Nevada Shared Radio System (P25)

System Name: Nevada Shared Radio System (P25)
Location: Statewide, AZ NV UT
County: 11 Counties
System Type: Project 25 Phase II
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System IDs: Sysid: 22B WACN: 92738
Sysid: 307 WACN: 92738
Sysid: 309 WACN: 92738
Last Updated: April 27, 2024, 20:07 pm UTC   [Changed Site # 127 (Opal Mountain) to 127 (Opal Mountain)]
System Notes

NSRS P25 Talkgroup numbers are equal to NSRS EDACS Talkgroup number (in Decimal) plus 30,000.

NV Energy P25 Talkgroup numbers are equal to EDACS Talkgroup number (in Decimal) plus 60,000.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Sysid RFSS Site Name County Freqs
22B 47 (2F) 047 (2F) Alamo Lincoln, NV 854.1125c856.7125858.0375c859.9375c   
22B 107 (6B) 107 (6B) Angel Peak Clark, NV 851.8875c852.5625c853.625c854.3875c854.6875c856.0375c856.4625c
22B 49 (31) 049 (31) Apex Clark, NV 854.8625c855.7875856.7375c857.7375c858.7375c859.7375c860.7375c
22B 95 (5F) 095 (5F) Armagosa Valley Nye, NV 854.0125854.5125c854.9625c855.7125c   
309 161 (A1) 161 (A1) Baker Border White Pine, NV 856.2625856.4625857.2625858.2625858.4875c859.4625 
22B 61 (3D) 061 (3D) Beatty North Nye, NV 856.2625857.2625858.0125c858.2625c859.2625c859.7625 
22B 59 (3B) 059 (3B) Buckskin Mountain, UT Kane, UT 855.2625c855.5625c855.8375c    
22B 43 (2B) 043 (2B) Caliente Lincoln, NV 854.9625c855.2375855.9625856.2625c856.9625c857.2625 
22B 87 (57) 087 (57) Coyote Springs Clark, NV 851.0375c851.600852.175c852.6625c853.425853.8625c854.1875
22B 7 (7) 007 (7) Crows Nest Nye, NV 851.075c851.3375c851.5875c851.8375c   
22B 39 (27) 039 (27) Crystal Springs Lincoln, NV 854.0375854.5625c856.2375c858.2125c   
22B 37 (25) 037 (25) Goldfield Esmeralda, NV 851.1375c851.3875851.6625c851.9125c   
22B 123 (7B) 123 (7B) High Potosi Clark, NV 851.225c851.700c852.750c853.1625c853.7125c856.9375c857.9375c
22B 25 (19) 025 (19) Highland Peak Lincoln, NV 854.1375c854.5125855.9875c856.4875c859.2125c  
22B 27 (1B) 027 (1B) Hiko North Lincoln, NV 856.0875856.7625c857.2375c857.4875c   
22B 119 (77) 119 (77) Hoover Dam Clark, NV 851.8125c852.1375c853.275c853.950c   
22B 93 (5D) 093 (5D) Indian Springs Clark, NV 854.3625c854.6125855.8625c857.0375857.3125c858.0125 
22B 69 (45) 069 (45) Las Vegas Simulcast Clark, NV 854.6125c854.7375c854.9375c855.2625c855.6625c855.8875c855.9375c
22B 133 (85) 133 (85) Laughlin Clark, NV 856.3125c856.8125c857.2875c857.8125c858.2875c858.7875c 
22B 45 (2D) 045 (2D) Lida West Esmeralda, NV 855.9625c856.9625c857.9625c858.9625c   
22B 3 (3) 003 (3) Manhattan South Nye, NV 854.3375856.0375c856.7125856.7625c857.7125858.7125859.7125c
22B 89 (59) 089 (59) Mesquite South Clark, NV 851.0875c851.475851.925c852.3875c852.8875853.3125c857.0375
22B 23 (17) 023 (17) Miller Mountain Mineral, NV 855.7375856.7125857.7125c858.7125c858.9875c859.7125 
22B 67 (43) 067 (43) Moccasin Peak, AZ Mohave, AZ 855.3125c855.8375c858.3625c    
22B 21 (15) 021 (15) Mount Brock (Tonopah) Nye, NV 856.7375857.0625857.4375c857.7375c858.4875c858.7375c859.4875c
22B 97 (61) 097 (61) Mount Schader Nye, NV 851.4875c851.9375852.6375853.250c854.2375854.6125c 
22B 17 (11) 017 (11) Mount Wilson Lincoln, NV 856.2125c857.0625c858.0625c858.4625c859.9875c  
22B 117 (75) 117 (75) Mountain Springs Clark, NV 852.5375c854.0625c854.3375c854.5875c   
22B 127 (7F) 127 (7F) Opal Mountain Clark, NV 851.8625c853.325c853.9875c    
22B 9 (9) 009 (9) Overton-Moapa Simulcast Clark, NV 851.1375c851.4125851.725c851.975c852.2375c852.4875c852.7375c
22B 55 (37) 055 (37) Pahranagat NWR Lincoln, NV 854.6625c855.0125855.2875c859.3625c   
22B 15 (F) 015 (F) Pilot Peak Mineral, NV 854.4375c854.7375856.2625c857.2625858.2625858.7625c859.4625
309 123 (7B) 123 (7B) Pinenut Mountain Lyon, NV 851.1875c851.4625c851.8625c852.275c852.825c854.8875c855.2625c
22B 129 (81) 129 (81) Primm Clark, NV 856.3125c856.6625c857.3625c858.3125c858.8375c859.3625c 
22B 29 (1D) 029 (1D) Rachel North Nye, NV 854.6875c855.7125c856.0625c857.0875c   
22B 121 (79) 121 (79) Red Mountain Clark, NV 854.5125c855.9125c857.3625c859.3625c   
22B 63 (3F) 063 (3F) Sawtooth Mountain Nye, NV 854.9875855.4625c855.7375856.4375c856.7375c857.0375c857.7375
22B 125 (7D) 125 (7D) Sloan Clark, NV 851.075c851.175c851.575c852.475c853.575c854.2625c855.2125c
22B 131 (83) 131 (83) Spirit Mountain Clark, NV 851.3375c851.975c853.600c854.9625c855.9875c856.9625c 
22B 5 (5) 005 (5) Sunny Side Nye, NV 851.3125851.8125c853.3125c853.8125c854.0625c854.3125c 
22B 91 (5B) 091 (5B) Tower Hill (Mercury) Nye, NV 851.0625c852.0875c853.0875c853.700854.2875856.0625c 
309 137 (89) 137 (89) TV Hill Mineral, NV 854.0625c854.3125c854.7625c855.8125c856.8375c857.3875c 
22B 247 (F7) 247 (F7) Valley of Fire State Park Clark, NV 854.2875c854.5375c856.0625857.0625c   
22B 19 (13) 019 (13) Warm Springs Nye, NV 856.0125c857.2625857.9625c858.2375c858.4875858.9375c859.4875
307 250 (FA) 250 (FA) Washoe County Simulcast Washoe, NV 769.35625c769.85625770.35625c770.85625771.43125c772.73125c773.88125
22B 57 (39) 057 (39) West Mountain, UT Washington, UT 854.8375855.1125c855.5125c856.2875c   


Statewide Mutual Aid
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3017775e1TNV-CORE 61Statewide Mutual Aid NV-CORE 61Interop
3017875e2TNV-CORE 62Statewide Mutual Aid NV-CORE 62Interop
3017975e3TNV-CORE 63Statewide Mutual Aid NV-CORE 63Interop
3018075e4TNV-CORE 64Statewide Mutual Aid NV-CORE 64Interop
3018375e7TNV-CORE 67Statewide Mutual Aid NV-CORE 67Interop
3019875f6TNV-TAC 86Statewide Mutual Aid NV-TAC 86Interop
3019975f7TNV-TAC 87Statewide Mutual Aid NV-TAC 87Interop
3020075f8TNV-TAC 90Statewide Mutual Aid NV-TAC 90Interop
Statewide Emergency Medical Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3014475c0THosp All-CallEMS Hospital Fleet All-CallHospital
3014575c1THosp Carson CityCarson Tahoe Hospital, Carson CityHospital
3014675c2THosp FallonBanner Churchill Hospital, FallonHospital
3014775c3THosp GardnrvilleCarson Valley Medical Center, GardnervilleHospital
3014875c4THosp ElkoNortheastern Nevada Regional Hospital, ElkoHospital
3014975c5THosp WinnemuccaHumboldt General Hospital, WinnemuccaHospital
3015075c6THosp Battle MtnBattle Mountain General Hospital, Battle MtnHospital
3015175c7THosp CalienteGrover C Dills Medical Center, CalienteHospital
3015275c8THosp YeringtonSouth Lyon Medical Center, YeringtonHospital
3015375c9THosp HawthorneMt. Grant Hospital, HawthorneHospital
3015475caTHosp PahrDesert View Hospital, PahrumpHospital
3015575cbTHosp TonopahNye Regional Medical Center, TonopahHospital
3015675ccTHosp LovelockPershing General Hospital, LovelockHospital
3015775cdTHosp RenoRenown Medical Center, RenoHospital
3015875ceTHosp ElyWilliam Bee Ririe Hospital, ElyHospital
3015975cfTHosp S TahoeBarton Hospital, South Lake Tahoe, CAHospital
3016075d0TEMS All-CallEMS Mobile Fleet All-CallEMS-Talk
3016175d1TEMS Region1 TalkEMS Region 1 TalkEMS-Talk
3016275d2TEMS Region2 TalkEMS Region 2 TalkEMS-Talk
3016375d3TEMS Region3 TalkEMS Region 3 TalkEMS-Talk
3016475d4TEMS Region 1 TACEMS Region 1 TACEMS-Tac
3016575d5TEMS Region 2 TACEMS Region 2 TACEMS-Tac
3016675d6TEMS Region 3 TACEMS Region 3 TACEMS-Tac
3017375ddTNV State MedStatewide Hospital CoordinationEMS-Talk
Nevada DPS - Capitol Police
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3070677f2TCapitol PD 1Capitol Police 1 - Capitol Buildings (Carson City)Law Tac
3071077f6TCapitol PD 2Capitol Police 2 - State Buildings (Carson City)Law Tac
3070777f3TCapitol PD 3Capitol Police 3 - Las Vegas AreaLaw Tac
3071677fcTCapitol PD 4Capitol Police 4 - Governor's Mansion (Carson City)Law Tac
Nevada DPS - Emergency Management
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3065777c1TNV EM E.O.C.NV Emergency Management - State E.O.C.Emergency Ops
3065877c2TNV EM Tac 1NV Emergency Management - Tac 1Emergency Ops
3065977c3TNV EM Tac 2NV Emergency Management - Tac 2Emergency Ops
3066077c4TNV EM PrisonsNV Emergency Management - PrisonsEmergency Ops
3066177c5TNV EM MAC 1NV Emergency Management - Mutual Aid 1Emergency Ops
3066277c6TNV EM MAC 2NV Emergency Management - Mutual Aid 2Emergency Ops
3066377c7TNV EM MAC 3NV Emergency Management - Mutual Aid 3Emergency Ops
Nevada DPS - Investigations Division
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
307297809TDPS RenoNevada DPS Investigations - RenoLaw Talk
30731780bTDPS Reno Ops 2Nevada DPS Investigations - Reno Ops 2Law Talk
30732780cTDPS Reno UrbanNevada DPS Investigations - Reno UrbanLaw Talk
30733780dTDPS Reno Ops 1Nevada DPS Investigations - Reno Ops 1Law Talk
30735780fTDPS Reno RuralNevada DPS Investigations - Reno RuralLaw Talk
Nevada DPS - Nevada Highway Patrol
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3064177b1TNHP Patch 05-001NHP Northern Command Patch - Elko AreaInterop
3064277b2TNHP Patch 05-002NHP Northern Command Patch - Elko AreaInterop
3064577b5TNHP Patch 05-005NHP Northern Command Patch - North AreaInterop
3064677b6TNHP Patch 05-006NHP Northern Command Patch - North AreaInterop
3064777b7TNHP Patch 05-007NHP Northern Command Patch - North & South AreasInterop
3064877b8TNHP Patch 05-010NHP Northern Command Patch - North & South AreasInterop
3064977b9TNHP Patch 05-011NHP Northern Command Patch - North & South AreasInterop
3065077baTNHP Patch 05-012NHP Northern Command Patch - North & South AreasInterop
3065577bfTNHP Patch 05-017NHP Northern Command Patch - North & South AreasInterop
3067077ceTNHP LV Tac 4NHP Las Vegas Tac 4Law Tac
3067177cfTNHP LV Tac 6NHP Las Vegas Tac 6Law Tac
3071977ffTNHP Elko Law NetNHP Elko Law NetLaw Tac
307217801TNHP Elko 1NHP Elko Dispatch 1 - Central CommandLaw Dispatch
307227802TNHP Elko 2NHP Elko Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
307237803TNHP Elko 3NHP Elko Dispatch 3Law Dispatch
307247804TNHP Elko 4NHP Elko Dispatch 4Law Dispatch
307257805TNHP Elko Tac 1NHP Elko Tac 1Law Tac
307267806TNHP Elko Tac 2NHP Elko Tac 2Law Tac
307277807TNHP Elko Tac 3NHP Elko Tac 3Law Tac
307377811TNHP LV 1NHP Las Vegas 1 (US-95)Law Dispatch
307387812TNHP LV 2NHP Las Vegas 2 (I-15)Law Dispatch
307397813TNHP LV AlliedNHP Las Vegas Allied DispatchLaw Dispatch
307407814TNHP LV 3NHP Las Vegas 3 (215 Beltway)Law Dispatch
307417815TNHP LV Tac 1NHP Las Vegas Tac 1Law Tac
307427816TNHP LV Tac 2NHP Las Vegas Tac 2Law Tac
307437817TNHP LV 4NHP Las Vegas 4 (LV Rural)Law Dispatch
307447818TNHP LV Tac 3NHP Las Vegas Tac 3Law Tac
30748781cTNHP LV 5NHP Las Vegas 5Law Dispatch
307537821TNHP Reno 1NHP Reno 1 - Reno Metro AreaLaw Dispatch
307547822TNHP Reno 2NHP Reno 2 - Carson City AreaLaw Dispatch
307557823TNHP Reno 3NHP Reno 3 - RuralLaw Dispatch
307567824TNHP Reno 4NHP Reno 4 - NHP Academy (Carson City)Law Dispatch
307577825TNHP Reno Tac 1NHP Reno Tac 1 - Reno Metro AreaLaw Tac
307587826TNHP Reno Tac 2NHP Reno Tac 2 - Carson City AreaLaw Tac
307597827TNHP Reno Tac 3NHP Reno Tac 3Law Tac
307607828TNHP Reno 5NHP Reno 5Law Dispatch
307617829TNHP Reno 6NHP Reno 6Law Dispatch
310257931TNHP Patch 08-001Patches Public Safety Talkgroups TogetherInterop
310267932TNHP Patch 08-002Patches Public Safety Talkgroups TogetherInterop
310277933TNHP Patch 08-003Patches Public Safety Talkgroups TogetherInterop
310337939TNHP Patch 08-011Patches Public Safety Talkgroups TogetherInterop
31034793aTNHP Patch 08-012Patches Public Safety Talkgroups TogetherInterop
31035793bTNHP Patch 08-013Patches Public Safety Talkgroups TogetherInterop
31036793cTNHP Patch 08-014Patches Public Safety Talkgroups TogetherInterop
31037793dTNHP Patch 08-015Patches Public Safety Talkgroups TogetherInterop
31038793eTNHP Patch 08-016Patches Public Safety Talkgroups TogetherInterop
312817a31TNHP ElyNHP ElyLaw Talk
312827a32TNHP Elko 10-002NHP Elko 10-002Law Talk
312837a33TNHP Elko 10-003NHP Elko 10-003Law Talk
312847a34TNHP Elko 10-004NHP Elko 10-004Law Talk
312857a35TNHP HML CoNHP Humboldt, Mineral and Lincoln CountyLaw Talk
320427d2aTNHP Patch 15-152Patches Public Safety Talkgroups TogetherInterop
320437d2bTNHP Patch 15-153Patches Public Safety Talkgroups TogetherInterop
320447d2cTNHP Patch 15-154Patches Public Safety Talkgroups TogetherInterop
320457d2dTNHP Patch 15-155Patches Public Safety Talkgroups TogetherInterop
320467d2eTNHP Patch 15-156Patches Public Safety Talkgroups TogetherInterop
320477d2fTNHP Patch 15-157Patches Public Safety Talkgroups TogetherInterop
Nevada DPS - Probation & Parole
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3065277bcTParole Reno C2CDPS Parole - Reno / Carson City Car-to-CarCorrections
3065377bdTParole LV C2CDPS Parole - Las Vegas - Primary Car-to-CarCorrections
30749781dTParole RuralDPS Parole - Rural DispatchCorrections
30750781eTParole Rural C2CDPS Parole - Rural Car-to-CarCorrections
30762782aTParole UrbanDPS Parole - UrbanCorrections
30763782bTParole Rural 1DPS Parole - Rural 1Corrections
30764782cTParole Rural 2DPS Parole - Rural 2Corrections
30765782dTParole Rural 3DPS Parole - Rural 3Corrections
Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT)

Some Clark County NDOT NSRS P25 Talkgroups are showing up as NSRS EDACS Talkgroup number (in Decimal) plus 10,000, instead of plus 30,000.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
107862a22TNDOT LV MaintNDOT Las Vegas - MaintenancePublic Works
107882a24TNDOT LV Ops1NDOT Las Vegas - Ops 1Public Works
108912a8bTNDOT LV Roads1NDOT Las Vegas - Roads 1Public Works
3071277f8TNDOT Reno Roads2NDOT Reno - Roads 2Public Works
3071377f9TNDOT LV Roads2NDOT Las Vegas - Roads 2Public Works
307697831TNDOT HQ AdminNDOT Headquarters - AdministrationPublic Works
307707832TNDOT HQ MaintNDOT Headquarters - MaintenancePublic Works
307757837TNDOT HQ LabNDOT Headquarters - LabPublic Works
307767838TNDOT HQ WtsNDOT Headquarters - Weights & MeasuresPublic Works
30779783bTNDOT UnknownNDOT Unknown Use (Active Car/Car Highway Talk/Project)Public Works
30780783cTNDOT HQ ResrchNDOT Headquarters - ResearchPublic Works
30781783dTNDOT HQ ConsNDOT Headquarters - ConstructionPublic Works
30783783fTNDOT HQ LawNDOT Headquarters - Law (Link to NHP Reno)Public Works
307847840TNDOT HelpNDOT Help ChannelPublic Works
307857841TNDOT LV PrimaryNDOT Las Vegas - PrimaryPublic Works
307867842TNDOT LV MaintNDOT Las Vegas - MaintenancePublic Works
307877843TNDOT LV ShopNDOT Las Vegas - ShopPublic Works
307887844TNDOT LV Ops1NDOT Las Vegas - Ops 1Public Works
307897845TNDOT LV Ops2NDOT Las Vegas - Ops 2Public Works
307907846TNDOT LV Ops3NDOT Las Vegas - Ops 3Public Works
307917847TNDOT SearchlightNDOT SearchlightPublic Works
307927848TNDOT Mtn SpringsNDOT Mountain SpringsPublic Works
307937849TNDOT CharlestonNDOT Mount CharlestonPublic Works
30794784aTNDOT AlamoNDOT AlamoPublic Works
30795784bTNDOT GlendaleNDOT GlendalePublic Works
30796784cTNDOT Panaca 2NDOT Panaca 2Public Works
30797784dTNDOT LV ConsNDOT Las Vegas - ConstructionPublic Works
30798784eTNDOT Panaca 1NDOT Panaca 1Public Works
30799784fTNDOT LV LawNDOT Las Vegas - Law (Link to NHP Las Vegas)Public Works
308017851TNDOT Tono OfficeNDOT Tonopah - OfficePublic Works
308027852TNDOT Tono MaintNDOT Tonopah - MaintenancePublic Works
308037853TNDOT Tono ShopNDOT Tonopah - ShopPublic Works
308047854TNDOT Tono Ops1NDOT Tonopah - Ops 1Public Works
308057855TNDOT Tono Ops2NDOT Tonopah - Ops 2Public Works
308067856TNDOT Tono Ops3NDOT Tonopah - Ops 3Public Works
308077857TNDOT BeattyNDOT BeattyPublic Works
308087858TNDOT GoldfieldNDOT GoldfieldPublic Works
308097859TNDOT Blue JayNDOT Blue JayPublic Works
30810785aTNDOT Big SmokeyNDOT Big SmokeyPublic Works
30811785bTNDOT MinaNDOT MinaPublic Works
30812785cTNDOT CarverNDOT CarverPublic Works
30813785dTNDOT Tono Cons1NDOT Tonopah - Construction 1Public Works
30814785eTNDOT Tono Cons2NDOT Tonopah - Construction 2Public Works
30815785fTNDOT Tono LawNDOT Tonopah - Law (Link to NHP)Public Works
308177861TNDOT Reno OfficeNDOT Reno - OfficePublic Works
308187862TNDOT Reno MaintNDOT Reno - MaintenancePublic Works
308197863TNDOT Reno ShopNDOT Reno - ShopPublic Works
308207864TNDOT Reno Ops1NDOT Reno - Ops 1Public Works
308217865TNDOT Reno Ops2NDOT Reno - Ops 2Public Works
308227866TNDOT Reno Ops3NDOT Reno - Ops 3Public Works
308237867TNDOT Fallon MantNDOT Fallon - MaintenancePublic Works
308247868TNDOT CC MaintNDOT Carson City - MaintenancePublic Works
308257869TNDOT Fernly MantNDOT Fernley - MaintenancePublic Works
30826786aTNDOT Fallon ShopNDOT Fallon - ShopPublic Works
30827786bTNDOT CC ShopNDOT Carson City - ShopPublic Works
30828786cTNDOT D2 ServNDOT D2 ServicePublic Works
30829786dTNDOT Reno Cons1NDOT Reno - Construction 1Public Works
30830786eTNDOT Radio Tech3NDOT Radio Techs 3Public Works
30831786fTNDOT Reno Cons2NDOT Reno - Construction 2Public Works
308337871TNDOT Elko OfficeNDOT Elko - OfficePublic Works
308347872TNDOT Elko Maint1NDOT Elko - Maintenance 1Public Works
308357873TNDOT Elko ShopNDOT Elko - ShopPublic Works
308367874TNDOT Elko Ops1NDOT Elko - Ops 1Public Works
308377875TNDOT Elko Maint2NDOT Elko - Maintenance 2Public Works
308407878TNDOT Emigrant PsNDOT Emigrant PassPublic Works
308417879TNDOT North ForkNDOT North ForkPublic Works
30842787aTNDOT Ruby ValleyNDOT Ruby ValleyPublic Works
30843787bTNDOT WellsNDOT WellsPublic Works
30844787cTNDOT WendovrNDOT WendoverPublic Works
30845787dTNDOT Elko Cons1NDOT Elko - Construction 1Public Works
30846787eTNDOT Elko Cons2NDOT Elko - Construction 2Public Works
30847787fTNDOT Elko LawNDOT Elko - Law (Link to NHP)Public Works
308497881TNDOT Winn OfficeNDOT Winnemucca - OfficePublic Works
308507882TNDOT Winn MaintNDOT Winnemucca - MaintenancePublic Works
308517883TNDOT Winn ShopNDOT Winnemucca - ShopPublic Works
308527884TNDOT Winn Ops1NDOT Winnemucca - Ops 1Public Works
308537885TNDOT Winn Ops2NDOT Winnemucca - Ops 2Public Works
308547886TNDOT Winn MaintNDOT Winnemucca - MaintenancePublic Works
308557887TNDOT OrovadaNDOT OrovadaPublic Works
308567888TNDOT BMNDOT Battle MountainPublic Works
308577889TNDOT BM ConstNDOT Battle Mountain - ConstructionPublic Works
30861788dTNDOT Winn ConsNDOT Winnemucca - ConstructionPublic Works
30863788fTNDOT Winn LawNDOT Winnemucca - Law (Link to NHP)Public Works
308657891TNDOT Ely OfficeNDOT Ely - OfficePublic Works
308667892TNDOT Ely MaintNDOT Ely - MaintenancePublic Works
308677893TNDOT Ely ShopNDOT Ely - ShopPublic Works
308687894TNDOT Ely Ops1NDOT Ely - Ops 1Public Works
308697895TNDOT Ely DistNDOT Ely - DistrictPublic Works
308707896TNDOT Ely PaintNDOT Ely - PaintPublic Works
308717897TNDOT LundNDOT LundPublic Works
308727898TNDOT EurekaNDOT EurekaPublic Works
308737899TNDOT AustinNDOT AustinPublic Works
30877789dTNDOT Ely ConsNDOT Ely - ConstructionPublic Works
30878789eTNDOT Radio Tech1NDOT Radio Techs 1Public Works
30879789fTNDOT Ely LawNDOT Ely - Law (Link to NHP)Public Works
3088178a1TNDOT Radio Tech2NDOT Radio Techs 2Public Works
3088278a2TNDOT MutualAid1NDOT Mutual Aid 1Public Works
3088378a3TNDOT MutualAid2NDOT Mutual Aid 2Public Works
3088478a4TNDOT MutualAid3NDOT Mutual Aid 3Public Works
3088578a5TNDOT Callbox3NDOT Callbox 3Public Works
3088678a6TNDOT CHNNDOT CHNPublic Works
3088778a7TNDOT Callbox2NDOT Callbox 2Public Works
3088878a8TNDOT Callbox1NDOT Callbox 1Public Works
3088978a9TNDOT D2 RWISNDOT Roadway Weather Info System D2Public Works
3089078aaTNDOT Reno Roads1NDOT Reno - Roads 1Public Works
3089178abTNDOT LV Roads1NDOT Las Vegas - Roads 1Public Works
3089278acTNDOT Elko RoadsNDOT Elko - RoadsPublic Works
3089378adTNDOT D1 RWISNDOT Roadway Weather Info System D1Public Works
3089478aeTNDOT D2 RWISNDOT Roadway Weather Info System D2Public Works
3089578afTNDOT D3 RWISNDOT Roadway Weather Info System D3Public Works
Nevada Air National Guard

The NV ANG 152nd Airlift Wing is based at Reno-Tahoe International Airport.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3068977e1TNV ANG SecurityNV ANG 152nd Airlift Wing - Security ForcesLaw Dispatch
318417c61TNV ANG FD DispNV ANG 152nd Airlift Wing - Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
318427c62TNV ANG FD Tac 1NV ANG 152nd Airlift Wing - Fire Tac 1Fire-Tac
318437c63TNV ANG FD Tac 2NV ANG 152nd Airlift Wing - Fire Tac 2Fire-Tac
Nevada Attorney General
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3068077d8TNV AG North MainNevada AG - North MainLaw Tac
3068177d9TNV AG North C2CNevada AG - North Car-to-CarLaw Talk
3068277daTNV AG North TACNevada AG - North TACLaw Tac
3068377dbTNV AG South MainNevada AG - South MainLaw Tac
3068477dcTNV AG South C2CNevada AG - South Car-to-CarLaw Talk
3068577ddTNV AG South TACNevada AG - South TACLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
60896ede0TNVE All CallNV Energy All CallUtilities
60912edf0TNVE Fleet CallNV Energy Fleet CallUtilities
60913edf1TNVE ESCC 1NV Energy ESCC 1 (System Control)Utilities
60914edf2TNVE DispatchNV Energy DispatchUtilities
60915edf3TNVE Reno ElectNV Energy Reno ElectricUtilities
60916edf4TNVE TransmissonNV Energy TransmissionUtilities
60917edf5TNVE DieselNV Energy DieselUtilities
60918edf6TNVE MetersNV Energy Electric MetersUtilities
60919edf7TNVE TMD MTRDNV Energy TMD MTRDUtilities
60920edf8TNVE Gen ConstNV Energy General ConstructionUtilities
60921edf9TNVE Proj ConstNV Energy Project ConstructionUtilities
60922edfaTNVE Safety TrainNV Energy Safety & TrainingUtilities
60923edfbTNVE SMACNV Energy SMACUtilities
60924edfcTNVE TelecomNV Energy TelecomUtilities
60925edfdTNVE Tree TrimNV Energy Tree TrimmingUtilities
60926edfeTNVE Wire PullingNV Energy Wire PullingUtilities
60927edffTNVE Storm 1NV Energy Storm 1Utilities
60928ee00TNVE Fleet CallNV Energy Fleet CallUtilities
60929ee01TNVE Reno SecurNV Energy Reno Security DispatchUtilities
60930ee02TNVE AdminNV Energy AdministrationUtilities
60931ee03TNVE Info ServiceNV Energy Information ServicesUtilities
60932ee04TNVE FacilitiesNV Energy FacilitiesUtilities
60933ee05TNVE FleetNV Energy Fleet ServicesUtilities
60934ee06TNVE EMSNV Energy EMSUtilities
60935ee07TNVE Reno WhseNV Energy Reno WarehouseUtilities
60936ee08TNVE RevenueNV Energy Revenue ProtectionUtilities
60937ee09TNVE SurveyNV Energy Survey MappingUtilities
60943ee0fTNVE Storm 2NV Energy Storm 2Utilities
60944ee10TNVE Fleet CallNV Energy Fleet CallUtilities
60945ee11TNVE Gas DispNV Energy Gas DispatchUtilities
60946ee12TNVE TMWANV Energy Truckee Meadows Water AuthorityUtilities
60947ee13TNVE FG ConstNV Energy FG ConstructionUtilities
60948ee14TNVE TMWANV Energy Truckee Meadows Water AuthorityUtilities
60950ee16TNVE Tusk GasNV Energy Tusk GasUtilities
60951ee17TNVE Tracy PPNV Energy Tracy - Power PlantUtilities
60952ee18TNVE Tracy MaintNV Energy Tracy - MaintenanceUtilities
60953ee19TNVE Pinion PPNV Energy Pinion - Power PlantUtilities
60954ee1aTNVE Valmy PPNV Energy Valmy - Power PlantUtilities
60955ee1bTNVE Valmy MaintNV Energy Valmy - MaintenanceUtilities
60956ee1cTNVE FTC PPNV Energy FTC - Power PlantUtilities
60957ee1dTNVE FTC MaintNV Energy FTC - MaintenanceUtilities
60960ee20TNVE Fleet CallNV Energy Fleet CallUtilities
60961ee21TNVE ESCC 2NV Energy ESCC 2 (System Control)Utilities
60962ee22TNVE YeringtonNV Energy YeringtonUtilities
60963ee23TNVE HawthornNV Energy HawthornUtilities
60964ee24TNVE TonopahNV Energy TonopahUtilities
60965ee25TNVE LovelockNV Energy LovelockUtilities
60966ee26TNVE WinnemuccaNV Energy WinnemuccaUtilities
60967ee27TNVE Battle MtnNV Energy Battle MountainUtilities
60968ee28TNVE ElkoNV Energy ElkoUtilities
60969ee29TNVE FallonNV Energy FallonUtilities
60970ee2aTNVE S Lk TahoeNV Energy South Lake TahoeUtilities
60971ee2bTNVE N Lk TahoeNV Energy North Lake TahoeUtilities
60972ee2cTNVE Carson CityNV Energy Carson City - OperationsUtilities
60973ee2dTNVE PortolaNV Energy PortolaUtilities
60975ee2fTNVE Storm 3NV Energy Storm 3Utilities
60976ee30TNVE Fleet CallNV Energy Fleet CallUtilities
60977ee31TNVE Carson MeterNV Energy Carson City - MetersUtilities
60978ee32TNVE S L Th MeterNV Energy South Lake Tahoe - MetersUtilities
60979ee33TNVE N L Th MeterNV Energy North Lake Tahoe - MetersUtilities
60980ee34TNVE MetersNV Energy MetersUtilities
61008ee50TNVE Fleet CallNV Energy Fleet CallUtilities
61009ee51TNVE Mutual AidNV Energy Mutual AidUtilities
61010ee52TNVE DemoNV Energy DemoUtilities
61011ee53TNVE Radio ShopNV Energy Radio ShopUtilities
61024ee60TNVE EmergencyNV Energy EmergencyUtilities
61041ee71TNVE Trouble 1NV Energy Trouble 1Utilities
61049ee79TNVE Trouble 2NV Energy Trouble 2Utilities
61055ee7fTNVE TG1055NV Energy TG1055Utilities
61057ee81TNVE Meter ShopNV Energy Meter ShopUtilities
61058ee82TNVE MPC 1NV Energy MPC 1Utilities
61059ee83TNVE MPC 2NV Energy MPC 2Utilities
61060ee84TNVE LaughlinNV Energy LaughlinUtilities
61065ee89TNVE DistributionNV Energy DistributionUtilities
61069ee8dTNVE SecurityNV Energy SecurityUtilities
61073ee91TNVE LV ConstNV Energy Las Vegas - ConstructionUtilities
61081ee99TNVE Hen ConstNV Energy Henderson - ConstructionUtilities
61082ee9aTNVE LaughlinNV Energy LaughlinUtilities
61089eea1TNVE WarehouseNV Energy WarehouseUtilities
61116eebcTNVE Trans MANV Energy Trans MAUtilities
61121eec1TNVE Gen PlantsNV Energy Generating PlantsUtilities
61129eec9TNVE Distro EastNV Energy Distribution EastUtilities
61130eecaTNVE Distro WestNV Energy Distribution WestUtilities
61131eecbTNVE Trouble DeskNV Energy Trouble DeskUtilities
61132eeccTNVE Trans LinesNV Energy Transmission LinesUtilities
61137eed1TNVE Meter 1NV Energy Meter Readers 1Utilities
61138eed2TNVE Meter 2NV Energy Meter Readers 2Utilities
61145eed9TNVE LF ConstNV Energy LF ConstructionUtilities
61146eedaTNVE LF ConstNV Energy LF ConstructionUtilities
61150eedeTNVE TG1150NV Energy TG1150Utilities
61151eedfTNVE TG1151NV Energy TG1151Utilities
61152eee0TNVE Ops 8NV Energy Ops 8Utilities
61169eef1TNVE Premie 1NV Energy Premie 1Utilities
61170eef2TNVE Premie 2NV Energy Premie 2Utilities
61177eef9TNVE Ops 3NV Energy Ops 3Utilities
61178eefaTNVE Ops 4NV Energy Ops 4Utilities
61179eefbTNVE SecurityNV Energy SecurityUtilities
61180eefcTNVE Ops 5NV Energy Ops 5Utilities
61181eefdTNVE Ops 6NV Energy Ops 6Utilities
61185ef01TNVE Maint OpsNV Energy Maintenance OpsUtilities
61193ef09TNVE Subs OpsNV Energy Subs OpsUtilities
61194ef0aTNVE SurveyNV Energy SurveyUtilities
61195ef0bTNVE Ops 7NV Energy Ops 7Utilities
61196ef0cTNVE LP - 1NV Energy LP - 1Utilities
61197ef0dTNVE LP - 2NV Energy LP - 2Utilities
61273ef59TNVE Fleet ServNV Energy Fleet ServiceUtilities
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3037976abTUS ICE AgentsU.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) AgentsFederal
318377c5dTVAMC Reno PoliceLougaris VA Medical Center Police (975 Kirman Avenue, Reno)Federal
Nevada National Guard
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3069077e2TNV NG EOC AltNevada NG - Emergency OpsMilitary
3069177e3TNV NG TF NorthNevada NG - Task Force NorthMilitary
3069277e4TNV NG TF RuralNevada NG - Task Force RuralMilitary
3069377e5TNV NG TF SouthNevada NG - Task Force SouthMilitary
3069477e6TNV NG North MACNevada NG - North MACMilitary
3069577e7TNV NG South MACNevada NG - South MACMilitary
3069777e9TNV NG Rural MACNevada NG - Rural MACMilitary
Nevada Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3065177bbTNV State ParksNevada State ParksPublic Works
3067377d1TNV IT SouthwestNevada Dept of Information Technology - SouthwestPublic Works
3067477d2TNV IT Las VegasNevada Dept of Information Technology - Las VegasPublic Works
3067577d3TNV IT CarsonCityNevada Dept of Information Technology - Carson CityPublic Works
3067677d4TNV IT NE-ElkoNevada Dept of Information Technology - Northeast / ElkoPublic Works
3070577f1TNV Motor PoolNevada State Motor PoolPublic Works
3070877f4TNV BuildingsNevada State Buildings & GroundsPublic Works
30734780eTNV OSHANevada State Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)Public Works
30746781aTNV Transp AuthNevada Transportation AuthorityPublic Works
30747781bTNV Transp AuthNevada Transportation AuthorityPublic Works
Nevada Taxicab Authority
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
107672a0fTNV TCA DispatchNevada Taxicab Authority - DispatchLaw Dispatch
30766782eTNV TCA Car2CarNevada Taxicab Authority - Car-to-CarLaw Tac
30767782fTNV TCA DispatchNevada Taxicab Authority - DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
302417621TCarson City SOCarson City Sheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
302427622TCarson City FDCarson City Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
312927a3cTSpring Creek VFDElko County Spring Creek Volunteer Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
313067a4aTElko Co 1306Elko Co 1306 (two-tone beeps)Fire-Tac
313097a4dTElko Co 1309Elko Co 1309 (may be Jackpot Fire-EMS)Fire-Tac
313117a4fTElko Co 1311Elko Co 1311 (also patched to 1354)Fire Dispatch
313137a51TElko Co SO SimElko County Sheriff SimulcastLaw Dispatch
313167a54TElko Co SO TacElko County Sheriff Tac (Car to car)Law Tac
313177a55TElko Co SO EventElko County Sheriff EventLaw Talk
313187a56TElko Co SO JailElko County Sheriff JailCorrections
313527a78TElko Co EMS 1Elko County Ambulance 1EMS Dispatch
313547a7aTJackpot Fire-EMSJackpot Fire-EMS toneouts (patched to 1309)Fire Dispatch
313567a7cTElko Co EMS 2Elko County Ambulance 2EMS Dispatch
Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3121779f1TSNWA OperationsSouthern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) OperationsPublic Works
University of Nevada - Las Vegas
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
314177ab9TUNLV Alarm TechsUNLV Alarm TechniciansSchools
314257ac1TUNLV Tech ServUNLV Tech ServicesSchools
314267ac2TUNLV Moyer UnionUNLV Moyer Student UnionSchools
314277ac3TUNLV HousingUNLV Residential HousingSchools
314287ac4TUNLV StudentServUNLV Student ServicesSchools
314337ac9TUNLV MaintUNLV MaintenanceSchools
314417ad1TUNLV GroundsUNLV GroundsSchools
314657ae9TUNLV Ops 1UNLV Operations 1Schools
314667aeaTUNLV Ops 2UNLV Operations 2Schools
314677aebTUNLV Ops 3UNLV Operations 3Schools
314687aecTUNLV Grounds 1UNLV Grounds 1Schools
314697aedTUNLV Grounds 2UNLV Grounds 2Schools
314707aeeTUNLV Tech OpsUNLV Tech OperationsSchools
314717aefTUNLV Student OpsUNLV Student OperationsSchools
314817af9TUNLV Patrol 1UNLV Police - DispatchLaw Dispatch
314827afaTUNLV Patrol 2UNLV Police - SupervisorsLaw Talk
314837afbTUNLV PD StadiumUNLV Police - Sam Boyd StadiumLaw Tac
314847afcTUNLV PD TMCenterUNLV Police - Thomas & Mack CenterLaw Talk
314857afdTUNLV PD Tac 1UNLV Police - Tac 1Law Tac
314867afeTUNLV PD Tac 2UNLV Police - Tac 2Law Tac
314897b01TUNLV ParkingUNLV Parking EnforcementLaw Tac
314907b02TUNLV ShuttleUNLV ShuttleSchools
314917b03TUNLV PD CarUNLV Police - Car to CarLaw Talk
314927b04TUNLV ParkingUNLV Parking SupervisorsLaw Talk
314947b06TUNLV TBDUNLV TBDSchools
315057b11TUNLV FacilitiesUNLV Facilities MaintenanceSchools
315227b22TUNLV PD AdminUNLV Police - AdministrationLaw Talk
315237b23TUNLV AdminUNLV AdministrationSchools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
313707a8aTMineral SOMineral County SheriffLaw Dispatch
Washoe County Mutual Aid
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
302577631TWCMA SO Patch 1Washoe County Mutual Aid - Patch To WCSO GREEN-01/RPD GREENInterop
302587632TWCMA SO Patch 2Washoe County Mutual Aid - Patch To WCSO GREEN-01/RPD GREENInterop
302647638TWCMA All FleetWashoe County Mutual Aid - All Fleet AnnouncementsInterop
303437687TWCMA PS ShareWashoe County Mutual Aid - Public Safety ShareInterop
30346768aTWCMA RCS W1Washoe County Mutual Aid - Regional Communications System W1Interop
30347768bTWCMA RCS W2Washoe County Mutual Aid - Regional Communications System W2Interop
30348768cTWCMA RCS W3Washoe County Mutual Aid - Regional Communications System W3Interop
30349768dTWCMA RCS W4Washoe County Mutual Aid - Regional Communications System W4Interop
30350768eTWCMA PS Law 1Washoe County Mutual Aid - Public Safety Law 1Law Talk
30351768fTWCMA PS Law 2Washoe County Mutual Aid - Public Safety Law 2Law Talk
303527690TWCMA PS Law 3Washoe County Mutual Aid - Public Safety Law 3Law Talk
30366769eTWCMA Reg EOCWashoe County Mutual Aid - Regional Emergency Operations CenterEmergency Ops
30478770eTWCMA PS Fire 1Washoe County Mutual Aid - Public Safety Fire 1Fire-Talk
30479770fTWCMA PS Fire 2Washoe County Mutual Aid - Public Safety Fire 2Fire-Talk
Washoe County Sheriff
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
302737641TWCSO Green 1Washoe County Sheriff - Green 1Law Talk
302747642TWCSO Green 2Washoe County Sheriff - Green 2Law Talk
302757643TWCSO White 1Washoe County Sheriff - White 1Law Talk
302767644TWCSO White 2Washoe County Sheriff - White 2Law Talk
302777645TWCSO InclineWashoe County Sheriff - InclineLaw Talk
302787646TWCSO YellowWashoe County Sheriff - South DispatchLaw Dispatch
302797647TWCSO Tac 1Washoe County Sheriff - Tac 1Law Tac
302807648TWCSO Incline T2Washoe County Sheriff - Incline Tac 2Law Tac
302817649TWCSO RecordsWashoe County Sheriff - RecordsLaw Talk
30282764aTWCSO RedWashoe County Sheriff - RedLaw Talk
30283764bTWCSO BlueWashoe County Sheriff - BlueLaw Talk
30284764cTWCSO Courts TACWashoe County Sheriff - Courts TACLaw Tac
30285764dTWCSO Jail 2Washoe County Sheriff - Jail 2Corrections
30286764eTWCSO AdminWashoe County Sheriff - AdminLaw Talk
30287764fTWCSO Black SWATWashoe County Sheriff - Black SWATLaw Tac
303257675TWCSO Jail 3Washoe County Sheriff - Jail 3Corrections
303277677TWCSO Jail 1Washoe County Sheriff - Jail PrimaryCorrections
303287678TWCSO Bailiffs 1Washoe County Sheriff - District Court Bailiffs 1Law Talk
303297679TWCSO Bailiffs 2Washoe County Sheriff - District Court Bailiffs 2Law Tac
30330767aTWCSO Helo CoordWashoe County Sheriff - Helo CoordinationLaw Talk
30331767bTWCSO Surveil 1Washoe County Sheriff - Surveillance 1Law Talk
30334767eTWCSO MotorsWashoe County Sheriff - MotorcyclesLaw Talk
303407684TWCSO Surveil 2Washoe County Sheriff - Surveillance 2Law Talk
30475770bTWCSO TrafficWashoe County Sheriff - Traffic TacLaw Tac
30477770dTWCSO Gang UnitWashoe County Sheriff - Gang Unit RegionalLaw Talk
30510772eTEWCSO EncryptedWashoe County Sheriff - EncryptedLaw Talk
315347b2eTWCSO ShootingOpsWashoe County Sheriff - Shooting Facility OperationsLaw Talk
315647b4cTWCSO ShootingRngWashoe County Sheriff - Shooting Facility Range/SafetyLaw Talk
318267c52TWCSO SurveilanceWashoe County Sheriff - SurveillanceLaw Talk
319147caaTWCSO PS Events 1Washoe County Sheriff - Public Safety Events 1Law Talk
319157cabTWCSO PS Events 2Washoe County Sheriff - Public Safety Events 2Law Talk
319167cacTWCSO PS Events 3Washoe County Sheriff - Public Safety Events 3Law Talk
319177cadTWCSO PS Events 4Washoe County Sheriff - Public Safety Events 4Law Talk
Washoe County Emergency Management
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
315607b48TWCEM MainWashoe County Emergency Management - MainEmergency Ops
315617b49TWCEM Tac 1Washoe County Emergency Management - Tac 1Emergency Ops
315627b4aTWCEM Tac 2Washoe County Emergency Management - Tac 2Emergency Ops
315637b4bTWCEM Tac 3Washoe County Emergency Management - Tac 3Emergency Ops
Washoe County Juvenile Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
315807b5cTWittenberg Ch-1Washoe County Juvenile Detention - Wittenberg Hall 1Corrections
315817b5dTWittenberg Ch-2Washoe County Juvenile Detention - Wittenberg Hall 2Corrections
315917b67TWittenberg Ch-3Washoe County Juvenile Detention - Wittenberg Hall 3Corrections
315927b68TWittenberg Ch-4Washoe County Juvenile Detention - Wittenberg Hall 4Corrections
Washoe County Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
303217671TWashoe DAWashoe County District AttorneyLaw Talk
315547b42TWashoe RoadsWashoe County Roads DepartmentPublic Works
315557b43TIncline RoadsWashoe County Roads - Incline VillagePublic Works
315567b44TGerlach RoadsWashoe County Roads - GerlachPublic Works
315587b46TWashoe UtilitiesWashoe County UtilitiesPublic Works
315697b51TWashoe InspectorWashoe County Building InspectorsPublic Works
315747b56TWashoe AnimalsWashoe County Animal ControlPublic Works
315777b59TWashoe ParkRangrWashoe County Park RangersPublic Works
315797b5bTWashoe ParkMaintWashoe County Park MaintenancePublic Works
315857b61TWashoe EquipServWashoe County Equipment ServicesPublic Works
315907b66TWashoe RadioServWashoe County Radio ServicePublic Works
Washoe County School District
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
303537691TWCSD PD NorthWashoe County School District - Police NorthLaw Dispatch
303547692TWCSD PD SouthWashoe County School District - Police SouthLaw Dispatch
303557693TWCSD PD Tac 1Washoe County School District - Police Tac 1Law Tac
303567694TWCSD PD Tac 2Washoe County School District - Police Tac 2Law Tac
303577695TWCSD PD Tac 3Washoe County School District - Police Tac 3Law Tac
303587696TWCSD PD Admin-3Washoe County School District - Police Admin 3Schools
303597697TWCSD PD AccessWashoe County School District - School Radio Access to Police DispatchSchools
303607698TWCSD PD DetectWashoe County School District - Police DetectivesLaw Tac
318747c82TWCSD School 1874Washoe County School District - Individual School RadioSchools
318757c83TWCSD School 1875Washoe County School District - Individual School RadioSchools
318767c84TWCSD School 1876Washoe County School District - Individual School RadioSchools
318777c85TWCSD School 1877Washoe County School District - Individual School RadioSchools
318787c86TWCSD School 1878Washoe County School District - Individual School RadioSchools
318797c87TWCSD School 1879Washoe County School District - Individual School RadioSchools
318807c88TWCSD School 1880Washoe County School District - Individual School RadioSchools
318817c89TWCSD School 1881Washoe County School District - Individual School RadioSchools
318827c8aTWCSD School 1882Washoe County School District - Individual School RadioSchools
318837c8bTWCSD School 1883Washoe County School District - Individual School RadioSchools
318847c8cTWCSD School 1884Washoe County School District - Individual School RadioSchools
318857c8dTWCSD School 1885Washoe County School District - Individual School RadioSchools
318867c8eTWCSD School 1886Washoe County School District - Individual School RadioSchools
318877c8fTWCSD Wooster HSWashoe County School District - Earl Wooster High SchoolSchools
318897c91TWCSD Reed HSWashoe County School District - Reed High SchoolSchools
318907c92TWCSD McQueen HSWashoe County School District - McQueen High SchoolSchools
318917c93TWCSD N.ValleysHSWashoe County School District - North Valleys High SchoolSchools
318927c94TWCSD Galena HSWashoe County School District - Galena High SchoolSchools
318937c95TWCSD School 1893Washoe County School District - Individual School RadioSchools
318947c96TWCSD School 1894Washoe County School District - Individual School RadioSchools
318957c97TWCSD Maint 1Washoe County School District - Maintenance 1Schools
318967c98TWCSD Bus 1Washoe County School District - Bus 1 CentralSchools
318977c99TWCSD Bus 2Washoe County School District - Bus 2 NorthSchools
318987c9aTWCSD Bus 3Washoe County School District - Bus 3 SouthSchools
318997c9bTWCSD Bus 4Washoe County School District - Bus 4 Nixon / Pyramid LakeSchools
319007c9cTWCSD Maint 2Washoe County School District - Maintenance 2Schools
319017c9dTWCSD Bus 5Washoe County School District - Bus 5 Special EducationSchools
319027c9eTWCSD School 1902Washoe County School District - Individual School RadioSchools
319037c9fTWCSD School 1903Washoe County School District - Individual School RadioSchools
319077ca3TWCSD School 1907Washoe County School District - Individual School RadioSchools
319087ca4TWCSD School 1908Washoe County School District - Individual School RadioSchools
319097ca5TWCSD School 1909Washoe County School District - Individual School RadioSchools
319107ca6TWCSD School 1910Washoe County School District - Individual School RadioSchools
319117ca7TWCSD School 1911Washoe County School District - Individual School RadioSchools
319127ca8TWCSD TruancyWashoe County School District - Truancy OfficersSchools
319137ca9TWCSD School 1913Washoe County School District - Individual School RadioSchools
319187caeTWCSD School 1918Washoe County School District - Individual School RadioSchools
North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
304817711TNLTFPD DispatchNorth Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District - Dispatch (154.235 Simulcast)Fire Dispatch
304827712TNLTFPD CommandNorth Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District - CommandFire-Tac
304837713TNLTFPD Tac 1North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District - Tac 1Fire-Tac
304847714TNLTFPD Tac 2North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District - Tac 2Fire-Tac
304857715TNLTFPD Tac 3North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District - Tac 3Fire-Tac
Pyramid Lake Fire Rescue EMS
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3037576a7TPLFR DispatchPyramid Lake Fire Rescue EMS - DispatchFire Dispatch
3037676a8TPLFR TacPyramid Lake Fire Rescue EMS - TacFire-Tac
Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribal Police

Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribal Police are dispatched by Washoe County Sheriff on EDACS TG 02-026 (P25 TG 30278) WCSO Yellow.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3037276a4TPLPTPD DispatchPyramid Lake Paiute Tribal Police - DispatchLaw Dispatch
3037376a5TPLPTPD Tac 1Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribal Police - Tac 1Law Tac
3037476a6TPLPTPD Tac 2Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribal Police - Tac 2Law Tac
Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority (REMSA)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3017475deTEMS Patch 1EMS Patch 1 to UHF MED ChannelsEMS-Talk
3017575dfTEMS Patch 2EMS Patch 2 to UHF MED ChannelsEMS-Talk
319057ca1TREMSA DispatchRegional Emergency Medical Services Authority (REMSA) DispatchEMS Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3040176c1TRFD Red DispReno Fire Dept - Red DispatchFire Dispatch
3040276c2TRFD OrangeReno Fire Dept - OrangeFire-Talk
3040376c3TRFD GoldReno Fire Dept - GoldFire-Talk
3040476c4TRFD SilverReno Fire Dept - SilverFire-Talk
3040576c5TRFD Tac 1Reno Fire Dept - Tac 1Fire-Tac
3040676c6TRFD Tac 2Reno Fire Dept - Tac 2Fire-Tac
3040776c7TRFD Tac 3Reno Fire Dept - Tac 3Fire-Tac
3040876c8TRFD PagingReno Fire Dept - PageoutFire Dispatch
3041276ccTRFD EventsReno Fire Dept - EventsFire-Talk
3041376cdTRFD BronzeReno Fire Dept - BronzeFire-Talk
3041476ceTRFD WhiteReno Fire Dept - WhiteFire-Talk
Reno Municipal Court
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
302947656TEReno MarshalsReno City MarshalsLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
302617635TRPD All-CallReno Police Dept - AnnouncementsLaw Dispatch
302897651TRPD GreenReno Police Dept - Green Main DispatchLaw Dispatch
302907652TRPD YellowReno Police Dept - Yellow Secondary DispatchLaw Dispatch
302917653TRPD BrownReno Police Dept - BrownLaw Tac
302927654TRPD GrayReno Police Dept - GrayLaw Tac
302937655TRPD BlueReno Police Dept - Blue Unit to Unit TacLaw Tac
302957657TRPD Black 1Reno Police Dept - Black 1 Crowd ControlLaw Tac
302967658TRPD Black 2Reno Police Dept - Black 2Law Tac
30299765bTRPD WhiteReno Police Dept - WhiteLaw Tac
30301765dTRPD SWATReno Police Dept - SWATLaw Tac
30302765eTRPD Detectives 1Reno Police Dept - Detectives 1Law Talk
30303765fTERPD Detectives 2Reno Police Dept - Detectives 2 (ENC)Law Talk
304657701TRPD 03-101Reno Police Dept - TG 03-101Law Talk
304717707TRPD MotorsReno Police Dept - MotorcyclesLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
316017b71TReno SecurityReno City Building Night SecurityPublic Works
316027b72TReno Streets 2Reno Streets 2Public Works
316037b73TReno Streets 3Reno Streets 3 - SweepersPublic Works
316047b74TReno Streets 4Reno Streets 4 - Signal MaintenancePublic Works
316057b75TReno Streets 5Reno Streets 5 - PaintingPublic Works
316067b76TReno Streets 6Reno Streets 6Public Works
316077b77TReno Streets 7Reno Streets 7 - Sewer & StormPublic Works
316087b78TReno Streets 8Reno Streets 8 - Sewer & StormPublic Works
316097b79TReno Streets 9Reno Streets 9 - Sewer & StormPublic Works
316107b7aTReno PW FleetReno PW FleetPublic Works
316177b81TReno Parks 2Reno Parks & Recreation 2Public Works
316187b82TReno Parks 3Reno Parks & Recreation 3Public Works
316197b83TReno Parks 4Reno Parks & Recreation 4Public Works
316207b84TReno Parks 5Reno Parks & Recreation 5Public Works
Reno Stead Airport
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
318177c49TReno Stead OpsReno Stead Airport OperationsPublic Works
Reno-Sparks Indian Colony
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3036976a1TRSIC PD Tac 1Reno-Sparks Indian Colony - Police Tac 1Law Tac
3037076a2TRSIC PD Tac 2Reno-Sparks Indian Colony - Police Tac 2Law Tac
Reno-Tahoe International Airport
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
303377681TRTIA Police 1Reno-Tahoe International Airport - Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
303387682TRTIA Police 2Reno-Tahoe International Airport - Police 2Law Talk
303397683TRTIA Security 1Reno-Tahoe International Airport - Security 1Security
3044976f1TRTIA Fire 1Reno-Tahoe International Airport - Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
3045076f2TRTIA Fire 2Reno-Tahoe International Airport - Fire 2Fire-Tac
3045176f3TRTIA Fire Tac 1Reno-Tahoe International Airport - Fire Tac 1Fire-Tac
3045276f4TRTIA Fire Tac 2Reno-Tahoe International Airport - Fire Tac 2Fire-Tac
318097c41TRTIA Ops 1Reno-Tahoe International Airport - Operations 1Public Works
318107c42TRTIA Security 2Reno-Tahoe International Airport - Security 2Security
318117c43TRTIA Maint 1Reno-Tahoe International Airport - Maintenance 1Public Works
318127c44TRTIA Maint 2Reno-Tahoe International Airport - Building ServicesPublic Works
318137c45TRTIA Maint 3Reno-Tahoe International Airport - Building MaintenancePublic Works
318147c46TRTIA AirfieldReno-Tahoe International Airport - Airfield MaintenancePublic Works
318167c48TRTIA ParkingReno-Tahoe International Airport - ParkingPublic Works
318187c4aTRTIA Tac 1Reno-Tahoe International Airport - Tac 1Public Works
318197c4bTRTIA Tac 2Reno-Tahoe International Airport - Tac 2Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3041676d0TSFD PageoutSparks Fire Dept - PageoutFire Dispatch
3041776d1TSFD DispatchSparks Fire Dept - DispatchFire Dispatch
3041876d2TSFD Tac 1Sparks Fire Dept - Tac 1Fire-Tac
3041976d3TSFD Tac 2Sparks Fire Dept - Tac 2Fire-Tac
3042076d4TSFD Tac 3Sparks Fire Dept - Tac 3Fire-Tac
3042176d5TSFD Tac 4Sparks Fire Dept - Tac 4Fire-Tac
3042276d6TSFD Tac 5Sparks Fire Dept - Tac 5Fire-Tac
3042376d7TSFD PreventionSparks Fire Dept - Fire PreventionFire-Talk
3042476d8TSFD TrainingSparks Fire Dept - Training MainFire-Talk
3042576d9TSFD Training T1Sparks Fire Dept - Training Tac 1Fire-Talk
3042676daTSFD Training T2Sparks Fire Dept - Training Tac 2Fire-Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
303047660TSPD Dispatch 3Sparks Police Dept - Dispatch 3Law Dispatch
303057661TSPD Dispatch 1Sparks Police Dept - Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
303067662TSPD Tac 1Sparks Police Dept - Tac 1Law Talk
303077663TSPD Tac 2Sparks Police Dept - Tac 2Law Tac
303087664TSPD Tac 3Sparks Police Dept - Tac 3Law Tac
303097665TSPD Tac 4Sparks Police Dept - Tac 4Law Tac
303107666TSPD Dispatch 2Sparks Police Dept - Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
303117667TSPD Detectives 1Sparks Police Dept - Detectives 1Law Talk
303127668TSPD Detectives 2Sparks Police Dept - Detectives 2Law Talk
303137669TSPD Detectives 3Sparks Police Dept - Detectives 3Law Talk
30314766aTSPD Detectives 4Sparks Police Dept - Detectives 4Law Talk
30315766bTSPD Detectives 5Sparks Police Dept - Detectives 5Law Talk
30316766cTSPD Event 1Sparks Police Dept - Event 1Law Talk
30317766dTSPD Event 2Sparks Police Dept - Event 2Law Talk
30318766eTSPD MarshalsSparks Police Dept - MarshalsLaw Talk
30319766fTSPD MotorcyclesSparks Police Dept - MotorcyclesLaw Talk
Sparks Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
316337b91TSparks StreetsSparks Streets DepartmentPublic Works
316347b92TSparks EngineerSparks Engineering DepartmentPublic Works
316357b93TSparks Inspectr1Sparks Building Inspectors 1Public Works
316367b94TSparks Inspectr2Sparks Building Inspectors 2Public Works
316377b95TSparks DevelopmtSparks City RedevelopmentPublic Works
Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
30367769fTTMCC EventsTruckee Meadows Community College (TMCC) Special EventsSchools
Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District (TMFPD)

Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District (TMFPD) covers the unincorporated portions of southern Washoe County.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3043376e1TTMFPD DispatchTruckee Meadows FPD - Red DispatchFire Dispatch
3043476e2TTMFPD Command 1Truckee Meadows FPD - Command 1Fire-Tac
3043576e3TTMFPD Command 2Truckee Meadows FPD - Command 2Fire-Tac
3043676e4TTMFPD Tac 4Truckee Meadows FPD - Tac 4Fire-Tac
3043776e5TTMFPD Tac 5Truckee Meadows FPD - Tac 5Fire-Tac
3043876e6TTMFPD Tac 6Truckee Meadows FPD - Tac 6Fire-Tac
3043976e7TTMFPD SlideTruckee Meadows FPD - Slide Mountain (158.745)Fire Dispatch
3044076e8TTMFPD PeavineTruckee Meadows FPD - Peavine Mountain (158.745)Fire Dispatch
3044176e9TTMFPD VirginiaTruckee Meadows FPD - Virginia Peak (158.745)Fire Dispatch
3044276eaTTMFPD GerlachTruckee Meadows FPD - Gerlach (158.745)Fire Dispatch
3044376ebTTMFPD EventsTruckee Meadows FPD - EventsFire-Talk
3044476ecTTMFPD PreventionTruckee Meadows FPD - Fire PreventionFire-Talk
3044576edTTMFPD PagingTruckee Meadows FPD - Station PagingFire Dispatch
Truckee Meadows Water Authority (TMWA)

Also see NV Energy TMWA EDACS TGs 07-062 (P25 TG 60946) and 07-064 (P25 TG 60948).

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
315827b5eTTMWA Channel-1Truckee Meadows Water Authority (TMWA) Channel-1Public Works
315837b5fTTMWA Channel-2Truckee Meadows Water Authority (TMWA) Channel-2Public Works
University of Nevada - Reno (UNR)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
30363769bTUNR PD Tac 1University of Nevada Reno - Police Tac 1Law Tac
30364769cTUNR PD Tac 2University of Nevada Reno - Police Tac 2Law Tac
Wadsworth Volunteer Fire Department
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3044776efTWadsworthVFDWadsworth Volunteer Fire DepartmentFire Dispatch
NSRS Radio Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
64001fa01TRadio TestingRadio Testing 64001Public Works
64002fa02TRadio TestingRadio Testing 64002Public Works
64003fa03TRadio TestingRadio Testing 64003Public Works
64005fa05TRadio TestingRadio Testing 64005Public Works
64051fa33TRadio TestingRadio Testing 64051Public Works
64057fa39TRadio TestingRadio Testing 64057Public Works
64151fa97TPatch 64151Patch/Simulselect Subgroup 64151Public Works
64152fa98TPatch 64152Patch/Simulselect Subgroup 64152Public Works
65139fe73TPatch 65139Patch/Simulselect Supergroup 65139Public Works
65530fffaTRadio TestingRadio Testing 65530Public Works
65533fffdTRadio TestingRadio Testing 65533Public Works