System Name: Howard County, IN
Location: Kokomo, IN
County: Howard
System Type: Project 25 Phase II
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 734 WACN: 00001
Last Updated: July 12, 2022, 7:17 pm CDT   [(4) Talkgroups Updated (Fire Operations)]
System Notes
This is Howard County's new P25 Phase 2 system, which is on the air and being tested throughout the county. Installation of non-first responder radios is scheduled to begin Monday, January 9, 2017. This is a multi-site system with the primary tower at the county highway garage in Kokomo, and additional towers in New London and Greentown.
As it stands right now, most of the talkgroups on the new system are going to be encrypted, which means you will be unable to monitor them with a scanner. The current frequencies that are used on the analog EDACS system will be reused for the new system.
Talkgroup information for the new system is listed below. This is a limited list and more will be posted when available. Rumor is that only the "primary dispatch" talkgroups are going to be unencrypted, but all channel 2 and incident talkgroups will be encrypted. Several of the county fire departments have opted to have all of their talkgroups encrypted as well.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name Freqs
1 (1) 001 (1) Simulcast 851.200c851.3375c852.125c852.325852.600852.850853.2125c853.2875c


Emergency Management
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
100182722THCEMA DISPATCHDispatchEmergency Ops
100192723TEMA TAC-5Emergency Management TAC-5Emergency Ops
100202724TEMA TAC-6Emergency Management TAC-6Emergency Ops
100212725TEMA TAC-7Emergency Management TAC-7Emergency Ops
Mutual Aid - Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
100082718THC ALL TALKCounty All TalkInterop
10011271bTCRITICALCritical IncidentsInterop
101132781TSPECIAL EV-1Special Event Operations 1Interop
101142782TSPECIAL EV-2Special Event Operations 2Interop
101152783TSPECIAL EV-3Special Event Operations 3Interop
101162784TSPECIAL EV-4Special Event Operations 4Interop
101172785TSPECIAL EV-5Special Event Operations 5Interop
101182786TSPECIAL EV-6Special Event Operations 6Interop
101192787TSPECIAL EV-7Special Event Operations 7Interop
101202788TSPECIAL EV-8Special Event Operations 8Interop
10127278fTTRAINING-1Multi Use Training 1Interop
101282790TTRAINING-2Multi Use Training 2Interop
101292791TTRAINING-3Multi Use Training 3Interop
101302792TTRAINING-4Multi Use Training 4Interop
101312793TTRAINING-5Multi Use Training 5Interop
101322794TTRAINING-6Multi Use Training 6Interop
101332795TTRAINING-7Multi Use Training 7Interop
101342796TTRAINING-8Multi Use Training 8Interop
101352797TTRAINING-9Multi Use Training 9Interop
101362798TTRAINING-10Multi Use Training 10Interop
101372799TTRAINING-11Multi Use Training 11Interop
10138279aTTRAINING-12Multi Use Training 12Interop
10139279bTTRAINING-13Multi Use Training 13Interop
10140279cTTRAINING-14Multi Use Training 14Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
100222726DeEMS DispEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
100242728TEMS TAC-1EMS TAC-1EMS-Tac
100252729TEMS TAC-2EMS TAC-2EMS-Tac
100662752THoward ERHoward ERHospital
100982772DeMETRO EMSMetro EMSEMS Dispatch
100992773TP-CAT AmbPCAT AmbulanceEMS-Talk
101212789TSaint V ERSaint Vincent ERHospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10030272eTHCFD FG 1HCFD Fireground 1Fire-Tac
10031272fTHCFD FG 2County Fireground 2Fire-Tac
100322730THCFD FG 3County Fireground 3Fire-Tac
100332731THCFD FG 4County Fireground 4Fire-Tac
100342732THCFD FG 5County Fireground 5Fire-Tac
100352733THCFD FG 6County Fireground 6Fire-Tac
100362734THCFD FG 7County Fireground 7Fire-Tac
100372735THCFD FG 8County Fireground 8Fire-Tac
100382736THCFD FG 9County Fireground 9Fire-Tac
100392737THCFD FG 10County Fireground 10Fire-Tac
100402738THCFD FG 11County Fireground 11Fire-Tac
100412739THCFD FG 12County Fireground 12Fire-Tac
10042273aTHCFD FG 13County Fireground 13Fire-Tac
10043273bTHCFD FG 14County Fireground 14Fire-Tac
10044273cTHCFD FG 15County Fireground 15Fire-Tac
10060274cTHCFD DISPATCHCounty Dispatch 1Fire Dispatch
100732759TKFD OPS 1Kokomo Fire Department - Ops 1Fire-Tac
10074275aTKFD-ADMINKokomo Fire AdminFire-Tac
10075275bTKFD-ALERTKokomo Fire AlertFire-Tac
10076275cTKFD DISPATCHKokomo Fire Department - DispatchFire Dispatch
100812761TKFD OPS 2 Kokomo Fire Department - Ops 2Fire-Tac
100822762TKFD INSPECTKokomo Fire InspectFire-Tac
100832763TKFD TRAINKokomo Fire TrainingFire-Tac
1017827c2TKFD STA 1Kokomo Fire Station 1 Alerting and DIspatchFire-Tac
1017927c3TKFD STA 2Kokomo Fire Station 2 Alerting and DIspatchFire-Tac
1018027c4TKFD STA 3Kokomo Fire Station 3 Alerting and DIspatchFire-Tac
1018127c5TKFD STA 4Kokomo Fire Station 4 Alerting and DIspatchFire-Tac
1018227c6TKFD STA 5Kokomo Fire Station 5 Alerting and DIspatchFire-Tac
1018327c7TKFD STA 6Kokomo Fire Station 6 Alerting and DIspatchFire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
100542746THCSO-DISPATCHSheriff - DispatchLaw Dispatch
10058274aDEHCSO-CHANNEL 2Sheriff - Channel 2Law Tac
100682754THCSO-INCIDENT 1Sheriff - Incident 1Law Talk
100692755THCSO-INCIDENT 2Sheriff - Incident 2Law Talk
100702756TIUK POLICEIndiana University - Kokomo PoliceLaw Talk
100712757THC JAILHoward County JailCorrections
100852765TKPD-CAR2CARKokomo Police CAR/CARLaw Tac
100862766DEKPD-CHANNEL 2Kokomo Police - Channel 2Law Tac
100882768TKPD-DISPATCHKokomo Police - DispatchLaw Dispatch
10090276aTKPD-LIAISONKokomo Police LiaisonLaw Tac
10094276eTKPD-TAC-8Kokomo Police TAC-8Law Tac
10095276fTKPD-TAC-9Kokomo Police TAC-9Law Tac
100962770TKPD-TAC-10Kokomo Police TAC-10Law Tac
10107277bTHCSO-C2CSheriff - Car / CarLaw Tac
10108277cTHCSO-OPS 1Sheriff - OperationsLaw Tac
10109277dDEHCSO-OPS 2Sheriff - Operations 2Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
100012711TKTS-TROLLEYKokomo City Transit Services - TrolleyTransportation
100552747THC-ROADS 1County HighwayPublic Works
10061274dTHC ROADSCounty HighwayPublic Works
10123278bTKDPW OPSKokomo Public Works - OperationsPublic Works