Los Angeles Countywide Integrated Radio System (CWIRS)

Site: Emergency Management (EM)

Unique DB ID: 22160
County: Los Angeles

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 34.3750 Longitude: -118.2843 Range: 47 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
107962a2cDCEO EMChief Executive OfficeEmergency Ops
107972a2dDCOR EMCoronerEmergency Ops
107982a2eDDHS EMDepartment of Health ServicesEmergency Ops
107992a2fDDPSS EMDepartment of Public Social Services Emergency Ops
108002a30DDPW EMDepartment of Public WorksEmergency Ops
108012a31DFIRE EMFire DepartmentEmergency Ops
108022a32DISD EMInternal Services DepartmentEmergency Ops
108032a33DOEM EM Office of Emergency ManagementEmergency Ops
108042a34DSHER EMSheriffEmergency Ops
108052a35DLA CITYCity Of Los AngelesEmergency Ops
108062a36DRED CROSSAmerican Red CrossEmergency Ops
108072a37DAREA CRDDisaster Management Area CoordinatorEmergency Ops
108082a38DEOC ALLEmergency Operations Center - All Call Emergency Ops
108092a39DPROB EMProbationEmergency Ops
108102a3aDDMH EMDepartment of Mental HealthEmergency Ops
108112a3bDDPH EMDepartment of Public Health Emergency Ops
108192a43DDMAC GDisaster Management Area - G Emergency Ops
108222a46DDACC EMDepartment of Animal Care and ControlEmergency Ops