Champaign County METCAD MDICE

System Name: Champaign County METCAD MDICE
Location: Champaign, IL
County: Champaign
System Type: Project 25 Phase I
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 1DA WACN: BEE00
Last Updated: September 3, 2022, 8:21 am CDT   [Updated 4 talkgroups for University of Illinois]
System Notes

METCAD Digital Interoperable Communication Environment
For more information, please see the MDICE Wiki

Official MDICE Forum Thread

Unidentified talkgroups, and those not yet in use are listed on the Champaign-Urbana wiki page.  Upon confirmation of channel name/usage, those talkgroups will be added to the database.

Talkgroup Abbreviations

Towers located at:
1905 E. Main St. - Urbana, IL CHAMPAIGN County 40-06-43.5 N, 088-10-59.0 W
1000N/County Road 1900E - Sidney, IL CHAMPAIGN County 40-01-36.0 N, 088-06-18.6 W
307 S. Randolph - Champaign, IL CHAMPAIGN County 40-06-49.4 N, 088-14-47.7 W
1390 County Road 2600N - Thomasboro, IL CHAMPAIGN County 40-15-14.4 N, 088-11-40.9 W
2603 West Bradley - Champaign, IL CHAMPAIGN County 40-07-35.0 N, 088-17-25.0 W

METCAD Radio ID sequences are posted on the Champaign-Urbana Wiki page 
Talkgroups on this system can be patched to Starcom21 talkgroups and/or IREACH 155.055 (if needed) during emergencies.

Some radio templates include the 8CALL/8TAC national interop frequencies as well as SIMPLEX 1 to 6 (unknown frequencies).

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name Freqs
1 (1) 001 (1) Simulcast 851.0625851.550851.800852.100852.5625c853.1375c853.525c853.825c


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
210015209DEMETCAD 1Operations 1 [Admin]Emergency Ops
21002520aDEMETCAD 2Operations 2 [MET OPS 1]Emergency Ops
21003520bDEMETCAD 3Operations 3Emergency Ops
21004520cDEMETCAD 4Operations 4 [Systems]Emergency Ops
21005520dDEMETCAD EOCCounty EOC NetEmergency Ops
21007520fDRadio ServiceRadio Service Technicians [RADIOSRV]Public Works
21101526dDMotorola TechsMotorola System Technicians [MOTOROLA]Public Works
Incident talkgroups are for all Public Safety

TG 22503 INC 4 is the primary police TG for sporting events, parades, concerts or other events

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
21006520eD911 EmergencySystemwide Emergency Comms w/ METCAD [9-1-1]Interop
2250057e4DIncident 1Incident 1 [INC 1]Interop
2250157e5DIncident 2Incident 2 [INC 2]Interop
2250257e6DIncident 3Incident 3 [INC 3]Interop
2250357e7DIncident 4Incident 4 [INC 4]Interop
2250457e8DEIncident 5Incident 5 [INC 5]Interop
2250557e9DEIncident 6Incident 6 [INC 6]Interop
2250657eaDEIncident 7Incident 7 [INC 7]Interop
2250757ebDEIncident 8Incident 8 [INC 8]Interop
24975618fDAll TalkgroupSystemwide Alerts (w/ Weather) [ALL ATG]Emergency Ops
Emergency Management

Weather net does radio checks the first Tuesday each month at 10:00am CST.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2120052d0DEEMA AdminAdministration [EMA Admin]Emergency Ops
2120152d1DEMA Ops 1Operations [EMA Ops 1]Emergency Ops
2120252d2DEEMA Ops 2Coordination [EMA Ops 2]Emergency Ops
2120352d3DEMA Region 7Region 7 Net [EMA RGN7]Emergency Ops
2120452d4DEMA WeatherWeather Spotter Operations [WEATHER]Emergency Ops
2120552d5DEEMA PIOPublic Information Officer [EMA PIO]Emergency Ops
212505302DEEMA Ops 6 WxWeather Spotter Operations [EMA OPS6]Emergency Ops

Champaign and Urbana Fire dispatches are paged on 155.040.  Their fire responses are on FIRE OPS1. Rural Fire is paged on 155.040, with departments responding on TG 22006.  More serious fires may be assigned to a separate FIRE GDx talkgroup.  FIREGROUND 3 is used for training.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2201255fcDFIREDISPFire - Countywide DispatchFire Dispatch
2200055f0DFIRE OP1Fire - Operations 1 (CFD/UFD Responses)Fire Dispatch
2200255f2DFIRE GD1Fireground 1 (Working Fires)Fire-Tac
2200355f3DFIRE GD2Fireground 2 (Working Fires)Fire-Tac
2200455f4DFIRE GD3Fireground 3 (Training)Fire-Tac
2200555f5DFIRE GD4Fireground 4Fire Dispatch
2200655f6DFIRE GD5Fireground 5 (County Fire Responses)Fire Dispatch
2201055faDFIRE HAZFire - Hazmat OperationsFire-Tac
2201155fbDFIRE RESFire - Technical Rescue OperationsFire-Tac
2201355fdDFIRECMD1Fire - Command 1Fire-Tac
2201455feDEFIRECMD2Fire - Command 2Fire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2201555ffDEMS MUT AIDEMS - Mutual AidEMS-Talk
220165600DARROW OPS1Arrow EMS Ops 1 - DispatchEMS Dispatch
220175601DEARROW OPS2Arrow EMS Ops 2 - OperationsEMS-Talk
220205604DEARROW CMDArrow EMS - CommandEMS-Talk
220185602DPRO OPS1Pro EMS Ops 1 - DispatchEMS Dispatch
220195603DEPRO OPS2Pro EMS Ops 2 - OperationsEMS-Talk
220215605DEPRO CMDPro EMS - Command EMS-Tac
2271658bcDC-U PHD 1Champaign Urbana Public Health DistrictPublic Works
2271758bdDIllini EMSIllini Emergency Medical ServicesEMS Dispatch

Dispatching is done on the PATROL talkgroups.  Events are on the INC talkgroups.  Note: There are many encrypted police talkgroups that are not listed until their usage can be determined.  More information about those talkgroups can be found here

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
212515303DAN CTRLLaw - Animal Control (no longer in use, see Patrol2)Law Tac
212525304DCOURTSRVLaw - Court ServicesLaw Tac
212535305DFEDERALLaw - Federal InteroperabilityLaw Tac
2150053fcDPATROL 1Law - Patrol 1 (Champaign Police)Law Dispatch
2150153fdDPATROL 2Law - Patrol 2 (Sheriff, Rantoul Police, Rural Police, Animal Control)Law Dispatch
2150253feDPATROL 3Law - Patrol 3 (UPD, UIPD)Law Dispatch
2150353ffDPATROL 4Law - Patrol 4 (Reserved)Law Dispatch
215045400DPATROL 5Law - Patrol 5 (Reserved)Law Dispatch
215055401DPATROL 6Law - Patrol 6 (Parkland College Police)Law Dispatch
215065402DEPTL OPS1Law - Ops 1 (Champaign Police) Law Tac
215075403DEPTL OPS2Law - Ops 2 (CCSO, Rantoul Police, Rural Police)Law Tac
215085404DEPTL OPS3Law - Ops 3 (UPD, UIPD)Law Tac
215095405DEPTL OPS4Law - Ops 4 (Reserved)Law Tac
215105406DEPTL OPS5Law - Ops 5 (Reserved)Law Tac
215115407DEPTL OPS6Law - Ops 6 (Parkland College Police)Law Tac
215125408DESP TEAMS1Law - Special Teams 1Law Tac
215135409DESP TEAMS2Law - Special Teams 2Law Tac
21514540aDESP TEAMS3Law - Special Teams 3Law Tac
21515540bDESP TEAMS4Law - Special Teams 4Law Tac
21516540cDESP TEAMS5Law - Special Teams 5Law Tac
21517540dDESP TEAMS6Law - Special Teams 6Law Tac
21518540eDELAW OP17Law - Unidentified OperationsLaw Tac
215255415DELAW OP24Law - Unidentified OperationsLaw Tac
215265416DEALL LAWLaw - Countywide Mutual AidLaw Tac
215275417DELAW OP26Law - Unidentified OperationsLaw Tac
215285418DELAW OP27Law - Unidentified OperationsLaw Tac
215295419DEMetro 1 SWAT Law - Metro SWAT [METRO 1]Law Tac
21530541aDEMetro 2 SWAT Law - Metro SWAT [METRO 2]Law Tac
21531541bDELAW OP30Law - Unidentified OperationsLaw Tac
21532541cDCOURTSECLaw - Court SecurityLaw Tac
215365420DELAW INV1Law - Investigations 1Law Tac
215375421DELAW INV2Law - Investigations 2Law Tac
215385422DELAW INV3Law - Investigations 3Law Tac
215395423DELAW INV4Law - Investigations 4Law Tac
215405424DELAW INV5Law - Investigations 5Law Tac
215415425DELAW INV6Law - Investigations 6Law Tac
215425426DEInvestigatorsAllLaw - Investigators - AllLaw Tac
2271558bbDILEAS AcademyILEAS AcademyLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2270158adDPW OPS1Public Works 1 - Champaign - Ops/Snow PlowsPublic Works
2270258aeDPW OPS2Public Works 2 - Champaign - Building ServicesPublic Works
2270358afDPW OPS3Public Works 3 - Champaign - EngineeringPublic Works
2270458b0DPW OPS4Public Works 4 - Champaign - SupervisorsPublic Works
2270558b1DPW OPS5Public Works 5 - Urbana - Ops/Snow PlowsPublic Works
2270658b2DPW OPS6Public Works 6 - Urbana - OperationsPublic Works
2270758b3DPW OPS7Public Works 7 - Urbana - OperationsPublic Works
2270858b4DPW OPS8Public Works 8 - County Highway - Operations 1Public Works
2270958b5DPW OPS9Public Works 9 - County Highway - Operations 2Public Works
2271058b6DPW OPS10Public Works 10 - County Public Works - Operations 1Public Works
2271158b7DPW OPS11Public Works 11 - County Public Works - Operations 1Public Works
2271258b8DALL PWPublic Works 12 - Countywide Mutual AidPublic Works
2271358b9DPW OPS13Public Works 13 - Champaign Parking EnforcementPublic Works
2271458baDUrbana ServicesPublic Works 14 - Urbana Services/Parking EnforcementPublic Works
University of Illinois
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2271858beDWillardMaintWillard Airport - Maintenance (Snow Removal)Public Works
2271958bfDUI H/L SecHousing and Library: Security / Student PatrolSecurity
229005974DUI Utility 1Utilities Operations 1 [UTIL1]Utilities
229015975DUI Utility 2Utilities Operations 2 [UTIL2]Utilities