TRACONs (California)

Category Report
Category Subcategory Lat Lon Range
NORCAL Approach TRACONGolden Gate Traffic000
NORCAL Approach TRACONArea A - San Jose and Monterey37.03764-121.7724645
NORCAL Approach TRACONArea B - SFO Arrivals37.53151-122.140550
NORCAL Approach TRACONArea C - East Bay and Stockton37.68382-121.2451270
NORCAL Approach TRACONArea D - North Bay37.9052-122.4755930
NORCAL Approach TRACONArea E - Sacramento Area38.58253-121.5142850
Bakersfield Approach TRACONBakersfield35.37329-119.0187115
SOCAL Approach TRACONBurbank34.19033-118.4207215
SOCAL Approach TRACONCoast33.79461-117.9515120
SOCAL Approach TRACONDel Rey33.94512-118.399220
SOCAL Approach TRACONEmpire33.95952-117.1646140
Fresno Approach TRACONFresno36.74773-119.7723720
Joshua Approach TRACONHigh Desert000
SOCAL Approach TRACONLos Angeles33.94394-118.4036620
March Approach TRACONMarch000
Point Mugu Approach TRACONPoint Mugu000
SOCAL Approach TRACONSan Diego32.73358-117.1917950
Santa Barbara Approach TRACONSanta Barbara34.51572-119.7088730
NORCAL Approach TRACONTravis RAPCON - Travis AFB38.25446-121.9504725