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Last Updated: July 8, 2021, 6:56 pm
US > Multiple States > Multiple Counties > St. Louis Area Trunked Emergency Radio (SLATER)

St. Louis Area Trunked Emergency Radio (SLATER)

System Name:St. Louis Area Trunked Emergency Radio (SLATER)
Location:St Louis Metro Area, IL MO
County:5 counties
System Type:Project 25 Phase I
System Voice:APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
Last Updated:July 8, 2021, 6:56 pm ((30) Talkgroups Updated (St Louis County - Training))

System ID List

System ID   WACN  
HEX: 4F2   BEE00  

Latest News Update Posted on 2016-08-19 18:26:01

Law enforcement agencies have begun switching to encrypted communications. It is reported all other departments will remain open, but Fire/EMS has the options to encrypt.

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Misc System Information

For the St Louis City system (with the rest of Missouri), see MOSWIN

System Frequencies
Red (c) are primary control channels | Blue (a) are alternate control channels | Site Map(s): FCC Callsigns RR Locations

RFSS SiteNameCounty Freqs      
1 (1) 001 (1) StL Co - Urban North St. Louis, MO 851.425 851.4875 851.6125 851.9125 851.950 852.0625 852.4125
        852.4625 852.6375 852.675 852.9125 852.975 853.0625 853.175
        853.2375 853.4125 853.5125a 853.725a 853.825c 853.9125a  
1 (1) 002 (2) StL Co - Urban South St. Louis, MO 851.0375 851.300 851.450 851.6625 851.7375 851.825 851.975
        852.0375 852.275 852.4375 852.6125 852.725 852.9375 853.1125
        853.200 853.300 853.4375 853.4625a 853.6875a 853.7875c 853.9375a
1 (1) 003 (3) St Charles Co - SimulcastSt. Charles, MO 851.0625 851.0875 851.2125 851.2375 851.400 851.4625 851.5375
        851.7625 852.100 852.5625 852.7625 852.800 853.3375 853.3625
        853.5875a 853.625a 853.8625c 853.975c      
1 (1) 004 (4) Jefferson Co - South SimulcastJefferson, MO 851.100 851.3125 851.750 852.1125 852.9625 853.1625 853.3125
        853.350a 853.525a 853.8125c 853.9625a      
1 (1) 005 (5) Jefferson Co - North SimulcastJefferson, MO 851.250 851.475 851.8125 852.050 852.7875 853.3125a 853.5625a
        853.7125c 853.925a          
1 (1) 007 (7) StL Co - Site-On-Wheels (SOW)St. Louis, MO 770.05625c 770.55625a 771.55625a 771.98125a 772.80625 773.23125  

System Talkgroups
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St Louis County Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
53301 d035 D SLC-CALL Interop Calling [SLC-CALL]  Interop 
53302 d036 D SLC Interop 2 Interop 2 [SLC IO2]  Interop 
53303 d037 D SLC Interop 3 Interop 3 [SLC IO3]  Interop 
53304 d038 D SLC Interop 4 Interop 4 [SLC IO4]  Interop 
53305 d039 D SLC Interop 5 Interop 5 [SLC IO5]  Interop 
53306 d03a D SLC Interop 6 Interop 6 [SLC IO6]  Interop 
53307 d03b D SLC Interop 7 Interop 7 [SLC IO7]  Interop 
53308 d03c D SLC Interop 8 Interop 8 [SLC IO8]  Interop 
53309 d03d D SLC Interop 9 Interop 9 [SLC IO9]  Interop 
53310 d03e D SLC Interop 10 Interop 10 [SLC IO10]  Interop 
53311 d03f D SLC Interop 11 Interop 11 [SLC IO11]  Interop 
53312 d040 D SLC Interop 12 Interop 12 [SLC IO12]  Interop 
53313 d041 D SLC Interop 13 Interop 13 [SLC IO13]  Interop 

St Louis County Police / Law Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
113 071 D SCL Law Pursuit Law Pursuit  Law Dispatch 
54100 d354 DE SLC Law Net Law Net [LAW NET]  Law Talk 
55314 d812 DE SLC SOA North Scene-of-Action - North [SOA NORTH]   Law Tac 
55315 d813 DE SLC SOA South Scene-of-Action - South [SOA SOUTH]   Law Tac 
55394 d862 DE SLC Police 1st Police: 1st Precinct  Law Dispatch 
55395 d863 DE SLC Police 2nd Police: 2nd Precinct   Law Dispatch 
55396 d864 DE SLC PD Muni W Police: Dispatch - Muni West  Law Dispatch 
55397 d865 DE SLC PD Muni N Police: Dispatch - Muni North  Law Dispatch 
55398 d866 DE SLC Police 3/4 Police: 3/4 Precinct [STL CO PD 3/4]  Law Dispatch 
55399 d867 DE SLC Police 5/7 Police: 5/7 Precinct  Law Dispatch 
55426 d882 DE SLC Law 1 Law 1 [SLC LAW 1]  Law Dispatch 

St Louis County Government Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
53612 d16c D SLC CW LG Call Local Government Calling  Public Works 
53613 d16d D SLC CW LG 2 Local Government 2  Public Works 
53614 d16e D SLC CW LG 3 Local Government 3  Public Works 
53615 d16f D SLC CW LG 4 Local Government 4  Public Works 
53616 d170 D SLC CW LG 5 Local Government 5  Public Works 
53617 d171 D SLC CW LG 6 Local Government 6  Public Works 
53618 d172 D SLC CW LG 7 Local Government 7  Public Works 
53619 d173 D SLC CW LG 8 Local Government 8  Public Works 
53620 d174 D SLC CW LG 9 Local Government 9  Public Works 
53621 d175 D SLC CW LG 10 Local Government 10  Public Works 
53622 d176 D SLC CW LG 11 Local Government 11  Public Works 
53623 d177 D SLC CW LG 12 Local Government 12  Public Works 
53624 d178 D SLC CW LG 13 Local Government 13  Public Works 
53625 d179 D SLC CW LG 14 Local Government 14  Public Works 
53626 d17a D SLC CW LG 15 Local Government 15  Public Works 
53627 d17b D SLC Highway 1 Highway Department - District 1  Public Works 
53628 d17c D SLC Highway 2 Highway Department - District 2  Public Works 
53629 d17d D SLC Highway 3 Highway Department - District 3  Public Works 
53630 d17e D SLC Highway 4 Highway Department - District 4  Public Works 
53631 d17f D SLC Highway 5 Highway Department - District 5  Public Works 
53661 d19d D SLC Parks Ops1 Parks: Ops 1  Public Works 
53662 d19e D SLC Parks Ops Parks: Ops 2  Public Works 
53665 d1a1 D SLC Parks Disp Parks: Dispatch  Public Works 
53732 d1e4 D SLC CW LG 16 Local Government 16  Public Works 
55004 d6dc D SLC Spirit Maint Spirit Airport: Maintenance / Ops  Public Works 
55390 d85e D SLC JC Ops A Justice Center: Ops (Maintenance)  Corrections 
55391 d85f D SLC JC Ops B Justice Center: Jail Ops  Corrections 
55393 d861 D SLC JC Ops D Justice Center: Ops  Corrections 

St Louis County - Interop Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
53314 d042 DE SLC CW IO 14 Interop 13 [SLC CW IO 14]  Interop 
53315 d043 DE SLC CW IO 15 Interop 14 [SLC CW IO 15]  Interop 
53316 d044 D SLC CW IO 16 Interop 16 [SLC CW IO 16]  Interop 
53317 d045 D SLC CW IO 17 Interop 17 [SLC CW IO 17]  Interop 
53318 d046 D SLC CW IO 18 Interop 18 [SLC CW IO 18]  Interop 
53319 d047 D SLC CW IO 19 Interop 19 [SLC CW IO 19]  Interop 
53320 d048 D SLC CW IO 20 Interop 20 [SLC CW IO 20]  Interop 
53321 d049 D SLC CW IO 21 Interop 21 [SLC CW IO 21]  Interop 
53322 d04a D SLC CW IO 22 Interop 22 [SLC CW IO 22]  Interop 
53323 d04b D SLC CW IO 23 Interop 23 [SLC CW IO 23]  Interop 
53324 d04c D SLC CW IO 24 Interop 24 [SLC CW IO 24]  Interop 
53325 d04d D SLC CW IO 25 Interop 25 [SLC CW IO 25]  Interop 
53326 d04e D SLC CW IO 26 Interop 26 [SLC CW IO 26]  Interop 
53327 d04f D SLC CW IO 27 Interop 27 [SLC CW IO 27]  Interop 
53328 d050 D SLC CW IO 28 Interop 28 [SLC CW IO 28]  Interop 
53329 d051 D SLC CW IO 29 Interop 29 [SLC CW IO 29]  Interop 
53330 d052 D SLC CW IO 30 Interop 30 [SLC CW IO 30]  Interop 
53331 d053 D SLC CW IO 31 Interop 31 [SLC CW IO 31]  Interop 
53332 d054 D SLC CW IO 32 Interop 32 [SLC CW IO 32]  Interop 

St Louis County - Training Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
53333 d055 D SLC Training N1 North 1 E  Multi-Talk 
53334 d056 D SLC Training N2 North 2 E  Multi-Talk 
53335 d057 D SLC Training N3 North 3 E  Multi-Talk 
53336 d058 D SLC Training N4 North 4 E  Multi-Talk 
53337 d059 D SLC Training N5 North 5 E  Multi-Talk 
53338 d05a D SLC Training N6 North 6 E  Multi-Talk 
53339 d05b D SLC Training N7 North 7 E  Multi-Talk 
53340 d05c D SLC Training N8 North 8 E  Multi-Talk 
53341 d05d D SLC Training N9 North 9 E  Multi-Talk 
53342 d05e D SLC Training N10 North 10 E  Multi-Talk 
53343 d05f D SLC Training N11 North 11 E  Multi-Talk 
53344 d060 D SLC Training N12 North 12 E  Multi-Talk 
53345 d061 D SLC Training N13 North 13 E  Multi-Talk 
53346 d062 D SLC Training N14 North 14 E  Multi-Talk 
53347 d063 DE SLC Training N15 North 15 E  Multi-Talk 
53348 d064 D SLC Training S16 South 16 E  Multi-Talk 
53349 d065 D SLC Training S17 South 17 E  Multi-Talk 
53350 d066 D SLC Training S18 South 18 E  Multi-Talk 
53351 d067 D SLC Training S19 South 19 E  Multi-Talk 
53352 d068 D SLC Training S20 South 20 E  Multi-Talk 
53353 d069 D SLC Training S21 South 21 E  Multi-Talk 
53354 d06a D SLC Training S22 South 22 E  Multi-Talk 
53355 d06b D SLC Training S23 South 23 E  Multi-Talk 
53356 d06c D SLC Training S24 South 24 E  Multi-Talk 
53357 d06d D SLC Training S25 South 25 E  Multi-Talk 
53358 d06e D SLC Training S26 South 26 E  Multi-Talk 
53359 d06f D SLC Training S27 South 27 E  Multi-Talk 
53360 d070 D SLC Training S28 South 28 E  Multi-Talk 
53361 d071 D SLC Training S29 South 29 E  Multi-Talk 
53362 d072 DE SLC Training S30 South 30 E  Multi-Talk 

St Louis County Office of Emergency Management Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
54102 d356 D SLC OEM Calling Calling [SLC OEM CALL]  Emergency Ops 
54106 d35a D SLC OEM Tac 13 Tac 13 [SLC OEM 13]  Emergency Ops 
54109 d35d D SLC OEM Tac 1 Tac 1 [SLC OEM 1]  Emergency Ops 
54110 d35e D SLC OEM Tac 2 Tac 2 [SLC OEM 2]  Emergency Ops 
54111 d35f D SLC OEM Tac 3 Tac 3 [SLC OEM 3]  Emergency Ops 
54112 d360 D SLC OEM Tac 4 Tac 4 [SLC OEM 4]  Emergency Ops 
54113 d361 D SLC OEM Tac 5 Tac 5 [SLC OEM 5]  Emergency Ops 
54114 d362 D SLC OEM Tac 6 Tac 6 [SLC OEM 6]  Emergency Ops 
54115 d363 D SLC OEM Tac 7 Tac 7 [SLC OEM 7]  Emergency Ops 
54116 d364 D SLC OEM Tac 8 Tac 8 [SLC OEM 8]  Emergency Ops 
54117 d365 D SLC OEM Tac 9 Tac 9 [SLC OEM 9]  Emergency Ops 

St Louis County - Fire / EMS Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
54748 d5dc D Glendale Fire Glendale Fire [GLEN FD]  Fire Dispatch 
54749 d5dd D Kirkwood Fire Kirkwood Fire [KIRK FD]  Fire Dispatch 
54750 d5de D Ladue Fire Ladue Fire [LADUE FD]  Fire Dispatch 
54751 d5df D Muni Fire Disp Muni Fire: Dispatch M [M DISP F]  Fire Dispatch 
54752 d5e0 D Muni Fire Main Muni Fire: Main M [M MAIN F]  Fire Dispatch 
54753 d5e1 D North Fire Disp North Fire: Dispatch [N DISP F]  Fire Dispatch 
54754 d5e2 D North Fire Main North Fire: Main [N MAIN F]  Fire Dispatch 
54755 d5e3 D South Fire Disp South Fire: Dispatch S [S DISP F]  Fire Dispatch 
54756 d5e4 D South Fire Main South Fire: Main S [S MAIN F]  Fire Dispatch 
54101 d355 DE SLC Fire EMS St Louis County Fire and EMS [SLC F&E] [FIRENET]  Fire Dispatch 
54757 d5e5 D SLC Fire Disp St. Louis County Fire: Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
54758 d5e6 D SLC Fire Main St. Louis County Fire: Main  Fire Dispatch 

St Louis County - Fire Tactical Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
54703 d5af D SLC Fire Tac 10 Fire Tac 10 [F TAC 10]  Fire-Tac 
54704 d5b0 D SLC Fire Tac 11 Fire Tac 11 [F TAC 11]  Fire-Tac 
54705 d5b1 D SLC Fire Tac 12 Fire Tac 12 [F TAC 12]  Fire-Tac 
54706 d5b2 D SLC Fire Tac 13 Fire Tac 13 [F TAC 13]  Fire-Tac 
54707 d5b3 D SLC Fire Tac 14 Fire Tac 14 [F TAC 14]  Fire-Tac 
54708 d5b4 D SLC Fire Tac 15 Fire Tac 15 [F TAC 15]  Fire-Tac 
54709 d5b5 D SLC Fire Tac 16 Fire Tac 16 [F TAC 16]  Fire-Tac 
54710 d5b6 D SLC Fire Tac 17 Fire Tac 17 [F TAC 17]  Fire-Tac 
54711 d5b7 D SLC Fire Tac 18 Fire Tac 18 [F TAC 18]  Fire-Tac 
54712 d5b8 D SLC Fire Tac 19 Fire Tac 19 [F TAC 19]  Fire-Tac 
54713 d5b9 D SLC Fire Tac 20 Fire Tac 20 [F TAC 20]   Fire-Tac 
54714 d5ba D SLC Fire Tac 21 Fire Tac 21 [F TAC 21]  Fire-Tac 
54715 d5bb D SLC Fire Tac 22 Fire Tac 22 [F TAC 22]  Fire-Tac 
54716 d5bc D SLC Fire Tac 23 Fire Tac 23 [F TAC 23]  Fire-Tac 
54717 d5bd D SLC Fire Tac 24 Fire Tac 24 [F TAC 24]  Fire-Tac 
54718 d5be D SLC Fire Tac 25 Fire Tac 25 [F TAC 25]  Fire-Tac 
54719 d5bf D SLC Fire Tac 26 Fire Tac 26 [F TAC 26]  Fire-Tac 
54720 d5c0 D SLC Fire Tac 27 Fire Tac 27 [F TAC 27]  Fire-Tac 
54721 d5c1 D SLC Fire Tac 28 Fire Tac 28 [F TAC 28]  Fire-Tac 
54722 d5c2 D SLC Fire Tac 29 Fire Tac 29 [F TAC 29]  Fire-Tac 
54723 d5c3 D SLC Fire Tac 30 Fire Tac 30 [F TAC 30]  Fire-Tac 
54724 d5c4 D SLC Fire Tac 31 Fire Tac 31 [F TAC 31]  Fire-Tac 
54725 d5c5 D SLC Fire Tac 32 Fire Tac 32 [F TAC 32]  Fire-Tac 
54726 d5c6 D SLC Fire Tac 33 Fire Tac 33 [F TAC 33]  Fire-Tac 
54727 d5c7 D SLC Fire Tac 34 Fire Tac 34 [F TAC 34]  Fire-Tac 
54728 d5c8 D SLC Fire Tac 35 Fire Tac 35 [F TAC 35]  Fire-Tac 
54729 d5c9 D SLC Fire Tac 36 Fire Tac 36 [F TAC 36]  Fire-Tac 
54730 d5ca D SLC Fire Tac 37 Fire Tac 37 [F TAC 37]  Fire-Tac 
54731 d5cb D SLC Fire Tac 38 Fire Tac 38 [F TAC 38]  Fire-Tac 
54732 d5cc D SLC Fire Tac 39 Fire Tac 39 [F TAC 39]  Fire-Tac 
54733 d5cd D SLC Fire Tac 40 Fire: Tac 40 [F TAC 40]  Fire-Tac 
54734 d5ce D SLC Fire Tac 41 Fire: Tac 41 [F TAC 41]  Fire-Tac 
54735 d5cf D SLC Fire Tac 42 Fire: Tac 42 [F TAC 42]  Fire-Tac 
54736 d5d0 D SLC Fire Tac 43 Fire: Tac 43 [F TAC 43]  Fire-Tac 
54737 d5d1 D SLC Fire Tac 44 Fire: Tac 44 [F TAC 44]  Fire-Tac 
54700 d5ac D SLC Fire Tac 45 Fire: Tac 45 [F TAC 45]  Fire-Tac 
54760 d5e8 D SLC Fire Tac 46 Fire: Tac 46 [F TAC 46]  Fire-Tac 
54761 d5e9 D SLC Fire Tac 47 Fire: Tac 47 [F TAC 47]  Fire-Tac 
54738 d5d2 D SLC Fire Tac 50 Fire: Tac 50 [F TAC 50]  Fire-Tac 
54739 d5d3 D SLC Fire Tac 51 Fire: Tac 51 [F TAC 51]  Fire-Tac 
54740 d5d4 D SLC Fire Tac 52 Fire: Tac 52 [F TAC 52]  Fire-Tac 
54741 d5d5 D SLC Fire Tac 53 Fire: Tac 53 [F TAC 53]  Fire-Tac 
54742 d5d6 D SLC Fire Tac 54 Fire: Tac 54 [F TAC 54]  Fire-Tac 
54743 d5d7 D SLC Fire Tac 55 Fire: Tac 55 [F TAC 55]  Fire-Tac 
54744 d5d8 D SLC Fire Tac 56 Fire: Tac 56 [F TAC 56]  Fire-Tac 
54745 d5d9 D SLC Fire Tac 57 Fire: Tac 57 [F TAC 57]  Fire-Tac 
54746 d5da D SLC Fire Tac 58 Fire: Tac 58 [F TAC 58]  Fire-Tac 
54747 d5db D SLC Fire Tac 59 Fire: Tac 59 [F TAC 59]  Fire-Tac 
55800 d9f8 DE SLC Fire Tac 81E Fire: Tac 81E [F TAC 81 E]  Fire-Tac 
55801 d9f9 DE SLC Fire Tac 82E Fire: Tac 82E [F TAC 82 E]  Fire-Tac 
55802 d9fa DE SLC Fire Tac 83E Fire: Tac 83E [F TAC 83 E]  Fire-Tac 
55803 d9fb DE SLC Fire Tac 84E Fire: Tac 84E [F TAC 84 E]  Fire-Tac 
55804 d9fc DE SLC Fire Tac 90E Fire: Tac 90E [F TAC 90 E]  Fire-Tac 
55805 d9fd DE SLC Fire Tac 91E Fire: Tac 91E [F TAC 91 E]  Fire-Tac 
55806 d9fe DE SLC Fire Tac 92E Fire: Tac 92E [F TAC 92 E]  Fire-Tac 
55807 d9ff DE SLC Fire Tac 93E Fire: Tac 93E [F TAC 93 E]  Fire-Tac 
55808 da00 DE SLC Fire Tac 94E Fire: Tac 94E [F TAC 94 E]  Fire-Tac 
55809 da01 DE SLC Fire Tac 95E Fire: Tac 95E [F TAC 95 E]   Fire-Tac 

Regional - EMS / Hospitals Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
200 0c8 D Abbott EMS Abbott EMS  EMS-Tac 
201 0c9 D St Alex Hosp St Alexius Hospital  Hospital 
202 0ca D Barnes Hosp Barnes Hospital  Hospital 
203 0cb D BJC W Hosp Barnes West Hospital [BJC WEST]  Hospital 
204 0cc D Chldrns Hosp Children's Hospital  Hospital 
205 0cd D CHNE HEAR Christian Northeast Hospital: Inbound / Patient Reports [CHNE HEAR]  Hospital 
206 0ce D St. Clare's St. Clare's Hospital  Hospital 
207 0cf D DePaul Hosp Depaul Hospital [DEPAUL]  Hospital 
208 0d0 D DesPeres Hos Des Peres Hospital  Hospital 
209 0d1 D ESF 8 Emergency Support Function #8 - Public Health and Medical Services [ESF 8]  EMS-Tac 
210 0d2 D CrdGlen Hosp Cardinal Glennon  Hospital 
211 0d3 D Gateway Amb Gateway Ambulance  EMS-Tac 
212 0d4 D hospital 212 unidentified hospital  Hospital 
213 0d5 D hospital 213 unidentified hospital  Hospital 
214 0d6 D hospital 214 unidentified hospital  Hospital 
215 0d7 D MercyHosp CC Mercy Hospital (Creve Coeur)  Hospital 
216 0d8 D MO BAP Missouri Baptist Hospital [MO BAP]  Hospital 
217 0d9 D MO Hospital Missouri Hospital [MO HOSP] (Statewide Net?)  Hospital 
218 0da D Mercy Jeffer Mercy Jefferson  Hospital 
219 0db D NWHEALTH Northwest Health [NWHEALTH]  Hospital 
220 0dc D hospital 220 unidentified hospital  Hospital 
221 0dd D PrgrssW Hosp Progress West Hospital  Hospital 
222 0de D Reg Med 3 Regional? Medical? 3 [REG MED3]  EMS-Tac 
223 0df D Reg Med 4 Regional? Medical? 4 [REG MED4]  EMS-Tac 
224 0e0 D Reg Med 5 Regional? Medical? 5 [REG MED5]  EMS-Tac 
225 0e1 D Reg Med 6 Regional? Medical? 6 [REG MED6]  EMS-Tac 
226 0e2 D Reg Med 7 Regional? Medical? 7 [REG MED7]  EMS-Tac 
227 0e3 D Reg Med 8 Regional? Medical? 8 [REG MED8]  EMS-Tac 
228 0e4 D Reg Med 9 Regional? Medical? 9 [REG MED9]  EMS-Tac 
229 0e5 DE Reg Med 1E Regional? Medical? 1 [REG MED1E]  EMS-Tac 
230 0e6 DE Reg Med 2E Regional? Medical? 2 [REG MED2E]  EMS-Tac 
231 0e7 D SCC HospHosp St. Charles Co: Hospital-to-Hospital  Hospital 
232 0e8 D SCC MCI St. Charles County - MCI [SCC MCI]  Hospital 
233 0e9 D SCC M Tac St. Charles County - Medical Tac [SCC MTAC]  Hospital 
234 0ea D SLC N H2H St Louis County - North [SLCN H2H]  Interop 
235 0eb D SLC N MCI St Louis County - North - Mass Casualty Incident? [SLCN MCI]  Interop 
236 0ec D SLC N M Tac St Louis County - North - MCI Tac? [SLCN MTAC]  Interop 
237 0ed D SLC S H2H St Louis County - South [SLCS H2H]  Interop 
238 0ee D SLC S MCI St Louis County - South - Mass Casualty Incident? [SLCS MCI]  Interop 
239 0ef D SLC S M Tac St. Louis County - South Medical Tac [SLCS MTAC]  Hospital 
240 0f0 D SLC W H2H St. Louis Co - West Hospital to Hospital [SLCW H2H]  Hospital 
241 0f1 D SLC W MCI St. Louis Co - West MCI [SLCW MCI]  Hospital 
242 0f2 D SLC W M Tac St. Louis Co - West Medical Tac [SLCW MTAC]  Hospital 
243 0f3 D SLU Hosp St. Louis University Hospital [SLU HOSP]  Hospital 
244 0f4 D SMOC Call St. Louis Medical Operations Center: Call [SMOCCALL]  Hospital 
245 0f5 D SMOC Tac1 St. Louis Medical Operations Center: Tac 1 [SMOCTAC1]  Hospital 
246 0f6 D SMOC Tac2 St. Louis Medical Operations Center: Tac 2 [SMOCTAC2]  Hospital 
248 0f8 D StJoHosp Wnt St. Joseph's Hospital - Wentzville [SJHWENT]  Hospital 
249 0f9 D StJoHosp LSL St. Joseph's Hospital - Lake St. Louis [SJW LSL]  Hospital 
250 0fa D StAnthnyHosp St. Anthony's Hospital [ST ANTHY]  Hospital 
251 0fb D StLukes Hosp St. Luke's Hospital [ST LUKES]  Hospital 
252 0fc D StMarys Hosp St. Mary's Hospital [ST MARYS]  Hospital 
253 0fd D EMS/hosp 253 EMS/hospital  Hospital 
254 0fe D EMS/hosp 254 EMS/hospital  Hospital 
255 0ff D EMS/hosp 255 EMS/hospital  Hospital 
256 100 D BJC StP Hosp Barnes St. Peters Hospital [BJC SP]  Hospital 
257 101 D JCochran MC John Cochran Hospital [VA MED]  Hospital 

Municipal Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
53680 d1b0 D Ballwin All Ballwin: All  Multi-Tac 
53682 d1b2 D Bel-Nor: All Bel-Nor: All  Multi-Tac 
53681 d1b1 D BellFont All Bellefontaine Neighbors: All  Multi-Tac 
53683 d1b3 D BelRidge All Bel-Ridge: All  Multi-Tac 
53684 d1b4 D Berkeley All Berkeley: All  Multi-Tac 
53745 d1f1 D Berkeley Ch1 Berkeley: Ch. 1  Multi-Tac 
53746 d1f2 D Berkeley Ch2 Berkeley: Ch. 2 / Public Works: Snow Plows  Multi-Tac 
53685 d1b5 D BevHills All Beverley Hills: All  Multi-Tac 
55641 d959 DE Brdgt PD Support Bridgeton Police: Support  Law Talk 
53603 d163 D Bridgeton PW Bridgeton: Public Works  Public Works 
53688 d1b8 D BridgetonAll Bridgeton: All  Interop 
53686 d1b6 D BrkrHill All Breckinridge Hills: All  Multi-Tac 
55644 d95c DE Btnwd PD Support Brentwood Police: Support  Law Talk 
53689 d1b9 D CalvPark All Calverton Park: All  Multi-Tac 
53697 d1c1 D CCHill All Country Club Hills: All  Multi-Tac 
53692 d1bc D Chstrfld All Chesterfield: All  Multi-Tac 
53606 d166 D Chstrfld PW Chesterfield: Public Works  Public Works 
55634 d952 DE Crswd PD Support Crestwood Police: Support  Law Talk 
53719 d1d7 D DesPeres All Des Peres: All  Multi-Tac 
53765 d205 D DP Rec Ops Des Peres: City Rec Center - Ops  Public Works 
53824 d240 D DPH 53824 St Louis County Department of Public Health  Public Works 
53698 d1c2 D Edmndsn All Edmundson: All  Multi-Tac 
53716 d1d4 D Eureka All Eureka: All (was Creve Coeur: All)  Multi-Tac 
53701 d1c5 D Florisnt All Florissant: All  Multi-Tac 
55652 d964 DE Flrsn PD Support Florissant Police: Support  Law Talk 
53649 d191 D Frontenac:PW Frontenac: Public Works  Public Works 
53702 d1c6 D FrontenacAll Frontenac: All  Multi-Tac 
53723 d1db D Glendale All Glendale: All  Multi-Tac 
55654 d966 DE Glndl PD Support Glendale Police: Support  Law Talk 
53703 d1c7 D HazelwoodAll Hazelwood: All  Multi-Tac 
53704 d1c8 D Hillsdal All Hillsdale: All  Multi-Tac 
53789 d21d D Jenn Correct Jennings: Corrections  Corrections 
53705 d1c9 D Kirkwood All Kirkwood: All  Multi-Tac 
53724 d1dc D Ladue All Ladue: All  Multi-Tac 
55658 d96a DE Ladue PD Support Ladue Police: Support  Law Talk 
53706 d1ca D Lakshire All Lakeshire: All  Multi-Tac 
53656 d198 D ManchesterPW Manchester: Public Works  Public Works 
53709 d1cd D Maplewd All Maplewood: All  Multi-Tac 
54543 d50f D MerAmb Admin Meramec Ambulance: Admin  EMS-Tac 
53707 d1cb D Mnchstr All Manchester: All  Multi-Tac 
53717 d1d5 D MolAcres All Moline Acres: All  Multi-Tac 
55662 d96e DE Mplwd PD Support Maplewood Police: Support  Law Talk 
53725 d1dd D Normandy All Normandy: All  Multi-Tac 
53710 d1ce D Olivette All Olivette: All  Multi-Tac 
53658 d19a D Olivette PW Olivette: Public Works  Public Works 
53711 d1cf D Overland All Overland: All  Interop 
53712 d1d0 D Pagedale All Pagedale: All  Multi-Tac 
53718 d1d6 D PineLine All Pine Lawn: All  Multi-Tac 
53668 d1a4 D RchmdHts PW Richmond Heights: Public Works  Public Works 
53713 d1d1 D RichHts All Richmond Heights: All  Multi-Tac 
55671 d977 DE Shrws PD Support Shrewsbury Police: Support  Law Talk 
55674 d97a DE SnstH PD Support Sunset Hills Police: Support  Law Talk 
53715 d1d3 D St John All St. John: All  Multi-Tac 
53671 d1a7 D St John PW St. John: Public Works  Public Works 
53672 d1a8 D SunstHill PW Sunset Hills: Public Works  Public Works 
53726 d1de D TwnCntry All Town and Country: All  Multi-Tac 
53722 d1da D VeldaCty All Velda City: All  Multi-Tac 
53728 d1e0 D ViniPark All Vinita Park: All  Multi-Tac 
55680 d980 DE WbGrv PD Support Webster Groves Police: Support  Law Talk 
53731 d1e3 D WoodTerr All Woodson Terrace: All  Multi-Tac 

Municipal Police Talkgroups

Talkgroups will be sorted by Municipality as the list grows (and needs to be more localized) 

St Ann Police appear to be using Pubilc Works talkgroup (53721) for RADAR speed traps on evenings and weekends 

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
55302 d806 DE Ballwin PD Ballwin Police: Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
55306 d80a DE Bridgeton PD Bridgeton Police: Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
55309 d80d DE Berkeley PD Berkeley Police: Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
55321 d819 DE Crestwood PD Crestwood Police: Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
55333 d825 DE Florissnt PD Florissant: Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
55337 d829 DE Glendale PD Glendale Police: Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
55339 d82b DE Hazelwood PD Hazelwood Police: Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
55343 d82f DE Kirkwood PD Kirkwood Police: Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
55345 d831 DE Ladue Police Ladue Police: Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
55380 d854 DE Overland PD Overland: Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
55400 d868 DE St Ann PD St. Ann Police: Dispatch (w/ Edmundson, Pine Lawn, and Vinita Park)  Law Dispatch 
55403 d86b DE SunsetHls PD Sunset Hills: Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
55427 d883 D P2P 55427 Point-to-Point (155.37 Simulcast/Patch)  Law Talk 
55633 d951 DE Chlk PD Sppt Charlack Police: Support  Law Tac 
55639 d957 DE BlfN PD Sppt Bellefontaine Neighbors: Support  Law Tac 
55649 d961 DE Elsv PD Sppt Ellisville Police: Support  Law Tac 
55653 d965 DE Frnt PD Sppt Frontenac Police: Support  Law Tac 
55655 d967 DE Hzlw PD Sppt Hazelwood Police: Support  Law Tac 
55657 d969 DE Kkwd PD Sppt Kirkwood Police: Support  Law Tac 
55663 d96f DE Nmdy PD Sppt Normandy Police: Support  Law Tac 
55664 d970 DE Nwds PD Sppt Northwoods Police: Support  Law Tac 
55665 d971 DE Oliv PD Sppt Olivette Police: Support  Law Tac 
55666 d972 DE Over PD Sppt Overland Police: Support  Law Tac 
55670 d976 DE RHts PD Sppt Richmond Heights Police: Support  Law Tac 
55672 d978 DE StAnnPD Sppt St. Ann Police: Support  Law Tac 
55673 d979 DE StJhnPD Sppt St. John Police: Support  Law Tac 
55678 d97e DE VeldaPD Sppt Velda City Police: Support  Law Tac 
55679 d97f DE VnPk PD Sppt Vinita Park Police: Support  Law Tac 

Municipal Fire Talkgroups

Talkgroups will be sorted by Municipality as the list grows (and needs to be more localized) 

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
54501 d4e5 D Afftn FD Adm Affton Fire: Admin [FD 11 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54502 d4e6 D Cstwd FD Adm Crestwood Fire: Admin [FD 12 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54503 d4e7 D Fentn FD Adm Fenton Fire: Admin [FD 13 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54504 d4e8 D Glndl FD Adm Glendale Fire: Admin [FD 14 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54505 d4e9 D Krkwd FD Adm Kirkwood Fire: Admin [FD 15 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54506 d4ea D Lemay FD Adm Lemay Fire: Admin [FD 16 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54507 d4eb D Mehlv FD Adm Mehlville Fire: Admin [FD 17 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54508 d4ec D Shrwb FD Adm Shrewsbury Fire: Admin [FD 18 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54509 d4ed D VPark FD Adm Valley Park Fire: Admin [FD 19 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54510 d4ee D WbGrv FD Adm Webster Groves Fire: Admin [FD 20 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54511 d4ef D RchHt FD Adm Richmond Heights Fire: Admin [FD 21 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54512 d4f0 D Mnrch FD Adm Monarch Fire: Admin [FD 22 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54513 d4f1 D CrCou FD Adm Creve Couer Fire: Admin [FD 23 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54514 d4f2 D Eurek FD Adm Eureka Fire: Admin [FD 24 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54515 d4f3 D Brtwd FD Adm Brentwood Fire: Admin [FD 25 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54517 d4f5 D Olivt FD Adm Olivette Fire: Admin [FD 27 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54519 d4f7 D Front FD Adm Frontenac Fire: Admin [FD 29 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54521 d4f9 D Mplwd FD Adm Maplewood Fire: Admin [FD 31 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54523 d4fb D MtroW FD Adm Metro West Fire: Admin [FD 33 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54524 d4fc D RckHl FD Adm Rock Hill Fire: Admin [FD 34 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54526 d4fe D Brkly FD Adm Berkeley Fire: Admin [FD 36 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54527 d4ff D BlkJk FD Adm Black Jack Fire: Admin [FD 37 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54528 d500 D Cmnty FD Adm Community Fire: Admin [FD 38 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54529 d501 D Ladue FD Adm Ladue Fire: Admin [FD 39 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54530 d502 D FloVl FD Adm Florissant Valley Fire: Admin [FD 40 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54531 d503 D Hzlwd FD Adm Hazelwood Fire: Admin [FD 41 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54532 d504 D Jnngs FD Adm Jennings Fire: Admin [FD 42 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54534 d506 D MidCo FD Adm Mid-County Fire: Admin [44 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54535 d507 D MidCo FD Adm Mid-County Fire: Admin [FD 45 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54536 d508 D MetrN FD Adm Metro North Fire: Admin [FD 46 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54537 d509 D NrthE FD Adm Northeast Fire: Admin [FD 47 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54538 d50a D Pttnv FD Adm Pattonville Fire: Admin [FD 48 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54539 d50b D Rvrvw FD Adm Riverview Fire: Admin [FD 49 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54540 d50c D Rbrts FD Adm Robertson Fire: Admin [FD 50 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54541 d50d D SpLak FD Adm Spanish Lake Fire: Admin [FD 51 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54542 d50e D WOver FD Adm West Overland Fire: Admin [FD 52 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54544 d510 D Knlch FD Adm Kinloch Fire: Admin [FD43ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 

Municipal Public Works Talkgroups

Talkgroups will be sorted by Municipality as the list grows (and needs to be more localized) 

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
53602 d162 D Ballwin PW Ballwin Public Works (Snow Plows)  Public Works 
53604 d164 D Brentwood PW Brentwood: Public Works  Public Works 
53605 d165 D CrvCouer PW Creve Coeur Public Works (Snow Plows)  Public Works 
53611 d16b D Crestwood PW Crestwood area Public Works (Snow Plows)  Public Works 
53648 d190 D Florr PW Florissant Public Works (Snow Plows)  Public Works 
53650 d192 D Hzlwd PW 50 Hazelwood Public Works: Dispatch to Snow Plows (Future PD?)  Public Works 
53653 d195 D Jennings PW Jennings Public Works (Snow Plows)  Public Works 
53654 d196 D Kirkwood PW Kirkwood Public Works (Snow Plows)  Public Works 
53655 d197 D Ladue PW Ladue Public Works (Snow Plows)  Public Works 
53659 d19b D Overland PW Overland Public Works (Snow Plows)  Public Works 
53670 d1a6 D St Ann PW St. Ann Public Works (Snow Plows)  Public Works 
53673 d1a9 D TwnCntry PW Town and Country Public Works (Snow Plows)  Public Works 
53679 d1af D WebGroves PW Webster Groves Public Works (Snow Plows)  Public Works 
53687 d1b7 D Brentwd All Brentwood: All  Public Works 
53721 d1d9 D StAnn PubWrk St Ann Public Works / Police: Tac - RADAR Traps  Multi-Tac 
53771 d20b D EllisvillePW Ellisville Public Works (Snow Plows)  Public Works 
53774 d20e D Euerka PW Eureka Public Works (Snow Plows)  Public Works 
53775 d20f D Fenton ? PW Fenton area Public Works (Snow Plows)  Public Works 
53793 d221 D Kkwd Electrc Kirkwood: Electric  Public Works 
53794 d222 D Kirkwd Parks Kirkwood Parks  Public Works 
53804 d22c D Maplewd PW Maplewood Public Works (Snow Plows)  Public Works 
53822 d23e D Shrwsbrry PW Shrewsbury Public Works (Snow Plows)  Public Works 

East Central Dispatch Center (Richmond Heights) Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
54135 d377 D ECD Interop1 East Central Dispatch: Interop 1  Interop 
54136 d378 D ECD Interop2 East Central Dispatch: Interop 2  Interop 
54701 d5ad D ECD FireDisp East Central Fire: Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
54702 d5ae D ECD FireMain East Central Fire: Main  Fire Dispatch 
55327 d81f DE ECD Police N East Central Dispatch - Police: Dispatch - North  Law Dispatch 
55328 d820 DE ECD Police S East Central Dispatch - Police: Dispatch - South  Law Dispatch 

West County Dispatch Center Talkgroups

Dispatching Town and Country Police, Frontenac Police (including Huntleigh Police), Frontenac Fire, Creve Coeur Police

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
54525 d4fd D WestC FD Adm Fire: Admin [FD 35 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
55414 d876 DE WCD CrvCr PD Creve Coeur Police: Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
55415 d877 DE WCD Front PD Frontenac Police: Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
55416 d878 DE WCD TandC PD Town and Country Police: Dispatch  Law Dispatch 

Clayton Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
53607 d167 D ClytnPublicWorks Public Works (Snow Plows)  Public Works 
53693 d1bd D Clayton All All  Public Works 
53759 d1ff D Clayton City 1 City Channel [CH 1]  Multi-Tac 
53760 d200 D Clytn Parks/Red Parks / Recreation  Public Works 
54522 d4fa D Clytn Fire Admin Fire: Admin [FD 32 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
55647 d95f DE Clytn PD Support Police: Support  Law Tac 

Des Peres Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
54518 d4f6 D DP Fire Admin Fire: Admin [FD 28 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
55325 d81d DE DesPeres Police Police: Dispatch  Law Tac 
55648 d960 DE DP Police Tac E Police: Tactical  Law Tac 

Ferguson Talkgroups

Ferguson Police dispatch also dispatches:  Calverton Park Police, Country Club Hills Police, Flordell Hills Police

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
53647 d18f D Ferguson PW Public Works (Snow Plows)  Public Works 
53700 d1c4 D Ferguson All All  Multi-Tac 
53779 d213 D Ferg City 1 City Channel [CH 1]   Multi-Tac 
53780 d214 D Ferg City 2 City Channel [CH 2]   Multi-Tac 
54520 d4f8 D Ferg Fire Admin Fire: Admin [FD 30 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
55331 d823 DE Ferg Police Police: Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
55651 d963 DE Ferg PD Support Police: Support  Law Tac 

Maryland Heights Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
55357 d83d DE MaryHts Police Police: Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
55660 d96c DE MHts PD Support Police: Support  Law Tac 
54533 d505 D MHts FD Admin Fire: Admin [FD44ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
53657 d199 D MaryHts PW Public Works (Snow Plows)  Public Works 
53708 d1cc D MaryHts All All (Police Car-to-Car/Public Works)  Multi-Tac 

University City Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
53675 d1ab D UC Public Works Public Works (Snow Plows)  Public Works 
53837 d24d D UC City Ch 1 City Channel 1 [U CITY CH 1]  Multi-Tac 
53838 d24e D UC City Ch 2 City Channel 2 [U CITY CH 2]  Multi-Tac 
54516 d4f4 D UC Fire Admin Fire: Admin [FD 26 ADMIN]  Fire-Talk 
54759 d5e7 D U City Fire Fire [U CITY FD]  Fire Dispatch 
55407 d86f DE UCity Police Police: Dispatch - Primary  Law Dispatch 
55676 d97c DE UC PD Supprt Police: Support  Law Tac 
55696 d990 DE UC PD 55696 Police: Operations  Law Tac 

University of Missouri - St. Louis Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
55409 d871 DE UMSL Police Police: Dispatch  Law Dispatch 

Washington University Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
55419 d87b DE WashU Police Police: Dispatch  Law Dispatch 

St Charles County Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
23500 5bcc D SCCi Court Offcr St Charles (City) Court Officers  Corrections 
23508 5bd4 D SCCo Police Disp St Charles County Police: Dispatch   Law Dispatch 
23510 5bd6 D SCCo Police3 c2c St Charles County Police: Car-to-Car / Channel 3 [SCCO PD CH3 C2C]  Law Tac 
23511 5bd7 D SCCo Helo ? St. Louis Metro Air Support Police (Helicopters)  Law Dispatch 
23512 5bd8 D SCC FamilyArena St Charles County Police: Family Arena  Law Dispatch 
23513 5bd9 D SCC Law 23513 St Charles County?: Law Tac (unit to unit)  Law Tac 
23514 5bda D SCC Law 23514 St Charles County?: Law Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
23519 5bdf DE SCCo Police 519 St Charles County Police: Ops  Law Tac 
23520 5be0 D SCC ShrfDrugTask St Charles County: Sheriff - Drug Task Force   Law Tac 
23558 5c06 D SCC Radio Repair St Charles County: Radio Repair  Public Works 
23644 5c5c D SCC CHE Animal ? DOCHE: Animal Shelter Ops / Community Health  Public Works 
24040 5de8 D LkStL Police Lake St Louis Police: Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
24041 5de9 D LkStL Police 2 Lake St Louis Police: Dispatch 2  Law Tac 
24090 5e1a D Of Police Main O'Fallon Police: Main  Law Dispatch 
24093 5e1d D Of Police Traffc O'Fallon Police: Traffic / RADAR  Law Tac 
24170 5e6a D SCCi Police St Charles (City) Police: Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
24171 5e6b D SCCi Police 2 St Charles (City) Police: Channel 2  Law Tac 
24220 5e9c D StPet Police St Peters Police: Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
24221 5e9d D StPet Police c2c St Peters Police: Car-to-Car  Law Tac 
24224 5ea0 D StPet Police Det St Peters Police: Detectives  Law Tac 
24227 5ea3 D StPet PoliceTrfc St Peters Police: Traffic / RADAR  Law Tac 
24228 5ea4 D StPet PoliceEvnt St Peters Police: Events  Law Tac 
24236 5eac D StPet PublicWork St Peters Public Works (Water/Sewer/Streets)  Public Works 
24239 5eaf D StPet Refuse St Peters: Refuse Service (Trash PIckup)  Public Works 
24270 5ece D Wntzv Police Wentzville Police: Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
24271 5ecf D Wntz Police24271 Wentzville Police: Secondary ?  Law Dispatch 
24273 5ed1 D Of Police Events O'Fallon Police: Events  Law Tac 

St Charles County Department of Dispatch and Alarm (SCDDA) Talkgroups

SCCDA 15 -  VFIRE 21     154.280  Standard Fire Mutual Aid (at present, this is what out-of-County units respond in on).
SCCDA 16 -  7FIRE84D   773.856250 Simplex Fire Ground 

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
27034 699a D SCC FE Dispatch Tone Outs/Pages (Non call related traffic w/ dispatch)  Fire Dispatch 
27035 699b D SCC FE OPS Fire/EMS: Dispatch (Routine Minor calls)  Fire Dispatch 
27036 699c D SCC FE-TAC 60 Secondary Scene 60 (Paired with 61)  Fire-Tac 
27037 699d D SCC FE TAC 61 Fire/EMS: Primary 61 (Major Call)  Fire-Tac 
27038 699e D SCC FE TAC 62 Secondary Scene 62 (Paired with 61)  Fire-Tac 
27039 699f D SCC FE TAC 63 Secondary Scene 63 (Paired with 64)  Fire-Tac 
27040 69a0 D SCC FE TAC 64 Fire/EMS: Primary 64 (Major Call)  Fire-Tac 
27041 69a1 D SCC FE TAC 65 Secondary Scene 65 (Paired with 64)  Fire-Tac 
27042 69a2 D SCC FE TAC 66 Secondary Scene 66 (Paired with 67)  Fire-Tac 
27043 69a3 D SCC FE TAC 67 Fire/EMS: Primary 67 (Major Call)  Fire-Tac 
27044 69a4 D SCC FE TAC 68 Secondary Scene 68 (Paired with 67)  Fire-Tac 
27045 69a5 D SCC FE TAC 69 Fire/EMS: Ops 69  Fire-Tac 
27046 69a6 D SCC FE Disp (46) (Not in use) [FE Dispatch]  Fire-Tac 
27047 69a7 D SCC FE Ops (47) (Not in use) [FE OPS]  Fire-Tac 

St Charles County - Law Enforcement Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
24140 5e4c D SCC Police Police: Dispatch (County)  Law Dispatch 
27032 6998 D SCC Law 1 Law [LAW 1]  Law Tac 
27984 6d50 D SCC PP 01 Law Enforcement  Law Tac 
27985 6d51 D SCC PP 02 Law Enforcement  Law Tac 
27986 6d52 D SCC PP 03 Law Enforcement  Law Tac 
27987 6d53 D SCC PP 04 Law Enforcement  Law Tac 
27988 6d54 D SCC PP 05 Law Enforcement  Law Tac 
27989 6d55 D SCC PP 06 Law Enforcement  Law Tac 
27990 6d56 D SCC PP 07 Law Enforcement  Law Tac 
27991 6d57 D SCC PP 08 Law Enforcement  Law Tac 
27992 6d58 D SCC PP 09 Law Enforcement  Law Tac 
27993 6d59 D SCC PP 10 Law Enforcement  Law Tac 
27994 6d5a D SCC PP 11 Law Enforcement  Law Tac 
27995 6d5b D SCC PP 12 Law Enforcement  Law Tac 
27996 6d5c D SCC PP 13 Law Enforcement  Law Tac 
27997 6d5d D SCC PP14 Law Enforcement  Law Tac 
27998 6d5e D SCC PP 15 Law Enforcement  Law Tac 
27999 6d5f D SCC PP 16 Law Enforcement  Law Tac 

St Charles County - Interop Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
8 008 D SC POP 25-1 POP 25-1  Interop 
9 009 D SC POP 25-2 POP 25-2  Interop 
10 00a D SC POP 25-3 POP 25-3  Interop 
11 00b D SC POP 25-4 POP 25-4  Interop 
27000 6978 D SCC-CALL Interop Calling  Interop 
27001 6979 D SCC-IO2 Interop 2 (Command Post)  Interop 
27002 697a D SCC-IO3 Interop 3  Interop 
27003 697b D SCC-IO4 Interop 4  Interop 
27004 697c D SCC-IO5 Interop 5  Interop 
27005 697d D SCC-IO6 Interop 6  Interop 
27006 697e D SCC-IO7 Interop 7  Interop 
27007 697f D SCC-IO8 Interop 8  Interop 
27008 6980 D SCC-IO9 Interop 9  Interop 
27009 6981 D SCC-IO10 Interop 10  Interop 
27010 6982 D SCC-IO11 Interop 11  Interop 
27011 6983 D SCC-IO12 Interop 12  Interop 
27012 6984 D SCC-IO13 Interop 13  Interop 

St Charles County Division of Emergency Management (SCCDEM) Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
27017 6989 D SCC-EM2 Operations [SCC-EM2]  Emergency Ops 
27018 698a D SCC-EM3 Operations [SCC-EM3]  Emergency Ops 
27019 698b D SCC-EM4 Operations [SCC-EM4]  Emergency Ops 
27020 698c D SCC-EM5 Operations [SCC-EM5]  Emergency Ops 
27021 698d D SCC-EM6 Operations [SCC-EM6]  Emergency Ops 
27022 698e D SCC-EM7 Operations [SCC-EM7]  Emergency Ops 
27023 698f D SCC-EM8 Operations [SCC-EM8]  Emergency Ops 
27024 6990 D SCC-EM9 Operations [SCC-EM9]  Emergency Ops 
27025 6991 D SCC-EM10 Operations [SCC-EM10]  Emergency Ops 
27026 6992 D SCC-EM11 Operations [SCC-EM11]  Emergency Ops 
27027 6993 D SCC-EM12 Operations [SCC-EM12]  Emergency Ops 
27028 6994 D SCC-EM13 Operations [SCC-EM13]  Emergency Ops 
27029 6995 D SCC-EM14 Operations [SCC-EM14]  Emergency Ops 
27030 6996 D SCC-EM15 Operations [SCC-EM15]  Emergency Ops 
27031 6997 D SCC-EM16 Operations [SCC-EM16]  Emergency Ops 

Central County Fire and Rescue (CCFR) Talkgroups

Serves St Charles County

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
23016 59e8 D 86 ADMIN 86 Admin [86 ADMIN]  Fire-Tac 
23032 59f8 D CCFR ADM Admin [CCFR ADM]  Fire-Talk 
23033 59f9 D CCFR 4 Ops 4 [CCFR 4]  Fire-Tac 
23034 59fa D CCFR 5 Ops 5 [CCFR 5]  Fire-Tac 
23035 59fb D CCFR 6 Ops 6 [CCFR 6]  Fire-Tac 
23036 59fc D CCFR 7 T Ops 7 [CCFR 7 T]  Fire-Tac 
23037 59fd D CCFR 8 T Ops 8 [CCFR 8 T]  Fire-Tac 
23038 59fe D CCFR 9 T Ops 9 [CCFR 9 T]  Fire-Tac 
23039 59ff D CCFR 10 T Ops 10 [CCFR 10 T]  Fire-Tac 
23040 5a00 D CCFR 11 P Ops 11 [CCFR 11 P]  Fire-Tac 
23041 5a01 D CCFR 12 P Ops 12 [CCFR 12 P]  Fire-Tac 
23042 5a02 D CCFR 13 Ops 13 [CCFR 13]  Fire-Tac 
23048 5a08 D 87 Adm 1 87 Admin 1 [87 Adm 1]  Fire-Talk 
23049 5a09 D 87 Adm 2 87 Admin 2 [87 Adm 2]  Fire-Talk 
23050 5a0a D 87 Adm 3 87 Admin 3 [87 Adm 3]  Fire-Talk 
23051 5a0b D 87 Trn 1 87 Training 1 [87 Trn 1]  Fire-Tac 
23052 5a0c D 87 Trn 2 87 Training 2 [87 Trn 2]  Fire-Tac 
23053 5a0d D 87 Trn 3 87 Training 3 [87 Trn 3]  Fire-Tac 

O'Fallon Talkgroups

Jefferson County Talkgroups

*5102 may only be a MOSWIN talkgroup, not actually SLATER
*12038 Point-to-Point Patch (155.37), Dispatch on RID 4001, all others seem to be TG 0 (usually means patched from VHF)

On 2j/3/15 JeffCo 911 Dispatch began using this system for Law (All? Encrypted), Fire and EMS. Citizens and agencies that are accustomed to listening to the radio traffic on a scanner will need to replace their current VHF Scanner with a Digital P25 Trunked 800 Mhz Scanner.

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
5102 13ee D JeffCo Travel Law: Travel   Law Tac 
11500 2cec D JeffCo Ops 7 Operations 7  Multi-Tac 
11501 2ced D JeffCo Ops 8 Operations 8  Multi-Tac 
11502 2cee D JeffCo Ops 9 Operations 9  Multi-Tac 
11503 2cef D JeffCo Ops 10 Operations 10  Multi-Tac 
11504 2cf0 D JeffCo Ops 11 Operations 11  Multi-Tac 
11505 2cf1 D JeffCo Ops 12 Operations 12  Multi-Tac 
11506 2cf2 D JeffCo Ops 13 Operations 13  Multi-Tac 
11507 2cf3 D JeffCo Ops 14 Operations 14  Multi-Tac 
11508 2cf4 D JeffCo Ops 15 Operations 15  Multi-Tac 
11534 2d0e D VFIRE21 P Statewide Fire Mutual Aid [VFIRE21 P]  Fire-Tac 
11538 2d12 D JeffCo Admin Admin [JC ADMIN]  Multi-Tac 
11550 2d1e D MHP Patch (Patch to) Missouri Highway Patrol  Law Dispatch 
12004 2ee4 DE Arnold Police Arnold Police: Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
12024 2ef8 DE Jeff Jail Ops Jefferson County Jail Operations  Corrections 
12035 2f03 D Starcom21 Patch (Patch to) IL STARCOM21  Multi-Dispatch 
12036 2f04 D Pevely Police Pevely Police: Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
12038 2f06 D Jeff Pt-2-Pt Point-to-Point (Patch)  Law Talk 
12053 2f15 D Festus Police Festus Police: Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
12502 30d6 D Jeff F/E R2 Fire / EMS Repsonse [JEFFCO 1]  Fire Dispatch 
12503 30d7 D Jeff F/E R3 Fire / EMS Response [JEFFCO 2]  Fire Dispatch 
12504 30d8 D JeffCo 3 JeffCo 3 [JEFFCO 3]  Multi-Tac 
12505 30d9 DE JeffCo Sheriff 1 Sheriff: Dispatch 1  Law Dispatch 
12506 30da DE JeffCo Sheriff 2 Sheriff: Dispatch 2  Law Dispatch 
12507 30db D JeffCo Interop13 Interop 13 [JC IO 13]  Interop 
12508 30dc D JeffCo Interop14 Interop 14 [JC IO 14]  Interop 
12509 30dd D JeffCo Interop15 Interop 15 [JC IO 15]  Interop 
12510 30de D JeffCo Interop16 Interop 16 [JC IO 16]  Interop 
12511 30df D JeffCo Interop 5 Interop 5 [JC IO 5]  Interop 
12512 30e0 D JeffCo Interop 6 Interop 6 [JC IO 6]  Interop 
12513 30e1 D JeffCo Interop 7 Interop 7 [JC IO 7]  Interop 
12514 30e2 D JeffCo Interop 8 Interop 8 [JC IO 8]  Interop 
12515 30e3 D JeffCo Interop 9 Interop 9 [JC IO 9]  Interop 
12516 30e4 D JeffCo Interop10 Interop 10 [JC IO 10]  Interop 
12517 30e5 D JeffCo Interop11 Interop 11 [JC IO 11]  Interop 
12518 30e6 D JeffCo Interop12 Interop 12 [JC IO 12]  Interop 
12519 30e7 D JeffCo VHF Patch Fire: Patch from Old Jeffco 3 [FESTUS P]  Fire Dispatch 
12520 30e8 D JeffCo Fire/EMS Fire: Dispatch (Patch from 154.310) [JEFFCO DISP]  Fire Dispatch 
12521 30e9 D JeffCo Common 1 Common 1 [COMMON 1]  Multi-Tac 
13003 32cb D JeffCo OEM 1 Office of Emergency Management 1 [JC OEM 1]  Emergency Ops 
13004 32cc D JeffCo OEM 2 Office of Emergency Management 2 [JC OEM 2]  Emergency Ops 
13005 32cd D JeffCo OEM 3 Office of Emergency Management 3 [JC OEM 3]  Emergency Ops 
13006 32ce D JeffCo OEM 4 Office of Emergency Management 4 [JC OEM 4]  Emergency Ops 

Jefferson County - Fire Admin Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
11511 2cf7 D Ant FPD Adm Antonia FPD: Admin  Fire-Talk 
11512 2cf8 D BR Amb Adm Big River Ambulance District: Admin  EMS-Talk 
11513 2cf9 D CH FPD Adm Cedar Hill FPD: Admin  Fire-Talk 
11514 2cfa D CC FD Adm Crystal City FD: Admin  Fire-Talk 
11515 2cfb D DeS C FD Adm DeSoto City FD: Admin  Fire-Talk 
11516 2cfc D DeS R FPDAdm DeSoto Rural FPD: Admin  Fire-Talk 
11517 2cfd D Dunk FPD Adm Dunklin FPD: Admin  Fire-Talk 
11518 2cfe D FestusFD Adm Festus FD: Admin  Fire-Talk 
11519 2cff D GldmnFPD Adm Goldman FPD: Admin  Fire-Talk 
11520 2d00 D HemaFPD Adm Hematite FPD: Admin  Fire-Talk 
11521 2d01 D Herc FPD Adm Herculaneum FPD: Admin  Fire-Talk 
11522 2d02 D HR FPD Adm High Ridge FPD: Admin  Fire-Talk 
11523 2d03 D HillsFPD Adm Hillsboro FPD: Admin  Fire-Talk 
11524 2d04 D JfR7 FPD Adm Jefferson R-7 FPD: Admin  Fire-Talk 
11525 2d05 D JR Amb Adm Joachim-Plattin Amb Dist.: Admin  EMS-Talk 
11526 2d06 D Mapa FPD Adm Mapaville FPD: Admin  Fire-Talk 
11527 2d07 D NJC Amb Adm North Jefferson Co Ambulance District: Admin  EMS-Talk 
11528 2d08 D RckC FPD Adm Rock Community FPD: Admin  Fire-Talk 
11529 2d09 D RckT Amb Adm Rock Township Amb Dist.: Admin  EMS-Talk 
11530 2d0a D SV FPD Adm Saline Valley FPD: Admin  Fire-Talk 
11531 2d0b D ValleAmb Adm Valle Ambulance District: Admin  EMS-Talk 

St Louis Region Interop Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
258 102 D STL Region I/O 1 Interop [IO 1]  Interop 
259 103 D STL RegionI/O 10 Interop [IO 10]  Interop 
260 104 D STL RegionI/O 11 Interop [IO 11]  Interop 
261 105 D STL RegionI/O 12 Interop [IO 12]  Interop 
262 106 D STL RegionI/O 13 Interop [IO 13]  Interop 
263 107 D STL RegionI/O 14 Interop [IO 14]  Interop 
264 108 D STL RegionI/O 15 Interop [IO 15]  Interop 
265 109 D STL RegionI/O 16 Interop [IO 16]  Interop 
266 10a D STL Region I/O 2 Interop [IO 2]  Interop 
267 10b D STL Region I/O 3 Interop [IO 3]  Interop 
268 10c D STL Region I/O 4 Interop [IO 4]  Interop 
269 10d D STL Region I/O 5 Interop [IO 5]  Interop 
270 10e D STL Region I/O 6 Interop [IO 6]  Interop 
271 10f D STL Region I/O 7 Interop [IO 7]  Interop 
272 110 D STL Region I/O 8 Interop [IO 8]  Interop 
273 111 D STL Region I/O 9 Interop [IO 9]  Interop 

Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
55313 d811 D MoDOT RSA St L Roadside Assistance  Public Works 

Federal Government Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
23376 5b50 D DEA 23376 Drug Enforcement Agency (?): Ops (N County?)  Law Tac 

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