Nevada Shared Radio System (P25)

Site: Elko County

Unique DB ID: 35415
County: Systemwide

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 39.0000 Longitude: -116.5000 Range: 275 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
312927a3cTSpring Creek VFDElko County Spring Creek Volunteer Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
313067a4aTElko Co 1306Elko Co 1306 (two-tone beeps)Fire-Tac
313097a4dTElko Co 1309Elko Co 1309 (may be Jackpot Fire-EMS)Fire-Tac
313117a4fTElko Co 1311Elko Co 1311 (also patched to 1354)Fire Dispatch
313137a51TElko Co SO SimElko County Sheriff SimulcastLaw Dispatch
313167a54TElko Co SO TacElko County Sheriff Tac (Car to car)Law Tac
313177a55TElko Co SO EventElko County Sheriff EventLaw Talk
313187a56TElko Co SO JailElko County Sheriff JailCorrections
313527a78TElko Co EMS 1Elko County Ambulance 1EMS Dispatch
313547a7aTJackpot Fire-EMSJackpot Fire-EMS toneouts (patched to 1309)Fire Dispatch
313567a7cTElko Co EMS 2Elko County Ambulance 2EMS Dispatch