Subcategory: Los Angeles

Unique DB ID: 76775

Responsible for LAX and HHR Arrivals

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 33.94394 Longitude: -118.40366 Range: 20 Type: Defined Coverage


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
124.900 CSQ Downey VHF Downey VHF (LAX South Final, rwys 25L/R and HHR) AM Aircraft
269.000 Downey UHF Downey UHF AM Aircraft
124.050 CSQ Feeder VHF Feeder VHF (East LAX Arrival Feeder, 10000-17000) AM Aircraft
353.775 Feeder UHF Feeder UHF AM Aircraft
128.500 CSQ Stadium VHF Stadium VHF (LAX North Final, rwys 24L/R) AM Aircraft
235.975 Stadium UHF Stadium UHF AM Aircraft
124.500 CSQ Zuma VHF Zuma VHF (Northwest LAX Arrival Feeder, 7000-13000) AM Aircraft
235.975 Zuma UHF Zuma UHF AM Aircraft
120.950 CSQ PM-1 VHF PM-1 VHF (Primary Monitor 1, monitors LAX South Tower during simultaneous instrument approaches) AM Aircraft
379.100 PM-1 UHF PM-1 UHF AM Aircraft
133.900 CSQ PM-2 VHF PM-2 VHF (Primary Monitor 2, monitors LAX North Tower during simultaneous instrument approaches) AM Aircraft
239.300 PM-2 UHF PM-2 UHF AM Aircraft
128.050 CSQ Getty VHF Getty VHF AM Aircraft
377.200 Getty UHF Getty UHF AM Aircraft