Attractions and Recreation (Kane County)

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Blackberry Farm

See Fox River Valley Park District

Fox Valley Trolley Museum

* See wiki page for frequency information

Grand Victoria Casino (Elgin)

* See wiki for more information.

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
464.575WRAX800 RM GVC Ops 1 Operations DMR Business
461.2125WRAX800 M CC 1
TG *
SL *
GVC Ops 2 Operations DMR Business
461.7625WRAX800 M CC 3
TG *
SL *
GVC Ops 3 Operations DMR Business
463.2625WRAX800 M GVC Ops 4 Operations DMR Business
463.3625WRAX800 M GVC Ops 5 Operations DMR Business
463.4375WRAX800 M GVC Ops 6 Operations DMR Business
463.5125WRAX800 M GVC Ops 7 Operations DMR Business
463.6125WRAX800 M GVC Ops 8 Operations DMR Business
463.6875WRAX800 M GVC Ops 9 Operations DMR Business
463.7875WRAX800 M GVC Ops 10 Operations DMR Business
464.0375WRAX800 M GVC Ops 11 Operations DMR Business
464.3125WRAX800 M GVC Ops 12 Operations DMR Business
464.6375WRAX800 M GVC Ops 13 Operations DMR Business
464.9625WRAX800 M GVC Ops 14 Operations DMR Business
466.2125WRAX800 M GVC Ops 15 Operations DMR Business
466.5125WRAX800 M GVC Ops 16 Operations DMR Business
466.7625WRAX800 M GVC Ops 17 Operations DMR Business
467.8125WRAX800 M GVC Ops 18 Operations DMR Business
467.8875WRAX800 M GVC Ops 19 Operations DMR Business
468.2625WRAX800 M GVC Ops 20 Operations DMR Business
468.3625WRAX800 M GVC Ops 21 Operations DMR Business
468.4375WRAX800 M GVC Ops 22 Operations DMR Business
468.5125WRAX800 M GVC Ops 23 Operations DMR Business
468.6125WRAX800 M GVC Ops 24 Operations DMR Business
468.6875WRAX800 M GVC Ops 25 Operations DMR Business
468.7875WRAX800 M GVC Ops 26 Operations DMR Business
468.8375WRAX800 M GVC Ops 27 Operations DMR Business
469.0375WRAX800 M GVC Ops 28 Operations DMR Business
469.2125WRAX800 M GVC Ops 29 Operations DMR Business
469.3125WRAX800 M GVC Ops 30 Operations DMR Business
469.4625WRAX800 M GVC Ops 31 Operations DMR Business
469.6375WRAX800 M GVC Ops 32 Operations DMR Business
Hemmens Cultural Center

* See wiki page for frequency information.

Hollywood Casino (Aurora)

Reported as a DMR Capacity Plus (LCNs) possibly match color code numbers but confirmation is needed. See wiki page for additional frequency information. (7/2019)

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
461.5375WQOS316 RM CC 1
TG *
SL *
HollywdCasino1 Casino Ops DMR Business
461.7875WQOS316 RM CC 2
TG *
SL *
HollywdCasino2 Casino Ops DMR Business
462.0125WQOS316 RM CC 3
TG *
SL *
HollywdCasino3 Casino Ops DMR Business
463.600WQAC426 RM CC 4
TG *
SL *
HollywdCasino4 Casino Ops DMR Business
463.725WQAC426 RM CC 5
TG *
SL *
HollywdCasino5 Casino Ops DMR Business
464.375WQAC426 RM CC 6
TG *
SL *
HollywdCasino6 Casino Ops DMR Business
Kane County Cougars (Geneva)

Elfstrom Stadium at Route 38 and Kirk Rd, Geneva, IL Part of the Midwest League and are affiliated with the Oakland A's.
* See wiki page for additional frequency information.

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
159.810WQSL387 M 245 DPL KCC FAid/Sec Security / First Aid FM Business
160.065WQSL387 M 627 DPL KCC Stadium Stadium Ops - Maintenance, Janitors, etc FM Business
159.615WQSL387 M 073 DPL KCC FieldOps Field Ops - Promotions, Games, etc FM Business
159.735WQSL387 M 134 DPL KCC Concesns Concessions FM Business
154.570 M 114 DPL KCC CamScrbd Camera Crews / Scoreboard Operations FM Business
154.570 M 167.9 PL CougrsParkng Parking (still in use?) FM Business
462.225 M 77.0 PL Cougrs Press Press Box FM Business
462.7125 M 251 DPL Cgrs Food 1 Food Vendor FM Business
467.8125 M 306 DPL Cgrs Food 2 Food Vendor FM Business
469.500 M 365 DPL Melrose Pyro Melrose Pyrotechnics (Fireworks) FM Business
Paramount Theater (Aurora)
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
464.500 M 072 DPL PAC 464.500 Paramount Arts Center (Aurora) [was D343] FMN Business
464.550 M 343 DPL PAC 464.550 Paramount Arts Center (Aurora) FMN Business
Q-Center/Riverwoods Amphitheatre (St Charles)

Possible trunked system in use - Andersen LLP 1405 N 5th Avenue WPTS412
---461.9875 462.1125 463.3375 463.5875 463.9125

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
464.875WPJR438 RM 77.0 PL QC RvwdAmp Riverwoods Amphitheatre Ops FM Business
461.4875WPJR438 M 114 DPL QC Ops 1 Operations FM Business
464.150WPJR438 M QC Ops 2 Operations FM Business
464.2375WPJR438 M QC Ops 3 Operations FM Business
464.500WPJR438 M QC Ops 4 Operations FM Business
464.550WPJR438 M QC Ops 5 Operations FM Business
464.750WPJR438 M QC Ops 6 Operations FM Business
464.975WPJR438 RM 516 DPL QC Ops 7 Operations FM Business
466.400WPJR438 M QC Ops 8 Operations FM Business
466.4875WPJR438 M QC Ops 9 Operations FM Business
466.800WPJR438 M QC Ops 10 Operations FM Business
469.075WPJR438 M QC Ops 11 Operations FM Business
469.2375WPJR438 M QC Ops 12 Operations FM Business
469.500WPJR438 M QC Ops 13 Operations FM Business
469.550WPJR438 M QC Ops 14 Operations FM Business
469.600WPJR438 M QC Ops 15 Operations FM Business
469.700WPJR438 M QC Ops 16 Operations FM Business
469.875WPJR438 M QC Ops 17 Operations FM Business
469.975WPJR438 M QC Ops 18 Operations FM Business
Santa's Village (East Dundee)

* See wiki page for additional information

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
465.2375 M 205 DPL Santa's Village Santa's Village: Operations FMN Business


Golf Courses and Country Clubs

* See wiki page for more information

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
464.575WNMN865 RM 146.2 PL RichHarvest Rich Harvest Farms FM Business

Sycamore Speedway (Maple Park) reported on 151.895, 151.955, 462.05.  In June 2012, only 462.050 was heard.

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
151.895KNNU539 BM SycSpdway 1 Sycamore Speedway (Maple Park) FM Business
151.955KNNU539 BM SycSpdway 2 Sycamore Speedway (Maple Park) FM Business
462.050WPTC848 RM 023 DPL SycSpdway 3 Sycamore Speedway (Maple Park) FM Business