Ohio MARCS-IP: Multi-Agency Radio Communications

System Name: Ohio MARCS-IP: Multi-Agency Radio Communications
Location: Statewide, OH
County: Statewide
System Type: Project 25 Phase I
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 348 WACN: BEE00
Last Updated: June 28, 2022, 10:29 pm CDT   [Changed Site # 023 (Celina) to 023 (Celina)]
System Notes

This is the Ohio MARCS migration to the P25 platform, which replaced the old Type II / P25 CAI system.

IP in the title refers to the fact that system infrastructure is interconnected via IP routers and switches rather than by traditional circuit switched methods.

The system is Phase 2 capable but this mode is not currently enabled. The system and sites will require software upgrades before this mode can be used and it will likely be some time before it becomes available (if ever).

Sites with an actual name different from the physical location are listed as Site Name (Physical Location).

Mobile sites 5A1 and 649 are stand-alone sites which can be placed anywhere in the state in a matter of hours to supplement coverage and/or to add capacity to an area where an emergency or event is occurring. While normally operated as stand-alone systems, they can be connected to the statewide system and appear as networked sites if necessary. Information on these systems can be found at: 

System 5A1 - https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?sid=10282

System 649 - https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?sid=10283

Be sure to check county-level Wiki pages for detailed information regarding user agencies of this system.


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Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name County Freqs
1 (1) 002 (2) Washington Court House Fayette 769.95625770.50625771.78125772.20625773.43125c773.68125c 
1 (1) 003 (3) Centerburg Knox 771.78125772.08125772.70625772.98125c773.45625c852.0375 
1 (1) 004 (4) Steam Corners Morrow 770.33125770.58125771.43125771.88125c772.28125c852.2625 
1 (1) 005 (5) Dayton Montgomery 772.85625773.13125773.48125774.05625774.55625c774.83125c851.0625
1 (1) 006 (6) London Madison 769.43125769.80625770.75625771.38125771.65625c774.08125c851.925
1 (1) 008 (8) Urbana Champaign 771.75625772.05625772.33125773.90625c774.80625c  
1 (1) 009 (9) Orient Pickaway 769.30625769.75625771.10625c774.83125c851.700852.1375852.400
1 (1) 010 (A) Columbus City Simul Franklin 851.1625851.4125c851.6625c853.0375c853.450853.775856.4375
1 (1) 011 (B) Lancaster Fairfield 769.15625769.55625769.90625771.35625771.63125c773.83125c854.1125
1 (1) 012 (C) Greene Co Simul Greene 851.9625852.4125852.4625852.7875853.350853.9625855.8375c
1 (1) 013 (D) Warren Co Simul Warren 851.4375851.625851.900852.0375852.125852.575853.3875
1 (1) 014 (E) Mt Gilead Morrow 769.65625770.93125770.98125773.05625c773.55625c852.9875853.7375
1 (1) 015 (F) Millersport Fairfield 770.03125770.04375771.05625771.06875771.98125771.99375c772.53125
1 (1) 016 (10) Columbus MARCS Simul Franklin 769.20625769.70625770.20625770.45625770.70625770.95625772.35625
1 (1) 017 (11) Lebanon (Monroe) Warren 769.75625770.70625773.53125c773.88125c774.73125c  
1 (1) 018 (12) Bellefontaine Logan 769.45625770.18125771.35625772.10625772.55625c773.15625c853.1625
1 (1) 019 (13) Sidney Shelby 772.15625773.28125773.45625773.78125c774.53125c851.650852.600
1 (1) 020 (14) Osgood Darke 770.65625773.20625773.58125c774.90625c853.7125854.1125 
1 (1) 021 (15) Fort Recovery Mercer 770.15625774.15625c774.40625c853.1375   
1 (1) 022 (16) Wapakoneta Auglaize 769.35625769.70625770.03125770.43125771.50625c774.30625c851.1875
1 (1) 023 (17) Celina Mercer 770.08125771.30625772.08125772.60625772.98125c774.58125c851.8125
1 (1) 024 (18) Richwood Union 769.83125772.50625772.80625c774.43125c851.600859.5625 
1 (1) 025 (19) Riverview Delaware 769.50625769.93125770.65625771.30625772.15625c773.08125c851.6375
1 (1) 026 (1A) Marysville Union 770.30625770.55625771.80625774.33125c774.58125c853.0625853.625
1 (1) 027 (1B) Pataskala Licking 771.50625771.85625773.93125774.23125774.48125c774.73125c 
1 (1) 028 (1C) Greenville Darke 772.40625772.80625c773.03125c856.9375857.9375  
1 (1) 029 (1D) Eaton (New Madison) Darke 771.13125771.38125771.98125c774.28125c858.0875  
1 (1) 031 (1F) Clinton Co Simul Clinton 851.725c852.225c852.725c853.1875c853.375855.9125857.2875
1 (1) 032 (20) Mt Vernon Knox 771.03125771.48125772.20625c773.58125c   
1 (1) 033 (21) Brinkhaven Knox 772.48125772.75625c774.90625c852.4875853.1875853.7875 
1 (1) 034 (22) New Lexington Perry 771.18125771.45625771.75625c774.70625c853.525853.9875 
1 (1) 035 (23) Five Points (Junction City) Perry 772.38125772.73125773.30625774.45625c774.80625c853.250857.0875
1 (1) 036 (24) Circleville Pickaway 771.43125771.73125c772.45625c853.3375853.975859.7125 
1 (1) 037 (25) Blue Creek Adams 770.70625772.18125c773.48125c    
1 (1) 038 (26) Gift Ridge (Manchester) Adams 770.33125770.85625c774.83125c    
1 (1) 039 (27) Peebles Adams 770.00625c774.55625c     
1 (1) 040 (28) West Union Adams 771.80625772.35625c774.40625c    
1 (1) 041 (29) Winchester Adams 770.60625771.25625c771.50625c    
1 (1) 042 (2A) Georgetown (Hamersville) Brown 771.20625771.55625c772.50625c    
1 (1) 043 (2B) Higginsport Brown 770.90625773.43125c774.38125c    
1 (1) 044 (2C) Maysville (Aberdeen) Brown 773.78125774.20625c774.88125c    
1 (1) 045 (2D) Mount Orab Brown 769.18125773.23125c773.80625c853.4375   
1 (1) 046 (2E) Russellville Brown 772.90625773.05625773.33125c773.73125c   
1 (1) 047 (2F) Knox County (Gilchrist) Knox 853.1625853.725853.900c856.0875c   
1 (1) 048 (30) Midway Fayette 851.050851.2875851.450851.675853.0875c854.7375c 
1 (1) 050 (32) Clermont Co Simul Clermont 851.0875c851.1375c851.3875c851.4125851.775852.9625852.9875
1 (1) 058 (3A) Hillsboro Highland 769.78125771.13125772.13125772.43125c   
1 (1) 059 (3B) Johnstown (Alexandria) Licking 769.35625769.60625c769.85625c770.10625770.35625851.1875851.975
1 (1) 062 (3E) Reynoldsburg Licking 851.2125851.4625852.6875c853.150853.5125853.675c 
1 (1) 063 (3F) Darby (West Jefferson) Madison 769.80625770.75625771.38125774.08125c851.1375851.3875851.7375
1 (1) 065 (41) Granville Licking 769.28125769.78125770.28125c770.53125c851.3625852.7625855.2125
1 (1) 066 (42) Newark Licking 769.58125771.68125772.65625773.18125773.88125774.15625774.40625c
1 (1) 067 (43) Hickman (St. Louisville) Licking 770.78125770.79375771.25625c771.26875772.30625c772.31875 
1 (1) 068 (44) Linnville Licking 772.53125772.95625773.63125773.98125c774.88125c856.7375 
1 (1) 070 (46) Pickaway County Pickaway 851.0375851.3125851.650852.0625852.2625852.625853.5625
1 (1) 071 (47) Union City Darke 851.750852.2625852.700853.175853.6125c853.7875c 
2 (2) 001 (1) Cuyahoga Co Simul Cuyahoga 769.25625769.50625769.75625770.00625770.15625770.43125770.50625
2 (2) 002 (2) Summit County Summit 851.0375851.250851.2875851.5625851.800853.650853.9125
2 (2) 003 (3) Lake County Lake 851.625853.7625854.4125854.4375854.4625854.6625854.8875
2 (2) 004 (4) Oak Harbor (Lacarne) Ottawa 769.93125770.18125770.58125771.48125c773.55625773.93125c852.1125
2 (2) 005 (5) Castalia Erie 770.40625772.33125773.58125c774.03125c851.6125851.925852.225
2 (2) 006 (6) Erie (Berlin Heights) Erie 769.90625769.93125770.25625770.80625771.15625c773.28125c 
2 (2) 007 (7) Elyria Lorain 769.20625769.68125770.20625c770.60625c771.05625771.30625851.7875
2 (2) 008 (8) Geneva Ashtabula 769.15625769.90625771.03125771.40625772.33125c773.55625c851.8125
2 (2) 009 (9) Ashtabula Ashtabula 769.43125770.18125770.19375770.70625c771.18125c  
2 (2) 010 (A) Geauga County Geauga 854.0125854.2125855.0125855.2125c855.5375856.0375c856.1125
2 (2) 011 (B) Butler (Bellville) Richland 772.53125772.83125773.65625774.05625c774.30625c  
2 (2) 012 (C) Marion Marion 771.68125772.03125772.63125772.88125773.40625c773.95625c851.725
2 (2) 013 (D) Attica Seneca 770.50625770.75625770.95625c771.08125c   
2 (2) 014 (E) Bradner Wood 769.40625770.33125770.65625771.20625c773.83125c855.9625 
2 (2) 015 (F) Tiffin Seneca 771.93125772.60625774.13125c774.53125c852.925  
2 (2) 016 (10) Fremont Sandusky 769.35625769.70625770.08125770.70625771.60625c773.78125c851.8125
2 (2) 019 (13) Salem Mahoning 770.20625770.85625774.55625c774.80625c852.050852.200852.625
2 (2) 020 (14) Shalersville Portage 769.45625771.00625771.38125772.70625c773.33125773.58125c851.625
2 (2) 021 (15) Trumbull C.I. (Leavittsburg) Trumbull 769.33125769.80625770.05625770.53125c770.80625c852.4125852.775
2 (2) 025 (19) Toledo Lucas 769.18125769.65625770.43125774.15625c774.48125c774.88125c851.8375
2 (2) 026 (1A) Lake Erie C.I. (Conneaut) Ashtabula 773.18125773.93125c774.68125c    
2 (2) 027 (1B) Grafton C.I. Lorain 769.08125769.33125769.80625770.05625770.90625c773.08125c851.9375
2 (2) 028 (1C) Lima Allen 769.53125770.58125773.80625774.05625774.45625c774.78125c851.700
2 (2) 029 (1D) Mansfield C.I. Richland 769.95625771.63125773.80625c774.20625c852.2375855.3625856.0375
2 (2) 030 (1E) Lincoln Park (Campbell) Mahoning 772.88125773.40625773.65625c774.70625c851.7125852.175852.5875
2 (2) 031 (1F) Findlay Hancock 771.33125772.20625772.45625773.03125773.53125c774.28125c851.675
2 (2) 032 (20) Carey Wyandot 770.68125772.78125773.63125774.18125c774.70625c852.1875 
2 (2) 033 (21) Ada (Kenton) Hardin 769.90625771.10625771.40625772.93125c774.83125c  
2 (2) 034 (22) Middle Point Van Wert 769.43125770.70625772.18125773.48125c773.73125c852.2375852.750
2 (2) 035 (23) Paulding Paulding 770.45625771.08125772.03125c772.50625c852.2875854.0125 
2 (2) 036 (24) BGSU (Deshler) Putnam 769.20625769.58125770.00625770.90625c772.85625c852.050852.7875
2 (2) 037 (25) Continental Putnam 770.40625772.75625773.08125c773.90625c851.6125858.5125 
2 (2) 038 (26) Ottawa Putnam 769.68125771.13125771.53125c772.25625c852.175  
2 (2) 041 (29) Wooster Wayne 770.70625772.58125772.85625c774.18125c851.0625851.275851.450
2 (2) 042 (2A) Sugarcreek Holmes 770.43125771.75625c772.68125c852.250852.5375853.8125 
2 (2) 043 (2B) Westgate (Edon) Williams 770.68125772.73125c773.38125c    
2 (2) 044 (2C) Edgerton Williams 769.35625770.75625c771.55625c    
2 (2) 045 (2D) Kunkle Williams 769.95625772.00625c772.33125c    
2 (2) 046 (2E) Holgate Henry 770.20625770.60625771.00625c771.28125c773.30625  
2 (2) 047 (2F) Wauseon Fulton 769.90625770.15625774.30625774.55625c774.83125c  
2 (2) 048 (30) Neapolis (Swanton) Fulton 772.48125772.83125773.15625773.40625c773.88125c851.9875 
2 (2) 049 (31) Cherry Valley (Andover) Ashtabula 772.40625772.73125c774.58125c851.750852.075852.6125853.9625
2 (2) 050 (32) East Trumbull (Orangeville) Trumbull 769.20625769.68125773.98125c774.45625c   
2 (2) 051 (33) Bucyrus Crawford 770.03125771.28125772.23125773.20625773.48125c774.63125c 
2 (2) 052 (34) Norwalk Huron 770.45625771.53125771.80625772.13125772.70625c773.33125c 
2 (2) 053 (35) New London Ashland 769.78125773.70625773.98125774.45625c774.70625c  
2 (2) 054 (36) Medina (Seville) Medina 769.93125772.73125773.13125773.63125774.08125c774.58125c852.125
2 (2) 055 (37) Aukerman (Burbank) Wayne 769.53125c771.40625c771.65625773.30625853.225853.775 
2 (2) 056 (38) Ashland Ashland 769.15625772.93125773.43125c774.80625c852.975854.6375 
2 (2) 057 (39) Loudonville Ashland 769.45625770.55625771.58125c772.05625c852.4125852.5625 
2 (2) 058 (3A) Millersburg Holmes 769.30625770.18125770.50625c770.80625c853.5375856.5125 
2 (2) 059 (3B) NEOMED (Rootstown) Portage 769.60625769.95625772.38125773.15625c773.73125c  
2 (2) 060 (3C) Bluffton Allen 771.88125772.30625772.65625773.38125773.65625c774.20625c 
2 (2) 061 (3D) Marshallville Wayne 770.71875771.91875771.93125771.94375772.58125c772.59375c 
2 (2) 062 (3E) New Pittsburg Wayne 771.65625771.66875772.25625772.26875773.30625c773.31875c 
2 (2) 063 (3F) Stark County Stark 772.30625772.63125772.95625773.20625773.45625773.88125774.13125
2 (2) 065 (41) Minerva Carroll 851.6125851.950855.0375c858.5375859.5375c  
2 (2) 066 (42) Defiance Defiance 771.93125771.94375773.20625773.21875774.03125c774.04375c 
2 (2) 067 (43) Mifflin Richland 851.050851.200851.350851.5375852.4375c853.125c 
2 (2) 068 (44) Pymatuning S.P. (Andover) Ashtabula 852.2125852.875853.1875853.450853.775c853.975c 
2 (2) 069 (45) KSU (Kent) Portage 851.3625852.7375853.500c856.2625c   
2 (2) 070 (46) Avalon (Warren) Trumbull 770.45625770.90625c773.0937c851.475851.7875852.1125853.300
2 (2) 071 (47) Shelby (Plymouth) Richland 851.2625851.475851.675852.625853.325853.525853.7625c
2 (2) 072 (48) Bryan Williams 852.625852.950853.2375853.5375853.750c853.975c 
2 (2) 073 (49) Bowling Green Wood 773.23125773.24375773.70625773.71875773.98125773.99375853.6125c
3 (3) 001 (1) Jefferson County Jefferson 851.1625851.4125c851.8625852.875853.075853.2375c853.6625c
3 (3) 002 (2) Noble C.I. (Caldwell) Noble 769.93125772.63125774.03125c774.38125c854.6625  
3 (3) 003 (3) Belmont C.I. (Morristown) Belmont 770.15625770.40625774.48125c774.73125c851.9125858.0875 
3 (3) 004 (4) Nelsonville Hocking 770.68125773.55625774.30625c774.55625c852.7875856.0375 
3 (3) 005 (5) SOCF (Lucasville) Scioto 774.03125c774.28125c     
3 (3) 006 (6) Pleasant Valley Ross 772.88125773.70625774.05625c774.58125c774.80625852.600853.075
3 (3) 007 (7) Washington County Washington 772.28125772.88125773.13125773.38125773.73125c774.43125c 
3 (3) 008 (8) East Palestine Columbiana 769.83125771.88125c772.53125c859.0875   
3 (3) 009 (9) Lisbon Columbiana 769.15625772.48125772.80625c774.20625c853.3375857.0375 
3 (3) 010 (A) Kensington Carroll 770.60625771.03125c772.75625c851.8125852.850857.6375 
3 (3) 011 (B) East Liverpool Columbiana 772.43125772.73125773.18125c773.95625c854.0875858.1375 
3 (3) 012 (C) Bloomfield (New Concord) Muskingum 769.18125772.55625772.80625c773.40625c854.0875858.1375 
3 (3) 013 (D) Conesville Coshocton 770.00625771.15625c773.33125c854.3375859.1375859.6875 
3 (3) 014 (E) Dresden Muskingum 769.43125771.33125771.68125c771.95625c851.750852.225 
3 (3) 015 (F) Duncan Falls (Philo) Muskingum 769.68125770.08125770.83125c771.08125c851.775852.275 
3 (3) 016 (10) Zanesville South Muskingum 769.08125769.33125769.58125c774.33125c851.5875851.9625852.7375
3 (3) 017 (11) Cambridge North Guernsey 772.18125772.50625772.93125c773.53125c853.0875853.5125 
3 (3) 018 (12) Fairview Guernsey 770.20625771.28125773.03125c773.28125c851.875852.675 
3 (3) 019 (13) Byesville Guernsey 773.65625773.98125774.23125c774.83125c851.625852.1375853.3625
3 (3) 020 (14) Kirkwood (Bridgeport) Belmont 770.85625771.13125771.43125c773.58125c851.7125852.5875 
3 (3) 021 (15) New Castle Coshocton 770.40625c770.90625c851.6625853.950   
3 (3) 022 (16) Killbuck (Warsaw) Coshocton 770.68125773.23125c774.55625c852.350   
3 (3) 023 (17) White Eyes (Coshocton) Coshocton 771.80625772.88125c773.73125c853.275853.6875853.875 
3 (3) 024 (18) Jesse Owens SP (Cumberland) Morgan 772.13125772.14375773.45625773.46875774.13125c774.14375c 
3 (3) 025 (19) Tuscarawas County Tuscarawas 852.425853.425854.4625854.8875855.4625855.4875c856.2375c
3 (3) 026 (1A) Peoli (Port Washington) Tuscarawas 769.85625771.20625771.60625c774.28125c851.700852.8625 
3 (3) 027 (1B) Newcomerstown Tuscarawas 769.25625769.50625c770.30625c852.9625853.2375853.5625 
3 (3) 028 (1C) Deersville Harrison 769.45625769.80625c771.48125c852.7875854.6125859.2375 
3 (3) 029 (1D) Powhatan Point Belmont 770.90625771.73125772.38125c772.70625c   
3 (3) 030 (1E) Beallsville Monroe 769.35625769.65625c771.05625c851.800   
3 (3) 031 (1F) Clarington Monroe 770.70625772.58125c773.48125c856.0875   
3 (3) 032 (20) Lewisville Monroe 770.03125771.35625771.63125c772.10625c854.3875855.7375 
3 (3) 033 (21) Wolf Creek Morgan 770.50625770.75625c771.00625c857.7375858.7125  
3 (3) 034 (22) Trimble Athens 851.2375851.450851.675852.3375c857.7125c  
3 (3) 035 (23) Logan Hocking 769.15625769.45625769.90625773.05625773.30625c773.80625c 
3 (3) 036 (24) Germano Harrison 772.05625773.15625c773.43125c852.375852.900852.950854.1875
3 (3) 037 (25) WOUB (Athens) Athens 769.25625770.00625770.55625771.13125c771.40625c  
3 (3) 038 (26) Addison (Cheshire) Gallia 770.53125771.08125c771.75625c851.9375852.275853.275 
3 (3) 039 (27) Apple Grove (Crown City) Gallia 773.43125774.05625774.23125c852.950c   
3 (3) 040 (28) Gallipolis Gallia 769.18125770.10625770.40625c771.25625c856.9375  
3 (3) 041 (29) Lecta (Crown City) Gallia 772.00625772.70625c773.80625c    
3 (3) 042 (2A) Greenup, KY Scioto 773.20625773.63125774.08125c774.78125c855.9875856.4625 
3 (3) 043 (2B) Hocking Hills (S Bloomingville) Hocking 770.33125771.88125c772.23125c858.5375   
3 (3) 044 (2C) Laurelville (Haynes) Hocking 852.100852.325852.6125853.100853.475c853.825c 
3 (3) 045 (2D) Sugar Grove Hocking 772.83125773.15625c774.63125c851.2625858.9625859.9625 
3 (3) 046 (2E) Carmel Church Jackson 772.15625772.75625773.18125c774.38125c   
3 (3) 047 (2F) Pyro (Oak Hill) Jackson 769.45625c769.70625c773.53125    
3 (3) 048 (30) Adena Jefferson 772.55625772.98125c774.40625c853.325853.8875856.1375 
3 (3) 049 (31) Athalia (Crown City) Lawrence 773.03125773.33125774.40625c774.53125774.65625c  
3 (3) 050 (32) Bartles (Coal Grove) Lawrence 769.53125769.78125770.35625c771.03125c   
3 (3) 051 (33) Huntington, WV Lawrence 770.68125773.45625774.30625c774.48125c   
3 (3) 052 (34) Oak Hill Lawrence 772.95625773.88125774.18125c774.73125c   
3 (3) 053 (35) Pedro (South Webster) Lawrence 771.43125771.90625772.38125c772.65625c   
3 (3) 054 (36) McKenzie Ridge (Racine) Meigs 769.35625770.83125c771.95625c852.050853.225856.1875 
3 (3) 055 (37) Pomeroy Meigs 772.50625774.15625c774.48125c852.825856.2375  
3 (3) 056 (38) Portland (Coolville) Meigs 770.78125770.95625773.33125c774.08125c   
3 (3) 057 (39) Shade (Albany) Meigs 771.80625772.08125c772.68125c    
3 (3) 058 (3A) Wilkesville Meigs 769.95625773.78125c774.80625c    
3 (3) 059 (3B) Elm Grove (Rarden) Pike 772.48125772.80625c773.45625c    
3 (3) 060 (3C) Latham (Bainbridge) Pike 769.68125769.93125c773.95625c    
3 (3) 061 (3D) Bainbridge Ross 772.73125773.90625c774.80625c    
3 (3) 062 (3E) Chillicothe ODOT Ross 770.65625771.83125c772.33125c    
3 (3) 063 (3F) Londonderry Ross 769.08125769.83125c770.25625c853.4125   
3 (3) 064 (40) Richmond Dale Pike 770.05625771.18125c771.45625c    
3 (3) 065 (41) Scioto Trail (Waverly) Ross 773.08125774.43125c774.68125c852.7125853.7875854.0875859.5375
3 (3) 066 (42) Tar Hollow (Laurelville) Ross 770.80625771.23125c771.53125c853.4625   
3 (3) 067 (43) Minford Scioto 769.10625769.85625c770.28125c853.9375854.4125  
3 (3) 068 (44) Otway Scioto 770.75625771.30625c771.60625c851.4375853.325853.9625 
3 (3) 069 (45) Portsmouth (W. Portsmouth) Scioto 770.95625773.28125c774.45625c851.7125851.975859.5625 
3 (3) 070 (46) Rarden Scioto 771.85625772.28125c772.58125c    
3 (3) 071 (47) Shawnee Fire Tower (Rome) Scioto 769.65625769.90625771.73125c772.23125c   
3 (3) 072 (48) South Webster Scioto 772.85625773.13125c774.13125c    
3 (3) 073 (49) Allensville (Vinton) Vinton 770.15625774.33125c774.58125c    
3 (3) 074 (4A) McArthur (Zaleski) Vinton 770.93125772.63125c772.93125c    
3 (3) 075 (4B) Union Furnace Vinton 769.40625770.18125c770.43125c852.675856.1625  
3 (3) 076 (4C) Dellroy Carroll 769.95625771.53125772.13125772.40625c773.55625c859.5625 
3 (3) 077 (4D) Knox Twp (Alliance) Columbiana 771.30625772.20625c773.80625c852.6625853.1625853.525 
3 (3) 078 (4E) Jackson Jackson 769.28125769.58125771.68125c774.53125c852.200858.6375 
3 (3) 079 (4F) Indian Camp (Wellston) Vinton 769.50625771.28125c771.58125c    
3 (3) 080 (50) Peach Ridge (Athens) Athens 772.98125773.23125773.90625c774.20625c   
3 (3) 081 (51) Coshocton Coshocton 851.1125852.1125852.300852.4625852.8125c853.300c 
3 (3) 082 (52) Scio Harrison 851.5875852.100852.700852.925853.175c853.4625c 
3 (3) 083 (53) Cadiz Harrison 770.45625770.46875774.08125c774.09375774.58125c774.59375 
4 (4) 001 (1) Butler County Butler 851.0375851.350851.7625852.200852.2875852.6875853.0375c
4 (4) 002 (2) Cincinnati City Hamilton 851.1125c851.1875c851.2125c851.4625c851.5625851.5875851.6875
4 (4) 003 (3) Montgomery County Montgomery 851.175851.325851.375851.575851.800851.850851.9375
4 (4) 004 (4) Hamilton County Hamilton 851.1625c851.250c851.300c851.5375851.650851.7875852.2375
4 (4) 005 (5) Miami County Miami 851.3375852.8375853.300854.4125856.0375856.7375c857.7375c
4 (4) 006 (6) New Paris Preble 770.85625771.28125771.68125773.08125773.78125c774.33125c 
4 (4) 007 (7) Springfield Clark 770.68125772.58125773.05625773.55625774.38125c774.70625c851.100
4 (4) 008 (8) Northridge Clark 771.33125771.58125771.95625772.90625773.23125c773.73125c851.8875
4 (4) 009 (9) West Alexandria Preble 770.90625772.18125772.65625c773.30625c773.76875853.800856.4625
4 (4) 010 (A) Lewisburg Preble 851.275851.6375852.8625853.2375853.6625c853.975c 


Statewide Mutual Aid

 HELPDESK is used for XECOMM talkgroup requests as well as other interoperability support requests, in addition to system and user tech support.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54502d4e6DXLECOM1Local Event Communications 1Interop
54505d4e9DXLECOM2Local Event Communications 2Interop
54508d4ecDXLECOM3Local Event Communications 3Interop
54515d4f3DXLECOM4Local Event Communications 4Interop
54518d4f6DXLECOM5Local Event Communications 5Interop
54520d4f8DXLECOM6Local Event Communications 6Interop
54524d4fcDXLECOM7Local Event Communications 7Interop
54544d510DXLECOM8Local Event Communications 8Interop
54530d502DXLECOM9Local Event Communications 9Interop
54534d506DXLECOM10Local Event Communications 10Interop
54539d50bDXLECOM11Local Event Communications 11Interop
54547d513DXLECOM12Local Event Communications 12Interop
54551d517DXLECOM13Local Event Communications 13Interop
54553d519DXLECOM14Local Event Communications 14Interop
54562d522DXLECOM15Local Event Communications 15Interop
54568d528DXLECOM16Local Event Communications 16Interop
54587d53bDXECOMM1Event Common 1Interop
54625d561DXECOMM2Event Common 2Interop
54627d563DXECOMM3Event Common 3Interop
54632d568DXECOMM4Event Common 4Interop
54634d56aDXECOMM5Event Common 5Interop
54635d56bDXECOMM6Event Common 6Interop
54637d56dDXECOMM7Event Common 7Interop
54639d56fDXECOMM8Event Common 8Interop
54641d571DXECOMM9Event Common 9Interop
54642d572DXECOMM10Event Common 10Interop
54645d575DXECOMM11Event Common 11Interop
54591d53fDXECOMM12Event Common 12Interop
54648d578DXECOMM13Event Common 13Interop
54649d579DXECOMM14Event Common 14Interop
54394d47aDXECOMM15Event Common 15Interop
54652d57cDXECOMM16Event Common 16Interop
54656d580DXECOMM17Event Common 17Interop
54658d582DXECOMM18Event Common 18Interop
54660d584DXECOMM19Event Common 19Interop
54664d588DXECOMM20Event Common 20Interop
54665d589DXECOMM21Event Common 21Interop
54596d544DXECOMM22Event Common 22Interop
54604d54cDXECOMM23Event Common 23Interop
54605d54dDXECOMM24Event Common 24Interop
54615d557DXECOMM25Event Common 25Interop
54616d558DXECOMM26Event Common 26Interop
54617d559DXECOMM27Event Common 27Interop
54618d55aDXECOMM28Event Common 28Interop
54501d4e5DXMARCS1Interoperability 1Interop
54504d4e8DXMARCS2Interoperability 2Interop
54507d4ebDXMARCS3Interoperability 3Interop
54513d4f1DXMARCS4Interoperability 4Interop
54517d4f5DXMARCS5Interoperability 5Interop
54519d4f7DXMARCS6Interoperability 6Interop
54523d4fbDXMARCS7Interoperability 7Interop
54529d501DXMARCS8Interoperability 8Interop
54533d505DXMARCS9Interoperability 9Interop
54538d50aDXMARCS10Interoperability 10Interop
54543d50fDXMARCS11Interoperability 11Interop
54546d512DXMARCS12Interoperability 12Interop
54550d516DXMARCS13Interoperability 13Interop
54552d518DXMARCS14Interoperability 14Interop
54626d562DXMCALL1Mutual Aid Calling - Central/West CentralInterop
54657d581DXMCOMM1Mutual Aid Ops - Central/WestInterop
54643d573DXMCALL2Mutual Aid Calling - NorthInterop
54661d585DXMCOMM2Mutual Aid Ops - NorthInterop
54651d57bDXMCALL3Mutual Aid Calling - South/SouthwestInterop
54666d58aDXMCOMM3Mutual Aid Ops - South/SouthwestInterop
54654d57eDXMCALL4Mutual Aid Calling - East/SoutheastInterop
54668d58cDXMCOMM4Mutual Aid Ops - East/SoutheastInterop
54554d51aDHELPDESKMARCS System and User SupportInterop
54633d569DXSO-NWCounty Interop - NorthwestInterop
54636d56cDXSO-NECounty Interop - NortheastInterop
54640d570DXSO-SECounty Interop - SoutheastInterop
54644d574DXSO-SWCounty Interop - SouthwestInterop
54647d577DXSO-CENCounty Interop - CentralInterop
54580d534DCOMMAND1Command post common 1Interop
54663d587DCOMMAND2Command post common 2Interop
Law Enforcement Common
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54646d576DXPRSUIT1Pursuit - Region 1Interop
54659d583DXPRSUIT2Pursuit - Region 2Interop
54670d58eDXPRSUIT3Pursuit - Region 3Interop
54676d594DXPRSUIT4Pursuit - Region 4Interop
54680d598DXPRSUIT5Pursuit - Region 5Interop
54684d59cDXPRSUIT6Pursuit - Region 6Interop
54686d59eDXPRSUIT7Pursuit - Region 7Interop
54688d5a0DXPRSUIT8Pursuit - Region 8Interop
60505ec59DCSXOH01CSX Police Interop 1Interop
60508ec5cDCSXOH02CSX Police Interop 2Interop
60510ec5eDNSPDCH1Norfolk Southern Police Interop 1Interop
60513ec61DNSPDCH2Norfolk Southern Police Interop 2Interop
Northern Border Interop

 These talkgroups are intended for use in the following counties: Williams, Fulton, Lucas, Ottawa, Erie, Lorain, Cuyahoga, Lake, Ashtabula

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54715d5bbDENBI-TAC3Northern Border Interop TAC3Interop
54735d5cfDENBI-TAC4Northern Border Interop TAC4Interop

District 1 (Findlay = HQ) covers Allen, Defiance, Fulton, Hancock, Hardin, Henry, Lucas, Paulding, Putnam, Van Wert, Williams, and Wood counties.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51502c92eDPOST02Post 2 (Lima) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51520c940DPOST20Post 20 (Defiance) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51532c94cDFINDLAYPost 32 (Findlay) District 1 HQ / post patrolLaw Dispatch
51548c95cDPOST48Post 48 (Toledo) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51592c988DEP02TACPost 2 (Lima) TacLaw Tac
51607c997DP20TACPost 20 TAC (Defiance and Williams Counties)Law Tac
51696c9f0DD1-EVT1Findlay Event 1Law Tac
51697c9f1DVANWRTPost 81 (Van Wert) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51701c9f5DBOWLGRNPost 87 (Bowling Green) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51792ca50DFIN-AV1Post 32 (Findlay) Aviation OpsLaw Tac

District 2 (Bucyrus = HQ) covers Crawford, Erie, Huron, Marion, Ottawa, Richland, Sandusky, Seneca, and Wyandot counties.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51517c93dDBUCYRUSPost 17 (Bucyrus) District 2 HQ / post patrolLaw Dispatch
51539c953DPOST39Post 39 (Norwalk) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51551c95fDPOST51Post 51 (Marion) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51572c974DPOST72Post 72 (Fremont) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51609c999DEP72TACPost 72 (Fremont) TacLaw Tac
51627c9abDP51TACPost 51 (Marion) TacLaw Tac
51636c9b4DEP70TACPost 70 (Mansfield) TacLaw Tac
51700c9f4DMANSFLDPost 70 (Mansfield) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51708c9fcDD2-EVT1Bucyrus Event 1Law Tac
51724ca0cDSANDSKYPost 22 (Sandusky) DispatchLaw Dispatch

District 3 (Cleveland = HQ) covers Ashland, Cuyahoga, Holmes, Lorain, Medina, Stark, Summit, and Wayne counties.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51503c92fDPOST03Post 3 (Ashland) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51518c93eDPOST18Post 18 (Cleveland) District 3 HQ / post patrolLaw Dispatch
51547c95bDPOST47Post 47 (Lorain) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51593c989DEP03TACPost 3 (Ashland) TacLaw Tac
51606c996DEP18TACPost 18 (Cleveland) TacLaw Tac
51623c9a7DEP47TACPost 47 (Lorain) TacLaw Tac
51628c9acDEP52TACPost 52 (Medina) TacLaw Tac
51640c9b8DEP76TACPost 76 (Canton) Tac - Summit County patrolLaw Tac
51650c9c2DEP76TAC2Post 76 (Canton) Tac - Stark County patrolLaw Tac
51683c9e3DCLE-TAC3Cleveland Tactical 3Law Tac
51705c9f9DWOOSTERPost 85 (Wooster) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51716ca04DMEDINA1Post 52 (Medina) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51721ca09DD3-EVT1Cleveland Event 1Law Tac
51727ca0fDCANTON1Post 76 (Canton) - Stark County patrolLaw Dispatch
51728ca10DD3-EVT2Cleveland Event 2Law Tac
51731ca13DCANTON2Post 76 (Canton) - Summit County patrol Law Dispatch

District 4 (Warren = HQ) covers Ashtabula, Columbiana, Geauga, Lake, Mahoning, Portage, and Trumbull counties.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51504c930DPOST04Post 4 (Ashtabula) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51528c948DPOST28Post 28 (Chardon) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51578c97aDWARRENPost 78 (Warren) District 4 HQ / post patrolLaw Dispatch
51595c98bDEP28TACPost 28 (Chardon) TacLaw Tac
51604c994DEP15TACPost 15 (Lisbon) TacLaw Tac
51626c9aaDEP50TACPost 50 (Canfield) TacLaw Tac
51634c9b2DEWRNEVT2OSP District 4 eventsLaw Tac
51641c9b9DEP78TACPost 78 (Warren) TacLaw Tac
51709c9fdDCANFLDPost 50 (Canfield) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51722ca0aDRAVENAPost 67 (Ravenna) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51740ca1cDLISBONPost 15 (Lisbon) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51771ca3bDWRNEVT1OSP District 4 eventsLaw Tac

District 5 (Piqua = HQ) covers Auglaize, Champaign, Clark, Darke, Greene, Logan, Mercer, Miami, Montgomery, Preble, Shelby, and Union counties.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51506c932DPOST06Post 6 (Wapakoneta) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51555c963DPIQUAPost 55 (Piqua) District 5 HQ / post patrolLaw Dispatch
51557c965DPOST57Post 57 (Dayton) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51580c97cDPOST80Post 80 (Marysville) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51597c98dDEP06TACPost 6 (Wapakoneta) TacLaw Tac
51601c991DEP12TACPost 12 (Springfield) TacLaw Tac
51614c99eDDAYTAC3Post 57 (Dayton) Tac 3Law Tac
51629c9adDEP55TACPost 55 (Piqua) TacLaw Tac
51644c9bcDEP80TACPost 80 (Marysville) TacLaw Tac
51717ca05DD5-EVT1Piqua Event 1Law Tac
51723ca0bDDAYTON1Post 57 (Dayton) 1Law Dispatch
51730ca12DDAYTON2Post 57 (Dayton) 2Law Dispatch
51737ca19DEDAYTAC1Post 57 (Dayton) Tac 1Law Tac
51738ca1aDDAYTON3Post 57 (Dayton) 3Law Dispatch
51741ca1dDDAYTAC2Post 57 (Dayton) Tac 2Law Tac
51745ca21DSPRNGFLDPost 12 (Springfield) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51810ca62DPIQ-AV 1Post 55 (Piqua) Aviation 1Law Tac

District 6 (Columbus = HQ) covers Delaware, Fairfield, Franklin, Knox, Licking, Madison, Morrow, Perry, and Pickaway counties.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51525c945DCOLUMBUSColumbus Comm CenterLaw Dispatch
51545c959DPOST45Post 45 (Granville) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51559c967DPOST59Post 59 (Mt Gilead) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51565c96dDPOST65Post 65 (Circleville) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51611c99bDEP25TACPost 25 (Columbus) TacLaw Tac
51622c9a6DEP45TACPost 45 (Granville) TacLaw Tac
51631c9afDEP59TACPost 59 (Mt Gilead) TacLaw Tac
51633c9b1DEP65TACPost 65 (Circleville) TacLaw Tac
51726ca0eDCOLEVT1OSP District 6 eventsLaw Tac
51732ca14DPOST25Post 25 (Columbus) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51739ca1bDDELAWREPost 21 (Delaware) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51744ca20DLANCSTRPost 23 (Lancaster) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51750ca26DWESTJEFFPost 49 (West Jefferson) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51751ca27DCOLMBUSPost 25 (Columbus) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51756ca2cDPOST25APost 25 (Columbus) Dispatch alternateLaw Dispatch
51772ca3cDFAIRGNDOSP Academy/State Fairgrounds postLaw Dispatch
51781ca45DPOST97State Capitol Complex Security Law Dispatch
51788ca4cDPOST98Shipley Bldg (General HQ) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51811ca63DEP97TACState Capitol Complex Security TacticalLaw Tac

District 7 (Cambridge = HQ) covers Belmont, Carroll, Coshocton, Guernsey, Harrison, Jefferson, Monroe, Morgan, Muskingum, Noble, Tuscarawas, and Washington counties.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51530c94aDCAMBRGEPost 30 (Cambridge) District HQ / post patrol Law Dispatch
51541c955DePOST41Post 41 (Steubenville) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51560c968DPOST60Post 60 (Zanesville) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51584c980DPOST84Post 84 (Marietta) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51598c98eDEP07TACPost 7 (St Clairsville) TacLaw Tac
51615c99fDEP30TACPost 30 (Cambridge) TacLaw Tac
51620c9a4DEP41TACPost 41 (Steubenville) TacLaw Tac
51632c9b0DEP60TACPost 60 (Zanesville) TacLaw Tac
51643c9bbDEP79TACPost 79 (New Philadelphia) TacLaw Tac
51648c9c0DEP84TACPost 84 (Marietta) TacLaw Tac
51736ca18DD7-EVT1Cambridge Event 1Law Tac
51752ca28DSTCLAIRPost 07 (St Clairsville) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51753ca29DCAM-TECHDistrict Radio TechniciansPublic Works
51760ca30DNEWPHILPost 79 (New Philadelphia) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51835ca7bDD7-LCSMotor Carrier EnforcementLaw Tac

District 8 (Wilmington = HQ) covers Adams, Brown, Butler, Clermont, Clinton, Fayette, Hamilton, Highland, and Warren counties.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51508c934DGEORGETWNPost 8 (Georgetown) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51509c935DHAMILTONPost 9 (Hamilton) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51513c939DPOST13Post 13 (Batavia)Law Dispatch
51514c93aDWLMNGTNPost 14 (Wilmington) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51531c94bDCINCINNATIPost 31 (Cincinnati) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51599c98fDEP08TACPost 8 (Georgetown) TacticalLaw Tac
51600c990DEP09TACPost 9 (Hamilton) TacticalLaw Tac
51602c992DEP13TACPost 13 (Batavia) TacticalLaw Tac
51603c993DEP14TACPost 14 (Wilmington) TacticalLaw Tac
51616c9a0DEP31TACPost 31 (Cincinnati) TacticalLaw Tac
51647c9bfDEP83TACPost 83 (Lebanon) TacticalLaw Tac
51742ca1eDD8-EVT1Wilmington Event 1 Law Tac
51743ca1fDBATAVIAPost 13 (Batavia) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51757ca2dDLEBANONPost 83 (Lebanon) DispatchLaw Dispatch

District 9 (Jackson = HQ) covers Athens, Gallia, Hocking, Jackson, Lawrence, Meigs, Pike, Ross, Scioto, and Vinton counties.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51527c947DPOST27Post 27 (Gallipolis) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51540c954DJACKSONPost 40 (Jackson) District 9 HQ / post patrol Law Dispatch
51544c958DPOST44Post 44 (Ironton) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51571c973DPOST71Post 71 (Chillicothe) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51637c9b5DEP71TACPost 71 (Chillicothe) TacLaw Tac
51766ca36DATHENS1Post 5 (Athens) DispatchLaw Dispatch
51770ca3aDPORTSMTHPost 73 (Portsmouth) DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51590c986DTP-EASTOhio Turnpike East OpsLaw Dispatch
51591c987DTP-WESTOhio Turnpike West OpsLaw Dispatch
51784ca48DETPETAC1Ohio Turnpike East Tac 1Law Tac
51795ca53DETPETAC2Ohio Turnpike East Tac 2Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51500c92cDOSPFLEETFleet ServicesPublic Works
51666c9d2DOSP-F3OSP F3Law Talk
51761ca31DAVIATNAviationLaw Tac
51782ca46DESRT11OSP Special Response TeamsLaw Tac
51783ca47DESRT TAC1OSP Special Response Teams Tac 1Law Tac
51789ca4dDESRT2OSP Special Response TeamsLaw Tac
Ohio Investigative Unit
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51662c9ceDOIU1Ohio Investgative Unit PrimaryLaw Tac
51667c9d3DCLE-ENF1Cleveland Enforcement 1Law Tac
51675c9dbDECIN-TAC1Cincinnati Tactical 1Law Tac
Ohio Turnpike Commission (OTP)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51900cabcDOTC-M-EASTMaintenance EastPublic Works
51902cabeDTOLL EASTToll Plazas - EastPublic Works
51904cac0DTOLL WESTToll Plazaa - WestPublic Works
51905cac1DOTC-M-WESTMaintenance WestPublic Works
51910cac6DOTC-M-TAC1Maintenance Tac 1Public Works
51915cacbDOTC-M-TAC2Maintenance Tac 2Public Works
Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53220cfe4DBCI ALLAnnouncementsLaw Talk
53410d0a2DBCI TAC2Tac 2Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54878d65eDNUC-DBDavis-Besse Nuclear Power PlantEmergency Ops
59088e6d0DEMA-CONWEMA Regional Calling, Northwest OhioEmergency Ops
59089e6d1DNUC-PERRYFirst Energy Perry Nuclear Power PlantEmergency Ops
59090e6d2DEMA-COCEMA Regional Calling, Central OhioEmergency Ops
59091e6d3DNWS-WILMLocal Agencies to NWS WilmingtonEmergency Ops
59092e6d4DEMA-CONEEMA Regional Calling, Northeast OhioEmergency Ops
59093e6d5DNWS-CLEVLocal Agencies to NWS ClevelandEmergency Ops
59094e6d6DEMA-COSEEMA Regional Calling, Southeast OhioEmergency Ops
59095e6d7DNWS-PITTLocal Agencies to NWS PittsburghEmergency Ops
59096e6d8DEMA-COSWEMA Regional Calling, Southwest OhioEmergency Ops
59097e6d9DNUC-BVBeaver Valley Nuclear Power PlantEmergency Ops
59098e6daDNWS-CHARLocal Agencies to NWS CharlestonEmergency Ops
59099e6dbDNWS-NWEBLocal Agencies to NWS Northern IndianaEmergency Ops
59119e6efDEMAOHIOOhio EMAEmergency Ops
Statewide Emergency Response
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
175424486DREDCRS02Red Cross 2Emergency Ops
175554493DREDCRS04Red Cross 4Emergency Ops
54697d5a9DOFCA-1Ohio Fire Chiefs AssociationFire-Talk
54701d5adDOFCA-2Ohio Fire Chiefs AssociationFire-Talk
54706d5b2DOSFA-1Ohio State Firefighters AssociationFire-Talk
Ohio Department of Health
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
59504e870DODHODH commonEmergency Ops
59537e891DHOS-CENODH to Hospitals Common - CentralHospital
59582e8beDLH COMLocal Health Departments CommonInterop
59660e90cDLHD WCENWest Central Region CallingEmergency Ops
59863e9d7DODH-SWSouthwest Region CallingEmergency Ops
59970ea42DODH-SESoutheast Region CallingEmergency Ops
Medical Transportation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1356134f9DMETROLZCleveland Metro LifeFlight Landing ZoneEMS-Tac
135723504DMETROFCOCleveland Metro LifeFlight Flight ControlEMS Dispatch
135873513DCLE-LF-AIRCleveland Metro Life Flight Air OperationsEMS-Tac
13597351dDCLE-LF-DISPCleveland Metro LifeFlight DispatchEMS Dispatch
140963710DCC-AIRCleveland Clinic HeloEMS Dispatch
144663882D18-CCAMBCommunity Care Ambulance - CuyahogaEMS Dispatch
17501445dDMEDFLTMedFlight Statewide HailingEMS-Tac
175084464DMFHELI1MedFlight Helicopter OperationsEMS Dispatch
175104466DMEDCARE1MedCare CentralEMS Dispatch
175124468DMFHELI2MedFlight Helicopter AlternateEMS-Tac
17514446aDMEDCARE2MedCare NorthEMS Dispatch
17517446dDMFHELI3MedFlight 7 / HealthNet 4 (Portsmouth) OperationsEMS Dispatch
17518446eDMHMT DISPMercy Health Medical Transportation - DispatchEMS Dispatch
175204470DMFMICUMedflight MICU OperationsEMS Dispatch
175224472DMF TAC1MedFlight Tactical 1EMS-Tac
175254475DMF GND2MedFlight Tactical 2EMS-Tac
17546448aDMEDCARE3MedCare SouthEMS Dispatch
17551448fDMEDCARE4MedCare AlternateEMS-Talk
196344cb2D28-CCAMBCommunity Care Ambulance - GeaugaEMS Dispatch
21003520bDXAIRCAR1UC Air Care Auxiliary 1EMS-Tac
21006520eDAIRCARE1UC Air Care DispatchEMS Dispatch
210085210DXAIRCAR2UC Air Care Auxiliary 2EMS-Tac
210105212DAD31E200UC Mobile Care AdministrationEMS-Talk
210125214DXAIRCAR3UC Air Care Auxiliary 3EMS-Tac
210145216DCC31E200UC Mobile Care Car to CarEMS-Tac
21018521aDUCMOBCAREUniversity of Cincinnati Mobile Care DispatchEMS Dispatch
21019521bDSE31E200UC Mobile Care Special EventsEMS-Tac
300007530DLF TACToledo LifeFlight TacEMS-Tac
300207544DLIFEFLTToledo Life Flight Hailing EMS-Tac
300257549DLF DISPToledo Life Flight / Mobile Life DispatchEMS Dispatch
3011775a5DPTNGNDProMedica ground units dispatch/opsEMS Dispatch
302087600DLF OPSToledo Life Flight/Mobile Life OperationsEMS-Tac
302117603DLF CALLToledo Life Flight / Mobile Life CallingEMS Dispatch
302157607DLIFESTARMercy Lifestar - OperationsEMS-Tac
30218760aDLF SP EVNTToledo Life Flight - Special EventsEMS-Talk
3500388bbDBUCKEYE R2Buckeye Ambulance Region 2 (Chillicothe, Greenfield, Washington C.H.) EMS Dispatch
3500488bcDKHNMICUKettering Mobile Care MICU Channel (Buckeye Ambulance) EMS-Tac
3500588bdDCOMEMS1Community EMS of Ohio 1EMS Dispatch
3500788bfDKNHMICUDSPKettering Mobile Care MICU Dispatch (Buckeye Ambulance) EMS-Talk
3500988c1DCOMEMS2Community EMS of Ohio 2EMS-Talk
54000d2f0DAIREVACAir EvacEMS Dispatch
54713d5b9DPTN OPSPromedica callingEMS-Talk
54736d5d0DAIRCOM-CLFChrist LifeFlight (Cincinnati)EMS Dispatch
54741d5d5DMEDVAC1University MedEvac 1EMS-Tac
59653e905DHOS-5708Childrens' Hospital (Dayton) NICU/PICU TransportEMS Dispatch
59839e9bfDHOS-7702Akron Children's Hospital (Akron) - Ambulance and Air Bear DispatchEMS Dispatch
59905ea01DCARECOMMiami Valley Hospital Careflight/MICU - Comm CenterEMS Dispatch
59916ea0cDCARE-AIRMiami Valley Hospital CareFlight - Air OpsEMS-Tac
59919ea0fDCAREGRDMIami Valley Hospital CareFlight - Ground OpsEMS-Tac
59921ea11DCAREADMMiami Valley Hospital Careflight - AdministrationEMS-Talk
59926ea16DCARE-FLTMiami Valley Hospital CareFlight - CallingEMS-Tac
62993f611DCC AMBOCommunity Care AmbulanceEMS Dispatch
State Fire Marshal's Office
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53463d0d7DSFM-DISPDispatchFire Dispatch
54681d599DSFM-OPS1Operations 1Fire-Talk
54683d59bDSFM-OPS2Operations 2Fire-Talk
54687d59fDSFM-OPS3Operations 3Fire-Talk
54689d5a1DSFM-OPS4Operations 4Fire-Talk
54694d5a6DSFM-OPS5Operations 5Fire-Talk
Ohio National Guard
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54017d301DONG-RAV TRNRavenna Arsenal - TrainingMilitary
54018d302DONG-5Ravenna ArsenalMilitary
54019d303DONG-RAV2Ravenna ArsenalMilitary
54022d306DONG-RAV5Ravenna ArsenalMilitary
54025d309DRNGCTRLOhio National Guard - Range ControlMilitary
54033d311D52OPSONG 52nd WMD-CST (Columbus)Military
54039d317DONG-1Ohio National GuardMilitary
54043d31bDONG-2Ohio National GuardMilitary
54047d31fDONG-RAVRavenna ArsenalMilitary
54086d346DONG-RAV TRN2Ravenna Arsenal - TrainingMilitary
54121d369DONG-?Ohio National GuardMilitary
56768ddc0DONG-RAVRavenna ArsenalMilitary
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53001cf09DEPA-ALLDivision of Drinking and Ground WaterPublic Works
53006cf0eDEPADGW-2Division of Drinking and Ground WaterPublic Works
53010cf12DEPADGW-NWDivision of Drinking and Ground Water (Northwest)Public Works
Ohio Department of Mental Health
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53208cfd8DODMH-TVCTwin Valley Behavioral Healthcare Hospital - SecuritySecurity
Ohio Department of Natural Resources
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52000cb20DWCEAKRNWatercraft Enforcement - Akron Region Law Tac
52001cb21DWCEALUMWatercraft Enforcement - Alum Creek RegionLaw Tac
52004cb24DWCECMBRWatercraft Enforcement - Cambridge RegionLaw Tac
52005cb25DWCE-CNCIWatercraft Enforcement - Cincinnati (Bethel) RegionLaw Tac
52006cb26DWCEERIEWatercraft Enforcement - Lake Erie RegionLaw Tac
52012cb2cDWL-ERIEWildlife Enforcement - Lake Erie RegionLaw Tac
52013cb2dDPR-NW-M1Parks and Recreation - Maintenance, NorthwestPublic Works
52014cb2eDWL-D2-CWildlife Enforcement - District 2 (NW)Law Tac
52015cb2fDNE-DNRNortheast OperationsLaw Dispatch
52017cb31DWL-D3-EWildlife Enforcement - District 3 (NE)Law Tac
52018cb32DSW-DNRSouthwest OperationsLaw Dispatch
52020cb34DeCALL-NEEnforcement - Northeast CallingLaw Dispatch
52022cb36DeCALL-SWEnforcement - Southwest CallingLaw Dispatch
52023cb37DNW-DNRNorthwest OperationsLaw Dispatch
52024cb38DPR-SW-M1Parks and Recreation - Southwest Maintenance 1Public Works
52027cb3bDeCALL-NWEnforcement - Northwest CallingLaw Dispatch
52028cb3cDPR-SW-M2Parks and Recreation - Southwest Maintenance 2Public Works
52029cb3dDPR-NE-M2Parks and Recreation - Northeast Maintenance 2Public Works
52030cb3eDPR-SW-E1Parks and Recreation - Southwest Enforcement Law Tac
52031cb3fDFR-FIN-MForestry Maintenance - Findlay RegionPublic Works
52032cb40DPR-SW-M3Parks and Recreation - Southwest Maintenance 3Public Works
52033cb41DWL-D3-BWildlife Enforcement - District 3 (NE)Law Tac
52035cb43DPR-NE-E1Parks and Recreation - Northeast Enforcement 1Law Tac
52037cb45DPR-NW-M2Parks and Recreation - Northwest Maintenance 2Public Works
52039cb47DPR-NE-E2Parks and Recreation - Northeast Enforcement 2Law Tac
52041cb49DWL-D2-EWildlife Enforcement - District 2 (NW)Law Tac
52042cb4aDMRM-SMineral Resource Management - SouthPublic Works
52045cb4dDWL-D5-EWildlife Enforcement - District 5 (SW)Law Tac
52047cb4fDDNR-TACTacticalLaw Tac
52049cb51DWL-D5-CWildlife Enforcement - District 5 (SW)Law Tac
52050cb52DFR-ATH-MForestry Maintenance - Athens RegionPublic Works
52056cb58DWL-DIST2Wildlife Enforcement - District 2 (NW)Law Tac
52057cb59DFR-CHL-MForestry Maintenance - Chillicothe regionPublic Works
52059cb5bDPR-SW-E1Parks and Recreation - Southwest Enforcement 1Law Tac
52061cb5dDFR-FIR-SHForestry Fire Protection - Shawnee State ForestFire-Tac
52063cb5fDFR-MA-PSForestry Maintenance - Pike State ForestPublic Works
52064cb60DPR-SE-E3Parks and Recreation - Southeast Enforcement 3Law Tac
52065cb61DWL-D5BWildlife Enforcement - District 5 (SW)Law Tac
52067cb63DWL-D4-EWildlife Enforcement - District 4 (SE)Law Tac
52068cb64DFR-FIR-PIForestry Fire Protection - Pike State ForestFire-Tac
52069cb65DSE-DNRSoutheast OperationsLaw Dispatch
52072cb68DeCALL-SEEnforcement - Southeast CallingLaw Dispatch
52074cb6aDWL-D4-AWildlife Enforcement - District 4 (SE)Law Tac
52075cb6bDDNR EMEREmergencyLaw Tac
52076cb6cDPR-SE-M4Parks and Recreation - Southeast Maintenance 4Public Works
52077cb6dDCEN-DNRCentral OperationsLaw Dispatch
52078cb6eDPR-EC-MParks and Recreation - East Central MaintenancePublic Works
52079cb6fDFR-FRN-MForestry Maintenance - Fernwood RegionPublic Works
52080cb70DPR-SE-E1Parks and Recreation - Southeast Enforcement 1Law Tac
52083cb73DWL-D4-BWildlife Enforcement - District 4 (SE)Law Tac
52084cb74DPR-SE-M2Parks and Recreation - Southeast Maintenance 2Public Works
52085cb75DWL-D3-CWildlife Enforcement - District 3 (NE)Law Tac
52087cb77DWL-D1-AWildlife Enforcement - District 1 (Central)Law Tac
52089cb79DPR-SE-M3Parks and Recreation - Southeast Maintenance 3Public Works
52091cb7bDPR-SE-E2Parks and Recreation - Southeast Enforcement 2Law Tac
52092cb7cDFR-FIR-DEForestry Fire Protection - Dean State ForestFire-Tac
52095cb7fDWL-DIST4Wildlife Enforcement - District 4 (SE)Law Tac
52096cb80DDNROIL1Oil and GasPublic Works
52097cb81DeCALL-CENEnforcement - Central CallingLaw Dispatch
52099cb83DWL-D4-CWildlife Enforcement - District 4 (SE)Law Tac
52101cb85DPR-C-E1Parks and Recreation - Central Enforcement 1Law Tac
52103cb87DPR-C-M2Parks and Recreation - Central Maintenance 2Public Works
52104cb88DWL-D1-EWildlife Enforcement - District 1 (Central)Law Tac
52105cb89DWL-DIST1Wildlife Enforcement - District 1 (Central)Law Tac
52106cb8aDPR-C-M1Parks and Recreation - Central Maintenance 1Public Works
52107cb8bDDNROIL2Oil and GasPublic Works
52108cb8cDFR-FIR-ZHForestry Fire Protection - Zaleski State ForestFire-Tac
52111cb8fDFR-MA-DEForestry Maintenance - Dean State ForestPublic Works
52112cb90DDNR ADMINAdministrationPublic Works
52114cb92DDNRDAM2Division of Engineering - DamsPublic Works
52115cb93DFR-MA-SHForestry Maintenance - Shawnee State ForestPublic Works
52116cb94DATG-CENAnnouncement Talk Group - Central OhioLaw Tac
52122cb9aDDNRENG2Division of EngineeringPublic Works
52123cb9bDFR-MA-STForestry Maintenance - Scioto Trail State ForestPublic Works
52124cb9cDATG-NEAnnouncement Talk Group - NE OhioLaw Tac
52127cb9fDFR-MA-ZAForestry Maintenance - Zaleski State ForestPublic Works
52132cba4DATG-NWAnnouncement Talk Group - NW OhioLaw Tac
52139cbabDPR-SW-E3Parks and Recreation - Southwest Enforcement 3Law Tac
52140cbacDATG-SEAnnouncement Talk Group - SE OhioLaw Tac
52147cbb3DATG-SWAnnouncement Talk Group - SW OhioLaw Tac
52492cd0cDFR-FIR-STForestry Fire Protection - Scioto Trail State ForestFire-Tac
Ohio Department of Transportation - Common
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53003cf0bDODOTMAINPrimary CallingPublic Works
53004cf0cDODOT-MTCMaintenancePublic Works
53007cf0fDESCORT-1Oversized Load Escort 1Public Works
53016cf18DESCORT-2Oversized Load Escort 2Public Works
53019cf1bDODOT-AIRAir OperationsPublic Works
53031cf27DESCORT-3Oversized Load Escort 3Public Works
53250d002DCO-MTC1Central Office Maintenance 1Public Works
53252d004DDOTSFTYSafetyPublic Works
53254d006DCO-MTC2Central Office Maintenance 2Public Works
53258d00aDCO-MTC3Central Office Maintenance 3Public Works
53262d00eDCO-MTC4Central Office Maintenance 4Public Works
53272d018DODOT CENTRALCentral OfficePublic Works
53355d06bDEODOT EOC-OPSEOC OperationsEmergency Ops
53385d089DODOT-ALLAll Radio CallPublic Works
54971d6bbDEFSP-TACFreeway Service Patrol TacticalPublic Works
64141fa8dDCO-MTC5Central Office Maintenance 5Public Works
64142fa8eDCO-MTC6Central Office Maintenance 6Public Works
Ohio Department of Transportation - District 1

Serving the counties of:  Allen, Defiance, Hancock, Hardin, Paulding, Putnam, Van Wert and Wyandot

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53015cf17DD01-MAINDistrict 1 - MainPublic Works
53249d001DD01-ALLAllen County OperationsPublic Works
53251d003DD01-DEFDefiance County OperationsPublic Works
53253d005DD01-HANHancock County OperationsPublic Works
53255d007DD01-HARHardin County OperationsPublic Works
53257d009DD01-PAUPaulding County OperationsPublic Works
53259d00bDD01-PUTPutnam County OperationsPublic Works
53261d00dDD01-VANVan Wert County OperationsPublic Works
53263d00fDD01-WYAWyandot County OperationsPublic Works
53265d011DD01-OPSDistrict 1 - OperationsPublic Works
53357d06dDD01-MTC1District 1 - Maintenance 1Public Works
53386d08aDD01-MTC2District 1 - Maintenance 2Public Works
64100fa64DD01-MTC3District 1 - Maintenance 3Public Works
64101fa65DD01-MTC4District 1 - Maintenance 4Public Works
64102fa66DD01-EOCDistrict 1 - EOCEmergency Ops
Ohio Department of Transportation - District 2

Serving the counties of:  Fulton, Henry, Lucas, Ottawa, Sandusky, Seneca, Williams and Wood

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53023cf1fDD02-MAINDistrict 2 - MainPublic Works
53030cf26DD02-FSPDistrict 2 - Freeway Service PatrolsPublic Works
53267d013DD02-FULFulton County OperatoinsPublic Works
53269d015DD02-HENHenry County OperationsPublic Works
53271d017DD02-LUCLucas County OperationsPublic Works
53273d019DD02-OTTOttawa County OperationsPublic Works
53275d01bDD02-SANSandusky County OperationsPublic Works
53277d01dDD02-SENSeneca County OperationsPublic Works
53279d01fDD02-WILWilliams County OperationsPublic Works
53281d021DD02-WODWood County OperationsPublic Works
53283d023DD02-OPSDistrict 2 - OperationsPublic Works
53359d06fDD02-MTC1District 2 - Maintenance 1Public Works
53387d08bDD02-MTC2District 2 - Maintenance 2Public Works
64103fa67DD02 NORTH-OPNorthwoods Outpost OperationsPublic Works
64104fa68DD02-MTC3District 2 - Maintenance 3Public Works
64105fa69DD02-MTC4District 2 - Maintenance 4Public Works
64106fa6aDD02-EOCDistrict 2 - EOCEmergency Ops
Ohio Department of Transportation - District 3

Serving the counties of:  Ashland, Crawford, Erie, Huron, Lorain, Medina, Richland and Wayne

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53035cf2bDD03-MAINDistrict 3 - MainPublic Works
53274d01aDD03-ASDAshland County OperationsPublic Works
53276d01cDD03-CRACrawford County OperationsPublic Works
53278d01eDD03-ERIErie County OperationsPublic Works
53280d020DD03-HURHuron County OperationsPublic Works
53282d022DD03-LORLorain County OperationsPublic Works
53284d024DD03-MEDMedina County OperationsPublic Works
53286d026DD03-RICRichland County OperationsPublic Works
53288d028DD03-WAYWayne County OperationsPublic Works
53290d02aDD03-OPSDistrict 3 - OperationsPublic Works
53361d071DD03-MTC1District 3 - Maintenance 1Public Works
53388d08cDD03-MTC2District 3 - Maintenance 2Public Works
64107fa6bDD03-MTC3District 3 - Maintenance 3Public Works
64108fa6cDD03-MTC4District 3 - Maintenance 4Public Works
64109fa6dDD03-EOCDistrict 3 - EOCEmergency Ops
Ohio Department of Transportation - District 4

Serving the counties of:  Ashtabula, Mahoning, Portage, Stark, Summit and Trumbull

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53011cf13DED04-FSPDistrict 4 - Freeway Service PatrolsPublic Works
53040cf30DD04-MAINDistrict 4 - MainPublic Works
53285d025DD04-ATBAshtabula County OperationsPublic Works
53287d027DD04-MAHMahoning County OperationsPublic Works
53289d029DD04-PORPortage County OperationsPublic Works
53291d02bDD04-STAStark County OperationsPublic Works
53293d02dDD04-SUMSummit County OperationsPublic Works
53295d02fDD04-TRUTrumbull County OperationsPublic Works
53297d031DD04-OPSDistrict 4 - OperationsPublic Works
53363d073DD04-MTC1District 4 - Maintenance 1Public Works
53389d08dDD04-MTC2District 4 - Maintenance 2Public Works
53398d096DD04-MTC3District 4 - Maintenance 3Public Works
53399d097DD04-MTC4District 4 - Maintenance 4Public Works
64110fa6eDD04-EOCDistrict 4 - EOCEmergency Ops
64111fa6fDD04-BRDGDistrict 4 - Bridge OperationsPublic Works
64112fa70DD04-EASTDistrict 4 - East OperationsPublic Works
64113fa71DD04-WESTDistrict 4 - West OperationsPublic Works
Ohio Department of Transportation - District 5

Serving the counties of:  Coshocton, Fairfield, Guernsey, Knox, Licking, Muskingum and Perry

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53043cf33DD05-MAINDistrict 5 - MainPublic Works
53292d02cDD05-COSCoshocton County OperationsPublic Works
53294d02eDD05-FAIFairfield County OperationsPublic Works
53296d030DD05-GUEGuernsey County OperationsPublic Works
53298d032DD05-KNOKnox County OperationsPublic Works
53300d034DD05-LICLicking County OperationsPublic Works
53302d036DD05-MUSMuskingum County OperationsPublic Works
53304d038DD05-PERPerry County OperationsPublic Works
53306d03aDD05-OPSDistrict 5 - OperationsPublic Works
53365d075DD05-MTC1District 5 - Maintenance 1Public Works
53390d08eDD05-MTC2District 5 - Maintenance 2Public Works
64114fa72DD05-MTC3District 5 - Maintenance 3Public Works
64115fa73DD05-MTC4District 5 - Maintenance 4Public Works
64116fa74DD05-EOCDistrict 5 - EOCEmergency Ops
Ohio Department of Transportation - District 6

Serving the counties of:  Delaware, Fayette, Franklin, Madison, Marion, Morrow, Pickaway and Union

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53020cf1cDD06-FSPDistrict 6 - Freeway Service PatrolsPublic Works
53047cf37DD06-MAINDistrict 6 - MainPublic Works
53299d033DD06-DELDelaware County OperationsPublic Works
53301d035DD06-FAYFayette County OperationsPublic Works
53303d037DD06-FRA1Franklin County Operations 1Public Works
53305d039DD06-MADMadison County OperationsPublic Works
53307d03bDD06-MARMarion County OperationsPublic Works
53309d03dDD06-MORMorrow County OperationsPublic Works
53311d03fDD06-PICPickaway County OperationsPublic Works
53313d041DD06-UNIUnion County OperationsPublic Works
53315d043DD06-OPSDistrict 6 - OperationsPublic Works
53367d077DD06-MTC1District 6 - Maintenance 1Public Works
53391d08fDD06-MTC2District 6 - Maintenance 2Public Works
53403d09bDD06-BRDGDistrict 6 - Bridge OperationsPublic Works
64117fa75DD06-FRA2Franklin County Operations 2Public Works
64118fa76DD06-FRA3Franklin County Operations 3Public Works
64119fa77DD06-EOCDistrict 6 - EOCEmergency Ops
64143fa8fDD06-TRFCDistrict 6 - Traffic OperationsPublic Works
Ohio Department of Transportation - District 7

Serving the counties of:  Auglaize, Clark, Champaign, Darke, Logan, Mercer, Miami, Montgomery and Shelby

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53034cf2aDD07-FSPDistrict 7 - Freeway Service PatrolsPublic Works
53049cf39DD07-MAINDistrict 7 - MainPublic Works
53369d079DD07-MTC1District 7 - Maintenance 1Public Works
53370d07aDD07-AUGAuglaize County OperationsPublic Works
53371d07bDD07-CHAChampaign County OperationsPublic Works
53372d07cDD07-CLAClark County OperationsPublic Works
53373d07dDD07-DARDarke County OperationsPublic Works
53374d07eDD07-LOGLogan County OperationsPublic Works
53375d07fDD07-MERMercer County OperationsPublic Works
53376d080DD07-MIAMiami County OperationsPublic Works
53377d081DD07-MOTMontgomery County OperationsPublic Works
53378d082DD07-SHEShelby County OperationsPublic Works
53379d083DD07-OPSDistrict 7 - OperationsPublic Works
53392d090DD07-MTC2District 7 - Maintenance 2Public Works
64120fa78DD07 LYONS-OPLyons Outpost OperationsPublic Works
64121fa79DD07-MTC3District 7 - Maintenance 3Public Works
64122fa7aDD07-EOCDistrict 7 - EOCEmergency Ops
Ohio Department of Transportation - District 8

Serving the counties of:  Butler, Clermont, Clinton, Greene, Hamilton, Preble and Warren

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53039cf2fDD08-FSPDistrict 8 - Freeway Service PatrolsPublic Works
53052cf3cDD08-MAINDistrict 8 - MainPublic Works
53317d045DD08-BUTButler County OperationsPublic Works
53319d047DD08-CLEClermont County OperationsPublic Works
53321d049DD08-CLIClinton County OperationsPublic Works
53323d04bDD08-GREGreene County OperationsPublic Works
53325d04dDD08-HAM1Hamilton County Operations 1Public Works
53327d04fDD08-PREPreble County OperationsPublic Works
53329d051DD08-WARWarren County OperationsPublic Works
53331d053DD08-OPSDistrict 8 - OperationsPublic Works
53380d084DD08-MTC1District 8 - Maintenance 1Public Works
53393d091DD08-MTC2District 8 - Maintenance 2Public Works
53400d098DD08-MTC3District 8 - Maintenance 3Public Works
64123fa7bDD08-HAM2Hamilton County Operations 2Public Works
64124fa7cDD08-HAM3Hamilton County Operations 3Public Works
64125fa7dDD08-MTC4District 8 - Maintenance 4Public Works
64126fa7eDD08-EOCDistrict 8 - EOCEmergency Ops
Ohio Department of Transportation - District 9

Serving the counties of:  Adams, Brown, Highland, Jackson, Lawrence, Pike, Ross and Scioto

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53056cf40DD09-MAINDistrict 9 - MainPublic Works
53328d050DD09-ADAAdams County OperationsPublic Works
53330d052DD09-BROBrown County OperationsPublic Works
53332d054DD09-HIGHighland County OperationsPublic Works
53334d056DD09-JACJackson County OperationsPublic Works
53336d058DD09-LAWLawrence County OperationsPublic Works
53338d05aDD09-PIKPike County OperationsPublic Works
53340d05cDD09-ROSRoss County OperationsPublic Works
53342d05eDD09-SCIScioto County OperationsPublic Works
53344d060DD09-OPSDistrict 9 - OperationsPublic Works
53381d085DD09-MTC1District 9 - Maintenance 1Public Works
53394d092DD09-MTC2District 9 - Maintenance 2Public Works
64127fa7fDD09-MTC3District 9 - Maintenance 3Public Works
64128fa80DD09-MTC4District 9 - Maintenance 4Public Works
64129fa81DD09-EOCDistrict 9 - EOCEmergency Ops
Ohio Department of Transportation - District 10

Serving the counties of:  Athens, Gallia, Hocking, Meigs, Monroe, Morgan, Noble, Vinton and Washington

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53059cf43DD10-MAINDistrict 10 - MainPublic Works
53333d055DD10-ATHAthens County OperationsPublic Works
53335d057DD10-GALGallia County OperationsPublic Works
53337d059DD10-HOCHocking County OperationsPublic Works
53339d05bDD10-MEGMeigs County OperationsPublic Works
53341d05dDD10-MOEMonroe County OperationsPublic Works
53343d05fDD10-MRGMorgan County OperationsPublic Works
53345d061DD10-NOBNoble County OperationsPublic Works
53347d063DD10-VINVinton County OperationsPublic Works
53349d065DD10-WASWashington County OperationsPublic Works
53351d067DD10-OPSDistrict 10 - OperationsPublic Works
53382d086DD10-MTC1District 10 - Maintenance 1Public Works
53395d093DD10-MTC2District 10 - Maintenance 2Public Works
64130fa82DD10-MTC3District 10 - Maintenance 3Public Works
64131fa83DD10-MTC4District 10 - Maintenance 4Public Works
64132fa84DD10-EOCDistrict 10 - EOCEmergency Ops
Ohio Department of Transportation - District 11

Serving the counties of:  Belmont, Carroll, Columbiana, Harrison, Holmes, Jefferson and Tuscarawas

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53065cf49DD11-MAINDistrict 11 - MainPublic Works
53346d062DD11-BELBelmont County OperationsPublic Works
53348d064DD11-CARCarroll County OperationsPublic Works
53350d066DD11-COLColumbiana Co OperationsPublic Works
53352d068DD11-HARHarrison County OperationsPublic Works
53354d06aDD11-HOLHolmes County OperationsPublic Works
53356d06cDD11-JEFJefferson County OperationsPublic Works
53358d06eDD11-TUSTuscarawas County OperationsPublic Works
53360d070DD11-OPSDistrict 11 - OperationsPublic Works
53383d087DD11-MTC1District 11 - Maintenance 1Public Works
53396d094DD11-MTC2District 11 - Maintenance 2Public Works
64133fa85DD11-MTC3District 11 - Maintenance 3Public Works
64134fa86DD11-MTC4District 11 - Maintenance 4Public Works
64135fa87DD11-EOCDistrict 11 - EOCEmergency Ops
Ohio Department of Transportation - District 12

Serving the counties of:  Cuyahoga, Geauga and Lake

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53067cf4bDED12-FSPDistrict 12 - Freeway Service Patrols Public Works
53068cf4cDD12-MAINDistrict 12 - MainPublic Works
53362d072DD12-CUY1Cuyahoga County Operations 1Public Works
53364d074DD12-GEAGeauga County OperationsPublic Works
53366d076DD12-LAKLake County OperationsPublic Works
53368d078DD12-OPSDistrict 12 - OperationsPublic Works
53384d088DD12-MTC1District 12 - Maintenance 1Public Works
53397d095DD12-MTC2District 12 - Maintenance 2Public Works
53401d099DD12-MTC3District 12 - Maintenance 3Public Works
53402d09aDD12-MTC4District 12 - Maintenance 4Public Works
64136fa88DD12-CUY2Cuyahoga County Operations 2Public Works
64137fa89DD12-CUY3Cuyahoga County Operations 3Public Works
64138fa8aDD12-CUY4Cuyahoga County Operations 4Public Works
64139fa8bDD12-CUY5Cuyahoga County Operations 5Public Works
64140fa8cDD12-EOCDistrict 12 - EOCEmergency Ops
Ohio Department of Administrative Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53199cfcfDDAS SECURITYSecuritySecurity
54655d57fDMOT-1Office of Information Technology (OIT) - Motorola TechsPublic Works
54690d5a2DXMARCSDMMARCS Demo TalkgroupPublic Works
54990d6ceDRadioTechniciansRadio TechniciansPublic Works
Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC)

SID = Special Investigations Department

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53449d0c9DBWC SECBWC SecurityLaw Tac
53500d0fcDBWCREG1BWC Region 1 Claimant FraudLaw Tac
53504d100DBWCREG2BWC Region 2 Claimant FraudLaw Tac
53508d104DBWCREG3BWC Region 3 Claimant FraudLaw Tac
53512d108DBWC HCP1SID Health Care Provider Fraud Team 1Law Tac
53516d10cDBWC EFTSID Employer Fraud TeamLaw Tac
53520d110DBWC STFBWC Administration StaffLaw Talk
53524d114DBWC TAC1BWC Tactical 1Law Tac
53528d118DBWC TAC2BWC Tactical 2Law Tac
53532d11cDBWC HCP2SID Health Care Provider Fraud Team 2Law Tac
Other State Agencies
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51762ca32DFRSTAIDOhio State Fair - First AidEMS-Talk
53070cf4eDPUCO-HQPublic Utilities Commission of Ohio HQPublic Works
53073cf51DeTAX-HQOhio Department of Taxation HeadquartersLaw Talk
53086cf5eDPUCO MCE SWPublic Utilities Commission of Ohio - Motor Carriers Enforcement - SouthwestLaw Tac
53158cfa6DODA-AIOhio Department of AgriculturePublic Works
Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
46502b5a6DMWCDRECMWCD - RecreationPublic Works
46504b5a8DATWOODMWCD - Atwood LakePublic Works
46509b5adDTAPPANMWCD - Tappan LakePublic Works
46514b5b2DSENECAMWCD - Seneca LakePublic Works
46519b5b7DP-HILLMWCD - Pleasant Hill LakePublic Works
46524b5bcDC-MILLMWCD - Charles Mill LakePublic Works
46531b5c3DMWCD TC1MWCDPublic Works
46535b5c7DMWCD TC2MWCDPublic Works
46538b5caDMWCD TC3MWCDPublic Works
46543b5cfDMWCD ENGMWCD - EngineeringPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
50001388DFD01DISPCounty Fire/EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
50011389DFD01TAC04County Fire Tac 4Fire-Tac
5002138aDSC01EMERCountywide School EmergencyEmergency Ops
5004138cDFD01TAC01County Fire Tac 1Fire-Tac
5005138dD01FIRE18West Union Fire PageFire Dispatch
5006138eDFD01TAC02County Fire Tac 2Fire-Tac
50081390DFD01TACounty Fire TalkaroundFire-Tac
50091391D01EMS100County EMS Peebles PageEMS Dispatch
50111393D01EMS200County EMS Seaman PageEMS Dispatch
50121394D01EMS300County EMS Winchester PageEMS Dispatch
50131395D01EMS218West Union EMS PageEMS Dispatch
50141396D01FIRE11Green Township Fire PageFire Dispatch
50151397D01FIRE12Blue Creek Fire PageFire Dispatch
50161398D01EMS10Manchester EMS PageEMS Dispatch
50171399D01FIRE15Peebles Fire PageFire Dispatch
5018139aD01FIRE16Seaman Fire PageFire Dispatch
5019139bD01FIRE17Wayne Township Fire PageFire Dispatch
5020139cD01FIRE19Winchester Fire PageFire Dispatch
5021139dD01FIRE20Franklin Township Fire PageFire Dispatch
54500d4e4DXSO-01Statewide InteropInterop
54755d5e3DSO01DSPSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
54758d5e6DSO01TAC1Sheriff Tac 1Law Tac
54764d5ecDSO01TAC2Sheriff Tac 2Law Tac
54767d5efDSO01TAC3Sheriff Tac 3Law Tac
59000e678DCOEMA01Emergency Management AgencyEmergency Ops
59891e9f3DHOS-0101Adams County Regional Medical CenterHospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
55051581DLACPLima-Allen County Paramedics (LACP)EMS Dispatch
55081584DLIMA FIRELima FireFire Dispatch
55091585D02-EASTFire East - Dispatch/Operations Fire Dispatch
55111587DLIMA PDLima Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
55121588D02-OPS1Common - Operations 1Interop
5515158bD02-OPS2Common - Operations 2Interop
5517158dDLPD JAILLima Police CorrectionsCorrections
5518158eD02-OPS3Common - Operations 3Interop
55201590DE02 ENC1Operations - encryptedMulti-Tac
55211591D02-WESTFire West - Dispatch/OperationsFire Dispatch
55221592DDELPHOS FDDelphos Fire/EMSFire-Tac
55231593DLFD TACLima Fire TacticalFire-Tac
5530159aD02-OPS4Common - Operations 4Interop
5532159cD02SHWTWP FDShawnee Twp FireFire Dispatch
5534159eD02-OPS5Common - Operations 5Interop
553615a0DSPENCER EMSSpencerville EMSEMS Dispatch
553815a2D02SHWTWP PDShawnee Twp PoliceLaw Dispatch
554215a6DSC02EMERCountywide School Emergency Emergency Ops
54503d4e7DXSO-02Statewide InteropInterop
54757d5e5DSO02DSPSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
54762d5eaDSO02TACSheriff TacticalLaw Tac
59001e679DCOEMA02Emergency Management AgencyEmergency Ops
59735e957DHOS-0201St. Rita's Medical Center (Lima)Hospital
59739e95bDHOS-0202Lima Memorial Hospital (Lima)Hospital
59743e95fDHOS-0203Blanchard Valley Regional Health Center -- Bluffton CampusHospital
Allen County (02) State Corrections
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52500cd14DAOCIAllen Oakwood Correctional InstitutionCorrections
52510cd1eDAOCPOPSAllen Oakwood Correctional Institution - Perimeter OpsCorrections
52563cd53DAOCIAllen Oakwood Correctional InstitutionCorrections
52567cd57DAOCIAllen Oakwood Correctional InstitutionCorrections
Ashland County (03)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
60011771DSC03EMERCountywide School EmergencyEmergency Ops
60021772D03ASPDSPAshland (City) Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
6015177fDAFD0301Ashland (City) Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
60211785DFD03DISPFire DispatchFire Dispatch
54506d4eaDXSO-03Statewide InteropInterop
54760d5e8DSO03DSPSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
54765d5edDSO03TAC1Sheriff Tac 1Law Tac
59002e67aDCOEMA03Emergency Management AgencyEmergency Ops
59736e958DHOS-0301Samaritan Regional Health SystemsHospital
Ashtabula County (04)

Conneaut FD and Ashland City FD are still being dispatched on VHF as of 7/2021

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
65011965DFD04CONConneaut Fire DepartmentFire-Tac
65021966DFD04WRTWater Rescue TeamFire-Tac
65031967DFD04DSPFire DispatchFire Dispatch
65051969DAD04008Pymatuning Ambulance Service AdminEMS-Talk
6506196aDPD04DISPVillage Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
6507196bDFD04TAC1Fire Tactical 1Fire-Tac
6508196cDNKNG-PDNorth Kingsville Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
6509196dDEM04010South Central Ambulance District operationsEMS-Tac
6511196fDFD04TAC2Fire Tactical 2Fire-Tac
65131971DAD04010South Central Ambulance District AdminEMS-Talk
65141972DFD04ASH2Ashtabula (City) Fire Department Ch .2Fire-Tac
65151973DFD04TAC3Fire Tactical 3Fire-Tac
65171975DEM04012Jefferson Emergency Rescue District operationsEMS-Tac
65181976DEM04006Northwest Ambulance District operationsEMS-Tac
65201978DFD04TAC4Fire Tactical 4Fire-Tac
65211979DAD04012Jefferson Emergency Rescue District AdminEMS-Talk
6522197aDAD04006Northwest Ambulance District AdminEMS-Talk
6523197bDFD04ASH1Ashtabula (City) Fire Department Ch. 1Fire-Tac
6524197cDFD04TAC5Fire Tactical 5Fire-Tac
6526197eDFD04TAC6Fire Tactical 6Fire-Tac
6527197fDEMS04TC1EMS Tactical 1EMS-Tac
65281980D04ORVILGOrwell VillageInterop
65291981DGOTL FDGeneva on the Lake FDFire-Tac
65301982DWTWPFDWindsor Twp FDFire-Tac
65311983DGENEVAPDGeneva Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
65331985DGOTL PSGeneva on the Lake Public SafetyInterop
65361988D04-CCA DSPCommunity Care Ambulance DispatchEMS Dispatch
68431abbDPD04CNPDConneaut Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
54509d4edDXSO-04Statewide InteropInterop
54768d5f0DSO04DISPSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
59003e67bDCOEMA04Emergency Management AgencyEmergency Ops
59669e915DLHD CONNEAUTODH mutual aid-Conneaut health departmentEmergency Ops
59676e91cDLHD ASHTCOODH mutual aid-Ashtabula County health departmentEmergency Ops
59677e91dDLHD ASHTCYODH mutual aid-Ashtabula City health department Emergency Ops
59737e959DHOS-0401Ashtabula County Medical Center (Ashtabula)Hospital
59740e95cDHOS-0402Brown Memorial Hospital (Conneaut)Hospital
59744e960DHOS-0403UHHS Geneva Medical Center (Geneva)Hospital
59749e965DHOS-0404St Joe's Andover (Andover)Hospital
Ashtabula County (04) State Corrections
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52656cdb0DLAECIOPSLake Erie Correctional Institution - General OpsCorrections
52660cdb4DLAECIHOPSLake Erie Correctional Institution - Housing OpsCorrections
52664cdb8DLAECIPOPSLake Erie Correctional Institution - Perimeter OpsCorrections
52669cdbdDLACISOP1Lake Erie Correctional Institution - Spec Ops1Corrections
52673cdc1DLACISOP2Lake Erie Correctional Institution - Spec Ops2Corrections
52678cdc6DLAECIMOPSLake Erie Correctional Institution - Maintenance OpsCorrections
52682cdcaDLACISUPSLake Erie Correctional Institution - SupervisorsCorrections
52687cdcfDLAECIATGLake Erie Correctional Institution - AnnouncementsCorrections
Athens County (05)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
70001b58DEATHN-SDTri-County Career Center - Daily operationsSchools
70011b59DNLSNVL FIRENelsonville Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
70021b5aDEATHN-SDATri-County Career Center - AlternateSchools
70071b5fDATHENS FDAthens (City) Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
70081b60DHAPCAP 1Hocking-Athens-Perry Community Action Program Ch.1Transportation
70141b66DHAPCAP 2Hocking-Athens-Perry Community Action Program Ch.2Transportation
70181b6aD05EMSDISPAthens County EMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
70191b6bDALBANY PDAlbany PoliceLaw Dispatch
70201b6cDATHENS PDAthens (City) PoliceLaw Dispatch
70221b6eDNLSNVL PDNelsonville Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
70251b71DHOCK COLG PDHocking College Police (Nelsonville)Law Dispatch
70261b72DOUATHPD DSPOhio University PoliceLaw Dispatch
70351b7bDOUATHPD TACOhio University Police TacLaw Tac
54510d4eeDXSO-05Statewide InteropInterop
54769d5f1DSO05DISPSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
59004e67cDCOEMA05Emergency Management AgencyEmergency Ops
59961ea39DHOS-0502OhioHealth O'Bleness HospitalHospital
Auglaize County (06)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
75211d61DPD06DISPRural Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
54511d4efDXSO-06Statewide InteropInterop
54780d5fcDSO06TAC1Sheriff - TacticalLaw Tac
54784d600DSO06TFSheriff - TacticalLaw Tac
54786d602DSO06DISPSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
59005e67dDCOEMA06Emergency Management AgencyEmergency Ops
Belmont County (07)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
80071f47DSUNHTS BUPSunset Heights VFD (backup)Fire-Tac
80441f6cDSHDYSD BUPShadyside VFD (backup)Fire-Tac
54512d4f0DXSO-07Statewide InteropInterop
59006e67eDCOEMA07Emergency Management AgencyEmergency Ops
59940ea24DLHD BELMONTODH mutual aid-Belmont County health departmentEmergency Ops
59956ea34DHOS-0701Barnesville HospitalHospital
59960ea38DHOS-0702Belmont Community HospitalHospital
59963ea3bDHOS-0703East Ohio Regional HospitalHospital
Belmont County (07) State Corrections
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52502cd16DBECIPOPSBelmont Correctional Institution - Perimeter OpsCorrections
52680cdc8DBECIOPSBelmont Correctional Institution - General OpsCorrections
52684cdccDBECHOPSBelmont Correctional Institution - Housing OpsCorrections
52691cdd3DBECSOP1Belmont Correctional Institution - Special OpsCorrections
52694cdd6DBECSOP2Belmont Correctional Institution - Special OpsCorrections
52697cdd9DBECMOPSBelmont Correctional Institution - Maint OpsCorrections
52700cddcDBECSUPSBelmont Correctional Institution - SupportCorrections
52758ce16DBECIATGBelmont Correctional Institution - AnnouncementsCorrections
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
85002134DCMD08-1County Command 1Multi-Talk
85012135DFD08DISPFire DispatchFire Dispatch
85022136DSO08OPSSheriff - OperationsLaw Tac
85032137DABE-08Aberdeen Police LocalLaw Talk
85042138DCMD08-2County Command 2Multi-Talk
85052139DFG08-1County Fireground 1Fire-Tac
8506213aDPD08TC1County Police Tac 1Law Tac
8507213bDFAYTVL PDFayetteville Police LocalLaw Talk
8508213cDCMD08-3County Command 3Multi-Talk
8509213dDFG08-2County Fireground 2Fire-Tac
8510213eDSOO8TAC2Sheriff - Tactical 2Law Tac
8511213fDGEO-08Georgetown Police LocalLaw Talk
85122140DCO08-OPSCounty OperationsMulti-Talk
85132141DFD08OPSCounty Fire OperationsFire-Talk
85172145DSO08DISPSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
85182146D08FD25LByrd Township Fire LocalFire-Talk
85202148DMTORAB PDMount Orab Police LocalLaw Talk
8522214aDLAKWYNLake Waynoka Rangers LocalLaw Talk
85362158DRUSS PDRussellville Police LocalLaw Talk
8541215dDSARDINA PDSardina Police LocalLaw Talk
8543215fDENG-08County EngineerPublic Works
85472163DFG08-3County Fireground 3Fire-Tac
85522168DFG08-4County Fireground 4Fire-Tac
8556216cD08FD85LFayettville Fire LocalFire-Talk
8559216fD08FD65LMt Orab Fire/EMS LocalFire-Tac
85612171D08FD35LSardina Fire LocalFire-Talk
85632173D08FD75LGeorgetown Fire LocalFire-Talk
85662176D08FD45LRussellville Fire LocalFire-Talk
8570217aD08FD95LAberdeen Fire LocalFire-Talk
85782182D08FD15LHigginsport Fire LocalFire-Talk
53438d0beDOHVETS1Ohio Veterans Home Police (Georgetown)Law Dispatch
54514d4f2DXSO-08Statewide InteropInterop
59007e67fDCOEMA08Emergency Management AgencyEmergency Ops
59893e9f5DHOS0801Mercy Mt. Orab Medical CenterHospital
59934ea1eDHOS-0802Mercy Health - Mt Orab Medical CenterHospital
Butler County (09) Common
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
90002328D09 HELPEmergency Calling to COM PSAPsEmergency Ops
90012329D09 Event 01Event 01Interop
9002232aD09 Event 02Event 02Interop
9003232bD09 Event 03Event 03Interop
9004232cD09 Event 04Event 04Interop
9005232dD09 MA 05Mutual Aid 05Interop
9006232eD09 MA 06Mutual Aid 06Interop
9007232fD09 MA 07Mutual Aid 07Interop
90082330D09 MA 08Mutual Aid 08Interop
90092331D09 MA 09Mutual Aid 09Interop
90102332D09 MA 10Mutual Aid 10Interop
90112333D09 MA 11Mutual Aid 11Interop
90122334D09 MA 12Mutual Aid 12Interop
90132335D09 MA 13Mutual Aid 13Interop
90142336D09 MA 14Mutual Aid 14Interop
90152337D09 MA 15Mutual Aid 15Interop
90162338D09 MA 16Mutual Aid 16Interop
90172339D09 ODNRCounty ODNR InteropInterop
9018233aDE09 IPSAPCountywide Access PointEmergency Ops
9020233cD09 CALLCalling Countywide to Dispatch CentersInterop
9021233dD09 TALKTalk Countywide to dispatch centersMulti-Dispatch
912423a4DE09-TRN TCTLTraining TacticalMulti-Tac
912523a5DE09-TRN TCT2Training Tactical 2Multi-Tac
912623a6DE09-TRN TCT3Training Tactical 3Multi-Tac
912723a7DE09-TRN REV4Training Revert 4Multi-Tac
912823a8DE09-TRN REV5Training Revert 5Multi-Tac
912923a9DE09-TRN HOTTTraining Hot MicMulti-Tac
913223acDE09-TRN HOTRTraining Hot Mic RevertMulti-Tac
9229240dD09-9 CALLCounty/Village/City/Twp DPW Units to 9COM PSAPInterop
92322410D09-31 ACBHamilton County All-County BroadcastInterop
92852445DE09-9P OPS4County Public Safety Ops 4Interop
94892511D09-9 TRVLAll County Radios Statewide AccessInterop
54516d4f4DXSO-09Butler County Statewide InteropInterop
59008e680DCOEMA09Emergency Management AgencyEmergency Ops
Butler County (09) Fire/EMS/Hospitals
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
90602364D09 FD INFOFire Info - All County BroadcastFire Dispatch
90652369D09 FIRE 05Fireground 5Fire-Tac
9066236aD09 FIRE 06Fireground 6Fire-Tac
9067236bD09 FIRE 07Fireground 7Fire-Tac
9068236cD09 FIRE 08Fireground 8Fire-Tac
9069236dD09 FIRE 09Fireground 9Fire-Tac
9070236eD09 FIRE 10Fireground 10Fire-Tac
9071236fD09 FIRE 11Fireground 11Fire-Tac
90722370D09 FIRE 12Fireground 12Fire-Tac
90732371D09 FIRE 13Fireground 13Fire-Tac
90742372D09 FIRE 14Fireground 14Fire-Tac
90752373D09 FIRE 15Fireground 15Fire-Tac
90762374D09 FIRE 16Fireground 16Fire-Tac
90812379D09 ER TALKER TalkHospital
9082237aD09 ATRIUMAtrium Medical Center MiddletownHospital
9083237bD09 BETH BCBethesda ButlerHospital
9084237cD09 FRT HAMFort Hamilton HospitalHospital
9085237dD09 LIB CHLDLiberty ChildrensHospital
9086237eD09 MERCYMercy Hospital FairfieldHospital
9087237fD09 McHYDEMcCullogh-Hyde Hospital OxfordHospital
90882380D09 WCHOSPWest Chester HospitalHospital
90892381D09 CHRISTThe Christ Hospital Medical Center (Liberty Twp)Hospital
90902382D09 KETTERINGEMS units to Kettering Med Center ERHospital
90912383D09 HOSP 11Hospital Common 11Hospital
90922384DHSR 3-MCIHomeland Security Region 3 - Mass Casualty IncidentHospital
90932385DHSR 6-MCIHomeland Security Region 6 - Mass Casualty IncidentHospital
90942386DE09 ER SECAll Hospitals and EMS Units EncryptedHospital
90952387D09 ER ANNCAll Hospitals and EMS UnitsHospital
9101238dD09 FD 10Oxford Fire AlertingFire Dispatch
9102238eD09 FD 20Hamilton Fire AlertingFire Dispatch
9103238fD09 FD 30Fairfield City Fire AlertingFire Dispatch
91042390D09 FD 40College Corner Fire AlertingFire Dispatch
91052391D09 FD 50Trenton Fire AlertingFire Dispatch
91062392D09 FD 60Monroe Fire AlertingFire Dispatch
91072393D09 FD 70West Chester Twp Fire AlertingFire Dispatch
91082394D09 FD 80Middletown Fire AlertingFire Dispatch
91102396D09 FD 100Ross Twp Fire AlertingFire Dispatch
91112397D09 FD 110Liberty Twp Fire AlertingFire Dispatch
91122398D09 FD 120Wayne Twp Fire AlertingFire Dispatch
91132399D09 FD 130Reily Twp Fire AlertingFire Dispatch
9114239aD09 FD 140Morgan Twp Fire AlertingFire Dispatch
9115239bD09 FD 150Madison Twp Fire AlertingFire Dispatch
9116239cD09 FD 160Milford Twp Fire AlertingFire Dispatch
9117239dD09 FD 170Seven Mile Village Fire AlertingFire Dispatch
9118239eD09 FD 180Hanover Twp Fire AlertingFire Dispatch
9119239fD09 FD 190Somerville Fire Fire AlertingFire Dispatch
912023a0D09 FD 200St Clair Twp Fire AlertingFire Dispatch
912123a1D09 FD 210Fairfield Twp Fire AlertingFire Dispatch
912223a2D09 FD 220New Miami Fire AlertingFire Dispatch
912323a3D09 FD 230St Clair Twp EMS AlertingEMS Dispatch
913023aaD09-9 BRAVOCounty Fire Dispatch BRAVO (Hamilton FD)Fire Dispatch
913123abD09 WC HOSP SECUC Health West Chester Hospital - SecuritySecurity
913323adD09-3F MainFairfield City Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
913523afD09-5F MainTrenton Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
913623b0D09-6F MainMonroe Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
913723b1D09-7F MainWest Chester Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
913823b2D09-8F MainMiddletown Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
913923b3D09-9 ALPHACounty Fire ALPHAFire Dispatch
914923bdD09 FD DISPFire DispatchFire Dispatch
915923c7DE09 FD OPS 3County Fire/EMS Tactical OPS 3EMS-Tac
917123d3D09 KHN SOUTHKettering Health Fort Hamilton HospitalHospital
59894e9f6DHOS-0901TriHealth McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital (Oxford)Hospital
59897e9f9DHOS-0902MercyHealth Fairfield HospitalHospital
59907ea03D09 KHN S ERKettering Health Fort Hamilton ERHospital
59920ea10DHOS-3113Trihealth Bethesda-Butler Hospital (Hamilton)Hospital
Butler County (09) Law
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
90252341DE09 TAC 05Emergency Services Tac 05Multi-Tac
90262342DE09 TAC 06Emergency Services Tac 06Multi-Tac
90272343DE09 TAC 07Emergency Services Tac 07Multi-Tac
90282344DE09 TAC 08Emergency Services Tac 08Multi-Tac
90292345DE09 TAC 09Emergency Services Tac 09Multi-Tac
90302346DE09 TAC 10Emergency Services Tac 10Multi-Tac
90312347DE09 TAC 11Emergency Services Tac 11Multi-Tac
90322348DE09 TAC 12Emergency Services Tac 12Multi-Tac
90332349DE09 TAC 13Emergency Services Tac 13Multi-Tac
9034234aDE09 TAC 14Emergency Services Tac 14Multi-Tac
9035234bDE09 TAC 15Emergency Services Tac 15Multi-Tac
9036234cDE09 TAC 16Emergency Services Tac 16Multi-Tac
9037234dDE09 GSC MAINCourt Security MainCorrections
9038234eDE09 GSC 06Court Security OPS 6Corrections
90402350D09 LE INFOLaw Info - All County BroadcastLaw Dispatch
90412351DE09 JAIL MainCounty Jail PrimaryCorrections
90422352DE09 JAIL OpsCounty Jail OperationsCorrections
90442354D09 JAIL CallCounty Jail CallingCorrections
90452355DE09 LAW 05Law Enforcement Tac 05Law Tac
90462356DE09 LAW 06Law Enforcement Tac 06Law Tac
90472357DE09 LAW 07Law Enforcement Tac 07Law Tac
90482358DE09 LAW 08Law Enforcement Tac 08Law Tac
90492359DE09 LAW 09Law Enforcement Tac 09Law Tac
9050235aDE09 LAW 10Law Enforcement Tac 10Law Tac
9051235bDE09 LAW 11Law Enforcement Tac 11Law Tac
9052235cDE09 LAW 12Law Enforcement Tac 12Law Tac
9053235dDE09 LAW 13Law Enforcement Tac 13Law Tac
9054235eDE09 LAW 14Law Enforcement Tac 14Law Tac
9055235fDE09 LAW 15Law Enforcement Tac 15Law Tac
90562360DE09 LAW 16Law Enforcement Tac 16Law Tac
90792377D09-9 DELTALaw Enforcement Admin Unit DispatchLaw Dispatch
916123c9DE09-1P Ops 4Oxford PD/FD Ops 4Law Tac
916323cbDE09-3P Ops 4Fairfield City PD/FD Ops 4Law Tac
916523cdDE09-5P Ops 4Trenton PD/FD Ops 4Law Tac
916623ceDE09-6P Ops 4Monroe PD/FD Ops 4Law Tac
916723cfDE09-7P Ops 4West Chester PD/FD Ops 4Law Tac
916823d0DE09-8P Ops 4Middletown PD/FD Ops 4Law Tac
916923d1DE09 SO WIDESheriff WideLaw Tac
917023d2D09-9 TANGOCounty Dispatch TANGO (Hamilton PD)Law Dispatch
917323d5D09-3L MainFairfield City Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
917423d6D09-4L MainMiami University Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
917523d7D09-5L MainTrenton Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
917623d8D09-6L MainMonroe Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
917723d9D09-7L MainWest Chester Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
917823daD09-8L MainMiddletown Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
917923dbD09-9 ZULUCounty Dispatch ZULU (Road Patrols)Law Dispatch
918023dcD09-9 ECHOCounty Dispatch ECHO (Oxford PD/Oxford Twp PD)Law Dispatch
918123ddDE09-1L Ops 2Oxford Ops 2Law Tac
918323dfDE09-3L Ops 2Fairfield City Ops 2Law Tac
918423e0DE09-4L Ops 2Miami U Ops 2Law Tac
918523e1DE09-5L Ops 2Trenton Ops 2Law Tac
918623e2DE09-6L Ops 2Monroe Ops 2Law Tac
918723e3DE09-7L Ops 2West Chester Ops 2Law Tac
918823e4DE09-8L Ops 2Middletown Ops 2Law Tac
918923e5DE09-9 DESKCounty Wide Police DeskLaw Tac
919123e7DE09-1L Ops 3Oxford Ops 3Law Tac
919323e9DE09-3L Ops 3Fairfield City Ops 3Law Tac
919423eaDE09-4L Ops 3Miami U Ops 3Law Tac
919523ebDE09-5L Ops 3Trenton Ops 3Law Tac
919623ecDE09-6L Ops 3Monroe Ops 3Law Tac
919723edDE09-7L Ops 3West Chester Ops 3Law Tac
919823eeDE09-8L Ops 3Middletown Ops 3 Law Tac
919923efDE09-9 INQUIRYCounty InquiryLaw Tac
921023faD09SD FAIRFLDFairfield City Schools EmergencyEmergency Ops
921123fbD09SD HAMLTNHamilton City Schools EmergencyEmergency Ops
921223fcD09SD LAKOTALakota Local Schools EmergencyEmergency Ops
921323fdD09SD MADISONMadison Local Schools EmergencyEmergency Ops
921423feD09SD MIDLTWNMiddletown City Schools EmergencyEmergency Ops
921523ffD09SD MONROEMonroe Local Schools EmergencyEmergency Ops
92162400D09SD NEW MIANew Miami Local Schools EmergencyEmergency Ops
92172401D09SD ROSSRoss Local Schools EmergencyEmergency Ops
92182402D09SD CLG CRNCollege Corner Local Schools EmergencyEmergency Ops
92192403D09SD BTLR TEButler Tech School EmergencyEmergency Ops
92202404D09SD TALAWNDTalawanda Local Schools EmergencyEmergency Ops
92812441D09 CORONERCounty Coroner SecondaryLaw Talk
9293244dDE09 CVRT 05Covert Ops 5Law Tac
9294244eDE09 CVRT 06Covert Ops 6Law Tac
9295244fDE09 CVRT 07Covert Ops 7Law Tac
92962450DE09 CVRT 08Covert Ops 8Law Tac
92972451DE09 CVRT 09Covert Ops 9Law Tac
92982452DE09 CVRT 10Covert Ops 10Law Tac
92992453DE09 CVRT 11Covert Ops 11Law Tac
93002454DE09 CVRT 12Covert Ops 12Law Tac
9309245dDE09-21P Ops 4Fairfield Township PD/FD Ops 4Law Tac
945724f1D09-CS MIDCincinnati State PD Middletown CampusLaw Tac
94802508DE09-98 WIDEMetroparks RangersLaw Talk
Butler County (09) Local Government/Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
90572361D09 BRICS 1BRICS Radio Technicians to Comm 9Multi-Talk
90582362DE09 BRICS 2BRICS Radio Technicians 2Multi-Talk
90772375D09 EMA 5Emergency Management 5Emergency Ops
90782376DE09 EMA 6Emergency Management 6Emergency Ops
92512423D09-1 WideOxford WideMulti-Talk
92522424D09-2 WideHamilton WideMulti-Talk
92532425D09-3 WideFairfield City WideMulti-Talk
92542426D09-4 WideMiami University WideMulti-Talk
92552427D09-5 WideTrenton WideMulti-Talk
92562428D09-6 WideMonroe WideMulti-Talk
92572429D09-7 WideWest Chester WideMulti-Talk
9258242aD09-8 WideMiddletown City WideMulti-Talk
9259242bD09-9 WideCounty WideMulti-Talk
9260242cD09-10 WideRoss Twp WideMulti-Talk
9261242dD09-11 WideLiberty Twp WideMulti-Talk
9262242eD09-12 WideWayne Twp WideMulti-Talk
9263242fD09-13 WideReily Twp WideMulti-Talk
92642430D09-14 WideMorgan Twp WideMulti-Talk
92652431D09-15 WideMadison Twp WideMulti-Talk
92662432D09-16 WideMilford Twp WideMulti-Talk
92672433D09-17 WideSeven Mile Local WideMulti-Talk
92682434D09-18 WideHanover Twp WideMulti-Talk
92692435D09-19 WideSomerville WideMulti-Talk
92702436D09-20 WideSt. Clair Twp/New Miami Local WideFire-Talk
92712437D09-21 WideFairfield Twp WideMulti-Talk
92722438D09-22 WideNew Miami Local WideMulti-Talk
9275243bD09-25 WideOxford Twp WideMulti-Talk
9358248eD09 BCC 03County Commissioners, Garage attendantPublic Works
9359248fD09 BCC 04County CommissionersPublic Works
93602490D09 BCEO 02County Engineer 2Public Works
93612491D09 BCEO 03County Engineer 3Public Works
93622492D09 BCEO 04County Engineer 4Public Works
93632493D09 BCEO 5County Engineer 5Public Works
93642494D09 BCEO 6County Engineer 6Public Works
93652495D09-21 TWP 2Fairfield Twp Public Works 2Public Works
93662496D09-21 TWP 3Fairfield Twp Public Works 3Public Works
93672497D09-21 TWP 5Fairfield Twp Public Works 5Public Works
93682498D09-21 TWP 6Fairfield Twp Public Works 6Public Works
93692499D09-21 TWP 7Fairfield Twp Public Works 7Public Works
9370249aD09-18 Twp 2Hanover Twp Public Works 2Public Works
9371249bD09-18 Twp 3Hanover Twp Public Works 3Public Works
9372249cD09-18 Twp 5Hanover Twp Public Works 5Public Works
9373249dD09-18 Twp 6Hanover Twp Public Works 6Public Works
9374249eD09-18 Twp 7Hanover Twp Public Works 7Public Works
9375249fD09-11 Twp 2Liberty Twp Public Works 2Public Works
937624a0D09-11 Twp 3Liberty Twp Public Works 3Public Works
937724a1D09-11 Twp 5Liberty Twp Public Works 5Public Works
937824a2D09-11 Twp 6Liberty Twp Public Works 6Public Works
937924a3D09-11 Twp 7Liberty Twp Public Works 7Public Works
938024a4D09-15 Twp 2Madison Twp Public Works 2Public Works
938124a5D09-15 Twp 3Madison Twp Public Works 3Public Works
938224a6D09-15 Twp 5Madison Twp Public Works 5Public Works
938324a7D09-15 Twp 6Madison Twp Public Works 6Public Works
938424a8D09-15 Twp 7Madison Twp Public Works 7Public Works
938524a9D09-14 Twp 2Morgan Twp Public Works 2Public Works
938624aaD09-14 Twp 3Morgan Twp Public Works 3Public Works
938724abD09-14 Twp 5Morgan Twp Public Works 5Public Works
938824acD09-14 Twp 6Morgan Twp Public Works 6Public Works
938924adD09-14 Twp 7Morgan Twp Public Works 7Public Works
939024aeD09-13 Twp 2Reily Twp Public Works 2Public Works
939124afD09-13 Twp 3Reily Twp Public Works 3Public Works
939224b0D09-13 Twp 5Reily Twp Public Works 5Public Works
939324b1D09-13 Twp 6Reily Twp Public Works 6Public Works
939424b2D09-13 Twp 7Reily Twp Public Works 7Public Works
939524b3D09-12 Twp 2Wayne Twp Public Works 2Public Works
939624b4D09-12 Twp 3Wayne Twp Public Works 3Public Works
939724b5D09-12 Twp 5Wayne Twp Public Works 5Public Works
939824b6D09-12 Twp 6Wayne Twp Public Works 6Public Works
939924b7D09-12 Twp 7Wayne Twp Public Works 7Public Works
940024b8D09-7 MAINWest Chester Twp PW to DispatchPublic Works
940124b9D09-7 TWP 2West Chester Twp Public Works 2Public Works
940224baD09-7 TWP 3West Chester Twp Public Works 3Public Works
940324bbD09-7 TWP 5West Chester Twp Public WorksPublic Works
940424bcD09-7 TWP 6West Chester Twp Public WorksPublic Works
940524bdD09-7 TWP 7West Chester Twp Public WorksPublic Works
940624beD09-7 TWP 8West Chester Twp Public WorksPublic Works
940724bfD09-7 TWP 9West Chester Twp Public WorksPublic Works
940824c0D09-3 MAINFairfield Main PW to 3COMPublic Works
940924c1D09-3 CITY 2Fairfield City PW 2Public Works
941024c2D09-3 CITY 3Fairfield City PW 3Public Works
941124c3D09-3 CITY 5Fairfield City PW 5 (Water Dept.)Public Works
941224c4D09-3 CITY 6Fairfield City PW 6Public Works
941324c5D09-3 CITY 7Fairfield City PW 7Public Works
941424c6D09-3 CITY 8Fairfield City PW 8Public Works
941524c7D09-3 CITY9Fairfield City PW 9Public Works
941624c8D09-8 MAINMiddletown PW/City MainPublic Works
941724c9D09-8 CITY 2Middletown PW/City Ops 2Public Works
941824caD09-8 CITY 3Middletown PW/City Ops 3Public Works
941924cbD09-8 CITY 5Middletown PW/City Ops 5Public Works
942024ccD09-8 CITY 6Middletown PW/City Ops 6Public Works
942124cdD09-8 CITY 7Middletown PW/City Ops 7Public Works
942224ceD09-8 CITY 8Middletown PW/City Ops 8Public Works
942324cfD09-8 CITY 9Middletown PW/City Ops 9Public Works
943224d8D09-1 MAINOxford Main Public Works to 1COMPublic Works
943324d9D09-1 CITY 2Oxford City PW Ops 2Public Works
943424daD09-1 CITY 3Oxford City PW Ops 3Public Works
943524dbD09-1 CITY 5Oxford City PW Ops 5Public Works
943624dcD09-1 CITY 6Oxford City PW Ops 6Public Works
943724ddD09-1 CITY 7Oxford City PW Ops 7Public Works
943824deD09-1 CITY 8Oxford City PW Ops 8Public Works
943924dfD09-1 CITY 9Oxford City PW Ops 9Public Works
944124e1D09-5 DPWTrenton Public WorksPublic Works
944824e8D09-4 UNIVMiami University OperationsPublic Works
944924e9D09-4 UNIV 6Miami University Operations 6Public Works
945024eaD09-4 UNIVMiami UniversityPublic Works
945124ebD09-4 UNV PKGMiami University Operations "Parking"Public Works
945224ecD09-4 UNIVMiami University OperationsPublic Works
945324edD09-4 UNIVMiami University OperationsPublic Works
945424eeD09-4 UNIVMiami University OperationsPublic Works
945524efD09-4 UNIVMiami University OperationsPublic Works
945624f0D09-4 UNIVMiami UniversityPublic Works
945824f2D09 PP 01Partners in Prime Transportation 1Transportation
945924f3D09 PP 02Partners in Prime Transportation 2Transportation
946024f4D09 PP 03Partners in Prime Transportation 3Transportation
946124f5D09 PP 04Partners in Prime Transportation 4Transportation
946224f6DE09 PP 05Partners in Prime Transportation 5Transportation
946324f7D09 MSC 01Middletown Senior Citizens Transportation 1Transportation
946424f8D09 MSC 02Middletown Senior Citizens Transportation 2Transportation
946524f9D09 MSC 03Middletown Senior Citizens Transportation 3Transportation
946624faD09 MSC 04Middletown Senior Citizens Transportation 4Transportation
946724fbD09 TA 01County Regional Transit 1Transportation
946824fcD09 TA 02County Regional Transit 2Transportation
946924fdD09 TA 03County Regional Transit 3Transportation
947024feD09 TA 04County Regional Transit 4 - Middletown TransitTransportation
947124ffDE09 TA 05County Regional Transit 5Transportation
94722500D09-2 CITY 2City of Hamilton Electric DepartmentPublic Works
94732501D09-2 CITY 3Hamilton City Public Works 3Public Works
94742502D09-2 CITY 04Hamilton City Public Works 4Public Works
94752503D09-2 CITY 5Hamilton City Public Works 5Public Works
94762504D09-2 CITY 6Hamilton City Public Works 6Public Works
94772505D09-2 CITY 7Hamilton City Public Works 7Public Works
94782506D09-2 CITY 8Hamilton City Public Works 8Public Works
94812509D09-1 TRVLOxford Travel Statewide (to 1COM PSAP)Multi-Talk
9482250aD09-2 TRVLHamilton Travel Statewide (to 9COM PSAP)Multi-Talk
9483250bD09-3 TRVLFairfield Travel Statewide (to 3COM PSAP)Multi-Talk
9484250cD09-4 TRVLMiami University Travel Statewide (to 4COM PSAP)Multi-Talk
9485250dD09-5 TRVLTrenton Travel Statewide (to 5COM PSAP)Multi-Talk
9486250eD09-6 TRVLMonroe Travel Statewide (to 6COM PSAP)Multi-Talk
9487250fD09-7 TRVLWest Chester Travel Statewide (to 7COM PSAP)Multi-Talk
94882510D09-8 TRVLMiddletown Travel Statewide (to 8COM PSAP)Multi-Talk
Carroll County (10)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
9500251cDFD10TACFire TacticalFire-Tac
9503251fDFD10DISPFire Dispatch -Tone outsFire Dispatch
95042520DLE10TACLaw TacticalLaw Tac
95072523DSC10EMERCountywide School EmergencyEmergency Ops
95112527DSO10OPS1Sheriff Operations 1Law Tac
9582256eD10 CAR/FXCarrollton (11) and Fox Twp (13) FireFire-Tac
9599257fD10 S FD DISPSouth Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
9615258fD10 GT/AUGAugusta Twp (17) FireFire-Tac
9821265dD10 N FD DISPNorth Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
995326e1D10 LOU/PRLoudon Twp (15) and Perry Twp (18) FireFire-Tac
995726e5DCCFDPG06Fire Paging 06Fire Dispatch
99932709D10 DSLDellroy (22), Sherrodsville (20) and Leesville (14) FireFire-Tac
54521d4f9DXSO-10Statewide InteropInterop
54774d5f6DeSO10DSPSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
54776d5f8DSO10TAC1Sheriff Tactical 1Law Tac
54781d5fdDSO10TAC2Sheriff Tactical 2Law Tac
59009e681DCOEMA10Emergency Management AgencyEmergency Ops
59941ea25DLHD CARROLLODH mutual aid-Carroll County health departmentEmergency Ops
Champaign County (11)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10286282eDFD11OPSCounty Fire Departments OperationsFire-Tac
10283282bDFD11DISPCounty Fire/EMS Paging (all agencies)Fire Dispatch
103272857DSC11EMERCountywide School EmergencyEmergency Ops
59010e682DCOEMA11Emergency Management AgencyEmergency Ops
102882830DFD11 FG4Fireground 4Fire-Tac
102892831DFD11 FG5Fireground 5Fire-Tac
102942836DFD11 FG6Fireground 6Fire-Tac
102962838DFD11 FG7Fireground 7Fire-Tac
102972839DFD11 FG8Fireground 8Fire-Tac
10299283bDFD11 FG9Fireground 9Fire-Tac
101002774D11 MERCYMercy Health Urbana Hospital Emergency RoomHospital
59610e8daDHOS-1101Mercy Memorial Hospital (Urbana)Hospital
59581e8bdDLHD CHMPGNODH mutual aid-Champaign County health departmentEmergency Ops
10298283aDSO11DISPSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
10282282aDSO11TAC1Sheriff Tactical 1Law Tac
54522d4faDXSO-11Statewide InteropInterop
10285282dDURBANA FDUrbana Fire Division OperationsFire-Tac

All City of Springfield departments and services will fully transition to the MARCS system by March 1, 2019.

Fire Dispatch East currently includes Madison and Springfield Townships. (soon will be adding Moorefield Twp.).
Fire Dispatch West currently includes Bethel Township and New Carlisle.

Fire Tac 1 - 12 are the VHF nationwide fire radio labeling.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
105002904D12CWTACCountywide TacticalInterop
105012905D12SPDISPSpringfield Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
105022906D12FDDSP2County Fire Dispatch EastFire Dispatch
105032907DE12SOTAC5Sheriff Tactical 5Law Tac
105052909D12FDTC13Fire Tactical 13Fire-Tac
10506290aDE12SOTAC2Sheriff Tactical 2Law Tac
10507290bDCLARKPG1Countywide Fire PagingFire Dispatch
10508290cDSC12EMERCountywide School EmergencyEmergency Ops
10509290dDE12SOTAC3Sheriff Tactical 3 Law Tac
10511290fDE12SPDTAC1Springfield Police TacticalLaw Tac
105122910DE12SPDTAC2Springfield Police Tactical 2Law Tac
105142912DE12SOTAC4Sheriff Tactical 4Law Tac
105152913D12FDTC14Fire Tactical 14Fire-Tac
105162914D12SRMCSpringfield Regional Medical CenterHospital
105172915D12SFRDISSpringfield Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
105182916DE12SFRTC2Springfield Fire Tactical 2Fire-Tac
105192917D12SODISPSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
105202918DE12SFRTC3Springfield Fire Tactical 3Fire-Tac
105212919DE12SFRTC4Springfield Fire Tactical 4Fire-Tac
10522291aDE12SFRTC5Springfield Fire Tactical 5 CommandFire-Tac
10523291bD12FDTC15Fire Tactical 15Fire-Tac
10524291cDE12SPDC2CSpringfield Police Car to CarLaw Tac
10525291dD12FDDSP1County Fire Dispatch WestFire Dispatch
10526291eDE12SPDSUPSpringfield Police Command (Supervisors)Law Tac
10527291fDE12SPDINVSpringfield Police InvestigationsLaw Tac
105282920DE12SPD NARCSpringfield Police Drug Task ForceLaw Tac
105292921D12FDTC16Fire Tactical 16Fire-Tac
105302922DE12SPDSOTSpringfield Police Special Ops Team/SWATLaw Tac
105312923D12WITTPDWittenberg University Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
105322924D12SPSERVSpringfield Service DepartmentPublic Works
105332925D12SFLDTKSpringfield Service Truck to TruckPublic Works
105342926D12SPWTPSpringfield Water TreamentPublic Works
105352927D12SPWWTPSpringfield Wastewater TreatmentPublic Works
105362928D12SPFACSpringfield Facilities ManagementPublic Works
105372929D12SPUTBILLSpringfield Utility BillingPublic Works
10538292aD12SPFLCWSpringfield Police/Fire/Local CitywideMulti-Talk
10539292bD12SPAIRPSpringfield Service Aviation ManagementPublic Works
10540292cD12SP911Springfield 911 CenterEmergency Ops
10541292dD12FD50DSPEnon/Mad River Township Fire/EMSFire Dispatch
10542292eD12EMS50TACEMS to Dayton-Springfield ER (Enon) for patient care reportsEMS-Tac
1070229ceDKHN ER SPGKettering Health Network ER (Springfield)Hospital
54525d4fdDXSO-12Statewide InteropInterop
59011e683DCOEMA12Emergency Management AgencyEmergency Ops
59118e6eeDCLRKEMA1Emergency Management AgencyEmergency Ops
59127e6f7DCLRKEMA2Emergency Management AgencyEmergency Ops
59611e8dbDHOS-1201Springfield Regional Medical Center (Springfield)Hospital
59650e902DLHD CLARKODH mutual aid-Clark County health departmentEmergency Ops
59651e903DLHD NCLSLENew Carlisle Health DepartmentEmergency Ops
Clermont County (13) Common
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54526d4feDXSO-13Statewide InteropInterop
59012e684DCOEMA13Emergency Management AgencyEmergency Ops
63028f634D13IC1Incident Command 1Interop
63029f635D13IC2Incident Command 2Interop
63030f636D13IC3Incident Command 3Interop
63031f637D13IC4Incident Command 4Interop
63032f638D13TRNG5Training 5Multi-Talk
63033f639D13TRNG6Training 6Multi-Talk
63034f63aD13EVNT7Event 7Interop
63035f63bD13EVNT8Event 8Interop
63038f63eD13CCHELPSchool Emergency Radios to Clermont County DispatchSchools
Clermont County (13) Fire/EMS/Hospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
59898e9faDXHOS1301Mercy Hospital (Clermont)Hospital
63000f618D13FIRE1Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
63001f619D13FDALERTFire AlertFire Dispatch
63002f61aD13FG4Fireground 4Fire-Tac
63003f61bD13FG5Fireground 5Fire-Tac
63004f61cD13FG6Fireground 6Fire-Tac
63005f61dD13FG7Fireground 7Fire-Tac
63006f61eD13FG8Fireground 8Fire-Tac
63007f61fD13FG9Fireground 9Fire-Tac
63008f620D13FG10Fireground 10Fire-Tac
63009f621D13FG11Fireground 11Fire-Tac
63010f622D13FG12Fireground 12Fire-Tac
63011f623D13FG13Fireground 13Fire-Tac
63012f624D13FG14Fireground 14Fire-Tac
63013f625D13FG15Fireground 15Fire-Tac
63014f626D13FG16Fireground 16Fire-Tac
63015f627D13FG17Fireground 17Fire-Tac
63016f628D13FG18Fireground 18Fire-Tac
63017f629D13FCTAFire Chief TalkaroundFire-Talk
63018f62aD13FACTAFire All County TalkaroundFire-Talk
63019f62bD13FGEPFireground Emergency PlanFire-Talk
63045f645D13HOSP1Hospital Net 1Hospital
63046f646D13HOSP2Hospital Net 2Hospital
63050f64aD13EMAEmergency Management 1Emergency Ops
63056f650D13LIFEFTLife FlightEMS-Tac
63063f657D13BAT1Batavia 1Fire-Tac
63064f658D13CENTL1Central Joint Fire/EMS District 1Fire-Tac
63065f659D13CENTL2Central Joint Fire/EMS District 2Multi-Tac
63066f65aD13CENTL3Central Joint Fire/EMS District 3Multi-Tac
63074f662D13GOSH2Goshen 2Fire-Tac
63086f66eD13NECFDNECC Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
63087f66fD13NECFG1NECC Fireground 1Fire-Tac
63088f670D13NECFG2NECC Fireground 2Fire-Tac
63089f671D13NECFG3NECC Fireground 3Fire-Tac
63090f672D13NECFG4NECC Fireground 4Fire-Tac
63091f673D13NECFG5NECC Fireground 5Fire-Tac
63093f675D13MIAMI2Miami Twp 2Fire-Tac
63099f67bD13MONRO1Monroe Twp 1Fire-Tac
63119f68fD13UTFD4DUnion Twp Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
63120f690D13UTFD2Union Twp Fire 2Fire-Tac
63121f691D13UTFD3Union Twp Fire 3Fire-Tac
63122f692D13UTFD4Union Twp Fire 4Fire-Tac
63153f6b1D13AIRCR1UC Air Care 1EMS Dispatch
63154f6b2D13AIRCR2UC Air Care 2EMS-Tac
63155f6b3D13AIRCR3UC Air Care 3EMS-Tac
Clermont County (13) Law
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
63020f62cD13DISPCHCounty Law DispatchLaw Dispatch
63021f62dD13INQRYCounty Law Inquiry 1Law Tac
63022f62eD13TAC1Law Tactical 1Law Tac
63023f62fD13TAC2Law Tactical 2Law Tac
63024f630D13TAC3Law Tactical 3Law Tac
63025f631D13TAC4Law Tactical 4Law Tac
63026f632D13TAC5Law Tactical 5Law Tac
63027f633D13ACINVAll County Investigations 1Law Tac
63039f63fD13CPLEASCommon Pleas Court 1Corrections
63041f641D13MUNIMunicipal Court 1Corrections
63042f642D13COMSRVCommunity ServiceCorrections
63049f649D13FBIFBILaw Tac
63051f64bD13JUVCTJuvenile CourtCorrections
63052f64cD13JDCJuvenile Detention CenterCorrections
63053f64dD13UCPOLUniversity of Cincinnati PoliceLaw Dispatch
63079f667D13NECP1Northeast Communications (NECC) Law DispatchLaw Dispatch
63080f668D13NECP2NECC Law 2Law Tac
63081f669D13NECP3NECC Law 3Law Tac
63082f66aD13NECP4NECC Law 4Law Tac
63092f674D13MIAMI1Miami Twp 1Law Tac
63123f693D13UTPD1Union Twp Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
63124f694D13UTPD2Union Twp Police 2Law Tac
63125f695D13UTPD3Union Twp Police 3Law Tac
63126f696D13UTPD4Union Twp Police 4Law Tac
63133f69dDE13JAIL1Jail 1Corrections
63134f69eDE13JAIL2Jail 2Corrections
63135f69fDE13COURT1Court 1Corrections
63136f6a0DE13COURT2Court 2Corrections
63137f6a1DE13NARCSPNarcotics SupportLaw Tac
63138f6a2DE13NARCUNNarcotics UnitLaw Tac
63139f6a3DE13INVSUPInvestigations SupportLaw Tac
63140f6a4DE13INVUNTInvestigations UnitLaw Tac
63141f6a5D13DIVETMDive TeamLaw Tac
63142f6a6DE13SOTA1Sheriff Talkaround 1Law Tac
63143f6a7DE13SOTA2Sheriff Talkaround 2Law Tac
63144f6a8DE13SOSTFFSheriff StaffLaw Tac
63145f6a9DE13SRT1Special Response Team 1Law Tac
63146f6aaDE13SRT2Special Response Team 2Law Tac
63147f6abDE13ENTAC1Law Enforcement Tactical 1Law Tac
63148f6acDE13ENTAC2Law Enforcement Tactical 2Law Tac
63149f6adDE13ENTAC3Law Enforcement Tactical 3Law Tac
63150f6aeDE13ENTAC4Law Enforcement Tactical 4Law Tac
63151f6afDE13ENTAC5Law Enforcement Tactical 5Law Tac
63152f6b0DE13ENTAC6Law Enforcement Tactical 6Law Tac
Clermont County (13) Local Government/Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
63036f63cD13TRANS1Clermont Transportation Connection 1Transportation
63037f63dD13TRANS2Clermont Transportation Connection 2Transportation
63040f640D13DJFSDepartment of Jobs and Family ServicesMulti-Tac
63043f643D13RADSRVRadio ServicePublic Works
63044f644D13ACTAACTA 1Multi-Tac
63047f647D13HUMANEHumane 1Public Works
63048f648D13CORONERCoroner 1Emergency Ops
63054f64eD13MHRBMental Health and RecoveryPublic Works
63055f64fD13ENGHLArmy Corps of Engineers Harsha Lake (East Fork State Park)Federal
63060f654D13AMEL1Amelia 1Multi-Dispatch
63061f655D13AMEL2Amelia 2Multi-Tac
63062f656D13AMEL3Amelia 3Multi-Tac
63067f65bD13BETHL1Bethel 1Multi-Dispatch
63068f65cD13BETHL2Bethel 2Multi-Tac
63069f65dD13BETHLBethel 3Multi-Tac
63070f65eD13FELIC1Felicity 1Multi-Dispatch
63071f65fD13FELIC2Felicity 2Multi-Tac
63072f660D13FELIC3Felicity 3Multi-Tac
63073f661D13GOSH1Goshen 1Multi-Dispatch
63075f663D13GOSH3Goshen 3Multi-Tac
63076f664D13JACK1Jackson Township 1Multi-Dispatch
63077f665D13JACK2Jackson Township 2Multi-Tac
63078f666D13JACK3Jackson Township 3Multi-Tac
63094f676D13MIAMI3Miami Township 3Multi-Tac
63095f677D13MIAMI4Miami Township 4Multi-Tac
63096f678D13MILFD1Milford 1Multi-Dispatch
63097f679D13MILFD2Milford 2Multi-Tac
63098f67aD13MILFD3Milford 3Multi-Tac
63100f67cD13MONRO2Monroe Township 2Multi-Tac
63101f67dD13MONRO3Monroe Township 3Multi-Tac
63102f67eD13WAYNE1Wayne Township 1Multi-Dispatch
63103f67fD13WAYNE2Wayne Township 2Multi-Tac
63104f680D13WAYNE3Wayne Township 3Multi-Tac
63105f681D13NEWRC1New Richmond 1Multi-Tac
63106f682D13NEWRC2New Richmond 2Multi-Tac
63107f683D13NEWRC3New Richmond 3Multi-Tac
63108f684D13OWENS1Owensville 1Multi-Dispatch
63109f685D13OWENS2Owensville 2Multi-Tac
63110f686D13OWENS3Owensville 3Multi-Tac
63111f687D13STNLK1Stonelick Township 1Multi-Dispatch
63112f688D13STNLK2Stonelick Township 2Multi-Tac
63113f689D13STNLK3Stonelick Township 3Multi-Tac
63114f68aD13STNMT1Stonelick Township Maintenance 1Public Works
63115f68bD13STNMT2Stonelick Township Maintenance 2Public Works
63116f68cD13PIERC1Pierce Township 1Multi-Dispatch
63117f68dD13PIERC2Pierce Township 2Multi-Tac
63118f68eD13PIERC3Pierce Township 3Multi-Tac
63127f697D13WASH1Washington Township 1Multi-Dispatch
63128f698D13WASH2Washington Township 2Multi-Tac
63129f699D13WASH3Washington Township 3Multi-Tac
63130f69aD13WBURG1Willamsburg 1Multi-Dispatch
63131f69bD13WBURG2Willamsburg 2Multi-Tac
63132f69cD13WBURG3Willamsburg 3Multi-Tac
63156f6b4D13NECPWNECC Public WorksPublic Works
63157f6b5D13NECADNECC AdministrationPublic Works
63158f6b6D13FLEET1County Fleet 1Public Works
63170f6c2D13ENG-1ACounty Engineer - 1APublic Works
63171f6c3D13ENG-1BCounty Engineer - 1BPublic Works
63172f6c4D13ENG-1CCounty Engineer - 1CPublic Works
63173f6c5D13ENG1County Engineer - D ENG 1Public Works
63174f6c6D13ENGMANCounty Engineer - D RMANPublic Works
63175f6c7D13ENGMASCounty Engineer - D RMASPublic Works
Clinton County (14)

See Wiki for notes on Fire Ground assignments

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
115002cecDE14 SCHOOLSAll Schools EmergencyEmergency Ops
115012cedD14FIREDISPFire DispatchFire Dispatch
115022ceeD14WILMFDWilmington Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
115032cefD14FIRE HAILAll Fire/EMS to County Dispatch and/or Wilmington DispatchFire Dispatch
115042cf0D14 FCTAFire Command Talk AroundFire-Tac
115052cf1DWLM MAYDAY Wilmington MAYDAYEmergency Ops
115072cf3D14FG04Fire Ground 4Fire-Tac
115082cf4D14FG05Fire Ground 5Fire-Tac
115092cf5D14FG06Fire Ground 6Fire-Tac
115102cf6D14FG07Fire Ground 7Fire-Tac
115112cf7D14FG08Fire Ground 8Fire-Tac
115122cf8D14FG09Fire Ground 9Fire-Tac
115172cfdD14FG14Fire Ground 14Fire-Tac
115182cfeD14FG15Fire Ground 15Fire-Tac
115192cffD14FG16Fire Ground 16Fire-Tac
115202d00D14FG17Fire Ground 17Fire-Tac
115212d01D14FG18Fire Ground 18Fire-Tac
115222d02D14FG19Fire Ground 19Fire-Tac
115262d06D14 WFD MAYDAYWilmington Fire MAYDAYEmergency Ops
115272d07D14MAYDAYCountywide MAYDAYEmergency Ops
115302d0aDE14 CM EREMS Units to Clinton Memorial Hospital EREMS-Tac
115312d0bDFD14DIST1Wilmington Fire Alerts/PageFire Dispatch
115322d0cDFD14DIST2SRWW Joint Fire District DispatchFire Dispatch
115332d0dDFD14DIST3Clinton-Warren Joint Fire/Rescue District DispatchFire Dispatch
115342d0eDFD14DIST4Martinsville/Clark Twp FD DispatchFire Dispatch
115352d0fDFD14DIST5Chester Twp/New Burlington VFD DispatchFire Dispatch
115362d10DFD14DIST6Clinton/Highland Joint Fire District DispatchFire Dispatch
115372d11DFD14DIST7Clinton South Joint Fire District DispatchFire Dispatch
115382d12DFD14DIST8Blanchester/Marion Twp FD DispatchFire Dispatch
115392d13DFD14DIST9Port William VFD DispatchFire Dispatch
115402d14DEMS14DIST8Blanchester/Marion Twp EMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
115432d17D14BLNCFD2Blanchester FD Ch.2Fire-Tac
115442d18D14BLNCEMS2Blanchester EMS Ch.2EMS-Tac
115452d19D14 CHSTRTWP FDChester Twp-New Burlington JFD Fire/EMS Ch.2Fire-Tac
115462d1aD14 CLINT-HIGH FDClinton-Highland Fire District 6EMS Dispatch
115472d1bD14 CWJFD/EMSClinton-Warren Joint Fire District 2EMS Dispatch
115482d1cD14 BLAN-MAR FDBlanchester=Marion Fire District 8EMS Dispatch
115492d1dD14 MART-CLARK FDMartinsville-Clark Township Fire District 4Fire-Tac
115502d1eD14 PORTWILL FDPort William Fire/EMS Ch.2Fire-Tac
115522d20DEMS14OPSCounty EMS OperationsEMS-Tac
115532d21D14 PD HELPPolice HelpdeskLaw Talk
115542d22D14 AIRPORT FDAirport FireFire-Tac
115602d28D14WILMPDWilmington Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
115612d29DSO14DSPSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
115622d2aDLE14DSPVillage Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
115632d2bD14 BLAN PDBlanchester Police LocalLaw Talk
115642d2cD14 SABINA PDSabina Police LocalLaw Talk
115652d2dD14 NVIENNA PDNew Vienna Police LocalLaw Talk
115702d32DE14 WILM SECWilmington Police SecureLaw Tac
115712d33DE14 SO SECSheriff SecureLaw Tac
115722d34DE14 PD SECVillage Police SecureLaw Tac
115732d35D14 PD DETVillage Police DetectivesLaw Tac
115742d36D14 LE ADMINPolice AdministrationLaw Talk
115752d37D14 TAC 1Countywide TacticalMulti-Tac
115762d38D14 TAC 2Countywide TacticalMulti-Tac
115772d39D14 TAC 3Countywide TacticalMulti-Tac
115782d3aD14 CO DETCounty DetectivesLaw Tac
115792d3bD14 SO DETSheriff DetectivesLaw Tac
115812d3dD14 AW 3AreawideInterop
115822d3eD14 AW 4AreawideInterop
115832d3fD14 AW 5AreawideInterop
115842d40D14 AW 6AreawideInterop
115852d41D14 HAILINGAreawide HailingCorrections
115902d46D14 EMAEmergency ManagementEmergency Ops
115912d47D14 COURTCounty Court OperationsLaw Talk
115922d48D14 JUV PROJuvenile ProbationCorrections
115932d49D14 ADULT PROAdult ProbationCorrections
115942d4aD14 CORONERCounty CoronerPublic Works
115952d4bD14 MUNICIPALMunicipal CourtCorrections
116002d50D14 M AID 01Mutual Aid 01Interop
116012d51D14 M AID 02Mutual Aid 02Interop
116022d52D14 M AID 03Mutual Aid 03Interop
116032d53D14 M AID 04Mutual Aid 04Interop
116042d54D14 M AID 05Mutual Aid 05Interop
116052d55D14 M AID 06Mutual Aid 06Interop
116062d56D14 M AID 07Mutual Aid 07Interop
116072d57D14 M AID 08Mutual Aid 08Interop
116082d58D14 M AID 09Mutual Aid 09Interop
116092d59D14 M AID 10Mutual Aid 10Interop
116102d5aD14 M AID 11Mutual Aid 11Interop
116122d5cD14 COMMIncident CommandInterop
116132d5dD14 EVENTCountywide Special EventsInterop
116142d5eD14 EMERGENCYNon-Public Safety access to Comm center or Public Safety unitsInterop
116202d64D14 ENGINEERSCounty Road DepartmentPublic Works
116212d65D14 TWP ROADAll Township Road DepartmentsPublic Works
116222d66D14 WIL STRTCity of Wilmington Street DepartmentPublic Works
116302d6eDCLI-MAS SD TXPClinton-Massie Local Schools - TransportationSchools
54527d4ffDXSO-14Statewide InteropInterop
59013e685DCOEMA14Emergency Management AgencyEmergency Ops
Columbiana County (15)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
120022ee2DTRI-CNTY AMBTri-County AmbulanceEMS Dispatch
120032ee3DELIVRFDEast Liverpool Fire (future use)Fire-Talk
120062ee6DLEETONIA PDLeetonia PoliceLaw Dispatch
120122eecDPERRYTWP PDPerry Township PoliceLaw Dispatch
120202ef4DSC15EMERCountywide School EmergencyEmergency Ops
120232ef7DCO15DTF2Drug Task Force Ch. 2Law Tac
54528d500DXSO-15Statewide InteropInterop
54777d5f9DSO15DSPSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
54787d603DSO15TACSheriff TacLaw Tac
59014e686DCOEMA15Emergency Management AgencyEmergency Ops
59672e918DLHD SALEMODH mutual aid-Salem health departmentEmergency Ops
59678e91eDLHD CLMBANAODH mutual aid-Columbiana County health departmentEmergency Ops
59679e91fDLHD ELVRPOLODH mutual aid-East Liverpool health departmentEmergency Ops
59738e95aDHOS-1501East Liverpool City HospitalHospital
59741e95dDHOS-1502Salem Regional Medical Center (Salem)Hospital
Coshocton County (16)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1250030d4DEM16DISPEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
1250230d6DCO16ENGEngineerPublic Works
1250530d9DEM16OPSEMS OperationsEMS-Tac
1250930ddDFD16CFDCoshocton FD Dispatch/OperationsFire Dispatch
1251130dfDEM16OPS2EMS Operations 2EMS-Tac
1251330e1D16RESCUERescue (sheriff, fire, EMS interop)Interop
1251930e7DWALHNDGWalhonding Valley Fire District - TacticalFire-Tac
1252230eaDE16SRTSheriff Special Response TeamLaw Tac
1252530edDFD16DISPFire DispatchFire Dispatch
1252730efDCOSHSCHCountywide School EmergencyEmergency Ops
1252930f1DFD16TC1Fire Tactical 1Fire-Tac
1253230f4D16FD03TCConesville VFD TacticalFire-Tac
1254030fcDFD16TC2Fire Tactical 2Fire-Tac
125453101DFD16TC3Fire Tactical 3Fire-Tac
54531d503DXSO-16Statewide InteropInterop
54778d5faDSO16DISPSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
54783d5ffDSO16TACSheriff TacLaw Tac
59015e687DCOEMA16Emergency Management AgencyEmergency Ops
59942ea26DLHD COSHCTNODH mutual aid-Coshocton County health departmentEmergency Ops
59943ea27DLHD CSHCTNCYODH mutual aid-Coshocton City health departmentEmergency Ops
59966ea3eDHOS-1601Coshocton Regional Medical Center (Coshocton)Hospital
Crawford County (17)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1300632ceDBFD DISPBucyrus Fire DispatchFire-Talk
1301432d6DFD100DISPGalion Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
1302532e1DFD17DISPCounty Fire DispatchFire-Talk
1303032e6DPE-BUCYPortsmouth Ambulance - BucyrusFire Dispatch
1303232e8DFD300DISPCrestline Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
54532d504DXSO-17Statewide InteropInterop
59016e688DCOEMA17Emergency Management AgencyEmergency Ops
59742e95eDHOS-1701Bucyrus Community HospitalHospital
59750e966DHOS-1703Galion Community HospitalHospital
Cuyahoga County (18) Common
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1350134bdD18 MTAC-1Countywide Tactical 1Interop
1350834c4D18 MTAC-2Countywide Tactical 2Interop
1351234c8D18 MTAC-3Countywide Tactical 3Interop
1351834ceD18 MTAC-4Countywide Tactical 4Interop
1352134d1D18 MTAC-5Countywide Tactical 5Interop
1352634d6D18 MTAC-6Countywide Tactical 6Interop
1352834d8D18 MTAC-7Countywide Tactical 7Interop
1353434deD18 MTAC-8Countywide Tactical 8Interop
1353834e2D18 MTAC-9Countywide Tactical 9Interop
1354534e9D18 MTAC-10Countywide Tactical 10Interop
54535d507DXSO-18Statewide InteropInterop
54707d5b3D18CW-1Countywide Event/General Use Common 1Interop
54710d5b6D18CW-2Countywide Event/General Use Common 2Interop
54717d5bdD18CW-3Countywide Event/General Use Common 3Interop
54718d5beD18CW-4Countywide Event/General Use Common 4Interop
54719d5bfD18CW-5Countywide Event/General Use Common 5Interop
54722d5c2D18CW-6Countywide Event/General Use Common 6Interop
54724d5c4D18CW-7Countywide Event/General Use Common 7Interop
54727d5c7D18CW-8Countywide Event/General Use Common 8Interop
54729d5c9D18CW-9Countywide Event/General Use Common 9Interop
54731d5cbD18CW-10Countywide Event/General Use Common 10Interop
54733d5cdD18CW-11Countywide Event/General Use Common 11Interop
54737d5d1D18CW-12Countywide Event/General Use Common 12Interop
54739d5d3D18CW-13Countywide Event/General Use Common 13Interop
54742d5d6D18CW-14Countywide Event/General Use Common 14Interop
54746d5daD18CW-15Countywide Event/General Use Common 15Interop
54748d5dcD18CW-16Countywide Event/General Use Common 16Interop
59017e689DCOEMA18Emergency Management AgencyEmergency Ops
Cuyahoga County (18) Fire/EMS/Hospital

Westcom - Bay Village, Fairview Park, North Olmsted, Westlake

Heights-Hillcrest Communications Center (HHCC)  - Cleveland Heights, Shaker Heights, University Heights

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1350034bcDEASTCOM2HHCC Fire Alternate DispatchFire Dispatch
1350234beDCLVHTSCleveland Heights FireFire-Tac
1350334bfDWestCom1Westcom Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
1350534c1DUHFDUniversity Heights FireFire-Tac
1350734c3DSHKRHTFDShaker Heights FireFire-Tac
1350934c5DWestCom2Westcom Fire 2Fire-Tac
1351034c6DSEUCLDFDSouth Euclid FireFire-Tac
1351434caDWestCom3Westcom Fire 3Fire-Tac
1351534cbDMAYVILFDMayfield Village Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
1351634ccDHILLAMayfield Heights Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
1352034d0DGATSMLSGates Mills Fire Ch. 7Fire-Talk
1353734e1DBWOOD FDBeachwood Fire TalkFire-Talk
1354134e5DHNORTHHighland Heights/Gates Mills Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
1354634eaDHSOUTHBeachwood/Lyndhurst/Pepper Pike Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
1354834ecDSEDISPSouth Euclid / Richmond Hts Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
1355134efD18-HAZ-1Hazmat 1Fire-Tac
1355334f1D18-HAZ-2Hazmat 2Fire-Tac
1355534f3D18-HAZ-3Hazmat 3Fire-Tac
1355734f5D18-HAZ-4Hazmat 4Fire-Tac
1355934f7D18-HAZ-5Hazmat 5Fire-Tac
1356234faDEASTCOMShaker Hts / University Hts / Cleveland Hts Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
1356334fbDFVPKADMHillcrest Region North Fire Ch.3 (fire prevention use)Fire-Talk
1356434fcDSTAGINGShaker Hts, Eastcom, Hillcrest Region North Fire StagingFire-Talk
135743506DLKWDADMNLakewood Fire AdminFire-Talk
13583350fDWSLKADMNWestlake FD Ch. 6Fire-Tac
13629353dDEUCFD1Euclid Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
136523554DEUCFD2Euclid Fire Ch. 2Fire-Tac
136643560DEUCFD3Euclid Fire Ch. 3Fire-Tac
137043588DWHFD1Warrensville Heights Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
13709358dDEASTCOM FD PAGEEastcom Fire PagingFire Dispatch
13711358fDOrangeFDPageOrange Fire PagingFire Dispatch
137123590DChagrinFDPageChagrin Fire PagingFire Dispatch
137133591DGatesMillsFDPageGates Mills Fire PagingFire Dispatch
137143592DEuclidFDPageEuclid Fire PagingFire Dispatch
137163594DSolonFDPageSolon Fire PagingFire Dispatch
137173595DHHillsFDPageHighland Hills Fire PagingFire Dispatch
137183596DWoodmereFDPageWoodmere Fire PagingFire Dispatch
137193597DNRandallFDPageNorth Randall Fire PagingFire Dispatch
137213599DBedfordFDPageBedford Fire PagingFire Dispatch
13722359aDMapleHgtsFDPageMaple Heights Fire PagingFire Dispatch
13724359cDLyndhurstFDPAgeLyndhurst Fire PagingFire Dispatch
142083780DWSTHAZWestcom HAZ-MATFire-Tac
142113783DWSTRITWestcom RITFire-Tac
144713887DCVD FTAC 1Chagrin Valley Dispatch - Fire Tac 1Fire-Tac
144723888DCVD FTAC 2Chagrin Valley Dispatch - Fire Tac 2Fire-Tac
14474388aDCVD FTAC 3Chagrin Valley Dispatch - Fire Tac 3Fire-Tac
14476388cDCVD FTAC 4Chagrin Valley Dispatch - Fire Tac 4Fire-Tac
14478388eDCVD FTAC 5Chagrin Valley Dispatch - Fire Tac 5Fire-Tac
144833893DSLN-DISPMaple Hts/Highland Hills/Bedford/North Randall/Woodmere FireFire Dispatch
14494389eDCHAGFD1Chagrin Falls / Orange Village / Solon FireFire Dispatch
54691d5a3DWESTCOMFGWestcom FiregroundFire-Tac
54712d5b8DCMP-IO-F/RCleveland MetroParks Fire/Rescue interopInterop
56300dbecDCleHts FD AlrtCleveland Heights Fire AlertFire Dispatch
56301dbedDUnivHts FD AlrtUniversity Heights Fire AlertFire Dispatch
56302dbeeDS Ecld FD AlertSouth Euclid Fire AlertFire Dispatch
56303dbefDShkHts FD AlrtShaker Heights Fire AlertFire Dispatch
56304dbf0DRchmndHts FD AleRichmond Heights Fire AlertFire Dispatch
56367dc2fDBP FD BUBrook Park Fire (backup)Fire Dispatch
59539e893DHOSP-NEThe Center for Health AffairsHospital
59540e894DHOS-NEONNortheast Ohio Neighborhood Health ServicesHospital
59685e925DLKWOODLakewood Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
59747e963DHOS-1801Cleveland Clinic Foundation (Cleveland)Hospital
59751e967DHOS-1802Euclid Hospital CCHS (Euclid)Hospital
59754e96aDHOS-1803Fairview Hospital CCHS (Cleveland)Hospital
59758e96eDHOS-1804Cleveland Clinic Children's RehabHospital
59762e972DHOS-1805Hillcrest Hospital CCHS (Mayfield Heights)Hospital
59764e974DHOS-1806Huron Hospital CCHS (East Cleveland)Hospital
59767e977DHOS-1807Lakewood Hospital CCHS (Lakewood)Hospital
59770e97aDHOS-1808Lutheran Hospital CCHS (Cleveland)Hospital
59772e97cDUHHSUniversity HospitalsHospital
59775e97fDHOS-1809Marymount Hospital CCHS (Garfield Heights)Hospital
59780e984DHOS-1810MetroHealth Medical Center (Cleveland)Hospital
59782e986DHOS-1811South Pointe Hospital CCHS (Warrensville Heights)Hospital
59786e98aDHOS-1812UHHS Southwest General Health Center (Middleburg Heights)Hospital
59789e98dDHOS-1813UHHS St. John Medical Center (Westlake)Hospital
59794e992DHOS-1814St. Vincent Charity Hospital (Cleveland)Hospital
59800e998DHOS-18xxUHHS Ahuja Medical CenterHospital
59804e99cDHOS-1816UHHS Bedford Medical Center (Bedford)Hospital
59809e9a1DHOS-1817UHHS Case Medical Center (Cleveland)Hospital
59819e9abDHOS-1820UHHS Parma Community Hospital (Parma)Hospital
59821e9adDHOS-1821UHHS Richmond Medical Center (Richmond Heights)Hospital
Cuyahoga County (18) Law

SPAN = Suburban Police Anti-crime Network - See Cuyahoga County Wiki

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1353934e3DHIL-PD1Hillcrest Area Police 1 / DispatchLaw Dispatch
1354234e6DHIL-PD2Hillcrest Area Police 2Law Tac
1354434e8DHIL-PD3Hillcrest Area Police 3Law Tac
1354734ebDHIL-PD4Hillcrest Area Police 4Law Tac
1354934edDHIL-PD5Hillcrest Area Police 5Law Tac
135703502DLakewood PDLakewood Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
135713503DRckyRvr PD4Rocky River Police Ch. 4Law Talk
13579350bDWestlakePD 3Westlake Police Ch. 3Law Talk
13582350eDWS Law Tac3Rocky River Police Ch. 3Law Tac
135863512DNOlmsted PD4North Olmsted PD 4Law Talk
135913517DNOlm PD 3North Olmsted Police Ch. 3Law Tac
13598351eDFairvwPkPD 3Fairview Park Police Ch. 3Law Tac
136073527DBayVlg PD 3Bay Village Police Ch. 3Law Tac
136093529DHighHlsPTacHighland Hills Police TacticalLaw Tac
13611352bDWS Law DispWestshore Law DispatchLaw Dispatch
136193533DWS Law Tac2Westshore Law Ch. 2Law Tac
136223536DENOlmsSchlEmergNorth Olmstead Schools EmergencyEmergency Ops
136243538DBchwd PPike PDBeachwood-Pepper Pike PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
136343542DSPNMAINSPAN 1 Mayfield Village PDLaw Dispatch
13644354cDSPNTRF2SPAN 2 Richmond Heights PDLaw Dispatch
136503552DWEBDISPWestshore Enforcement Bureau DispatchLaw Dispatch
136513553DSPNTRF3SPAN 3 SpareLaw Dispatch
13658355aDWEBTAC1Westshore Enforcement Bureau TAC-1Law Tac
13660355cDSPAN Tac 1SPAN Tactical 1Law Tac
136653561DRHPD 1Richmond Heights Police Tactical 1Law Tac
136663562DBchwdSchEmergBeachwood Schools EmergencyEmergency Ops
136683564DSPAN Tac 2SPAN Tactical 2 / School EmergLaw Tac
136703566DRHPD 2Richmond Heights Police Tactical 2Law Tac
136723568DWL Schl EmergWestlake School EmergencyEmergency Ops
136733569DWHSD Sch EmergWarrensville Hts School EmergencyEmergency Ops
136963580DWarrHgts PD1Warrensville Heights Police Ch. 1Law Dispatch
137003584DWarrHgts PD2Warrensville Heights Police Ch. 2Law Talk
1404436dcDSolonPD Tac1Solon Police Tac 1Law Talk
144703886DCVD W PD 1Chagrin Valley Police Dispatch West Ch. 1Law Dispatch
144733889DCVD W PD 2Chagrin Valley Police Dispatch West Ch. 2Law Tac
14477388dDLkwd PD OpsLakewood Police Special OpsLaw Tac
144813891DLkwd PD TacLakewood Police Ch. 4 Tactical/Car-to-CarLaw Tac
144843894DLkwd PD Tac3Lakewood Police Ch. 3Law Tac
144883898DLkwd PD EventLakewood Police EventsLaw Talk
144893899DCVPDTAC1 Chagrin Valley Police Tac 1Law Tac
14490389aDSolon-GW PDSolon / Glenwillow Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
14492389cDCHAGPD1Chagrin Valley Police Dispatch East Ch. 1Law Dispatch
14493389dDCVPDTAC2 Chagrin Valley Police Tac 2Law Tac
14495389fDSolon PD 2Solon / Glenwillow Police Ch. 2Law Talk
1449738a1DCVPDTAC3Chagrin Valley Police Tac-3Law Tac
1449838a2DCHAGPD2Chagrin Valley Police Dispatch East Ch. 2Law Talk
54638d56eD18RNGR-1Cleveland MetroParks Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
54672d590D18RNGR-2Cleveland MetroParks Police (Ch. 2)Law Tac
54682d59aD18RNGR-3Cleveland MetroParks PoliceLaw Tac
54692d5a4D18RNGR-4Cleveland MetroParks Police Tac-1Law Tac
54702d5aeDCMP-IOPDCleveland Metroparks local police interopInterop
54704d5b0D18MetPrk 7Cleveland Metroparks Police Ch. 7Interop
Cuyahoga County (18) Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
136173531DRckyRvrCSDRocky River SchoolsSchools
54716d5bcD18MetroPrkMnCleveland MetroParks MaintenancePublic Works
59683e923DLHD CYAHOGAODH mutual aid-Cuyahoga County health departmentEmergency Ops
59684e924DLHD CLVLNDODH mutual aid-Cleveland health department Emergency Ops
59686e926DLHD SHKRHTSODH mutual aid-Shaker Heights health departmentEmergency Ops
Cuyahoga County (18) Other
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
135923518DCPL SEC DSPCleveland Public Library, Security Dispatch Security
136003520DCPL SEC OPSCleveland Public Library, Security OperationsSecurity
Cuyahoga County (18) State Corrections
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52591cd6fDCLEVEAPAAdult Parole Authority - Cleveland areaCorrections
52605cd7dDNERC05Northeast Reintegration CenterCorrections
52608cd80DNERCHOPSNortheast Reintegration Center - Housing OpsCorrections
52654cdaeDNERC54Northeast Reintegration CenterCorrections
52903cea7DAPA-CLEAdult Parole Authority - Cleveland area Corrections
53071cf4fDCH-YS1Cuyahoga Hills Juvenile Correctional Facility Corrections
53074cf52DCH-YS2Cuyahoga Hills Juvenile Correctional FacilityCorrections
53077cf55DCH-YS3Cuyahoga Hills Juvenile Correctional Facility Corrections
53081cf59DCH-MAINTCuyahoga Hills Juvenile Correctional Facility - MaintenanceCorrections
Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1350434c0DGCRTA RAILCTRLRail ControlTransportation
1351134c7DGCRTA MAINPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
1352734d7DGCRTA PD EVENTPolice - EventLaw Tac
1354334e7DGCRTA PD TAC 1Police Tac 1Law Tac
1355034eeDGCRTA PD TAC 2Police Tac 2Law Tac
1356034f8DGCRTA TRISKETTTriskett DistrictTransportation
1356534fdDGCRTA YARDYardTransportation
135693501DGCRTA RMXRail MaintenanceTransportation
135733505DGCRTA HAYDENHayden DistrictTransportation
13578350aDGCRTA PARATRANParatransit DistrictTransportation
135853511DGCRTA OPS 1Operations 1Transportation
135893515DGCRTA OPS 2Operations 2Transportation
135933519DGCRTA SUPER 1Supervisors 1Transportation
13599351fDGCRTA OPS 3Operations 3Transportation
136063526DGCRTA OPS 4Operations 4Transportation
13615352fDGCRTA SUPER 2Supervisors 2Transportation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1450138a5D19COFDISDarke County Fire/EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
1450238a6D19SODISPDarke County Law Enforcement (Except Greenville PD)Law Dispatch
1450438a8D19GRNVFDGreenville Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
1450638aaD19GPDGreenville Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
1450838acDe19TAC4All LE OnlyLaw Tac
1451038aeD19TAC12County Wide TacticalInterop
1451238b0D19TAC13County Wide TacticalInterop
1451338b1DDARKEPG1County Fire/EMS PagingFire Dispatch
1451438b2D19TAC14County Wide TacticalInterop
1451638b4D19IPSAPDarke County PSAPInterop
1451738b5D19 WAYNEWayne HospitalHospital
1451838b6DSC19EMERCountywide School EmergencyEmergency Ops
1452038b8D19TRVRPGTri-Village Rescue PagingEMS Dispatch
1452138b9D19ARCRPGArcanum Rescue PagingEMS Dispatch
54536d508DXSO-19Statewide InteropInterop
56954de7aDLHD DARKEODH mutual aid-Darke County health departmentEmergency Ops
59018e68aDCOEMA19Emergency Management AgencyEmergency Ops
59612e8dcDHOS-1901Wayne Hospital (Greenville)Hospital
Defiance County (20)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
150033a9bDDEF CITY FDISPDefiance City Fire/EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
150043a9cD20DPD-DISPDefiance Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
150063a9eDSO20TACSheriff TacticalLaw Tac
150083aa0DFD20DISPFire/EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
150093aa1DFD20TAC1Fire/EMS Tactical 1Fire-Tac
150103aa2DFD20TAC2Fire/EMS Tactical 2Fire-Tac
150113aa3DFD20TAC3Fire/EMS Tactical 3Fire-Tac
150123aa4D20HPD-DISPHicksville Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
150143aa6DSO20DISPSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
54537d509DXSO-20Statewide InteropInterop
59019e68bDCOEMA20Emergency Management AgencyEmergency Ops
59752e968DHOS-2001Community Memorial Hospital (Hicksville)Hospital
59755e96bDHOS-2002Promedica Defiance Regional HospitalHospital
59928ea18DHOS-2003MercyHealth Defiance HospitalHospital
Delaware County (21)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54540d50cDXSO-21Statewide InteropInterop
54886d666DCOIRSFDFire/EMS Backup talkgroup on MARCSFire-Tac
59020e68cDCOEMA21Emergency Management AgencyEmergency Ops
59613e8ddDHOS-2101OhioHealth - Grady Memorial HospitalHospital
59993ea59DHOS-2103Nationwide Childrens - Close to Home Center (Lewis Center)Hospital
59999ea5fDHOS-2102OhioHealth - Lewis Center Health CenterHospital
60729ed39DHOS-2104OhioHealth - PowellHospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54541d50dDXSO-22Statewide InteropInterop
59021e68dDCOEMA22Emergency Management AgencyEmergency Ops
59753e969DHOS-2201Firelands Regional Medical CenterHospital
Fairfield County (23)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
165004074DESO23MCU-1Sheriff - Major Crimes Unit Ch. 1Law Tac
165014075DSO23DISPSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
165024076D23FIRE1Fire Operations 1Fire-Tac
165034077DSO23TAC1Sheriff Tac 1Law Tac
165044078DESO23MCU-2Sheriff - Major Crimes Unit Ch. 2Law Tac
165054079DSO23TAC2Sheriff Tac 2 (Also used by Dog Warden)Law Tac
16506407aD23FIRE2Fire Operations 2Fire-Tac
16507407bDFD23DISPFire DispatchFire Dispatch
16509407dD23-PPD 1PIckerington Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
16510407eD23FIRE3Fire Operations 3Fire-Tac
16511407fD23EMS 1EMS Operations 1EMS-Tac
165144082D23-PPD 2Pickerington Police Tac 2Law Tac
165174085DPEASI-LANCPortsmouth Emergency Ambulance Service (Lancaster)EMS Dispatch
54542d50eDXSO-23Statewide InteropInterop
59022e68eDCOEMA23Emergency Management AgencyEmergency Ops
59589e8c5DLHD FAIRFLDODH mutual aid-Fairfield County health departmentEmergency Ops
59614e8deDHOS-2301Fairfield Medical Center (Lancaster)Hospital
59664e910DHOS-2302Diley Ridge Medical CenterHospital
59985ea51DHOS-2303Ohio Health - PickeringtonHospital
Fairfield County (23) State Corrections
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52627cd93DSCIOPSSoutheastern Correctional Institution - General OpsCorrections
52633cd99DSCIHOPSSoutheastern Correctional Institution - Housing OpsCorrections
52706cde2DSCIATGSoutheastern Correctional Institution - AnnouncementsCorrections
Fayette County (24)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
170004268DESO24DISPCounty Sheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
170014269DEWCHPEVTWashington Court House PD EventLaw Talk
17002426aDEWCHPDSPWashington Court House PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
17004426cD24FG01County FiregroundFire-Tac
17006426eDEWCHPTAC1Washington Court House PD Tac 1Law Tac
17007426fDESO24EVTCounty Sheriff EventLaw Talk
170084270D24FG500Jeffersonville FiregroundFire-Tac
170094271DE24LAWTACCounty Law TacLaw Tac
170114273DEWCHPTAC2Washington Court House PD Tac 2Law Tac
170124274D24FIRECounty Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
170144276D24EMSCounty EMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
170154277D24TRANSITFayette County Transportation Buses & VansTransportation
17018427aDESO24JAILCounty Jail OperationsLaw Talk
17020427cD24ENG1County Engineer MainPublic Works
17023427fDESO24TAC3County Sheriff TacticalLaw Tac
170264282D24FG100Washington Court House FiregroundFire-Tac
170274283D24FG200Wayne Twp FiregroundFire-Tac
170324288D24FG300Concord-Greene FiregroundFire-Tac
17034428aD24FG400Bloomingburg FiregroundFire-Tac
54545d511DXSO-24Statewide InteropInterop
59023e68fDCOEMA24Emergency Management AgencyEmergency Ops
59904ea00DHOS-2401Fayette County Memorial HospitalHospital
Franklin County (25) Common
  • Franklin County 25EVT-xx talkgroups operate on the Columbus MARCS tower.
  • EZ-xx and CITY xx operate on the Columbus City tower.
  • XSO-25 and PSAP ALERT can operate on both towers.
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54548d514DXSO-25Statewide InteropInterop
57196df6cDEZ-1Countywide interoperability 1Interop
57197df6dDEZ-10Countywide interoperability 10Interop
57198df6eDEZ-11Countywide interoperability 11Interop
57199df6fDEZ-12Countywide interoperability 12Interop
57200df70DEZ-13Countywide interoperability 13Interop
57201df71DEZ-14Countywide interoperability 14Interop
57202df72DEZ-15Countywide interoperability 15Interop
57203df73DEZ-2Countywide interoperability 2Interop
57204df74DEZ-3Countywide interoperability 3Interop
57205df75DEZ-4Countywide interoperability 4Interop
57206df76DEZ-5Countywide interoperability 5Interop
57207df77DEZ-6Countywide interoperability 6Interop
57208df78DEZ-7Countywide interoperability 7Interop
57209df79DEZ-8Countywide interoperability 8Interop
57210df7aDEZ-9Countywide interoperability 9Interop
57214df7eDCITY 1Columbus citywide interopInterop
57215df7fDCITY 2Columbus citywide interopInterop
57225df89DCITY 3Columbus citywide interopInterop
61001ee49D25EVT-1Countywide Events/Common 1Interop
61002ee4aD25EVT-2Countywide Events/Common 2Interop
61003ee4bD25EVT-3Countywide Events/Common 3Interop
61004ee4cD25EVT-4Countywide Events/Common 4Interop
61005ee4dD25EVT-5Countywide Events/Common 5Interop
61006ee4eD25EVT-6Countywide Events/Common 6Interop
61007ee4fD25EVT-7Countywide Events/Common 7Interop
61008ee50D25EVT-8Countywide Events/Common 8Interop
61009ee51D25EVT-9Countywide Events/Common 9Interop
61010ee52D25EVT-10Countywide Events/Common 10Interop
61011ee53D25EVT-11Countywide Events/Common 11Interop
61012ee54D25EVT-12Countywide Events/Common 12Interop
61013ee55D25EVT-13Countywide Events/Common 13Interop
61014ee56D25EVT-14Countywide Events/Common 14Interop
61015ee57D25EVT-15Countywide Events/Common 15Interop
61016ee58D25EVTATGCountywide Events/Common All CallInterop
61028ee64DPSAP ALERTUrgent/Emergency broadcasts - Central OhioInterop
Franklin County (25) Fire/EMS/Hospital
  • All Fire/EMS talkgroups operate on the Columbus City tower.
  • All Hospital talkgroups can operate on both Columbus City and Columbus MARCS towers.
  • Prairie Twp Fire is now being dispatched by Grove City on the Southwest talkgroups.
  • Upper Arlington Fire is now being dispatched by Dublin on the COIRS radio system.
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
57350e006DHT OPSHamilton Twp FD alternateFire-Talk
57351e007DHT TACHamilton Twp FD alternateFire-Talk
57352e008DMECC EMS1MECC EMS operationsEMS-Tac
57353e009DMECC FG2MECC Fireground 2Fire-Tac
57372e01cDMEC CNTRMECC Fire/EMS AlertingFire Dispatch
57373e01dDMECC FG1MECC Fireground 1Fire-Tac
57377e021DMECC DSPMECC Fire/EMS calling to dispatcherFire-Talk
57378e022DMECC FG3MECC Fireground 3Fire-Tac
57383e027DMECC IC1MECC Incident Command 1Fire-Tac
57384e028DMECC IC4MECC Incident Command 4Fire-Tac
57389e02dDMECC IC3MECC Incident Command 3Fire-Tac
57390e02eDMECC FG4MECC Fireground 4Fire-Tac
57391e02fDMECC IC2MECC Incident Command 2Fire-Tac
57392e030DMECC EMS2MECC EMS operationsEMS-Tac
57394e032DWST FDSPWesterville FD dispatchFire Dispatch
57395e033DWST FG-1Westerville FD - Fireground 1Fire-Tac
57440e060DWST FG-2Westerville FD - Fireground 2Fire-Tac
57441e061DWST FG-3Westerville FD - Fireground 3Fire-Tac
59615e8dfDHOS-2501Children's Hospital ERHospital
59619e8e3DHOS-2502Dublin Methodist HospitalHospital
59623e8e7DHOS-2503Doctors Hospital West (Columbus)Hospital
59626e8eaDHOS-2504Grant Medical Center (Columbus)Hospital
59630e8eeDHOS-2505Ohio Health - Westerville Medical CampusHospital
59633e8f1DHOS-2506Mount Carmel Grove City ERHospital
59637e8f5DHOS-2507Mount Carmel East ERHospital
59641e8f9DHOS-2508St. Ann's Hospital (Westerville)Hospital
59644e8fcDHOS-2509Mt Carmel West ERHospital
59648e900DHOS-2510Riverside Methodist Hospital (Columbus)Hospital
59652e904DHOS-2511Ohio State University Medical Center (Columbus)Hospital
59657e909DHOS-2512Ohio State University Medical Center East (Columbus)Hospital
59665e911DHOS-2513unassigned (Columbus)Hospital
59996ea5cDHOS-2516Ohio Health - Hilliard Health CenterHospital
59997ea5dDHOS-2517OhioHealth - Reynoldsburg Emergency CareHospital
60700ed1cDHOS-2519OhioHealth - New Albany Emergency CareHospital
60728ed38DHOS-2520OhioHealth - Obetz Emergency CareHospital
60731ed3bDHOS-2521OhioHealth - Grove City Methodist HospitalHospital
Franklin County (25) Emergency Response
  • COST and REDCROSS operate on the Columbus City tower.
  • COEMA25, B15 OPSx and WXNET-1 operate on the Columbus MARCS tower.
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
57019debbDCOSTCentral Ohio Strike TeamEmergency Ops
59024e690DCOEMA25Emergency Management AgencyEmergency Ops
60014ea6eDRED CROSSRed CrossEmergency Ops
61140eed4DB15 OPS1Box 15 canteen operations 1Fire-Talk
61141eed5DB15 OPS2Box 15 canteen operations 2Fire-Talk
61142eed6DWXNET-1Severe Weather Net 1Emergency Ops
61143eed7DWXNET-2Severe Weather Net 2Emergency Ops
Franklin County (25) Law Enforcement
  • Gahanna, Bexley, Whitehall, New Albany, Grandview Heights, Brice and Columbus State CC operate on the Columbus MARCS tower.
  • Franklin County SO, Reynoldsburg PD and other suburbs operate on both Columbus City and Columbus MARCS towers.
  • Westerville PD operates on the Columbus City tower.
  • Upper Arlington is now being dispatched by Dublin on the COIRS radio system.
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
17515446bDGAH DISPGahanna Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
175234473DGAH EVTGahanna Police - EventsLaw Talk
17535447fDGAH PTLGahanna Police - Car-to-carLaw Tac
175364480DCSCC PDColumbus State Community College Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
175404484DCS-TAC1Columbus State Community College Police TacLaw Tac
175444488DEGAH TACGahanna Police - TacLaw Tac
175454489DCS-TAC2Columbus State Community College Police Tac 2Law Tac
17548448cDBXPDDISPBexley Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
175524490DBXPDTAC1Bexley Police Tac 1Law Tac
175564494DBXPDTAC2Bexley Police Tac 2Law Tac
17562449aDWHPDDSPWhitehall Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
17563449bDNAPD-DSPNew Albany Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
1756844a0DWHPDTC1Whitehall Police Tac 1Law Tac
1757044a2DNAPD-EVTNew Albany Police - EventLaw Talk
1757144a3DGHPD-DSPGrandview Heights Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
1757244a4DWHPDEVTWhitehall Police - EventsLaw Talk
1757644a8DWHPDTC2Whitehall Police Tac 2Law Tac
1757844aaDGHP-TAC1Grandview Heights Police Tac 1Law Tac
1758044acDNAPD-TACNew Albany Police TacLaw Tac
1758444b0DGHP-TAC2Grandview Heights Police Tac 2Law Tac
1758744b3DCOIRS DETCOIRS Detectives InteropInterop
1758844b4DBRICEBrice Operations/Police Car-to-CarLaw Tac
1759244b8DEBRICE 2Brice Operations 2Law Tac
54877d65dDCOIRS LECOIRS LE InteropInterop
57402e03aDEWST PADMNWesterville Police AdminLaw Talk
57403e03bDWST PTACWesterville Police TacticalLaw Tac
57404e03cDWST PDSPWesterville Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
61030ee66DSO25WESTSheriff West DispatchLaw Dispatch
61031ee67DSO25TAC1WSheriff West Tactical 1Law Tac
61032ee68DSO25TAC2WSheriff West Tactical 2Law Tac
61033ee69DSO25EASTSheriff East DispatchLaw Dispatch
61034ee6aDSO25TAC1ESheriff East Tactical 1Law Tac
61035ee6bDSO25TAC2ESheriff East Tactical 2Law Tac
61037ee6dDSO25LEADSSheriff LEADSLaw Talk
61038ee6eDSO25RCRDSSheriff RecordsLaw Talk
61039ee6fDSO25EVT1Sheriff special events 1Law Talk
61040ee70DSO25EVT2Sheriff special events 2Law Talk
61041ee71DSO25EVT3Sheriff special events 3Law Talk
61042ee72DSO25EVT4Sheriff special events 4Law Talk
61043ee73DSO25SIU1Sheriff Special Investigations Unit 1Law Tac
61047ee77DSO25INVWSheriff warrant serviceLaw Talk
61052ee7cDSO25PTXPrisoner transportCorrections
61053ee7dDSO25COURTSheriff BaliffsLaw Talk
61060ee84DBLEN OPSBlendon Twp PD localLaw Talk
61062ee86DCLIN OPSClinton Twp PD localLaw Talk
61063ee87DFRAN OPSFranklin Twp PD localLaw Tac
61064ee88DGVPT OPSGroveport PD localLaw Talk
61065ee89DHARR OPSHarrisburg PD localLaw Talk
61066ee8aDMADI OPSMadison Twp PD localLaw Talk
61067ee8bDMIFF OPSMifflin Twp PD local Law Talk
61068ee8cDMNPK OPSMinerva Park PD localLaw Talk
61069ee8dDOBTZ OPSObetz PD localLaw Tac
61070ee8eDVALL OPSValleyview PD localLaw Talk
61078ee96DSHAR OPSSharon Twp PD localLaw Talk
61079ee97DPERRY OPSPerry Township PD localLaw Talk
61259ef4bDRPD DISPReynoldsburg Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
61260ef4cDRPD TAC1Reynoldsburg Police Tactical 1Law Tac
61261ef4dDRPD TAC2Reynoldsburg Police Tactical 2Law Tac
61262ef4eDRPD-DETReynoldsburg Police DetectivesLaw Tac
61263ef4fDRPD-EVTReynoldsburg Police EventsLaw Talk
61284ef64DCUPD DSPCapital University PoliceLaw Dispatch
61346efa2DMETPKDSPMetro Parks PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
61347efa3DMETPKTACMetro Parks PD TacticalLaw Tac
Franklin County (25) Public Works
  • All talkgroups operate on the Columbus MARCS tower except RED X SEC and Westerville, which operate on the Columbus City tower.
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
17500445cD25COMSVCCounty communications servicePublic Works
1756944a1DRED X SECRed Cross Facility - Columbus (Security)Security
1760744c7DSC25EM2Ohio State School for the Blind/Ohio State School for the Deaf - Common ChannelSchools
57338dffaDWST ELECCity of Westerville - ElectricPublic Works
57341dffdDWST TRANSWesterville Senior Center TransportationPublic Works
61054ee7eDSEC CTL1County Security Control - WestSecurity
61055ee7fDSEC CTL2County Security Control - EastSecurity
61203ef13DCBUS-1Central Ohio Transit Authority - Buses 1Transportation
61204ef14DCBUS-2Central Ohio Transit Authority - Buses 2Transportation
61205ef15DCBUS-3Central Ohio Transit Authority - Buses 3Transportation
61206ef16DCBUS-4Central Ohio Transit Authority - Buses 4Transportation
61207ef17DCPARA-1Central Ohio Transit Authority - Paratransit 1Transportation
61208ef18DCPARA-2Central Ohio Transit Authority - Paratransit 2Transportation
61209ef19DCPARA-3Central Ohio Transit Authority - Paratransit 3Transportation
61210ef1aDCMAINT-1Central Ohio Transit Authority - Maintenance 1Public Works
61211ef1bDCMAINT-2Central Ohio Transit Authority - Maintenance 2Public Works
61212ef1cDCMAINT-3Central Ohio Transit Authority - Maintenance 3Public Works
61213ef1dDCMAINT-4Central Ohio Transit Authority - Maintenance 4Public Works
61214ef1eDCADMIN-1Central Ohio Transit Authority - Administration 1Public Works
61215ef1fDCADMIN-2Central Ohio Transit Authority - Administration 2Public Works
61216ef20DCADMIN-3Central Ohio Transit Authority - Administration 3Public Works
61217ef21DCADMIN-4Central Ohio Transit Authority - Administration 4Public Works
61222ef26DDT MAINTCourthouse Complex maintenancePublic Works
61223ef27DDT ENGCourthouse Complex engineeringPublic Works
61224ef28DTRADESCourthouse Complex special maintenancePublic Works
61225ef29DEC-CORRCorrections MaintenancePublic Works
61235ef33DENG ALLCounty Engineer Primary OperationsPublic Works
61236ef34DENG WESTCounty Engineer - West outpostPublic Works
61237ef35DENG EASTCounty Engineer - East outpostPublic Works
61240ef38DANMCTL1Animal ControlPublic Works
61241ef39DANMCTL2Animal Control TacPublic Works
61242ef3aDCAHS-1Capital Area Humane SocietyPublic Works
61252ef44DDD BUS EDevelopmental Disabilities operations - east Transportation
61253ef45DDD BUS WDevelopmental Disabilities operations - westTransportation
Franklin County (25) Corrections
  • All talkgroups operate on the Columbus MARCS tower.
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
61048ee78DCC1 MAINCounty Jail (downtown) primaryCorrections
61049ee79DCC1 ALTCounty Jail (downtown) secondaryCorrections
61050ee7aDCC2 MAINCounty Jail (south) primaryCorrections
61051ee7bDCC2 ALTCounty Jail (south) secondaryCorrections
61230ef2eDJDC-1AJuvenile Detention Center 1ACorrections
  • All publice service talkgroups operate on the Columbus MARCS tower; public safety talkgrops can use both Columbus City and Columbus MARCS towers.
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
61080ee98DSW ALERTSouthwest Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
61081ee99DSW EMSSouthwest EMS 1EMS-Tac
61082ee9aDSW OPSSouthwest OperationsFire-Tac
61083ee9bDSW FG-1Southwest Fireground 1Fire-Tac
61084ee9cDSW TAC-1Southwest Tac 1Fire-Tac
61085ee9dDSW FG-2Southwest Fireground 2Fire-Tac
61086ee9eDSW TAC-2Southwest Tactical 2Fire-Tac
61087ee9fDSW FG-3Southwest Fireground 3Fire-Tac
61088eea0DSW TAC-3Southwest Tactical 3Fire-Tac
61089eea1DSW ATGSouthwest All Talk GroupFire-Talk
61090eea2DSW-TNRG 1Southwest Training 1Fire-Talk
61091eea3DSW-TNRG 2Southwest Training 2Fire-Talk
61092eea4DSW-TNRG 3Southwest Training 3Fire-Talk
61093eea5DSW STAGESouthwest incident stagingFire-Tac
61094eea6DeJT FIU-EJackson Twp Fire InvestigationsFire-Talk
61095eea7DePT FIU-EPleasant Twp Fire InvestigationsFire-Talk
61096eea8DJT-SRVCJackson Twp Service DeptPublic Works
61097eea9DPL-SRVCPleasant Twp Service DeptPublic Works
61098eeaaDGCP-PTL1Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
61100eeacDGCP-TAC1Police Tactical 1Law Tac
61103eeafDGCP-DETDetectivesLaw Tac
61106eeb2DGC SRVC1Service DepartmentPublic Works
61112eeb8DGCADMINGrove City AdminPublic Works
61116eebcDSW PD-FDSouthwest Police-FireMulti-Tac
61117eebdDSW-MUTL 1Southwest Mutual Aid 1Interop
61118eebeDSW-MUTL 2Southwest Mutual Aid 2Interop
61119eebfDSW-EVNT 1Southwest Event 1Interop
61120eec0DSW-EVNT 2Southwest Event 2Interop
61121eec1DSW-EVNT 3Southwest Event 3Interop
61122eec2DSW-EVNT 4Southwest Event 4Interop
61340ef9cDSW FG-4Southwest Fireground 4 (was Prairie Fire Tactical 1)Fire-Tac
61341ef9dDSW TAC-4Southwest Tactical 4 (was Prairie Fire Tactical 2)Fire-Tac
Columbus Regional Airport Authority
  • All publice service talkgroups operate on the Columbus MARCS tower; public safety talkgrops can use both Columbus City and Columbus MARCS towers.
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
61179eefbDGT GRNJohn Glenn Airport Green Lot ShuttlesPublic Works
61180eefcDCMH DISPPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
61181eefdDCRAA TACPolice TacticalLaw Tac
61182eefeDCMH ARFFJohn Glenn Airport Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
61183eeffDCMH FGJohn Glenn Airport FiregroundFire-Tac
61184ef00DLCK DISPRickenbacker Fire DispatchLaw Dispatch
61185ef01DLCK ARFFRickenbacker Fire OpsFire Dispatch
61186ef02DLCK FGRickenbacker FiregroundFire-Tac
61187ef03DCRAA EV1Airport Authority Event 1Public Works
61188ef04DCRAA EV2Airport Authority Event 2Public Works
61189ef05DCMH TWRColumbus Tower (FAA to fire dept)Fire-Talk
61191ef07DTZR TWRBolton Field Tower (FAA to fire dept)Fire-Talk
61193ef09DCMH AFMJohn Glenn Airport Airfield MaintenancePublic Works
61194ef0aDCMH MTXJohn Glenn Airport Facilities MaintenancePublic Works
61196ef0cDCMH FACILJohn Glenn Airport Facilities ManagementPublic Works
61197ef0dDLCK MTXRickenbacker Airfield MaintenancePublic Works
61198ef0eDLCK-FBORickenbacker Fixed Base OperatorPublic Works
61199ef0fDGT BLUEJohn Glenn Airport Blue Lot ShuttlesPublic Works
61200ef10DGT REDJohn Glenn Airport Red Lot ShuttlesPublic Works
61201ef11DGT EMPLJohn Glenn Airport Employee Lot ShuttlesPublic Works
THE Ohio State University
  • All talkgroups operate on the Columbus MARCS tower.
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
63500f80cDOSU-HSECHospital Security - Operations 1Security
63509f815DOSU-HFE3Physical Plant - ElectriciansPublic Works
63514f81aDOSU-TTM-PRTransportation and Traffic Management - Park and RideTransportation
63515f81bDOSU-HDISDisaster OpsInterop
63518f81eDOSU-HE1Hospital Security - Operations 2Security
63522f822DOSU-DPS1Public safety mutual aid 1Interop
63523f823DOSU-DPS2Public safety mutual aid 2Interop
63524f824DOSU-DPS3Public safety mutual aid 3Interop
63525f825DOSU-DPS4Public safety mutual aid 4Interop
63526f826DOSU-TM1Traffic ManagementTransportation
63530f82aDOSU-T1CABS (Campus Area Bus Service) BusesTransportation
63531f82bDOSU-T2CABS (Campus Area Bus Service) ParatransitTransportation
63532f82cDOSU-T3CABS (Campus Area Bus Service) CharterTransportation
63533f82dDOSU-T4CABS (Campus Area Bus Service) SupervisorsTransportation
63540f834DOSU-FO4Physical Plant - HVACPublic Works
63552f840DOSU-FODFacilities Operations and DevelopmentPublic Works
63554f842DOSU-EH1OSU Hospital East 1Hospital
63555f843DOSU EOHS-2Environmental Public Works
63557f845DOSU-SFP1Security/Fire Prevention PatrolSecurity
63558f846DOSU-SFP2Security/Fire Prevention Fire AlarmsSecurity
63559f847DOSU-SFP3Security/Fire Prevention Wexner CenterSecurity
63560f848DOSU-SSS1Student Safety Services (foot patrol)Security
63561f849DOSU-SSS2Student Safety Services (escorts)Security
63567f84fDOSU UNIV-1University common (monitored by police)Multi-Talk
63569f851DOSU SE-1Special eventsMulti-Talk
63594f86aDSCHT-1Schottenstein Center - ParkingPublic Works
63595f86bDSCHT-2Schottenstein Center - Dispatch / Guest ServicesPublic Works
63596f86cDSCHT-3Schottenstein Center - First AidPublic Works
63597f86dDSCHT-4Schottenstein Center - CustodiansPublic Works
63598f86eDSCHT-5Schottenstein Center - SecuritySecurity
63600f870DSCHT-7Event Fire/EMSFire-Talk
63613f87dDOSU-CFD ICColumbus Fire Incident CommandInterop
63616f880DOSU-POWRPhysical Plant operationsPublic Works
63626f88aDOSU-P1Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
63627f88bDOSU-CFD T1Columbus Fire - Tac 1Fire-Tac
63628f88cDOSU-P2Police OperationsLaw Tac
63631f88fDOSU-P3Police TacticalLaw Tac
63632f890DOSU-CFD T2Columbus Fire - Tac 2Fire-Tac
63634f892DOSU-CFD FGColumbus Fire - FiregroundFire-Tac
Columbus Fire (25)
  • All talkgroups operate on the Columbus City tower.
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
57000dea8DALPHAMinor Incident OpsFire-Tac
57001dea9DBRAVOMinor Incident OpsFire-Tac
57002deaaD10 FIREAutomated DispatchFire Dispatch
57003deabDCHARLIEMinor Incident OpsFire-Tac
57005deadDDELTAMinor Incident OpsFire-Tac
57006deaeDECHOMinor Incident OpsFire-Tac
57009deb1D10 DISPUnit to DispatcherFire-Talk
57010deb2DFOXTROTMinor Incident OpsFire-Tac
57013deb5DHAZ OPSHAZMAT OperationsFire-Tac
57014deb6DMAINTColumbus Fire MaintenanceFire-Talk
57016deb8DCFD EVT1Special events 1Fire-Talk
57017deb9DCFD EVT2Special events 2Fire-Talk
57018debaDCFD AUXAuxiliaryFire-Talk
57020debcDPREVFire preventionFire-Tac
57021debdDACADColumbus FD academyFire-Talk
57023debfDARSONArson investigatorsFire-Tac
57024dec0DISESTRG-1Training AcademyFire-Talk
57026dec2DISEMS-1Training AcademyFire-Talk
57028dec4DRECR-1Recruitment OfficeFire-Talk
57029dec5DRECR-2Recruitment OfficeFire-Talk
57031dec7DIS TRN1Training AcademyFire-Talk
57032dec8DE FGEmergency firegroundFire-Tac
57034decaDEFG ICEmergency incident commandFire-Tac
57035decbDEFG STGEmergency fireground stagingFire-Tac
57036deccDEFG TAC1Emergency fireground tacticalFire-Tac
57037decdDEFG TAC2Emergency fireground tacticalFire-Tac
57038deceD9 ALERTCar-to-carFire-Talk
57039decfD9 BRANCHEMS 9 BranchEMS-Tac
57040ded0DCFD EMS1EMS Medical Ops 1EMS-Tac
57041ded1DCFD EMS2EMS Medical Ops 2EMS-Tac
57042ded2DEMS ATGEMS AnnouncementEMS-Tac
57043ded3DCFD EMSSTGEMS Incident StagingFire-Tac
57044ded4DCFD EXTRExtricationFire-Tac
57045ded5DCFD MEDHELEMS to medical helicopterEMS-Tac
57046ded6DCFD POISONEMS to Poison ControlEMS-Tac
57047ded7DCFD RESCUERescue Training opsEMS-Talk
57052dedcDBN1 FGBattalion 1 FiregroundFire-Tac
57053deddDBN1 ICBattalion 1 Incident CommandFire-Tac
57054dedeDBN1 TAC1Battalion 1 Tac 1Fire-Tac
57055dedfDBN1 TAC2Battalion 1 Tac 2Fire-Tac
57056dee0DBN1 TAC3Battalion 1 Tac 3Fire-Tac
57057dee1DBN1 TAC4Battalion 1 Tac 4Fire-Tac
57058dee2DBN1 TAC5Battalion 1 Tac 5Fire-Tac
57059dee3DBN1 TAC6Battalion 1 Tac 6Fire-Tac
57060dee4DBN1 TAC7Battalion 1 Tac 7Fire-Tac
57061dee5DBN1 RITBattalion 1 Rapid Intervention TeamFire-Tac
57063dee7DBN1 STGBattalion 1 Incident StagingFire-Tac
57065dee9DBN2 FGBattalion 2 FiregroundFire-Tac
57066deeaDBN2 ICBattalion 2 Incident CommandFire-Tac
57067deebDBN2 TAC1Battalion 2 Tac 1Fire-Tac
57068deecDBN2 TAC2Battalion 2 Tac 2Fire-Tac
57069deedDBN2 TAC3Battalion 2 Tac 3Fire-Tac
57070deeeDBN2 TAC4Battalion 2 Tac 4Fire-Tac
57071deefDBN2 TAC5Battalion 2 Tac 5Fire-Tac
57072def0DBN2 TAC6Battalion 2 Tac 6Fire-Tac
57073def1DBN2 TAC7Battalion 2 Tac 7Fire-Tac
57074def2DBN2 RITBattalion 2 Rapid Intervention TeamFire-Tac
57076def4DBN2 STGBattalion 2 Incident StagingFire-Tac
57078def6DBN3 FGBattalion 3 FiregroundFire-Tac
57079def7DBN3 ICBattalion 3 Incident CommandFire-Tac
57080def8DBN3 TAC1Battalion 3 Tac 1Fire-Tac
57081def9DBN3 TAC2Battalion 3 Tac 2Fire-Tac
57082defaDBN3 TAC3Battalion 3 Tac 3Fire-Tac
57083defbDBN3 TAC4Battalion 3 Tac 4Fire-Tac
57084defcDBN3 TAC5Battalion 3 Tac 5Fire-Tac
57085defdDBN3 TAC6Battalion 3 Tac 6Fire-Tac
57086defeDBN3 TAC7Battalion 3 Tac 7Fire-Tac
57087deffDBN3 RITBattalion 3 Rapid Intervention TeamFire-Tac
57089df01DBN3 STGBattalion 3 Incident StagingFire-Tac
57091df03DBN4 FGBattalion 4 FiregroundFire-Tac
57092df04DBN4 ICBattalion 4 Incident CommandFire-Tac
57093df05DBN4 TAC1Battalion 4 Tac 1Fire-Tac
57094df06DBN4 TAC2Battalion 4 Tac 2Fire-Tac
57095df07DBN4 TAC3Battalion 4 Tac 3Fire-Tac
57096df08DBN4 TAC4Battalion 4 Tac 4Fire-Tac
57097df09DBN4 TAC5Battalion 4 Tac 5Fire-Tac
57098df0aDBN4 TAC6Battalion 4 Tac 6Fire-Tac
57099df0bDBN4 TAC7Battalion 4 Tac 7Fire-Tac
57100df0cDBN4 RITBattalion 4 Rapid Intervention TeamFire-Tac
57102df0eDBN4 STGBattalion 4 Incident StagingFire-Tac
57104df10DBN5 FGBattalion 5 FiregroundFire-Tac
57105df11DBN5 ICBattalion 5 Incident CommandFire-Tac
57106df12DBN5 TAC1Battalion 5 Tac 1Fire-Tac
57107df13DBN5 TAC2Battalion 5 Tac 2Fire-Tac
57108df14DBN5 TAC3Battalion 5 Tac 3Fire-Tac
57109df15DBN5 TAC4Battalion 5 Tac 4Fire-Tac
57110df16DBN5 TAC5Battalion 5 Tac 5Fire-Tac
57111df17DBN5 TAC6Battalion 5 Tac 6Fire-Tac
57112df18DBN5 TAC7Battalion 5 Tac 7Fire-Tac
57113df19DBN5 RITBattalion 5 Rapid Intervention TeamFire-Tac
57115df1bDBN5 STGBattalion 5 Incident StagingFire-Tac
57117df1dDBN6 FGBattalion 6 FiregroundFire-Tac
57118df1eDBN6 ICBattalion 6 Incident CommandFire-Tac
57119df1fDBN6 TAC1Battalion 6 Tac 1Fire-Tac
57120df20DBN6 TAC2Battalion 6 Tac 2Fire-Tac
57121df21DBN6 TAC3Battalion 6 Tac 3Fire-Tac
57122df22DBN6 TAC4Battalion 6 Tac 4Fire-Tac
57123df23DBN6 TAC5Battalion 6 Tac 5Fire-Tac
57124df24DBN6 TAC6Battalion 6 Tac 6Fire-Tac
57125df25DBN6 TAC7Battalion 6 Tac 7Fire-Tac
57126df26DBN6 RITBattalion 6 Rapid Intervention TeamFire-Tac
57128df28DBN6 STGBattalion 6 Incident StagingFire-Tac
57130df2aDBN7 FGBattalion 7 FiregroundFire-Tac
57131df2bDBN7 ICBattalion 7 Incident CommandFire-Tac
57132df2cDBN7 TAC1Battalion 7 Tac 1Fire-Tac
57133df2dDBN7 TAC2Battalion 7 Tac 2Fire-Tac
57134df2eDBN7 TAC3Battalion 7 Tac 3Fire-Tac
57135df2fDBN7 TAC4Battalion 7 Tac 4Fire-Tac
57136df30DBN7 TAC5Battalion 7 Tac 5Fire-Tac
57137df31DBN7 TAC6Battalion 7 Tac 6Fire-Tac
57138df32DBN7 TAC7Battalion 7 Tac 7Fire-Tac
57139df33DBN7 RITBattalion 7 Rapid Intervention TeamFire-Tac
57141df35DBN7 STGBattalion 7 Incident StagingFire-Tac
57213df7dDIS TRN2Training AcademyFire-Talk
57250dfa2DBN2 EMSBattalion 2 EMS OpsEMS-Tac
57275dfbbDBN3 EMSBattalion 3 EMS OpsEMS-Tac
57276dfbcDBN4 EMSBattalion 4 EMS OpsEMS-Tac
57326dfeeDTA-1Columbus FD academy Tac 1Fire-Tac
57327dfefDTA-2Columbus FD academy Tac 2Fire-Tac
57330dff2D9 TRANSEMS transportEMS-Tac
57331dff3D9 TREATEMS Treatment operationsEMS-Tac
57332dff4D9 TRIAGEEMS triageEMS-Tac
57434e05aDBN1 EMSBattalion 1 EMS OpsEMS-Tac
57436e05cDBN5 EMSBattalion 5 EMS OpsEMS-Tac
57437e05dDBN6 EMSBattalion 6 EMS OpsEMS-Tac
57438e05eDBN7 EMSBattalion 7 EMS OpsEMS-Tac
57468e07cDBN8 ICBattalion 8 Incident CommandFire-Tac
57469e07dDBN8 TAC1Battalion 8 Tac 1Fire-Tac
57470e07eDBN8 TAC2Battalion 8 Tac 2Fire-Tac
57471e07fDBN8 TAC3Battalion 8 Tac 3Fire-Tac
57472e080DBN8 TAC4Battalion 8 Tac 4Fire-Tac
57473e081DBN8 TAC5Battalion 8 Tac 5Fire-Tac
57474e082DBN8 TAC6Battalion 8 Tac 6Fire-Tac
57475e083DBN8 TAC7Battalion 8 Tac 7Fire-Tac
57476e084DBN8 RITBattalion 8 Rapid Intervention TeamFire-Tac
57477e085DBN8 EMSBattalion 8 EMS OpsEMS-Tac
57478e086DBN8 FGBattalion 8 FiregroundFire-Tac
57479e087DBN8 STGBattalion 8 Incident StagingFire-Tac
57511e0a7DEMS SUPVEMS SupervisorFire-Talk
Columbus Police (25)
  • All talkgroups operate on the Columbus City tower.
  • The CPD LEERN patch is no longer in service, although the talkgroup itself is still functional.
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
57030dec6DTRAFFIC 2Traffic enforcement 2Law Tac
57048ded8DTTAC-2Traffic enforcement Tac 2Law Tac
57049ded9DTTAC-3Traffic enforcement Tac 3Law Tac
57216df80DPOL-FIREPolice-Fire CommonInterop
57217df81DAUTO SQAuto SquadLaw Tac
57226df8aDCIUCriminal Investigations Unit? (CIU)Law Tac
57231df8fDCOMM AComm Channel ALaw Talk
57233df91DCPD EVT1Special Events 1Law Talk
57234df92DCPD EVT2Special Events 2Law Talk
57235df93DCPD EVT3Special Events 3Law Talk
57237df95DCT LIAISONCourt LiaisonLaw Talk
57239df97DDETECDetectiveLaw Tac
57240df98DDTAC-1Detectives Tac 1Law Tac
57253dfa5DCPD K9CanineLaw Tac
57254dfa6DCPD LEADSComputer dataLaw Talk
57255dfa7DLEERNOhio LEERN patchLaw Talk
57269dfb5DPATROL1Zone 1 (North/Northeast) DispatchLaw Dispatch
57270dfb6DPATROL2Zone 2 (Southeast) DispatchLaw Dispatch
57271dfb7DPATROL3Zone 3 (Southwest) Dispatch Law Dispatch
57272dfb8DPATROL4Zone 4 (Northwest) DispatchLaw Dispatch
57273dfb9DPATROL5Zone 5 (Central) DispatchLaw Dispatch
57281dfc1DPTAC 1APatrol tactical 1ALaw Tac
57282dfc2DPTAC 1BPatrol tactical 1BLaw Tac
57283dfc3DPTAC 1CPatrol tactical 1CLaw Tac
57284dfc4DPTAC 1DPatrol tactical 1DLaw Tac
57285dfc5DPTAC 1EPatrol tactical 1ELaw Tac
57286dfc6DPTAC 2APatrol tactical 2ALaw Tac
57287dfc7DPTAC 2BPatrol tactical 2BLaw Tac
57288dfc8DPTAC 2CPatrol tactical 2CLaw Tac
57289dfc9DPTAC 2DPatrol tactical 2DLaw Tac
57290dfcaDPTAC 2EPatrol tactical 2ELaw Tac
57291dfcbDPTAC 3APatrol tactical 3ALaw Tac
57292dfccDPTAC 3BPatrol tactical 3BLaw Tac
57293dfcdDPTAC 3CPatrol tactical 3CLaw Tac
57294dfceDPTAC 3DPatrol tactical 3DLaw Tac
57295dfcfDPTAC 3EPatrol tactical 3ELaw Tac
57296dfd0DPTAC 4APatrol tactical 4ALaw Tac
57297dfd1DPTAC 4BPatrol tactical 4BLaw Tac
57298dfd2DPTAC 4CPatrol tactical 4CLaw Tac
57299dfd3DPTAC 4DPatrol tactical 4DLaw Tac
57300dfd4DPTAC 4EPatrol tactical 4ELaw Tac
57301dfd5DPTAC 5APatrol tactical 5ALaw Tac
57302dfd6DPTAC 5BPatrol tactical 5BLaw Tac
57303dfd7DPTAC 5CPatrol tactical 5CLaw Tac
57304dfd8DPTAC 5DPatrol tactical 5DLaw Tac
57305dfd9DPTAC 5EPatrol tactical 5ELaw Tac
57306dfdaDCPD RECORDSAdult recordsLaw Talk
57310dfdeDCPD SPEC SVCSpecial Services (helicopters)Law Tac
57329dff1DTRAFFIC 1Traffic enforcement 1Law Tac
57333dff5DTTAC-1Traffic enforcement Tac 1Law Tac
57334dff6DVICEVice mainLaw Tac
57335dff7DVTAC-1Vice tactical 1Law Tac
57414e046DBAILIFFMunicipal Court bailiffsLaw Tac
57431e057DECPD SW-3SWAT TacticalLaw Tac
57435e05bDCPD EOCEmergency Operations CenterEmergency Ops
57514e0aaDCRT-1Zone 1 Plain CarsLaw Tac
57515e0abDCRT-2Zone 2 Plain CarsLaw Tac
57516e0acDCRT-3Zone 3 Plain CarsLaw Tac
57517e0adDCRT-4Zone 4 Plain CarsLaw Tac
57518e0aeDCRT-5Zone 5 Plain CarsLaw Tac
57996e28cDCPD SW-2SWAT Ch. 2Law Tac
57999e28fDCPD SW-1SWAT primaryLaw Tac
Columbus Public Works (25)
  • All talkgroups operate on the Columbus City tower.
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
57012deb4DTRAF ENGTraffic Engineering dispatchPublic Works
57075def3DIM-MAINT1Infrastructure Mgt (Street Maint) - 25th Ave yardPublic Works
57088df00DIM-MAINT2Infrastructure Mgt (Street Maint) - Central yard Public Works
57101df0dDIM-MAINT3Infrastructure Mgt (Street Maint) - Marion yardPublic Works
57114df1aDIM-MAINT4Infrastructure Mgt (Street Maint) - North yardPublic Works
57127df27DIM-MAINT5Infrastructure Mgt (Street Maint) - Roberts Road yardPublic Works
57222df86DCCSIDCapital Crossroads Special Improvement DistrictPublic Works
57236df94DCOL SCHColumbus City Schools EmergencyEmergency Ops
57243df9bDREFUSE1Refuse Collection primaryPublic Works
57251dfa3DELEC DSPDivision of Electric dispatchPublic Works
57278dfbeDPRK ENFParking EnforcementPublic Works
57328dff0DGARAGEColumbus PD Service GaragePublic Works
57374e01eDSD SMOCSewer Maintenance Operations CenterPublic Works
57379e023DRP PARKSRec & Parks - OperationsPublic Works
57380e024DRP MAINTRec & Parks - MaintenancePublic Works
57406e03eDCODE ENFCode EnforcementPublic Works
57418e04aDDPU DOW 1Division of Water (DoW) 1Public Works
57419e04bDDPU DOW MAINTDivision of Water (DoW) MaintenancePublic Works
57421e04dDDPU DOW 2Division of Water (DoW) 2Public Works
57422e04eDUTILS2Division of Water UtilitiesPublic Works
Franklin County (25) State Corrections
  • All talkgroups operate on the Columbus MARCS tower.
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52555cd4bDFPRCFranklin Pre-Release CenterCorrections
52597cd75DCOLS APAAdult Parole Authority - Columbus areaCorrections
52761ce19DFPR HOPSFranklin Pre-Release CenterCorrections
52765ce1dDFPR ATGFranklin Pre-Release CenterCorrections
Fulton County (26)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54549d515DXSO-26Statewide InteropInterop
59025e691DCOEMA26Emergency Management AgencyEmergency Ops
59757e96dDHOS-2601Fulton County Health CenterHospital
Gallia County (27)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
190074a3fDRIOGRD PD 1Rio Grande PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
190164a48D27 FIRE-EMSFire/EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
190204a4cDGALLI PD 1Gallipolis PD DispatchLaw Dispatch
190234a4fDSO27TAC1Sheriff TacticalLaw Tac
54555d51bDXSO-27Statewide InteropInterop
54800d610DSO27DISPSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
54804d614DSO27EVENTSheriff EventsLaw Tac
59026e692DCOEMA27Emergency Management AgencyEmergency Ops
59908ea04DHOS-2701Holzer Medical Center (Gallipolis)Hospital
Geauga County (28) Common
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
195104c36D28TAC-1Countywide Tactical 1Interop
195114c37D28TAC-2Countywide Tactical 2Interop
195124c38D28TAC-3Countywide Tactical 3Interop
195134c39D28TAC-4Countywide Tactical 4Interop
195144c3aD28TAC-5Countywide Tactical 5Interop
195154c3bD28TAC-6Countywide Tactical 6Interop
195164c3cD28TAC-7Countywide Tactical 7Interop
195174c3dD28TAC-8Countywide Tactical 8Interop
195334c4dD28EMA-1EMA 1Emergency Ops
195344c4eD28EMA-2EMA 2Emergency Ops
195354c4fD28 ALL TALKCounty Wide ALL TALKInterop
195514c5fD28Red CrossRed CrossEmergency Ops
54556d51cDXSO-28Statewide InteropInterop
59027e693DCOEMA28Emergency Management AgencyEmergency Ops
Geauga County (28) Fire/EMS/Hospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
195204c40DCHRDNFDChardon Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
195214c41DH/M/TFDHambden / Montville / Thompson Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
195224c42DBU/NEFDBurton / Newbury Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
195234c43DMIDILFFDMiddlefield Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
195244c44DBNBRGFDBainbridge Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
195254c45DA/P/TFDAuburn / Parkman / Troy Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
195264c46DCHESTFDChester Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
195274c47DMU/RUFDMunson / Russell Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
195304c4aDGeaugaMC ERGeauga Medical Center ERHospital
195824c7eDMIDILFFD AMiddlefield Fire AFire-Tac
195834c7fDMIDILFFD BMiddlefield Fire BFire-Talk
195844c80DP/T FD AParkman / Troy Fire AFire-Tac
195854c81DP/T FD BParkman / Troy Fire BFire-Talk
195864c82DTHMPSNFD AThompson Fire AFire-Tac
195874c83DTHMPSNFD BThompson Fire BFire-Talk
195884c84DMNTVLFD AMontville Fire AFire-Tac
195894c85DMNTVLFD BMontville Fire BFire-Talk
195904c86DHMBDNFD AHambden Fire AFire-Tac
195914c87DHMBDNFD BHambden Fire BFire-Talk
195924c88DCHEST FD AChester Fire AFire-Tac
195934c89DCHEST FD BChester Fire BFire-Talk
195944c8aDCHRDNFD AChardon Fire AFire-Tac
195954c8bDCHRDNFD BChardon Fire BFire-Talk
195964c8cDBNBRGFD ABainbridge Fire AFire-Tac
195974c8dDBNBRGFD BBainbridge Fire BFire-Talk
196004c90DAUBURNFD AAuburn Fire AFire-Tac
196014c91DAUBURNFD BAuburn Fire BFire-Talk
196024c92DNEWBRYFD ANewbury Fire AFire-Tac
196034c93DNEWBRYFD BNewbury Fire BFire-Talk
196044c94DMUNSONFD AMunson fire AFire-Tac
196054c95DMUNSONFD BMunson Fire BFire-Talk
196064c96DTROYFD BTroy Fire BFire-Talk
196074c97D28FIUGeauga Co Fire Investigative UnitFire-Tac
Geauga County (28) Law
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
195004c2cD28PD C2CPolice Car-to-CarInterop
195014c2dDCHRDNPDChardon Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
195034c2fDBNBRGPDBainbridge Twp Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
195044c30D28GCSOCounty Sheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
195054c31D28PDLocal Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
195064c32DSRUSLPDSouth Russell Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
195074c33D28CNTYCounty Law Common 1Law Tac
195084c34D28-JAILCounty JailLaw Talk
195094c35D28CNTY2County Law Common 2Law Tac
195594c67DGPARKRGR AGeauga Park District Rangers ALaw Tac
195604c68DHLDARBPD AHolden Arboretum Police ALaw Tac
195614c69DHLDARBPD BHolden Arboretum Police BLaw Talk
195624c6aDBNBRGPD ABainbridge Twp Police ALaw Tac
195634c6bDBNBRGPD BBainbridge Twp Police BLaw Talk
195644c6cDCHRDNPD AChardon Police ALaw Tac
195654c6dDCHRDNPD BChardon Police BLaw Talk
195664c6eDSRUSLPD ASouth Russell Police ALaw Tac
195674c6fDSRUSLPD BSouth Russell Police BLaw Talk
195684c70DMIDILFPD AMiddlefield Police ALaw Tac
195694c71DMIDILFPD BMiddlefield Police BLaw Talk
195704c72DBURTONPD ABurton Police ALaw Tac
195714c73DBURTONPD BBurton Police BLaw Talk
195724c74DCHEST PD AChester Police ALaw Tac
195734c75DCHEST PD BChester Police BLaw Talk
195744c76DRUSSELLPD ARussell Police ALaw Tac
195754c77DRUSSELLPD BRussell Police BLaw Talk
195764c78DTHMPSN PD AThompson Police ALaw Tac
195774c79DTHMPSN PD BThompson Police BLaw Talk
195784c7aD28GCSO ACounty Sheriff ALaw Tac
195794c7bD28GCSO BCounty Sheriff BLaw Talk
Geauga County (28) Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
195364c50DMetznbaumCtrThe Bessie Benner Metzenbaum CenterSchools
195374c51DWGeaugaSchWest Geauga SchoolsSchools
195384c52DBerkshireSchBerkshire SchoolsSchools
195394c53DCardinalSchCardinal SchoolsSchools
195404c54DChardonSchChardon SchoolsSchools
195414c55DLedgemontSchLedgemont SchoolsSchools
195424c56DKenston LSDKenston Local SchoolsSchools
195434c57DWGeaugaSch 2West Geauga Schools Ch. 2Schools
195454c59DChstrlndSvcsChesterland ServicesPublic Works
195474c5bD28 Transit 1Geauga County Transit 1Transportation
195484c5cD28 Transit 2Geauga County Transit 2Transportation
195534c61DChardTwpPWChardon Twp Road DeptPublic Works
195554c63DHambdenPWHambden Twp Road DeptPublic Works
195564c64DMunsonTwpPWMunson Twp Road DeptPublic Works
196084c98DX28RadSvcRadio ServicePublic Works
196104c9aDParkmanRdsParkman Twp Road DeptPublic Works
196124c9cD28 EngineerGeauga County EngineerPublic Works
196334cb1DThompTwpPWThompson Twp Road DeptPublic Works
59690e92aDLHD GEAUGAODH mutual aid-Geauga County health departmentEmergency Ops
Geauga County (28) State Corrections
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52905cea9DPV1GEAAdult Parole Authority - Geauga Co areaCorrections
Greene County (29) Common
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
59028e694DCOEMA29Emergency Management AgencyEmergency Ops
200854e75D29 CW 1Countywide 1Interop
201024e86D29 CW 2Countywide 2Interop
201054e89D29 CW 3Countywide 3Interop
201094e8dD29 CW 4Countywide 4Interop
201554ebbD29GRSDISGreene Central Services DispatchMulti-Dispatch
54557d51dDXSO-29Statewide InteropInterop
Greene County (29) Fire/EMS/Hospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
202064eeeD29GMH ERGreene Memorial Hospital EMS to ERHospital
201064e8aD29GFEDISGreene Fire East DispatchFire Dispatch
200924e7cD29F TAC 1County Fire Tactical 1Fire-Tac
201004e84D29F TAC 2County Fire Tactical 2Fire-Tac
201034e87D29F TAC 3County Fire Tactical 3Fire-Tac
201074e8bD29F TAC 4County Fire Tactical 4Fire-Tac
201104e8eD29F TAC 5County Fire Tactical 5Fire-Tac
201144e92D29F TAC 6County Fire Tactical 6Fire-Tac
201174e95D29F TAC 7County Fire Tactical 7Fire-Tac
201204e98D29 FTAC 8County Fire Tactical 8Fire-Tac
201244e9cD29F TAC 9County Fire Tactical 9Fire-Tac
201264e9eD29F TAC 10County Fire Tactical 10Fire-Tac
201294ea1D29F TAC 11County Fire Tactical 11Fire-Tac
201324ea4D29F TAC 12County Fire Tactical 12Fire-Tac
201344ea6D29F TAC 13County Fire Tactical 13Fire-Tac
201374ea9D29F TAC 14County Fire Tactical 14Fire-Tac
201414eadD29F TAC 15County Fire Tactical 15Fire-Tac
201434eafD29F TAC 16County Fire Tactical 16Fire-Tac
201194e97D29 BVFDISBeavercreek Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
201254e9dD29BVFOP1Beavercreek Fire Ops 1Fire-Tac
201284ea0D29BVFPRVBeavercreek Fire PreventionFire-Talk
201224e9aD29GFWDISBellbrook/Sugarcreek Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
201274e9fD29BBFOP1Bellbrook Fire Ops 1Fire-Tac
201394eabD29BBFOP2Bellbrook Fire Ops 2 Fire-Tac
201314ea3DCTF OPS1Cedarville Twp Fire Ops 1Fire-Tac
201354ea7D29FBFDISPFairborn Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
201384eaaD29FBFOP1Fairborn Fire Ops 1Fire-Tac
201454eb1D29FBFOP2Fairborn Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
201814ed5D29JTFOP1Jefferson Twp Fire Ops 1Fire-Tac
201824ed6D29MTFOP1Miami Twp Fire Ops 1Fire-Tac
201834ed7D29NJFOP1New Jasper Twp Fire Ops 1Fire-Tac
201854ed9D29SCFOP1Silvercreek Twp Fire Ops 1Fire-Tac
201864edaD29SVFOP1Spring Valley Fire Ops 1Fire-Tac
201424eaeD29STFOP1Sugarcreek Township Fire Ops 1Fire-Tac
201634ec3D29XCFDISXenia Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
201674ec7D29XCFOP1Xenia Fire Ops 1Fire-Tac
201704ecaD29XCFOP2Xenia Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
201724eccD29XTFOP1Xenia Twp Fire Ops 1Fire-Tac
201774ed1D29XTFOP2Xenia Twp Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
202104ef2D29SOINSOIN Medical Center ERHospital
59909ea05DHOS2901Greene Memorial HospitalHospital
59912ea08DHOS2902Greene SOIN Medical CenterHospital
200774e6dDHOS2903Miami Valley Hospital JamestownHospital
54313d429D29WPMCWright Pat Medical CenterHospital
59931ea1bDWPAFB MCWright Patterson AFB Medical CenterHospital
Greene County (29) Law
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
200734e69D29SODISSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
200764e6cD29SOOPS1Sheriff Ops 1Law Tac
200804e70DE29SOOPS2Sheriff Ops 2Law Tac
200844e74DE29S0ADMSheriff Ops 3Law Tac
200874e77DE29SODETSheriff DetectiveLaw Tac
201404eacD29SO-SDSheriff Special DetailLaw Tac
201884edcDE29SOCJ-1Sheriff Jail Ops 1Corrections
201964ee4DE29SOCJ-2Sheriff Jail Ops 2Corrections
202044eecDE29SOAD-1Sheriff Adult Detention Ops 1Corrections
202094ef1DE29SOAD-2Sheriff Adult Detention Ops 2Corrections
201544ebaDE29SOJALLSheriff Jail All-CallCorrections
200904e7aDE29SOCJSheriff JailCorrections
200934e7dDE29SOADCSheriff Adult DetentionCorrections
200964e80DE29SOCSSheriff Court ServicesCorrections
200994e83DE29COROP1Coroner Ops 1Law Tac
200744e6aDE29ACEOP1Drug Task Force Ops 1Law Tac
200784e6eDE29ACEOP2Drug Task Force Ops 2Law Tac
200824e72DE29ACETACDrug Task Force TacticalLaw Tac
200884e78DE29SWTOP1SWAT 1Law Tac
200944e7eDE29SWTOP2SWAT 2Law Tac
200974e81DE29SWTOP3SWAT 3Law Tac
200834e73DE29RRTOP1Regional Response Team Ops 1Law Tac
200864e76DE29RRTOP2Regional Response Team Ops 2 - Hostage NegotationLaw Tac
200914e7bDE29RRTOP3Regional Response Team Ops 3Law Tac
201874edbDE29RRTTACRegional Response Team TacticalLaw Tac
200984e82DE29SWTTACSWAT TacticalLaw Tac
201014e85DE29CWDETCountywide DetectivesLaw Tac
200894e79D29LETAC1Countywide Law Tac 1Law Tac
200954e7fD29LETAC2Countywide Law Tac 2Law Tac
201044e88D29LETAC3Countywide Law Tac 3Law Tac
201084e8cD29LETAC4Countywide Law Tac 4 (currently used by SOIN Hospital Security)Law Tac
201124e90DE29LETAC5Countywide Law Tac 5Law Tac
201154e93DE29LETAC6Countywide Law Tac 6Law Tac
201334ea5D29BVPDISBeavercreek Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
201364ea8DE29BVROP1Beavercreek Ops 1Law Tac
201464eb2DE29BVPDETBeavercreek Police DetectivesLaw Tac
201494eb5DE29BVPADMBeavercreek Police AdministrationLaw Talk
201444eb0D29SBPDISBellbrook/Sugarcreek Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
201474eb3DE29BLPOP1Bellbrook Police Tactical 1Law Tac
201504eb6DE29BLPOP2Bellbrook Police TalkLaw Talk
201534eb9D29BLPADMBellbrook Police AdministrationLaw Talk
201514eb7DE29CDPOP1Cedarville Police Ops 1Law Tac
201794ed3D29JTPOP1Jamestown Police Ops 1Law Tac
201524eb8D29FBPDISFairborn Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
201564ebcDE29FBPOP1Fairborn Police Ops 1Law Tac
201584ebeDE29FBPDETFairborn Police DetectivesLaw Tac
201604ec0DE29FBPADMFairborn Police AdministrationLaw Talk
201594ebfDE29STPOP1Sugarcreek Police Ops 1Law Tac
201624ec2DE29STPOP2Sugarcreek Police Ops 2Law Tac
201664ec6D29STPADMSugarcreek Police AdministrationLaw Talk
201734ecdD29XCPDISPXenia Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
201754ecfDE29XCPOPS1Xenia Police Ops 1Law Tac
201784ed2DE29XCPDETXenia Police DetectivesLaw Tac
201804ed4DE29XCPADMXenia Police AdministrationLaw Talk
201644ec4D29YSPDISYellow Springs Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
201684ec8D29YSPOP1Yellow Springs Police Ops 1Law Tac
201714ecbD29YSPOP2Yellow Springs Police Ops 2Law Tac
201764ed0D29YSPADMYellow Springs Police AdministrationLaw Talk
201654ec5D29CSUDISCentral State University Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
201614ec1D29CSUOP1Central State University Police Ops 1Law Tac
201844ed8D29WILOP1Wilberforce College Police Ops 1Law Tac
Greene County (29) Local Government/Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
201114e8fD29PRKOP1Parks Ops 1Public Works
201134e91DE29PRKRNGParks RangerPublic Works
201164e94D29PRKMNTParks MaintenancePublic Works
201184e96D29PRKNATParks NaturePublic Works
201234e9bD29PRKPRGParks ProgramsPublic Works
201214e99D29BVSDISBeavercreek Twp Service DispatchPublic Works
201304ea2D29BVSOP1Beavercreek Twp Services OperationsPublic Works
201574ebdD29BBSOP1Bellbrook Service OperationsPublic Works
201744eceD29STSOP1Sugarcreek Twp Service Ops 1Public Works
201694ec9D29XCSOP1Xenia City Services Ops 1Public Works
201924ee0D29AMLCNTLGreene County Animal ControlPublic Works
Cedarville University (29)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
202004ee8DCUSAFETYCampus SafetyLaw Dispatch
Wright State University (29)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
201904edeDWSUDISPPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
201994ee7DEWSUOPSPolice OpsLaw Tac
202054eedDEWSUADMPolice AdminLaw Tac
202084ef0DWSUSRV1Service 1Public Works
202124ef4DWSUSRV2Service 2Public Works
Guernsey County (30)

As of 4-4-2017 it has been reported that Seneca Park Rangers communicate with themselves on the MWCD talkgroup.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
205005014DBYESVL-SENECA PDByesville / Senecaville Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
205015015DSO30DISPSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
205055019DSO30TAC1Sheriff Tactical Ch.1Law Tac
20508501cDSO30JAILSheriff - Jail, Courthouse Sec, Prisoner TransportsLaw Talk
20510501eDSC30EMERCountywide School EmergencyEmergency Ops
205125020DFD30DISPFire DispatchFire Dispatch
205135021DECAMBRIDGE PDCambridge Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
205155023DFD30OPS1Fire Operations 1Fire-Tac
205165024D30 CPD EVENTCambridge Police Special EventsLaw Talk
205175025DFD30OPS4Fire Operations 4Fire-Tac
205185026DBYESVL FDByesville Fire PrivateFire-Talk
205195027DFD30OPS2Fire Operations 2Fire-Tac
205215029DUNITED AMBUnited Ambulance ServicesEMS Dispatch
20522502aDCAMBRG FDCambridge Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
20524502cDFD30OPS3Fire Operations 3Fire-Tac
20527502fDCMBLND EMSCumberland EMSEMS Dispatch
205315033DFD30OPS5Fire Operations 5Fire-Tac
205325034DGURFDPGFire PagingFire Dispatch
54558d51eDXSO-30Statewide InteropInterop
59029e695DCOEMA30Emergency Management AgencyEmergency Ops
59523e883DLHD GUERNSYODH mutual aid-Guernsey County health departmentEmergency Ops
59973ea45DHOS-3001Southeast Ohio Regional Medical CenterHospital
Hamilton County (31) Common
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
21050523aD31 NOTIFYNotifications (i.e. Duke Energy, Cincinnati Bell)Interop
213945392D31 USAR 1Urban Search and Rescue 1Interop
213955393D31 USAR 2Urban Search and Rescue 2Interop
213965394D31 USAR 3Urban Search and Rescue 3Interop
2142053acDCOM CTRSCommunication Centers All CallInterop
2142153adDBOONEBoone County, KY InteropInterop
2142253aeDBUTLERButler County InteropInterop
2142353afDCAMPBELLCampbell County, KY InteropInterop
2142453b0DCNCNNATICincinnati InteropInterop
2142553b1DCLERMONTClermont County InteropInterop
2142653b2DDEARBORNDearborn County, IN InteropInterop
2142753b3DCVG AIRPORTGreater Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky Airport InteropInterop
2142853b4DHAMILTONHamilton County InteropInterop
2142953b5DKENTONKenton County, KY InteropInterop
2143053b6DWARRENWarren County InteropInterop
2143253b8D31 CMD400Command 400 InteropInterop
2143353b9D31 INV600Investigation 600 InteropInterop
215205410D31 MA 1Mutual Aid 1Interop
215215411D31 MA 2Mutual Aid 2Interop
215225412D31 MA 3Mutual Aid 3Interop
215235413D31 MA 4Mutual Aid 4Interop
215245414D31 MA 5Mutual Aid 5Interop
215255415D31 MA 6Mutual Aid 6Interop
215265416D31 MA 7Mutual Aid 7Interop
215275417D31 MA 8Mutual Aid 8Interop
215285418D31 MA 9Mutual Aid 9Interop
215295419D31 SCHOOLSchool EmergencyEmergency Ops
21530541aD31 MA 11Mutual Aid 11Interop
21531541bD31 MA 12Mutual Aid 12Interop
21532541cD31 MA 13Mutual Aid 13Interop
21533541dD31 MA 14Mutual Aid 14Interop
21534541eD31 MA 15Mutual Aid 15Interop
21535541fD31 MA 16Mutual Aid 16Interop
215365420D31 MA 17Mutual Aid 17Interop
215375421D31 MA 18Mutual Aid 18Interop
215385422D31 MA 19Mutual Aid 19Interop
215395423D31 MA 20Mutual Aid 20Interop
215405424D31 MA 21Mutual Aid 21Interop
215415425D31 MA 22Mutual Aid 22Interop
215425426D31 MA 23Mutual Aid 23Interop
215435427D31 MA 24Mutual Aid 24Interop
215445428D31 MA 25Mutual Aid 25Interop
215455429D31 RIVERRiver EmergencyInterop
21550542eD31 ACB COUNTYAll County Broadcast - CountyInterop
54559d51fDXSO-31Statewide InteropInterop
59030e696DCOEMA31Emergency Management AgencyEmergency Ops
Hamilton County (31) Fire/EMS/Hospitals

Vine Street is used as the County Fire East/West dividing line.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
21021521dD31 FD EASTFire Dispatch EastFire Dispatch
21022521eD31 FD WESTFire Dispatch WestFire Dispatch
21023521fD31 FD CENTFire Dispatch CentralFire Dispatch
210245220D31 VAL FDValley Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
210285224D31 ALERT WESTFire Alerting WestFire Dispatch
210295225D31 FG 4Fire Ground 4Fire-Tac
210305226D31 FG 5Fire Ground 5Fire-Tac
210315227D31 FG 6Fire Ground 6Fire-Tac
210325228D31 FG 7Fire Ground 7Fire-Tac
210335229D31 FG 8Fire Ground 8Fire-Tac
21034522aD31 FG 9Fire Ground 9Fire-Tac
21035522bD31 FG 10Fire Ground 10Fire-Tac
21036522cD31 MAYDY 1MAYDAY EmergencyEmergency Ops
21038522eD31 ALERT EASTFire Alerting EastFire Dispatch
21039522fD31 FG 14Fire Ground 14Fire-Tac
210405230D31 FG 15Fire Ground 15Fire-Tac
210415231D31 FG 16Fire Ground 16Fire-Tac
210425232D31 FG 17Fire Ground 17Fire-Tac
210435233D31 FG 18Fire Ground 18Fire-Tac
210445234D31 FG 19Fire Ground 19Fire-Tac
210455235D31 FG 20Fire Ground 20Fire-Tac
210465236D31 FG 21Fire Ground 21Fire-Tac
210475237D31 FG 22Fire Ground 22Fire-Tac
210485238D31 STORM WStorm Response WestFire-Tac
210495239D31 STORM EStorm Response EastFire-Tac
21051523bD31 FG 26Fireground 26Fire-Tac
21052523cD31 MAYDY 2MAYDAY EmergencyEmergency Ops
21053523dD31 FD ADMINFire AdministrationFire-Talk
21054523eD31 HOSPITALHospital Emergency NetHospital
211375291D31 AMBR FDAmberley Village FireFire-Talk
211385292D31 AMBR 3Amberley Village 3Fire-Talk
211395293D31 ARC 131 American Red Cross 1Emergency Ops
211405294D31 ARC 231 American Red Cross 2Emergency Ops
211415295D31 ARC 331 American Red Cross 3Emergency Ops
211425296D31 ANDR FDAnderson Township FireFire-Talk
211435297D31 ANDR FD2Anderson Township Fire 2Fire-Talk
21149529dD31 ARLN FDArlington Heights Fire (Defunct - Reserved for future use)Fire-Talk
2115852a6D31 BLUE FDBlue Ash FireFire-Talk
2116752afD31 CHEV FDCheviot FireFire-Talk
2118052bcD31 CLEV FDCleves FireFire-Talk
2118352bfD31 COTP FDColerain Township FireFire-Talk
2119752cdD31 CROS FDCrosby Township FireFire-Talk
2119852ceD31 CROS ALLCrosby Township All CallFire Dispatch
2119952cfD31 CROS OFFCrosby TownshipMulti-Talk
2120052d0D31 DPSJ FDDeer Park-Silverton Joint FireFire-Talk
2120452d4D31 DLHI FDDelhi FireFire-Talk
2121052daD31 ELMW FDElmwood Place FireFire-Talk
2122652eaD31 EVEN FDEvendale FireFire-Talk
2122852ecD31HCFD 1HCFD 1Fire-Talk
2122952edD31HCFD 2HCFD 2Fire-Talk
2123052eeD31HCFD 3HCFD 3Fire-Talk
2123352f1D31 LMFR FDLittle Miami Fire RescueFire-Talk
2123552f3D31 FRPK FDForest Park FireFire-Talk
2123952f7D31 GLEN FDGlendale FireFire-Talk
2124152f9D31 GOLF FDGolf Manor FireFire-Talk
2124352fbD31 GCHM CMDGreater Cincinnati Hazmat CommandFire-Tac
2124452fcD31 GCHM TACGreater Cincinnati Hazmat TacticalFire-Tac
2124552fdD31 GCHM ALLGreater Cincinnati HAZMAT AllFire-Tac
2124752ffD31 GRTP FDGreen Township FireFire-Talk
212505302D31 GREN FDGreenhills FireFire-Talk
212535305D31 HARR FDHarrison FireFire-Talk
212685314D31 LINC FDLincoln Heights FireFire-Talk
212715317D31 LOCK FDLockland FireFire-Talk
21278531eD31 MDIH FDMadera-Indian Hill FireFire-Talk
212805320D31 MRMT FDMariemont FireFire-Talk
21292532cD31 MIAM FDMiami Township FireFire-Talk
212965330D31 MILF FDMilford FireFire-Talk
212995333D31 MONT FDMontgomery FireFire-Talk
213035337D31 MTHL FDMount Healthy FireFire-Talk
213125340D31 NCHL FDNorth College Hill FireFire-Talk
213335355D31 READ FDReading FireFire-Talk
213365358D31 SHRN FDSharonville FireFire-Talk
21373537dD31 SPDL FDSpringdale FireFire-Talk
213765380D31 SPTP FDSpringfield Township FireFire-Talk
213795383D31 STBN FDSt. Bernard FireFire-Talk
213855389D31 SYCM FDSycamore Township FireFire-Talk
213925390D31 TERR FDTerrance Park FireFire-Talk
213935391D31 MIAMEASTMiami East FireFire-Talk
213975395D31 VAL FDValley FireFire-Talk
214005398D31 WWTR FDWhitewater Township Fire 1Fire-Talk
214015399D31 WWTR FD2Whitewater Township Fire 2Fire-Talk
21402539aD31 WWTR FD3Whitewater Township Fire 3Fire-Talk
21404539cD31 WOOD FDWoodlawn FireFire-Talk
21407539fD31 WYOM FDWyoming FireFire-Talk
2143753bdD31 MDC EASTHamilton County Fire MDC EastData
2143853beD31 MDC WESTHamilton County Fire MDC WestData
21517540dD31 MUTEUsed for Activation of the Hospital RadiosData
21518540eD31 HOSP ALERTUsed for voice announcements to all HospitalsHospital
58892e60cDHOS-3104TriHealth - Good Samaritan Hospital (Cincinnati)Hospital
59880e9e8DHOS-3101Bethesda North HospitalHospital
59883e9ebDHOS-3102Cincinnati Childrens HospitalHospital
59901e9fdDHOS-3107Mercy Health Anderson HospitalHospital
59903e9ffDHOS-3108The Christ Hospital (Cincinnati)Hospital
59906ea02DHOS-3109The Jewish Hospital (Cincinnati)Hospital
59910ea06DHOS-3110University of Cincinnati Medical CenterHospital
59915ea0bDHOS-3106Mercy Health - Western Hills Medical CenterHospital
59917ea0dDHOS-3112Shriners Hospital (Cincinnati)Hospital
Hamilton County (31) Law Enforcement
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
21071524fD31 LE EASTEast Law DispatchLaw Dispatch
210725250D31 LE WESTWest Law DispatchLaw Dispatch
210735251D31 LE CENTCentral Law DispatchLaw Dispatch
210745252D31 LE SPARSpare Law DispatchLaw Dispatch
210775255D31 LE TAG ELaw East Talkaround GroupLaw Talk
210785256D31 LE TAG WLaw West Talkaround GroupLaw Talk
210795257D31 LE TAG CLaw Central Talkaround GroupLaw Talk
21083525bD31 AW 1Area Wide 1Law Tac
21084525cD31 AW 2Area Wide 2Law Tac
21085525dD31 AW 3Area Wide 3Law Tac
21086525eD31 AW 4Area Wide 4Law Tac
21087525fD31 AW 5Area Wide 5Law Tac
210885260D31 AW 6Area Wide 6Law Tac
210895261D31 AW 7Area Wide 7Law Tac
210905262D31 AW 8Area Wide 8Law Tac
210915263D31 AW 9Area Wide 9Law Tac
210925264D31 AW 10Area Wide 10Law Tac
210935265D31 AW 11Area Wide 11Law Tac
210945266D31 AW 12Area Wide 12Law Tac
210955267D31 AW 13Area Wide 13Law Tac
210965268D31 AW 14Area Wide 14Law Tac
210975269D31 AW 15Area Wide 15Law Tac
21098526aD31 AW 16Area Wide 16Law Tac
21099526bD31 AW 17Area Wide 17Law Tac
21100526cD31 AW 18Area Wide 18Law Tac
21101526dD31 AW 19Area Wide 19Law Tac
21102526eD31 AW 20Area Wide 20Law Tac
21103526fD31 AW 21Area Wide 21Law Tac
211045270D31 AW 22Area Wide 22Law Tac
211055271D31 AW 23Area Wide 23Law Tac
211065272D31 AW 24Area Wide 24Law Tac
211075273D31 AW 25Area Wide 25Law Tac
211085274D31 AW 26Area Wide 26Law Tac
211095275D31 LE ADMINLaw Enforcement AdministrationLaw Talk
211105276D31 LE INQLaw InquiryLaw Tac
211275287D31 ADDY PDAddyston PoliceLaw Tac
211285288D31 ADDY PD 2Addyston Police 2Law Tac
211295289D31 ADDY PD 3Addyston Police 3Law Tac
21133528dD31 PROB ISPIntensive Supervision ProbationLaw Tac
21134528eD31 PROB EMUProbation Electronic Monitoring UnitLaw Tac
21135528fD31 PROB GENProbation GeneralLaw Tac
211365290D31 AMBR PDAmberley Village PoliceLaw Talk
211455299D31 ANDP 1Anderson Township Park Police 1Law Talk
21146529aD31 ANDP 2Anderson Township Park Police 2Law Talk
21147529bD31 ANDP 3Anderson Township Park Police 3Law Talk
21148529cD31 ARLN PDArlington Heights Police (Defunct - Reserved for future use)Law Tac
2115452a2D31 BAILIFF 1BAILIFF1Law Talk
2115552a3D31 BAILIFF 2BAILIFF2Law Talk
2115652a4D31 BAILIFF 3BAILIFF3Law Talk
2115752a5D31 BLUE PDBlue Ash PoliceLaw Talk
2116652aeD31 CHEV PDCheviot PoliceLaw Talk
2117952bbD31 CLVS PDCleves PoliceLaw Talk
2118252beD31 COTP PDColerain Township PoliceLaw Talk
2119452caD31 COR JAXSheriff - Jail AnnexCorrections
2119552cbD31 CERTSheriff - Corrections Emergency Response TeamCorrections
2119652ccD31 COR ALLSheriff - Corrections AllCorrections
2120152d1D31 DRPK PDDeer Park PoliceLaw Talk
2120352d3D31 DLHI PDDelhi Township PoliceLaw Talk
2120652d6DE31 DART 1Drug Abuse Reduction Task Force 1Law Tac
2120752d7DE31 DART 2Drug Abuse Reduction Task Force 2Law Tac
2120852d8DE31 DART 3Drug Abuse Reduction Task Force 3Law Tac
2120952d9D31 ELMW PDElmwood Place PoliceLaw Talk
2122552e9D31 EVEN PDEvendale PoliceLaw Talk
2123152efD31 FRFX PD 1Fairfax Police 1Law Talk
2123252f0D31 FRFX PD 2Fairfax Police 2Law Talk
2123452f2D31 FRPK PDForest Park PoliceLaw Talk
2123752f5D31 GLEN PDGlendale PoliceLaw Talk
2123852f6D31 GLEN PD 2Glendale Police 2Law Talk
2124052f8D31 GOLF PDGolf Manor PoliceLaw Talk
2124252faD31 GOLF PD 2Golf Manor Police 2Law Talk
2124652feD31 GRTP PDGreen Township PoliceLaw Talk
212495301D31 GREN PDGreenhills PoliceLaw Talk
212525304D31 HARR PDHarrison PoliceLaw Talk
21258530aD31 INDN PDIndian Hill RangersLaw Talk
21259530bD31 INDN PD 2Indian Hill Rangers 2Law Talk
21261530dD31 JFS MAINTJobs and Family Services - MaintenancePublic Works
21262530eD31 JFS SECJobs and Family Services - SecuritySecurity
21263530fD31 JFS MA T/AJobs and Family Services - Mutual Aid/Talk AroundPublic Works
212645310D31 JUVCRT 1Juvenile Court 1Public Works
212655311D31 JUVCRT 2Juvenile Court 2Public Works
212665312D31 JUVCRT 3Juvenile Court 3Public Works
212675313D31 LINC PDLincoln Heights Police (Defunct - Reserved for future use)Law Talk
212705316D31 LOCK PDLockland PoliceLaw Talk
21276531cD31 MDRA PDMadeira PoliceLaw Talk
21279531fD31 MRMT PDMariemont PoliceLaw Talk
21295532fD31 MILF PDMilford PoliceLaw Talk
212985332D31 MONT PDMontgomery PoliceLaw Talk
213015335D31 MSJ PSMt St Joseph Public SafetyLaw Dispatch
213025336D31 MTHL PDMt Healthy PoliceLaw Talk
213055339D31 NEWT PDNewtown PoliceLaw Talk
21311533fD31 NCHL PDNorth College Hill PoliceLaw Talk
213175345DE31 RENU 1Regional Enforcement Narcotics Unit 1Law Tac
213185346DE31 RENU 2Regional Enforcement Narcotics Unit 2Law Tac
213195347DE31 RENU 3Regional Enforcement Narcotics Unit 3Law Tac
213325354D31 READ PDReading PoliceLaw Talk
213355357D31 SHRN PDSharonville PoliceLaw Talk
21338535aD31 FUGITIVESheriff - Fugitive WarrantsLaw Talk
21339535bDE31 CIS/OCDSheriff - Organized CrimeLaw Talk
21340535cDE31 CIS 1Sheriff - Criminal Investigations 1Law Talk
21342535eD31 SO FIRESheriff - Fire InteropLaw Talk
21343535fD31 TRAFFICSheriff - TrafficLaw Talk
213445360D31 SO 2Sheriff - Tac 2Law Talk
213455361D31 SP EVNTSheriff - Special EventLaw Talk
213695379DE31 SRT 1Sheriff - Special Response Team 1Law Tac
21370537aDE31 SRT 2Sheriff - Special Response Team 2Law Tac
21371537bDE31 SRT 3Sheriff - Special Response Team 3Law Tac
21372537cD31 SPDL PDSpringdale PoliceLaw Talk
21375537fD31 SPTP PDSpringfield Township PoliceLaw Talk
213785382D31 STBN PDSt Bernard PoliceLaw Talk
213815385DE31 HCPA SWAT 1County Police Association SWAT 1Law Tac
213825386DE31 HCPA SWAT 2County Police Association SWAT 2Law Tac
213835387DE31 HCPA SWAT 3County Police Association SWAT 3Law Tac
213845388DE31 HCPA SWAT 4County Police Association SWAT 4Law Tac
21391538fD31 TERR PDTerrace Park PoliceLaw Talk
213985396D31 VAL PDValley PoliceLaw Dispatch
213995397D31 VAL TAGValley Talk Around GroupLaw Talk
21403539bD31 WOOD PDWoodlawn PoliceLaw Talk
21406539eD31 WYOM PDWyoming PoliceLaw Talk
2140953a1D31 SO JFS 1Sheriff - Jobs and Family Services 1Law Talk
2141153a3D31 PURSUITCounty-wide PursuitLaw Tac
2141253a4D31 DSP TSTDispatcher ConsoleMulti-Dispatch
2141353a5D31 BROADWYSheriff - 800 Broadway BuildingLaw Talk
2141453a6D31 COURTHSSheriff - CourthouseCorrections
2141553a7D31 HCJCSheriff - Justice CenterCorrections
2141753a9D31 COR SUPSheriff - Correction SupervisorsCorrections
2145253ccDE31 HC TAC 1Hamilton County Tac 1Law Tac
2145353cdDE31 HC TAC 2Hamilton County Tac 2Law Tac
2145453ceDE31 HC TAC 3Hamilton County Tac 3Law Tac
2145553cfDE31 HC TAC 4Hamilton County Tac 4Law Tac
2145653d0DE31 HC TAC 5Hamilton County Tac 5Law Tac
2145753d1DE31 HC TAC 6Hamilton County Tac 6Law Tac
2145853d2DE31 HC TAC 7Hamilton County Tac 7Law Tac
2145953d3DE31 HC TAC 8Hamilton County Tac 8Law Tac
2146053d4DE31 HC TAC 9Hamilton County Tac 9Law Tac
2146153d5DE31 HC TAC 10Hamilton County Tac 10Law Tac
2146253d6DE31 HC TAC 11Hamilton County Tac 11Law Tac
2146353d7DE31 HC TAC 12Hamilton County Tac 12Law Tac
2146453d8DE31 HC TAC 13Hamilton County Tac 13Law Tac
2146553d9DE31 HC TAC 14Hamilton County Tac 14Law Tac
2146653daDE31 HC TAC 15Hamilton County Tac 15Law Tac
2146753dbDE31 HC TAC 16Hamilton County Tac 16Law Tac
Hamilton County (31) Local Government/Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
211445298D31 ANDRN SVCAnderson Township ServicePublic Works
21150529eD31 ARLN SVCArlington Heights ServicePublic Works
2115952a7D31 BLUE CTYBlue Ash CityFire Dispatch
2116052a8D31 HEALTH 1County Health Department 1Public Works
2116152a9D31 HEALTH 2County Health Department 2Public Works
2116252aaD31 HEALTH 3County Health Department 3Public Works
2116852b0D31 CHEV SVCCheviot ServicePublic Works
2118152bdD31 CLEV SVCCleves ServicePublic Works
2118452c0D31 COTP SVCColerain Township ServicePublic Works
2118852c4D31 COM 1ACOM VAN 1APublic Works
2118952c5D31 COM 1BCOM VAN 1BPublic Works
2119052c6D31 COM 1CCOM VAN 1CPublic Works
2119152c7D31 CORO 1Coroner 1Public Works
2119252c8D31 CORO 2Coroner 2Public Works
2119352c9D31 CORO 3Coroner 3Public Works
2120252d2D31 DRPK SVCDeer Park ServicePublic Works
2120552d5D31 DLHI SVCDelhi ServicePublic Works
2121152dbD31 ELMW SVCElmwood Place ServicePublic Works
2121252dcD31 EMA 1County Emergency Management 1Emergency Ops
2121352ddD31 EMA 2County Emergency Management 2Emergency Ops
2121452deD31 EMA 3County Emergency Management 3Emergency Ops
2121552dfD31 ENGR 1County Engineer 1Public Works
2121652e0D31 ENGR 2County Engineer 2Public Works
2121752e1D31 ENGR 3County Engineer 3Public Works
2121852e2D31 ENGR 4County Engineer 4Public Works
2121952e3D31 ENGR 5County Engineer 5Public Works
2122752ebD31 EVEN SVCEvendale ServicePublic Works
2123652f4D31 FRPK SVCForest Park ServicePublic Works
212485300D31 GRTPWIDEGreen Township CitywidePublic Works
212515303D31 GREN 3Greenhills 3Multi-Talk
212545306D31 HARR SVCHarrison ServicePublic Works
21260530cD31 INDN SVCIndian Hill ServicePublic Works
212695315D31 LINC SVCLincoln Heights ServicePublic Works
212725318D31 LOCK SVCLockland ServicePublic Works
21277531dD31 MDRA SVCMadeira ServicePublic Works
212815321D31 MRMT SVCMariemont ServicePublic Works
212825322D31 MSD 1Metropolitan Sewer District 1Public Works
212835323D31 MSD 2Metropolitan Sewer District 2Public Works
212845324D31 MSD 3Metropolitan Sewer District 3Public Works
212855325D31 MSD 4Metropolitan Sewer District 4Public Works
212865326D31 MSD 5Metropolitan Sewer District 5Public Works
212875327D31 MSD 6Metropolitan Sewer District 6Public Works
212885328D31 MSD 7Metropolitan Sewer District 7Public Works
212895329D31 MSD 8Metropolitan Sewer District 8Public Works
21290532aD31 MSD 9Metropolitan Sewer District 9Public Works
21291532bD31 MSD 10Metropolitan Sewer District 10Public Works
21293532dD31 MIAMI ADMMiami Township AdministrationPublic Works
21294532eD31 M STAFFCounty Maintenance StaffPublic Works
212975331D31 MILF SVCMilford ServicePublic Works
213005334D31 MONT CWMontgomery CitywidePublic Works
213045338D31 MTHL SVCMount Healthy ServicePublic Works
213135341D31 NCHL SVCNorth College Hill ServicePublic Works
213205348D31 HCPR 1County Park District 1Law Talk
213215349D31 HCPR2County Park District 2Public Works
21322534aD31 HCPR3County Park District 3Public Works
213295351D31 R/S 1System Radio Service 1Public Works
213305352D31 R/S 2System Radio Service 2Public Works
213315353D31 R/S 3System Radio Service 3Public Works
213345356D31 READ CTYReading CitywidePublic Works
213375359D31 SHRN SVCSharonville ServicePublic Works
213655375D31 SLVT SVCSilverton ServicePublic Works
213665376D31 SPCA 1SPCA Cincinnati 1Public Works
213675377D31 SPCA 2SPCA Cincinnati 2Public Works
213685378D31 SPCA 3SPCA Cincinnati 3Public Works
21374537eD31 SPDL SVCSpringdale ServicePublic Works
213775381D31 SPTP SVCSpringfield Township ServicePublic Works
213805384D31 STBN SVCSt. Bernard ServicePublic Works
21386538aD31 SYCM SVCSycamore Township ServicePublic Works
21405539dD31 WOOD SVCWoodlawn ServicePublic Works
2140853a0D31 WYOM SVCWyoming ServicePublic Works
Cincinnati (31) Common
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
55936da80D31 OH-KY 1Ohio - Kentucky Interstate Mutual Aid 1Interop
55937da81D31 OH-KY 2Ohio - Kentucky Interstate Mutual Aid 2Interop
55938da82D31 OH-KY 3Ohio - Kentucky Interstate Mutual Aid 3Interop
55939da83D31 OH-KY 4Ohio - Kentucky Interstate Mutual Aid 4Interop
55940da84D31 OH-KY 5Ohio - Kentucky Interstate Mutual Aid 5Interop
55941da85D31 OH-KY 6Ohio - Kentucky Interstate Mutual Aid 6Interop
55942da86D31 OH-KY 7Ohio - Kentucky Interstate Mutual Aid 7Interop
55943da87D31 OH-KY 8Ohio - Kentucky Interstate Mutual Aid 8Interop
55944da88D31 OH-KY 9Ohio - Kentucky Interstate Mutual Aid 9Interop
55945da89D31 OH-KY 10Ohio - Kentucky Interstate Mutual Aid 10Interop
55946da8aD31 C GUARDCoast GuardMilitary
55947da8bD31 CVG PDCVG Airport PoliceLaw Dispatch
55951da8fD31 COVNGTNCovingtonInterop
56000dac0D31 CMA 1Cincinnati Mutual Aid 1Interop
56001dac1D31 CMA 2Cincinnati Mutual Aid 2Interop
56002dac2D31 CMA 3Cincinnati Mutual Aid 3Interop
56003dac3D31 CMA 4Cincinnati Mutual Aid 4Interop
56004dac4D31 CMA 5CincinnatI Mutual Aid 5Interop
56005dac5D31 CMA 6Cincinnati Mutual Aid 6Interop
56006dac6D31 CMA 7Cincinnati Mutual Aid 7Interop
56007dac7D31 CMA 8Cincinnati Mutual Aid 8Interop
56008dac8D31 CMA 9Cincinnati Mutual Aid 9Interop
56009dac9D31 CMA 10Cincinnati Mutual Aid 10Interop
56010dacaD31 CMA 11Cincinnati Mutual Aid 11Interop
56011dacbD31 CMA 12Cincinnati Mutual Aid 12Interop
56012daccD31 CMA 13Cincinnati Mutual Aid 13Interop
56013dacdD31 CMA 14Cincinnati Mutual Aid 14Interop
56014daceD31 CMA 15Cincinnati Mutual Aid 15Interop
56015dacfD31 CMA 16Cincinnati Mutual Aid 16Interop
56033dae1DNKY IPSAPNorthern Kentucky Inter-PSAP CallingInterop
Cincinnati (31) Fire/EMS
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
55599d92fD31 MAIN DISPCincinnati Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
55600d930D31 MAIN AUXCincinnati Fire Main AuxiliaryFire Dispatch
55608d938D31 MDC CITYCincinnati MDCData
55609d939D31 CMD BCincinnati Fire Command BFire-Tac
55610d93aD31 STA BCincinnati Fire Staging BFire-Tac
55611d93bD31 CMD CCincinnati Fire Command CFire-Tac
55612d93cD31 STA CCincinnati Fire Staging CFire-Tac
55613d93dD31 CMD DCincinnati Fire Command DFire-Tac
55614d93eD31 STA DCincinnati Fire Staging DFire-Tac
55615d93fD31 EMSCincinnati EMSFire-Tac
55616d940D31 MVCCincinnati MVCFire-Tac
55617d941D31 CMD ECincinnati Fire Command EFire-Tac
55618d942D31 STA ECincinnati Fire Staging EFire-Tac
55619d943D31 MAJ MEDCincinnati Fire Major MedicalFire-Tac
55620d944D31 CMD FCincinnati Fire Command FFire-Tac
55621d945D31 STA FCincinnati Fire Staging FFire-Tac
55622d946D31 CMD GCincinnati Fire Command GFire-Tac
55623d947D31 STA GCincinnati Fire Staging GFire-Tac
55624d948D31 CMD HCincinnati Fire Command HFire-Tac
55625d949D31 STA HCincinnati Fire Staging HFire-Tac
55626d94aD31 CMD ICincinnati Fire Command IFire-Tac
55627d94bD31 STA ICincinnati Fire Staging IFire-Tac
55628d94cD31 UC HOSP 1University of Cincinnati Hospital 1Hospital
55629d94dD31 UC HOSP 2University of Cincinnati Hospital 2Hospital
55630d94eD31 CHILD HOSChildren's Hospital 1Hospital
55631d94fD31 CHILD HOSChildren's Hospital 2Hospital
55632d950D31 PF GNDCincinnati PD-FD Ground CommunicationsFire-Tac
55633d951D31 ALERT CFDCincinnati Fire Station AlertsFire Dispatch
55634d952D31 MAYDAY BCincinnati Fire MAYDAY (Zone B)Emergency Ops
55635d953D31 CFD EVT 1Cincinnati Fire Special Events 1Fire-Talk
55636d954D31 CFD EVT 2Cincinnati Fire Special Events 2Fire-Talk
55637d955D31 CFD EVT 3Cincinnati Fire Special Events 3Fire-Talk
55638d956D31 CFD EVT 4Cincinnati Fire Special Events 4Fire-Talk
55639d957D31 CFD EVT 5Cincinnati Fire Special Events 5Fire-Talk
55641d959D31 LUNKENLunken Airport (KLUK) Control TowerEmergency Ops
55642d95aD31 CFD CMD 1Cincinnati Fire Command 1Fire-Tac
55643d95bD31 CFD CMD 2Cincinnati Fire Command 2Fire-Tac
55644d95cD31 CFD CMD 3Cincinnati Fire Command 3Fire-Tac
55664d970D31 MAYDAY CCincinnati Fire MAYDAY CEmergency Ops
55665d971D31 MAYDAY DCincinnati Fire MAYDAY DEmergency Ops
55666d972D31 MAYDAY ECincinnati Fire MAYDAY EEmergency Ops
55667d973D31 MAYDAY FCincinnati Fire MAYDAY FEmergency Ops
55668d974D31 MAYDAY GCincinnati Fire MAYDAY GEmergency Ops
55669d975D31 MAYDAY HCincinnati Fire MAYDAY HEmergency Ops
55670d976D31 MAYDAY ICincinnati Fire MAYDAY IEmergency Ops
55671d977D31 MAYDAY JCincinnati Fire MAYDAY JEmergency Ops
55672d978D31 MAYDAYCincinnati MAYDAYEmergency Ops
55674d97aD31 CMD JCincinnati Fire Command JFire-Tac
55675d97bD31 CFD STA JCincinnati Fire Staging JFire-Tac
55676d97cD31 CFD J TACCincinnati Fire J TAC 1Fire-Tac
55677d97dD31 CFD J TACCincinnati Fire J TAC 2Fire-Tac
55678d97eD31 CFD J TACCincinnati Fire J TAC 3Fire-Tac
55679d97fD31 CFD J TACCincinnati Fire J TAC 4Fire-Tac
55686d986D31 CALL EMSCincinnati Fire All Call EMSEMS-Tac
55687d987D31 ALL CALL Cincinnati Fire All Call BFire-Talk
55688d988D31 ALL CALL Cincinnati Fire All Call CFire-Talk
55689d989D31 ALL CALL Cincinnati Fire All Call DFire-Talk
55690d98aD31 ALL CALL Cincinnati Fire All Call EFire-Talk
55691d98bD31 ALL CALL Cincinnati Fire All Call FFire-Talk
55692d98cD31 ALL CALL Cincinnati Fire All Call GFire-Talk
55693d98dD31 ALL CALL Cincinnati Fire All Call HFire-Talk
55694d98eD31 ALL CALL Cincinnati Fire All Call IFire-Talk
55720d9a8D31 TRIAGE JCincinnati Fire Triage JEMS-Tac
55721d9a9D31 TREAT JCincinnati Fire Treatment JEMS-Tac
55722d9aaD31 TRANS JCincinnati Fire Transport JEMS-Tac
55723d9abD31 ALL CALL Cincinnati Fire All Call JFire-Talk
55724d9acD31 ALL CALL Cincinnati Fire All Call MFire-Talk
55725d9adD31 MAYDAY MCincinnati Fire MAYDAY Training (Zone M)Emergency Ops
55742d9beD31 TRIAGE ACincinnati Fire Triage AEMS-Tac
55743d9bfD31 TRIAGE BCincinnati Fire Triage BEMS-Tac
55744d9c0D31 TRIAGE CCincinnati Fire Triage CEMS-Tac
55745d9c1D31 TRIAGE DCincinnati Fire Triage DEMS-Tac
55746d9c2D31 TRIAGE ECincinnati Fire Triage EEMS-Tac
55747d9c3D31 TRIAGE FCincinnati Fire Triage FEMS-Tac
55748d9c4D31 TRIAGE GCincinnati Fire Triage GEMS-Tac
55749d9c5D31 TRIAGE HCincinnati Fire Triage HEMS-Tac
55750d9c6D31 TRIAGE ICincinnati Fire Triage IEMS-Tac
55751d9c7D31 TREAT ACincinnati Fire Treatment AEMS-Tac
55752d9c8D31 TREAT BCincinnati Fire Treatment BEMS-Tac
55753d9c9D31 TREAT CCincinnati Fire Treatment CEMS-Tac
55754d9caD31 TREAT DCincinnati Fire Treatment DEMS-Tac
55755d9cbD31 TREAT ECincinnati Fire Treatment EEMS-Tac
55756d9ccD31 TREAT FCincinnati Fire Treatment FEMS-Tac
55757d9cdD31 TREAT GCincinnati Fire Treatment GEMS-Tac
55758d9ceD31 TREAT HCincinnati Fire Treatment HEMS-Tac
55759d9cfD31 TREAT ICincinnati Fire Treatment IEMS-Tac
55831da17D31 TRANS ACincinnati Fire Transport AEMS-Tac
55832da18D31 TRANS BCincinnati Fire Transport BEMS-Tac
55833da19D31 TRANS CCincinnati Fire Transport CEMS-Tac
55834da1aD31 TRANS DCincinnati Fire Transport DEMS-Tac
55835da1bD31 TRANS ECincinnati Fire Transport EEMS-Tac
55836da1cD31 TRANS FCincinnati Fire Transport FEMS-Tac
55837da1dD31 TRANS GCincinnati Fire Transport GEMS-Tac
55838da1eD31 TRANS HCincinnati Fire Transport HEMS-Tac
55839da1fD31 TRANS ICincinnati Fire Transport IEMS-Tac
55849da29D31 TRAIN1Cincinnati Fire Training 1Fire-Talk
55850da2aD31 TRAIN 2Cincinnati Fire Training 2Fire-Talk
55851da2bD31 TRAIN 3Cincinnati Fire Training 3Fire-Talk
55852da2cD31 TRAIN 4Cincinnati Fire Training 4Fire-Talk
55853da2dD31 TRAIN 5Cincinnati Fire Training 5Fire-Talk
55854da2eD31 TRAIN 6Cincinnati Fire Training 6Fire-Talk
55855da2fD31 TRAIN 7Cincinnati Fire Training 7Fire-Talk
55865da39D31 TRAIN 8Cincinnati Fire Training 8Fire-Talk
55866da3aD31 TRAIN 9Cincinnati Fire Training 9Fire-Talk
55867da3bD31 TRAIN 10Cincinnati Fire Training 10Fire-Talk
55868da3cD31 TRAIN 11Cincinnati Fire Training 11Fire-Talk
55869da3dD31 TRAIN 12Cincinnati Fire Training 12Fire-Talk
55870da3eD31 TRAIN 13Cincinnati Fire Training 13Fire-Talk
55871da3fD31 TRAIN 14Cincinnati Fire Training 14Fire-Talk
55880da48D31 REHAB BCincinnati Fire Rehab BFire-Talk
55881da49D31 REHAB CCincinnati Fire Rehab CFire-Talk
55882da4aD31 REHAB DCincinnati Fire Rehab DFire-Talk
55883da4bD31 REHAB ECincinnati Fire Rehab EFire-Talk
55884da4cD31 REHAB FCincinnati Fire Rehab FFire-Talk
55885da4dD31 REHAB GCincinnati Fire Rehab GFire-Talk
55886da4eD31 REHAB HCincinnati Fire Rehab HFire-Talk
55887da4fD31 REHAB ICincinnati Fire Rehab IFire-Talk
55910da66D31 B TAC1Cincinnati Fire B TAC 1Fire-Tac
55911da67D31 B TAC2Cincinnati Fire B TAC 2Fire-Tac
55912da68D31 B TAC3Cincinnati Fire B TAC 3Fire-Tac
55913da69D31 B TAC4Cincinnati Fire B TAC 4Fire-Tac
55914da6aD31 D1 OPSCincinnati Fire District 1 OperationsFire-Tac
55915da6bD31 C TAC1Cincinnati Fire C TAC 1Fire-Tac
55916da6cD31 C TAC2Cincinnati Fire C TAC 2Fire-Tac
55917da6dD31 C TAC3Cincinnati Fire C TAC 3Fire-Tac
55918da6eD31 C TAC4Cincinnati Fire C TAC 4Fire-Tac
55919da6fD31 D2 OPSCincinnati Fire District 2 OperationsFire-Tac
55964da9cD31 D TAC1Cincinnati Fire D TAC 1Fire-Tac
55965da9dD31 D TAC2Cincinnati Fire D TAC 2Fire-Tac
55966da9eD31 D TAC3Cincinnati Fire D TAC 3Fire-Tac
55967da9fD31 D TAC4Cincinnati Fire D TAC 4Fire-Tac
56016dad0D31 E TAC1Cincinnati Fire E TAC 1Fire-Tac
56017dad1D31 E TAC2Cincinnati Fire E TAC 2Fire-Tac
56018dad2D31 E TAC3Cincinnati Fire E TAC 3Fire-Tac
56019dad3D31 E TAC4Cincinnati Fire E TAC 4Fire-Tac
56020dad4D31 D4 OPSCincinnati Fire District 4 OperationsFire-Tac
56021dad5D31 F TAC1Cincinnati Fire F TAC 1Fire-Tac
56022dad6D31 F TAC2Cincinnati Fire F TAC 2Fire-Tac
56023dad7D31 F TAC3Cincinnati Fire F TAC 3Fire-Tac
56024dad8D31 F TAC4Cincinnati Fire F TAC 4Fire-Tac
56025dad9D31 F TAC5Cincinnati Fire F TAC 5Fire-Tac
56026dadaD31 FIRE ALARCincinnati Fire AlarmFire-Tac
56029daddD31 D3 OPSCincinnati Fire District 3 OperationsFire-Tac
56038dae6D31 FG TAC1Cincinnati Fire G TAC 1Fire-Tac
56039dae7D31 FG TAC2Cincinnati Fire G TAC 2Fire-Tac
56040dae8D31 FG TAC3Cincinnati Fire G TAC 3Fire-Tac
56041dae9D31 FG TAC4Cincinnati Fire G TAC 4Fire-Tac
56043daebD31 H TAC1Cincinnati Fire H TAC 1Fire-Tac
56044daecD31 H TAC2Cincinnati Fire H TAC 2Fire-Tac
56045daedD31 H TAC3Cincinnati Fire H TAC 3Fire-Tac
56046daeeD31 H TAC4Cincinnati Fire H TAC 4Fire-Tac
56076db0cD31 I TAC1Cincinnati Fire I TAC 1Fire-Tac
56077db0dD31 I TAC2Cincinnati Fire I TAC 2Fire-Tac
56078db0eD31 I TAC3Cincinnati Fire I TAC 3Fire-Tac
56079db0fD31 I TAC4Cincinnati Fire I TAC 4Fire-Tac
56118db36D31 CFD FSA 02Fire Station AlertingFire Dispatch
56119db37D31 CFD FSA 03Fire Station AlertingFire Dispatch
56120db38D31 CFD FSA 05Fire Station AlertingFire Dispatch
56121db39D31 CFD FSA 07Fire Station AlertingFire Dispatch
56122db3aD31 CFD FSA 08Fire Station AlertingFire Dispatch
56123db3bD31 CFD FSA 09Fire Station AlertingFire Dispatch
56124db3cD31 CFD FSA 12Fire Station AlertingFire Dispatch
56125db3dD31 CFD FSA 14Fire Station AlertingFire Dispatch
56126db3eD31 CFD FSA 17Fire Station AlertingFire Dispatch
56127db3fD31 CFD FSA 18Fire Station AlertingFire Dispatch
56128db40D31 CFD FSA 19Fire Station AlertingFire Dispatch
56129db41D31 CFD FSA 20Fire Station AlertingFire Dispatch
56130db42D31 CFD FSA 21Fire Station AlertingFire Dispatch
56131db43D31 CFD FSA 23Fire Station AlertingFire Dispatch
56132db44D31 CFD FSA 24Fire Station AlertingFire Dispatch
56133db45D31 CFD FSA 29Fire Station AlertingFire Dispatch
56134db46D31 CFD FSA 31Fire Station AlertingFire Dispatch
56135db47D31 CFD FSA 32Fire Station AlertingFire Dispatch
56136db48D31 CFD FSA 34Fire Station AlertingFire Dispatch
56137db49D31 CFD FSA 35Fire Station AlertingFire Dispatch
56138db4aD31 CFD FSA 37Fire Station AlertingFire Dispatch
56139db4bD31 CFD FSA 38Fire Station AlertingFire Dispatch
56140db4cD31 CFD FSA 46Fire Station AlertingFire Dispatch
56141db4dD31 CFD FSA 49Fire Station AlertingFire Dispatch
56142db4eD31 CFD FSA 50Fire Station AlertingFire Dispatch
56143db4fD31 CFD FSA 51Fire Station AlertingFire Dispatch
Cincinnati (31) Police
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
55649d961D31 DIST 1Cincinnati Police District 1Law Dispatch
55650d962D31 DIST 2Cincinnati Police District 2Law Dispatch
55651d963D31 DIST 3Cincinnati Police District 3Law Dispatch
55652d964D31 DIST 4Cincinnati Police District 4Law Dispatch
55653d965D31 DIST 5Cincinnati Police District 5Law Dispatch
55654d966D31 RESV 6Cincinnati Police District 6 ReservedLaw Dispatch
55656d968D31 PRK ENFRCincinnati Police Parking EnforcementLaw Talk
55658d96aD31 PRK QUERYCincinnati Police Parking Enforcement QueryLaw Talk
55659d96bDE31 CPD INQRYCincinnati Police InquiryLaw Talk
55680d980DE31 C2C 1Cincinnati Police Car to Car 1Law Tac
55681d981DE31 C2C 2Cincinnati Police Car to Car 2Law Tac
55682d982DE31 C2C 3Cincinnati Police Car to Car 3Law Tac
55683d983DE31 C2C 4Cincinnati Police Car to Car 4Law Tac
55684d984DE31 C2C 5Cincinnati Police Car to Car 5Law Tac
55685d985DE31 C2C 6Cincinnati Police Car to Car 6Law Tac
55696d990DE31 TAC 1Cincinnati Police Tactical 1Law Tac
55697d991DE31 TAC 2Cincinnati Police Tactical 2Law Tac
55698d992DE31 TAC 3Cincinnati Police Tactical 3Law Tac
55699d993DE31 TAC 4Cincinnati Police Tactical 4Law Tac
55700d994DE31 TAC 5Cincinnati Police Tactical 5Law Tac
55701d995DE31 TAC 6Cincinnati Police Tactical 6Law Tac
55712d9a0DE31 CPD EVT 1Cincinnati Police Special Event 1Law Tac
55713d9a1DE31 CPD EVT 2Cincinnati Police Special Event 2Law Tac
55714d9a2DE31 CPD EVT 3Cincinnati Police Special Event 3Law Tac
55715d9a3DE31 CPD EVT 4Cincinnati Police Special Event 4Law Tac
55716d9a4DE31 CPD EVT 5Cincinnati Police Special Event 5Law Tac
55717d9a5DE31 CPD EVT 6Cincinnati Police Special Event 6Law Tac
55718d9a6DE31 CPD EVT 7Cincinnati Police Special Event 7Law Tac
55719d9a7DE31 CPD EVT 8Cincinnati Police Special Event 8Law Tac
55733d9b5DE31 SSS 1Cincinnati Police Support Services Section 1Law Talk
55734d9b6DE31 SSS 2Cincinnati Police Support Services Section 2Law Talk
55735d9b7DE31 YSSCincinnati Police Youth Services SectionLaw Talk
55760d9d0DE31# TRAIN 1Cincinnati Police Training 1Law Talk
55761d9d1DE31# TRAIN 2Cincinnati Police Training 2Law Talk
55762d9d2DE31# TRAIN 3Cincinnati Police Training 3Law Talk
55763d9d3DE31# TRAIN 4Cincinnati Police Training 4Law Talk
55764d9d4DE31# TRAIN 5Cincinnati Police Training 5Law Talk
55765d9d5DE31# TRAIN 6Cincinnati Police Training 6Law Talk
55766d9d6DE31# TRAIN 7Cincinnati Police Training 7Law Talk
55767d9d7DE31# TRAIN 8Cincinnati Police Training 8Law Talk
55786d9eaDE31 CPDCincinnati PoliceLaw Tac
55792d9f0DE31 SCU 1Cincinnati Police Street Corner Unit 1Law Tac
55793d9f1DE31 SCU 2Cincinnati Police Street Corner Unit 2Law Tac
55794d9f2DE31 SCU 3Cincinnati Police Street Corner Unit 3Law Tac
55795d9f3DE31 SCU 4Cincinnati Police Street Corner Unit 4Law Tac
55796d9f4DE31 SCU 5Cincinnati Police Street Corner Unit 5Law Tac
55888da50DE31 SWAT 1Cincinnati Police Special Weapons and Tactics 1Law Tac
55889da51DE31 SWAT 2Cincinnati Police Special Weapons and Tactics 2Law Tac
55890da52DE31 SWAT 3Cincinnati Police Special Weapons and Tactics 3Law Tac
55891da53DE31 SWAT 4Cincinnati Police Special Weapons and Tactics 4Law Tac
55892da54DE31 SWAT 5Cincinnati Police Special Weapons and Tactics 5Law Tac
55920da70DE31 TAC 1ACincinnati Police Tac 1ALaw Tac
55921da71DE31 TAC 2ACincinnati Police Tac 2ALaw Tac
55922da72DE31 TAC 3ACincinnati Police Tac 3ALaw Tac
55923da73DE31 TAC 4ACincinnati Police Tac 4ALaw Tac
55924da74DE31 TAC 5ACincinnati Police Tac 5ALaw Tac
55925da75DE31 TAC 6ACincinnati Police Tac 6ALaw Tac
55934da7eD31 VA POL 1Cincinnati VA Hospital Police 1Law Tac
55935da7fD31 VA POL 2Cincinnati VA Hospital Police 2Law Tac
55952da90D31 VOL PDCincinnati Police VolunteersLaw Talk
55953da91D31 SCHOOL SECCincinnati Public Schools - SecuritySecurity
55954da92D31 CIS DESKCincinnati Criminal Investigations DeskLaw Talk
56027dadbD31 ATG POL 1Cincinnati Police AnnounceLaw Dispatch
56065db01D31 CIN ST PDCincinnati State Technical and Community College PoliceLaw Dispatch
Cincinnati (31) Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
55673d979D31 LITTERCincinnati Litter PatrolPublic Works
55739d9bbD31 RAD SVC 1Radio Service 1Public Works
55740d9bcD31 RAD SVC 2Radio Service 2Public Works
55741d9bdD31 RAD SVC 3Radio Service 3Public Works
56052daf4D31 WW SUPPLYWaterworks SupplyPublic Works
56053daf5D31 WTRWORKSWaterworksPublic Works
56054daf6D31 RAD SHOPCincinnati Radio ShopPublic Works
56055daf7D31 CMDT 1Cincinnati Health Channel 1Public Works
56056daf8D31 CMDT 2Cincinnati Health Channel 2Public Works
56057daf9D31 FORESTRYCincinnati Parks Department - ForestryPublic Works
56058dafaD31 REC COMMCincinnati Recreation CommissionPublic Works
56059dafbD31 NPS MACincinnati Non Public Safety Mutual AidPublic Works
56060dafcD31 NOD DSPNeighborhood Operations (SAN)Public Works
56061dafdD31 TROD DSPTraffic Operations (HWY)Public Works
56062dafeD31 PW C2CPublic Works Car to CarPublic Works
56063daffD31 PW EXECPublic Works ExecutivePublic Works
56064db00D31 FAC MAINTFacilities MaintenancePublic Works
56067db03D31 PW INT OPPublic Works Internal OperationsPublic Works
56068db04D31 SORTA WSouthern Ohio Regional Transit Authority - Operations WestTransportation
56069db05D31 SAL ARMYSalvation ArmyEmergency Ops
56071db07D31 CWW 1Cincinnati Waterworks 1Public Works
56072db08D31 CWW 2Cincinnati Waterworks 2Public Works
56073db09D31 CWW 3Cincinnati Waterworks 3Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
55596d92cD31 NOR MDAYNorwood Police MAYDAYEmergency Ops
55905da61D31 NORW PDNorwood PoliceLaw Dispatch
55906da62D31 NORW FD1Norwood FireFire Dispatch
55907da63DE31 PF UTILNorwood Police - Fire UtilityFire-Tac
55908da64D31 NORW FD2Norwood Fire Ground 2Fire-Tac
55909da65DE31 NORW PD2Norwood Police 2Law Tac
55957da95DE31 NORW PTACNorwood Police TacticalLaw Tac
56032dae0D31 ACB NORWOODAll County Broadcast - NorwoodInterop
University of Cincinnati (31)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
55705d999D31 UC POLUniversity of Cincinnati PoliceLaw Dispatch
55706d99aDE31 UC C2CUniversity of Cincinnati Police Car to CarLaw Tac
55707d99bD31 UC EVENTUniversity of Cincinnati Police EventsLaw Talk
55708d99cDE31 UC CMNDUniversity of Cincinnati Police CommandLaw Tac
55709d99dD31 UC TECHUniversity of Cincinnati - Fire Technician/InspectionFire-Talk
56037dae5D31 ACB UCAll County Broadcast - University of CincinnatiInterop
Xavier University (31)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
55904da60D31 XU POLXavier University PoliceLaw Dispatch
56066db02D31 XU TAGXavier University Police Talk-around GroupLaw Talk
Hancock County (32)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2200155f1DXFIN-CW1Findlay Citywide 1Multi-Tac
2200355f3D32FIREMSDSPFire DispatchFire Dispatch
2200655f6D32OPS2County Operations 2Multi-Tac
2200755f7DFIN-FD1Findlay Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
2201355fdD32OPS1County Operations 1Multi-Tac
220175601DEFIN-PD1Findlay Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
220255609DHAN32PG3EMS PagingEMS Dispatch
22026560aDEFIN-PDT1Findlay Police Tac 1Law Tac
220495621DFIN-PW1Findlay Public WorksPublic Works
220575629DFIN-WATSHPFindlay Water ShopPublic Works
220655631DFIN-WATOFFFindlay Water OfficePublic Works