Perry Township Metropolitan School District (DMR)

System Name: Perry Township Metropolitan School District (DMR)
Location: Indianapolis, IN
County: Marion
System Type: DMR Motorola Capacity Plus Multi Site (TRBO)
System Voice: DMR
Last Updated: February 14, 2024, 17:31 pm UTC   [Changed Site # 003 (Southport High School) to 3 (Southport High School)]
System Notes

RAS enabled.   All talkgroups (except Automated Voice Alarms) are user selectable encryption capable.  Mostly used during lockdown situations only.
200 series talkgroups, (250 and up) are Automated Alarm Announcement talkgroups, one for each school.
WRVV621 issued 1/23 but now pending termination (1/24) due to failure to comply (Former license WPUN303 had expired.)
Motorola Case Study. See the WIKI for more info. 

Perry School Buses use Radio ID 75536 for talk-around operations when out of range of the system (field trips, away games, etc).

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
001 (1) Campus Repeater 01 461.35002 462.22503 462.500c
002 (2) Perry Meridian High School 01 451.825  
003 (3) Southport High School 01 461.6375  


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3TePERRY PD DISPDispatchLaw Dispatch
4TePERRY PD PRIVPrivateLaw Talk
11TePERRY PD SUPVSupervisoryLaw Talk
District Operations
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1TePERRY DIST EASTDistrict East SideSchools
2TePERRY DIST WESTDistrict West SideSchools
5TePERRY MAINTMaintenanceSchools
6TePERRY GROUNDSGrounds KeepingSchools
7TePERRY FOODFood ServicesSchools
8TePERRY TRANS GENTransport - General EducationSchools
9TePERRY TRANS SPECTransport - Special EducationSchools
10TePERRY TRANS GARTransportation - GarageSchools
12TeSOUTHPORT HSSouthport High SchoolSchools
13TeSOUTHPORT MSSouthport Middle SchoolSchools
14TeSOUTHPORT ACADSouthport AcademySchools
15TePERRY HSPerry High SchoolSchools
16TePERRY MSPerry Middle SchoolSchools
17TePERRY ACADPerry AcademySchools
18TeABRAHAM LINCOLNAbraham LincolnSchools
19TeCLINTON YOUNGClinton YoungSchools
20TeDOUGLAS ESDouglas Elementary SchoolSchools
21TeDOUGLAS ACADDouglas AcademySchools
22TeGLENNS VALLEYGlenns ValleySchools
23TeBURKHART ESHenry Burkhart Elementary SchoolSchools
26TeJ. GRAY ESJeremiah Gray Elementary SchoolSchools
27TeJEREMIAH ACADJeremiah Gray AcademySchools
28TeMARY BRYANMary BryanSchools
29TeROSA PARKS ESRosa Parks Elementary SchoolSchools
30TeROSA PARKS ACADRosa Parks AcademySchools
31TeSOUTHPORT ESSouthport Elementary SchoolSchools
32TeWINCHESTER VLGWinchester VillageSchools
34TeCOMPASS EDUCompass EducationSchools
35TeCHILDHOOD ACADChildhood AcademySchools
36TeEDUCATION CENTEREducation CenterSchools
37TeSOUTHPORT HS OP1Southport High School Operations 1Schools
38TeSOUTHPORT HS OP2Southport High School Operations 2Schools
39TePERRY HS OP1Perry High School Operations 1Schools
40TePERRY HS OP2Perry High School Operations 2Schools
24TeHOMECROFT ESHomecroft Elementary SchoolSchools
25TeHOMECROFT KAHomecroft Kindergarten AcademySchools
41TePERRY HS OPS 41Perry High School OperationsSchools
42TePERRY HS OPS 42Perry High School OperationsSchools
43TePERRY HS OPS 43Perry High School OperationsSchools
44TePERRY HS OPS 44Perry High School OperationsSchools
45TePERRY HS OPS 45Perry High School OperationsSchools
251TAUTOMATED ALRTDistrict Wide Emergency System (Automated Security Alert System)Emergency Ops
252TDoor Alarms 252Automated Door Alarms (Voice)Schools
253TSOUTHPORT HS ALMSouthport High School Door AlarmsSchools
254TAuto Alarm 254Automated Alarm Voice AnnouncementEmergency Ops
255TPERRY EMERGENCYEmergencyEmergency Ops
75536TePERRY TRANS TACTransport - Talk Around Channel ID (Conventional)Schools