerd Emergency RoomHospital
3862996e5DCW SJMC SECSt Joseph Hospital Brainerd SecuritySecurity
3863196e7DCW CD ADMCivil Defense Admin Emergency Ops
3863296e8DCW PS COM 6Crow Wing Common 6Multi-Tac
3863396e9DCW PS COM 7Crow Wing Common 7Multi-Tac
3863496eaDCW PS COM 8Crow Wing Common 8Multi-Tac
3863596ebDCW PS COM 9Crow Wing Common 9Multi-Tac
3863696ecDCW PS COM 10Crow Wing Common 10Multi-Tac
3863796edDCW PS COM 11Crow Wing Common 11Multi-Tac
3863896eeDCW 911Crow Wing - 911Multi-Dispatch
3863996efDCW EMCrow Wing County Emergency ManagementEmergency Ops
3864096f0DCW EVENT 1Event 1Multi-Tac
3864196f1DCW EVENT 2Event 2Multi-Tac
3864696f6DCW CRSBY ADMCrosby Police/Fire AdminMulti-Talk
3864796f7DCW COM 11Crow Wing Com 11Multi-Tac
3864896f8DCW HWY MAINCrow Wing County Highway MainPublic Works
3864996f9DCW HWY ADM 1Crow Wing County Highway Admin 1Public Works
3865096faDCW HWY ADM 2Crow Wing County Highway Admin 2Public Works
3865596ffDCW BRDPD ADBrainerd Police AdminLaw Talk
386569700DCW BRD ELECTBrainerd Electric UtilityUtilities
386579701DCROW 38657Crow Wing CountyMulti-Talk
386589702DCROW 38658Crow Wing CountyMulti-Talk
386599703DCW BAXTER PWBaxter Public WorksPublic Works
386619705DCW BREEZY PWBreezy Point Public WorksPublic Works
386659709DCW CL PWCrosslake Public WorksPublic Works
38666970aDCW CL FDADMCrosslake Fire AdminFire-Talk
386789716DCROW 38678Crow Wing CountyMulti-Talk
386799717DCW Nisswa PWNisswa Public WorksPublic Works
386809718DCW NISSWA ADMNisswa Fire/Police AdminMulti-Talk
386819719DCROW 38681Crow Wing County Multi-Talk
38682971aDCW PEQ LKS TACPequot Lakes Admin Multi-Talk
38683971bDCW SCHL 1Crow Wing County School 1Schools
38684971cDCW SCHL 2Crow Wing County School 2Schools
38685971dDCW SCHL 3Crow Wing County School 3Schools
38686971eDCW SCHL 4Crow Wing County School 4Schools
386929724DCW CLC SECCentral Lakes College Campus SecuritySecurity
386939725DCW CLC ADMINCentral Lakes College Admin Schools
386969728DCW EMS COMEMS CommonEMS-Tac
386979729DCW JAIL OPJail OpsCorrections
38699972bDMissionAdminMission Township AdministrationPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
42001068DDK FIRE ESTFire East MainFire Dispatch
4202106aDDK FIRE WSTFire West MainFire Dispatch
4204106cDDK FGR 4Dakota County Fireground 4Fire-Tac
4206106eDDK FGR 5Dakota County Fireground 5Fire-Tac
42081070DDK FGR 6Dakota County Fireground 6Fire-Tac
42101072DDK FGR 7Dakota County Fireground 7Fire-Tac
42121074DDK FGR 8Dakota County Fireground 8Fire-Tac
42141076DAPVLY FD OP2Apple Valley Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
42161078DBURN FD OP2Burnsville Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
4218107aDEGAN FD OP2Eagan Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
4220107cDFARM FD OP2Farmington Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
4222107eDHAST FD OP2Hastings Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
42241080DHRAN FD OP2Hampton - Randolph Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
42261082DIGH FD OP2Inver Grove Heights Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
42281084DLKVL FD OP2Lakeville Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
42301086DMHTS OP2Mendota Heights Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
42321088DMSVL FD OP2Miesville Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
4234108aDRSMT FD OP2Rosemount Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
4236108cDDK SM OP2South Metro SSP & WSP Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
4238108eDAPVLY FD OP3Apple Valley Fire Ops 3Fire-Tac
42401090DBURN FD OP3Burnsville Fire Ops 3Fire-Tac
42421092DEGAN FD OP3Eagan Fire Ops 3Fire-Tac
42441094DFARM FD OP3Farmington Fire Ops 3Fire-Tac
42461096DHAST FD OP3Hastings Fire Ops 3Fire-Tac
42481098DHRAN FD OP3Hampton - Randolph Fire Ops 3Fire-Tac
4250109aDIGH FD OP3Inver Grove Heights Fire Ops 3Fire-Tac
4252109cDLKVL FD OP3Lakeville Fire Ops 3Fire-Tac
4254109eDMHTS OP3Mendota Heights Fire Ops 3Fire-Tac
425610a0DMSVL FD OP3Miesville Fire Ops 3Fire-Tac
425810a2DRSMT FD OP3Rosemount Fire Ops 3Fire-Tac
426010a4DDK SM OP3South Metro Fire Ops 3 (SSP/WSP)Fire-Tac
426210a6DDK F ROAMFire Statewide RoamingFire Dispatch
427210b0DDakotaCoFireFire PagingFire Dispatch
430610d2DDK TAC 4Dakota County Tac 4Law Tac
430810d4DDK CAR-CARDakota County Car to CarLaw Tac
431010d6DDK TAC 10Dakota County Tac 10Law Tac
431210d8DDK TAC 11Dakota County Tac 11Law Tac
431410daDDK TAC 12Dakota County Tac 12Law Tac
431610dcDDK TAC 13Dakota County Tac 13Law Tac
431810deDDK TAC 14Dakota County Tac 14Law Tac
432010e0DDK TAC 15Dakota County Tac 15Law Tac
432210e2DeDK LTACDakota LTACLaw Tac
432410e4DeDK LTACDakota LTACLaw Tac
432810e8DEDK MAAG 1Dakota County MAAG 1Law Tac
433210ecDDK SPEVENT 1Dakota County Spec Event 1Law Tac
433410eeDDK SPEVENT 2Dakota County Spec Event 2Law Tac
433610f0DDK SPEVENT 3Dakota County Spec Event 3Law Tac
433810f2DDK SPEVENT 4Dakota County Spec Event 4Law Tac
434010f4DDK SPEVENT 5Dakota County Spec Event 5Law Tac
434210f6DAPVLY PD OP3Apple Valley Police Ops 3Law Tac
434410f8DBURN PD OP3Burnsville Police Ops 3Law Tac
434610faDDK SO TACSO TacticalLaw Tac
434810fcDEGAN PD OP3Eagan Police 3300 Ops 3Law Tac
435010feDFARM PD OP3Farmington Police Ops 3Law Tac
43521100DHAST PD OP3Hastings Police Ops 3Law Tac
43541102DIGH PD OP3Inver Grove Heights Police Ops 3Law Tac
43561104DLKVL PD OP3Lakeville Police Ops 3Law Tac
43581106DMHTS PD OP3Mendota Heights Police Ops 3Law Tac
43601108DRSMT PD OP3Rosemount Police Ops 3Law Tac
4362110aDSSPL FD OP3South St. Paul Fire Ops 3Law Tac
4364110cDWSPL PD OP3West St. Paul Police Ops 3Law Tac
4366110eDAPVLY PD OP4Apple Valley Police Ops 4Law Tac
43681110DBURN PDBurnsville PoliceLaw Tac
43701112DDK LE COMMLaw Enforcement CommonLaw Tac
43721114DEGAN PDEagan Police - 3300Law Tac
43741116DFARM PDFarmington PoliceLaw Tac
43761118DHAST PDHastings Police - 1400Law Tac
4378111aDIGH PDInver Grove Heights Police - 3600Law Tac
4380111cDLKVL PDLakeville Police - 4800Law Tac
4382111eDMHTS PDMendota Heights Police - 2200Law Tac
43841120DRSMT PDRosemount Police - 3500Law Tac
43861122DSSPL PDSouth St. Paul Police - 2100Law Tac
43881124DWSPL PDWest St. Paul Police - 2600Law Tac
43901126DAPVLY PD ADMApple Valley Police Admin.Law Tac
43921128DBURN PD ADMBurnsville Police Admin.Law Tac
4396112cDEGAN PD ADMEagan Police 3300 Admin.Law Tac
4398112eDFARM PD ADMFarmington Police Admin.Law Tac
44001130DHAST PD ADMHastings Police Admin.Law Tac
44021132DIGH PD ADMInver Grove Heights Police Admin.Law Tac
44041134DLKVL PD ADMLakeville Police Admin.Law Tac
44061136DMHTS PD ADMMendota Heights Police Admin.Law Tac
44081138DRSMT PD ADMRosemount Police Admin.Law Tac
4410113aDSSPL PD ADMSouth St. Paul Police Admin.Law Tac
4412113cDWSPL PD ADMWest St. Paul Police Admin.Law Tac
4414113eDDK POOL 5 ?Dakota County Pool 5 ?Multi-Tac
44161140DDK POOL 6Dakota County Pool 6Multi-Tac
44181142DDK POOL 7Dakota County Pool 7Multi-Tac
44241148DDK JAIL 1Jail 1Corrections
4426114aDDK INC CMD 1Incident Command 1Law Tac
4428114cDDK INC CMD 2Incident Command 2Law Tac
4430114eDDK COURT 1Courts 1Law Tac
44321150DDK COURT 2Courts 2Law Tac
44341152DDK COURT 3Courts 3Law Tac
44361154DDK INFOInformationLaw Tac
44381156DDK ADMINAdministrationPublic Works
44401158DDK LE ROAM 1Law Roaming 1Law Dispatch
4442115aDDK SOT MAINSOT MainPublic Works
4444115cDDK SOT SECSOT AlternatePublic Works
4506119aDDK ALLDakota All 4500 - 4502 - 4504Multi-Tac
454511c1DEDKLAW1Law 1Law Dispatch
454611c2DEDKLAW2Law 2Law Dispatch
454711c3DEDKLAW3Law 3Law Dispatch
455811ceDEDKLAWLawLaw Tac
457711e1DDK IHCCEMS 1Inver Hills Community College EMS program 1Schools
457911e3DDK IHCCEMS 2Inver Hills Community College EMS program 2Schools
460011f8DDK COMMONCounty CommonPublic Works
460211faDDK PW COMMPublic Works CommonPublic Works
460411fcDDK HWY ALLHighway Department MainPublic Works
460611feDDK HWY DEPTHighway Department SecondaryPublic Works
46081200DDK SURVEYSurveyorPublic Works
46101202DDK FACLT 1Facilities 1Public Works
46121204DDK FACLT 2Facilities 2Public Works
46141206DDK FACLT 3Facilities 3Public Works
46161208DAPVLY WRKS 1Apple Valley Public Works 1Public Works
4618120aDAPVLY WRKS 2Apple Valley Public Works 2Public Works
4620120cDAPVLY COMMApple Valley Public CommonPublic Works
4622120eDBURN WORKS 1Burnsville Public Works 1Public Works
46241210DBURN WORKS 2Burnsville Public Works 2Public Works
46261212DBURN COMMBurnsville Public CommonPublic Works
46281214DEGAN WORKS 1Eagan Public Works 1Public Works
46301216DEGAN WORKS 2Eagan Public Works 2Public Works
46321218DEGAN COMMEagan Public CommonPublic Works
4634121aDEMPIRE TWP 1Empire Township 1Public Works
4636121cDFARM WORKS 1Farmington Public Works 1Public Works
4638121eDFARM WORKS 2Farmington Public Works 2Public Works
46401220DFARM COMMFarmington Public CommonPublic Works
46421222DHAST WORKS 1Hastings Public Works 1Public Works
46441224DHAST WORKS 2Hastings Public Works 2Public Works
46461226DHAST COMMHastings Public CommonPublic Works
46481228DIGH WORKS 1Inver Grove Heights Public Works 1Public Works
4650122aDIGH WORKS 2Inver Grove Heights Public Works 2Public Works
4652122cDIGH COMMInver Grove Heights Public CommonPublic Works
4654122eDLKVL WORKS 1Lakeville Public Works 1Public Works
46561230DLKVL WORKS 2Lakeville Public Works 2Public Works
46581232DLKVL COMMLakeville CommonInterop
46601234DMHTS WORKS 1Mendota Heights Public Works 1Public Works
46621236DMHTS WORKS 2Mendota Heights Public Works 2Public Works
46641238DMHTS COMMMendota Heights Public CommonInterop
4666123aDRSMT WORKS 1Rosemount Public Works 1Public Works
4668123cDRSMT WORKS 2Rosemount Public Works 2Public Works
4670123eDRSMT COMMRosemount CommonInterop
46721240DSSPL WORKS 1South St. Paul Public Works 1Public Works
46741242DSSPL WORKS 2South St. Paul Public Works 2Public Works
46761244DSSPL COMMSouth St. Paul Public CommonPublic Works
46781246DWSPL WORKS 1West St. Paul Public Works 1Public Works
46801248DWSPL WORKS 2West St. Paul Public Works 2Public Works
4682124aDWSPL COMMWest St. Paul Public CommonPublic Works
4684124cDDK PW ROAMPublic Works Statewide RoamingPublic Works
4700125cDDK SYS TECHSystem TechPublic Works
4702125eDDK TRAININGTrainingPublic Works
47061262DDK WX ALERTWeather AlertEmergency Ops
47541292DDK PH 1Dakota County Public Health 1Public Works
47561294DDK PH 2Dakota County Public Health 2Public Works
47581296DDK PH 3Dakota County Public Health 3Public Works
479812beDDK FIRE ALLFire All CallFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
206015079DDD FIREFireFire Dispatch
20602507aDDD LAW 2Law 2Law Tac
20604507cDDD LAW 1Law Enforcement Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
20605507dDDD JAILJailCorrections
20607507fDDD PAGEFire EMS PagingFire Dispatch
206085080DDD EOCDodge Center EOC Emergency Ops
206095081DDDCLFDClaremont FireFire-Tac
206115083DDD OPS1Ops 1Multi-Tac
206125084DDD OPS2Ops 2Multi-Tac
206135085DDD OPS3Ops 3Multi-Tac
206165088DDD ROAMCounty RoamMulti-Dispatch
206175089DDD HWYHighwayPublic Works
20621508dDDD FIRE TACFire TacFire-Tac
20622508eDDD FIRE TACFire TacFire-Tac
20623508fDDD FIRE TACFire TacFire-Tac
206245090DDD FIRE TACFire TacFire-Tac
206255091DDDWCFDWest Concord FireFire-Tac
206265092DDD FIRE TACFire TacFire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
242835edbDLK CRLOS SP1Lake Carlos State Park 1Public Works
242845edcDLK CRLOS SP2Lake Carlos State Park 2Public Works
275006b6cDDG HOSP ADMDouglas Co Hospital Admin (Alomere Health)Business
275016b6dDDG 2DG 2Interop
275026b6eDDG 3DG 3Interop
275036b6fDDG 4DG 4Interop
275046b70DDG 5DG 5Interop
275056b71DDG 6DG 6Interop
275066b72DDG 7DG 7Interop
275076b73DDG 8DG 8Interop
275096b75DDG FIRE DISPFire DispatchFire Dispatch
275106b76DDG LAW DSPLaw Dispatch Law Dispatch
275116b77DDG 9 LE C2CDG-9 Law Car 2 CarLaw Tac
275146b7aDDG JAILCounty JailCorrections
275166b7cDDG CourtCounty CourthouseCorrections
275176b7dDEDG LAW TACDouglas Law Enforcement TACLaw Tac
275186b7eDDG ROAMCounty RoamingMulti-Dispatch
275216b81DALEX FIREAlexandria Fire Dept.Fire-Tac
275226b82DBRANDON FIREBrandon FireFire-Tac
275236b83DCARLOS FIRECarlos FireFire-Tac
275246b84DEVANS FIREEvansville FireFire-Tac
275256b85DFORADA FIREForada FireFire-Tac
275266b86DGARFLD FIREGarfield FireFire-Tac
275276b87DHLM CTY FIREHolmes City FireFire-Tac
275286b88DKENSTN FIREKensington FireFire-Tac
275296b89DLF VLY FIRELeaf Valley FireFire-Tac
275306b8aDMILTONA FIREMiltona FireFire-Tac
275316b8bDMILLRVL FIREMillerville FireFire-Tac
275326b8cDOSAKIS FIREOsakis FireFire-Tac
275356b8fDDOUG HWAYHighway Dept.Public Works
275396b93DALEX TECH TRAlexandria Tech College Law Enforcement trainingSchools
275406b94DEWC MN TF E7West Central MN Drug & Offender Task Force 7Law Tac
275416b95DEWC MN TF E8West Central MN Drug & Offender Task Force 8Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3500288baDFA ROAMCounty RoamMulti-Dispatch
3500388bbDFA LAW 1County Law 1Law Dispatch
3500488bcDFA LAW 2County Law 2Law Dispatch
3500588bdDFA 7Faribault 7Multi-Talk
3500688beDEFA LAW 3County Law 3Law Dispatch
3500788bfDFA 8Faribault 8Multi-Talk
3500888c0DFA FIRECounty Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
3500988c1DFA JAIL OPSCounty JailCorrections
3501088c2DFA HWY 1Faribault Highway 1Public Works
3501188c3DFA EMS DISPCounty EMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
3501288c4DFA UHD ERUnited Hospital Blue EarthHospital
3501388c5DFA 9Faribault 9Multi-Talk
3501488c6DFA 10Faribault 10Multi-Talk
3501588c7DFA 911Faribault 911Multi-Talk
3501688c8DFA HWY DEPT 2Faribault Highway 2Public Works
3501788c9DFA BLUE EARTHBlue Earth OPSMulti-Talk
3502388cfDFROST OPSFROST OPSMulti-Talk
3502488d0DFA MINN LAKEMinnesota Lake OPSMulti-Talk
3502688d2DFA WELLSWells OpsMulti-Talk
3502788d3DFA W'BAGOWinnebago OPSMulti-Talk
3503088d6DFAFaribault Multi-Talk
3503888deDFA FaribaultMulti-Talk
3503988dfDFA FaribaultMulti-Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
202534f1dDFV-MC PARK 1Forestville / Mystery Cave State Park 1Public Works
202544f1eDFV-MC PARK 2Forestville / Mystery Cave State Park 2Public Works
208205154DFI LAW DISP 1Law Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
208215155DFI LAW DISP 2Law Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
208225156DFI FIRE EMSFire EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
20829515dDFI ROAMCounty RoamMulti-Dispatch
208505172DFI FIRE TACFire TacFire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
202744f32DMYRE SPMyre-Big Island State Park 1Public Works
218105532DFR 2FR 2Multi-Tac
218115533DFR 3FR 3Multi-Tac
218125534DFR 4FR 4Multi-Tac
218135535DFR 5FR 5Multi-Tac
218145536DFR 6FR 6Multi-Tac
218155537DFR 7FR 7Multi-Tac
218175539DABL STREETSAlbert Lea Street DepartmentPublic Works
21819553bDFRBN ROAMCounty RoamMulti-Dispatch
21823553fDFRBN FIREFreeborn Co Fire MainFire Dispatch
218245540DFRBN FIREOP1Freeborn Co Fire Ops 1Fire-Tac
218255541DFRBN FIREOP2Freeborn Co Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
218265542DFRBN FIREOP3Freeborn Co Fire Ops 3Fire-Tac
218275543DALEA FIREAlbert Lea City Fire TacticalFire-Tac
218285544DALEA TP FIREAlbert Lea Township Fire TacticalFire-Tac
218295545DALDEN FIREAlden Fire TacticalFire-Tac
218305546DCLARKGV FIREClarks Grove Fire TacticalFire-Tac
218315547DCONGER FIREConger Fire TacticalFire-Tac
218325548DEMMNS FIREEmmons Fire TacticalFire-Tac
218335549DFREEBRN FIREFreeborn Fire TacticalFire-Tac
21834554aDGENEVA FIREGeneva Fire TacticalFire-Tac
21835554bDGLENVL FIREGlenville Fire TacticalFire-Tac
21836554cDHARTLND FIREHartland Fire TacticalFire-Tac
21837554dDHAYWARD FIREHayward Fire TacticalFire-Tac
21838554eDHOLNDLE FIREHollandale Fire TacticalFire-Tac
21839554fDLONDON FIRELondon Fire TacticalFire-Tac
218405550DMANCHST FIREManchester Fire TacticalFire-Tac
218415551DMYRTLE FIREMyrtle Fire TacticalFire-Tac
218425552DFRBN F EMERGFreeborn Co Fire EmergencyFire-Tac
218435553DFRBN LAW DI1Freeborn Co Law Enforcement Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
218445554DeFRBN LAW DI2Freeborn Co Law Enforcement Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
218455555DFRBN LAW DI3Freeborn Co Law Enforcement Dispatch 3Law Dispatch
218465556DFRBN LAW DI4Freeborn Co Law Enforcement Dispatch 4Law Dispatch
218475557DFRBN LAW OP1Freeborn Co Law Enforcement Ops 1Law Tac
218485558DFRBN LAW OP2Freeborn Co Law Enforcement Ops 2Law Tac
218495559DFRBN LAW OP3Freeborn Co Law Enforcement Ops 3Law Tac
21850555aDFRBN LAW OP4Freeborn Co Law Enforcement Ops 4Law Tac
218565560DFRBN JAILCounty JailCorrections
218905582DFR MCHS SECMCHS Albert Lea SecuritySecurity
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
202554f1fDFRONT PARK 1Frontenac State Park 1Public Works
202564f20DFRONT PARK 2Frontenac State Park 2Public Works
210005208DGD RWPW SNOWSnow Events RWPWPublic Works
210015209DGD LAW MAIN1Law Main 1 - Sheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
21002520aDGD RWPW MAINRed Wing Public WorksPublic Works
21003520bDGD LAW MAIN2Law Main 2 - Red Wing Police Dispatch - Prairie Island Tribal Police Law MainLaw Dispatch
21004520cDGD RW SOLWSTRed Wing Solid WastePublic Works
21006520eDGD COURTCounty CourtSecurity
21007520fDGD FIRE EMSCounty Fire EMS Main - PagingFire Dispatch
210085210DGD HWY MAINCounty Highway DepartmentPublic Works
210095211DGD OPS 7Goodhue Ops 7Fire-Tac
210105212DGD FIREGoodhue County FireFire-Tac
210115213DGD OPS 8Goodhue Ops 8Multi-Tac
210135215DGD OPS 9Goodhue Ops 9Multi-Tac
210145216DGD ROAMCounty RoamMulti-Dispatch
210155217DGD OPS 10Goodhue Ops 10Multi-Tac
210175219DGD OPS 11Goodhue Ops 11Multi-Tac
21019521bDGD Prairie PWPrairie Island Public WorksPublic Works
21021521dDGD Adult Det CtrAdult Detention CenterCorrections
21023521fDGD RDWNG FDRed Wing FireFire-Tac
210265222DGD ZUMEMSZumbrota EMSEMS-Talk
210295225DGD ZUMFIREZumbrota Fire OpsFire-Tac
210315227DGD WNMNGO FDWanamingo Fire OpsFire-Tac
210325228DGD CANONFLS FDCannon Falls Fire - AmbulanceFire-Tac
21037522dDGD P COMM 3P Common - Ch 3Multi-Tac
210455235DGD RW PDRed Wing Police Ops Law Tac
210475237DGD CFPDCannon Falls Police OpsLaw Talk
210485238DGD ZMBRTA PDZumbrota Police OpsLaw Tac
21050523aDGD KENYONKenyon CommonMulti-Tac
21052523cDGD RW COMMRed Wing Common - PagingMulti-Tac
210575241DGD PRISLND PDPrairie Island Police OpsLaw Tac
210595243DGD CASINO HAILTreasure Island Security - Law HailingSecurity
210605244DGD RWDPW 1Red Wing DPW 1Public Works
210615245DGD RWDPW 2Red Wing DPW 2Public Works
210625246DGDRW SEWERRed Wing SewerPublic Works
210635247DGD RW STREETSRed Wing Street DepartmentPublic Works
21067524bDGD WKS ALLPublic Works All CallPublic Works
21082525aDGD TESTGoodhue Test - Radio TechsPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
273006aa4DGRANT 2Grant Tac 2Interop
273026aa6DGRANT 3Grant Tac 3Interop
273046aa8DGRANT 4Grant Tac 4Interop
273056aa9DGRANT ROAMCounty RoamMulti-Dispatch
273066aaaDGRANT 5Grant Tac 5Interop
273086aacDGRANT 6Grant Tac 6Interop
273106aaeDGRANT 911Grant 911Interop
273166ab4DGRANT FIREGrant Co Fire Dispatch - 154.2500 VHFFire Dispatch
273266abeDGRANT SO DSPSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
273286ac0DEGRANT 7Grant Tac 7Law Tac
273306ac2DEGRANT 8Grant Tac 8Law Tac
273466ad2DGRANT SCHLSGrant County SchoolsSchools
273486ad4DASHBY HIGHAshby High SchoolSchools
273506ad6DHerman-NorcrHerman-Norcross SchoolSchools
273526ad8DWCA SCHOOLWest Central Area School District 2342 - BarrettSchools
273566adcDGRANT WORKSGrant Countywide Pub WorksPublic Works
273586adeDASHBY WORKSAshby Public WorksPublic Works
273606ae0DBARRET WORKSBarrett Public WorksPublic Works
273626ae2DE LAKE WORKSElbow Lk Public WorksPublic Works
273646ae4DHERMAN WORKSHerman Public WorksPublic Works
273666ae6DHOFMAN WORKSHoffman Public WorksPublic Works
273686ae8DGRANT H.WAYGrant Co Highway Dept.Public Works
273706aeaDWENDEL WORKSWendell Public WorksPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3068bfcDElection HQElection HQPublic Works
100002710DHC SECHennepin SecuritySecurity
100082718DHC SYS TECHRadio System TechnicianPublic Works
100162720DHFEMRGHennepin Fire EmergencyFire Dispatch
100222726DHC TAC-3Mutual Aid Tac 3Interop
100232727DEHC TAC-4Mutual Aid Tac 4Interop
100242728DHFIRE 3Fire TAC 3Fire-Tac
100252729DHFIRE 7Fire TAC 7Fire-Tac
100342732DHCSO911Hennepin County Sheriff 911 CenterLaw Dispatch
100362734DHFIRE 2Fire T2T TAC 2 - Truck to Truck RepeatedFire-Tac
100382736DHCPAGEAutomated DispatchFire Dispatch
100402738DHFIRE 1Fire Main 1Fire Dispatch
10046273eDHC TAC-6Mutual Aid Tac 6Interop
10047273fDEHC TAC-7EMutual Aid Tac 7Interop
100482740DHCMC MAINTHCMC Maintenance DispatchPublic Works
100502742DHFIRE 4Fire TAC 4Fire-Tac
100512743DHFIRE8 Fire TAC 8Fire-Tac
100522744DHFIRE 5Fire TAC 5Fire-Tac
100532745DHFIRE 9Fire TAC 9Fire-Tac
100542746DHFIRE 6Fire TAC 6Fire-Tac
100552747DHFIRE 10Fire TAC 10Fire-Tac
100562748DHC POOL 1POOL 1Multi-Tac
100572749DHFIRE_11Fire TAC 11Fire-Tac
10058274aDHC POOL 2POOL 2Multi-Tac
10059274bDHCFIRE12Fire TAC 12Fire-Tac
10060274cDHC ROAM 1County Roaming 1Multi-Dispatch
10062274eDHC ROAM 2County Roaming 2Multi-Dispatch
100662752DHC SECHennepin SecuritySecurity
100682754DHC SECHennepin SecuritySecurity
100722758DHC SO COMMSheriff Department Wide TGLaw Tac
10074275aDEHS SYS TECH2System Technicians 2Public Works
10076275cDHC MAINTHennepin MaintPublic Works
10110277eDEHS PAT3Sheriff Patrol Car to CarLaw Talk
10111277fDEHC LAWHennepin SheriffLaw Tac
101122780DEHS 10112Sheriff 10112Law Tac
101142782DEHS 10114Sheriff 10114Law Tac
101182786DEHC LE ROAMSheriff - LE - RoamLaw Talk
101202788DHS TAC-5Mutual Aid Tac 5Interop
10122278aDHC SCHLS ALLSchools All CallSchools
101282790DEHS TACSheriff TacLaw Tac
101302792DEHS TACSheriff TacLaw Tac
101342796DEHS CRT 1Sheriff CRT 1 Unit 1680 OpsLaw Tac
101362798DEHS CRT 2Sheriff CRT 2 Unit 1680 OpsLaw Tac
10138279aDEHS TAC 10138Sheriff Tac 10138Law Tac
10142279eDEHS TAC 10142Sheriff Tac 10142Law Tac
1014427a0DEHS ERU SWATSheriff ERU/SWATLaw Tac
1014827a4DEHS LAW T ALLLaw Tac. All CallLaw Tac
1015627acDEHS HUM RECHuman ResourcesPublic Works
1016027b0DEHS CLAB1Administration and buisnessLaw Tac
1018027c4DEHS CIV WARSheriff Civil Warrant ChannelLaw Tac
1019027ceDEHS 10190Sheriff 10190Law Tac
1019827d6DEHS 10198Sheriff 10198Law Tac
1021227e4DEHS ALL CALLSheriff AllLaw Tac
1021427e6DEHS NARC 1Sheriff Narcotics 1Law Tac
1021627e8DEHS NARC 2Sheriff Narcotics 2Law Tac
1021827eaDEHS WARRENTSheriff Warrant ServiceLaw Tac
1022227eeDEHS WARRENTSheriff Warrant ServiceLaw Tac
102402800DHCMC MAINT 2HCMC Maintenance 2 ?Public Works
102422802DHC MAINTHennepin Maint.Public Works
102442804DHCMC COM HLTHCMC Community Health 1Hospital
102462806DHC HEALTHCounty HealthPublic Works
102482808DHC HEALTHCounty HealthPublic Works
102562810DHC HEALTHCounty HealthPublic Works
102622816DHC HLTH ALLHealth All CallPublic Works
102632817DEHC LAWHennepin SheriffLaw Tac
102642818DHC MAINT ALLMaint All CallPublic Works
102652819DEHC LAWHennepinLaw Tac
10267281bDEHC LAWHennepinLaw Tac
102782826DHS ECCC 1Property Services SecuritySecurity
10284282cDHS-BLD SECBuilding SecuritySecurity
102962838DHC MAINTHennepin Maint.Public Works
10298283aDHC MAINTHennepin Maint.Public Works
103062842DDT LIB SECMinneapolis Downtown Library SecuritySecurity
103082844DHC MAINTHennepin Maint.Public Works
103102846DHC SEC ALLSecurity All CallSecurity
103122848DHC SEC ALLSecurity All CallSecurity
10318284eDEHWHP C2CWest Hennepin Public Safety - City Police Car to CarLaw Talk
10330285aDHC-WORKSPublic WorksPublic Works
10332285cDHS MARC 1 ESMARC 1/Emergency ServicesEmergency Ops
10334285eDHC PD C2CAll City Police Car to Car - Or P WorksLaw Tac
103522870DEHS EMERGSheriff EmergencyEmergency Ops
103682880DHCMC SECHCMC Security DispatchSecurity
10378288aDHCOMMON Hennepin Common (Mutual Aid) Interop
10398289eDEHS WATER 1Water Patrol Law Tac
1040028a0DHLAKE-MALake Mtk/W Area Public Safety Mutual Aid & CoordinationMulti-Tac
1040228a2DEHS CIV WARNTSheriff Civil Warrants 2Law Tac
1040428a4DEHS EM PREPARSheriff Emergency Preparedness 1Emergency Ops
1041228acDEHC EMRG ALLEmergency All CallEmergency Ops
1041528afDEHC ALL CALLHC All Call For 10411 - 10413 - 10419Multi-Tac
1041828b2DEHC MGPLY SWTMaple Grove - Plymouth SWATLaw Tac
1042628baDHWM FD ALLWest Metro Fire - City Fire All Call MultigroupFire-Tac
1042828bcDHCMC SEC 5HCMC Security 5Security
1043628c4DHC MAINTHennepin Maint.Public Works
1044628ceDEHC EAST C2CEast Law Enf Car to CarLaw Talk
1044828d0DEHC LAWLawLaw Tac
1045028d2DEHC WMET SWATWest Metro SWATLaw Tac
1045228d4DHCMC MAINT 2HCMC Maintenance 2Public Works
1049028faDEHC NEAST C2CN East Law Enf. Car to CarLaw Talk
10588295cDHSWRFC TAC 2Southwest Regional Fire Cooperative Tac 2Fire-Tac
10590295eDHSWRFC TAC 3Southwest Regional Fire Cooperative Tac 3Fire-Tac
105922960DHSWRFC TAC 4Southwest Regional Fire Cooperative Tac 4Fire-Tac
106102972DHC WMET FIREWest Metro Fire - All CallFire-Tac
106302986DHC FIRE T2TAll City Fire Truck to TruckFire-Tac
1067229b0DHC ALLAll Call For 10600 - 10674Multi-Tac
1068229baDHC ALLAll Call For 10684 - 10686Multi-Tac
1069229c4DHCMC C2CHCMC Car-to-CarBusiness
1069829caDHC PWPublic WorksPublic Works
1070029ccDHC HD MDNAMedina ShopPublic Works
1070829d4DHC FLAG 1Public Works Flagging 1Public Works
1071029d6DHC PWPublic WorksPublic Works
1071229d8DHC PWPublic WorksPublic Works
1071429daDHC PWPublic WorksPublic Works
1071629dcDHC PW ALLPublic Works AllMulti-Tac
1071829deDHC FLAG 2Public Works Flagging 2Public Works
1072029e0DHC FLAG Public Works FlaggingPublic Works
1072229e2DHC FLAG 4Public Works Flagging 4Public Works
1072429e4DHC FLAG 3Public Works Flagging 3Public Works
1072629e6DHC PWPublic WorksPublic Works
1072829e8DHC FLAG Public Works FlaggingPublic Works
108202a44DEHC SEAST C2CSoutheast LE Car to CarLaw Talk
108302a4eDEHC SW ERT 1SW Metro ERT 1Law Tac
108442a5cDEHC SW ERT 2SW Metro ERT 2Law Tac
108942a8eDHC HWAY MNTHighway MaintenancePublic Works
109122aa0DHC LAKES EMRLakes Area Emergency TGEmergency Ops
110422b22DEVAMC PD DISPVAMC Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
110482b28DeHC WMD-1Weapons of Mass Destruction 1Emergency Ops
110502b2aDeHC WMD-2Weapons of Mass Destruction 2Emergency Ops
110522b2cDeHC WMD-3Weapons of Mass Destruction 3 Emergency Ops
110542b2eDeHC WMD-4Weapons of Mass Destruction 4Emergency Ops
110562b30DeHC WMDALLWeapons of Mass Destruction ALLEmergency Ops
110762b44DHSWRFC TAC 5Southwest Regional Fire Cooperative Tac 5Fire-Tac
110782b46DHSWRFC TAC 6Southwest Regional Fire Cooperative Tac 6Fire-Tac
110802b48DHSWRFC TAC 7Southwest Regional Fire Cooperative Tac 7Fire-Tac
112042bc4DeHC VOTFViolent Offenders Task ForceLaw Tac
112602bfcDEHC VAMC C2CMinneapolis VAMC Car to CarLaw Talk
Hennepin County - Corrections - Courts
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1023227f8DHS COURT SECCourt SecuritySecurity
1023427faDHS PSF SECPSF SecuritySecurity
1023627fcDHSPS MP1Century-Ramar-No.Village HC Security-HCSO CourtsSecurity
1023827feDH110 CRT SECH-110 Court securitySecurity
10250280aDHS PSF SECPSF SecuritySecurity
10252280cDHS COURT BRKBrookdale-HC Security and HCSO CourtsSecurity
10254280eDHR CRT SECH R-Dale Court SecuritySecurity
102602814DHC PSF-ADC 2PSF/ADC Tactical 2Corrections
10266281aDHS CRT SECH S-Dale Court SecuritySecurity
10270281eDHC PSF-ADC 3PSF/ADC Tactical 3Corrections
102802828DHC PSF-ADC 4PSF/ADC Tactical 4Corrections
102902832DHC ADC MAINTADC MaintenanceCorrections
102922834DHC ADC SUPVADC SupervisorsCorrections
10366287eDHS CRT SECCourt SecurityCorrections
103702882DHS PSF SECPSF SecuritySecurity
1046828e4DHC COURT ALLCourt Sec All CallSecurity
1068029b8DHC PLY ALLPlymouth All CallCorrections
108182a42DHC PLY MAINTPlymouth MaintenanceCorrections
108322a50DHC PLY MENPlymouth MenCorrections
108342a52DHC PLY WOMENPlymouth WomenCorrections
108362a54DACF WORKACF workhouseCorrections
108382a56DHC PLY TACPlymouth TacticalCorrections
108422a5aDHC PLY SUPLYPlymouth SuppliesCorrections
108462a5eDHC PLY C2CPlymouth Car to CarCorrections
109142aa2DACF WORKACF workhouseCorrections
109162aa4DHC PLY ALLPlymouth All CallCorrections
109702adaDHC HM SCHL 1Home School 1 Main - JuvenilesCorrections
109722adcDHC HM SCHL 2Home School 2Corrections
109742adeDHC HM SCHL 3Home School 3Corrections
109762ae0DHC HM SCHL 4Home School 4Corrections
109782ae2DHC HM SCHL 5Home School 5Corrections
109822ae6DH JDC 2Juv Center 2Corrections
Hennepin County - Minneapolis
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2900b54DMPLS-911MECC Emergent - Urgent AccessEmergency Ops
2902b56DMPLS STREETSStreetsPublic Works
2904b58DMPLS WATERWater/SewerUtilities
2906b5aDMPLS ANIMALAnimal ControlPublic Works
2908b5cDMPLS SYS TECSystem TechniciansPublic Works
2910b5eDMPLS SANI 1SanitationPublic Works
2912b60DMPLS ADMCity AdministrationPublic Works
2914b62DMPLS SANI 2SanitationPublic Works
2916b64DMPLS SEWER 1Public Works Sewer 1Utilities
2918b66DMPLS SEWER 2Public Works Sewer 2Utilities
2920b68DMPLS PW TECHPublic Works TechniciansPublic Works
2926b6eDMPLS C HALLCity Hall CleaningPublic Works
2928b70DMPLS COMMONCity CommonPublic Works
2930b72DMPLS SANITNSanitationPublic Works
2954b8aDMPLS PD 1 DIPolice 1 - Precinct 3Law Dispatch
2956b8cDMPLS PD 2 DIPolice 2 - Precinct 1 - 4Law Dispatch
2958b8eDMPLS PD 3 DIPolice 3 - Precinct 2 - 5Law Dispatch
2960b90DMPLS PD 4 DIPolice 4 - Overflow dispatch/ eventsLaw Dispatch
2962b92DMPLS PD 5Police 5 - Car-to-CarLaw Tac
2964b94DMPLS PD 6 TRPolice 6 - Traffic Control/ParkingLaw Tac
2966b96DMPLS PD 7 RCPolice 7 - Records / WarrantsLaw Tac
2968b98DMPLS PD 8Police 8Law Tac
2970b9aDMPLS PD 9 EVPolice 9 - EventsLaw Tac
2972b9cDMPLS PD 10Police 10 - Car-to-CarLaw Tac
2974b9eDMPLS PD 11Police 11Law Tac
2982ba6DEMPLS PDPoliceLaw Tac
2984ba8DMPLS PD PARKPark PoliceLaw Dispatch
2990baeDEMPLS PDPoliceLaw Tac
3002bbaDEMPLS PDPoliceLaw Tac
3016bc8DMPLS FD 1Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
3018bcaDMPLS FD 2Fire Tac 2 Mobiles OnlyFire-Tac
3020bccDMPLS FD 3Fire Tac 3Fire-Tac
3022bceDMPLS FD 4Fire Tac 4Fire-Tac
3024bd0DMPLS FD 5Fire Tac 5Fire-Tac
3026bd2DMPLS FD 6Fire Tac 6Fire-Tac
3028bd4DMPLS FD 7Fire Tac 7Fire-Tac
3030bd6DMPLS FD 8Fire Tac 8 Fire PreventionFire-Tac
3032bd8DMPLS FD 9Fire Tac 9 TrainingFire-Tac
3034bdaDMPLS FD 10Fire Truck to TruckFire-Tac
3036bdcDMPLS FD 11Fire Truck to TruckFire-Tac
3040be0DEMPLS FD SECFire SecureFire-Talk
3042be2DMPLS FD ALLFire All CallFire-Tac
3044be4DMPLS PD ALLPolice All CallLaw Tac
3046be6DMPLS FD ADMFire AdminFire-Tac
3054beeDMPLS WTRMinneapolis Water Dept.Utilities
3056bf0DMPLS ELECTMinneapolis Election Polling CommsPublic Works
3058bf2DMPLS SCH SECMinneapolis Minneapolis Schools SecuritySchools
3060bf4DMPLS PD SFZNPolice Downtown Safezone SecurityLaw Tac
3076c04DEMPLS PDMinneapolis PoliceLaw Tac
3080c08DEMPLS PDMinneapolis PoliceLaw Tac
3082c0aDMPLS RADIO TECHRadio TechsPublic Works
3092c14DEMPLS PDMinneapolis PoliceLaw Tac
3103c1fDMPLS ALLMinneapolis Adm AllEmergency Ops
10300283cDMPLS GCM 1Government Center Maintenance 1Public Works
10302283eDMPLS GCM 2Government Center Maintenance 2Public Works
103042840DMPLS LIBRARYDowntown Minneapolis LibraryPublic Works
Hennepin County - Bloomington
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
108102a3aDBLMT FD DISPFire DispatchFire Dispatch
109402abcDBLM COMONCity CommonInterop
109422abeDBLM PD TAC 10942Police 10942Law Tac
109442ac0DBLM PD TAC 10944Police 10944Law Tac
109462ac2DBLM ANML WDNAnimal WardensPublic Works
109482ac4DBLM RAD TECHRadio TechniciansPublic Works
109502ac6DBLM FIRE PRVFire PreventionFire-Tac
109522ac8DBLM FIREGND2Fireground 2Fire-Tac
109542acaDBLM FIREGND3Fireground 3Fire-Tac
109562accDBLM FIREGND4Fireground 4Fire-Tac
109582aceDBLM FIREGND5Fireground 5Fire-Tac
109602ad0DBLM P WKSPublic WorksPublic Works
109622ad2DBLM FIRE TRNFire TrainingFire-Tac
109642ad4DBLM FIRE ADMFire AdminFire-Tac
109662ad6DBLM FIRE CMDFire CommandFire-Tac
110222b0eDBLM LAW TACLaw TacLaw Tac
110442b24DBLM WORKSPublic WorksPublic Works
110822b4aDBLM WORKSPublic WorksPublic Works
110842b4cDBLM PUB UTILUtlilitiesUtilities
110862b4eDBLM WORKSPublic WorksPublic Works
110882b50DBLM CTY ADMCity AdministrationPublic Works
112942c1eDBLM ALL CALLBloomingtonMulti-Dispatch
Hennepin County - Eden Prairie
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
110922b54DEP FIRE MAINFire MainFire Dispatch
112202bd4DEP PD PTRL 3Police Patrol 3Law Dispatch
112222bd6DEP HS SECHigh School SecuritySecurity
112242bd8DEP EP CTREP CenterSecurity
112262bdaDEP ATC LINK1Flying Cloud Airport ATC Link 1Emergency Ops
112302bdeDEP PD ADMPolice AdministrationLaw Talk
112322be0DEP PS CMDPS CMDMulti-Tac
112342be2DEP FIRE GRNDFireground 1Fire-Tac
112362be4DEP FIRE GRNDFireground 2Fire-Tac
112382be6DEP FIRE GRNDFireground 3Fire-Tac
112402be8DEP FIRE GRNDFireground 4Fire-Tac
112422beaDEP FIRE INSPFire InspectionFire-Talk
112452bedDEP 272 TRN 1ISD #272 Transportation 1Schools
112582bfaDEP FIRE INSPFire InspectionsFire-Talk
112742c0aDEP EMERGENCYEmergencyEmergency Ops
Hennepin County - Edina - Richfield
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1074429f8DEDIN COMMONEdina City CommonMulti-Tac
105942962DEDIN FD DISPEdina Fire Dispatch MainFire Dispatch
107522a00DEDIN FD 1ALTEdina Fire Station 1 AlertingFire Dispatch
107542a02DEDIN FD 2ALTEdina Fire Station 2 AlertingFire Dispatch
107562a04DEDIN FD ALLEdina Fire Tac 1 - All AlertsFire Dispatch
1075029feDEDIN FD TAC2Edina Fire Tac 2Fire-Tac
1074629faDEDIN FD TRNGEdina Fire TrainingFire-Tac
107842a20DEDIN DPWEdina Public WorksPublic Works
107782a1aDEDIN PW MAINEdina Public Works MainPublic Works
107822a1eDEDIN PW STRTEdina Public Works StreetsPublic Works
107862a22DEDIN PW SUPVEdina Public Works SupervisorPublic Works
107602a08DEDIN TAC RESEdina Tactical ResponseLaw Tac
111642b9cDRICH COMMONRichfield City CommonMulti-Tac
111602b98DRICH FD MAINRichfield Fire Dispatch MainFire Dispatch
111622b9aDRICH FD EVNTRichfield Fire EventFire-Tac
111582b96DRICH FD ALT1Richfield Fire Station 1 AlertingFire Dispatch
111722ba4DRICH FD ALT2Richfield Fire Station 2 AlertingFire Dispatch
Hennepin County - Minnetonka
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10108277cDHC MTFEVTMinnetonka Fire EventFire-Tac
101162784DHC MTFADMMinnetonka Fire AdminFire-Talk
1015827aeDHC MTFTRNMinnetonka Fire TrainingFire-Talk
105642944DMTK CITY3Minnetonka City 3Multi-Talk
105662946DMTK CITY4Minnetonka City 4Multi-Talk
105682948DHC MTFOPSMinnetonka Fire OpsFire-Tac
10606296eDMTKA COMM 1City Common 1Multi-Talk
107882a24DMTKA PD DISPPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
107982a2eDMTKA PWPublic WorksPublic Works
108262a4aDMTKA COMM 2City Common 2Multi-Talk
108402a58DMTKA FD 2 DIFire Main 2Fire Dispatch
108482a60DMTK CITY1Minnetonka City 1Multi-Talk
108562a68DEMTKA PD C2CPolice Car-to-CarLaw Tac
110642b38DMTKA FIRE DIFire Main 1 - DispatchFire Dispatch
110662b3aDMTKA FIRE ADFire AdminFire-Talk
Hennepin County - St. Louis Park
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
108022a32DeSLP PD DISPPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
108042a34DSLP FD DISPFire DispatchFire Dispatch
110322b18DSLP FIRE T2TFire Truck to TruckFire-Tac
110342b1aDSLP FIRE P2PFire Portable to PortableFire-Tac
110362b1cDESLP CTY COMMCity CommonMulti-Tac
110382b1eDSLP DPWDPWPublic Works
110402b20DESLP PD C2CPolice Car 2 CarLaw Tac
Hennepin County - Municipalities Dispatched by County
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
110062afeDHBC FD PORTBrooklyn Center Fire PortablesFire-Tac
110042afcDHBC FD T2TBrooklyn Center Fire Truck 2 TruckFire-Talk
109962af4DHBC PD C2CBrooklyn Center Police Car to CarLaw Talk
110002af8DHBC PD TAC1Brooklyn Center Police Tac1Law Tac
110022afaDHBC PD TAC2Brooklyn Center Police Tal 2Law Tac
1047428eaDHBP CWBrooklyn Park Citywide all departmentsMulti-Talk
1047228e8DHBP DPWBrooklyn Park DPW to PD DispatchMulti-Talk
105302922DHBP FD ADMBrooklyn Park Fire AdministrativeFire-Talk
105822956DHBP FD OPS2Brooklyn Park Fire Operations 2 PortablesFire-Tac
105282920DHBP FD TACBrooklyn Park Fire TacticalFire-Tac
1048028f0DHBP FD T2TBrooklyn Park Fire Truck to TruckFire-Talk
1048228f2DHBP PDBrooklyn Park PD Law Tac
1047628ecDHBP PD ADMBrooklyn Park PD AdministrativeLaw Tac
1048428f4DHBP PD ADMBrooklyn Park PD AdministrativeLaw Tac
1047028e6DBPRK PD C2CBrooklyn Park Police Car to CarLaw Talk
104962900DHCP COMMONChamplin - City CommonMulti-Talk
10042273aDHCP PD C2CChamplin Police-City Police Car to CarLaw Talk
114842cdcDHCP P WRKS2Champlin Public Works - Water/SewerUtilities
10124278cDHCP P WRKS1Champlin Public Works MainPublic Works
1015227a8DHCO COMMON 1Corcoran City CommonMulti-Talk
104982902DHCO COMMON 2Corcoran City CommonMulti-Talk
10542292eDHWMF OPS 2Crystal - New Hope - West Metro Fire Operations 2 PortablesFire-Tac
105442930DHWMF ADM 3Crystal - New Hope - West Metro Fire Operations 3 Admin.Fire-Talk
112542bf6DHCR COMMONCrystal City CommonMulti-Talk
1043828c6DHCR PD C2CCrystal Police Car to CarLaw Talk
112562bf8DHCR WORKSCrystal Public WorksPublic Works
10654299eDHDT ALLDayton All CallMulti-Dispatch
105762950DHDT FD OP 2Dayton Fire Operations 2Fire-Tac
10506290aDHDT FD T2TDayton Fire Truck to TruckFire-Talk
103602878DHDT PD C2CDayton Police Car to CarLaw Talk
105042908DHDT PD C2CDayton Police Car to CarLaw Talk
107662a0eDHDT WORKSDayton Public WorksPublic Works
110182b0aDHDP COMMONDeephaven City CommonMulti-Talk
100182722DHDP PD C2CDeephaven Police Car to CarLaw Talk
1065829a2DHEX FD ALLExcelsior Fire District All CallFire Dispatch
1066029a4DHEX FD T2T3Excelsior Fire District Truck to Truck 3Fire-Talk
1066229a6DHEX FD T2T4Excelsior Fire District Truck to Truck 4Fire-Talk
100202724DHEX T2TExcelsior Fire Truck to TruckFire-Talk
10622297eDGVLY CTY COMGolden Valley City CommonMulti-Talk
108062a36DGVLY FD DISPGolden Valley Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
106082970DGVLY FIR OP2Golden Valley Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
106142976DGVLY FIR OP3Golden Valley Fire Ops 3Fire-Tac
1046028dcDEGVLY PD C2CGolden Valley Police Car to CarLaw Talk
10620297cDGVLY PD C2CGolden Valley Police Car to CarLaw Talk
112182bd2DGVLY PD/FDGolden Valley Police/Fire CommonMulti-Talk
10618297aDGVLY PW 1Golden Valley Public Works 1Public Works
106482998DGVLY PW 2Golden Valley Public Works 2Public Works
1067629b4DGVLY PW 3Golden Valley Public Works 3Public Works
106242980DHHML FD Hamel Fire Fire-Tac
106262982DHHML FD ALLHamel Fire All CallFire Dispatch
105802954DHHML FD OPS2Hamel Fire Operations 2 PortablesFire-Tac
1023027f6DHHM FD T2THamel Fire Truck to TruckFire-Talk
109902aeeDHHV FD T2THanover - Fire Truck to TruckFire-Talk
109042a98DHHK COMMHopkins City CommonMulti-Talk
107922a28DHHK FD OP 2Hopkins Fire Operations 2Fire-Tac
109082a9cDHHK FD OP 3Hopkins Fire Operations 3Fire-Tac
109062a9aDHHK FD T2THopkins Fire Truck to TruckFire-Talk
107902a26DHHK PD OPSHopkins Police OperationsLaw Tac
109022a96DHHK PD TACHopkins Police TacticalLaw Tac
103722884DHLL FD T2T1Long Lake Fire Truck to Truck 1Fire-Talk
106282984DHLL FD T2T2Long Lake Fire Truck to Truck 2Fire-Talk
1066429a8DHLL FD T2T3Long Lake Fire Truck to Truck 3Fire-Talk
1066629aaDHLL FD T2T4Long Lake Fire Truck to Truck 4Fire-Talk
107622a0aDHLL P WORKSLong Lake Public WorksPublic Works
100322730DHLR FD T2T1Loretto FD Truck to TruckFire-Talk
10638298eDHLR FD T2T2Loretto FD Truck to Truck 2 - All CallFire-Talk
10636298cDHLR FD ADMLorreto FD ADMFire-Talk
1045828daDHMG ALLMaple Grove All CallMulti-Dispatch
113102c2eDHC MG COMMMaple Grove CommonMulti-Talk
1045428d6DHMG FD ADMMaple Grove Fire AdminFire-Talk
105962964DHMG FD INSPMaple Grove Fire InspectionsFire-Tac
1045628d8DHMG FD TACMaple Grove Fire TacFire-Tac
1042428b8DHMG FD T2TMaple Grove Fire Truck to TruckFire-Talk
10574294eDHMG PD EV 4Maple Grove PD Events 4Law Talk
10510290eDHMG PD C2CMaple Grove Police Car to CarLaw Talk
105142912DHMG PD EV 1Maple Grove Police Event 1Law Talk
105162914DHMG PD EV 2Maple Grove Police Event 2Law Talk
105122910DHMG PD TACMaple Grove Police TacticalLaw Tac
10382288eDHMP FD T2TMaple Plain Fire Truck to TruckFire-Talk
10526291eDHML FD T2TMedicine Lake Fire Truck to TruckFire-Talk
110122b04DHMD COMMONMedina City CommonMulti-Talk
10092276cDHMD DPWMedina DPWPublic Works
1040628a6DHMD PD C2CMedina Police Car to CarLaw Talk
103222852DHMT PD C2CMinnetrista Police Car to CarLaw Talk
1067029aeDHMD FIRE ADMMound Fire AdminFire-Talk
106402990DHMD FIRE OP2Mound Fire Operations 2 PortablesFire-Tac
1066829acDHMD FIRE PRTMound Fire PortablesFire-Tac
103262856DHMD PD C2CMound Police Car to CarLaw Talk
103562874DHMD P WORKSMound Public WorksPublic Works
112102bcaDHNH COMMONNew Hope City CommonMulti-Talk
1044028c8DHNH PD C2CNew Hope Police Car to CarLaw Talk
103582876DHOR PD C2COrono Police Car to CarLaw Talk
10604296cDHOS ALLOsseo All CallMulti-Dispatch
1048828f8DHOS FD PORTOsseo Fire PortablesFire-Tac
1048628f6DHOS-PD C2COsseo Police Car to CarLaw Talk
112952c1fDHPL COMMONPlymouth CommonMulti-Talk
10602296aDHPL FD ADMPlymouth Fire AdminFire-Talk
10586295aDHPL FD ALLPlymouth Fire All CallFire Dispatch
105842958DHPL FD TACPlymouth Fire TacticalFire-Tac
103762888DHPL FD T2TPlymouth Fire Truck to TruckFire-Talk
112022bc2DEHPL PDPlymouth PDLaw Tac
1042228b6DHPL PD C2CPlymouth Police Car to CarLaw Talk
1041628b0DHPL PD EVNTPlymouth Police EventLaw Talk
1041428aeDHPL PD TACPlymouth Police TacticalLaw Tac
10652299cDHRB FD ALLRobbinsdale Fire All CallFire Dispatch
106122974DHRB FD PORTRobbinsdale Fire PortablesFire-Tac
1044428ccDHRB FD T2TRobbinsdale Fire Truck to TruckFire-Talk
105462932DR W SCHOOLSRobbinsdale or Wayzata SchoolsSchools
1044228caDRBBN PD C2CRobbinsdale Police Car to CarLaw Talk
114902ce2DHRB SCH Robbinsdale SchoolsSchools
114922ce4DHRB SCHRobbinsdale SchoolsSchools
114962ce8DHRB SCH Robbinsdale SchoolsSchools
114982ceaDHRB SCH Robbinsdale SchoolsSchools
114942ce6DHRB SCH UHFRobbinsdale Schools Emergency Cross Patch to UHFSchools
10556293cDHRB AHS UHFRobbinsdale-Armstrong High School Cross Patch to UHFSchools
106442994DHRG ALLRogers All CallMulti-Dispatch
10044273cDHRG COMMONRogers CommonMulti-Talk
106422992DHRG FD OPS1Rogers Fire Operations 1Fire-Tac
103742886DHRG FD T2TRogers Fire Truck to TruckFire-Talk
103282858DHRG PD C2CRogers Police Car to CarLaw Talk
1046628e2DHC SCHLSchoolSchools
107762a18DHSW WORKSShorewood Public WorksPublic Works
102722820DHSLM PD C2CSouth Lake Minnetonka Police Car to CarLaw Talk
10316284cDHSLM P WORKSSouth Lake Minnetonka Public WorksPublic Works
1042028b4DHSA FD T2TSt. Anthony Fire-City Fire Truck to TruckFire-Talk
1043028beDHSA PD C2CSt. Anthony Police Car to CarLaw Tac
1043228c0DHSAV COMMONSt. Anthony Village City CommonMulti-Talk
100642750DHSAV PD TACSt. Anthony Village Police TacticalLaw Tac
10380288cDHSB FD T2TSt. Bonifacious Fire Truck to TruckFire-Talk
102762824DHC 3 RVR ALLThree Rivers All CallMulti-Dispatch
10268281cDTRPD PD C2CThree Rivers Park District - Police Car to CarLaw Talk
103202850DTRPD PD OPS2Three Rivers Park District - Police Patrol Operations 2Law Tac
10396289cDTRPD PD OPS3Three Rivers Park District - Police Patrol Operations 3Law Tac
109102a9eDHWZ COMMONWayzata City CommonMulti-Talk
1068829c0DHWZ FD ALLWayzata Fire All CallFire Dispatch
1022827f4DHWZ FD T2TWayzata Fire Truck To TruckFire-Talk
105982966DHWZ FD T2TWayzata Fire Truck to TruckFire-Talk
101042778DHWZ HS UHFWayzata High Schools Cross Patch to UHFSchools
103862892DHWZ PD ADMWayzata Police AdministrativeLaw Tac
103842890DHWZ PD C2CWayzata Police Car to CarLaw Talk
103242854DHWZ WORKS 5Wayzata Public Works 5Public Works
103882894DHWZ STREETSWayzata PW StreetsPublic Works
107742a16DHWZ UTILITWayzata PW UtilitiesUtilities
105622942DHWZ SCH ALLWayzata Schools - All CallSchools
101022776DHWZ SCH GNDWayzata Schools Buildings & GroundsSchools
112972c21DHWZ SCH BUSWayzata Schools TransportationTransportation
112992c23DHWZ WEST MSWayzata West Middle SchoolSchools
MAC MSP International Airport
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3500dacDTSA_MSP_EOCTSA MSP Airport Emergency Operation CenterEmergency Ops
10012271cDEMAC PD C2CAirport Police Car 2 CarLaw Tac
101322794DMAC MSP EODEODPublic Works
107942a2aDEMAC PD DISPAirport Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
107962a2cDMAC FIRE DISAirport Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
108502a62DEMAC PD 3Airport Police 3Law Tac
108522a64DMAC EMERGEmergency ResponseMulti-Tac
108542a66DEMAC PD ADMAirport Police Adm.Law Tac
108582a6aDMAC FIRE 3Airport Fire 3Fire-Tac
108602a6cDMAC FIRE 1Airport Fire 1Fire-Tac
108622a6eDMAC FIRE 2Airport Fire 2Fire-Tac
108642a70DMAC FIRE ALLAirport Fire All CallFire Dispatch
108662a72DMAC F OPS 1Field Ops 1Public Works
108682a74DMAC F OPS 2Field Ops 2Public Works
108702a76DMAC F OPS 3Field Ops 3Public Works
108722a78DMAC F OPS 4Field Ops 4Public Works
108742a7aDMAC F ALLField All CallPublic Works
108762a7cDMAC OPSAirport OperationsMulti-Tac
108782a7eDMAC COMMONAirport CommonMulti-Tac
108802a80DMAC TAC 1Airport Tactical 1Multi-Tac
108822a82DMAC TAC 2Airport Tactical 2Multi-Tac
108842a84DMAC TAC 3Airport Tactical 3Multi-Tac
108862a86DMAC F OPSMAC OperationsPublic Works
108882a88DMAC FIRE 2Airport Fire 2Fire-Tac
110282b14DMAC ELECTAirport Maintenance 1 ElectriciansPublic Works
110302b16DMAC ENV SERVAirport Maintenance 2 Environmental ServicesPublic Works
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Campus
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3580dfcDUMN SEC MONSecurity MonitorsSecurity
3582dfeDUM DEM 2Dept of Emergency Management 2Emergency Ops
3584e00DUM DEM 1Dept of Emergency Management 1Emergency Ops
3586e02DUM COMMONUniversity CommonSchools
3588e04DUM DEHSDepartment of Environmental Health & SafetyPublic Works
3590e06DUMPD 5 COMMPolice 5 CommonLaw Tac
3592e08DUMPD 4 INVSTPolice 4 InvestigationsLaw Tac
3594e0aDUMPD 3 RECRDPolice 3 Records/ParkingLaw Tac
3596e0cDUMPD 2 C2CPolice Department, Car to CarLaw Tac
3598e0eDUMPD 1 DISPPolice Department, Main DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2200055f0DHO LAW DSP 1Law Enforcement Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
2200155f1DHO LAW DSP 2Law Enforcement Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
2200255f2DHO LAW C2CLaw Enforcement Car to CarLaw Tac
2200355f3DEHO LAW TAC3Houston Law Tac 3Law Tac
2200855f8DHO OPS1Ops 1Multi-Talk
2200955f9DHO OPS2Ops 2Multi-Talk
220165600DEHO LAW TACHouston Law TacLaw Tac
220175601DHO ROAMCounty RoamingMulti-Dispatch
220235607DHO FIRE EMSCounty Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
22027560bDHO PWMAINPublic Works MainPublic Works
22028560cDHO HWYCounty HighwayPublic Works
22029560dDHO CAL UTILCaledonia City UtilityUtilities
22030560eDHO LC DPWLa Crescent DPWPublic Works
22031560fDHO HK DPWHokah DPWPublic Works
220345612DHO ESCounty ESPublic Works
202504f1aDBVR CK PARK 1Beaver Creek Valley State Park 1Public Works
202514f1bDBVR CK PARK 2Beaver Creek Valley State Park 2Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
49700c224DHU LAW 1Hubbard Law 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
49701c225DHU LAW ALLHubbard Law All CallLaw Dispatch
49702c226DHU LAW 2Hubbard Law 2 DispatchLaw Dispatch
49703c227DEHU LAW 3EHubbard Law 3Law Tac
49704c228DEHU LAW 4EHubbard Law 4Law Tac
49705c229DHU LAW C2CHubbard Law Car 2 CarLaw Talk
49706c22aDHU PUB HLTHHubbard County Public HealthMulti-Talk
49707c22bDHU LAW ADMHubbard Law AdminLaw Talk
49708c22cDHU JAILCounty Jail OpsCorrections
49708c22cDHU SO ADMHubbard County Sheriff AdminLaw Talk
49709c22dDHU PROBTNHubbard County ProbationCorrections
49710c22eDPRPD ADMPark Rapids Police Dept. AdminLaw Talk
49711c22fDHU FIRE ANNCHubbard County Fire AnnounceFire Dispatch
49712c230DHU FIRE 1Hubbard County Fire 1 DispatchFire Dispatch
49713c231DHU FIRE 2Hubbard County Fire 2 DispatchFire Dispatch
49714c232DHU FIRE 3Hubbard County Fire 3 DispatchFire Dispatch
49715c233DHU FIRE 4Hubbard County Fire 4 DispatchFire Dispatch
49716c234DHU SARHubbard County Search & RescueFire-Tac
49717c235DHU EMS 1Hubbard County EMS 1 DispatchEMS Dispatch
49718c236DHU EMS 2Hubbard County EMS 2 DispatchEMS Dispatch
49719c237DHU FIRE TAC 1Hubbard County Fire Tac 1Fire-Tac
49720c238DHU FIRE TAC 2Hubbard County Fire Tac 2Fire-Tac
49721c239DHU FR/EMS ADMHubbard County Fire/EMS TACFire-Talk
49722c23aDST JOE ADMSt Joe's Hospital Park Rapids AdminHospital
49723c23bDEHFD FD ADMEast Hubbard Fire Admin (Akeley)Fire-Talk
49724c23cDHUBB FR ADMHubbard 1st Response AdminEMS-Talk
49725c23dDLK GEOGFD ADMLake George Fire AdminFire-Talk
49726c23eDLKPORT FD ADMLakeport Fire AdminFire-Talk
49727c23fDNEVIS FD ADMNevis Fire AdminFire-Talk
49728c240DHU NORTH EMSNorth EMS Hubbard Co AdminEMS-Talk
49729c241DPR FD ADMPark Rapids Fire AdminFire-Talk
49730c242DHU ALL CALLHubbard County Announce AllMulti-Dispatch
49731c243DHU EMERGHubbard County EmergencyEmergency Ops
49732c244DHU 911Hubbard County 911Emergency Ops
49733c245DHU PS ROAMHubbard Public Safety RoamMulti-Dispatch
49734c246DHU ALL ROAMHubbard All RoamMulti-Dispatch
49735c247DHU PS COM 5Hubbard Common 5Multi-Tac
49736c248DHU PS COM 6Hubbard Common 6Multi-Tac
49737c249DHU PS COM 7Hubbard Common 7Multi-Tac
49738c24aDHU PS COM 8Hubbard Common 8Multi-Tac
49739c24bDHU EVENT 1Hubbard Event 1Multi-Tac
49740c24cDHU EVENT 2Hubbard Event 2Multi-Tac
49741c24dDHU VHF NHubbard VHF NorthInterop
49742c24eDHU VHF SHubbard VHF SouthInterop
49743c24fDHU US FRSTYHubbard US ForestryPublic Works
49744c250DHU-BLFD VHFHubbard Beltrami Co VHF FDFire-Tac
49745c251DHU-BKFD VHFHubbard Becker Co VHF FDFire-Tac
49746c252DHU-CRFD VHFHubbard Clearwater Co VHF FDFire-Tac
49747c253DHU DNR INTRHubbard MN DNRPublic Works
49748c254DHU HWY 1Hubbard County Highway 1Public Works
49749c255DHU HWY 2Hubbard County Highway 2Public Works
49750c256DHU HWY ADMHubbard County Highway AdminPublic Works
49751c257DHU LAND ASSRHubbard Assessor/Land DeptPublic Works
49752c258DHU ZONINGHubbard Co Planning & ZoningPublic Works
49753c259DPR PWPark Rapids Public WorksPublic Works
49754c25aDAKELEY PWAkeley Public WorksPublic Works
49755c25bDNEVIS PWNevis Public WorksPublic Works
49756c25cDHU PW 1Hubbard County Public Works 1Public Works
49757c25dDHU PW 2Hubbard County Public Works 2Public Works
49758c25eDPR SCHLPark Rapids Area SchoolsSchools
49759c25fDLAPRT SCHLLaporte School District Schools
49760c260DNEVIS SCHLNevis SchoolSchools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
6014177eDIS SO MAINSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
60161780DIS SO C2CSheriff C2CLaw Talk
60021772DIS TAC3Isanti TAC 3Multi-Tac
60041774DIS TAC4Isanti TAC 4Multi-Tac
60061776DIS TAC5Isanti TAC 5Multi-Tac
60081778DIS TAC6Isanti TAC 6Multi-Tac
60001770DIS SO ADMSheriff AdminLaw Talk
60181782DIS SO C2CIsanti Co C2CLaw Talk
6010177aDIS SO ROAMSheriff Roam Law Talk
6012177cDIS SO PTCHSheriff PatchLaw Talk
60221786DEIS LAW TAC 1County Law Tac 1Law Tac
60241788DEIS LAW TAC 2County Law Tac 2Law Tac
6026178aDBRAHAM PDBraham PD AdmLaw Talk
6028178cDCAMBRG ADMCambridge PD AdmLaw Talk
6030178eDISANTI PDIsanti PD AdmLaw Talk
60321790DIS CO FIRECounty Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
60341792DBRAHAM FIREBraham FireFire-Talk
60361794DCAMBRG FIRECambridge FireFire-Talk
60381796DDALBO FIREDalbo FireFire-Talk
60401798DISANTI FIREIsanti FireFire-Talk
6042179aDIS HWY 1County Highway 1Public Works
6044179cDIS HWY 2County Highway 2Public Works
6046179eDIS HWY 3County Highway 3Public Works
604817a0DBRAHAM WKSBraham Public WorksPublic Works
605017a2DCAMBRG WK 1Cambridge Public Works 1Public Works
605217a4DCAMBRG WK 2Cambridge Public Works 2Public Works
605417a6DISANTI WKS 1Isanti Public Works 1Public Works
605617a8DISANTI WKS 2Isanti Public Works 2Public Works
60201784DIS JAILIsanti Co JailCorrections
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
367448f88DSCHASC PARK1Scenic, Hill Annex Mine & Schoolcraft State Parks 1Public Works
367458f89DSCHASC PARK2Scenic, Hill Annex Mine & Schoolcraft State Parks 2Public Works
367468f8aDSCHASC PARK3Scenic, Hill Annex Mine & Schoolcraft State Parks 3Public Works
388009790DITSC SO ADMSheriff Office AdminLaw Tac
388029792DITSC SO S-RSearch/RescueLaw Tac
388089798DItscLandDeptLand DepartmentPublic Works
38812979cDITSC SO DISPSheriff Dispatch Law 1Law Dispatch
38814979eDITSC SO C2CSheriff C2C Law 2Law Tac
3881697a0DITSC SO INFOSheriff Info Law 3Law Dispatch
3881897a2DITSC GR PDGrand Rapids PD OpsLaw Dispatch
3882097a4DITSC FIRE DIFire Dispatch 1Fire Dispatch
3882297a6DITSC FIRE 2Fire 2Fire-Tac
3882497a8DITSC FIRE PAGEFire PagingFire Dispatch
3882697aaDITSC FIRE 4Fire 4Fire-Tac
3882897acDITSC EMS 1EMS 1EMS-Tac
3883097aeDITSC EMS 2EMS 2EMS-Tac
3883297b0DITSC EMS 3EMS 3EMS-Tac
3883497b2DITSC IT COMMIT CommonPublic Works
3883897b6DITSC MNSEFMNSEF/PatchInterop
3884097b8DITSC FIRE MAFire Mutual AidInterop
3884497bcDItasca EventEventMulti-Tac
3886097ccDGR ITSC HOSPGrand Itasca HospitalHospital
3886297ceDITSC ROADSRoad DepartmentPublic Works
3886697d2DEGR PD ADMGrand Rapids PD AdminLaw Tac
3887297d8DCLRN PD ADMColeraine PD AdminLaw Tac
3887497daDD RVR PD ADMDeer River PD AdminLaw Tac
3888097e0DBALSAM FIREBalsam Fire AdmnFire-Talk
3888297e2DBigforkFDAdmBigfork Fire AdministrationFire-Talk
3888497e4DBOVEY FIREBovey Fire AdminFire-Talk
3888897e8DCOHASST FIRECohasset Fire AdminFire-Talk
3889097eaDCOLERNE FIREColeraine Fire AdminFire-Talk
3889297ecDDEER RVR FDDeer River Fire Fire-Tac
3889697f0DGR FD AdminGrand Rapids Fire AdministrationMulti-Tac
3890097f4DGRNWAY FIREGreenway FireFire-Tac
3890297f6DITSC FIRE ADItasca Fire AdminFire-Tac
3890497f8DKEEWATN FIREKeewatin fire AdminFire-Tac
3891097feDBIG FORK EMSBigfork EMS AdminEMS-Talk
389149802DDR Amb AdminDeer River Ambulance AdministrationEMS-Talk
389169804DMEDS 1 EMSMeds 1 AdminEMS-Tac
389189806DNASHWK EMSNashwauk EMS AdminEMS-Talk
38924980cDCohasset PWCohasset Public WorksPublic Works
38926980eDDeer River PWDeer River Public WorksPublic Works
389289810DGR PW 38928Grand Rapids Public WorksPublic Works
389329814DColeraine PWColeraine Public WorksPublic Works
389349816DITSC LAW TACLaw TacLaw Tac
38940981cDITEMItasca County Emergency ManagementEmergency Ops
38954982aDITSC PS COMMPS CommonInterop
389609830DDeerRiv HospDeer River HospitalHospital
389629832DBigforkVHospBigfork Valley HospitalHospital
389649834DITSC GR BUSGrand Rapids School BusesSchools
389669836DBigfork Sch BusBigfork School BusesSchools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
286206fccDK WDS PARK 1Kilen Woods State Park 1Public Works
286216fcdDK WDS PARK 2Kilen Woods State Park 2Public Works
31100797cDJK LAWJackson LawLaw Tac
313007a44DJAK 911County 911Emergency Ops
313027a46DJAK LAW DISPLaw DispatchLaw Dispatch
313047a48DJAK FIRE EMSFire - EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
313117a4fDJAK-DICKNSONJackson Co. Patch with Dickinson Co. Iowa VHFLaw Tac
313137a51DJAK ROADSRoad DepartmentPublic Works
313157a53DJAK JAK DPWJackson DPWPublic Works
313217a59DJAK TRANSITCommunity Action Transit - Lincoln, Lyon, Redwood, CottonwoodTransportation
313277a5fDJK 31327Jackson 31327Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
662019dcDKNBC SO DISPSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
660019c8DKNBC EMERGEmergencyEmergency Ops
664019f0DKNBC FIREKanabec Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
66701a0eDKNBC EMSCounty EMSEMS Dispatch
660219caDKNBC ROAMCounty RoamMulti-Talk
664219f2DKNBC fire 6642Kanabec fire 6642Fire-Talk
664619f6DKNBC fire 6646Kanabec fire 6646Fire-Talk
66721a10DKNBC fire 6672Kanabec fire 6672Fire-Talk
66821a1aDMORA HOSPMora HospitalHospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
257036467DKNDI ANNCMTAnnouncementsMulti-Dispatch
257046468DWILMR COMMWillmar CommonFire-Tac
257056469DKNDI MA-9Mutual Aid - 9Multi-Tac
25706646aDKNDI MA-5Mutual Aid - 5Multi-Tac
25707646bDKNDI MA-6Mutual Aid - 6Multi-Tac
25708646cDKNDI MA-7Mutual Aid - 7Multi-Tac
25709646dDKNDI MA-8Mutual Aid - 8Multi-Tac
25710646eDKNDI WORKSPublic WorksPublic Works
25711646fDKNDI TRAINTrainingMulti-Tac
257126470DKNDI ROAMCounty RoamingMulti-Dispatch
257136471DKNDI 911County 911 TriggerEmergency Ops
257146472DKA TRANSKandiyohi Area TransitTransportation
257156473DKNDI FIRE EMCounty Fire - EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
257166474DKNDI FR OP10Countywide Fire Ops 10 Fire-Tac
257176475DKNDI FR OP11Countywide Fire Ops 11Fire-Tac
257186476DATWTR FIREAtwater FireFire-Tac
257196477DBLMKST FIREBlomkest FireFire-Tac
257206478DKANDIY FIREKandiyohi FireFire-Tac
257216479DKERKHVN FIREKerkhoven FireFire-Tac
25722647aDLK LILN FIRELake Lillian FireFire-Tac
25723647bDNW LNDN FIRENew London FireFire-Tac
25724647cDPENOCK FIREPennock FireFire-Tac
25725647dDPRINS FIREPrinsburg FireFire-Tac
25726647eDRAYMND FIRERaymond FireFire-Tac
25727647fDSPICER FIRESpicer FireFire-Tac
257286480DSUNBURG FIRESunburg FireFire-Tac
257296481DWILLMAR FIREWillmar FireFire-Tac
257306482DKNDI LW DI 1Law Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
257316483DKNDI LW DI 2Law Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
257326484DEKND LAW DIB1Law Dispatch 1 - B1Law Dispatch
257336485DEKND LAW DIB2Law Dispatch 2 - B2Law Dispatch
257346486DKNDI L-OPS10Law Ops - 4Law Tac
257356487DKNDI L-OPS-3Law Ops - 3Law Tac
257366488DKNDI SO RESVSheriff ReservesLaw Tac
257376489DEKNDI L-OPS 8Law Ops - 8Law Tac
25738648aDEKNDI L-OPS 7Law Ops - 7Law Tac
25739648bDEKNDI L-OPS Law OpsLaw Tac
25740648cDRICE HSP SECRice Hospital SecuritySecurity
25742648eDKNDI WAS EMSW.A.S - Willmar Ambulance ServiceEMS Dispatch
25743648fDKNDI RESCUEKandiyohi County Rescue SquadEMS-Tac
257446490DKNDI WORKS 1County Public Works 1Public Works
257456491DKNDI WORKS 2County Public Works 2Public Works
257466492DKNDI JAILCounty JailCorrections
257476493DKNDI UT PWRPublic Utilities - Power PlantUtilities
257496495DWILLMAR WKS1Willmar Public WorksPublic Works
257506496DWILLMAR WKS2Willmar Public WorksPublic Works
257526498DKNDI SO RESVSheriff ReservesLaw Tac
257536499DKNDI PAGINGCounty PagingFire Dispatch
286036fbbDSIBLY PARK 1Sibley State Park Ch 1Public Works
286046fbcDSIBLY PARK 2Sibley State Park Ch 2Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
48451bd43DLK BRON SP 1Lake Bronson State Park 1Public Works
48452bd44DLK BRON SP 2Lake Bronson State Park 2Public Works
50700c60cDKITT LAW DSPKittson Dispatch - 155.7900 VHFLaw Dispatch
50702c60eDKITT ROAMKittson RoamMulti-Dispatch
Koochiching County
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
390009858DKOOCH ROAMCounty RoamMulti-Dispatch
390019859DKOOCH LAWLaw DispatchLaw Dispatch
39002985aDKOOCH 2Koochiching County 2Multi-Talk
39005985dDKOOCH FIREKOOCH FIREFire Dispatch
390259871DKOOCH EMS 2EMS to I Falls HospitalEMS-Talk
390299875DKOOCH EMS 3Koochiching EMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
286056fbdDLQP PARK 1Lac qui Parle State Park 1Public Works
286066fbeDLQP PARK 2Lac qui Parle State Park 2Public Works
2890070e4DLP-911County 911Multi-Dispatch
2890170e5DLP LAW MAINCounty Law MainLaw Dispatch
2890270e6DLP LAW 2County Law 2Law Tac
2890370e7DELP ALLCounty AllMulti-Tac
2890470e8DLP FUTUREReserved for future use.Multi-Tac
2890570e9DLP PW MAINCounty Public WorksPublic Works
2890670eaDLP HWY 1County Highway Dept. 1Public Works
2890770ebDLP HWY 2County Highway Dept. 2Public Works
2890870ecDLP MADISON PMadison Public WorksPublic Works
2890970edDLP DAWSON PWDawson Public WorksPublic Works
2891070eeDLP FIRE MAINCounty Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
2891170efDLP FIRE OP 1County Fire OPS 1Fire-Tac
2891270f0DLP FIRE OP 2County Fire OPS 2Fire-Tac
2891370f1DLP FIRE OP 3County Fire OPS 3Fire-Tac
2891470f2DLP FIRE OP 4County Fire OPS 4Fire-Tac
2891570f3DLP EMS MAINCounty EMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
2891670f4DLP DWSON EMSDawson EMSEMS-Tac
2891770f5DLP MADSN EMSMadison EMSEMS-Tac
2891870f6DeLP FD County FireFire-Tac
2891970f7DLP TAC MAINCounty Tac MainMulti-Tac
2892070f8DLP TAC 1County TAC 1Multi-Tac
2892170f9DLP TAC 2County TAC 2Multi-Tac
2892270faDLP TAC 3County TAC 3Multi-Tac
2892370fbDLP TAC 4County TAC 4Multi-Tac
2892470fcDLP PAGECounty PagingFire Dispatch
2892570fdDLP ROAMCounty RoamMulti-Dispatch
2892670feDLP DAWSN BUsDawson School BusesSchools
2892770ffDLP PV BUSLac qui Parle Valley School BusesSchools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
367148f6aDG FLS PARK 1Gooseberry Falls State Park 1 Public Works
367158f6bDG FLS PARK 2Gooseberry Falls State Park 2 Public Works
367168f6cDS-R-L PARK 1Split Rock Lighthouse State Park 1 Public Works
367178f6dDS-R-L PARK 2Split Rock Lighthouse State Park 2 Public Works
367188f6eDTETTG PARK 1Tettegouche State Park 1 Public Works
367198f6fDTETTG PARK 2Tettegouche State Park 2 Public Works
367208f70DTETTG PARK 3Tettegouche State Park 3 Public Works
380019471DLAKE SO DISPCounty Sheriff DispatchLaw