DMR-MARC Ontario Amateur Repeater Network

System Name: DMR-MARC Ontario Amateur Repeater Network
Location: Multiple Locations, ON QC
County: 17 Counties
System Type: DMR Conventional Networked
System Voice: DMR
Last Updated: October 10, 2022, 9:32 am CDT   [Changed Site # 302324 (VA3SAG Sarnia) to 302324 (VE3SAG Sarnia)]
System Notes

DMR-MARC Canada operates a Canada-wide ham radio network based upon the DMR standard. This system only provides information for the Ontario-Quebec section of the Canada wide system.

Other DMR Amateur Repeater Networks RR system links for Canada:

KC2KVE Ogdensburg, NY is included under Prescott, ON as it is part of the MARC system and also supported by the Prescott area Amateurs.

NOTE: VA3XPR Toronto is now encrypted and has changed frequencies.


Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
302203 (49C7B) VE2RCM Montreal Montreal, QC 447.625 (CC 1)
302210 (49C82) VE2OCZ St-Hippolyte Monteregie, QC 449.950 (CC 5)
302300 (49CDC) VE3RGM London Middlesex, ON 444.6125 (CC 7)
302301 (49CDD) VE3DWR Kitchener Waterloo, ON 444.5375 (CC 7)
302303 (49CDF) VA3XPR Toronto ENC Toronto, ON 441.9375 (CC 12)
302304 (49CE0) VE3UUU Windsor Essex, ON 444.400 (CC 7)
302305 (49CE1) VE3BTE Peterborough Peterborough, ON 443.1375 (CC 1)
302307 (49CE3) VA3RFT Ottawa Ottawa, ON 444.475 (CC 1)
302310 (49CE6) VE3TOM Leamington Essex, ON 442.050 (CC 7)
302311 (49CE7) VA3XPR Niagara Niagara, ON 442.7125 (CC 1)
302314 (49CEA) VE3OBC Goderich Huron, ON 442.075 (CC 1)
302315 (49CEB) VE3UHM Hamilton Hamilton, ON 444.0375 (CC 1)
302316 (49CEC) VA3XLT Chatham Chatham-Kent, ON 443.9875 (CC 7)
302320 (49CF0) VA3EDG Cornwall Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry, ON 442.100 (CC 1)
302321 (49CF1) VA3XFT Toronto Toronto, ON 441.950 (CC 1)
302322 (49CF2) VE3WIN Windsor Essex, ON 442.0625 (CC 7)
302324 (49CF4) VE3SAG Sarnia Lambton, ON 444.7125 (CC 7)
302333 (49CFD) VA3YFU Wallaceburg Chatham-Kent, ON 147.270 (CC 5)
313644 (4C92C) KC2KVE Fine NY Leeds and Grenville, ON 442.350 (CC 1)


DEC Slot Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2*TLocal 1LocalHam
9*TLocal 2Local Area/RegionHam
9998*TWW-ParrotParrot - Audio TestHam
9999*TWW-AudioTestWorldwide - Audio TestHam

WW - Global calling TG from the DMR-MARC Network. Contacts should move to a UA or TAC TG
TAC - Used by 2 or more Hams on 2 or more repeaters without necessarily busying out hundreds of repeaters and/or multiple IPSC networks
UA - Similar to the TAC TG's but provided by the DMR-MARC Network

DEC Slot Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1*TWW-CallWorldwide - CallingHam
10*TWW-GermanWorldwide - GermanHam
11*TWW-FrenchWorldwide - FrenchHam
13*TWW-EnglishWorldwide - EnglishHam
14*TWW-SpanishWorldwide - SpanishHam
15*TWW-PortugeseWorldwide - Portuguese Ham
16*TWW-ItalianWorldwide - ItalianHam
20*TWW-GermanWorldwide - GermanHam
22*TWW-DutchWorldwide - DutchHam
91*TWW-Short QSOWorldwide - Short QSO'sHam
222*TWW-ItalianWorldwide - Italian Ham
240*TWW-SwedishWorldwide - SwedishHam
244*TWW-FinnishWorldwide - FinnishHam
DEC Slot Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3*TNA-WideNorth America WideHam
31*TNA-FrenchNorth America - FrenchHam
33*TNA-EnglishNorth America - EnglishHam
34*TNA-SpanishNorth America - SpanishHam
93*TNA-Short QSONorth America - Short QSO'sHam
113*TUA-English 1User Access English 1Ham
123*TUA-English 2User Access English 2Ham
302*TCDN-WideCanada WideHam
334*TMEX-WideMexico WideHam
3022*TPQ-WideQuebec WideHam
3023*TON-WideOntario WideHam
3024*TMB-WideManitoba WideHam
3026*TAB-WideAlberta WideHam
3027*TBC-WideBritish Columbia WideHam
3029*TNB-WideNew Brunswick WideHam
3100*TUS-WideUnited States WideHam
3181*TNew EnglandNew England Area WideHam