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Last Updated: May 15, 2018, 7:56 pm
US > Texas > Multiple Counties > Greater Austin/Travis Regional Radio System (GATRRS)

Greater Austin/Travis Regional Radio System (GATRRS) - Downloads and Reports

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Programming Your Scanner with the RadioReference Web Service

Pre-Defined Report Downloads

Download CSV File of All Sites and Frequencies for Trunked System: Greater Austin/Travis Regional Radio System (GATRRS)
Download CSV File of All Talkgroups for Trunked System: Greater Austin/Travis Regional Radio System (GATRRS)
Download Printable PDF File of Trunked System: Greater Austin/Travis Regional Radio System (GATRRS)
Download Printable PDF File of Trunked System: Greater Austin/Travis Regional Radio System (GATRRS) (All talkgroups sorted)

Other Reports

Talkgroup Category Location Data Report
Site Location Data Report

Change History for Greater Austin/Travis Regional Radio System (GATRRS) system (Last 30)

Changed Admin Date Changed
Deleted 1 talkgroup(s) (State Agencies)rattlerbb012018-05-15 19:56:40
Added Talkgroup 7465 Bertram ISD(Burnet County)rattlerbb012018-05-15 19:55:44
Added Talkgroup 7037 Fire TG 7037(Llano County)rattlerbb012018-05-15 19:54:41
Changed Talkgroup Category: La Salle County to La Salle County (La Salle County )rattlerbb012018-04-26 19:53:14
(1) Talkgroups Updated (La Salle County )rattlerbb012018-04-26 19:46:36
Changed Talkgroup Category: Dimmit County to Dimmit County(Dimmit County)rattlerbb012018-04-26 19:45:08
(1) Talkgroups Updated (Dimmit County)rattlerbb012018-04-26 19:44:18
Added Talkgroup 4099 Sheriff Tactical(Dimmit County)rattlerbb012018-04-26 19:43:48
Changed Site # 025 (Pumpville) to 025 (Pumpville)rattlerbb012018-04-21 10:53:19
Changed Site # 027 (Barksdale) to 17 (Barksdale)rattlerbb012018-04-21 10:45:32
Updated Function Tag assignments for 2 talkgroups(Caldwell County)rattlerbb012018-03-28 01:55:05
Added Talkgroup 5514 Emergency Mgmt Alert(Caldwell County)rattlerbb012018-03-28 01:54:40
Added Talkgroup 5512 Fire Comm 5(Caldwell County)rattlerbb012018-03-28 01:54:06
Added Talkgroup 5511 Fire Comm 4(Caldwell County)rattlerbb012018-03-28 01:53:40
Added Talkgroup 5510 Fire Comm 3(Caldwell County)rattlerbb012018-03-28 01:53:14
Added Talkgroup 5509 Fire Comm 2(Caldwell County)rattlerbb012018-03-28 01:52:52
(3) Talkgroups Updated (Caldwell County)rattlerbb012018-03-28 01:52:30
Added Talkgroup 5508 Fire Comm 1(Caldwell County)rattlerbb012018-03-28 01:51:46
Added Talkgroup 5513 Fire/EMS Central Dispatch(Caldwell County)rattlerbb012018-03-28 01:50:45
(1) Talkgroups Updated (Caldwell County)rattlerbb012018-03-27 11:46:01
(1) Talkgroups Updated (Blanco County)rattlerbb012018-03-14 02:07:40
Added Talkgroup 7142 Blanco Co Fire ops(Blanco County)rattlerbb012018-03-14 02:06:55
(1) Talkgroups Updated (Bastrop County - Communities)rattlerbb012018-03-13 03:08:36
Added Talkgroup 7465 State Agency 7465(State Agencies)rattlerbb012018-03-07 21:36:14
Deleted Site # 001 (Mirando City)rattlerbb012018-02-24 15:10:12
Added Site # 051 (Mirando City)rattlerbb012018-02-24 01:51:09
Added Site # 1 (Mirando City)rattlerbb012018-02-24 01:50:00
Changed Site # 051 (Loma Alta) to 030 (Loma Alta)rattlerbb012018-02-24 01:47:26
Deleted 1 talkgroup(s) (State Agencies)rattlerbb012018-02-21 20:03:36
Deleted 1 talkgroup(s) (Travis County Law Enforcement)rattlerbb012018-02-21 20:02:10

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