Subcategory: Empire

Unique DB ID: 76774

Responsible for ONT, PSP, RIV, SBD, RAL, CNO, EMT and POC

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 33.95952 Longitude: -117.16461 Range: 40 Type: Defined Coverage


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
135.275 CSQ Desert VHF Desert VHF (PSP South, SFC-13000) AM Aircraft
251.100 Desert UHF Desert UHF AM Aircraft
134.000 CSQ Hemet VHF 1 Hemet VHF 1 (SE of ONT, SFC-14000, RIV/F70/HMT/L65 arrivals and departures) AM Aircraft
278.300 Hemet UHF 1 Hemet UHF 1 AM Aircraft
119.650 CSQ Hemet VHF 2 Hemet VHF 2 AM Aircraft
379.250 Hemet UHF 2 Hemet UHF 2 AM Aircraft
119.250 CSQ March VHF March VHF AM Aircraft
270.275 March UHF March UHF AM Aircraft
127.000 CSQ Norton VHF Norton VHF (ONT West Final, SBD/REI arrivals and departures) AM Aircraft
318.200 Norton UHF Norton UHF AM Aircraft
125.500 CSQ Pomona VHF Pomona VHF (ONT West Departure, EMT/CCB/POC arrivals and departures) AM Aircraft
349.000 Pomona UHF Pomona UHF AM Aircraft
135.400 CSQ Riversde VHF Riverside VHF (ONT South Departure, RAL/CNO/AJO/RIR arrivals and departures) AM Aircraft
377.125 Riversde UHF Riverside UHF AM Aircraft
126.700 CSQ Springs VHF Springs VHF (PSP North, SFC-13000) AM Aircraft
370.950 Springs UHF Springs UHF AM Aircraft