Subcategory: San Diego

Unique DB ID: 76776

Responsible for SAN, NKX, NZY, NFG, MYF, SEE, SDM, RNM and CRQ

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 32.73358 Longitude: -117.19179 Range: 50 Type: Defined Coverage


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
124.350 CSQ East VHF East VHF (SAN Rwy 27 Final, MYF/SEE/SDM arrivals) AM Aircraft
279.625 East UHF East UHF AM Aircraft
132.200 CSQ Miramar VHF Miramar VHF (NKX Arrivals, RNM Arrivals/Departures, SEE Departures) AM Aircraft
269.100 Miramar UHF Miramar UHF AM Aircraft
125.300 CSQ North VHF North VHF (NW Arrivals to SAN, NW departures, 5000-15000) AM Aircraft
290.400 North UHF North UHF AM Aircraft
127.300 CSQ Delmar VHF1 Delmar VHF1 (CRQ/OKB/NFG arrivals and departures) AM Aircraft
323.000 Delmar UHF1 Delmar UHF1 AM Aircraft
120.050 CSQ Delmar VHF2 Delmar VHF2 AM Aircraft
257.875 Delmar UHF2 Delmar UHF2 AM Aircraft
125.150 CSQ Southbay VHF Southbay VHF (SAN SW thru SE Departures, NZY Arrivals, SFC-15000) AM Aircraft
317.550 Southbay UHF Southbay UHF AM Aircraft
119.600 CSQ W/Wizky VHF West/Wizky VHF (SAN Departures, SFC-15000) AM Aircraft
363.100 W/Wizky UHF West/Wizky UHF AM Aircraft