Clear Talk -- Illinois Cooperative Association

System Name: Clear Talk -- Illinois Cooperative Association
Location: Areawide, IL
County: 60 Counties
System Type: Motorola Type II SmartZone
System Voice: Analog
System ID: Sysid: 491C Connect Tone: 128.57
Last Updated: July 29, 2020, 00:50 am UTC   [Updated General Trunked System Information]
System Notes

Also the the Clear Talk DMR system.   Some sites have converted some frequencies for it's usage.

See the WIKI for more information on this system and the companies it is used by.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
001 (1) Paris (site offline) Edgar 855.5125855.8125c856.9125c856.7875858.8875859.8875859.9125
002 (2) Mattoon Coles 857.6375858.8625c859.6375860.6375859.8625c859.9875c 
003 (3) Lakewood (on-air 11/17) Shelby 854.8375857.8375c858.8375c    
004 (4) Argenta Macon 852.0625853.0875853.8875855.0125855.7875c855.8125860.7875c
005 (5) Congerville (site offline) Woodford 855.5125856.0625857.0625858.7875858.8625c859.8625c 
006 (6) Bushnell McDonough 856.9125c855.0375855.3375c855.8125   
007 (7) Deer Pk Twp / Utica La Salle 860.8375c859.8375c854.8375855.2625856.8625857.9125860.9125
008 (8) Kewanee (site offline) Henry 855.5625859.8125855.7875858.8875c856.7875858.7875859.8875
009 (9) Danville (site offline) Vermilion 854.7875855.5375855.7625855.9125856.0625c858.9125860.9125c
010 (A) Jacksonville Morgan 852.5625c855.5625c857.0625860.0625   
011 (B) Bradley Kankakee 854.1125c856.1625855.0875856.8375c   
012 (C) Pontiac / Saunemin Livingston 859.6625855.0625857.7375856.7875860.8875858.3625c 
013 (D) Newton Jasper 854.7625c860.9125c     
014 (E) Springfield (site offline) Sangamon 854.3375856.0375858.0875856.0875857.0875859.0875c860.0875c
015 (F) Normal (site offline) McLean 856.1875856.5375857.1875858.1875859.1875c860.1875c 
016 (10) Mt. Olive (site offline) Macoupin 857.5125857.8625859.5125c860.5125c   
017 (11) Bureau / Princeton Bureau 854.9375856.4125855.3375857.3125855.3625857.3875855.4375
018 (12) Watseka Iroquois 856.8125856.8625857.8125854.8125858.8875c854.8375859.8125
019 (13) Champaign (site offline) Champaign 855.7625859.8625860.0125c860.5875c   
021 (15) Taylorville Christian 854.7625854.8125855.0125855.0875856.9125c  
022 (16) Washington (site offline) Tazewell 860.7875c860.8875855.7875    
023 (17) Serena / Sheridan La Salle 860.4875c857.2375c860.6125    


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
310247930AAmC Elec-HeyAmerenCilco Electric Dispatch (Heyworth Area) (*still in use?)Utilities
64016fa10AACPS Spfld EAmeren - Electric Operations (Springfield) (*still in use?)Utilities
64144fa90AACIL Spfld GAmerenCilco - Gas Operations (Springfield) (*still in use?)Utilities
64176fab0AACIL Spfld DAmerenCilco - Dispatch Main (Springfield) (*still in use?)Utilities
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1296510Abusin 1296business operations / Ameren? (Newton)Utilities
2608a30Abusin 2608business operations Utilities
504013b0Aagric 5040farmers/fields (hrd in Ashland-Cass Co on Litchfield site) (prev heard phone patch on 101-Paris Site)Business
82082010Aagric 8208agricultural businessBusiness
84642110Aeleccoop8464electric cooperative (Bloomington Dispatch) (uses CRC Tree Crews)Utilities
114402cb0ADC TruckingDC Trucking (of ?)Business
125923130AStark 1Stark Excavating: Channel 1 (of ?)Business
126243150AStark 2Stark Excavating: Channel 2 (of ?)Business
1323233b0Aagric 13232agricultural (fields, spray, truck 4 491c)Business
133283410Aagric 13328agricultural business (Springfield tower)Business
135843510AScharfScharf Trucking [101-Paris,116-MtOlive]Business
144483870Aagric 14448agricultural businessBusiness
146403930Aunid 14640electric cooperative - Rome, IL AreaUtilities
154083c30Alumber 15408lumber yardBusiness
187684950ATonicaNurseyTonica NurseryBusiness
196964cf0Aagric 19696agricultural businessBusiness
199524df0A19952 mediclmedical transport? (Argenta Tower)Business
2270458b0ABuchmanBuchman Iron & Metal (of ?)Business
228005910AMar ShtMetalMarseilles Sheet MetalBusiness
241445e50Atrcking24144trucking companyBusiness
273126ab0Atrckng 27312trucking company (also on Argenta Site) (Champaign Tower)Business
277286c50Abusin 27728business operations Business
286566ff0ASHOW BusSHOW Bus (Elderly & Handicapped Transportation) [Livingston County]Transportation
288167090Aquarry 28816rock quarry operation - Effingham ("Neoga Elem School")Business
292327230Aagric 29232agricultural (151 acres of fuel, load)Business
303207670AAE StaleyAE Staley Manufacturing - General Contractor (of ?)Business
310567950ACBEC Disp.Corn Belt Energy Corporation: Dispatch (of ?)Utilities
336168350Abus 33616bus companyTransportation
338088410A33808 craneunidentified (Heard 'cable up, cable up....' traffic repeatedly) (also on 119-Champaign Site) (Argenta Tower)Business
359848c90Atowing 35984towing or truck service company (fixing diesel engines, air brakes)Transportation
48720be50AJoes TowingJoe's Towing (Bloomington, Creve Coeuer)Business
49616c1d0Aops 49616railroad / dirt / clay ditch ops (Williamsville, hear in Jasper)Business
49872c2d0Aops 49872operations (Routes in Coles, Douglas Co)Business
60912edf0Abusin 60912business operations (Kankakee site)Business
Champaign / Vermillion County Businesses
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
336150Abusin 336business operations (Champaign Tower)Utilities
264166730ACulliganCulligan Water - DanvilleBusiness
334248290A33424 PavingPaving Company (Danville Site)Business
3499288b0Aagric 34992agricultural business - Bellflower base (Champaign tower)Business
372329170Atowing 37232Towing company (Champaign area)Business
Christian / Montgomery / Shelby County Businesses
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
277926c90Atrash 27792trash company/recycling (Hillsboro/Litchfield)Business
278566cd0AHVAC 27856HVAC install/repair company (Macoupin/Montgomery) (Litchfield/Mt Olive tower)Business
336168350AA-1 TaxiTaxi Service in Taylorville (likely A-1 Taxi)Transportation
3371283b0Aunid33712construction "orange fence, water main on new house" has phone patch (Litchfield/Mt Olive tower)Business
48016bb90AShelbCo ElecShelby Electric CooperativeUtilities
Edgar / Coles County Businesses
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
400190Autililty 400utility company (Paris site)Utilities
4961f0AEdCo ElecCooEdgar County Electric CooperativeUtilities
1040410Abusin 1040business operations (Paris site)Utilities
12644f0Abusin 1264business operations (Paris site)Utilities
15205f0Abusin 1520phone patch/Ameren? (Paris site)Utilities
2096830Atrash 2096trash collection (Paris site)Utilities
22248b0Abusin 2224business operations (Paris site)Utilities
2672a70Aagric 2672agricultural business (Paris Tower)Business
2992bb0Aagric 2992agricultural business (Paris Tower)Business
3376d30AIL CerealIllinois Cereal Mills - Telemetry (Paris Tower)Data
843220f0Aagric 8432agricultural business (Paris Tower)Business
103522870AC-M ElecCoopColes-Moultrie Electric CooperativeUtilities
191204ab0AIL CerealIllinois Cereal Mills - Paris Plant Ops 1 (Paris Tower)Business
2068850d0Afert 20688fertilizer company Business
236325c50AEdCo ElecCooEdgar County Electric CooperativeUtilities
238885d50Aagric 23888agricultural business (Paris Tower)Business
269286930Aagric 26928agricultural business (Paris Tower)Business
294887330AWeeds29488cutting/weed control company (Paris Tower)Business
298087470AWeeds29808cutting/weed control company (Paris Tower)Business
320167d10AColes ElecCoColes County Electric Cooperative: DispatchUtilities
Edgar County Government
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
205925070AEdg ESDAEdgar County ESDA - OperationsEmergency Ops
333608250AParis PubWksParis Public Works/Asphalt Company (Paris Tower)Business
LaSalle County Businesses
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52001450AAmIP LaS OpsAmerenIP - LaSalle County Operations (still in use?)Utilities
532814d0AAmIP LaS GasAmerenIP - LaSalle County Gas Service (still in use?)Utilities
159843e70ALuckeyTruckLuckey Trucking: Spotter Truck (Streator)Business
1656040b0AYlw FreightYellow Freight - LaSalle Business
194404bf0Arefuse 19440refuse collection (LaSalle/Ottawa)Business
195684c70AInsight-PeruInsight Communications Cable (Peru, IL)Utilities
197924d50Acable 19792cable company (LaSalle or Peru IL)Utilities
2120052d0AThrush San.Thrush Sanitation (Ottawa-LaSalle)Business
LaSalle County Government
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3345682b0ALaS Hs AuthLa Salle County Housing Authority - MaintenancePublic Works
Macon County Businesses
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
46241210Atrash 4624trash collection (possibly Decatur Area) (Argenta)Business
163043fb0APlndTow-DctrPrairieland Towing of Decatur (Argenta Tower)Business
303527690AADM 30352traffic about passes for ADM (security company traffic?) (Argenta)Business
3038476b0AADM 30384unidentified (heard traffic about 'cooling tower') (Argenta)Business
3294480b0AWMgmnt 32944Waste Management ? (traffic about dumpsters; Decatur and Mt. Pulaski) (Argenta)Business
3396884b0AWMgmnt 33968Waste Management ? (recycling company? same as 32944) (Argenta)Business
3505688f0Ataxi 35056taxi cab (possibly Champaign/Urbana Area) (Argenta)Transportation
McLean County Businesses
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
346088730Aagric 34608agricultural (rural McLean County)Business
346408750Aagric 34650agricultural (fields/spraying in Normal)Business
Peoria Area Businesses

***Note: Roanoke Concrete has a lot of channels on this system. Expect a lot of channels out of them for the new DMR system. 2/16.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
367848fb0ARoanokeCon 1Roanoke Concrete Ch.1 (Pekin, East Peoria, Mossville) Business
368168fd0ARoanokeCon 2Roanoke Concrete Ch.2 (Roanoke) - Loading ChannelBusiness
3780893b0ARoanokeCon 3Roanoke Concrete Ch.3 (Roanoke) Business
365768ee0ARoanokeCon 4Roanoke Concrete Ch.4 (Roanoke) - TalkaroundBusiness
3758492d0ARoanokeCon 5Roanoke Concrete Ch.5 (Roanoke)Business
365608ed0ARoanokeCon 6Roanoke Concrete Ch.6 (Roanoke)Business
3736091f0ARoanokeCon 7Roanoke Concrete Ch.7 (Roanoke)Business
368488ff0ARoanokeCon 8Roanoke Concrete Ch.8 (Roanoke) - Shop ChannelBusiness
3784093d0ARoanokeCon 9Roanoke Concrete Ch.9 (Roanoke)Business
Sangamon County Businesses
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
207845130Atrash 20784refuse collection (Springfield)Business
208165150Atrash 20816refuse collection (Springfield)Business
248806130A24880 taxitaxi/transit company (Springfield tower)Transportation
2499261a0Arefuse 24992refuse collection (Springfield)Business
2500861b0Arefuse 25008refuse collection (Springfield)Business
275686bb0AOps 22568Operations (Springfield)Business
331048150A33104 quarryrock/quarry operation (Springfield tower)Business
3403284f0Abusin 34032business (Springfield)Business
3428885f0Acarpet 34288carpet / furniture cleaning (Springfield)Business
344488690A34448 buses?buses (School?) (Springfield tower)Transportation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
184804830ARower ConstrRower Construction Company (I-55/74 Ops) Business
200164e30Ahvac 20016HVAC repair companyBusiness
228325930Acarpet 22832carpet cleaner (Stanley Steamer/Service Master)Business
3064077b0A30640 lndscpbrush cutting/weed control company (Springfield tower)Business
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
187044910ADfnbgh TruckDefenbaugh Trucking Co (Wenona)Business
Vermilion County Government
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2916871f0AVerm AnimalVermilion County Animal ControlLaw Tac
Cleartalk Administrative
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
297927460ARadio TechCleartalk Radio Technicians [also used Private Call features]Business