Los Angeles Countywide Integrated Radio System (CWIRS)

Talkgroup Categories Report
Category Name County Lat Lon Range
MiscellaneousLos Angeles 34.375-118.284347
Internal Services DepartmentLos Angeles 34.375-118.284347
Public WorksLos Angeles 34.375-118.284347
Public HealthLos Angeles 34.375-118.284347
SheriffLos Angeles 34.375-118.284347
Sanitation District Los Angeles 34.375-118.284347
Public LibraryLos Angeles 34.375-118.284347
Children and Family ServicesLos Angeles 34.375-118.284347
Disaster ManagementLos Angeles 34.375-118.284347
California Department of Corrections and RehabilitationLos Angeles 34.375-118.284347
ProbationLos Angeles 34.375-118.284347
Medical Examiner-CoronerLos Angeles 34.375-118.284347
Parks and RecreationLos Angeles 34.375-118.284347
Beaches and HarborsLos Angeles 34.375-118.284347
Emergency Management (EM)Los Angeles 34.375-118.284347
California Division of Adult Parole OperationsLos Angeles 34.375-118.284347
Inter Subsystem Interface (ISSI)Los Angeles 34.375-118.284347
Los Angeles Police DepartmentLos Angeles 34.375-118.284347
Animal Care and ControlLos Angeles 34.375-118.284347
Fire DepartmentLos Angeles 34.375-118.284347
Permanent Patches 000