BrandMeister Canada Amateur Repeater Network

System Name: BrandMeister Canada Amateur Repeater Network
Location: Multiple Locations, MB ON QC
County: 17 Counties
System Type: DMR Conventional Networked
System Voice: DMR
Last Updated: March 20, 2022, 10:05 am CDT   [Changed Site # 302176 (VE3DDW - Hillsburgh) to 302176 (VE3DDW - Hillsburgh)]
System Notes

BrandMeister Canada operates a Canada-wide ham radio network based upon the DMR standard. This system only provides information for the Ontario,Quebec and Manitoba section of the Canada wide system.

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Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
302209 (49C81) VA2DWE Shawinigan Mauricie, QC 442.150 (CC 2)
302206 (49C7E) VA2RQF Sherbrooke Estrie, QC 444.200 (CC 2)
302070 (49BF6) VA3AAR Almonte Lanark, ON 145.550 (CC 1)
30272 (7640) VA3IMB Edgar Simcoe, ON 147.285 (CC 1)
302065 (49BF1) VA3ODG Ottawa Ottawa, ON 444.850 (CC 1)
302242 (49CA2) VE2RAO Gatineau Ottawa, ON 441.950 (CC 1)
302204 (49C7C) VE2RBS Sorel-Tracy Monteregie, QC 448.875 (CC 2)
302354 (49D12) VE2REH Gatineau Outaouais, QC 442.650 (CC 1)
302046 (49BDE) VE2REH L'Ange-Gardien Outaouais, QC 442.550 (CC 1)
302043 (49BDB) VE2REH Mont-Laurier Laurentides, QC 444.150 (CC 1)
302350 (49D0E) VE3CBC Toronto Toronto, ON 442.175 (CC 1)
302176 (49C60) VE3DDW - Hillsburgh Wellington, ON 444.6875 (CC 1)
302340 (49D04) VE3LBN Oshawa Durham, ON 443.9875 (CC 3)
302323 (49CF3) VE3LSR Edgar Simcoe, ON 443.5625 (CC 1)
302351 (49D0F) VE3MEI Brantford Brant, ON 453.3625 (CC 1)
302334 (49CFE) VE3NUS Toronto Toronto, ON 444.2875 (CC 1)
302319 (49CEF) VE3OBI Clarington Durham, ON 442.1375 (CC 1)
302327 (49CF7) VE3OUR Durham Durham, ON 442.875 (CC 1)
302010 (49BBA) VE3PRV Hammond Prescott, Russell, United, ON 442.850 (CC 1)
302341 (49D05) VE3SBX Ajax Durham, ON 442.3625 (CC 3)
302064 (49BF0) VE3STP Mt. St. Patrick Renfrew, ON 443.600 (CC 1)
302325 (49CF5) VE3UGB Midland Simcoe, ON 443.8875 (CC 1)
302317 (49CED) VE3URO Orillia Simcoe, ON 445.300 (CC 1)
302342 (49D06) VE3WIK Toronto Toronto, ON 442.1875 (CC 4)
302041 (49BD9) VE3WOO Toronto Toronto, ON 442.175 (CC 1)
302321 (49CF1) VE3YYZ Toronto Toronto, ON 444.6375 (CC 1)
302403 (49D43) VE4BCN Blumenort Eastman, MB 444.650 (CC 1)
302402 (49D42) VE4DMR Winnipeg Eastman, MB 443.675 (CC 8)


DEC Slot Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1*TBM Local 1Local 1Ham
2*TBM Local 2Local 2Ham
9*TBM Lcl/Ref 9Local/ReflectorsHam
DEC Slot Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
93*TNorthAmericaNorth AmericaHam
302*TCDN WideCanada WideHam
310*TBM TAC-310TAC-310Ham
311*TBM TAC-311TAC-311Ham
3020*TN/L/PEI WideNewfoundland and Labrador, PEI WideHam
3021*TNS WideNova Scotia WideHam
3022*TQC WideQuebecHam
3023*TON WideOntarioHam
3025*TSK WideSaskatchewan WideHam
3026*TAB WideAlberta WideHam
3027*TBC WideBritish Columbia WideHam
3028*TYT/NT WideTerritories Wide Ham
3029*TNB WideNew Brunswick WideHam
3100*TUS WideUS WideHam
3148*TUS TexasUS Texas WideHam
3169*TUS MidWestUS MidWest RegionHam
3172*TUS NorthEastUS NorthEast RegionHam
3173*TUS MidAtlantUS Mid-Atlantic RegionHam
3174*TUS SouthEastUS Southeast RegionHam
3175*TUS SthPlainsUS Southern Plains RegionHam
3176*TUS SouthWestUS Southwest RegionHam
3177*TUS MountainUS Mountain RegionHam
31362*TUS Bronx TrbUS Bronx TurboHam
31420*TUS NJ TurboUS New Jersey Turbo (Tristate)Ham
DEC Slot Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
91*TBM WorldwideWorldwideHam
204*TBM NthlndsNetherlandsHam
206*TBM BelgiumBelgium CallHam
208*TBM FranceCalFrance CallHam
222*TBM ItalyItalyHam
230*TBM CzechCzechHam
232*TBM AustriaAustriaHam
242*TBM NorwayNorwayHam
334*TBM MexicoMexico NationalHam
505*TBM AustraliaAustraliaHam
907*TBM JOTAJamboree on the Air Ham
937*TBM RoomBM937Room Wires-X French International GatewayHam
2062*TBMBelgiumFrBelgium FrenchHam
2281*TBMSwitzFrnchSwitzerland FrenchHam
2286*TBMSwitzGermaSwitzerland GermanHam
2300*TBM CzechCzechHam
2350*TBM UKUnited KingdomHam
2351*TBM UK WideUnited Kingdom WideHam
2354*TBM IrelandIrelandHam
2355*TBM ScotlandScotlandHam