Los Angeles Countywide Integrated Radio System (CWIRS)

System Name: Los Angeles Countywide Integrated Radio System (CWIRS)
Location: Various, CA
County: Los Angeles
System Type: Project 25 Phase I
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 105 WACN: 91FE5
Last Updated: June 12, 2023, 2:32 pm CDT   [Added Talkgroup to: Miscellaneous (11598 LACo CWIRS)]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name Freqs
10 (A) 010 (A) Basin Simulcast 851.0875c851.250c851.4375c851.775c851.800c852.225c852.750c853.0875c
20 (14) 020 (14) East Simulcast 851.9625c852.300852.4375c852.5875c852.725c852.9625853.0625853.300
30 (1E) 030 (1E) Northwest Simulcast 851.2125c851.7125c852.3125c853.2125c853.8375c   
40 (28) 040 (28) West Simulcast 851.0625c851.300c851.5875c851.725c852.0625c852.275c852.800c852.9375c
51 (33) 051 (33) Blackjack 851.275c852.0875852.775c853.275c853.800c   
53 (35) 053 (35) Blue Rock 851.275852.0875c852.775853.275c853.800   
55 (37) 055 (37) Castro Peak 851.225c851.750c852.250c853.225c853.750c   
57 (39) 057 (39) Hauser Peak 851.9625c852.300c852.5875c852.9625c853.300c853.5875c  
59 (3B) 059 (3B) Lower Blue Ridge 851.225c851.750852.250853.225853.750c   


Animal Care and Control
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1069129c3DDACC 2Dispatch - Downey, Carson, Castaic Shelters Public Works
1069229c4DDACC 1Dispatch - Canvassing (Dog license regulation) Public Works
1069429c6DDACC 4Dispatch - Baldwin Park & Lancaster Shelters (Primary dispatch weekend/evenings)Public Works
1069729c9D10697LACo CWIRSPublic Works
Beaches and Harbors
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1074129f5DDBH PRIMARYPrimary Public Works
107532a01DDBH PARKINGParking EnforcementPublic Works
California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
118232e2fDeSSU TAC 1Special Services Unit - Tac 1Corrections
118242e30DEOCS PRIOffice of Correctional Safety - PrimaryCorrections
118252e31DeFAT TAC 1Fugitive Apprehension Teams - Tac 1Corrections
118262e32DeFAT TAC 2Fugitive Apprehension Teams - Tac 2Corrections
118272e33DeFAT TAC 3Fugitive Apprehension Teams - Tac 3Corrections
118282e34DeSSU TAC 2Special Services Unit - Tac 2Corrections
118382e3eDOCS ALLOffice of Correctional Safety - All CallCorrections
119592eb7DEOCSOffice of Correctional SafetyCorrections
California Division of Adult Parole Operations
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
118152e27DEMERCALLEmergency CallCorrections
118162e28DPAR PRIParole - PrimaryCorrections
118172e29DPAR TAC 1Parole - Tac-1Corrections
118182e2aDPAR TAC 2Parole - Tac-2Corrections
118192e2bDPAR TAC 3Parole - Tac-3Corrections
118202e2cDPAR TAC 4Parole - Tac-4Corrections
118212e2dDPAR TAC 5Parole - Tac-5Corrections
118222e2eDCPAT MAINCalifornia Parole Apprehension TeamCorrections
118372e3dDDAPO ALLParole - All CallCorrections
118392e3fDCPAT 1California Parole Apprehension Team 1Corrections
118402e40DCPAT 2California Parole Apprehension Team 2Corrections
118412e41DCPAT 3California Parole Apprehension Team 3Corrections
118422e42DCPAT 4California Parole Apprehension Team 4Corrections
118432e43DCPAT T1California Parole Apprehension Team Tac-1Corrections
118442e44DCPAT T2California Parole Apprehension Team Tac-2Corrections
Children and Family Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
112562bf8DDCFS 2Children and Family Services 2Public Works
Disaster Management
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
108232a47DLACO 1Disaster Management 1 Emergency Ops
108242a48DLACO 2Disaster Management 2Emergency Ops
108252a49DLACO 3Disaster Management 3Emergency Ops
108262a4aDLACO 4Disaster Management 4Emergency Ops
108272a4bDLACO 5Disaster Management 5Emergency Ops
108282a4cDLACO 6Disaster Management 6Emergency Ops
108292a4dDLACO 7Disaster Management 7Emergency Ops
108302a4eDLACO 8Disaster Management 8Emergency Ops
108312a4fDLACO 9Disaster Management 9Emergency Ops
108322a50DLACO 10Disaster Management 10Emergency Ops
108332a51DLACO 11Disaster Management 11Emergency Ops
108342a52DLACO 12Disaster Management 12Emergency Ops
108352a53DLACO 13Disaster Management 13Emergency Ops
108362a54DLACO 14Disaster Management 14Emergency Ops
108372a55DLACO 15Disaster Management 15 Emergency Ops
Emergency Management (EM)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
103892895DJUV EMJuvenile Halls and CampsEmergency Ops
107962a2cDCEO EMChief Executive OfficeEmergency Ops
107972a2dDCOR EMCoronerEmergency Ops
107982a2eDDHS EMDepartment of Health ServicesEmergency Ops
107992a2fDDPSS EMDepartment of Public Social Services Emergency Ops
108002a30DDPW EMDepartment of Public WorksEmergency Ops
108012a31DFIRE EMFire DepartmentEmergency Ops
108022a32DISD EMInternal Services DepartmentEmergency Ops
108032a33DOEM EM Office of Emergency ManagementEmergency Ops
108042a34DSHER EMSheriffEmergency Ops
108052a35DLA CITYCity Of Los AngelesEmergency Ops
108062a36DRED CROSSAmerican Red CrossEmergency Ops
108072a37DAREA CRDDisaster Management Area CoordinatorEmergency Ops
108082a38DEOC ALLEmergency Operations Center - All Call Emergency Ops
108092a39DPROB EMProbationEmergency Ops
108102a3aDDMH EMDepartment of Mental HealthEmergency Ops
108112a3bDDPH EMDepartment of Public Health Emergency Ops
108192a43DDMAC GDisaster Management Area - G Emergency Ops
108222a46DDACC EMDepartment of Animal Care and ControlEmergency Ops
112632bffDDCFS EMDepartment of Children and Family ServicesPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
116572d89DLACOFD ADMAdmin / Alt CMD - Blue 4Fire-Talk
Inter Subsystem Interface (ISSI)

Interconnect outside agency P25 radio systems

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10046273eDISSI 1Inter Subsystem Interface 1Interop
10047273fDISSI 2Inter Subsystem Interface 2Interop
100482740DISSI 3Inter Subsystem Interface 3Interop
100492741DISSI 4Inter Subsystem Interface 4Interop
100502742DISSI 5Inter Subsystem Interface 5Interop
100512743DISSI 6Inter Subsystem Interface 6Interop
100522744DISSI 7Inter Subsystem Interface 7Interop
100532745DISSI 8Inter Subsystem Interface 8Interop
100542746DISSI 9Inter Subsystem Interface 9Interop
100552747DISSI 10Inter Subsystem Interface 10Interop
100562748DISSI 11Inter Subsystem Interface 11Interop
100572749DISSI 12Inter Subsystem Interface 12Interop
10058274aDISSI 13Inter Subsystem Interface 13Interop
10059274bDISSI 14Inter Subsystem Interface 14Interop
10060274cDISSI 15Inter Subsystem Interface 15Interop
10061274dDISSI 16Inter Subsystem Interface 16Interop
Internal Services Department
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
100002710DTELCM T1Telecommunications 1Public Works
100012711DMOB FLDISD Mobile Shop Public Works
100032713DRAD SHOPRadio Shop Public Works
100042714DENG RSDENG - Radio Public Works
100062716DMW SHOPISD Microwave Public Works
100072717DANT VLYISD Antelope Valley Public Works
100082718DOUT PLNTISD Power Plant Public Works
100092719DENG NSDISD ENG NSDPublic Works
10012271cDTRANSPTNTransportationPublic Works
100162720DAUD VIDISD Audio/Video Shop Public Works
100192723DTEL SHOPISD Telephone Shop Public Works
100212725DDATA FMSISD Data Networking Public Works
10026272aDDIST 1Maintenance and Operations District 1 - Los AngelesPublic Works
10027272bDDIST 2Maintenance and Operations District 2 - San FernandoPublic Works
10028272cDDIST 3Maintenance and Operations District 3 - Culver CityPublic Works
10029272dDDIST 4Maintenance and Operations District 4 - DowneyPublic Works
10030272eDGEN SHOPISD GEN SHOPPublic Works
10031272fDCRFT SUPCrafts Public Works
100322730DFACSFACSPublic Works
100332731DCRFT COMCrafts Common Public Works
100342732DPURCHASEPurchasingPublic Works
100352733DPARKINGISD ParkingPublic Works
100362734DISD SUPTISD SupportPublic Works
100372735DISD HQISD HeadquartersPublic Works
100382736DISD EXEC EOCISD Executive Emergency Operations Center Public Works
10045273dDFIELDTECHISD Field TechPublic Works
10062274eDTELCM T2Telecommunications 2Public Works
Los Angeles Police Department
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
116492d81DLAPD ACCLAPD AccessLaw Dispatch
Medical Examiner-Coroner
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
114072c8fDCORONER 1Dispatch Public Works
114082c90DCORONER 2TacticalPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
100232727D10023LACo CWIRSPublic Works
10042273aD10042LACo CWIRSPublic Works
10043273bD10043LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1017527bfD10175LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1017627c0D10176LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1017727c1D10177LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1017827c2D10178LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1017927c3D10179LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1018127c5D10181LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1018327c7D10183LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1018627caD10186LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1019427d2D10194LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1020127d9D10201LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1020927e1D10209LACo CWIRSPublic Works
102932835D10293LACo CWIRSPublic Works
102962838D10296LACo CWIRSPublic Works
10300283cD10300LACo CWIRSPublic Works
10383288fD10383LACo CWIRSPublic Works
103852891D10385LACo CWIRSPublic Works
103862892D10386LACo CWIRSPublic Works
10395289bD10396LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1040128a1D10401LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1040528a5D10405LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1040928a9D10409LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1041928b3D10419LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1042028b4D10420LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1042128b5D10421LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1042228b6D10422LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1042328b7D10423LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1042728bbD10427LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1042828bcD10428LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1042928bdD10429LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1043028beD10430LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1043128bfD10431LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1043328c1D10433LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1043428c2D10434LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1043528c3D10435LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1043628c4D10436LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1043728c5D10437LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1043828c6D10438LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1043928c7D10439LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1044128c9D10441LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1045928dbD10459LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1047228e8D10472LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1048628f6D10486LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1069329c5D10693LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1069429c6D10694LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1074629faD10746LACo CWIRSPublic Works
1074829fcD10748LACo CWIRSPublic Works
107522a00D10752LACo CWIRSPublic Works
107542a02D10754LACo CWIRSPublic Works
108142a3eD10814LACo CWIRSPublic Works
108872a87D10887LACo CWIRSPublic Works
108952a8fD10895LACo CWIRSPublic Works
109032a97D10903LACo CWIRSPublic Works
109792ae3D10979LACo CWIRSPublic Works
109852ae9D10985LACo CWIRSPublic Works
109952af3D10995LACo CWIRSPublic Works
110022afaD11002LACo CWIRSPublic Works
110032afbD11003LACo CWIRSPublic Works
110162b08D11016LACo CWIRSPublic Works
110782b46D11078LACo CWIRSPublic Works
110792b47D11079LACo CWIRSPublic Works
110802b48D11080LACo CWIRSPublic Works
110812b49D11081LACo CWIRSPublic Works
110822b4aD11082LACo CWIRSPublic Works
110832b4bD11083LACo CWIRSPublic Works
110842b4cD11084LACo CWIRSPublic Works
110872b4fD11087LACo CWIRSPublic Works
110892b51D11089LACo CWIRSPublic Works
110902b52D11090LACo CWIRSPublic Works
110912b53D11091LACo CWIRSUtilities
110952b57D11095LACo CWIRSPublic Works
110982b5aD11098LACo CWIRSPublic Works
111002b5cD11100LACo CWIRSPublic Works
111022b5eD11102LACo CWIRSPublic Works
111032b5fD11103LACo CWIRSPublic Works
111042b60D11104LACo CWIRSPublic Works
111052b61D11105LACo CWIRSPublic Works
111112b67D11111LACo CWIRSPublic Works
112342be2D11234LACo CWIRSPublic Works
113802c74D11380LACo CWIRSPublic Works
114102c92D11410LACo CWIRSPublic Works
114972ce9D11497LACo CWIRSPublic Works
114992cebD11499LACo CWIRSPublic Works
115052cf1D11505LACo CWIRSPublic Works
115982d4eD11598LACo CWIRSPublic Works
116002d50D11600LACo CWIRSPublic Works
116082d58D11608LACo CWIRSPublic Works
116382d76D11638LACo CWIRSPublic Works
116432d7bD11643LACo CWIRSPublic Works
117842e08D11784LACo CWIRSPublic Works
118152e27D11815LACo CWIRSPublic Works
118192e2bD11819LACo CWIRSPublic Works
118392e3fD11839LACo CWIRSPublic Works
120012ee1D12001LACo CWIRSPublic Works
120172ef1D12017LACo CWIRSPublic Works
63333f765D63333LACo CWIRSPublic Works
64001fa01D64001LACo CWIRSPublic Works
64002fa02D64002LACo CWIRSPublic Works
64003fa03D 64003LACo CWIRSPublic Works
64004fa04D64004LACo CWIRSPublic Works
64006fa06D64006LACo CWIRSPublic Works
64009fa09D64009LACo CWIRSPublic Works
64051fa33D64051LACo CWIRSPublic Works
64053fa35D64053LACo CWIRSPublic Works
65121fe61D65121LACo CWIRSPublic Works
65126fe66D65126LACo CWIRSPublic Works
65136fe70D65136LACo CWIRSPublic Works
65160fe88D65160LACo CWIRSPublic Works
Parks and Recreation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
109842ae8DPR CREWSCounty Probation Crews Public Works
109882aecDCSTC DPTCastaic Lake Recreation Area DPTPublic Works
109942af2DBON LGBonelli Regional Park LifeguardsPublic Works
109952af3DBON MAINTBonelli Regional Park MaintenancePublic Works
110042afcDSFD 1Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area 1Public Works
110052afdDSFD 2 LGSanta Fe Dam Recreation Area 2 - LifeguardsPublic Works
110062afeDSFD 3Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area 3 Public Works
110092b01DWNWhittier Narrows Dam Recreation AreaPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
63003f61bDMTA SECMTA Security - patch to UHF 453.275Security
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
103842890DPB TRANSProbation Transportation Corrections
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
108552a67DDPH DOC 2Dept Public Health - Dept Ops Center 2Public Works
108862a86DDPH TRANSPODept Public Health - Transportation Public Works
110962b58DDPH COMMONDept Public Health - Common Public Works
110972b59DDPH EOCPublic Health Emergency Operations Center Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
115952d4bDLIBRARY 1Library 1 Public Works
115992d4fDLIBRARY EMLibrary Emergency ManagementPublic Works
116012d51DLIB ISDLibrary ISD SupportPublic Works
Public Social Service
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
111782baaDDPSS 5Region 5 South CountyPublic Works
113602c60DWDACSWorkforce Development Aging and Community ServicesPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1018027c4DOSD SIGNALSOperational Services Division - Traffic Signals Public Works
1018427c8DDPW SIGNPublic Works - SIgn Post Public Works
1018727cbD10187Public Works Public Works
1019127cfDFMD EASTFlood Maintenance Division East Public Works
1019227d0DFMD WESTFlood Maintenance Division West Public Works
1019327d1DFMD SOUTHFlood Maintenance Division South Public Works
1019527d3DRMD BASERoad Maintenance Division Dispatch Public Works
1019627d4DRMD 1Road Maintenance Division 1 Public Works
1019727d5DRMD 2Road Maintenance Division 2Public Works
1019827d6DRMD 3Road Maintenance Division 3 Public Works
1019927d7DRMD 4Road Maintenance Division 4 Public Works
1020027d8DRMD 5Road Maintenance Division 5Public Works
1020227daDWW DISPWaterworks Dispatch Public Works
1020427dcDWW NORTHWaterworks North Public Works
1020527ddDSM SOUTHSewer Maintenance South Public Works
1020627deDSM CONTROLSewer Maintenance Control Public Works
1020727dfDSM EASTSewer Maintenance East Public Works
120352f03DPARATRANSDial-a-Ride (paratransit) servicesTransportation
120382f06DPARATRANSDial-a-Ride (paratransit) servicesTransportation
120412f09DPARATRANSDial-a-Ride (paratransit) servicesTransportation
Sanitation District
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
102812829DSANIT1 LBWRPSanitation 1 - Long Beach Water Reclamation Plant (WRP) Public Works
10282282aDSANIT 2Sanitation 2Public Works
10283282bDSANIT 3Sanitation 3Public Works
10284282cDSANIT 4Sanitation 4Public Works
10285282dDSANIT 5Sanitation 5Public Works
10286282eDSANIT 6Sanitation 6Public Works
10287282fDSANIT 7Sanitation 7Public Works
102882830DSANIT 8Sanitation 8 Public Works
102892831DSANIT 9Sanitation 9Public Works
102902832DSANIT 10Sanitation 10Public Works
102912833DSANIT 11Sanitation 11 Public Works
102972839DSCHOLL CYNLandfills and Transformation Facilities Operations - Scholl Canyon Public Works
10301283dDLANDFILLLandfills and Transformation Facilities OperationsPublic Works
10303283fDLANDFILLLandfills and Transformation Facilities OperationsPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10063274fDCFMB 1Communications and Fleet Management Bureau 1Law Tac
100642750DCFMB 2Communications and Fleet Management Bureau 2Law Tac
100652751DCFMB 3Communications and Fleet Management Bureau 3Law Tac
116502d82DLASD ACCESSLASD Access Law Dispatch
116512d83DSH M/A 1Mutual Aid 1Law Tac
116522d84DSH M/A 2Mutual Aid 2Law Tac
116532d85DSH M/A 3Mutual Aid 3Law Tac
116542d86DSH M/A 4Mutual Aid 4Law Tac
116552d87DSH M/A 5Mutual Aid 5Law Tac
116562d88DPATCH 8Sheriff PatchLaw Tac