Nevada Shared Radio System (P25)

Site: Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT)

Unique DB ID: 35418
County: Systemwide

Some Clark County NDOT NSRS P25 Talkgroups are showing up as NSRS EDACS Talkgroup number (in Decimal) plus 10,000, instead of plus 30,000.

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 39.0000 Longitude: -116.5000 Range: 275 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
107862a22TNDOT LV MaintNDOT Las Vegas - MaintenancePublic Works
107882a24TNDOT LV Ops1NDOT Las Vegas - Ops 1Public Works
108912a8bTNDOT LV Roads1NDOT Las Vegas - Roads 1Public Works
3071277f8TNDOT Reno Roads2NDOT Reno - Roads 2Public Works
3071377f9TNDOT LV Roads2NDOT Las Vegas - Roads 2Public Works
307697831TNDOT HQ AdminNDOT Headquarters - AdministrationPublic Works
307707832TNDOT HQ MaintNDOT Headquarters - MaintenancePublic Works
307757837TNDOT HQ LabNDOT Headquarters - LabPublic Works
307767838TNDOT HQ WtsNDOT Headquarters - Weights & MeasuresPublic Works
30779783bTNDOT UnknownNDOT Unknown Use (Active Car/Car Highway Talk/Project)Public Works
30780783cTNDOT HQ ResrchNDOT Headquarters - ResearchPublic Works
30781783dTNDOT HQ ConsNDOT Headquarters - ConstructionPublic Works
30783783fTNDOT HQ LawNDOT Headquarters - Law (Link to NHP Reno)Public Works
307847840TNDOT HelpNDOT Help ChannelPublic Works
307857841TNDOT LV PrimaryNDOT Las Vegas - PrimaryPublic Works
307867842TNDOT LV MaintNDOT Las Vegas - MaintenancePublic Works
307877843TNDOT LV ShopNDOT Las Vegas - ShopPublic Works
307887844TNDOT LV Ops1NDOT Las Vegas - Ops 1Public Works
307897845TNDOT LV Ops2NDOT Las Vegas - Ops 2Public Works
307907846TNDOT LV Ops3NDOT Las Vegas - Ops 3Public Works
307917847TNDOT SearchlightNDOT SearchlightPublic Works
307927848TNDOT Mtn SpringsNDOT Mountain SpringsPublic Works
307937849TNDOT CharlestonNDOT Mount CharlestonPublic Works
30794784aTNDOT AlamoNDOT AlamoPublic Works
30795784bTNDOT GlendaleNDOT GlendalePublic Works
30796784cTNDOT Panaca 2NDOT Panaca 2Public Works
30797784dTNDOT LV ConsNDOT Las Vegas - ConstructionPublic Works
30798784eTNDOT Panaca 1NDOT Panaca 1Public Works
30799784fTNDOT LV LawNDOT Las Vegas - Law (Link to NHP Las Vegas)Public Works
308017851TNDOT Tono OfficeNDOT Tonopah - OfficePublic Works
308027852TNDOT Tono MaintNDOT Tonopah - MaintenancePublic Works
308037853TNDOT Tono ShopNDOT Tonopah - ShopPublic Works
308047854TNDOT Tono Ops1NDOT Tonopah - Ops 1Public Works
308057855TNDOT Tono Ops2NDOT Tonopah - Ops 2Public Works
308067856TNDOT Tono Ops3NDOT Tonopah - Ops 3Public Works
308077857TNDOT BeattyNDOT BeattyPublic Works
308087858TNDOT GoldfieldNDOT GoldfieldPublic Works
308097859TNDOT Blue JayNDOT Blue JayPublic Works
30810785aTNDOT Big SmokeyNDOT Big SmokeyPublic Works
30811785bTNDOT MinaNDOT MinaPublic Works
30812785cTNDOT CarverNDOT CarverPublic Works
30813785dTNDOT Tono Cons1NDOT Tonopah - Construction 1Public Works
30814785eTNDOT Tono Cons2NDOT Tonopah - Construction 2Public Works
30815785fTNDOT Tono LawNDOT Tonopah - Law (Link to NHP)Public Works
308177861TNDOT Reno OfficeNDOT Reno - OfficePublic Works
308187862TNDOT Reno MaintNDOT Reno - MaintenancePublic Works
308197863TNDOT Reno ShopNDOT Reno - ShopPublic Works
308207864TNDOT Reno Ops1NDOT Reno - Ops 1Public Works
308217865TNDOT Reno Ops2NDOT Reno - Ops 2Public Works
308227866TNDOT Reno Ops3NDOT Reno - Ops 3Public Works
308237867TNDOT Fallon MantNDOT Fallon - MaintenancePublic Works
308247868TNDOT CC MaintNDOT Carson City - MaintenancePublic Works
308257869TNDOT Fernly MantNDOT Fernley - MaintenancePublic Works
30826786aTNDOT Fallon ShopNDOT Fallon - ShopPublic Works
30827786bTNDOT CC ShopNDOT Carson City - ShopPublic Works
30828786cTNDOT D2 ServNDOT D2 ServicePublic Works
30829786dTNDOT Reno Cons1NDOT Reno - Construction 1Public Works
30830786eTNDOT Radio Tech3NDOT Radio Techs 3Public Works
30831786fTNDOT Reno Cons2NDOT Reno - Construction 2Public Works
308337871TNDOT Elko OfficeNDOT Elko - OfficePublic Works
308347872TNDOT Elko Maint1NDOT Elko - Maintenance 1Public Works
308357873TNDOT Elko ShopNDOT Elko - ShopPublic Works
308367874TNDOT Elko Ops1NDOT Elko - Ops 1Public Works
308377875TNDOT Elko Maint2NDOT Elko - Maintenance 2Public Works
308407878TNDOT Emigrant PsNDOT Emigrant PassPublic Works
308417879TNDOT North ForkNDOT North ForkPublic Works
30842787aTNDOT Ruby ValleyNDOT Ruby ValleyPublic Works
30843787bTNDOT WellsNDOT WellsPublic Works
30844787cTNDOT WendovrNDOT WendoverPublic Works
30845787dTNDOT Elko Cons1NDOT Elko - Construction 1Public Works
30846787eTNDOT Elko Cons2NDOT Elko - Construction 2Public Works
30847787fTNDOT Elko LawNDOT Elko - Law (Link to NHP)Public Works
308497881TNDOT Winn OfficeNDOT Winnemucca - OfficePublic Works
308507882TNDOT Winn MaintNDOT Winnemucca - MaintenancePublic Works
308517883TNDOT Winn ShopNDOT Winnemucca - ShopPublic Works
308527884TNDOT Winn Ops1NDOT Winnemucca - Ops 1Public Works
308537885TNDOT Winn Ops2NDOT Winnemucca - Ops 2Public Works
308547886TNDOT Winn MaintNDOT Winnemucca - MaintenancePublic Works
308557887TNDOT OrovadaNDOT OrovadaPublic Works
308567888TNDOT BMNDOT Battle MountainPublic Works
308577889TNDOT BM ConstNDOT Battle Mountain - ConstructionPublic Works
30861788dTNDOT Winn ConsNDOT Winnemucca - ConstructionPublic Works
30863788fTNDOT Winn LawNDOT Winnemucca - Law (Link to NHP)Public Works
308657891TNDOT Ely OfficeNDOT Ely - OfficePublic Works
308667892TNDOT Ely MaintNDOT Ely - MaintenancePublic Works
308677893TNDOT Ely ShopNDOT Ely - ShopPublic Works
308687894TNDOT Ely Ops1NDOT Ely - Ops 1Public Works
308697895TNDOT Ely DistNDOT Ely - DistrictPublic Works
308707896TNDOT Ely PaintNDOT Ely - PaintPublic Works
308717897TNDOT LundNDOT LundPublic Works
308727898TNDOT EurekaNDOT EurekaPublic Works
308737899TNDOT AustinNDOT AustinPublic Works
30877789dTNDOT Ely ConsNDOT Ely - ConstructionPublic Works
30878789eTNDOT Radio Tech1NDOT Radio Techs 1Public Works
30879789fTNDOT Ely LawNDOT Ely - Law (Link to NHP)Public Works
3088178a1TNDOT Radio Tech2NDOT Radio Techs 2Public Works
3088278a2TNDOT MutualAid1NDOT Mutual Aid 1Public Works
3088378a3TNDOT MutualAid2NDOT Mutual Aid 2Public Works
3088478a4TNDOT MutualAid3NDOT Mutual Aid 3Public Works
3088578a5TNDOT Callbox3NDOT Callbox 3Public Works
3088678a6TNDOT CHNNDOT CHNPublic Works
3088778a7TNDOT Callbox2NDOT Callbox 2Public Works
3088878a8TNDOT Callbox1NDOT Callbox 1Public Works
3088978a9TNDOT D2 RWISNDOT Roadway Weather Info System D2Public Works
3089078aaTNDOT Reno Roads1NDOT Reno - Roads 1Public Works
3089178abTNDOT LV Roads1NDOT Las Vegas - Roads 1Public Works
3089278acTNDOT Elko RoadsNDOT Elko - RoadsPublic Works
3089378adTNDOT D1 RWISNDOT Roadway Weather Info System D1Public Works
3089478aeTNDOT D2 RWISNDOT Roadway Weather Info System D2Public Works
3089578afTNDOT D3 RWISNDOT Roadway Weather Info System D3Public Works