Los Angeles Countywide Integrated Radio System (CWIRS)

Site: Internal Services Department

Unique DB ID: 21806
County: Los Angeles

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 34.3750 Longitude: -118.2843 Range: 47 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
100002710DTELCM T1Telecommunications 1Public Works
100012711DMOB FLDISD Mobile Shop Public Works
100032713DRAD SHOPRadio Shop Public Works
100042714DENG RSDENG - Radio Public Works
100062716DMW SHOPISD Microwave Public Works
100072717DANT VLYISD Antelope Valley Public Works
100082718DOUT PLNTISD Power Plant Public Works
100092719DENG NSDISD ENG NSDPublic Works
10012271cDTRANSPTNTransportationPublic Works
100162720DAUD VIDISD Audio/Video Shop Public Works
100192723DTEL SHOPISD Telephone Shop Public Works
100212725DDATA FMSISD Data Networking Public Works
10026272aDDIST 1Maintenance and Operations District 1 - Los AngelesPublic Works
10027272bDDIST 2Maintenance and Operations District 2 - San FernandoPublic Works
10028272cDDIST 3Maintenance and Operations District 3 - Culver CityPublic Works
10029272dDDIST 4Maintenance and Operations District 4 - DowneyPublic Works
10030272eDGEN SHOPISD GEN SHOPPublic Works
10031272fDCRFT SUPCrafts Public Works
100322730DFACSFACSPublic Works
100332731DCRFT COMCrafts Common Public Works
100342732DPURCHASEPurchasingPublic Works
100352733DPARKINGISD ParkingPublic Works
100362734DISD SUPTISD SupportPublic Works
100372735DISD HQISD HeadquartersPublic Works
100382736DISD EXEC EOCISD Executive Emergency Operations Center Public Works
10045273dDFIELDTECHISD Field TechPublic Works
10062274eDTELCM T2Telecommunications 2Public Works