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Entity Entity Type
Union County Trunked Systems (2) Trunked
Union County Amateur Radio Amateur Radio
Government and Safety Services Category
Business Business Group
Union County Airports Aircraft / Airport
All law enforcement agencies in Union County use the Buckeye State Sheriffs Assocation codes.


Government and Safety Services

Union County Trunked
Ohio MARCS-IP: Multi-Agency Radio Communications
Project 25 Phase I
All public safety in Union County uses this system.
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
154.25000WPBY240 BM 162.2 PL UNI DISP County Fire CH-1 Dispatch FMN Fire Dispatch
154.32500WPBY240 BM 127.3 PL UNI OPS2 County Fire Ops 2 (Marysville runs) FMN Fire-Tac
154.17500WPBY240 BM 127.3 PL UNI OPS3 County Fire Ops 3 (County runs) FMN Fire-Tac
154.23500KQH277 BM 162.2 PL UNI OPS4 County Fire Ops 4 FMN Fire-Tac
154.28000WPBY240 BM CSQ UNI FG-5 County Fire Fireground 5 FMN Fire-Tac
153.83000 BM CSQ UNI FG-6 County Fire Fireground 6 FMN Fire-Tac
154.26500 BM CSQ UNI FG-7 County Fire Fireground 7 FMN Fire-Tac
155.80500WPNP519 RM CSQ UNI EMA County Emergency Mgmt Agency FMN Emergency Ops
159.30000 M 67.0 PL UC EMA County EMA Operations FMN Emergency Ops
Law Enforcement
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
155.13000WNMM295 R 141.3 PL UNI SO-1 County Sheriff CH-1 FM Law Dispatch
155.13000WNMM295 M 141.3 PL UNI SO-2 County Sheriff CH-2 FM Law Tac
155.37000WBH848 BM CSQ UNI SO-3 County Sheriff CH-3 FM Law Talk
154.95000KQA877 M 88.5 PL UNI SO-6 County Sheriff CH-6 FM Law Tac
153.96500WPTC837 BM UNI CT SVC County Sheriff court services FM Law Talk
154.81500WBH848 RM 141.3 PL MVL DISP Marysville Police FM Law Dispatch
155.73000WNHN842 M 82.5 PL PCPD-1 Plain City PD tac FM Law Tac
155.76000 BM 82.5 PL PCPD-2 Plain City PD Ch 2 FM Law Tac
460.10000 UNI MDT County Sheriff MDTs FM Data
Public Works
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
151.25000WPUH309 BM CC 1
TG *
SL 1
UNI ENGR County Engineer DMR Public Works
154.89000WPLQ783 M UNI LG Union County Local FM Public Works
151.02500WPFJ335 BM 141.3 PL MVL STRTS Marysville Streets FM Public Works
153.68000WPWC881 BM 118.8 PL MVL WTR1 Marysville Water FM Public Works
453.71250WPWC881 M MVL WTR2 Marysville Water FM Public Works
458.71250WPWC881 M MVL WTR3 Marysville Water FM Public Works
153.78500WPGF524 M PC WTR Plain City Water FM Public Works
158.80500WNLH371 BM ALLEN RD Allen Twp Roads FM Public Works
158.83500None BM PARIS SVC Paris Twp FM Public Works
453.56250WPFJ335 RM CC 14
TG *
SL 2
MVL STREETS Marysville Streets (plows) DMR Public Works
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
152.30000WPTH215 BM MVL SCHOOLS Marysville Schools transportation FM Schools
152.97500WPUQ814 RM MVL SCHOOLS Marysville Schools FM Schools
155.29500WZT964 BM FAIRBANKS Fairbanks Local Schools FM Schools
452.67500WQIC339 RM N UNI LSD North Union Local Schools FM Schools