Clear Talk -- Illinois Cooperative Association

Site: Peoria Area Businesses

Unique DB ID: 22859
County: Systemwide

***Note: Roanoke Concrete has a lot of channels on this system. Expect a lot of channels out of them for the new DMR system. 2/16.

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 40.6936 Longitude: -89.5890 Range: 50 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
365608ed0ARoanokeCon 6Roanoke Concrete Ch.6 (Roanoke)Business
365768ee0ARoanokeCon 4Roanoke Concrete Ch.4 (Roanoke) - TalkaroundBusiness
367848fb0ARoanokeCon 1Roanoke Concrete Ch.1 (Pekin, East Peoria, Mossville) Business
368168fd0ARoanokeCon 2Roanoke Concrete Ch.2 (Roanoke) - Loading ChannelBusiness
368488ff0ARoanokeCon 8Roanoke Concrete Ch.8 (Roanoke) - Shop ChannelBusiness
3736091f0ARoanokeCon 7Roanoke Concrete Ch.7 (Roanoke)Business
3758492d0ARoanokeCon 5Roanoke Concrete Ch.5 (Roanoke)Business
3780893b0ARoanokeCon 3Roanoke Concrete Ch.3 (Roanoke) Business
3784093d0ARoanokeCon 9Roanoke Concrete Ch.9 (Roanoke)Business