Subcategory: Coast

Unique DB ID: 76772

Responsible for SNA, LGB, FUL and SLI

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 33.79461 Longitude: -117.95151 Range: 20 Type: Defined Coverage


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
125.350 CSQ Beach VHF Beach VHF (West of SNA, SFC-4000, LGB Final, SNA Departure, SLI arrivals and departures) AM Aircraft
316.125 Beach UHF Beach UHF AM Aircraft
127.200 CSQ Harbor VHF Harbor VHF (LGB Departure, TOA arrivals and departures) AM Aircraft
269.600 Harbor UHF Harbor UHF AM Aircraft
133.850 CSQ Maverick VHF Maverick VHF (North of SNA, 4000-9000, enroute traffic/SNA departures during north ops) AM Aircraft
346.350 Maverick UHF Maverick UHF AM Aircraft
128.100 CSQ Pacific VHF Pacific VHF (SNA Departure, SFC-13000) AM Aircraft
281.400 Pacific UHF Pacific UHF AM Aircraft
124.100 CSQ Shore VHF 1 Shore VHF 1 (SE of SNA, SFC-13000, enroute traffic) AM Aircraft
350.325 Shore UHF 1 Shore UHF 1 AM Aircraft
132.700 CSQ Shore VHF 2 Shore VHF 2 AM Aircraft
279.575 Shore UHF 2 Shore UHF 2 AM Aircraft
121.300 CSQ Tustin VHF Tustin VHF (SNA Rwy 20L/R Final, SFC-5000) AM Aircraft
263.100 Tustin UHF Tustin UHF AM Aircraft